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How the Sabbath Keeps Us

Dee Casper
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Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • October 17, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Well good morning happy Sabbath Saints. It's a privilege to be here with you I am not from Virginia but I'm glad to be visiting and having time with you and I don't like of it's a bad thing to be from Virginia maybe some just the Awkward. But it's good to be here with you of the last time I was in this building it wasn't opened yet it was almost open so it's nice to see this place running and. To see how God is blessing the ministries more than one ministry is happening on this property so I bring you greetings from the state of Pennsylvania as was stated in the introduction I was amazed at how well Tommy knew my story like I felt like he should he should tell my testimony next time when our viewers because he did a fantastic job but yeah so I'm thankful to be here from the state of Pennsylvania I work for the conference we've started school evangelism for post high school students 18 to 35 age range so we're training students like unbuyable we're in canvassing and digital media health organic agriculture there's a heavy emphasis on mental health as well kind of helping our students find healing in their own story and had all the others in the same way so our websites p.a. conference dot org forward slash Corps the schools called Corps but you didn't call me here to pitch a school yes we to preach a sermon so many do that so what I'd like to someday Neal and all prayed and it will begin this morning's message which is untitled how the Sabbath keeps us let's pray. Sweet Jesus thank you for this privilege to come into your presence and I just ask now that you would speak that you speak with power conviction and clarity and that I pray that we would never see the Sabbath again that you would help us to see just how much you had in mind and what a precious privilege and treasure this gift is to man and so we love you and we think you know we ask these things now in Jesus' name amen. How the Sabbath keeps us so what we're largely going to be addressing today is this idea of the why of the Sabbath I don't. Yeah Ok so we're in because of the why behind the Sabbath not just what day it is many of our presentations regarding the Sabbath and to make it clear that we are we're worshipping on the right day and we're going to worship the right way and there's absolutely a need to have that conversation but we want to make sure that we don't have that conversation at the expense of the why because I believe the why is the most convincing argument in behalf of the Sabbath not just the math right that shows us what day we're to keep so in Genesis chapter one verses 3 to 5 it says this We talked about this little bit Children story then God said Let there be light and there was light and God saw the light in that it was good and the light and God divided the light from the darkness God called the light day in the dark to see called night so the evening in the morning where which day the 1st day camp so throughout the creation we see this consistent theme that God speaks and it is so God speaks it is so and it is good also good but when you get to Genesis chapter 2 in verse 7 the narrative reads differently Ok and says in the Lord God formed a man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being resists as in the King James a living soul so it doesn't say and God spoke in Adam was so his means of creating is different the way in which God creates man is specially in contrast to the way the creeds everything else implies intimacy care and value directed towards what he has created the very way in which God creates man communicates the value that he places on man now what is that had to do with the Sabbath the Sabbath comes within that context a context of intimacy care and love that is the context in which God gives the Sabbath to. Man And so I want to read this from the l.t. version this is amazing translation I was teaching at a like a youth camp last summer and when we were doing a Bible study on the topic of the Sabbath this girl read and I said what translation is that because I'm stealing that for my next presentation is the New Living Translation Listen to this so then Jesus said to them the Sabbath was made to meet the needs of people and not people to meet the requirements of the Sabbath in him it wasn't just looking for something to keep us busy so it would cause problems this was an i Pad parenting right we're just play with this thing and leave me alone so I can go have a few minutes to do you know not to worry about this anymore that's not what God was doing so what God had in mind when he created the Sabbath was not something to control us or to keep us busy right it was something designed to meet our actual needs the intrinsic needs we have the need we have to be loved the need we have to be wanted and they need we have for rest and communion and so forth in all of them. So it's sick bay tahn stad said he's got a book called The Lost meaning of the 7th day is kind of a big book it's a theological book but it has this gorgeous poetic language listen to what he says he says by the act of howling the 7th day God drives the stake of divine presence into the soil of human time that beautiful language so what is he saying here that by the act of how in the 7th day God is inserting himself into the space of human time right so in a very real sense then God is actually bringing heaven to earth on the Sabbath right Jesus says in John Chapter 17 of verse 3 that this is eternal life that they may know You the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent right and these are just talking about some intellectual venture that we would know anough about you to be good enough in your eyes to then be able to get into heaven to actually experience truly know God which tells. Only then that we don't have to wait until heaven to enjoy the benefits of eternal life you can actually begin to experience right now the benefits of eternal life in the communion that's available to us with got him in eternal life begins here and you take that heart relationship relationship from here there forever so we can know God personally intimately and Jesus Christ whom he has sent that experience can begin here so he continues by the active hallowing the 7th day God drives the stake of divine presence into the soil of human time he's inserting himself into human time he's making himself available in the space of human time he continues the reason why he refrained from any further activity on the 7th day is that he's found the object of his love and has no need for any further words he would be talking about there you He stopped working because he found he was looking for in you need continues this day no need of any further words let me ask you this question How does that make you feel about God and any verbal feedback you can talk in church and if you want told you that you can actually say something is Ok no problem and so how does that make you feel about God when you hear this type of an idea behind him giving us the Sabbath some verbal feedback has it make you feel about God he's divine less true Absolutely yeah what else loved one else. He's a friend I love that so when I'm back. Cherished Yeah absolutely that's what you're supposed to feel like every 7 days guys. That's literally what you're supposed to be experiencing and feeling and thinking about every 7 days so the several days signifies what is most essential to know about God. This signifies what is the most important thing to know about God that God ceases from working in order to enjoy the company of the person that God has created suggesting the 7th day speaks as much about the value of human beings to God as of God's valuation of human life so what lies in the foreground of the 7 days 1st mention in the Bible is God's gift and not human obligation this is why the Sabbath isn't introduced next chapter 20 it's introduced in Genesis you are standing start this obligation that you have that you ought to you better or else it's an introduction into communication of your value of the fact that you were special loved and cherished again the Sabbath was made to meet the needs of people and not people to meet the requirements of the Sabbath so it's not introduced next is 20 right and God telling us what to do it's introduced in Exodus what interesting thing is the commandment x. is 20 says to remember the Sabbath day what Sabbath day what was talked about in creation the day that creed that communicates your value that's what the call to remember the Sabbath is not that obviously they came out of 400 years of a pagan appeasement based religion that even know God's name Little known how to worship it I get that that's true but the call to remember the Sabbath day is much more that which day of the week it is are you with me and we're doing a tremendous disservice when that is our discourse it's so much more than that it is the day that communicates your intrinsic moral value that you have a purpose for your existence that you are love that there's a reason that you're here and it seems that no one else on this earth cares about you God does God absolutely cares about you in the Sabbath is a memorial of that value he places upon you and it's made to me your needs so Remember the Sabbath in is to remember that I love you that I desire to have time with you that I desire in your company he says and back to Tom stead he says it is as if we hear God speaking I am ceasing on the 7th day not only that you may acknowledge and love me but in order to make it known that I recognize and love you. I'm ceasing to make that clear that I recognize and love you again what does that do to your heart and how do you feel when you hear things like this you would share it's amazing this is what we should be telling people don't spend 50 minutes convincing people which of the 7 days the Sabbath is you need to spend some time on that book please please don't ignore this when communicating the beauty of the Sabbath to your friends name him right this is so so precious This implies that somebody wants you that somebody values you and again you should be feeling this way every 7 days and why does God do this because we're so prone to forget it because the world is continually telling you you are not enough because your boss is continually telling you you are not enough because heaven forbid family members are telling you are not enough every 7 days God reminds you I think your enough and my opinion matters a whole lot more than theirs those are you with me this is what the Sabbath should teaches and how the Sabbath keeps us and keeps us and keeps the same so the entire purpose of the Sabbath then is to give you a week reminder of this that your life has significance that you were significant in that you were the object of a Divine Love and on ending love and this precious gift of rest is available to every human being even after the fall in the amazing thing is God is making himself available to give that gift to everybody whether they ever show up or not he is making himself available in such a powerful precious and compelling way whether anyone appreciates it whether anyone values it or chooses to receive it because that's what I got paid does a got paid gives whether it ever received back or him him. And the Sabbath again is teaching us this opportunity that we have this is one of the reasons why I'm not a naturalist Can I just rant for a 2nd on this Are you Ok with that I have slides so I have to do because I can't skip it the computers in the back but I just need I need to do this. So I'm not some convenient biological mistake some fluke of nature the progress of many fortunate circumstances for a few many unfortunate circumstances for most with thoughts of death deprivation destruction a disease that eventually leads to me having a life that will not matter at the end of the day and I'm just going to return to fertilizer and no one will care no one like if you were to explain that to somebody and say Would you want this life or would you want a life that basically communicates that you literally matter whether you get anything right or not which one you think people would choose if the latter and this is super important for a 7th Day Adventists we value the message is that true we were just talking about that in recently right. In our Sabbath school write this The 3 of those messages are so powerful because in the 1st angels message the call to worship the creator is also a call to acknowledge the fact that the Creator values his creation and you should too that means your fellow man and that also means you by the way remember hearing someone say this awhile back to be careful what you tell yourself you're always listening so when you tell yourself I'm a loser I'm stupid I can't get anything right why would anybody love me or care about me you are criticizing God's beloved you are hurting God's beloved right God doesn't want the Sabbath supposed to break that cycle but there's nothing appealing about this world view every person of the very core of their being wants to be fully known and fully we want our life to matter and atheist and natural so why they want a life that matters and to be love we all want that and I'm fully convinced that most people today are atheist and naturalists not for scientific reasons but for experience will reasons. Bad experiences with religion and religious people living a life of continual disappointment Dr Byrne a bra and she phrased it this way she is specialised on shame she doesn't kill or Ted talks and some good books too but she she said it's easier to live disappointed than to be disappointed it's easier to live in a constant state of disappointment than it is to get your hopes up and be disappointed and many people today find themselves in that circumstance which is why I believe that the Sabbath was meant to guard us from this world view of naturalism So the Sabbath comes along and says it's a reminder to you that your life does have significance you do matter you are important you are loved you are a hand crafted by a god of love and that there's no one like you in this world you're the only you available to God and how you live your life matters and only you can do what you do for the glory of God you are this individual unique gift from God to this world there's not another you. And so this Sabbath communicates this value in this precious calling we have so weakly we're given this reminder why because we're prone to forget it and there's an accuser the brother who says that you don't matter that you came from monkeys and when it's all said and done no one cares it's all a waste so do you get yours because that's all that there is your standing this is an assault on your identity this world view that you don't matter you're not significant You're not important which also means you have no right to stand up for the rights of other people if they don't matter either the only worldview they can truly stand for the rights of your fellow human beings is this worldview found in Scripture in him. We should be the best champions on this cause but what I want to do now is look at the Sabbath and see what it's a memorial of according to Scripture Ok good x. is Chapter 20 x. is Chapter 20 and see the memorials of the Sabbath throughout Scripture what is memorializing xs Chapter 20 verses a through Evan and Rev a Bible study this morning you're Ok with that to have us all right well now to do it anyway sex is Chapter 20 verses 8 through 11. Xs Chapter 20 verses 8 through 11 says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days you shall labor and do all your work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall do no work you nor your son nor your daughter nor your mill servant your female servant or your cattle near strangers within your gates for in 6 days the Lord made the heavens and the earth and all that is in them and he rested the 7th day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it so I have a question for you that is based upon the text and it's an open book test Amen I teach for a living but this is no book test what does the text say the Sabbath is a memorial of and I can only accept an answer that comes from the text itself he gave us it's a memorial of creation. Good for you good answer Ok so it's a memorial of creation right we are to keep the Sabbath as a memorial the fact that we did not and cannot create ourselves right but is not just a memorial of creation it's also a memorial of your creation it's a memorial the fact that again God created you individually with a very specific purpose in mind that there's a very special and beautiful plan that God has for you he doesn't have for anybody else there's a contribution that you can make to the world that no one else can make are you following me the Sabbath as a memorial of your individual value and the fact that not just that it's for creation in general but also that you are his creation it's also an opportunity to put up or take of the grand jury in the beauty of what God has done to spin time in the created realm and to appreciate God's creative power Listen this step to Christ says the poet the poet and the naturalist have many things to say about nature but it's the Christian who enjoys the beauty of the earth with the highest appreciation because he recognizes his father's handiwork and perceives his love in flower in shrub and tree no one can fully appreciate the significance of hill in Vail river and see who does not look upon them as an expression of God's love to man. Listen to this this from thoughts from out of blessing this beautiful quote says in the loveliness of the things of nature you may learn more of the wisdom of God than the Schoolman know on the lilies petals God has written a message for you written in language that your heart can read only as it on learns the lessons of distrust and selfishness and corroding care so if we are so filled with business and anxiety and selfishness even when we take time in the created realm we can't see it for what it is because we're so consumed with all what's going on around us we need when we when we choose to take time to create a realm put the phone on do not disturb mode in fact don't take pictures of everything you see and post it to the world take a moment to enjoy it for yourself and as you're enjoying it for yourself let those flowers tell you something about God's love for you him what that beautiful view tell you that God has a special gift for me and has created realm Ok so that's why we can lose many of the blessings in the things that are around us in the created world because we're so busy we're so busy we don't take time to think or to reflect why has he given you the singing birds in the gentle blossoms but from the overflowing love of a father's heart that would brighten and gladden your Path of Life Ok. All that was needed for existence would have been yours without flowers and birds but God was not content to provide what was suffice for me your existence that beautiful by God could have given you an earth in a world that was brown right that had nothing desirable to look at they had no cute little critters to fly or to crawl in your yard but he gave these to us for a reason he has filled the earth and scared the earth in air and sky with glimpses of beauty to tell you of his living thought for you the beauty of all created things is but a gleam from the shining of his glory if he is lavished us infinite skill upon the things of nature for your happiness and joy can you doubt that he will give you every needed blessing if God is willing to give you these beautiful things that inspire you that touch you right that excite you don't don't you think he probably is concerned about the other things that matter to you that's what we're told here there's a lesson we can learn from the created realm so then God didn't give us these things to ensure that we can live he gave them to us to remind us that we're loved Are you with me today the beauty of God's love is communicated through His creation so sad but there's a great day for us right to partake of the beauty that God has made in the worship him as the creator but it's also a day to worship him for the fact that he is your creator that he made me that I'm not my own right that I should slow down and pump the brakes and take care of the body that God has given me to not be so filled with care for the cares of this world that I forget the fact that I am already special in the object of God's divine love many of us are so obsessed and so overwhelmed with business because we're trying to prove to the world to God to our parents and everybody else that we're worse something and on the Sabbath God is trying to remind you hey hey knock that off your already we're something. I already love you you're already good enough to me I'm a Jew with that intention I'm a Jew with that value with me today the Sabbath reminds us of this not be so busy trying you know we did then are Ok moving on so the Sabbath then is a memorial the fact that we didn't create ourselves but some or all of something else to go with me to Deuteronomy Chapter 5 and that's the 1st one we have 3 seconds in Deuteronomy Chapter 5. And verses 12 to 15 Deuteronomy Chapter 5 verses 12 to 15 the 2nd reading of the law the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 5 beginning in verse 12 and the references on the board here I am to go ahead and start says observe the Sabbath day to keep it holy as the Lord your God commanded you 6 days you show labor and do all your work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God in it you show do no work you nor your son nor your daughter nor your mill servant nor your female servant know your oxter doggie know your cat owners stranger who is within your Gates Bill so what it says next that your male servant in your female servant may rest as well as you now you may have servants that are not believers right in this context but God wants them to be given the same dignity that you get to enjoy the Sabbath which is one of the reasons why God does not want you to have people work for you on Sabbath right this is why we don't go out to eat on Sabbath and do stuff like that it's not just want to control you but God cannot control the fact that this person doesn't know about the Sabbath and is choosing to work on that day but you can't control the fact that they don't work for you. Are you with me because when we make people work for us on Sabbath we're treating them worse than God intended that we treat livestock and animals beasts of burden we're denying them of that dignity and intrinsic value the Sabbath is meant to communicate they may not know the Sabbath or worship the Sabbath but how we treat them on the Sabbath still affects them or you with me right and so he says they may rest as well as you came and remembered that you were a slave in the land of Egypt and the Lord your God brought you out from there by a mighty hand by an outstretched arm therefore the Lord your God commanded you to keep the Sabbath Day So again an open book test Why is it that God gave us the Sabbath according to this text in Deuteronomy Chapter 5 it's a memorial of something what isn't a memorial of. Redemption it's a memorial of the fact that you can't save yourself yeah. That we cannot save ourselves as a message to righteousness by faith right were made right just by the rights isness of another pole ludes to the Egyptian bondage and it's a type of our bondage to sin in the Old Testament when God delivered the people of Israel from the land of Egypt that was a type of god delivering his people in the here and now from the bondage of sin came so Deuteronomy is charges that keep the Sabbath because we cannot read deem ourselves we can't save ourselves Sabbath rest is interesting to retrieve and complete rest in Christ we're spending a day to acknowledge that to enjoy that and to reflect upon that and we would do well to reflect upon these things and not just attend church you know. It's possible to show up to Sabbath and not do Sabbath so we can get in the car we can leave at the right time we can even show up to Sabbath school when they're doing the missions story they still do that right like we can be those those super human. Navy Seal advantages who show up super early and wear the right clothes but if we're never really taking time to reflect upon what the stab of this really about not just what I ought to do are we really Sabbath ing or we just call cheerily on this the cycle right I get up I wear the nicer clothes I get in my car I go to church I sit in a pew I sing I listen I take notes I go home I sleep I eat food I go for a hike but like we never really took time to think about you know this day was actually supposed to remind me about something not just what I ought not to do but that I matter that God loves me what I do and the last 6 days I've been killing myself trying to prove to people that were something I forgot about the fact that I'm already were something. Why don't I take time to enjoy the created realm and realize you know if Gaza and take care of that bird and that bird maybe I don't need to be so worried about whether God can provide for me this next week we're going to standing we're denying ourselves of the opportunity to actually Sabbath as opposed to scold surely doing the Sabbath thing right Sabbath is a be a day to reflect upon the fact that we didn't create ourselves we can't save ourselves and sharing that beautiful truth of people to lose their burdens and to bring wrist to their souls Yeah it's lawful to do good on the Sabbath when you do a brief reference here in John Chapter 5 in verse 18 John Chapter 5 or see team member one of my teachers at the Arise program talked about the story whenever he was recently you know early on as a conversion this guy was walking across the United States of America with a cross on his shoulder as bringing awareness to something I don't know what he was doing exactly but Nathan Rayner was a guy told the story so Nathan was mentioning how this guy has like 2 wheels of the base of the cross and then you know the cross being is rest on the shoulder and he just walking all the way across America right Jesus so Nathan's a new convert he's super excited says Hey man we think about the Sabbath and the guy says the Sabbath the Bible says that Jesus broke the Sabbath is no way the Bible would never say that he says turn to John Chapter 5 in verse 18 to turn to John Chapter 5 verse 18 is there for the Jews saw all the more to kill Jesus because He not only broke the Sabbath but also said that God was his father making Himself equal with God and His response was they didn't give me the answer to that one of the bible studies like Don't know what to do about that kind of embarrassing or. But the word break here interestingly enough is the word Lou Oh then every other time in the New Testament is translated to lose or to untie for whatever reason they applied break in this particular context but doesn't make any sense so because obviously Jesus didn't come to do away with the law but to fulfill it so why would jesus break the law and why would the bible kind of phrase it this way they thought he was breaking it but here's the real issue what Jesus really came to do was to lose and untie the Sabbath from the absurd to ran a cold meaningless burdens that they had placed upon it Jesus came to set the Sabbath free and there's a section desired ages I forget what it's actually called because I just called the Sabbath killers section. But anyway kind of gives this explanation of the ways in which the religious leaders in Jesus' day had completely destroyed the significance of the Sabbath it was a day of burden or a day of difficulty and drum and discouragement and I think this is a really important lesson for us because the Sabbath is meant to be a day to loose your burdens Jesus had to loose the Sabbath from the burdens that people had put upon it but some of us are still living under some of those birds we're just living under this law of what not to do but Jesus is trying to make it clear to us that this is a day to communicate who you are not what not to do the reason why I'm telling you not to do those things is because they'll get in the way of you understanding what I'm trying to tell you on this day that you value that you matter and so forth the understanding that right every regulation every you know prohibition that God gives us is to remove the distractions that would keep us from hearing what he needs us to hear that's why we have a health message or that's why we have reforms in our movement is to remove the things that would hinder our growth not to control you know up to manipulate you God gave these principles to us so that we could have a better experience a better connection and have less distractions are you with me today. And some of us are living under burdens on the Sabbath that God never intended for us to experience but there's one more thing that the Sabbath is a memorial of that we're going to cover this morning I'm sure there's many but the room to do one more good is Chapter 20 and verse 12 Zico Chapter 20 and verse 12. Zico 20 and verse 12 it says this Moreover I also gave them money Sabbaths to be assigned between them and me that they might know that I in the Lord that sanctifies them here comes that question again why then according to this text does God give us the Sabbath in this text it's a memorial of what. Open book tests so you go 21st 12 the answer is found in the text itself so it's immemorial the fact that God has taken upon himself the responsibility for our transformation it's immemorial the fact that God can indeed transform us it's a sign that God has promised to transform us and said this free from the burden of sin is the Good Shepherd 36 kind of gives an example of what that's going to look like if you've ever heard me preach before it probably doesn't speak of 36 more than once in your hearing because it's awesome if you could Chapter 36 beginning of verse 22 as you can Chapter 36 beginning of verse 22 and it's on the borders will therefore say to the house of Israel Thus says the Lord God I do not do this one about to do for your sake a house of Israel but for my holy name sake which you have professed among the nations where ever you went and I will sing to find my great name which has been profaned among the nations which you profession in their midst and the nation shall know that I am the Lord says the Lord God how. When I'm hallowed in you before their eyes live the surrounding nations are going to know that God alone is God and He alone is worthy of worship when you look like Jesus but the problem is right now you don't write the very just imagine God's laundry here God raised up the Nation of Israel to be evangelists to tell the world how awesome Jesus is and these are the type of result that they got in their missionary campaign the surrounding nations are blaspheming the name of God. They should be fired. They did a terrible the very people who are supposed to the world how awesome God is our leader in the world to blaspheme in the name of God and God says this isn't Ok but then he says but the world is going to know who I am when I'm how load in you before their eyes when you look like Jesus but how is he going to do it it hasn't worked to this point well he continues and there is the chapter to say that I'm to bring you into your own land in these days I'm going to spring clean water on you and you should be clean all clinches from all your filthiness from from all your idols all the things you're wanting to do scape religion escape accountability to God All clingier from all those things then he says I'm going to remove the heart of stone from your flesh and I'll give you a heart of flesh right there were cold hearted and indifferent to the needs of the world around them they don't matter because we matter right this nationalistic idea that it's all about us no one else matters the nation Israel wrestled with this so he said I'm going to remove that heart of stone from your flesh and I'm going to give you a heart of flesh and I'm going to put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them through the outpouring of my Holy Spirit into your life Amen empower you to live the life that I require This is the new covenant found in the Old Testament God's promise to empower his people to live a righteous life so then Sabbath ng is our act of protest against the lies of Satan and his ideology that man can save himself and that God is selfish right and it's also a reminder to stop getting so anxious over whether all be good enough or be able to change God is promising to empower us to overcome through the power of His Spirit and we should reflect upon that and rest in that that yeah. So nothing about this sounds like legalism doesn't. Right said we don't Sabbath to be saved we Sabbath to rest in the fact that we are already saved and we're being transformed by His grace in him. Come on people this is good news do you know how many people are absolutely upset over the fact that we are cherishing the 7th day Sabbath and we think we're legal lists there are good answers we do not believe keeping the Sabbath is what makes God think we're finally saveable he gave us the Sabbath before we did anything right to communicate the fact that I already love you I already like you and appreciate you you're already good enough according to me and I know that you fall and I know that there are issues in your life but here's the good news Sabbath thing is also memorial the fact that I have promised to transform you if you will abide in me in this is good news guys and many of our people do not know this about the Sabbath they are lost in this cultural cycle of what to do and what not to do but they do not know that they are already loved already accepted already precious in the Sabbath as a memorial of that and I'll give you some insight 3 b.n. pastor or department is getting an alarming amount of phone calls from the 7th Day Adventist adults and pastors who have 0 assurance of salvation they do not believe they are good enough they do not believe they can be saved that's a true story and they're getting an equally alarming amount of phone calls from 70 ems adults who are sure that they are saved because of what they do and we're telling people Jesus is coming soon when the Saints are deeply discouraged I spend more time in my public ministry convincing Adventists in people that they can be saved than anything and I never envisioned this would be the case and the difficulty is we have done a good job of communicating that God still has standards that God has expectations but we haven't done the best of job of communicating the fact that God has promised to get you there. That you're not on this road alone and that he who promised is faithful he will do it that it is God who work in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure yes God created you for good works but he prepared beforehand that you should walk in them are you with me the Bible is full of this promise that you are not alone you don't have to fight in your own armor the gospel is the good news and the Sabbath is a good news that God is in the business of transforming his people and you can rest in his completed work on the Sabbath Emma. Our people are in desperate need of this listen this is from e.j. Wagner in the everlasting covenant He says keeping the Sabbath is not a duty to be discharged in order to obtain the favor of God but the keeping of the faith by which righteousness is accounted to us there is no room for the objection that we ought not to keep the 7th day sabbath because we are not saved by works for the Sabbath is not a work it is a rest God's wrist he that is intern into His rest he also has ceased from his own works as God did from his Hebrews 4 verse 10 true Sabbath keeping is not justification by works and is utterly disconnected from any idea of such a thing it is on the contrary justification by faith it is the absolute rest that comes from the perfect faith in the power of God to create a new man and to keep the soul from falling into sin that's what the Sabbath is meant to teach us and to do for us but most of our people have no idea like how many people were that Sabbath school growing up one of us maybe maybe 2 right guys there is tremendous light in our midst the true gospel truth that the Sabbath has been lost in plain sight to many of our people do me a favor do not keep this to yourself please oh please when you tell your friends about the Sabbath do not let your conversation be based upon what you don't do hey we're go to the movies Friday night you want to come oh I can't. Come on we're not going to go out to eat on Saturday I don't do that right don't make people think that your observance of the Sabbath is about what you don't do right many times we can be to blame for why the people around us think that 7th Day Adventists are legal lists when it comes to the Sabbath because we communicate in such a negative context it's what I don't do or what I can't do as opposed to the fact that I have the privilege of telling the world no so I can rest and recharge remind myself of the fact that I am already saved and being transformed by God's grace I'm not doing this to make God get off my back and hope I'll be good enough I'm doing this to embrace and rest in the fact that God already thinks I'm good enough yeah. So for many of us unfortunately business is a sabbath killer were 10 times as busy on the Sabbath and Satan loves this if you're too busy to take some point of quality time to reflect upon the why of Sabbath to just busy yourself because I ought to or as this form of like subconscious penance for being selfish throughout the rest of the week we're missing a blessing it is a blessing to serve on Sabbath it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath we're told but don't fill every minute of your schedule is something to do and for you to about your friend Jesus please don't leave him to feel lonely on the Sabbath while you're doing everything for him right please don't be Martha's on the Sabbath to be so caught up in what you need to do the for get to sit and rest of the feet of Jesus a while and appreciate what he brings to the table are you with me and that takes some quality time each Sabbath and reflect upon the fact that God wants to hear from me and I'd hate to stand him up on this day yeah I'd hate to stand him up. So we don't know why I have sad but I want to spend us a brief overview now on Jesus's relation to the Sabbath and why we have a biblical principle to keep it but is this made sense so far yes or no Ok the why the undergirding why I think that has the most compelling argument but it's always safe to look at the life of Jesus a man for a standard so it's a look at Jesus on the Sabbath and we're going to close Ok so in the beginning and I'm going to give some overview here but in the beginning when God created any create on the 7th day we're told in John chapter one Colossus chapter one that Jesus is the means through which God did his creative work on this planet we're told that Jesus was the creator So then Jesus in his relation to the Sabbath he created it in the beginning and next chapter 20 verses 8 or 11 he commanded it from Mount Sinai some people may balk at this but whenever Moses is in the wilderness and he sees the burning bush in the well will who should I say sit me he says I am that I am since you fast forward to the New Testament when Jesus is getting called out by the fairies and Sadducees they Jesus says you know he's talking about Abraham they said you know you're not even 40 years old a new Abraham and then he says Before Abraham was I am. And they picked up stones to stone Him and you know why because they know what happened in the Book of Exodus and they know what Jesus is claiming that he was the pre incarnate Christ of that stage communicating with Moses in the wilderness and afterward write to Jesus creates a Sabbath in the beginning he commands it from Mount Sinai and fast forward to Luke we dilute Chapter 4 verse 16 it says that he went into the Sabbath as his custom was into the sanctuary into the tabernacle into the sanctuary as his weekly custom was so Jesus kept the Sabbath in his flesh Now some people may give you some heat on this and say well he did that because he was Jewish I'm so glad that you said that because I have a slide for this you didn't but I still mean it's like so Jesus didn't keep the Sabbath because he was Jewish Amen and Adam didn't keep the Sabbath because he was Jewish because Newsflash he wasn't Jewish right so there were many Jewish things that Jesus didn't do right just because it was a cultural norm Jesus touched lepers the Jews do that Jesus got on a boat and went to the gatherings right to God for saken land full of Gentiles He landed at a place that was a sim a terrier full of dead bodies which is unclean for a Jew next to a field of Pigs which is unclean for a Jew again amongst an unclean people and then he goes and ministers to a guy who is absolutely stark naked and has body fluid all over him right this whole situation is as unclean as it could get to a Jew and Jesus storms into that place and sets the guy free and then. Jesus has a lot of Jewish things that he did not do right here so see it was Samaritans the ceremonial hand washing they were supposed to do Jesus didn't partake in that he healed on the Sabbath Jews thought that was totally crazy for that to take place right the Jewish leaders so there were many Jewish things that Jesus didn't do he kept Sabbath because he wanted to not because it was the cultural expectation are you with me and that he kept it in his flesh Ok We're also told a Luke Chapter 23 that Jesus kept in his death Jesus died in his late on the tomb one day of the week it was called Good Friday it wasn't good for him but was called Good Friday he's laid in the tomb and then what's he doing on Sabbath nothing right he's resting in the 2 month Sabbath and then winners of the Jesus is raised again to newness of life Sunday morning right resurrection morning so Jesus even kept the Sabbath in his death right there it had to be a delay per se just based upon scientific reasons he chose to rest Ok then. The disciples in that same text the disciples choose to not finish in the people choose to not finish anoint in Jesus' body after his death for his burial why you know the text says in obedience to the commandment. Now burials were really big deal in the 1st century Jewish world in fact one of the ways in which the early church ingratiated them people to the communities was that they would pay for people's funerals who couldn't afford it the early church would do that so a funeral or a big deal giving someone a proper burial is a big deal but they chose not to finish it because they believe that Jesus would prefer that they not write so the early church even chose to not finish that out then we go to Matthew chapter $24.00 verse 20 Jesus when he's talking about the future destruction of Jerusalem and also the coming crisis preceding the 2nd coming he tells them to pray that your flight may not be in the winter or on the Sabbath right because the Sabbath is meant to be it is a day of celebration a day of blessing and so for you to have to flee in be homos on the day would be terrible being homeless in winter is not fun I've been there it's difficult right so it's a circumstance it's not easy right to Jesus and pray that your flight may not be in winter on the Sabbath which implies that Jesus was assuming that his disciples would be keeping the Sabbath 39 years after his death are you with me. He's implying and he's assuming that they're going to keep the Sabbath 39 years after his death but internally the book of Acts I love this one goes me the book of Acts will read this one we're going to get some snippets from Paul sermon here because some of our brethren in other movements try to say again that we're legal list and they use Pauline text to communicate this idea that we don't need to keep the Sabbath anymore Ok Let no man judge or goes to a new moon now let nobody judge regards the Sabbath Day Let each man do what is convince of his own mind right ladies to according to his conscience but listen to what Paul himself says and does and accept a 13 and beginning of it now by the way is this before or after the resurrection It is after the resurrection could accept a 13 and then go to verse 14. When they departed from Perth they came to Antioch in Presidio and went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day is that bell and after reading the law on the prophets the rulers of the synagogue Cinta them saying minute brother and if you have any word of vegetation for the people say on now this is dangerous he never ask a preacher if he wants to preach because you know he's going to do preach so Paul does it have done a verse 37 Here's some of the the excerpts from his sermon negative verse 36 for David after he had served his own generation by the will of God fell asleep and was buried with his fathers and saw corruption but he who God raised up saw no corruption speaking of Jesus therefore let it be known to you brother and that through this man through Jesus is preached to you the forgiveness of sins and by him everyone who believes is justified from all things from which you could not be justified by the Law of Moses he's preaching righteousness by faith justification by faith you can't be justified by the Law of Moses Paul says Ok And these says beware we'll just do ye through 39 was up there is to skip now to verse 42 Ok so when the Jews went out of the synagogue the Gentiles begged that these words might be preached to them the next Sabbath and when the congregation had broken up many of the Jews in developed proselytize followed Paul and Barnabas who speaking to them persuaded them to continue in the grace of God a verse $44.00 on the next Sabbath almost the whole city came together to hear the Word of God Now if Paul truly did believe that the 7th day sabbath is no longer significance and that Sunday is the new day until a people tell you what to do it's very ironic to me that when he's preaching a message to righteousness by faith right that you're not saved by keeping the law that when a bunch of Gentiles now Arjun tiles partial to the law yes or no. You know they don't they don't have right in the Jewish structure of the law like if you talk bad about the law it's like talking bad about somebody mama right you don't talk about the law you don't talk about the temple you stay away from those things that are a holy sacred things you don't talk bad about them so these people have no skin in the game when it comes to the law of God but they tell him hey preach these things to us next 7th if the Sabbath that changes would be the perfect time for Paula tell him by the way you need to wait till next week to show tomorrow. To show up tomorrow and we'll talk about it but Paul doesn't do that he has Gentiles show up the next week on what day on the Sabbath and Jews and Gentiles alike are worshipping on the Sabbath based upon Paul's teaching and example are you with me there worshipping Gentiles and Jews alike on the 7th day sabbath because of Paul's teaching and his example nothing about Paul's teaching the example would imply anything other than 7 days Sabbath observance and celebration is really what it is Ok then lastly we get to Isaiah Chapter 66 so Jesus disciples in his missionaries also were the same mind set to keep keeping the Sabbath because a chapter 66 and verses 22 and 23 as a chapter 66 verses 22 and 23 says for as a new heavens in the New Earth which I shall make remain before me says the Lord so she your descendants in your name remain initial come to pass that from one new moon to another from one Sabbath to another all flash flesh will come to worship before me says the Lord Ok so. We follow Jesus throughout the history of the Sabbath he created in the beginning he commanded a Mount Sinai he kept it in his flesh he kept it in his death his disciples observed him didn't give a proper burial right because of the Sabbath he expected his disciples to keep keeping Sabbath 39 years after his death and the early church after he's dead and gone through Paul's leadership an example and teachings was still keep in the 7th day sabbath Jews and Gentiles alike and we're going to be keeping that Sabbath throughout eternity Amen with Jesus Ok So Scripture is abundantly clear regarding that topic but again the big thing I want you guys to remember from this morning is this idea that the Sabbath is a memorial of 3 powerful beautiful events that teaches important lessons about our value The 1st is that you did not create yourself nor can you create yourself and even the way in which you were created communicates your value your significance that you were already unloved that you were already accepted that your precious in the eyes of Jesus is the 2nd thing is it's a memorial of salvation I can't save myself when I keep Sabbath I am resting in the fact that I am not capable of saving myself that is an accomplished work of Jesus and the 3rd memorial of the Sabbath is the fact that I am resting in God's transforming power that I am saved by His grace not being transformed by His grace and I'm resting in that right and continually yielding my will to the father there's a role I play but I'm resting in his power to finish what he completed right because it's he who works in me both to will and to do of my good pleasure that he did create me for good works and he prepared beforehand for me to walk him yeah it's a Sabbath as a memorial of creation redemption and sanctification and transformation it's a blessing to us and I hope and pray that we're sharing this with people around us that we communicate the blessings and not the don't write the Dillard's make since in the contents of the why in the context. The why and so has this made sense today yes or no. Are you excited about the Sabbath today yes or no yet this is an opportunity to rejoice and celebrate and now a kind of makes sense or it should make sense why the Jews would indeed celebrate this wasn't just a day of you know hit the pause button but just because some quiet reverent don't cause a scene where the right clothes get in my car go home do things I hope people see me doing because you know the good what you like to do you can actually celebrate enjoy rejoice in the 7th day sabbath that's what God intended it's a blessing to us and that I believe is how the Sabbath keeps us amen let's pray God in heaven thank you for loving us thank you for loving us so much that you gave us the gift of the 7th day sabbath and that the Sabbath was made to meet the needs of people and the people the requirements of the sadness I pray that this would be deeply embedded in our hearts and in our mind the as we witness as we share with others why we love the Sabbath so much May they see the things that we've been sharing this morning to recognize oh hey that's a blessing the Sabbath reminds me of just how special and valuable and that when I go through the we can go through that grind and forgets and that the worries of the cares of this world and the anxiety that I go through based on everybody tell me I'm not enough. You know neighbor of mine friend of mine the reason why I keep the 7th day sabbath is it helps to keep me it reminds me of my values that I am love them special that there's a purpose for my life and it gives me an opportunity to share that precious blessing with other people so God help us to Reverend minds around this help us to live out these principles and it truly Sabbath and not to show up for sadness this is our plea to the Lord and we asked this now in Jesus name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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