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End Time Education

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • October 17, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Earlier this morning I got excited about education and let's just bow our heads and ask the Lord to bless us before we get into our our message Father in heaven thank you today that you can change our characters because we are characters and we need to be changed and we need your spirit to draw near to us and not only draw near to us but come within us to create clean hearts and. Uses to heal or hurting world in Christ's name we pray in education it's sometimes role it's interesting this week it seems like every time about to talk about something the pope talked about it so this week the pope had a lecture compact the Global Compact he wants people to sign up a Global Compact on education and perhaps we'll begin with some of his words he said that he neither needs to be a global education system and that's created and it's a compact of education on education and in this video that he released on the 19 and its impact on education he noted that we are in the midst of an educational catastrophe but he did not focus on reading and writing and arithmetic in his message and stead he focused on what he said will create a new universal culture that would serve the whole world so the purpose of education is in culture ration and he wants that to actually. Spanned the entire world. In our educational system if our educational systems are presently marked by a mindset of replacement repetition and are incapable of opening up new horizons in which hospitality in generational solidarity and the value of trends Indians can give birth to a new culture with does not signify that we are failing to take advantage of the opportunity offered by this historic moment another words covered 19 is calling for complete re. Scripting of education globally and notice these words in 3rd generation will solve their you what does that mean well we're going to get to then a minute and the value of transcendence Well who is actually trends and then well. We're going to see that he thinks that he's And that makes the partners in the global compact in education and therefore to safeguard and cultivate our common whole nother words climate our climate our climate change a big thing protecting it from the exploitation of its resources and to adopt a more sober lifestyle marked by the use of renew or energy sources and respect for natural human environments in accordance with the principles of subs the dairy of the subsidiarity solidarity and the circular economy whoa how many are confused at this point over it we're going to break it down a little bit Ok so I. Notice he's calling for renewable energy sources not calling for would be a vegetarian yet all that would solve all those problems but he's saying stuff about how the educational system has to prepare people to not only combat climate change but also fix the economy while the part of stated that radical decisions must be made at certain moments in history and this is one of those moments. Now hope that all of you have made radical decisions recently to recommit yourselves to the Lord Jesus is coming soon and that's the reason we have this institute because we want to be involved to the very end of time with joyful Christianity amid the president's crisis and the poverty and confusion is cause we believe that it is time to subscribe to a global pact on education for and with future generations so what does this mean principles of subsidy era t. and solidarity I mean interested in this and we're not so interested in it I mean you don't know what I'm talking about so I looked it up I looked it up what does this mean so I got on my catechism and. This is what it means what is the principle subsidiarity a community of higher order should not interfere or interfere in the in turn allies of a of a community of lower order depriving the latter of its functions but rather should support it in case of need and help to coordinate its activity with the activities of the rest of society always with a view of the common good so peaceably what he's saying is there's these higher orders who is the higher order do you suppose is it who that be who decides what the common good is who is the higher authority who is it that will help out of things are not going the right way of course it is. The Roman Catholic Church what is then solidarity the principle of solidarity principles all day is a direct demand of communion of human and Christian brotherhood So it's a demand of human and Christian brotherhood and what is that demand here it is Solidaire is manifested in the 1st place by distribution of goods and remuneration for work in other words we've got to spread the wealth it's bad to be rich it's a king your money we're going to spread it to everybody else a form of Christian collectivism that's directed by the pope for the common good how do you feel excited about this you're ready to sign the compact knowing a little bit more about it oh nobody here so far. Well this is not as spoken by somebody who doesn't have influence as occasionally there are 216000 Catholic schools 1750 Catholic universities and this calls for a commitment on the part of families communities schools universities institutions religions governments and the entire human family so the training of mature men and women had to Cari character Pope Francis declare that he and his partners are committed to implementing this plan within all of our countries. And the Holy See as contribution alone would not be negligible cording to the global Catholic Education Report for 2020 over 62200000 children are currently educated in Catholic schools so who is he going to have help him implement this since you guys have not signed the compact yet well the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO. Also took part in yesterday's event and a message by Adria Zola out lay. A stream to the audience in which she expressed her gratitude The Pope Francis for his commitment to peace education and the role of the United Nations organization complained his mission and he said she said we're signing up we're delighted to be a part of the pontiff's global educational pact because its goals reflect our own alright Vat's what the Pope says as the in time education go on he actually is having great success with many churches signing up and many countries and many religions I would think we need to have an educational goal as well I think we need to have a plan how many of you are and not convince How many of you are here this morning Ok. Now this is not new for the pope calling for a centralized control system when he came system with rolling came to America in 2015 he said there was an urgent need for a true world political authority and he also said if we can overcome individual ism we truly will be able to develop a different lifestyle and bring about significant changes in society in other words if you does do what I say we can change things and as they listened to him at that time they said Pope Francis want to be president of the world. You know the demographics in Latin America Africa and elsewhere the Catholic Church is in competition with Islam and what evangelical Protestantism but as of late the Protestants have not been really protesting that much in fact they're signing up to the Global Compact should Protestant educators signed up. A whited speaking about this said the people of the United States have been a favorite people but when they restrict religious liberty which is exactly what saying that compact would do. So render Protestantism and give countenance a Popery a measure of their guilt will be full and national apostasy be registered in the books of Heaven what will happen the result of this apostasy will be national roots not question of whether it's going to happen is going to happens is when and all of the statements by the current. Person by the Tiger are there are in line exactly with what has been predicted which makes it kind of exciting because there's also predicted what God's people will be doing by the way Catholic effectiveness it's interesting to look at the economics of Catholicism versus Protestantism and religion is a factor in economic difference is the maps if maps were seeded like balance sheets the bottom line from mainland Europe would be deepest red Italy Spain and Portugal are heavily in debt they are also Catholic countries they're predominately Protestant neighbors to the north couldn't Germany and Scandinavia are in compare Lee good shape financially why is this asked this secular economist Protestant economies prospered because instruction in reading the Bible generated human capital crucible to economic prosperity. Martin Luther. By the way have you ever studied Martin Luther and his role in education sexily called the father of Christian education by some by the way he was heavily involved in promoting the idea that Jesus is coming again he believed Jesus was coming within 60 years. In a minute of the $300.00 but he said Jesus is coming again soon and you know what he would do he would release book after book after book pointing out what the pope was doing wrong and what should be done right based on God's word justification by faith education and fact in one year he went to to churches in Germany and by the way he published something every 2 weeks a book every 2 weeks my daughter asked me Dad why do you preach 2 different servants every week I said that's nothing that's nothing look at Martin Luther Martin Luther you know preached 5 times a day published a book every 2 weeks he actually believed Jesus was coming soon and so he was busy helping people understand was happening so he went to all the schools in Germany and he said every church should have a school. Church school and we need to have a literate population that can understand God's Word for themselves they not only need to learn the Bible in their own vernacular and their own tongue they also need to learn Greek and Hebrew so they can actually understand what it says in the original languages and in fact in one year's time he planted 1600 schools so he was excited about Jesus coming and he saw that promoting the coming of Christ and preparing people for it was to be involved in the starting of schools and education so what happened in those countries as a route result of reading the Bible was only centuries later when compulsory schooling was introduced of the Catholics begin to catch up with the Protestants even today looking at data from 2000 in Germany we found that Protestants had higher level or education the Catholics they also had a higher probability of going to university and finishing their course. How many of you would like to listen to somebody who tells you what you should do with education who had to have compulsory action to get them involved in the 1st place and for centuries didn't allow anybody to read I want to listen to somebody like that I'm just saying things have changed. But just remember the focus and goal of Catholicism bowed to perpetual property in humility it was a study to aim to secure wealth and power to be devoted to the overthrow of Protestantism and the reestablishment of papal supremacy make no mistake this global conflict on education is an attempt to do just that now what did they do what was their scholastic strategy and what were the names of the schools they established colleges for the sons and princes and Nobles and schools for the common people and the children of Protestant parents were drawn into an observance of pope's rights they wanted them to go to Newman University in New What who is Newman who is Cardinal Newman how we go to see a Newman university in America or a college there are many of them there named after Cardinal Henry Newman who converted from Protestantism to Catholic Catholicism in 1844 so they said We like that that someone we could name schools after because our purpose is to compare people from being Protestants to camp legs. Doesn't matter what you name your school going to have an impact what about Loyola who's that named after Ignatius of Loyola who is he. He was the leader of the counter-Reformation he came up with a counterfeit to the doctrine of Justification by Faith a counterfeit experience and he was very effective and so they named their schools and universities after him what about Thomas Aquinas College we study about Thomas Aquinas recently and his study goal is to actually was actually to get rid of personal property rights spread the wealth all the different things we've talked about all of course Notre Dame and that Notre Dame is Mary who Pope John Paul the 2nd actually said was the patron saint of America that's why he put his library after he died he had acquitted not in Rome but in Washington d.c. And so now many politicians are going there and they bow down before the statue of placing reeds and different things at that time so they established colleges because they wanted to draw people in and they had a purpose in all of that now what then is the purpose of admin is that occasion with a little induction courage of in that should bring focus to us and in fact at our college here we have learning outcomes in objectives one of them which is this institutional student learning outcome number one spiritual leaders Here's what we want to have being matriculated here students who follow Jesus Christ spiritual leadership and loving church ministry by magnifying the universal principles of the biblical 10 Commandments in speech and it action so I mean I think that's of that's a wonderful statement right there. This is assuming that you know the commandments from memory this is Zoom's that you know. How to use the commandments as you're talking with people as you're witnessing. This week I've had the privilege of using the 10 commands at least 4 times with people that are not some of the evidence believers and using them as a counseling tool and I'm telling it it was beautiful I do it I said I should show you how to do that sometime but it's just a wonderful counseling tool but let's look at this education in the Reformation the early reformers found it necessary to have their own courses of study textbooks teachers methods principles a couple they actually had their own translations of the Bible like the Geneva Bible the Geneva Bible pointed out in the footnotes that you did not listen to people given to having you sign Compaq's and taking away your freedoms it was a hated translation not only by the Catholics but also by King James King James believe the Divine Right of Kings could tell you to do everything and so when they ask you to do could you make us a translation you think he was a holy guy well not holy he said yes I want that and he took out all the notes because he hated the Geneva Bible which pointed out his excesses. Erasmus Greek New Testament pivotal of the Reformation the foundation of Luther's translation Philip Malenka than writing textbooks they separate themselves completely from the popular schools of the day the reformers did it require courage and faith in those days to take a stand and it will require even more courage and faith for those who are preparing for translation to take a stand which the testimonies are pleading them to take the stand for which the testimonies are plain for them to take. So this was education during the Reformation they knew that if their children to go to the schools were popular education was given they would receive the mark of the papacy or of the beast and those who are living up to the light at present time will see even more clearly the children continue to go to popular schools they will receive such principles as will compel them to assist in giving life to the image of the beast and make no mistake the educational centers of a country are the other places that exert massive leadership in a society anyone has knowledge what about education and the 3rd angels message anyone has knowledge of the 3rd angel's message and will take the trouble to examine the studies and methods of popular system does occasion and see that the books are filled with those errors which will oblige those who are receiving their education to take the dreadful step will bring upon the world a religious and civil darkness greater than has ever been known before and right now the papacy is calling for everyone to sign that very step I mean in this kind of interesting very interesting and by the way subtle wrote a book in a cell and wrote a book he was an early administers to cater about papal forms of instruction Protestants older children in the church when they received through education lose the children they attend schools having papal education present schools have a reform school system changing the curriculum textbooks and methods of teaching everything completely changed some schools Christian informed follow the papal system sandwich in the in little Bible little Sandwich's sandwich flavor in the course with Protestant theology that simply does not work it's got to be you've got to be all in this combination. Opens the way for hairsplitting theological controversies and students are neglected for heresy hunting it always terminates in a victory for the papacy over the Protestantism but I found this interesting because this happened somewhat here in some of our classes which is not get the papal system of education makes a Molik of abstract subjects and worse upset as shrine its strength lies in repeating meaningless forms in a dead study of words takes the place of a living knowledge of things mental cramming and formal memorizing are exulted methods of its teachers emulation prizes rewards are the needed stimulants for a mechanical cause compulsory drill and unintelligible formulas and their long stereotyped courses in the degrees the sign or mark of the system kind of interesting so rote memorization and focusing on just the temporal lobe of the brain neglects full frontal lobe of the brain so if you're teaching and Madame e. and physiology and you think you're doing a good job just by having people regurgitate remember that vomiting is a sign of sickness it's got to be more than regurgitation and. The need to become mean sometimes that takes more time so it's not bad to have facts in your head but someone just asked me this last week why these books not really say how those things work together. Very good for me very good point maybe we need new textbooks and maybe if our anatomy and physiology and all our sciences were taught around actual problems that they're going to see with people at new start and what not that would be good we do it sort of because we have a labs and then people go and they rotate through these things but could there be even a closer connectedness. And looking at the system in Revelation 18 forces come out of her my people the command found there come out of her my people means to come out of those institutions was placed in the minds of our young people principals What's your have to make them join the class of worshippers which we read in 2nd Timothy 35 having a form of godliness but denying the power there are his faithful watched and we should be just as desirous of getting our children out of the popular schools as we are to call the older people out of popular churches the popular churches are only a product of worldly education so to get at the root of the matter we must separate ourselves from that was creates the condition in which all religious all the religious world at present finds itself and this is the purpose of campus ministries not to get into those schools but get people out of those schools I mean I've talked to people says you know I want to be involved on a secular campus and I would be a part of that system so I can reach the system the system is the font if you like going into a building on fire and saying I just want to live here for a while because I can understand your burns get the miles and by the way only 30 percent of badness families who have high school children send their children in schools Sadly many of our schools are suffering from low Roma because only 26 percent of evidence families have school aged children so that haven't kids in an awesome school have children folks. If that's appropriate for you if you're a married. Catholic certainly have that them. Little Only 30 percent of those children attend our schools we have far less and roll with than we did in 6166 percent of our families have school aged children so the baby boom is moving off the scene I'm moving out of the scene a lot of snow in the mountains here and so I want to take over. You know Christ and his follower not his followers to be followers do not follow the normal course of you know the normal course as you have an institution a foundation it has a infancy Go-Go States in adolescence that need reach its prime and then you have aristocracy that kills that bureaucracy it think kiss of death and then they're dead but this is the way normal things go yeah hopefully we might never get this way we have to have a vibrant go go leadership kind of like. Oh I'm into names so what we do is do a loop so instead of going down we've got to do a loop we need to turn the world upside down and that's the purpose of Wiemar Institute in college that's the purpose and by the way Luther Calvin's willingly Huss they live the word turned the education system upside down in their generation I talked about it if you think someone is intense like me talking about education. If you were under Martin Luther you would know what intense is I mean I went to his place Erfurt where he went to school I went to the library and looked at all the books that he wrote during that time period where he was you know he was writing stuff against the pope the pope was sending bulls and you know like a papal bull saying I'm going to come and kill you and that was the environment and like that at the entrance of the school as like a statement against the Pope you go there even today they don't translate it because my political right but you walk and the whole thing was controversy because they were in the midst of a reformation and you know some people say well on my children we go to a school where their attention is taken off their books and talking about the 2nd coming it's making them nervous it's causing anxiety you know what happened with Martin Luther school it grew by leaps and bounds because of that very thing. Students came printing presses were established I mean they had to get out his books he was writing one every 2 weeks schools were formed jobs were created for the people that went to the schools I mean you think that not only should we have we have our institute that we should plant schools all around the world and across the story so we also plant churches and bring revival it's not enough to disco out on the street and hand out literature what about planting churches and schools Amen that go out and hand out litter and printed Sutherland began live the word then they turned the ad been a set occasional system upside down in their generation you see people have started to drift a bit and Sutherland and again. Were used by God to turn it around they declared that they would follow the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy explicitly in their lives and ministry they took the testimonies that were written by a white and they said they were not just for the people that they were written to they were for them and they begin to say we will use these principles and our lot this is a picture I got from the grandson of person again of his volume of the testimonies that by the way was the 4th 3rd or 4th set that he wore out he underlined it he knew it so well erected again and again again again again and again and he said these things apply to us let's look at the historical context a letter from Australia you see the had been a set occasional system was kind of the cheese was slipping off the crafter or the tofu was coming out of the burger it was not going so well they were losing their focus. And so they sent l a y to Australia all all expenses paid trip to get her away because they didn't like the testimonies that she was giving. It cost stress it caused anxiety can't have that we need to be peaceful peace and safety. Hello I was not for that so you know Jesus is coming soon so you had this burden and we think that's a good burden by the way why hasn't Jesus come so soon because people don't have that burden it's not don't blame him right letter comes from Australia should Christ into our institutions for the trainer use he would cleanse them as he cleanse the temple. $1806.00 a letter to Battle Creek Oh if there was a temple on earth that needed purifying it's the institutions of Battle Creek and they need it now he's in Australia but these letters just come alike missiles. Isabella creek looks nice Union College they didn't get off the hook here it is to my brother in America Oh if I could hear the joyful news that the will and minds of those in Battle Creek who have stood professor the as leaders were emancipated from the teachings and slavery of Satan whose captives they have been for as little longer. Be willing across the broad Pacific to see your faces once more but I'm not anxious to see you within feeble perceptions and clouded mind because you have chosen darkness rather than light I'm anything that might cause a little anxiety they want her to stay down there you just stay down under which she was sending these letters and that most didn't listen but the Sutherland's did they transferred to Battle Creek they came in they made some changes they were listening to what l.-y. said in the testimonies and they said look let's study Exodus and Genesis in Exodus and when they studied the people said take the meat off the menu. Because they had meat on the menu at that time the tennis court was plowed and made into a vegetable garden people were asking the other way can we upgrade the basketball court because we wanted to be you know more like a real court and I thought of this I said maybe a festival guard would go there students his staff worked in these gardens you got extra energy why an ad why not work with Derren on the farm don't just like dribble a basketball grow some tomatoes bounce those into your stomach the academic system. Was reevaluated Needless to say not everyone was happy with these changes here's a memorable quotes from this time we may have to pass through hard places but God will prosper us if we take our stand on the testimonies that's what Sutherland said why is it so hard for so many of these good people to see that the testimonies are revelation from God You see what McGann and Southern were saying was there is a different compact you need to sign up for and that is the Bible and the spirit of prophecy and stand on those and God will prosper you now as never before we need to understand the true science of education if we fail to understand this we shall never have a place in the kingdom of God said Ellen why do you see why they didn't like it I went around. Pestered them he was an annoyance he caused stress and anxiety but some of them again just took it totally to heart finally had the lights not finally they moved from one of the 2 legs of the good doctor Kellogg because frankly his flakes were a little frosted at this time he said he was very upset with reformers so they left Battle Creek for educational and theological reasons pantheism and why specifically called for this move they went to bury and springs Emmanuel missionary college. Emmanuel God with us the Gans wife gave her entire inheritance to start the new school the campus was built to underline mission I used to live in some of the houses they had for students you know what they made out of like they made a very small they had no heating they had no air conditioning they said you need to learn like you're in the mission filled and by the way only eat 2 meals a day. They made it on come for the students they stressed out because they want to be able to live where they could be stressed out without being stressed out students and staff were to construct the buildings and on the farm these changes were not well received the board replaced Sutherland with Prescott Prescott was a good guy I mean he liked to preach and he has a very good sermons the Armidale sermons and rises by faith many others but he also was educated at Dartmouth so he had that old system where he liked the Olla Gys instead of actually do something practical so they replaced southern with plus try and sell him again resigned and they said education reform has not been a mere theory with us they were discouraged but always said I'm a telegram or son of a letter and said Don't be discouraged you now have an opportunity to get back to normal and the pope is saying right now we have an opportunity to get back to normal as defined by medieval scholasticism and the base in spirituality but the admin is church has been raised up to say no we have an opportunity to get back to normal as top of the public sphere prophecy How would you like to see what that look like visit came Dillaway and she encouraged them are you 2 men to bury your talent. They want to find a location seen with God's eye or I wish we had some honorable and Christian way to get out of the whole thing without showing lack of faith in the testimonies from the Lord's messenger because they when they found this piece of property looked like junk and had pigs it was smelly and they're like we can't we can't as we can't go here but this is where that was so a lack of faith industry they bought a failed food plant in the middle of the South that one of the cells likes to eat healthy they haven't food plan there in the middle of nowhere they started a sanitarium after a picnic conversation they said look we need to start this and people started moving in before they even had buildings they rewrote all their textbooks to be consistent with scripture those are very interesting textbooks to read and they had what was called the one study plan study in school work they didn't have like we had today because we kind of follow the papal system whole bunch of classes 5 or 6 to confuse your mind they say we're going to study chemistry you. Never go study biology. And we do this and that and instead of having multiple subjects I don't know. How we think that's interesting included evangelists to get reads they hired Haskell they got him from all over here well this is why we named the hall after him because they integrated every week not only t.c. guy but also evangelists to campaigns every Sunday our school must not give students preparation only give students preparation for life it must allow them to experience life so actually why you're going to school experience witnessing while you're going to school experience work because then you'll know how to do it once you're done in school strict and persistent economy was the basis. Strict and persistent economy economy it's all about the economy self government. And they call it the normal Institute they were getting back to normal though in many respects our institutions of learning have swung into worldly conformity those step by step they have advanced toward the world they set alight our prisoners of hope can you say amen I think that's still true about all our institutions if they will listen to his voice and follow his ways God will correct and lighten them bring them back to their upright position at distinction in the world prisoners of hope having a world impacting local presence is what happened elementary schools were planted Sutherland read Ella White's Council they probably also read Martin Luther his example $57.00 schools opened in one year 150 by 1900 they had to form a Department of Education this was all led by people that were from the self-supporting school not paid with tithe money Sutherland than Griggs than Lewis health food factory schools ministry started in the south and abroad and went around the world and as I was formed a cordon a the expansion that's why a.s.i. had been asserted Simmons and industries was formed it was called the layman's industry back then it was because there was such a rapid expanse of people graduating from school not staying at the school but going in planting other school starting schools where there were no schools not saying can I find a job creating a job a little different and it was a spectacle to the world Eleanor Roosevelt wrote about it and said this is memorizing Madison college and literally the influence was felt round the world around the world and they also help start a university they sent money to help start Loma Linda University it would never have started without Madison. That you know that so when you look at some of these institutions you want to how they got started it was because they were supported by self-supporting institutions not the other way around they did a loop they did a loop probably want to do some loops and what should be happening now well Pope Francis told us what he thinks should be happening now he says I will lead you there's a need for an urgent need for a total political authority and by the way if we just surrendered our individual ism and its listen to what I had to say everything will be great how many think that's not the way I want to go and then there's Wiemar I was shown by the actual guy that institutions be established for the education our youth I saw that would become one of the greatest means ordained of God for the salvation of souls they used to be encouraged to attend our schools which should become more and more like the schools of the. Prophets these were caused by the way that motivated us in restarting Wiemar which had shut down the college complete separation like we mentioned and this concept soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines except medical missionary work which is why the school focus is largely on medical missionary work ministers can do medical missionary work teachers to do medical missionary work business people to do medical mystery work psychologist are doing medical missionary work everything seen through that lens and this I love this people saying who do I don't know for beautiful new school. Jesus might come you should be happy Jesus is coming and you don't have to give up on school ideas because of that notice what it says Let no one conclude that because the end is near there is no need of special effort to build up various institutions as a cause of demand when the Lord's obit is make no further effort and Billy merely meetinghouses in establishing what. Schools and sanitariums and publishing institutions it will be time for us a fold our hands and let the Lord close up the work but now is our opportunity to show our zeal forgot and our love for humanity start schools plant churches don't be freaked out be happy Jesus is coming soon you have a message you're learning how to share it but don't lose your urgency don't become the emergence or become the detergent church claim things up I will raise up agents who will carry out my will to prepare a people to stand before me in the end of time that's the purpose of the school so prepare people to stand in the end of time Amen and you have to believe it's enough time to prepare people for that many places that before this ought to have been provided with sanitariums and schools I will establish my institutions and these institutions will become educational centers for the training of workers well that's that's a promise isn't it and this is the this is the actual I looked at my old Nelse when I was in these committee meetings back to when this started up again and I presented this at a board member I remember presenting it let men of sound judgment be appointed not to publish their brother intentions but to search for properties in rural districts who are in early access to it with easy access to cities. Suitable for small training schools for workers elementary can a me college health program where facilities may be provided for the training of the sick and worry souls who know not the truth to start the clinic look for such places just out from large cities were suitable Billie's may be secured either as a gift from the owners or purchased at a reasonable price by the gifts of our people that described we were and by the way who's going to work there. The Lord Zion's over the whole field and when the time is right for an institution be started in a certain field he can turn toward that place the minds of the men and women best prepared to enter the institution by the way has that happened here we mar Boehm you see your picture up there I probably missed some but I remember when we were having this discussion we don't have someone to leave the institution I said you got to have the institution to get someone to lead it that's how it works you get the institution 1st and then God says to people you don't get the people then the institution and so the group stepped out in faith and then Dr Nellie accepted the call after that and many other people came as well and has God provided has God provided and he continues to provide He designs that the medical mission works will prepare the way for the presentation of the saving truth for this time the proclamation of the Was there an angel's message is not the 1st not the 2nd the 3rd course in the 3rd you have to understand the 1st on the 2nd but the 3rd angel's message is the focus if this design is met the message will not be what eclipsed nor its progress hindered how many think that's a wonderful problem so we're called to do what do a loop coming to Wiemar is signing up for a loop that's not to throw you for a loop also help you do a loop what kind of a loop someone looked at this who was into aviation a pilot they said to me John that's a. That's a dangerous thing to try to do that with your plane so we would call outside loop you probably thrown out of your plane if you try to do that and in fact people look at that and try to do that someone might get hurt. I really don't think too many pilots you know what look at my sermon and do it out front do and I thought I loop but it's. Don't be thinking about it man you know what's an inside loop he said you know what outside loop it is that g. forces that pull you out of the plane but it inside loop if you do the right way it actually pulls you into the plane it puts you in your seat helps you complete your mission and I was like I like that how do you do an inside loop confidence based on the law of loops faith based on evidence not demonstration and what is an inside loop See that's an inside loop that the one I showed you was an outside loop outside inside what is the what is the law the loop that they discovered follow the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy explicitly don't go out on your own don't sign compact with other people stay inside the Bible stay inside the spirit of prophecy let everything you're doing be inside the Bible is pure profit be able to give a reason for every lecture or every point in your lecture that's not just from science or social science but is rooted in principle in the Bible a spirit prophecy how many think you should be able to do that and when you do that you're teaching people to live within the loop we have a loop here I want to talk about inside the bible inside the spirit of prophecy and if that happens God will bless one last light soul and one of his last letters expresses conviction that the successes of Madison the work called for in the testimonies we have only touched with the ends of our fingers Madison reach the whole world just with a surface touching with the tips of the thinkers looking at the testimonies looking at the scriptures had to say how many want to have a world impacting presence that's a purpose so we more institute we're not signing up for the compact with the pope. Sign up for the compact the spirit of prophecy in the Bible and our purpose is to have a world impacting local presence that fosters in the bellman of Christ character as expressed in the messages of Revelation 14 a world impacting local presence let's pray Father in heaven thank you today that we can study again the vital role of in time education this not to upset us make us anxious and it's to infuse us to inform us as to equip us for the last great battle the great controversy Lord if there's a great controversy in our hearts we need to commit recommit to you help us to take that step. Help us to be converted committed as individuals and this community in this institute to do your bidding help us not to lose our focus. Or actually help us not to lose your focus. Christ and we pray. 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