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NEWSTART and the End Time Role

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, tell us the importance of the NEWSTART message and how it applies to the end time message and lifestyle, temporally and spiritually.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • October 17, 2020
    12:00 PM
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Well good morning everyone. And a special greeting to our new star guests who are here from around the world and cross the street and and the rest of you as well that have come today the worst of let's just. Ask God to bless this is we look at our theme together by then Heaven bless us as we look at your word and send your spirit we pray especially at our new star guests and their family and those who are here for that wonderful program Christ's name. Big thanks to the new star team as well who let out on the other parts of the service and for the ministry they have here and then a prime. The purpose of the church the Holy Spirit and the bride say Come and let him who hears say Come on let him go thirst come and whoever will let him take of the water of life freely and that was kind of covered by our wonderful special music as well why would we live another day without Jesus and of course the Body of Christ is the church why would we live in a way that's disconnected from a source of life a new start is really. A source of life as I was thinking about what I would say with the new start guests here I thought maybe developing the theme dealing with preexisting conditions would be something we could talk about how many have heard this in the news at all. Pre-existing conditions for cope with 19 and they actually have numbers you know heart disease you can have a lot more possibility of dying from Coburn 1000 if you have heart disease a new start deals with the treatment of heart disease diabetes skyrocketing death from the complications of Cova 1000 if you have underlying diabetes so if you've addressed that this week it's good news chronic respiratory disease high blood pressure cancer all of these things that you've been working on and actually hopefully stopping reversing of course better yet preventing have been the focus of new start for years and I wanted to study with you where that came from because if you know where that came from you might be able to make decisions about your future that could help you actually survive not only these preexisting conditions but eternally. Adventists and new start some of them going to church started out basically in a coffin they only lived about 35 years old when the administers started they had really no long journey to speak up just like anybody else and they needed a new start they needed a discovery that could help them avoid the very conditions that we see facing many who die from coven 1000 today and so those early pioneers they begin to study their Bibles and they begin to study with the institutions of the day to see what they could do they realize that Bible says Thou shalt not kill they realize that Moses lived to be honored 20 years they realize that people in Genesis were supposed to live 900 years and ultimately people response to live forever and this was not happening at least with them only living to be about 30 years old and I doubt 30 or 40 years old I doubt the guests in the new Star program or even that young. And everyone was dying in the culture at about that rate so they study their Bibles they visited the health institutions of the day and they realized they needed their own institution because they needed to have something that introduced people not just to life but it turned a life not just to science but to the Scriptures and they started the Western Reform Institute it did quite well at 1st but then it didn't they were losing patience and they were losing money and then they hired a young doctor had a large mustache and you know the old saying be wary of young doctors and old barbers and everybody was kind of leery because of this young doctor who came his name was John Harvey Kellogg and there is that as a young man I think he started he's about 27 years old and then he and his wife 7 they baptise 2 if my cousins are telling me right actually knew my great grandmother may they were both of that faith originally anyway she adopted like I think 50 some children and a busy household and a busy medical practice and they did some of the things that you do here the new Star program where they are exercising. With their exercise uniform sun. Doing their breathing exercises and they went to the cafeteria had some of the food that you had like toasted we play KSAN really cornflakes came out of this. And. The 1st cornflake the 1st week Flake and these things might be things that you actually had in your new star journey granola soy milk I don't know if you had Bulgarian yogurt protests nothing Leena not burgers lintel in Chestnut soup bake pig not only is don't know what that is but it's baked coconut mock hamburgers fake steak sham Ham phony baloney all that stuff be coffee Carmel coffee they've really been coffee parts growing coffee wheat oats and barley coffee and all by l. eaten Kellogg eaten if you know how to eat and she had a cookbook named then they also had massage and light therapy right there some of the light therapy in the side look at that lady with a real set up there with massage and the size was big and so it's also was light therapy hydrotherapy they had multiple tubs right there in one room and it looks kind of just like the hydrotherapy you went through and the new Star program and then they had a Luxor by Dr Gill and actually Tucker Kellogg back then a little white board behind him where he made some powerful points that was his Power Point. He has special music all those different things you have and. Tells all about the story when you go to Battle Creek Michigan used to have a museum called serial city it's shut down but in that museum you go in there and they had a picture of a lady and they said look all of these things that you learn actually all the things that actuated will Keith and Zanardi Kellog came to them by revelation. They came as a result of the ministry of Ellen white a white head for visions. And 184-854-6365 that spelled out a picture and plan could give people a new start by looking at various things and magnifying the principle in scripture that shalt not kill and I would that the have life and have a more abundantly and so they begin to have a Blessing of not only. The revelation of scripture but also a prophetic voice and they took it seriously and begin to put it into practice now you might think well that's kind of where you get a prophet but a few years ago I was interviewing to call in Campbell of the China Study a very famous book that looked at all the things you learn a new start many of the things you learn and look at a huge study called The China Study where basically they studied the rural Chinese not the urban Chinese and they found that these rural Chinese they ate fruits nuts grains and vegetables and they live longer and stronger than other people well I one day had him come to my church I had him come to a lecture at our church for the community like we often did during those years in Wichita and he came and before he came I decided to send him an e-mail e-mail was new I wanted to use it to go out how it worked so I sent him an e-mail which I thought was rather short but actually he said I printed out your e-mail and 16 pages long. But it was basically quotations from Ellen White and what she said about what to do concerning health and I said you as being a top epidemiologist in fact he had had more Grant grants given to him than any other epidemiologist in the history of the us at that time he had more research money that thrown at his feet to do research like The China Study and I thought this would be a great person who would be objective and looking at whether or not the writings and ministry of Ellen White were actually something that was valuable and so he wrote me back this e-mail I'll read you a little bit of it I'm not aware of anyone who is more on point than Ellen White given her background she's truly an amazing woman what was her background she only went to 3rd grade but then was self-taught and he says she's amazing what what's so amazing I'm convinced that almost 100 percent of her statements are now substantially supported by the scientific evidence that has been developed during the past 2 to 3 decades I would read this I start to get goosebumps as. I head. Kind of a rush come over me what I've come to realize even deeply worry about is why it is that this message of Ellen White and others has been so mislaid on shelves out of sites and other words this is good stuff you're not reading and by the way are getting back to our special music why would you do another day without Jesus Adam is calling whites writing to the testimony of Jesus not just the spirit of prophecy but the testimony of Jesus it's abundantly clear to me he went on this is the top researcher top epidemiologist in the world you might say one of them it's abundantly clear to me that now's the time to bring this forward in whatever way that each of us are able to do so. What do you think about that and by the way the new Star program is doing just that it's bringing for those principles in a way that we can understand it's not mislaid on a shelf it plays out and lives and lives then change people receive the gift of a new start but where did Ellen White get all this you know Ellen White was a plagiarist she pleasure arise the Bible. The more I reasoned why the more I realized wait a minute that's coming from somewhere in the Bible I do not like presentations that are made up of all kinds of quotations of the light because it tells me that the person has not done their homework to go back to the Bible principles I see this a lot on social media and this really is not that sloppy work what we need to do is understand what he said but then trying to figure out where that came from so we're going to try to do that a little bit today in the spirit of the Bride say Come let him that here say Come. And let's look a little more deeply at the administration who actually is closely associated with the new Star program and let's look here and see where these things come from 1st of all before we get there just be with you briefly the scientific studies those new start have gone through many of these already probably not related directly to the administers but I would tell you that the administers of the recipient of all kinds of money also for research starting with mortality study the evidence health study the air pollution study and the health study up till now of 96000 people and the religion and health study and these are massive grants from the government because they realize they have been this live longer than others and they want to know why and the reason is why because of the ministry of all life but more than that the Ministry of the Word of God itself in fact the dietary patterns of mortality study shows that. The diets that you've learned in the new Star program are associated with lower all cause mortality and reductions and all kinds of specifics and the vegetarian dietary pattern you do decreases greatly metabolic syndrome which by the way is a summary of really all those pre existing conditions they all play together like a deadly quartet diabetes heart disease hypercholesterolemia. And when those 2 are playing year heading out. And all of those are addressed by the new Star program happy did proteins go up triglycerides go down glucose goes down systolic blood pressure goes down diastolic goes down not so far that you die waist circumference goes down b.m.i. is normalized and weight differences happen here we go through the v. going plan here while you're on campus versus the lecture over Pascoe which is fish and Sim I bet a Tarion and the non-vegetarian you can see that weight differences occur with begins more than the others and they kind of move up as you add animal products you get less and less effective same thing with hypertension and diet same thing with high cholesterol and diet same thing with diabetes and diet and this is why the life expectancy of 7th Day Adventists who followed this and by the way they don't all follow it all the slides it is showed you were people who did follow it or didn't follow it these are slides of admin is decided not to be vegetarians or decided to be Pascoe vegetarians or decide to be elective as a tear is versus vegans and so this was a study within it had been tism that so that some of them don't appreciate what they had you come to the new Star program but it's a no star program for them now does God still love people regardless of what they. For what they drink he loves you if you live for 10 minutes or if you live for 160 years how do you think he wants you to live longer and stronger how many things he wants you to be around to torment your children. How many think he wants you to be around to torment the Devil How many think that he wants to be around to proclaim his gospel and his truth and his power and so while he loves you no matter what you eat or don't eat he wants to eat the best so you can live longer and stronger Now let's look at the Bible basis of this a little bit more closely. And before we say that just no Adventism has been raised up to deal with the preexisting conditions being talked about today it's a part of their mission and purpose for over a century and a half and long before all the science that they talked about to the new Star program they did this without any science based on the Bible so let's look at the Bible basis of new start it basically come from a building called the sanctuary and the sanctuary was God's hospital and was based on the exodus taking people out of Egypt where they had all the same diseases that are listed as preconditions today diabetes hypertension heart disease obesity all documented by studying the mummies and also a few of the daddies So what was the Bible basis of this New Start program it was our Scripture text today and to $2300.00 days then sell the sanctuary be cleansed. The originally had been a sight that meant that the entire world would be cleansed by fire and that Christ would come again Christ did not come again until those Advent believers not 7th the evidence that came later but those that were believing the 2nd coming were greatly disappointed they went back to study again and a group of them that would end up being the 7th Day Adventists they went back and study their bible more fully and they said no Christ was not supposed to come in 844 instead he was supposed to move to a section in the temple called the most holy place and as they moved into the most holy place then it we're supposed to have a corresponding work on earth the goes along with what he's doing in heaven he's cleansing how then and we're supposed to be cleansing earth that's why I had Minister interested in protecting the environment that's why administers interested in protecting people's health that's why Adventists are interested in living longer and stronger because they desire to do God's will on earth as he does it in heaven die will be done in earth as it is in heaven and that's why Abbott has to live longer and stronger then anyone else because of a Day of Atonement lifestyle because under 2300 days then so the Saints Re be cleansed was talking about The Day of Atonement Yom Kippur War And on that day the sanctuary was cleansed symbolically of all the sin that would separated people from God and from one another. And so they begin to say wait you know how does that work out here as well they noticed as they studied the ancient sanctuary that unclean animals and things that you should not eat noxious weeds toxic weeds that's why they didn't do tobacco they found that text in the Bible things that cause problems by what you drink like alcohol all those unclean things and unsavory things they should not not only take into the church but into their body know you not that your body is the temple of God and they begin to apply that principle so you have unclean animals outside you have clean animals you had bread and grapes in the holy place and you had you had man and all means in the most holy place and there was this progression they saw that when you get closer to God you get more close to foods as grown just as He created us not made in a plant it comes from a plant fruits nuts and grains and they said well why don't we just do that because they saw that in Genesis 129 and in Revelation chapter 22 that they were eating foods is grown and they said wait a minute if the food has grown came actually before sin and we're going to eat that way after Stan why don't we eat that way right now and see what happens and they started eating fruits nuts grains and that's to hold and want to see what would happen they were convicted their body was the temple that needed to be purified your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and they said wait a minute God made it the whole East Jesus died for it the Holy Spirit lives in it then maybe we should take care of it and this was the Bible motivation that motivated Ellen White How do you understand what I'm saying we're going back to the Bible. Whatever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do do all to the glory of God as you know that's a summary of Leviticus Genesis x is a summary of the pendent 2 and the center of the Pinta 2 that is the 1st 5 books of the Bible Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy very middle of the Pinta 2 is the Book of Leviticus and the Book of Leviticus the very middle of Leviticus is Chapter 16 and that was the day of atonement so that if you ever had a sandwich What's the most important thing it's what's in the middle and the Day of Atonement was this guiding principle whatever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do do all to the glory of God It talks about clean and unclean means it talks about clean unclean fish it talks about actually moving back to the original diet of fruits nuts grains and vegetables and Paul summarize it by just saying whatever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do do all to the glory of God In fact in the book of Acts It even says that don't eat food sacrificed to idols don't eat food that has been strangled don't eat food that has blood in it New Testament Old Testament to like they begin to see the god has a health plan and as a part of the Advent movement they were actuated by 3 messages in Revelation 14 the 3 main tools messages after those 3 and those messages it says Jesus comes again and so before Jesus comes again it says do this fear God and give Him glory for the hour of adjustment is come now what does it mean to feel the Lord. Read through the book of Proverbs and read every text that has fear in it but my favorite is probably 1923 the fear of the Lord leads to life and he who has it will abide in satisfaction he will not be visited with the will if you want to have a satisfying life if you want to have a life that is abundant live within the fear of the Lord another within his health laws and his 10 commandments laws and that is the best life ever and it's the life that Jesus lived and why would we live another day without Jesus as the song told us this morning so early had been his were actual weighted by this not only with the actuated by a state of the sanctuary like I said it was a part of the prophetic understanding that text we read today was from a prophecy that was a 2300 year prophecy and to $2300.00 days then so the sanctuary be cleanse the days it was talking about were the Day of Atonement and if you had $2300.00 days of Atonement how many would that be how many centuries $23.00 centuries because you only had one day of atonement per century $2300.00 days of a time and they only celebrate it once a year in Judaism so they discover this in the they discovered this prophecy in the 1800s but it was written in 605 b.c.e. around that era and then they realize wait a minute this prophecy. Is about 23 centuries back there and it's actually pointed to right now how many of you following me in other words 5th century What's 23 minus 5 What's 23 minus 5. 80 and they discovered this when in the 18 hundreds and they said man this prophecy has to do with us they originally thought it meant that Jesus was going to come again of course he didn't like we said and they went back and study begin now what was fascinating to me a couple of years ago as I was studying this prophecies is that every aspect of it also had health as well they said look the sanctuary is going to be rebuilt and the sanctuary was a health center and was rebuilt for $57.00 b.c. and then it said actually 483 years later $69.00 weeks later Messiah would come into his temple and he did must say I am means the anointed he was baptized on time he went around doing good and healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people and then 3 and a half years later he restored emotional health he was a man acquainted with grief and with sorrows and when he died on the cross he helped us understand how to get over anger and bitterness and resentment and all of those things how we think this is powerful actually then after that 3 and a half years later in the book of Acts Jesus would die goes to heaven and his disciples are left and Stephen is stoned and $3480.00 why is he stone because he's trying to help out racial disparities he's helping the Hebrews and the Hellenists he's interested in every ethnic group not just white people or black people or green people or whatever color Bay are like today when our new member said the reason I came there and I like being there is because there's all kinds of colors how would you like colors. Red yellow black white all are precious in His sight and that's what Stephen believed and he said look you know it is the the food to the Hebrews you give it to the sea bruises Well you give it to the Hellenists you give it to the Greeks you give it to the pagans you help everybody by the way this was not a a job a program of Rome social services were run out of the search and down the government runs anything it doesn't run well I'm going to give notice that and you know what the government has stolen all the programs of the church and regulated them and they're in a big mess and now we've got people coming in are saying look we'll tell you what to do what we should do is care about one another and care about people in our communities and every church should be running the new Star program and every church should be running to the press and recovery program and every church should be out totally involved in their community and my church is where I ministered before coming here 13 if you're a doctor Mills and I work together we saw the entire community come alive people that couldn't be helped by the medical establishment came to our church we sent letters to all the physicians and they began referring people they said look you can just have this program once a year and it had a once a month and my people got kind of concerned they needed more people to be trained that's why we started the health program so. Sanctuary of health physical health emotional health social hell and then 34 e d. $2300.00 minus $490.00 which is the prophecy 810 years left $34.00 plus $1810.00 brings us to $844.00 and that's when the advent movement arose in time Christians would arise that would restore health that we just studied in the Bible whatever they eat whatever you drink whatever you do do all to the glory of God fruits nuts grains vegetables this was perfect part this is what I want to get those of you our guests the new start and beyond this was part of the prophetic didn't medic make up of the ebb and movement it's the reason the rose the reason the Church arose was to do new start new start because God saw that the end of time people with all kinds of preexisting conditions they would have viruses that would attack them he says I need to have a people that have a plan that have a purpose that can help people live longer and live stronger on I'd be saying amen if I was out there but it's me it's me that pastors laboring and then you're just looking at it he's going to die up there. It's going to die pretty soon the help message who cares by. A man's keep a pastor alive Ok so. Help me know that you're alive that your eyes are not fixed the dilated so your pupils know your eyes so to be really bad guys. And the whole purpose of this was that it would arise right at the time when these preexisting conditions would be baffling many you know the top researcher is on the coronavirus today it's a 7th Day Adventist pulmonology is going to come and speak here November 14th they did a study on all of his articles and things that have been put up to You Tube with a program called discernment discern from Oxford University it was out long before they they knew they needed such discernment. And they ran all of these things you know You Tube likes to take your stuff down just like lots of social media stuff they get politicized and everything you know they think it's about this or that and anyway it's kind of hard and they were saying you can't say vitamin d. helps you can't say this helps they started taking some of our videos down that you know that and we interviewed this guy Dr swell and then and then. They noticed this guy has like 56000000 followers that's like that's a lot of people like a 56000000 people followed you how many would be nervous. So like all these people following they say wait a minute we had to do this they ran the program and they found out they said these are the top 5 most accurate physicians talking about coronavirus one was an article from Jama which is the Journal of the American Medical Association and the rest were from Rogers well as some of the administers you know he's going to come and preach about in a few weeks that is sanctuary and help what I'm talking about today I want to see what he has to say and. I'm trying to cover all of us to make sure you know. New Start another words is part of Adventism prophetic plan. Dr Golan is not just a doctor galon he's a doctor of the prophetic plan of new start. Our clinic is not just the clinic it's a prophetic clinic we don't just you know have you come in for a pill so we can send you a bill. We come in so we can have that moment in time where you can say there is a God he does care about your health he wants to give you a new start. We might give you 10 more minutes of life we might give you another 2 years of life we might give you 20 years of life by something we know but everything we know we got from him and he wants you not just as what have life but you want to have everlasting life that's the whole purpose of it more than just life eternal life more than avoiding death of voiding the 2nd death all of you're going to die and here just look at the person next to you're going to die. You're going to die I don't care if you did a great job a new start you're still going to die I've gone to all kinds of programs of people who want to start funerals not hopefully during the program. But I've got other problems I have all these programs the chip program you know the people died you know they didn't die at 83 it was 103 but they still die on their low she was loved 106 I remember my mother's their mother's lady live 106 I miss lady she had she got the health message when she was like in her eighty's or maybe she was action or ninety's where we met her and she lived for 30 more years I ask I had an appeal come forward if you want to go out and witness in the community none of the 60 year olds came forward it was too much for them but she came forward. We went out knocked on people's doors she had a cane boom boom boom. She's like No we're not interested she goes well I knew your mom a new your grandfather and he said I do 3 generations are like and they let her in I got all kinds of Bible studies she was living longer c. was living stronger. Now I want to give you a couple practical things that were close enough Actually I think I might be trying to pull up too much here but you know me how many of you realise I've tried to do that before only if you get so none of this actually works however without Jesus. As many as received Him to them he gave power to become sons of God even of the moon on his name which were born not of blood nor of the will the flesh nor the will of man but of God So he gives us power not of the will of the flesh but you might say Ok I don't need the God part of the new Star program all I need is the science don't give me the scriptures just need the sign but we would have any science at all without scripture. And if you want more information on that talk to my wife's husband that would be me so. Power so you need power that doesn't come from your Will it comes from the will of God living within the will of God and you say hallelujah and that's the whole idea of the sanctuary new star plan it's talking about how he took people on that Exodus and I'll take you on the final Exodus apart from divine power no did you inform reform can be affected you might have a great result you want a lot 600 pounds here you might have done this or that but it's not going to stick unless you have God's power in your life human bear is against natural and cultivate into These are but like a sand bank against the torrent and we put up a bunch of sandbags around you hear a new start but you're going back into the torrent and what you need is not a picture of me and Dr Golan's you need a picture of Jesus in your mind you need the Holy Spirit in your heart and that's what this is saying not into the life of Christ becomes a vitalizing power in our lives can we resist the temptations that assail us from within and from without We need Jesus Now let me just say something here that I emailed myself. She said she said but at least I have multiple electronic gadgets. This is something Ellen White said which we just read in the Bible this is what she put it very crisply without Christ we cannot subdue a single sin or overcome the smallest temptation without what we can't do any of it and that's why if you come to the new Star program and you don't get that message you have not gotten the right message that you know that everything in this health plan was about Jesus everything in the sanctuary was about Jesus and that was a help and remember I showed you you went from one claim to cling to grains and grapes and then roots nuts and grains in the only place that's kind of what your journey has been from what you were eating to and didn't have any meat here but you had fake meat. And then back to food is grown fruits nuts grains embezzled Did you see that all of that however was also Jesus the gate was Jesus he said I am the door the altar was Jesus I am the land that was slain the Laver was Jesus I am the water of life the lamp stand was Jesus I am the light of the world those show bread was Jesus I am the bread of life the altar of incense was Jesus who ever lives to make enter sasin and the Ark was Jesus I have perfectly kept the law in my life and I'll put it into your heart and mind do you see everything and even the veil all of those veils the veil of his bless his incarnation he came he lived he died a perfect life you say wait a minute he ate me I hear you I hear those Did you hear him say that have you heard that he even after was resurrected so once that I'm cornered on here but remember that was when he was on earth identifying with humanity. And then he was resurrected and went to heaven how do you think he's eating meat up there I mean thinking the Holy Spirit out hunting hey where the buffalo. I don't think so my friends he was identifying with you man is he right and then he goes to heaven and to glory and he's coming again how many want to be eaten what he's eaten when he comes again you don't have a rough transition like you had a new start. Oh I will get we're going to have to heat this way for ever you know what I could do for 19 days so that's why you need Jesus you need Jesus. Now Ok so now how do you get Jesus I'm not going to go through this in depth but I wanted to show you that that same plan that showed you unclean clean grains and grapes grain grapes and olive oil than fruits nuts grains and vessels that lead you back to that most holy place that day of atonement diet that same thing that each part of it pointed to Jesus on the gate I'm a light I'm the bread I'm the water I'm the altar of incense I'm the ark I'm the veil that same system actually if you pray through it that's how you get to know Jesus and notice this get put this in your mind and maybe give it to the new star folks to hand out to the guest and others that might want it were to enter into his gates with thanks giving them praise did we do that today did we have Irwin who is to clean every single t.v. on the piano and almost sorted out his electronics and I stopped smoking so and did we hear our beautiful anthem Hello. Because saying the person who sat next to me didn't sing that well maybe that's what you're saying I don't know but we enter into his course with Thanksgiving and it says that got inhabits the praises of his people so as we're praising God and we come together he comes to us how we go over sense well I want Jesus my life but I I don't sense him and that's why we sing together that's why we worship together that's why we have a minister of music and his wife and son now who is screaming the praises of God. Quite singing yet but he's he's learning self-control. Altar of sacrifice we come in recognizing we have some problems we we set I've sinned I need help if we can press our sins He is faithful and just a Forgive us our sins and then finally we realize wait a minute I need to continue to be washed I need the washing of the water of the word the laver experience day by day and awesome might need to be baptized or rebaptized like right after today's service we're going to have a bad baptism at Moses Rock 2 people getting baptized please head right down there because they're saying I want to restart all of the Bible says to do and that is to get baptized we might need to show bread from day to day feeding on God's word and also the lamp of the word is a lamp under my feet and a light unto my path we need Jesus intercession for us job 17 Revelation Chapter 8 our prayers don't amount to much there mingled according to the Bible with Christ prayers why would we want to live another day without Jesus. When also mentally he writes us law in our hearts and our minds we enter his gates with praise we confess our sins we have the water of the washing to the world we have the baptism of the Holy Spirit we have the bread of life in our lives and we have the prayer and intercession for others and we enter into that most holy place experiences as in your presence is full of the subject. So when you're living that new star lifestyle and when you're in that most holy place environment that's not like oh this is fine now this is joy and the fruit of the Spirit is love if you love me keep my commandments and you my friends indeed if you keep My commandments so you have friendship you have love you have joy and the through the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering how many think that this is just a great awesome picture because the new Star program is an introduction to the most holy place that's its purpose and that's what each of us need to realize which leads us my last concept the blue zones so that all the longest living people found out the Adams were the longest living ones and they said you know what you really should do you should join a church that can support what you've learned and you should also keep the Sabbath basically what is it and they said this just do it for 5 weeks 5 weeks if you dedicate yourself to a new practice for as little as 5 weeks the practice is more likely become a habit and for the indulgent or addictive behavior overeating gambling drug use the 1st 3 months the initial change in behavior a crucial if you make it past those 1st 12 weeks your chances of relapse are greatly reduced so there's probably a time frame for behaviors to become habitual that ranges from 5 to 12 weeks and this is why I want to sell you new star gas and I want to hear you've started well you ran well don't be hindered. You've got 19 days under your belt or just about this one today but how we can think thank that maybe finding a place that can support all the investment you've made financially emotionally spiritually mentally and we think it might be good to find a place for the next 5 weeks that could support you it's not going to be Burger King. Also not going to be Dairy Queen is not going to be most of your churches out there I would look for a 7th Day Adventist or maybe not just anyone just find one that has like it says vegetarian potluck email them or something you say well coronavirus I can't go to church well then sit outside get something early there are still there are people going back look on line there's different things but how many for the next 5 weeks want to say look I want to put myself in a protective environment Amen that can support the decisions I made physically emotionally mentally and then I might say What about also crying out to God and say look I don't just need a bit I don't just need it I need to have it I need you in my life I'm going to focus on the God of the sanctuary I'm going to study again what I learned in new start I'm going to study what I learned from the Bible about new start I'm going to deep in my experience because I've felt so much better here and it's just like a little piece how many people had a little piece of pie just a little they bring it out to you and they just give you just a tiny sliver It's like embarrassing it's so small. But when you eat it you say that is so good could I please have and that's what Jesus is like it's just a tiny taste makes you want to have more you've gotten a little taste here at a new start. But don't stop now that you've started keep going in the Spirit Holy Spirit and the bride that's the church the administers the very church that's been raised up to address preexisting conditions the church where the members lived to only be 30 years old 3540 years old but now is the longest living group that church has been raised out not just for itself but to serve people and to say exactly what this text says Come and let the him that here say Come and let Him That is his thirst come and whoever will let him take of the water of life free. My friends. To start not just now. But. For. 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