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05- Jesus as the Master Teacher

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • October 22, 2020
    10:00 AM
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I am Cameron of Asia and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points in our final quarter of the year we're covering the topic education and this week were in this lesson 5 titled Jesus as the master teacher obviously she's kind of a part of a yes part b. you're part wasn't into because when you get to the next 2 weeks I don't want to get too much ahead but drum roll please it's called more lessons from the Master Teacher So really this is a this 2 weeks together are going to fit hand in glove very nicely and so we're excited about this one and. Pastor Howard you want to kind of walk us through what are we what are we going for this week well since I got into the lesson Jesus is the master teacher becomes evident right away that because it doesn't really get into his teachings per se I mean a little thing that the 1st and foremost approach is Jesus is the master teacher by example like what his whole essence of His mission was in ministry in the way he conveyed himself really revealing the character of God to humanity as with the lesson is about and you can you can see that if you go on South Africa as a lesson halfway through the 2nd paragraph it says in sending his son to this planet the Father sent the master teacher on a mission to show humankind his face and a lesson brought up an example where Billy Graham had been in a medical hospital and there was a soldier who never saw the face of the general right was just he wanted to see who he was whose side he was on so it draws from that this isn't the same way God wanted to reveal his himself to humanity so we could look in the face of God So as ever since we have had the wondrous privilege of beholding the knowledge of the glory of God and the face of Jesus Christ 2nd in these 46 drawing members as we watch the match. Your teacher make his way to the earth what can we learn from him so that sets a tone so we're looking for those lessons from the Master Teacher and that's going to be our burden this week but before we do any study of God's word Let's start with the word of prayer Yes Heavenly Father thank you so much for this opportunity that we have to go over this material please Lord let our time together be a blessing and help the Sabbath school classes to be a blessing as well to all those who are leading and participating have anything to do in contact with this study Lord let us all be edified for prayed in Jesus' name amen amen All right before we dive into each element let's kind of take a $30000.00 foot view and outline for us what are the 3 main talking points this week Ok well there under that umbrella of Jesus revealing the character of God to humanity the 1st one is Jesus is the light of the world now the lesson doesn't even delve too far into the main passages on this but it covers not talking we're going to go up that we'll talk about that number one Jesus is the light of the world I do that from Sunday and Monday. Number 2 God's glory is His humility I do that from Tuesday and Thursdays lesson and finally God's name is reconciliation and I do that from Wednesday's lesson So number one Jesus is a light of the world number 2 God's glory is His humility and number 3 God's name is reconciliation and again a reminder that these little Outlands are available right here in Michigan s s p m o r g and there he got a load of bull unreviewable and to please use them as you see fit or modify them as your needs may be but we're going to go through them now one by one let's start with that number one Jesus is the light of the world Ok well harkening back to Lesson number one the 1st lesson this quarter we learned that Adam and Eve c.n.n. was a result actually. Prompted by a distrust of God when the serpent came into the garden in that element of doubt and that fallen humanity now has that built in this distrust of God And so one of the things that was highlighted in that 1st lesson was that. The primary goal of education then is to really educate humanity in regard to the goodness of God So this is what we're seeing is Jesus is the master teacher that just in coming to this earth he came to reveal the goodness of God which was essential to happen now it's interesting that the lesson brings out 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 and it goes through verses one through 6 I want to 0 in on verses 3 and 4 fact verse 4 especially It says whose mind is the god of this age has blinded who do not believe less the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ who is the image of God should shine on them that's kind of a well typical Pauline passage of this of this of this so what was presented but what does he really say the light of the not so the gospel the interesting thing to me that grabs me is we talk about the Gospel law we know gospel means good news when he describes the good news here in a very picky particular terms the gospel the good news of the glory of Christ and we talked before and here about how boring the average is as a character of Christ who is the image of God The lesson draws that out as well one of the places in Hebrews were talks about he is the express image of the father's character in the word used in the Greek has to do with the the kind of an imprint that's made by a like a steal somebody's going to impress whatever and so it's interesting that Paul is saying the gospel the good news really is about the character of Christ who is the image of God So in other words the care he was seeing Jesus really is revealing to us the character of God in this is the essence of the goal so that's interesting so the good news is that character of God But it's seen in that reflection which is Christ or that impress interest Ok Exactly so. So you have that that again that from our 1st lesson we saw that the devil distorted the character of God in the minds of people and God has set about to restore that image to bring our understanding of that and another thing a lesson brings out and it goes to John chapter one and verses 14 says that word was main flesh and well among us among us and then it says in verse 18 it talks about Jesus being in the bosom of the Father and only he who is in the bosom of the father can declare him now that is kind of another odd phrase this time and you know it's interesting because I looked through several translations and you'd think that the modern more modern translations would say something other than bosom it's just right and they don't still that and a couple do but then they say instead of the bosom of the Father by the side of the Father which really doesn't convey there's a deeper I mean look at them seems to be some of our Maybe our entertain friends would say all that shows a creative thing that there was one tell me what but I don't think in saying that either clearly there isn't there's a closeness with the Father and the Son but the same passage this is because I'm just happen to start out by saying in the beginning was the word the word was with God and the Word was God exactly so we're not denying his godliness here but we're emphasizing I think that the author is emphasizing the closeness of the members of the Godhead that they are shared character shared perspective and they are only Christ would know how to accurately portray that because he is one with the father or Yet John 13 is it is an interesting passage where you know the Lord's Supper and they're gathered around the table and uses that same phrase when John the disciple was leaning against Jesus Preston his is against his because of other words he was leaning you see the intimacy the right there's and that's what's below in they yes there was an intimacy in some of the John the Revelator saying is the gospel authors saying that Jesus because he had that in him as. Any. Have the intimacy from eternity right and that qualify him uniquely for the ask showing the light of God to the world right only Jesus could be that one to reveal the glory of the Father and that drew my attention to desired ages page 22 and then a little piece from 19 I put it on notes here you want to read that for us sure it says the earth was dark through misapprehension of God and that just means a misunderstanding right that the gloomy shadows might be lightened that the world might be brought back to God since deceptive power was to be broken. God's character must be manifested in contrast to this character of Satan this work only one being in all the universe could do only he who knew the height and depth of the love of God could make it known to the sin darkened earth he came to reveal the light of God's love to be God with us that's a couple powerful passages in it was very hard for sake of brevity you have to try to go back to desire of ages away because he ends that chip from 1022 and beyond but I love that idea that only he who knew like yes uniquely suited because he is of God Himself going to reveal I mean it who knows the mind of God right now so the whole concept of it is fascinating and even to the point I put in the lesson that this passage isn't in the lesson here but in John 17 as Jesus prays to his father and he says this is eternal life that they may know You the only true God in Jesus Christ to me out to you the sins and then he says to his father I have glorified you on the earth I have finished the work you sent me to do or given me to do this is before the cross so it's amazing that Jesus could see even before Calvary the work is finished and how was it finished because of glorified you in the earth I declared I have shown I have revealed your character I just I can imagine the frustration with his disciples will I hate you could you show as the father he knew it all but he was like how high up in with you I have done this you've seen me anyway Well the lesson the lesson made point of that and said that before we are too hasty with Philip who said that to Jesus how long have we been with a father and we don't know that often react in a way that says we don't understand his character no that's a powerful of the all idea of being the light of the world you know Jesus declared himself the light of the world you can see that in at least these 4 passages Johnny 12 John 95 John 119 John Paul 46 Jesus says he's the light of the world that the idea of that you know we can't see anything into. Yes we modified equipment so we got infrared and stuff like that but aren't eyes don't seek things in darkness light helps us to conceptualize helps us to more than because it helps us to see it things that we wouldn't see otherwise and so Jesus the idea of him being the light that lights every man comes into the world as it says in John one in lesson to bring that. Means without Jesus revealing the character of the Father we could not understand spiritual things we couldn't understand obviously the nature of God and who he is just the idea that Jesus came to give that light and understanding to spiritual things and he didn't finish was that Matthew i.v. says you are the light of the world if you were to use that phrase like who's the light of the world and it typically clearly Jesus but then Jesus says Ok you've seen me do that you've seen the Father now they need to see me through you you are the less so there's a derivative nature of this light that one that shines out of the idea of a teacher that's right and he came not only to do it a one off event or something like that but to actually reflect it to us so that we could in turn reflected to others and if we go forward in the world so that some fascinating. Number 2 is God's glory is His humility No I put these around I see this reflected in Tuesday and Thursdays lesson starting with Thursday there is actually talks about the 1st students of the Master Teacher and. You know draws it out through the shepherds that were in you would think maybe used to about the disciples but this is going all the way back then was just coming here at all just burst the shepherds in the wise men and and then it moves on to Philippians 2 which talks about the condescension of Christ who did not think it robbery to be equal with God but he left basically all heaven and humbled himself being obedient to so starting with the shepherds You know you think of what anybody would expect if you thought if you believe that God was going to come to this earth how would you expect them to come and of course they thought the earth the King with all the you know you know Paul right King would come with and the angels knew that so the angels actually even had to give that little oh by the way this is going to be assigned to you he's going to be you're going to find your messiah wrapped in swallowing clauses and lying in a feed trough as a baby and that was the angel otherwise it wouldn't have they were going to look they're all looking for the right thing but you think of how that spoke to them of the the kid the monarch of the universe and then of course a lesson brings out the wise men as well mostly because you imagine what they were thinking when they're giving look at the gifts they bring yet all the francs or they're coming exactly there's seeing and an astronomical sign of this great king and they're bringing all these gifts and they're like directed to pummel house with these people with a baby yeah and it was their 1st stop is the king's house right they 1st go to the king of the West where is the king that was going to be so everyone has this the shepherds the wiseman we learned on down the line Jesus on disciples his mother even John the Baptist as they all have this misconception that God is trying to correct for the example of Christ humility his birth his life all of that you have corrective teaching tool to our mis understanding of God in His plan and a misunderstanding of true greatness Yeah so you have those you know the. Shepherds were were humble shepherds and so to be brought into contact and see their Messiah born in such humble circumstances connected them in their way to stir them and then you have the the the amazing thing to me is the wise men were kings from the Orient and to see them coming in the Bible says the ballot down and worshiped before this baby like they saw that their greatness was nothing compared to the greatness that's found in the power realty of Christ and again that's where To me that's God's glory is His humility and I mean. To understand. Well let's flesh that out a little more because the lesson goes to flip into to nurse Ok that's the quintessential right well I was just thinking of the prophecies of the coming Jesus to yes in Isaiah Chapter 1553 Verse 2 for he shall go before him as a tender plant and root out a trigram he has no form or comeliness and when we see him there is no beauty that we should desire him. You think of all the different ways Christ could have come to demonstrate the power of the sovereignty the light of God and just light and but he chooses to lay all of that which he could have resourced aside and instead comes to the humility of simplicity and honesty and that transparent character. You mentioned how that even the Kings have to recognise us is of a different nature this is something higher something better so I'm always disturbed by the fact that the way Christ could have come could have matched all those expectations that's right exceeded them but he would a whole different direction with it to give us a model of true humility that's right and that spoke to I mean I'm thinking all through the minister Christ I think of Christ before pilot new pilot was awakened in the middle the night he said Ok here comes some rabble rouser I've had this happen before I was ready I don't care if he's guilty or not I'm going to condemn the guy and send him down so I can get back to bed and Ellen White says and as I read is that when he saw Christ in that well the Bible also is very clear on this that he has he didn't expect that and when he heard the accusations don't you hear what these men are accusing you of just the demeanor of Christ was striking and he knew immediately that this is an innocent man he saw the care you know so the character of God is so evident in humility because of our limited time in talking points and I'm not going to go to flipping through 5 but I certainly would in the class Yes it's an awesome passage but the essence of it is this that you see Christ again humbling himself he didn't think it. A robbery to be equal with God I mean think about that what is robbery robberies when you take something that isn't yours with the pastor saying is yes Jesus didn't think taking divinity to himself would have been a robbery because it's his he owns it he's God and so yet being God He laid aside like we can lay aside things and be humble but to what degree and so we see the epitome of that in Christ again speaking to the idea that true humility is true greatness Yes Mark 10 Jesus said the son of man didn't come to be served but to serve Yeah he was telling his disciples in that passage that this is what you see in the world but true greatness is found in serving him and so that. Well a man of God character is key Well do we want to go here now because the idea is sometimes we talk about humility Yes Lindsay towards the direction of this is your margin maybe becomes a weakness but it's becomes a very like reclusive impasse and all of a sudden we have no backbone we have no push we have anything and we also have a call him ill you that means you just people walk over you and do it every Well I'm thinking just right now the moment about how when Christ stepped in with the whip of cords you know yes that was not passive that was quite active but he wasn't whipping what got their attention to us was his bearing his count but that wasn't a departure and that's that's what I'm saying it was a departure from the ability to say no he was Mum humble most of the time except for that and I mean but that's I'm saying that humility is still evidence in a confidence he well he was and he knew what was right and wrong and he could stand there and Mrs White talks about how that those people felt like they're going to feel that the judgment day staying with the eye of God who knows there is powerful but let's speak to humility in this because you know the Bible says the Disciples of Christ saw that in the scripture came to their mind the zeal of the White House says. Ok humility means yours has to do with selflessness Jesus was not being selfish when he claims it isn't enough it was God's honor and God's dignity and so that's the idea sometimes we say you know well I don't know I think humility is just being kind of passive that there are many situations where being passive is being selfish and I sit in a board meeting and I'm there to stand up for God and stand up for truth and right but I'm not going to speak up why because I'm being passive and humble No because I'm being self-centered because I don't want to be the bad guy right and that's actually a self-preservation thing you're looking outward as not to rages and so there's this powerful statement from gospel workers preach to 90 where Ellen White says that she says Christian life is more than many take it to be it does not consist wholly and gentleness patience meekness and kindly. Yes These graces are essential but there is need also of courage force integrity perseverance some who engage in missionary service are weak nerveless spiritless easily discouraged they lack push they have not those positive traits of character that give power to do something they should cultivate not only the passive but the active virtues of the passive the kind that is the major base is the me but the active virtues the courage the the with the force the energy she talked about while they are to give the soft answer that turns away wrath they must possess the courage of a hero to resist evil with the charity that endures all things they need the force of character that will make their influence a positive power all of that you see military. Because it's not self-seeking and that's right you need to have a Biblical view you can have of snotting all in humility just like Christ did powerful stuff well we only have a few minutes left should we get into our number 3 point here yes all right God's aim is reconciliation so his purpose of coming here was why show up out of your car you want to do something with it it's great to see you know it now when you go home going to he had a plan with it which involve this reconciliation idea this redemption So let's talk about this a little bit why is there even a need for reconciliation well as a lesson brings out there's a broken relationship between God and Man happen through the fall of man and obviously it's the idea of reconciling as you get to the strange parties and you're bringing them back together Atonement is the same concept at one ment bringing back together so you had this racial relationships been fractured between God and man so thus the need of a reconciliation the only thing is if you have had a need for reconciliation with friends with some human or frenemies he you know where you've had this wreck the reason one of the hindrances to that is I don't know if I can approach them right and so that's the revelation of God's character to say I'm safe to probe one difference also is in human experiences 9 times out of 10 there's not one person who's just abjectly fall the other person Pollie innocent there's both got some skin in the game right right but the reconciliation that's being discussed the biblical or this broken relationship you know it's about is like we both went different ways and we both need to reconcile in the middle and it's not a mystery of a half of the Bible pretty clear that the Bible clearly or in fact is if Tina and read verse 2 is what happened in our sin has separate us from God All right our Nic what is what has hardened that relationship exactly right so it's not like all right I was wrong you were wrong let's both meet the middle a little here about iniquity in sit at its core level it's simply rebellion. So it wasn't God who rebelled we rebelled against God That's what fracture the relationship I mean now fracture in a relationship you rebel against somebody you traitor to the morning that's going to fracture relation to this pivotal part of the relationship Yes So that has to be addressed in a reconciliation right and so exactly so it's not like let's just put everything behind like we didn't like it never happened it will just come in the middle we have to deal with the fact of it he's right and we're wrong and the reconciliation brings us back into right harmony with him doesn't just bring us you know generically back together whatever that means it means we have to be reconciled to Him That's right in that is a consistent thread that lesson goes to 2nd Clinton's 5 but that is the consistent thread in the passage I'm picking up in verse 18 and it says now all things are of God or from God and this is important to note that the reconciliation is God's initiative it's not man's God takes the entire initiative already told that there's nothing in the carnal heart that even desires God if if ever reconciliation was left up to me or you would say well you've got to come to me God says No no it would never happen it couldn't happen so all things are from God who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ and has given us the ministry of reconciliation I was talking about him in the apostles You can see there's no minute he's reconciled us and then he's given us the ministry of reconciliation to reconcile others and this is what it is verse 19 that is that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself not imputing or counting their trespasses to them and has committed to us the word of reconciliation now then we are ambassadors for Christ as though God were pleading through us just like he was pleading through Christ. We implore you on God's behalf be reconciled to God Now there's more of the passage but what a powerful picture of the mercy of God because I'm thinking like there's these 2 parties that were once in harmonious unity right but humanity took the initiative in rebellion yes I think God didn't start that up we once wrote and you would think from a logical standpoint Well the men need to be 1st ones to take a step back but the beauty of God's mercy is not only was he the aggrieved party who has every right to sit and say well you come back to me when you're good and ready to but he then takes the initiative to repair the relationship that we broke through and from a to me that is a powerful picture of the love of mercy a very simple though we were the ones who send he is the one who initiated the redemption the the rest is a right yeah and so this this. There's a little frustration here for me because I've heard there's confusion in this passage and I've heard this passage explained in various ways kind of this way that there's this reconciliation needed and so on the one part God has to be reconciled to man and then man has to be reconciled to God and that when God offered Jesus that's what he did he kind of reconciled himself to man and that part's done and now and sinning and I'm going to tell you and perhaps you heard it the passage does not read that way the passage is always one way God did not need to reconcile himself to man it was always Man man ran from God God didn't run from him it was always me and people say Well legally he needs to I'm telling you it's not in the passage the reconciliation and furthermore and you make this point that is out and out paganism that's what pagan ever say what religion is that we have got to get reconcile ourselves to the God the God that whoever it is do suppose what it is angry is put it we have got to go and once that's out of the way it was Oh no no no no we don't have to piece God got appeased him self by Jesus that's paganism. And the couple passages here 1st of all from the god was not noticed it doesn't say God was reconciling himself to the world it says he was reconciling the world to Himself God took the initiative as you said and I have a couple passages here from. This is 1st from the commentary in the couple passages from steps to Christ. As the commentary on 2nd print his 518 says reconciliation involves no change on God's part form God never changes it is not God who needs to be reconciled to man that man who needs to be reconciled to God There has never been enmity on God's part and we see that exemplified maybe you want to read that for statement sure the right page 13 Steps to Christ this great sacrifice was not made in order to create in the father's heart of love for man not to make him willing to say no no the Father loves us not because of the great propitiation but he provided the propitiation because he loves us that's right and just a few pages later page $35.00 we have not to reconcile God to us but oh well interest in love Christ God in Christ is reconciling the world unto himself so well but. That's not to do if we believe one thing away from this less Yeah that is a vital point and we've got to focus God has ever since the fall of God has been seeking to reconcile man to himself and gave everything he possibly could and giving his son to come and and what did Jesus do come back to God and now the apostle says Now Jesus has committed that to us and we're saying the same thing to people come back to God be reconciled and through this process as we kind of come to a close here that yes this reconciliation isn't just between humanity and God just those 2 parties ends but by healing that actually reconciles the whole created the universe back to the order in which it was established that is devil says God was never able to forgive sin and so how God's dealing with sin the whole universe is like houses where he and it's revealing things about his character to them that's right so even the following tools you know look to that in the last you've really got Yeah exactly so I would make sure to hit that point that it's not just these 2 parties in isolation but this is the centerpiece of this reconciliation plan for the whole universe and God is going to do a work that will never be undone when it's completed so it's exciting to be part of and. Right the lesson then on Wednesday is lesson says the work of reconciliation God accomplishes through Christ is cosmic in scale yes impacting all things new zing the lang descriptor all things whether on earth or in heaven by me making peace through the blood of his cross collections Jeffrey one verse 20 So finally that reconciliation is committed to us like again in the role of a teacher Jesus came to teach us this is what I did now this is what I want you to do and he's asked us to be ministers of reconciliation maybe you can read that last a little statement in 5 fundamentals of education 3 sure 9 Christ suffered in order that through faith in Him our sins might be pardoned he became man substitute and surety himself taking the punishment though all undeserving the we who deserved it might be free and return to our allegiance to God through the merits of a crucified and risen Savior He is our only hope of salvation through his sacrifice we who are now on probation are prisoners of hope we are to reveal to the universe to the world fall into the world's unfollowed that there is forgiveness with God through the love of God We may be reconciled to God. In the mid mark when it closes predicts Yes Let's pray together father Heaven Father we just thank you for the wonderful revelation of who you are through your Son Jesus Christ you poured out all heaven in that one day you have been more. By your Grace lord it will be worth it and I say that for those of us sitting here but how many. People around us don't yet know this wonderful news of a savior and father we don't want to sacrifice of Jesus to be in vain help us to learn the lesson from our Master Teacher of what your characters like and how we can communicate that character to those in this world around us as we look forward to the soon return of you.


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