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Andre Waller
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  • October 16, 2020
    7:00 PM
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All right well family thanks for inviting me on everybody can hear me Ok great so we're going to be studying this evening and I'm just I'm this privilege to be able to do this with you guys. Today that's even a very interesting and tough day for for me personally a friend of mine passed away today around 2 o'clock. Was one of my students and not just one of my students actually one of became one of my friends we went through quite a bit together and he had today has been very interesting and I had to wrestle with a couple of things because I don't know when you deal with death you know we weren't designed to really understand because we were built to live forever Ok and God designed us He designed us to live forever so to understand best to cope with death that's not something God really wanted us to understand but in my mind I was comforted with the idea that my friend had committed himself to God and knowing that I can rest assured that as I'm faithful and God is faithful to me I will see my brother again very very soon. I will run I'm reminded of a quote where it says it's a solid thing to die but a much more solemn thing to live and I think in the times of which we live we're living in tremendous tremendous times and so tonight as I'm studying with you I want you to take principals away. That will empower you to live a life full of vitality for God and I know that we all go through struggles I know we all go through our own. A pains but I believe tonight as we walk through this thing I believe many of us are going to find some healing I know for me as I was preparing for it I began to see some some healing in my own heart so I'm grateful to God that he would allow for us to be able to study and come together this evening Tonight's topic is fight fight now I don't know about you but I don't like fighting you know some people like fighting I mean they've made a whole career out of fighting and I want to show you how to fight as a Christian tonight in a way that you may or may not already know but I fight is different it's not a m.m.a. fight it's not sward fighting it's not karate It's not take one go it's not even verbal spats about political agendas or the left versus the right or my church against your church that's not our fight our fight is unique and if you know mine you have your Bibles opens them to 2nd Corinthians Chapter 10 I want to read verse 34 and 5 the 2nd Christians Chapter 10 Rwanda reverses 34 and 5 that were defining the fight and then we're going to go to an Old Testament story that you should be very familiar with so I won't spend every detail going through every point but I want to make sure we get to the main thing for tonight the 2nd Christians Chapter 10 in verse 3 The Bible says For though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh for the weapons of on warfare are not what you say my friends are not carnal budget mighty through God to the pulling down of strong who. Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ so all warfare are find is not a carnal fight all warfare Our fight is not a political battle all warfare are find is not somewhere in a rink my friends and friends I'll tell you this our find is not even with our spouse is not even with our roommates our speil r r r r war our fight more so than anything else you'll find it is with yourself but before we go any further with that let's go to an old story I know you know the story's going to be a story that you're very familiar with I know people talked about either recently in the one of these beautiful Bible studies but I want to make sure we go back and pay attention so let's go forward in our study and I want to look at Genesis Chapter $25.00 and we're looking at verse 19 Now normally I don't have a little small words on a screen like this but I just for for purposes for tonight I don't want to be flipping too many pages. Per se but let's just walk through what we have here Genesis Chapter 25 there is a story about 2 young boys read in Genesis Chapter 25 Verse 19 it says and these are the generations of Isaac aver have signed Abraham begat Isaac and Isaac was 40 years old when he took Rebecca to wife the daughter of but the well the Syrian of pad to ram the sister to Laban the Syrian. And Isaac entreated the Lord for his wife so his wife was and I've been to have a child Ok so there is an entry met God is now interceding for his wife because she was there and the Lord was intreated of him and Rebecca his wife cunt seed Now pay attention she can see and the children struggled to gather with it in her to please get that in your minds so this struggle that these children are having is from the very warm brothers and sisters and she said if this be so why am I the Sonata she does when she doesn't understand what's going on she goes to the Lord and the Bible says and she went to inquire of the Lord and were sent to her 2 nations are in my will to man of people shall be separated from by Bow and the one people shall be stronger then the other not a sign of to be interesting the one people shall be stronger then the other and the elder shall server the younger now please know as as Rebecca is listening to the words of the Lord and she is imbibing these words into her mind she is taking note of what God has promise and has declared God has declared to her that the oh this will serve the younger you follow to watch this now and it is 25 years for oath before I go to go with that go back for seconds or do another study do you notice that God did not tell this to Isaac. God told this to Rebecca now I'm not saying Rebecca didn't tell her husband I'm just saying that this special insight was given to the mother and not necessarily directly to Isaac All right I just found that to be interesting now watch this it says in rushed Chapter 25 years for and when her days to be delivered from feel the hope there were twins in her womb and the 1st came out red all over like a caring arm and they called his name Esau not again and when you look at the word Esau or eat him it just simply means red is a red here the child with a lot of hair verse 26 and after that came his brother out and he is hand took hold on Esau's heel and his name was called Jacob police there are always these names relevancy to these things now when when I say a name I want you to type it in the chat I'm going to see what you say if you can type it in Sheriff you know Facebook I want to see what you say about this when I say the name Michael Jordan welcomes the mind is either the 2nd best player in the world he's the greatest baseball player world when I say Michael Jordan what comes to mind since I've been a challenge to just say was Yes All right all right when I say the name now this is California. What I think Kobe Bryant. You know what do you think. When I when I say a name a character comes to mind are you are you following me if I said and forgive me for bringing up this name on Sabbath but even if I said camcorder actually you would immediately a person comes to mind a character trait comes to mind when I say the name you follow All right so when I say the name Jacob Jacob means he'll grab or or supplant or that's without naming scheme as you have a name like that if you walk around I say your name is Jacob immediately so much like that's a hill grabber that's a plan to. See that that would be a problem to have a name like that that was his name now watch verse $28.00 because this becomes instructive as is and Isaac loved Esau because he did eat of his this is it I find it interesting is he found a way to is that hard because of who the nun is an interesting you know in a way to a man's heart is through his belly as they say he did he then is and Rebecca loved Jacob Please note Rebecca loves Draco God told her the 2nd born child would be the one that receives the special blessing from above I watch you have your Bible open it up this go to Genesis Chapter 26 I think that's where I want to go Genesis Chapter 26 I want you to take note of the progression of the story you're very familiar with that I'm not telling you anything new and yes what I want you to see something here so in Genesis Chapter 26. I want to say 1st number yes no. Genesis Chapter $27.00 verse verse one here we go now watch the story in Genesis Chapter $27.00 and verse one so it has $26.00 we know about Esau and Jacob is also his birthright for a potter Little's Ok I love lentils but I'm not sure if I want to give birth right away for for some lentils but he gave away his birthright for so little right more food Chapter 27 verse one pay attention brothers and sisters isn't it came to pass that when Isaac was old and his eyes were dim so that he could not see he called Esau his eldest son and said in the him my son and he said on to him Behold here am I And he said Behold now I am old I know not the day of my death now therefore take I Frazey the weapons that quiver like Boeing go to the field and take me some then listen and make me say remit such as I love and bring it to me that I may eat that my soul may bless thee before I die I want rest 5 and Rebecca heard when Isaac speak to Esau his son and Esau went to the field to hunt for venison and to bring it now I want you to think like Rebecca thinking rabbet this thinking God has promised Jake of the birthright and the blessing so I'm out to help God out this is what she says I'm about to help God out now brothers and sisters I know for sure in my life God has promised me many things and I know that in my my imperfection in my impatience I have tried to help God out. Well let me tell you right now God does not need your ideas and your help to fulfill his promise and his blessing in your life I mean let me pause and he said Make sure you write that that God does not need your help with your ideas and your mortality of an execution of his plan to feel what he is promise in your life think about this Judas wanted to help God out to help him become king faster and he sells got out thinking that God is going to do some magic trick to get out of going to the cross God does not need our ideas and he doesn't need our help I tell you there are many right now who think they are helping us by siding with the Republicans or sided with Democrats in these last days that does not need your help I'm sorry you are messing up the plan gonna have a specific plan in these last days for his people to walk in and when we don't understand his plan and we don't appreciate our birthright we will sell ourselves short when God is trying to put us in a position and a place of in force and power God does not need our help please here the only help he needs is that you cooperate with his plan don't try to rewrite what he's already put it because right now brothers sisters are souls dying all around us and they're dying not because we didn't have the right political agenda they're dying because they don't know Jesus then they're not dying because you didn't March with the black last matter movement they're not dying because you want to stand on the religious right they're not dying for that reason they're dying because they don't know the Lord and they're dying in there since we have traded in the gospel for some lentils limited to like lentils Well now we're training them our birthright for. So serious Here's the mom she's she's she's she's going to help God right now so they come up with this plan son go get those the lamb from the field and bring it so I can make because she was not making it Mom's out the make the. Mother going to make it just the way that he likes it so mom makes the milk with the sun on the south side but I'm not hairy I'm all small screen everything small them and don't worry about the sun we don't get them animals we don't make you smell like the feel we don't help God out mercy God don't need to help notice verse number verse number 6 and Rebecca snake in the Jacob or sons say Behold I heard the father speaking to us all a brother saying Bring me venison and make me see every minute that I may eat and bless the before the Lord before my death down there for my son obey my voice according to that which I command the Mercy go now to the flock and fetch me from thence to good kids of the goats and I will make them savory me for the father such as 11 and the Shah bring to the thought of that he may eat that he may bless the before his death and Jacob said to Rebecca his mother holy son a brother is hairy man and I'm through with men my father preventer will feel me I still seem to him as a deceiver and I shall bring a curse upon me and not a blessing and His mother said under him upon me because I cursed my son only obey my voice and go fetch me them now without me reading the entirety of the rest of that part of the story I want you to just contemplate what's happening here here there are 2 people who are trying to help God bring a blessing on themselves by deception and by following that they want the blessing. From God But they're using the section to receive the blessing and in my mind as I'm reading the story I'm thinking well God sees what's going on why would he just say you know like hello Isaac because Isaac is a prophet why would he just drop it on Isaac's mind is a this there deceiving you my son why would God Just stop it and in fact in my mind I'm just as you read the story you know that Jacob actually goes and the father still in the lower curious because the sound sounds like Jacob but as he tells them to come close and he kills them it suddenly feels Ok this is actually saw a supposed this devil Esau I think in my mind if this is going on and he places his hand to bless Jacob just because he blesses him you know to bless to bless. Just because Isaac blesses Jacob doesn't mean that the blessing has actually gone Jake you know I mean like God going to start like why would the blessing still go through after Clearly God see this man is lying and the mom lied are you following so so in my mind I'm I'm processing the story because as you know today God is going to fulfill you in the life of his children what he wants to happen and if if they had not lived the blessing is somehow still would have come but because they lied listen to me though the blessing was transferred legally in that moment in time it was not fully experience to later this intimate it was not fully feels because I'm looking at stories like how could you still go through watch the story so you jumped on a story you go through lessons I'm now of this this begins to get deep because I really doesn't want to bless him in the 1st place but he wants to bless him because you know there's money involved so he goes here and let me go down here because God bless him I mean we got to read the blessing Ok yeah let's go to the blessing. Verse 26 and his father Isaac settled to him come near Now kiss me my son and he came near his them and smelled the smell of the brain and blessed him and said See the smell of my son is as to smother the fear with the Lord has blessed therefore God gives the of the dew of heaven and the factors of the earth and the plenty of corn and wine let people serve it was a blessing let people serving and nations bow down to the be lord over Live Earth when time other stars bow down to the curse be everyone that curses the and blessed be He that blesses the and it came to pass a soon as Isaac had made in the blessing Jacob Jacob was he had scarce gone out from the presence of Isaac his father that he saw his brother came in from his hunting watch and he also made every meet brought honor to his father and said it was Father let my father arise and eat of his son's venison that my soul mate blessed that I so my blessed me and Isaac his father said of the Him Who are them and he said I am by son life firstborn Esau and Isaac trembled very exceedingly and said Who Where is he that have taken venison a brother to me and I did know and I have eaten all before dark Amos and have blessed him yet and he shall be blessed now for a moment again I just want to I want to pause for a moment I am quite sure that Rebecca has already talked to Isaac that God told her that the 2nd one is going to be the 1st born I mean going to be the one is blessed All right pausing thinking then I'm thinking Ok when the Bible highlights that Isaac could not see physically it's also illustrate of. Of this spiritual blindness to know who God was going to bless in the 1st place fall so Isaac could not see already he physically could not see this becomes instructive of his spiritual side because if he was paying attention and true then he would know who he was supposed to bless It's always interesting family family matters I don't know if you have family members. Family is now always the best I don't know if you had to deal with them they being betrayed within families is a horrible concept Esau is so mad he wants to kill his brother he doesn't just want to have a conversation and a corrective instructive you know emotional outlet so that we can be on the same he wants his brother dead this is unstable family are you following what I'm saying that we were were walking from the struggle that began in the womb is now manifested in the the relationship within the family the mom is lying to the dad teaching the son home a lie and steal from his brother Come on now the crazy family the issues you think you got this from issues. First so he now watch what happens watch watch what happens and Esau's going through this because he's he rightly so he's upset but at the same time is not a separate real reason and he goes on to says verse 34 when he saw her the worst was father he cried with great exceeding bitter cry and said into his father bless me even so Also Oh my father and he said by brother came with tell a t And I've taken away by blessing what do become of subtilty that same word is used very similarly to the say the serpent in the Garden of Eden right your brother came to kill it is the same behavior of the devil. Again you cannot truly receive the blessing of God by using state and the means but as for the use he said is not he right in a vehicle for he has supplanted me these 2 times is he not rightly named Jacob pay attention is he not write the name Jacob for he has supplanted me these 2 times he took away my birth rights and behold now he has taken away my blessing. And he said as I am not reserved a blessing for me so of course he blesses Amber watch listen to the verbiage of the blessing because again because instructive and eyes is the essence and of the is all behold I made that I made him that I Lord and all his brother and have I given to him for servants and with corn Why have I sustain him and what shall I do now under the mice and is the Senate was Father hostile part one blessing my father blessed me even me also follow my father and he saw a little of his voice and wept and I think his father as it is said to him be who died well and she'll be with the flatness of the earth and of the do of heaven from above this is the blessing right and by nice who are to show that out lives and shall serve by brother that this is the blessing and it's just come to pass with Tao shall have the Dominion that that I'll show break his yoke from all of that my neck if I'm to be interesting when you are met when you have come to full power you will break his yoke from off 9 and what does that mean verse $41.00 and Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing wherewith his father blessed him and Esau said in his heart. The days of mourning for my father and then then will I play my brother Jake All right so let's let's do a review so we can follow along here it starts out with the struggle in the home God promises Rebecca Rebecca this child right here the 2nd one he's going to be the rule over the 1st one she's like I got that I got you I got a lot of help well she does all this conniving tricks the day my Jew also Esau hates his birthright because it comes with the birth rate comes with spiritual responsibility he didn't want to use a worldly person he didn't want no spiritual possibility so his birthright to his brother then the blessing is taken from all of the wealth and the prosperity in the rulership admits he's he's losing out on everything and he wants to kill his brother his brother now has to flee if you read the rest of the chapter he has to hide he has to go and hide now I want to tell you this before because time is going to leave me and I can't go over every detail of the story which is probably before one of the series. But in this I want to know that when Jacob leaves home he never sees his father again and he never sees his mother again this and he never sees his father again and he never sees his mother again there are consequences to the choices that we make when we step outside of what God says we should do it doesn't mean he hates us it doesn't mean he's going to try to use our Libya upset or angry there are just consequences that we have the birthright is still his yes is still his but there are sometimes brothers and sisters we put ourselves in situations where we have to take responsibility for the wrong that we have done. And now can you imagine brothers and sisters I'm telling you I want to tell you this of all the temptations the devil has for us it's the burden of guilt that he lays upon us for the sins that we have done that causes us to separate from the most high and no longer trust him this is his to me his number one weapon can he make you feel so guilty for your sin that you stop trusting the Lord and I don't know who's listening I have no idea who you are I don't know where this is going to go is being recorded is being broadcast so somebody is going to hear this so some of somebody's who's listening right now is practicing fornication somebody listening right now has a struggle with alcohol somebody right now has a struggle with stealing bearing false witness committing adultery somebody listening right now has this problem and the devil is doing everything in his power to crush you with guilt everything he's doing a good job I mean he's powerful I want you to think about this you know some of us don't like to break your Listen if you're listening to this right now the very act of you listening to a Bible study is a divine act of God That means you're not far gone you may think you're foregone but can you imagine God has orchestrated this moment in time using technology in this manner so you can hear God speak to your heart to say you know what Father I have done wrong I have violated my conscience I am doing things that break your heart I have broken my family up and Guster and I leave you alone I hear nothing I'm saying are you hear what I'm saying God has not left you no matter what you have done he's still there he's still pleading he's still banking he's still interests even for you he's covered it towards you is still available my friends. Jacob supplanted the liar the one that has the character of the devil himself God still does work with this man so much so as he's fleeing he goes and he lays down on a rock I don't know how to how it works lays on the rock as a pillow God gives him a drink God this is God God is so awesome God gives the man a dream of the Jacob's ladder you know that we climbing Jake you know that's all right well angels from Earth to having a ladder is connected Angels are going up and down this ladder and the latter of course is the representative Jesus again I don't have time to go through all of that but that that that that dream is given to him not because Jacob has attained anything Jacob is sorry for his sin and got to try to let him know that there is a ladder there is a ladder of grace that has been extended Jacob didn't build that letter what we call magick is either the 1st I think about that what do we call it because that's not Jacob's letter I've got mad that he didn't make that letter God created that letter showing him that there is still grace available for him the plans the law the thief gilts brothers the sisters seeking to overwhelm him and you know the story of the Fast Forward mentally past couple of chapters because there's one part that I want to get to tonight Jacob is a layman's place Uncle Lavan and he has daughters you know the story falls in love Rachel that's the one he wants to marry he works 7 years because he had no dollar he works 7 years so he can earn the hand of the woman that he loves Laban pulled a Jacob on you know to me labor is a no one to me to lose which rule here again I'm trying to process the story because in my mind I'm like wait. So on marriage night Jacob goes into a room thinks Rachel but it really Lisa doesn't recognize it till the morning like I'm trying to. How did I work I don't know however he doesn't recognize the morning and as Leda and he's like This is not the woman I want to be with he goes back to Laban labels like look man. Why don't we just make a deal here just work another you know 67 years you can have Rachel right now but just work another in order in order for you to have my daughter so he works 14 years then he works another 6 years so it's 20 years he works for Laban and in that time frame Levin is changing to pay several times several times and each time Jacob's been smart guy that he is has a way to deal with each time labor is making the trying to do is things notice all along the way Jacob is having a struggle he's having a fight and every time he's doing his brothers and sisters he saw him at his own weight notice I want you to keep this in your mind Jacob is still being successful God is still blessing him but I promise you as he's being blessed as he's got a long way these blessings are not the apex of what God is trying to do for this man he's making that but it's not the real it's not the blessing that God really wants to give. And it's interesting that he meets a man just like him so he meets a man like himself he meets a supplanted he meets a liar he meets the mirror of him so how many times have you met the mirror of yourself in this world somebody you don't like when you think about of course they can they just like you. They just like you you know like man I like the way he thought man I think they know everything that's just don't do you thought you knew everything the last like you didn't think you knew everything you thought you knew everything they just like you. You've met the mirror of yourself and you're realizing you know what I need to be more like Jesus because this this person looks like me this is not the work. Just like me begin to realize I need more Jesus doesn't mean you know it's interesting as God is walking Jacob there is life it's just a progressive walk of sanctification as God bringing through each step trying to help him go along the way so that he can become more and more and more ready to receive the true birthright because that's what he's doing is walking through you walking through now I want to get down to this because time is fleeting and I want to get to the part where Chapter 31 Chapter 32 go to chapter 32 now watch brothers this is this is this is the key this becomes key to us. And Chapter $32.00 beginning at verse $1.00 pay close attention the Bible says and Jacob went on his way and the angels of God met him and when Jacob saw them he said this is God's Hope and he called the name of that place ma ha no I'm probably not saying that right but that's what it says my father in the end Jayco sent messengers before him to Esau his brother unto the land of seers the country of Eden and he commanded them saying not show you speak to my Lord Esau by 7 Jacob say as Thus I suggest leave and stayed there until now 20 years later now my friends and I have oxen and asses flocks and men servants and women servants and I have sent to tell my lord that I may find race in the eyesight and the messengers returned to Jacob saying. We came to that brother Esau and also he comes to meet the and $400.00 men with him he come to fight. Come and get a big nose and I see you brother haven't seen in a long time have these savages No no coming to wipe you out the sinning gets I had it coming to wipe you out then Jacob was greatly afraid and distressed and he divided the people that was with him and the flocks and herds and the camels into 2 bands and said of Esau come to the one bene smite it then the other company which is left shall escape interesting plan notice notice Jacob is making plans number God only help and Jacob said oh my God oh God of my father Abraham God of my father Isaac the Lord which said a son to me return into the country until I can drink and I will deal well with the. I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies Listen to this and of all the truth which thou has shown and his eyes are for with my staff I pass over this Jordan and now I am become 2 bands with the prayer deliver me I pray the from the hand of my brother from the hand of Esau for I fear him less he will come and smite me and the mother with the children and the house it is I will surely do the good and may die see that the seed of the sandwich cannot be numbered for multitude Now I want to pause there with the prayer for the you know just notice the structure of his prayer. You told me to go home you told me that I was going to be like the sand of the sea you said all these things I confess that I have done wrong I confess that I deserve your mercy I confess do you see the prayer if you tip or if Europe or the you do you see any arrogance in this man right now I'm going to teach you how to fight I mean that's the name of the sermon write the name of service fight I'll show you how to fight how do you fight acknowledge your nothingness. That's how you fight you don't go in every lie you wrote I am a 1000000. Not going to cut it father I'm going to church every Sabbath and when they end on Friday nights as in hope that's not going to cut it I stepped up for a calling out saying. No I'm not worthy of the Mercy I have the wrong Your words said Go you said you're going to make me prosperous I'm obeying you please help me that's that prayer that's the posture you want to be in fighting posture you want to want to be I'm not somebody humility you want to overcome your sin acknowledge you have a problem start coming folks I can stop any time I want I don't have a problem no you got a problem he said go to church have nice suit so nobody knows I got a pornography problem you've got a problem it doesn't affect me I can still preach you know you've got a problem now why doesn't my husband doesn't you've got a problem acknowledge the reality of your condition for if you cannot acknowledge that you have a problem having cannot help you he acknowledges his condition and now God can do something for him. So his pick of the story was just my friends what's the story I love this part I love actually all of it but I love this for sure for sure. Verse 12 verse verse verse 13 any large there and a large there that same night and took of that which came to his hand at present for Esau his brother 200 go 200 see goats and 20 he goats 200 use and 20 lambs 30 mill camels with their coats 40 kind and 10 bows 20 she asses 10 files and he delivered them into the hands of his servants every joke by themselves instead of to a servant pass over before me and put the space between drove and drove and he commanded the foremost saying when he saw my brother me to ask the same whose are them and whether they are closed out and whose are these before the then down shall say they be thy servant take it is a present sent unto my Lord Esau and behold Also he is behind us and so commanded he the 2nd and the 3rd and all the far and all that followed the rose saying on this manner show you speak to Esau when you find him so he is trying to make restitution by putting all these things in for him right but a verse 20 and say moreover behold I 7 Jacobs's behind us for he's. For he said I will appease him with the present that goeth before me and afterward I will see his face peradventure he will accept of me so he went to present over before him and himself last night in the company and he rose up that night and took his 2 wives his 2 women servants and his 11 and pass over the ford Dr j. buck and he took them and sent them over the brook and sent over that he had and Jacob was left with the same offense alone I will stop here for a moment some of us all might be about ourselves. Sometimes you need to be by yourself sometimes an eternal music off. And being practical right now sometimes means trying to music off turn a t.v. off the internet off turn your friends off sometimes need to be by yourself human god quiet Lee I mean practical right now I'm not trying to be theoretical I'm saying you really need to be by yourself for a time when I say forever don't become a hermit and I saying that I am saying you must spend time alone so you can hear not he does speak I know people say he does they realize that's just you know hocus pocus stuff no if you're quiet the Bible says you hear a voice behind you say this is the way walk e.-n. it be still and know that I am God sometimes school is just too busy sometimes and then I will say sometimes 90 percent of the time social media probably should just be turned off just saying they feed us brothers and sisters and by the whole you become saints so of course your anxiety is going to increase because you keep hearing about all this stuff started off on the Sabbath especially just turn off be alone I was going to happen I'm gonna tell You can happen when you're quiet and alone with the Lord he's going to touch you but you're not going to sometimes you know recognize him touching you he's gonna fight him and when you fight him you know realize it's him that you're fighting because you got to stay with it now let's read the story because this is the key point like that to me this is the story of all the partners story what the Bible says verse 24 and Jacob was left alone. There rest of the men with him until the breaking of the day no I don't know if you wrestle before when I was younger I used to wrestle time to wrestle wrestle wrestle we all wrestle to the morning I mean for our estimates matches 3 to 5 hours when you read the story I think about the story like my mentor Russell from NY in till mornin this had to be a serious fight and physical fight from mornin I mean from night into morning I was given at least 4 hours maybe was fine longer than that Ok but he was fighting my friends he was fighting for a long time fighting wrestling now he was a wrestling with the ordinary person because ordinary person won't fight for 6 hours so Jacob must have been a strong do you feel me like. I get tired now if I was if you were to wrestle me now I probably 30 minutes now 10 minutes I'm probably done Ok realistically speaking. But if you're fighting for your life and you're fighting for more than an hour more than 2 hours more than 3 what kind of fight was this what kind of blows were being fit between 2 parties I follow what I'm saying Have you ever have you ever play wrestle with a kid before like a child and you wrestle with a child child things they're doing so much work they don't like like for years like you faking like you're wrestling with the me like but yours is like it's not even a competition but the child thinks it's a competition because you've given in the idea that it's a competition until the very end when you just like a group and the child I hope my dad instilled in me by a good feeling in times. This is what happened with Jacob as he's wrestling with this angel What are you are you ready to look what happens look we have a difference we can have so he says he wrestled to the breaking of the day and when he saw that he prevailed not against him he touched the hollow of his thigh and the hollow of Jake of was out of joint as he wrestled with him he just touched one touch boom hollow inside out at that moment Jacob's it is no ordinary person this is not this is not ordinary fight so let me say this this way sometimes the way God touched the way that we are wrestling we're wrestling with our circumstances we're not realizing that God has put that circumstance there so you can realize if you can't win and then when he touches you in the midst of that wrestling that's when you need to stop and say wait a 2nd wait a 2nd this ain't a regular situation I can't do this by myself this is divine and then Jacob says I'm not unless it's a go I'm not going to let this guy go until he blesses me listen to me there's somebody listening to me right now who feels like giving up on their Christian walk that there's this there's this close to just walking away because they've been hurt by the hypocrisy that is clearly evident not just in the church but within themselves like I don't want to take me in a Christian anymore I don't want to say I don't want to be real and I got you I feel you on that but here before you do that I want you to do would take this I want you to lay hold on a few things I'm going to share with you right now I want to share with you want to switch my screen up a little bit more come up here I'm a switch must give a little bit I want you to read a couple of things with me I want you to rediscover things with me let's look here this is a quote from the book great controversy. He says he had power over the angel and prevail and this order says this is true humiliation we see the rich but hear me I like to see that there we go the humiliation repentance and self-surrender this sinful erring mortal prevailed with the majesty of heaven he had fastened his trembling grasp upon the promises of God and the heart of if in it of could not turn away the sinners clique if you get that only want to read the book or Right now the humiliation repented and so surrender this info airing March will prevail with the majesty of Heaven he has fastened his trembling grass upon the promises of God and the heart of infinite love could not turn away from the sinners plea. That let me tell you something we tell you something when I when I think about the love of God and how God would not let me go. And he should let me go a long time but is beautiful to know that God loves so strongly that he himself says I'm not going to let you go. God Himself says that yes we are to say to right I'm not going to let you go into you bless me father I take your word and I put it up against you what does the Bible say if we confess our sins is that what he says if we confess our sins he is free from entrust to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all right is that you take that promise you hold on to that promise you don't let go and tell you receive the evidence of that from. Till the peace of God comes upon you I will not let you go into you bless me father I confess my sin I'm a no good rotten scoundrels and be specific with what you confess you don't have to confess it to man confessed to God So God every detail of everything that you know is wrong with you and then you said what you said father like and that's my sense your faithful and just to forgive me my sins and clears me from all our rights that's what you said Father you put that back on Him The Bible says now with him that is able to keep you from calling at present you fall this before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy to the only ones gone our Savior be glory and power to millions wherever never you put that on Him The Bible says If any man like wisdom let him ask of God to give to all men the rule in a braid of not and it will be given you put that promise on God You put it on him and you say I will not let that promise go and tell you folks feel that promise in my life you see brothers and sisters listen some of us to giving up our promises for a bowl of lentils. We've given up our promises for something some cheap sex we've given up some promises for some time now watch them t.v. we've given up our promises we given up the covenant that God has given us for some temporary no satisfactory no good craziness has gone down on this planet brothers and sisters God has promised us him in sleep more than what we can imagine or think and we need to cling those promises brothers and sisters you need to fight he's a fight for your Christianity. In the fight for your salvation don't give up right now we're too close to the end don't be I don't know i'm done i'm done i can't do it I'm just I'm just going to be hypocrites of Jesus comes is this going to save me I know he's not going to save you while you're practicing known sin no he's not going to save you and that you need to claim the promise and hold on to Jesus he says he will give you victory he says he will give whatever the sin is it doesn't matter what it is he said that he promised that you put it on him and I promise you my friends he's never let me down and I know he won't let you down I have something to share with you as on the show if you look at this look at this listen brothers I'm going to read this whole thing read this whole thing was an illness this is Satan sees that he is in danger of losing one so he will exert himself to the upmost to keep that one and when the individual is a rouse when danger now brothers and sisters tonight some of you are rouse the reality of your danger sin will kill you and I don't mean to name every sin for you don't know what your sin is and this is and when the individual is around when danger and with distress and fervor looks to Jesus for strength Satan fears that he will move a captive. I mean you have to be afraid Satan fears that he will lose a captive. Who will hold a Satan fears that he will lose a captive and he calls a real Forstmann of his angels to hatch in the poor soul and form a wall of darkness around him that heaven is like may not reach him but that's the one endangered Listen friend you got to hear this but I'm the one in danger Pers of years 5 brothers and sisters in his helplessness cast himself upon the merits of the blood of Christ our Savior listens to the earnest prayer faith and sends reinforcement of those angles that are 7 strength to the lever him Satan cannot endure to have his powerful rival appeal to for he fears in troubles before his strength that Majesty at the sound of this is this at the sound of fervent prayer Satan a whole host tremble. He continues to call leaders of evil angel to accomplish his object when angels all powerful close with the Army of Heaven come to the help of the fainting pursuit so Satan and his hosts fall back well knowing that their battle is lost the willing subjects of Satan are faithful the willing subjects of Satan are faithful active and united in one object and although they hate and war with one another yet they improve every opportunity to invest their common interests but the great commander in heaven and earth has limited Satan's power how lujah Holly Luke hold on how to feel unsafe I'm saying anywheres you don't understand do you and God is so good are you here one thing the sincere believer who gets on his knee. All the interest are all the evangelists shaking in their books they don't know what to do with that they call reinforce they can't do anything God listen one more this is the last we want to see the last quarter I want to share the I know some folks don't like reading the prophet but it's Ok We're going to let you off the hook for a moment Watch this watch this was just one more I got one more for you watch this was this nothing is apparently more helpless yet really more invincible somebody tell me what that word invisible means to me that cannot be conquered nothing is apparently more helpless yet really more invincible then the foe that feels it's nothing Miss That's why I said you have to acknowledge your condition you gotta come to a place where there's nothing good in you I have nothing to offer God I'm no good we're father I've done this I've no none of that there's nothing good in me we're not person comes to play Was this the phone that filled with nothingness and realize holy on the merits of the Savior was this God will send every angel in heaven to the aid of such a one rather than allow him to be overcome I say him or her him is generic term right God was an every angel but the sisters there is nothing more helpless yet really more invincible then the soul that feels he is nothing ness Now let me tell you a secret we tell you secret you may not get this but in the story is clear but I want to reemphasize it there's no way to fill your nothingness and tell you wrestle with the Angel. This is. There's no way to feel your nothingness and till you have wrestled with the angel and that wrestling is symbolize him prayer but reality is prayer is communion with the most high communion with Christ so as you are in fellowship with something bigger than you and more powerful new and more righteous than you then you recognize that you're nothing but the more you compare yourself amongst yourselves you're always going to think I'm a good person I'm a good person I don't do that I don't drink I don't smoke so what so what I go to church I don't care what do you go to church or nothingness brothers and sisters I have no goodness in me there is no goodness in you there is only one good there is only one right just and the recognition of his righteousness humbles us to the place where now my name can be changed from Jake up to overcome. And he wrote a book a revelation to him to overcome to him to overcome it well how do you become an overcomer stay in the presence of the most high clay in the promise don't let go until he blesses you. Don't let go fight fight that means you have to stay up for hours 5 hours wrestling with God fight their hurts it's Ok normally fighting does cause paying specially if you find someone struggling you find story is. The 1st 4 years he says I name actually before I get versity he says in verse 26 and he said let me go for the day break it and he said I will not let the ghost about blessed me and he said to me what is dynamic and he said Jacob supplanting liar and he said I name shall be called No More Jacob but Israel come now for as the poor as a prince has doubt power with God and with men. And has prevailed Can you imagine that he initially is afraid of you so what if you stand in the presence of the most high Who do you fear on this planet no you can't fear a man if I fight we've got our rest of the gun I'll go fight somebody if human be. This I remember one time I can give you the details because the person and I are very good friends now but this person is a bully always does bully him and I never get one time this guy was up in the face just like like in like right here and eyes full of and I was very and this before all these other times a bully was always and always will show up but this time I said you know what if I'm one of the I'm going to die master came in right now so I was like if you don't need me hit me otherwise if you're not going to hit me to back up this is it I remember that clearly and the person backed up from that point I was not afraid of anybody else because to me that was the Big Bad Wolf you know and then I was the that was the the enemy of all enemies for that person one of my best friends and I thought to myself in this story can you imagine standing for the God of the universe wrestling with the God of the universe dealing with all your guilt shame sorrow frustration and then that god of the universe relieves you from that burden review from that pain so now you can stand before any man any woman and testify to the goodness and the graciousness and the power of God Yeah brothers and sisters you would never know you would never know that I was an introvert you never know people like you really seem so sanguine seem so comfortable in so. Many over but you know what happens when God takes a hold of you. When you when you experience the grace of God in your life you can't be quiet you can't keep that to yourself is too good and what I'm talking about is not theory brother sister when I wrestle God that's real rest of the man it doesn't always feel good I don't like being exposed but when it's all said and done he takes away that guilt it takes away that shame and he is peace you want peace the you recognize you nothing this is evening God desires you he longs for you tonight you know I'm I'm just thinking tonight if you are willing to accept the call of God in your heart you can type in a chat you can put in a Facebook. Does typing I accept accept accept God's call me accept his forgiveness on me I except his covenant on me I will not let go I will fight until he blesses me if that's your desire want you by His me as we call Hooper our prayer Father in heaven thank you for your loving mercy for the opportunity that we've had this evening to open the work we don't deserve the extension of your grace the technology that allows us to connect we don't deserve it but you're so good ass right now Father that you bless each one that will hear that has heard those who have said they will not let go unless you bless them Father please do for them what they can never do for them still have them experience the peace that passes all understanding or please. We love the Father. We ask that you teach us to love you more than anything else in this world. Great you say the name of Jesus and claim the merits of his blood even. 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