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02 The Anatomy of Temptation

Andre Waller
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Andre Waller
Co-Director, Tekoa Missions



  • October 17, 2020
    10:00 AM
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So let's again. I would like to spray one more time. More primal power a man was for a father in heaven we thank you so much for your grace your mercy your tender regard for us we thank you Father for your word and Lord as we're about to open our Bibles and look at inspiration really recognize that in our natural selves we cannot understand the deep things of God and I know to many father the things I'm going to share today they have hurt but I ask for an extra portion of your Holy Spirit that is not just about here I asked Father that the spirit finds its way to our hearts that we can be what you desire to be we pray this in Jesus' name and we claim the merits of his holy most precious blood Amen amen So today we're dealing with the subject matter the subject matter the anatomy of temptation the anatomy of temptation hopefully you can hear me perfectly fine and we can we can just build into it now as we looking at the anatomy of temptation I want to look at a couple of stories and then we're going to actually look at the actual anatomy of it so I want to go back to the Book of Genesis the beginning of our earth family and I want to look at Genesis Chapter 3 and we're going to take some notes and some observations and Genesis Chapter 3 and we're going to begin really adverse number $1.00 pay close attention and Genesis chapter 3 in verse one the Bible says Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made and he sent him to the woman you have gone to said You shall not eat of every tree of the garden. And the woman said unto the serpent We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God has said he shall not eat of it neither should touch it lest ye die so that story of sadness or else is right there you can see there is an encounter between the serpent which we know the devil and Satan is using a medium if you will to communicate with Eve in a way that seems innocent and Micheline not keep that in mind I want you now open your Bible with me to go to the book of Luke Luke Matthew assign Matthew Chapter 4 Matthew Chapter 4. Matthew Chapter 4 notice this in Matthew Chapter 4 notice the the introduction is initially innocent Ok Matthew Chapter 4 beginning the verse one the Bible says that it was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil interesting and when he had fasted 40 days and 40 nights he was afterward hungered and when the tempter came to him he said if not I'll be the Son of God command that these stones be made bread so I want to stop right there so in both these instances you have a. Being. In Genesis Chapter 3 it's a serpent the medium is speaking to the woman and and Luke and Matthew chapter 24 there is no medium the enemy is simply presenting himself to Christ but he's he's cloaking himself as if he's an angel from heaven he's always covering himself he's not coming out right he never does that but you can tell listen to me but you can tell who the person is when they began to speak when they began to speak now with then in mind hold your positions and move Matthew chapter 4 and Genesis Chapter 3 we're now going to go through the book of James James is instructive and James will give you the framework of how the temptations work and then we're going to go back to the stories you want to see exactly how they are flying in the stories when James Chapter One Listen to this hour we're going to begin reading in verse number one if that's all right the Bible says James a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ to the 12 tribes which are scattered abroad greeting my brother and count it all joy now hold on there is an instruction count it all joy for what when he fall into divers temptations now when he says fall that doesn't mean that you fail means more so that when temptations come your way counted all Joy Now I don't know about you if you've been tempted I don't know if you've ever read Joyce because you're being tempted I mean that would have to take up my shift right when I'm being tempted and I am supposed to be Joyce what is supposed to be transpiring while this temptation is taking place notice notice what it says my brother counted all joy when you fall into diverse temptations why knowing this knowing what. That the trying of your face work is patience so when a temptation is presented I'm supposed to as a Christian rejoice wife because now it's time for my face to be actuated now it's time for my face to be refined Now it's time for my feet to be stripped then count it all Joey why because it's time to grow your hair one of then stay with me notice what else the Bible says Dennis is knowing this that the trying to be a free for work of patience and let patience have her perfect work that ye may be perfect and in time her wanting a much wanting nothing so temptation has a row temptation has a place the purpose and the place for the temptation is not allowed so that you and I can be tried you and I can be refined you and I can have our faith developed and that it's developed it works patience and as is working patience it works that development of Christian character so rejoice I remember reading. A story about one of the Wesley brothers and for a time one of the Wesley brothers had not been persecuted they had not been prosecuted for their faith because they had often been mocked for them must follow the Methodism and so they had that he had been he had not been mocked for a time and he knelt on his knees and asked God you know is he living right because all who live rightfully will suffer persecution that's what he that's what he believes so he's like Lord my doing something wrong as emailing them and he's praying someone throws a rock at him he's like Praise the Lord. Of friends what a different way to look at him Taishan and persecution trials means God is watching and developing you. You remember story of Job You know the story of Job does not the focus of my story but it came to mind just now you know the story of Job as he's living the Bible says He was a perfect man he is skewed evil he lived right to flee and the devil saw his rights of living and challenge God to say Don't you know what he's living right to sleep is because you bless him let me touch him and I promise you he will curse you to his to your priests and the devil and a lot allow the enemy to come and attempt and disturb and cause distress tell me my friends have you been stressed have you been tempted are you going through a thing let me tell you something God is allowing that because he's trying to work something out in you that doesn't mean you give in the looming you give up it just means that God is working something special in you are you having financial issues are you having relationship problems are you having car problems are you having church family issues are you have I'm telling you friends that's the that's him Titian's the struggles the stresses are designed to create these diamonds my friends and they're of. It takes pressure to develop that. Now as I'm as I'm going through this I want you to pay attention I'm laying principles there's a reason for temptation there's an allowance by God for them now watch this watch this watch this I want you to jump down out of her summit will pay attention because here we begin to be begin to unlock what we call the anatomy of temptation itself the Bible says in verse number $12.00 blessid is the man that endure if temptation. For when he is tried he shall receive the crown of life which the Lord have promised to them that was to say that love him now watch watch let no man say when he is tempted I'm tempted have done. For God cannot be tempted with evoke knees are tempted he any man watch but every man is tempted now we're getting to the anatomy pay attention but every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own. Lust and enticed then this will lust have conceived it bringeth forth thin and thin when it is finished bring if for us this knife I've taken the the privilege of trying to create a diagram of sorts. I've got to work on it some more but here's my diagram is one of my docile equations have suddenly questions that I work on but this is one of the many complications that I have so in this equation notice what Jane says James says a man is drawn away of his own lust and enticed interesting So what is the lust the word lust doesn't always refer to sexual desire that's not what lust means lust simply means desire that's all it means it means desire it means that which you want right that's what you want now pay attention because I'm going to help you understand that sin is not just smoking weed and having sex outside of marriage sin is much more pervasive than that when we're talking about overcoming it watch them so. You're drawn away of your homeless and innocence and entice when it says entice that means do you view that to the calling of the lust right so let's use something. That is easy and simple and I just I want you to follow along presently Ok so don't know run from here same brother wallers illegal this and all this just just pay attention so let's just say you like. Carob cake or you like chocolate cake or you like paydays were using appetite for the moment let's just say you have and liking for these things now if you like it that's your own desire that's your own once we're we have a little and we're developing the anatomy now you have your own desires you have your own lust you have that which you would like to do however you know that right now at this time you are on a diet you know you're saying you know what I don't want to imbibe these things at this time right I don't want to buy these things however you have a friend of yours who is the master cake maker in the lab creating your special chocolate cake with peanut butter and you may not like you know butter but you know you like this special make sure whatever it might be right and so they're making this cake and you have in yourself already a desire for it but now they're making a cake and the smell is Westing through the air it grabs your nose your nostrils and you're like no I must not yield to my desire of course you don't stay that way and then when you are being enticed because that's what that smell is doing isn't high thing you and then you yield to it Ok. So when the Bible says that's not by the by I was highlighting this it says I read it again in your hearing but every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust everybody's must not to sing I mean let me let me let me illustrate this so let's just say. There's tree bark outside and I says to you this tree bark tastes wonderful. If you would look at me strangely you know so if you were there might be one of you who thinks tree bark is actually good but for me a normal vegetarian but I'm not in tree bark unless it's like you know some type of herbal remedy or something right I'm I'm not down for tree bark on a regular basis that's not so numb entice what there's no there's nothing in me that has a desire for some somebody waves it in front of me I'm just like no good right so the way it works is you have to have the in clean or the desire inside of you 1st before it can be enticing before someone can try to pull it from you so you can entice me to want to be a garbage collector it's not there's nothing there that you can enticing that I have no desires not the it stinks it's the stinky jobs no benefits that I really have no desire although I know they get paid very well in New York right but I have no desire for that there's nothing in me that would desire sitting so the desire has to be inside of me in order for an enticement to take place if I got that right stay with me once the desire and the enticement meet then conception takes place notice notice what is this again but every minister when it's drawn away of his own lust and entice then when lust have conceived or how to get how to conceive what Desire met action one desire met action they had a big b. they conceive the not baby starts out small but in its full maturation the Bible's. Lust has conceived it bring it for sin and then when it is finished bring it for what you say my friends bring it for. So here's the here's the anatomy you have to have a desire inside of you there has to be an enticement inside or outside of you they must meet and have intercourse upon intercourse is the conception and the from that conception there's an unnatural waiting period where that can that conception turns into a full blown baby and when that baby is fully block grown it ultimately leads to death are you following my friends I've just given you the anatomy of temptation so here's here's the trick the question is the question is What are your desires and who is entice. What are your desires and who is enticing go back now to the Book of Genesis now ready to look at the story look at Genesis again the woman is having a conversation with the servant she doesn't know if the devil she's been warned but she then chanted because there's a talking serpent watch watch watch the Bible verse number one again now the service more some of the any beast of the field which the Lord God made and he said into the woman you have God said You should not eat of every tree in the garden and the woman said into the serpent We may eat of the fruits of the trees of the garden but of the fruits of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God has said Ye shall not heed of it neither should touch it lets you know and the serpent said into the woman you should not surely die so notice notice notice how the devil works he is called the now the woman to question the very instruction of the word he has given her a new word I hear what I say the word of God says don't do this. Don't don't execute don't don't go down this route don't don't go don't go say over the boy's house tonight you know how it is you know if you go over there you weak you want to give in don't don't go over there and then something else comes your brains like you know what but you know we don't have to do that I mean I'm strong you're strong girl you're strong you know you're strong. And then you get over there you see easy one of them brothers you can't just sit in the midst of what's you know is drawing you that's danger is over the wall are you talking to us about this for I mean we're we're having a school Exactly. That's exactly what I'm talking to you about this because with us we have a cloak of religiosity but we are secretly behind closed doors breaking God's heart because we don't understand how to live a life of victory mercy noticed noticed noticed attacks not just attacks it says verse 3 but of the fruit trees in the midst of the garden God has said he's not even needed a touch unless he dies the service that he should actually die questioning on the Word of God then he says for God does know that in the days that you are of your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as gods knowing good and evil and you know the enemies real slick here because he speaking as a knowing good and he was a good thing as if God is hiding it from her but notice I want you to know something about Eve because there's a lot of he don't even know reason watch this watch what we're going to tell you you've had no evil propensity in her being not want yet when I say propensity she had no leaning towards evil she had no leaning for bad she had nothing that So when she's thinking of being like God she's thinking of being like God she's not thinking of taking Got place sitting in the How can I be loving this God how can I be as awesome as God is and she's literally hearing these words through a pure mind but notice. Notice the structure of the temptation I'm going to highlight these 3 points you don't want to miss them notice this and when the woman saw that the tree was good for what's good for my friends good for food good for food when the one woman saw that the tree was good for food interesting and that it was pleasant to the young so now we have good for food that's that's for my body pleasure to the eyes that's my eyes my body and my eyes then it says and it surely to be desired to make one wise Oh that's that's the intellect that's you know your wisdom is used to advance the life right so now there's a good there's a temptation on 33 levels here for my flesh for my eyes and for the pride of life all through you have been tested in this one condition all 3 right here in Genesis chapter 3 verse 6 Eve is under attack and she doesn't even know it please know my friends this is how the devil tells you and me he uses your eyes you see that nice car you know is outside your budget but you see it here like you know I got it. I got to have the flesh is calling this is that good looking brother that got the consistory you know you just had Bible study Come on now you know you just had Bible study but for some reason is gone beyond Bible study at this point and now you try to cover that would prayer you want to hear me you see the devil works in the spaces where for the lust of the eyes and and the press and then finally my friends some of us we just want to be filthy rich for the sake of being rich and powerful We don't care who we stuff and there was like Come this way man I'll show you how to be rich so you have pride in life and let me back up I was speaking of these things in a negative however however. Taking care of your body your flesh what you see with your eyes and having wisdom to the navigate life in a prosperous way is actually a blessing that's actually a very good thing so what the devil does he perverts how we get to what God has already promised us my friend every using these limited eyes these limited fleshly desires these limited. Ideas of ascending a being powerful and being rich being famous and being influential whether it be in the church or in the world we use the limited things to make our decisions and it's upon this that the devil gets us. See if you see if he had simply been enticed by the Word of God or not by the word of Lucifer the heart desires rip your heart desired to eat good food was there her desire to see beautiful things with their heart desired to have greater intellect was there those were good she was being enticed What was she being enticed by by the false word you see it in your desires are connected with God's word and you you conceive you know what you can see right just like you want to hear one of them can be said again when your desires are moved by the Word of God and the Word of God in your desires come into one this there is a conception that takes place and that conception that takes place is a right just miss and not a right just this is not yours it's actually God's righteousness but you and I we have our lusts we have our desires and we don't want to go back to where we want to go by our our eyes the good the sweet and tax myths of the self help community on the street in Chatman some someone that whispers in our ears that we are greater than what we really are. We've been enticed me right here she's been enticed and she took up the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also into her husband with her and he did eat now he was the sea. That was not so this is this is why the Bible does not put the onus on the woman the woman had she or motor she did not fully understand what was transpiring but she was enticed the wrong way however at. The head of memory. For some flaw somewhere along the way his sin Taishan is not verbalize here but his intention was this man God gave me this woman she is being who she is also she is born of my bone and flesh of my flesh I would rather die because that's what he knew he he knew that death was the next I would rather die than be without her so I'll die with her now even that my friends listen to me even that desire by Adam to rather die with her then to this be by himself that desire is actually somewhat noble but he didn't do much trust in God's person and his character to navigate this very tricky situation I followed so as the king of the planet Earth Adam yields his crown to an impostor mercy the 1st Adam used his crown to an impostor So now the devil the prince of this world at that time now begins to rule and dominate and stead of love being the guiding principle for all creation now death sorrow and the case are evident and God has to make a promise notice the promise not to promise noticed a promise and we look at the anatomy of the of the temptation here we've looked at the 3 points by which the devil does all of the same to all of them to his work on the 3 plain watch you jump down here in Genesis Chapter 3 and I want to read I want to read. I don't want to read the whole thing I want to read verse number 9 version 3 now I don't even if they're both making There's no question about their nakedness version of racists. And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife when they do my friends they hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the Guard and the Lord God called on to Adam and suddenly him were down he said and he said I heard by voice in the garden I heard I what by voice way for how we enticed how we what cause us what was the Word of God pay attention to what's happening now when God speaks man is running in the opposite direction God speaks and they're thinking oh his words are are too hard no brothers and sisters listen to me when God speaks voles words all the words that will give us victory those words other words I will give us strength those words that Jesus speaks of the ones that will give us life and when we reject the word woman you run and hide from the word Tell me what did Adam and Eve do when they written here from the word Tell me what they did I'll show you I'll show you how to read it right here the Bible says verse 8 and they heard the Lord God walking in the garden called the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the president the Lord God amongst the. Amongst the trees of the garden and the Lord called on that image that on him were out down and he said I heard live boys in the garden was this and I was afraid because I was what to say I was naked what you were free because you are naked and I hid myself and he said who told the the valley was make it interesting question Has that you know the tree where my command is it is now she does not eat and the man said the woman who now gives me. To be with me she gave me of the tree and I did it so now now becomes a cascade of of accusation against somebody else it's somebody else's fault that I am the way I am today Paul's I mean just think nakedness is always equated in Scripture wishing someone they eat the fruit the impact of giving to them Taishan creates this condition of saying Do you know this is interesting because in Genesis chapter 2 when Adam and Eve marry when they marry verse number 25 says the verse 24 says therefore shall a man leave his father his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be what you say one flesh again a symbol of God then it says and they were both make it the man is wife and were not a saint interesting that in one miss and unity with each other and with God They were naked and no shame so no because sin has entered into the picture now there is shame that's why listen to me that's why when we do something wrong we feel shame because we have separated from God So what do we do you know if you have sex before marriage is the feeling of shame now the more you do it the more callous you become and the more college you become the less shameful you feel and that's why people right now can make videos and be completely and totally naked talking about a bunch of junk and nobody feels any shame to listen to it with no problem the watch with no problem because we have become so desensitized by sin nakedness is evidence of sin saying Who told you you were naked Did you eat from the fruit that I told you not of you ate from what I told you not to do and now you feeling guilty I get you I understand so here's what I'm going to do. Well but I want you to notice this I want you to notice the effects of this though Adam glazes wife the wife blames the serpent the servant has nothing to say. Because again it's not talking now I was talking he was not talking at this point but then when Adam big as the blame his wife what he's really saying is God you're responsible for me falling into this then if you had never put me here I would have never done x. I'm telling you my friends there are many of us that blame God for our lives being messed up as they are Listen to me listen to me listen to me Well you would be right to blame God accepts that God has made a way of escape or you hear what I'm saying like literally on every level I don't care what level it is he is made aware of the stakes for you and I'm going to share with you that way of escape in a few short moments because time is running out Ok I want you to lose me to the book Oh before I get to the book I want you to notice I notice notice what God says and verses think this is the promise that God makes to his people after he goes through to deal with each one of these characters after they've placed blame on the serpent known as the Bible says the 1st 15 the Bible says and I will put him into between the in the woman speaking to the serpent and between I see it in her see it the seed which is Christ elations for our gracious tree verse 15 and it shall bruise die head and now bruise is heal so the seat is going to crush the head for this is bruise it means crush it's going to crush the head of Satan and Satan is going to bruise the heel of crimes speaking of Christ Let's go to loop Matthew if you say Luke go with me to Matthew Matthew Chapter 4 Remember they both begin their encounter. Dealing with this evil being says there was this is one of the Spirit into the wood in this to be tempted of the devil and when he had fasted 40 days and 40 nights he was afterward hungered and when the tempter came to him he said if that sounds be the Son of God command that these stones we may press on right here the angel comes down he is looking like an angel but he is not angry when he opens his mouth he is presenting doubt just like he did with Eve he presented doubts Eve Did God really say if you are the Son of God God already declared to his son Jesus lardy that dies in the art and has his father say this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased that was already declared to him his identity was clear if you are the Son of God come down and turn these stones into bread if you're the son of God a part of the opening of the surplus mouth identifies who uses anything that causes you to doubt the inspiration is of the devil and I'm telling you friends I just happened the other day to be perusing a television station came across a show set there for about 34 minutes any mediately in that show they were already Brostrom in the character of God the personal God insinuated It's not like they come out front all the time sometimes they just insinuated and when they began to insinuate that brothers and sisters don't sit there to watch that that is the seed of the devil being planted into your mind so that when you come upon temptation that seed begins to grow the devil's man he is not he is playing for keeps right now brothers and sisters I'm telling you I have I have never in my life since all much blatant rebellion against God never in my life it's crazy right now. Don't sit there watch that don't be entertained by the Devils t.v. shows don't be entertained by the devil's youtube channel don't don't do it you can't you can. See that you don't have natural ability to fight the devil like you don't watch watch watch watch so he says if you're Son of God then Jesus response how to see his response you see Eve did not respond the way Jesus respond Jesus responds with the Word of God but he answered and said was for it is written man should I live by bread alone but by every word that proves it is out of the mouth of God So how did he respond it is written brother sister to have a Bible when he was going to. No no no he had a the Word of God He was the Word of God and that word is written in his heart he had memorized that from from the all test it is written Mans and I live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God. The devil then takes them up into a city into the holy city and sends them on a pinnacle of the temple formally before going further you notice that the Devil tempted Jesus the his flesh because he knew Jesus was hungry Is there anything wrong with eating no so Jesus lusts was to eat that was in him he was hungry the temptation the enticement was eat bread the usual power that's the enticement but that wasn't the word of God So already Jesus short circuits the temptation but not a new thing to the enticement No that's not what the word says so I'm not I'm not going there I'm hungry but the word didn't tell me to do it this way the words are me going to the wilderness I'm in the wilderness the lower let him into the truer than this to be tempted I'm here I'm only going to obey what the word says to do are you hearing me your protection is the word. You see you short circuit the temptation by knowing this is my desire I desire to be married I desire to be with someone however the word doesn't have give me permission to sleep with whomever I want to sleep with just to show them that I love them the word doesn't give me permission to sleep with someone of the same sex the word does not give me permission to do that I only can do they use the word that is your safety that is your protection it is written to him showing your flesh then he takes them watch this now watch this now the Bible says in verse number 6 that he sent him to him and now be the Son of God Again cast myself down what is written what is written now the devil is using the Bible how do you counteract the devil using the Bible for it is written He has given his angels charge concerning the end in their hands they should bear the lest at any time doubt that stifle it against a stone Jesus said unto him it is written that I shall not Tim The Lord God God. Mercy don't tempt the Lord your God Jesus uses the Bible the devil use the Bible the devil use the Bible out of context the devil used the Bible in a way to could challenge the identity of the known my friends you see is not just enough to know what the Bible says you have to know the spirit of what the scripture says you have to be into the most high you have to be in one this with the Most High is a Brother Well I don't know about a like that well this is why I'm telling you spend more time in Scripture then more time when I say scripture I'm not just talking about intellectual assent to the information as written on the page I'm talking about fellowship with the one who wrote the pages know the author if you know the author you know how the text is supposed to be you. Know the author fellowship with the most high it is our privilege to have fellowship with him. Notice notice time is alluding me here. The Bible says verse 8 again the devil takes them up into a exceeding high mountain and shows them all the kingdoms of the world showing him so he showing him right showing them with his eyes now tell me something tell me something that he does have any evil propensity within him any inkling towards bad inside his body that answer is No he had no inkling towards evil so what the temptation the temptation is to take the easy way out to save the world that's a temptation right here notice and again the devil take them up into a city high mountain and show them all the kings of the world and the glory of them and say them the him all these things when I give the 1st off the devil doesn't go nothing even though he is an impostor thinks he rules the world Jesus came to take the crown from the devil do you imagine this this guy thinks what it's like somebody come out and says Hey Andre I must tell you your house what do you mean I own the house already this is my house if you bow down to me I'll give you everything. Lest the flesh shone with his eyes proud of life said some station doesn't always have to be for bad things to taste can be for good things at the wrong time he said again temptation can be for good things at the wrong time Jesus said get the hand Satan for it is written where it is written that I'll show worship the Lord thy God and Him only show. Then the devil leave him and behold angels came to minister down to him now my friends listen listen listen to this listen to this you see Jesus on all 3 points loss of the flesh loss of the eyes and proud of life overcomes in all 3 points you see Jesus was tempted in all 3 areas that we're tempted in he didn't have to be tempted to smoke weed so my says he was just doesn't know what it needs to smoke this it let me tell you something if which is which is a greater temptation to have sex outside of marriage. Or to eat food after you fast of 40 days which will be the greater drop while having sex is not going to be the greater drug eating is going to be agree to draw Are you following I'm telling you that to temptations that Jesus had to endure in all 3 categories were superseded any temptation that you can possibly go through and Jesus as our help her stance as intercessor in the heavenly places so if you need victory in any of these 3 categories Jesus is overcome by you here on Calvary What did they say Jesus come down from the cross come down from the cross they were tempting him come down from the cross and we will believe you the only way to him tells you works is if the desire is in the person already why love this I love this my friends the Texas came to my mind I want to see if a sexual one John Chapter 12 and if I can't have the actual text. Yes I think it's that yes it is look at this was this I love this John Chapter 12 and it says and I want to say as before for the prince the prince of this world cometh and has found nothing in me. John Chapter 12 The guys look up look at that upon your own the prince of this world cometh and have nothing in me that's the phraseology I can find are now some of the pressure so I think about this and every area of the devil came to tempt Jesus to Jesus on the side to side the side to side and all those areas he could not get to he could not get out of Jesus lived absolute perfect life and I'm telling you something that life that he lives that victory that he had he's going to give you that Big 3 he's not asking you to have a new victory he's asking you to take his victory in your life it's going to be the 1st John 1st time. Time is running boy look here 1st John Chapter 2 The Bible says Love not the were only the things that are in the world of any love the world the love of the Father is not in him for all there is in the world the lust of the flesh and the lust of the OS and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world you see my friends we don't want the world we don't want it desires we don't want your past we don't want we need Jesus the Bible says submit yourself therefore to God and read this the devil that's how you win submission submission before resistance submission to the Word of God before you resist the devil some of us have been fighting the devil and we're losing every time and we're thinking God is losing God is not losing he's not he's not killing us we have failed to stop. Yield to the enticement of the word the word says the word says the words this noun to him that is able to keep you from calling and present you fall it's before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy this is God's Word to us in fact with my last 7 minutes I want to read something to you go to the 2nd Peter Franz I'm giving you science right now biblical science 2nd Peter 2nd Peter chapter one what's this 2nd Peter chapter one notices the Bible says beginning at verse number 3 the Bible says according as his divine power have given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that have called us to glory and what to say and virtue was this whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises notices 3 words used exceeding great precious. Now you guys are going to school some of you in different areas of life your professions you take the time to study you take the time to make sure you know the anatomy of the body the physiology of the body the chemical breakdown from you take your time just to make sure you're my wraps around it but I'm telling you if you're a Christian you can't live without the promises that money has you must have them in your heart you must memorize them you're trying to be a Christian without Christ it doesn't make sense hide the word in your heart spend time meditating on the word and I'm not just talking about a known Barbadoes I'm talking about know the word by knowing Christ in relationship and tell that word becomes part of your own thinking I must hasten whereby given to us exceeding great and precious promises that by these you might be partakers of divine nature divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through love us you see it how do you escape divine nature how do you divine nature promises hold on to those promises watch what happens and besides this given all diligence add to your faith virtue faith virtue faith in one the word and virtue knowledge and knowledge temperance and the temperance patience on how do you get from you can't ski if you can't get knowledge and try to get the patience and you can't get tempers to get the patience you have to go through all of these levels to get the patience and then patience godliness and the godliness brotherly kindness you can't be kind to your brother without being tempted temper temper. There are steps to this day they say there are levels to this right there are levels to this I mean a sin and to godliness readily kindness into brotherly kindness charity for if these things be in u.. And abounding they make you the usual neither be barren north and free fall in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ he that lack of these things that lack these things is blind and cannot see a far off and I forgot that he was purge from an old saying pay attention where for the rather breathless give diligence to make your calling and election sure for if you do these things what to say if you do these things if you follow the steps ye shall never follow so clearly when you are you and I are falling is because we are following the steps we're not submitting to got submit yourself therefore God 1st then resist the devil and then the devil will flee because the f. no power against God has no power against God God will with with every temptation make a way to make a way of escape that's a promise so what your desire how are you being enticed God promises but insisted that at some juncture in our Christian walk are false we united with his thoughts. Our desire to become one with this desire how does that happen fellowship sweet committing fellowship and all 3 points Jesus was tempted in all 3 points to the became and not help is available to you and I as he is in the most holy place he is asking for fellowship from the quote testimonies by a 7 page 17 says nothing is apparently more helpless yet really more invincible than the full that feels it's nothingness every lies wholly upon the merits of the Savior God will send every interview in heaven to the aid of such a one rather than allow him or her to be overcome do you believe the Word of God That's the question that's the question one minute there's a song. I hope you go sing it today it's called yield not to temptation I don't know if you know that song I want to sing what I can in a time that I have a Says here would not to take him to. War Are you reading this. Victory will have. Some others to head. By manfully on. Down passions. Look Avar to g. s. he will hear a use through so why don't you ask the Savior to have all the you come purged friends then he. Is willing to do a. We will. Shun evil come Hanura and bad language this saying God is name whole then read friends don't want to take a when they. Be. Hearted Andrew. Luck for huge He's us he will carry you through so why don't you ask the savior to. Car purchase trends then and he. Is willing to. Use. Far thank you for this time that we've had together rather sistas as we have heard the word of God I just want to know do you accept the victory that Christ has given for you. Will you accept the promises of God in your life that you can be an overcomer that your desire you type in is a chat put on Facebook by his we make this commitment Father forgive us for our sins Please help us to yield to the enticement of your word that our passions reflect your passion and our love reflect your love thank you for not giving us what we deserve and being so patient with us thank you for not throwing us off floor when we have fallen away but today father was asked for strength for this moment this time he chose how to submit to the last. The present Jesus may claim the merit of his blood Amen. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version if you like to listen to more service please visit w w w audio or.


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