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03 The Killer's Gospel

Andre Waller
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Andre Waller
Co-Director, Tekoa Missions



  • October 17, 2020
    4:00 PM
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In Heaven we just want to thank you for your grace and mercy it's so easy to say we are grateful and then really contemplate what it has taken and what it is that really sustains us I ask Father as we are in our last 30 for this evening you were granted the Holy Spirit which is the only effect to a teacher of truth and I ask this not because i were the farm far from that but we ask this because your son has said his blood for us and we can claim that blood for your word says that we should come boldly to your throne of grace because of what has been done for us we love you we ask now for the gift of the Holy Spirit which is the only effectual teacher of truth we pray this in Jesus' name amen amen this evening we're going to be studying the topic a killer's gospel if God can save it till he can save you if God can save a killer he can save you now if you don't know already just by the picture itself you have to know that I'm talking about none other than a man named Saul I want you to notice the conviction and I've I've I've gone through and highlighted just the beginning opening letters of Paul and as he is writing 2 different segments of the church and most of the letters have a similar greeting there's about 2 of them that don't have 3 of them that don't have this greeting but most of the letters have a similar reading and I'm going to read them to you in your hearing in Romans chapter one Paul writes and he writes and he says Paul a servant of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle separated on to the gospel of God. You see that there Paul gives his name a set of Jesus Christ network serving in the in the Greek in the case flavor he is a slave of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle separated unto the gospel of God blesses one oneself Paul an apostle you see that Paul and Apostle not of men neither by man but by Jesus Christ and God the father who raised him from the dead you can see that Paul is identifying that he has a special calling on his wife he is reverting back to that before he even begins to express whatever is in his letters nor is this the 1st Corinthians Chapter one Verse one says Paul called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ how through the will of God 2nd Corinthians $11.00 says Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ bind the will of God There it is again he's heed he's referencing this reality that what he's doing in the life is not based on his own decision making process is not based on what man has the side of for him he has been called by God by God's will to do a specific work to do a specific task for his time notice again he writes If he has one poll an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God Philippians $11.00 Paul and it's him to most of us the servants of Jesus Christ that word 7 again the slave is a slave of Jesus crimes notice. And Colossians 11 it reads call an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God and 1st him as he wanted one Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the commandment of God our Savior I hope you start seems rhythm you start seeing the reason we start seeing a pattern Paul is understood prim conviction 1st Timothy $11.00 poll an apostle of Jesus Christ by the command of God our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ which is our hope 2nd 711 Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus this conviction runs deep What is that happen the Paul that made him so convicted he writes again in Titus Paul a servant of God an apostle of Jesus Christ according to the faith of God So like the little filament Paul a prisoner of Jesus Christ he is captivated he is captivated and nearly every letter he writes he starts out like this somebody will say well he's just sending a greeting in a citation Oh my friends he is letting you know who he is and why he is and I say man this brother must have a serious testimony notice you have your bible I want you to open your Bible to Acts chapter 7 Acts Chapter 7 I want to begin to explore this person and I know you guys know this guy but I just found them fascinating as I was reviewing his life and I thought if we could just understand an inkling of Paul's experience and inkling of it we would be so much different as a Christian body and that's a Chapter 7 we are looking at this sermon that is being preached under the power of the pen to come and Steve is preaching. And he's preaching Anyway he's preaching start a real nice you know start reviewing the history of Israel he starts going through how God is the liberal stuff showing how God is always thing here with people if you just start walking through the history of Israel and it comes to a place while he's under the unction of the Spirit of God and he comes to a place where his tone switches he is no longer just telling the history of the church and how God is delivered so one and so on Stephen begins to be provoked by the Spirit and He says these words under the unction the spirit converse with the one East if next and uncircumcised in heart. Ye do always resist the Holy Ghost as your fathers did so do ye interesting which of the prophets have not your father's persecuted and they have slain them which shewed before of the coming of the just one of whom ye have been now the be traitors and murderers he has laid it on him he's done them you have betrayed our Lord you have murdered him again in the tones which completely who have received the law about the disposition of angels and I'm not kept it when they heard these things when they heard these things they were cut to what the same reference they were cut to the heart and they gnashed on him with their teeth Now listen you know when the gas was preached and the truth is presented in the power of the Holy Ghost it is not always well received then the people that are hearing it they are under such conviction that they become violent and response to it that's want to have to kill Jesus because that truth was a revelation. Of their own condition I don't want to hear that So what are they to my friends what do we do sometimes my friends we want to put a lie down we want to tell people to stop talking don't talk about that you or your meddling your meddling brother under your meddling brother preacher your meddling Bob work your meddling mom and that don't be a my business so what do they do my friends it says when they heard these things they were cut to the heart and the national with their teeth but he being full of what to say my friends the Holy Ghost looked up stedfastly into heaven and saw the glory of God and Jesus standing on the right hand of God The behold I see the heavens opened and a son of man standing on the right hand of God then they cried out with a loud voice and stopped their ears and ran upon him one accord and cast them out of the city and stoned him and the witnesses lay down their clothes at a young man's feet whose name was so so here we are introduced to the scared rich if you care to name saw a young man he is there asked even his being stoned he is there as what we consider one of the indications of the close of probation for a Jewish nation as they are stoning Stephen to death. And songs there holding the garments then he watches these men take rocks and bludgeon the man of God and they stone Stephen calling upon God and saying Lord Jesus receive my spirit and he kneeled down. And crime with a loud voice lower lay not this into their charge and when he had said this he fell asleep now I want to tell you something this interesting how the smell of God works you could not have watched Stephen be stoned to death with the peace of God upon him and not receive conviction and soul as earnest and as honest as he was watching this sincere man give his life for what he did not believe in evil convicted to another level to the extent that he's like you know I need to snuff this out this is crazy he's not knowing exactly what to do with his conviction so what does he end up doing accessory The Bible says and Saul was consenting unto his death and at that time there was a great persecution against the church which was at Jerusalem and they were all scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria except the Apostles verse 3 and as for Saul he may have the of the church because we know they don't last over that asked for a small he made have make of the church entering into every house and hailing men and women committed to him to prison Paul is a persecutor and a prostitute or and a killer of God's people think about it don't don't last over it this is a killer brothers and sisters and not just a regular killing is not a killer of men like a a mass murderer he's a killer of God's children he's the killer of those who are preaching the gospel he is identifying these folks as fanatics and he's all out to exterminate them from existence. So that's why the story so profound because that he's a going about to do this and I'm quite sure people are hearing about him and they're scared to death they're hiding but then we get to chapter 9. Pay attention to Chapter $9.00 begins to be so instructive as we learn more about this killer and says in verse one and forget breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples Lord when unto the high priests and desire him letters to Damascus to to the synagogues that if he found any of this way whether they were men or women he might bring them back down to Jerusalem and as in journey he came near Damascus and suddenly there shined around about him a light from heaven suppose I want you to think think think think think so Paul foresaw he literally got a fish or documents he was on a mission to go and gather more Christians to put them in bondage and possibly for them to now my friends understand the mindset understand the mindset the conviction of his religious experience the conviction of his morals he is ready to die for what he believes is the thing is he just believes the wrong thing and I love God I mean there's something special here because you have you as you read this story why Will God have to show up to this man why did God particularly show up to this man of all the men that were doing the particular prosecuting why this man notice as a lie signs about his verse for says he fell on the earth and heard a voice saying under him Saul saw why persecute Is that how me and he said Who are the Lord and the Lord said I am Jesus who now persecute is it is hard for easy to kick against the pricks. And he trembling and astonished the lord what will now have me to do and the Lord said of the hammer ons. And go into the city and it should be told the what now must do now I don't know about you friends here from the perspective now I'm full of perspective a Christian I have don't know about Paul's or salt conversion I'm not aware of this experience as you have been on the road to Damascus and this brother is about to have an encounter with another brother who has no idea of what just transpired and this is why it's so important brothers and sisters special in these last days to be connected with the most high because here is a brother and I'm going to read about verse 10 and now we know this song does not eat or drink for 3 days in verse 10 says never a certain disciple at the mask is named and anonymous and to him said the Lord in a vision and an eye and he said Behold I am here and the more sent to him arise in going to the city into the street which is which is called Straight and enquire in the House of Judas for one called Saul of Tarsus for behold he prays Now again this is the time you know brothers and sisters I am of the of the mindset that there is not a different God then there is now the saying that that was there is the same God that's now in the same way that God wants to communicate with his children then that was to communicate with us now how often has it meant that you have been in prayer and God has interrupted and you have spoken back to God and Goddess walking back to you and giving you specific instructions for your day specific people that you need to go visit specific people that you need to call. God speaks to his children even today and God interrupts an eye and says he's in prayer and God tells him there's another brother the same prayer he needs to know about the truth let me tell you something brothers and sisters there are many who are desiring to know God and God is looking high and low for believers who know him like they are supposed to know him to send them to their house I believe in these last days there are many souls out there and in every denomination and every ilk I believe this all the even now may be listening to what I'm saying to you even as I preach I'll believe there are many who are truly seeking God but have but have have misnomers a misunderstanding a miscarriage durations of God and they just need to hear from a True Believer think about it God got the attention of Saul before Anna nighest goes to his house God is always working brothers and sisters he's always doing his job where we what are we doing we're talking about the killers God spoke of this is good news for for Saul he is he has been persecuted in prosecuting part and and causing havoc upon the Church of God and God still calls him you know as I've perused the Scriptures I often think is if David was a member of the church today you guys would never let him preach human when we would never let David preach a man committed adultery committed murder he lying to priests the good folks kill we would never let that man preach were it not for Grace you are here when I say and I think many have forgotten the Gospel and we have to judge amongst ourselves and not hearing the voice of God speak to us somebody civil that brother did x. y. z. 5000 years ago or 2 years ago 3 years ago he should never be in a pulpit based on what. He should never be given Bible studies based on what in the grace of God has kept to the man's heart and has been changed from the inside out who are you so money says what he needs a year told me he needs a year to get his life together before you can preach about God let's remove the Bible says What's with the bugs and the laws and under him Arise going to the street which is called Straight and choir and House of Judas for one called Saul of Tarsus for behold he prays and has seen in a vision a man named and a night is coming in and putting his hand on him that he might receive the sight mercy then eyes the Lord I have heard to listen and I didn't just jump up he like I heard about this do I have heard by many of this man how much evil he have done to buy things at Jerusalem and here he have authority from the chief priest to bind all that call on 98 with the Lord's and they him gold I wait for he is listen to what is the Bible says for he is a chosen vessel to unto me he don't miss that for he is a chosen this so unto me to bear my name before the Gentiles and kings and the children of Israel for I will show him how great things he must suffer for my name's a man I think you know what when you guys are done we have opportunity go back in this meditate on those those last 2 verses 15 and 16 just think about what the Lord has said I have chosen as a vessel to myself Go to him I want you to go to him out of care what you heard about him I want you to go to him I have chosen him not just for small potatoes men I've chosen him to be a preacher to the gentiles a preacher to kings and a preacher to the children of Israel I have chosen him myself. So now you understand now you understand when when you read Paul's writings and every time he starts his letter he says show them I gotta call by God chosen as as an ambassador not a block piece listing these days not because he's he's being price will know he's remembering we're from whence he has been called he is Marilyn bring who called him therefore based on my calling based on the instruction I receive from above I declare unto you x. y. z. in this letter x. y. z. in this sermon I have not been called by men he said I have been called by God mercy. Where the convictions of the people of God Today we are free we are free to declare the realities of who we are we have lost our identity Paul knows exactly who years he's been called by God Paul an apostle called by God by God's will mercy what you will for you see and accept the 26 I wrote part of that up there but I want to I want to read the whole thing to you and accept the 25th of this accepted 26 and now Paul begins to rehearse his conversion he gets the red hearse the experience that he's had with God and he begins to say this what he says and when he when we were all falling falling to the earth I heard a voice speaking and to me in the same in the Hebrew tongue so God spoke Hebrew to saw the sockets be several languages when he spoke Hebrew to him Saul Saul why persecutors Ami it is hard for the to kick against the pricks and I said Who are the lower and he said and and he said I am Jesus whom down was to say whom thou persecuted Now someone's going to watch this video someone going to watch a video who is not a believer somehow someway this video is going to find its place when I'm believer and I'm believers watching a video of someone who mocks gun. Who mocks the Word of God who mock the people of God and I want you to notice that when you mock the people of God and you. Persecute the people of God you're not persecuting us not us alone you're persecuting Jesus when you speak against the truth of God You're speaking not against us alone you're speaking against the most high you're speaking against Jesus do you know who you are do you know who you represent understand brothers and sisters we are a special people and accuracy of call out people out of darkness into marvelous lives I am Jesus to not persecute us but rise and stand upon my feet for I have appeared on t.v. for this purpose I have appeared to be for this purpose was the purpose to make the a minister and a witness both of these things was down has seen and of those things in the which I will appear under the delivering the from the people and from the gentiles on the Who now I sending to over there on and it turned them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan and the government that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them which are saying by bike they that is in me God gave them instruction a coach called you to preach I called you to go to his house of cause you to be among them I've called you to endure persecution for my name sake think about this brothers and sisters there was no long dissertation there was no long Bible study given so I was already in his heart of hearts desire to do the right thing but he just didn't know God enough and God said Let me just show up a little bit. Shows a correction now this man becomes a mighty power house for God I want to receive the book of Galatians go to Galatians chapter one watch this. What's this we're talking about a killer scuffle relations reasons Libyans Gratian sept one relations chapter one and I want to reverse number one notices the Bible says is Paul an apostle not of men not of men near the by men but by Jesus Christ and God the father who raised him from the dead he said I'm called Not by nobody else but God and all the brother which are with me are to the church the glacier Grace been to you in peace from God the Father from a Lord Jesus Christ who gave Himself for our sense that he might deliver us from this president Evo world interesting according to the will of God in our father to whom we glory forever and ever amen I marvel that you're so soon removed from him that coat you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel which is not another but there are be some that trouble you and would pervert not gospel of Christ but though we or an angel from heaven preach any other Guzman's you the net with which we have preached of you let him be a curse he said one time now watches and as we said before so say I now again if any man preach any other gas one to you then that you have received let him be a curse whether it be an angel or another man or for the myself coming to say something different he says let them be occur for do I now persuade men or God and my preaching to please men or my preaching to please God do I seek to please men for if I please men I should not be the servant of Christ but I certify you rather that the Gospel which was preached of me is not after men now watch what he does. Watch what he does he says the grass of the streets of me. I'm preaching to you not from some theorem I got from Phil school not from commune of our city I didn't get it from a seminary I didn't say under Peter James and John I didn't say under those men to come up with this gospel the Gospel that I'm reaching out to you is a dance book that I've experienced and I have been taught by God Himself watch what we say but I certify you brother it that the Gospel which was preached of me is not after man verse 12 now what I mean the receipted of man neither was taught it but by the revelation of Jesus Christ tell me something to me something tell me something do you think that your ability to understand the gospel comes because you this in the preachers. Your ability to harness him against what you think is because you say in class and you learn Greek in Hebrew the gospel is a revelation it is not a theory alone it is not a theological assent it is not an argument to be had it is an experience Paul says I didn't get this from then I didn't sit under anybody where you have heard of my conversion in Time Passages relation pay attention to how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God and wasted it and profited in the Jews' religion above many my equals in my no nation being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my father and this is why brothers and sisters you can. Let me say this kindly whatever religious persuasion that you find others to be good it is not to condemn those others brothers and sisters that's not that is not the position of the admin movement and that's not the position of Christ the the position is we have something good we have something better they don't know. We presented the gospel as an argument before long we're forgotten about the experience and Paul now is having an experience any telling people Look I think this from the man I think it's really cool I learned this by revelation of Jesus Christ and I'm telling you I used to persecute and prosecute I used to lie I used to steal he's given you a list of what do you use to be listen and sometimes let me just say the sometimes sometimes the argument alone is not going to get the believer it will be the demonstration it will be the manifestation of God to provoke a stopping of the the the intensity in the religious activity. Of the make sense says in verse number 15 but when it please God who separated me from my mother's womb and call me by His grace when it please God In other words God So his time he was waiting for the right time when he please God to reveal his son to me that I might preach him among the heathen email mediately I conferred not with flesh and blood neither when I have to Jerusalem today which were apostles before me but I went into rebiya and returned again into the masses then after 3 years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter in the boat with them. And the other apostle so I None save James the Lord's brother other things which I write under you be hope before God I lie and. Afterward I came to the reaches of seriousness of the but they heard only that which persecuted us in times past now preaches the faith which once he destroyed stop the one that persecuted in time has now now preaches the faith which he once destroyed. Listen listen to this brothers and sisters I'm going to tell you something else about the Gospel 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 go there with me this Paul this is Paul gospel this is this is the the killer's gospel 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 I want to begin reading verse number 9 was this 1st meeting in chapter 6 beginning at verse number 9 the Bible says no you not that the end right to shall not inherit the kingdom of God Be not deceived neither fornicators nor idolaters no adulterers nor as a minute no abuses of themselves with mankind Norty No Our coverage is no drunkards nor revellers nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God Here's a list of the Ellis bad people are going to happen liars cheaters adulterers the fornicators idolaters abusers homosexuality none of that is getting into the keno got to watch what he says in verse 11 and such were some of you. That hear it the years he said and such were some of you getting sick and such are some of you here you say you guys are still in the mire of that mess he says Such were some of you what happened what happened Paul what do you think transpired Paul the Bible says and such were some of you but you are washed but you are sanctified but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and bind us spirit of our God and such were some of you see you see my friends I think going through that list he did he is he's dropping Usenet each each of the categories he's walking through the works of the flesh he says and then he says and such were some of you you can see he was saying the same thing about himself I persecute him prosecuted I cause havoc on the church more than any other that's when you relate or when he starts talking about he says I am the chief of sinners. He's recognizing his other ugliness let me tell you something sometimes sometimes God will allow you to expose your ugliness in order for you to recognize your great need you see my friends with somebody tells you a false gospel here with a false gospel sound like fuck off or be like Jesus loves you and you just keep sending you know just keep doing those that things you know God still loves you he understand let me tell you something God does understand he understands that we are sick he understands that we have a sinful condition and a sinful heart and unless he comes in himself and changes us and mamma to us and passions us we will be lost in our sins but praise God for Jesus because what Jesus does he says I see you I see where you are I'm going to chase after you when you don't even know you need to be chased on he lets you go to your less so you can recognize sometimes brothers and sisters with stuff or Wes all stubborn the way God spoke to Paul to saw he said Why do you kick against the pricks Why are you being so hard headed God has allowed the ugliness of us all to be exposed so he can learn to accept the grace of God as it was given where are you and I falling short brothers and sisters have you really accepted that there was nothing good inside of you that there is nothing that you have to offer God except a broken heart that you have nothing to offer him except a broken spirit and upon that broken heart and broken spirit now God can work but the more you think you're all put together the more you think your culture of Adventism is good or the culture of your Christianity it was didn't you to have been the more you think your culture saves you the more damned you are in the eyes of God g. or what I said. There is no good thing and there is nothing we have to offer that God says will grow good or and right that or that that that discipline sleep we have he has that earn him credit in the kingdom of God No my friends if I have had have it that's his to be have it is not mine and I have good eating habits that's his Haven't not mine if you think I preach nice I'm praying for you because I need Jesus just like everybody else there's a good word that comes to come down from the father of life to whom there is no there when it's neither shadow of turning there is no good in any of us save or Jesus Christ that's why Paul says he says I do worry I don't glory and I was beaten and shipwreck and preached here preached there I can only glory in the cross. Nothing going to mean. Nobody need to give me around the Pauls for being a decent person on planet Earth but I need Jesus just like every other so you need Jesus and we need to more than what we think we know because of you. If you stop breathing for a few seconds a few minutes you start you start having these intense desires the reasons you can't live without breathing right but Jesus we give him the Sabbath. He gets that we might get a little devotion here and there I mean does he have everything that's the question that's the only question I'm asking right now I'm asking does Jesus have everything does he have everything does he have your number one love does he have your number one passion does he consume you do you love to talk about him more than anything else do you love to talk about his creation do you love to talk about how he's worked out these finances in your life how he's worked out the health of your life how he's blessed your family are you giving glory to God are you worshipping the blessings that God gives you over the God of the blessings. I'm just asking questions you see if God can save the killer then God can save a fornicator. If God can save an adulteress then God can save you and doesn't matter how bad human is and it doesn't matter how Benjamin doesn't it doesn't it doesn't matter the thing is is he calling you today then he need to come them straight away don't don't hesitate don't wait and this there's no there's no To me this is not the some deep doctrine that needs to be on Earth this is the simplicity of the Gospel we have lost ourselves in the miasma of work and play we've lost focus of God We've been Bible spirit of the politicians of this day. I can't believe that after all these years of being in the but I have never seen us so play as I see is collected a we have lost sight of the poem the gospel now we are now using the tactics of the world to advance detain them of the most high we have lost our mind if God wanted to use the politicians of this world to finish the work he would have become a politician when he came here me I said finish the work I'm not saying you can't go into work and do good civil service I'm not talking about I'm tired of finishing the work I'm talking about the majority of your energy where it should be playing if that's what I'm talking about and I said you can't be Amir I'm not saying that I'm saying that's not going to solve our problem that's what I am saying you can't jump on a political party I think what what what what is going on and it's like I went to sleep and I woke up in a twilight zone the people of God are forgotten who they are we have forgotten that we are Christians and. If God And now we're seeking the arm of the state to strengthen us instead of the arm of the most high I need Jesus don't you any Jesus brothers and sisters need Jesus. He says and such were some of you that means you're no longer like this anymore the power of the gospel has transformed the life time is fleeting is for ministry having pastry 63 paragraph one this the but the is a book says the book says the gospel is a wonderful simple Firefly's problems Wow So is the instruction he did would make claim many a perplexity and save us from many an error it teaches us to estimate things at their true value and to give the most effort to the things of greatest worth our year what are you hearing that the thing that will endure that is what simplifies the complexity of the confusion that Babylon as brought amongst the last is most important lesson before you go to sleep tonight you need to make sure that your soul is right with God when you wake up in the morning to make sure that your soul is right because as you walk through the day you need to make sure that you are communing with the most high in your family with a mystery. As you go out go throughout the day you need to make sure that as you are interacting with others that you truly are the salt of the earth and that you have a lot of the world and that God can demonstrate his character through you in this were you when you go all across the way you see somebody suffering you're not going to say to them you know what the 23 going to the prophecies No that's not what you want to say when you see them suffering what you're going to do the Christian lives to alleviate the suffering of humanity and then only then once they have won the confidence of others then they will say follow me let me explain to you was happening the most holy place let me explain to you what's happening in the heavenly sanctuary above where God is making the final work to finish the issue of sin and bring restitution to all that has been done wrong only then as we are amongst the people of God in the Gospel is demonstrated then the world has a you know what I see I see I see it I see the Gospel in them I see that they have been with Jesus this work when I finished by preaching no no this work will be finished by a deep passionate love for other people which we don't have Senator but like Paul some of us will be knocked off our horses and we were encounter Jesus like we've never encountered him before and when God says I have called you to go to the gentiles I have called you to go to a foreign land of Coty to stand before kings we will heed that call because we recognize the power of encountering love like we've never encountered before. My time is that we've done this and you know I think Chapter 6 is not the intent of my initially to go there but in Isaiah Chapter 6 where I think the throne of God highlighted up and the angels are there and the glory of God is filling the temple and he literally as he sees God he sees within him self nothing good he says I am an unclean man and I deal in the midst of the people of including that from my eyes I've seen the king a lot of folks he began to to hate themselves because now the reality of what he is being exposed by the glory of what God is and Nascar is being glorified and he is being exposed he's like I got to go hyper aware of this is not good for me and then the most high does something special the most high is awesome God is awesome let me tell you he's so good the most high does something special he takes a lot of coal off the altar in your will or comes and takes a life coach that means it's hot. He takes the call of the altar and he puts it on the lips lets the sentiment. Tell you whether James lets go cracked not drink water you know it's a tender spot the 2nd alive call hot cocoa of the altar and he puts it on the lips waddlers with out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks the simple right is a symbol of God pure find a man as he's standing in the presence of God stay in the presence of God Brothers and Sisters don't run don't hide stay there and as God as human the president God will take his whole lot of coal and purify and cleanse you so the symbol is a cleansing of the heart that we stand in their presence versus the Isaiah he says he's the Lord like whoa who will go for me who shall license and I can imagine God being very big is my imagination of God being very very very big and I have been very very very small and God is going to just look you know as a as he. Is like jumping up now listening. Look I'll go I'll go. The interesting part about that that story. If you read it all if you go there very quickly hold on there very quickly. Look at this. There 6 look at this the the interesting thing about this call. That is a has this this. Experience he says I'll go right vs number 1st a look diversity is also heard the words or say Who shall I send Who will go for us then said I Here I am I Send me he said Go and tell these people here you Andy but understand what kind of missions that go preach what they were going to hear and see but perceive not make listen listen to the shocks and make the heart of this people fact make their ears heavy and shut their honest lest they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart it was a saying and convert and be hear preach but as you preach the heart to heart as you preach they will close their ears as you preach they will not want to hear what you have to say because they love their sin but the answer here look the next part verse 11 this to me was one of the most solemn passages I've ever read then said Lord how long how long am I supposed to preach to a people like this how long I'm supposed to to to try to express the Gospel and get them to understand that they need to repent in turn from this how long am I supposed to do this the s. or the answered until the cities be raised without inhabitants and their houses without man and the land be utterly desolate and alone have removed men far away and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land now brothers this is recent. The Lord said Isaiah I want you to preach I want you to preach that until there's nothing until there's nobody that's alive until there's nothing until this just keep preaching. What kind of task is that I know when I 1st you know believe it or not preaching was not what I want to do teaching the Bible is not was not in my cards that I didn't want these cards these cards were given to me with the something special when you fall in love with Jesus right I remember I remember clearly the day that I made the commitment to preach the gospel and I remember it being so clear because it was on that day was a Sabbath that has that they initially started a great sorrow I was I was in great tears because it felt like my family was being destroyed and I couldn't for the life of me understand or grapple with that and as I pray the prayer I asked God to do something special for my parents I said Father I said this pain is too much i see either a you bring my mom and dad back together or be you give me what the Bible says this is peace that passes all understanding either one of the 2 but if you don't do that I can I don't think I'm going to be able to survive and brothers and sisters that don't know the truth I lie not to you on that holy service the Spirit of God rested upon me and I felt peace that passes all understanding in made no sense the situation had not changed at all I was and I was in great sorrow I was crying my eyes out and as I was there on my knees in the front of that church crying out to God The Spirit of God rested upon me and the peace that passes all understanding came upon me and I was there and I was like What. I said if this is what the Bible is talking about then for sure I will preach this and kill the those terms because it doesn't make sense to me that I should not feel this way what has changed novena sayings of Sept the experience with the most high the Most High came here to be brothers and sisters. And the most high was to come near you even today some of you are dealing with some serious things some of you going to be listening to this a dealing with a serious thing and the most high was to come near to you to deliver you yes from that situation but more than that he wants to give you peace in your heart he's in your mind peace in your so do you think Paul was running around concerned and guilty for the things that he done and no no not anymore no he gave it everything Lord the Lord had called him said I'm a sophomore serve a purpose my man said I'm happy to be a slave for God Whatever the lower says May he says in the prison I'm good was he to go on the ship to some for land get crash in the middle of the sea come upon a let me get bit by a servant I'm good I'm in jail I asked r.c. with a man will start singing the whole place kind of breaking down and I still will go nowhere wait for the Guard to come you felt like he is so in love with God that whatever God called him that's where he went that particular scuffle. You call it the fornicators gospel to you call the homosexuals the you can call it the the drug that is gospel you call the problem in the Gospel because at every level at every issue that exists God can and will deliver if you let him deliver you God can and will deliver if you let him deliver you he wants you to come out of darkness into marvelous like the day he wants to encounter with you he wants you to have an encounter with him you want that encounter I know I want that encounter I know today has been a rich day for me I mean I've been in the word all day. All day and fellowship with the most high that was the fellowship with you when you have an encounter with them we allow him to come near to you even though you may not feel it. Even though you may still be a rebellion when you love him to come near you because you can change yourself no no no no no you brothers and sisters you cannot change yourself I want to end with this. I have so much more to scream but I don't want to do anything else on the screen the cocaine the man and I need to stop to see if I can pull that real quick is from a book called Price object lessons and it's page 159 the sin of this is no man can of himself understand his errors the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it Jeremiah's 79 the lips may express a poverty of soul that the heart does not acknowledge the lift may express a poverty of soul that the heart does not acknowledge while speaking the gun out of poverty of spirit the heart may be swelling with the conceit of its own superior humility and exalted rightness mercy and example while talking to God I wasn't talking to your friend it is while talking to God the heart may be swelling telling down on my arm so humble father please you know and the more the law is looking beyond that he sees the reality of the heart is like now you need help so what is the cure for this in one way only can a true knowledge of self be obtained what way is that we must be hoed Christ. In one way only one way we must be whole Christ way you're not beholden to preacher you're not beholden to hypocrisy in a church you're not beholding your mom your dad you know you're not referencing your past history no one way only. Can a true knowledge of self be of thing we must be hold Christ it is ignorance of him that makes men so listed in their own right this is what happened to Paul he is out there persecuting a prosecuting he thought he was right just until he beheld Christ. It is ignorance of him that makes men so listed in their own right just as when we contemplate his spirit and excellence we still see our own weakness and poverty and defects as they really are we should see ourselves lost and hopeless clad in garments of self righteousness like every other Wait what is every other sense you know the ones that we were down you know those people I wanted to go to let you know who you look down on those people the ones that were better than those those people but when you see Christ the way we're supposed to will see ourselves lost and hopeless like every other center so I'm not better than the Jehovah Witness I'm not better than a Baptist just because my the nomination the nomination arrogancy is one of the worst as we could have when we contemplate a spirit in excellence which is the own weakness and poverty and the fact that they really are we shall see ourselves lost and hopeless cladding ominous of righteousness like every other sinner we shall see that if we are ever say it will not be thrown goodness but through God's infinite grace learners I prefer After that I will give them paragraph 3 McMullen one No I what I'm servants can take the place of simple faith and entire renunciation of self but no man can empty himself of self and I begin to understand all of it now his encounter his his constant realization that he is nothing. We can only consent for Christ to accomplish the work then the language of the soul will be Lord take my heart for I cannot give it it is our property keep it for I cannot keep it for the saved me from my saved me in spite of myself my week on Christ like so bowed me Fashion me release me and to appear in the holy atmosphere where the rich current of I Love can flow through my soul do you want to make that your bread and I I want that I either desire that more of Jesus less of me there's a song that reminded us and I don't know if I know all the words but it says more about Jesus I know. More rigorous. You know that's all that should be our hearts cry brothers and sisters more about Jesus tell me more about him and the more we see of him the less we will see to exult in ourselves and the more we see less to exult not sell the more we're Point point people to Jesus as the only solution to life's problems the more loving will become the more patient will become Can you imagine someone spits on you you don't get mad or why when you get mad because you want to spit or use of because within you is the same darkness you recognize the worry now for the grace of God you will be doing the same exact thing there's nothing to give glory in ourselves to brothers and sisters all glory to Jesus Christ all glory to Him It is your desire to have a rich deep encounter with God that he changes you from the inside out on your body as is my Father in heaven thank you so much for your grace and mercy. Father along the way we have lost sight of you we've become zealots and zealous for the truth we have lost sight of the one who was is the embodiment of truth so please Lord forgive us for our self righteousness in whatever form it may have presented itself and help us to see more of Jesus and less of this world we love you Father we beg of you to teach us to love you more than anything else that we encounter. We pray this in season name. Amen. In. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermons please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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