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Slave Food: Countering Culture Through Holistic Healing

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • October 21, 2020
    7:00 PM
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And I want to just thank Pastor span for inviting me to speak to you all today I'm enjoyed my conversations with him. And appreciate the work my partner Dr Columbus bitties is done but we enjoyed the introduction he just gave when you write into our message today passes man told me how much time I have and so I'm going to get right into this and just thank you all and hope to see you all live to do that when the. Coronavirus pandemic hit and we weren't able to but I appreciate you. And really really I'm looking forward to fellowship being with you further scripture reading for this message is taken from Exodus Chapter 15 and verse 26 Exodus Chapter 15 and verse 26 as and says and said if thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God and will do that which is right in his sight and will give ear to his commandments and keep all his statutes I will put none of the diseases none of these diseases upon the which I have brought upon the Egyptians for I am the Lord that healing the message for you on a Sunday. Slay food countering culture through holistic healing countering culture through her list of healing let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to just study your word Lord I ask that you make me just a nail upon a wall a rusty sorry mail order upon a nail and I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ let ever cross not be seen or heard instead father let us hear word from the throne of grace is our prayer in Jesus' name amen. All right so we're going to jump to the Book of Numbers are we dealing with the children of Israel after they have left Egypt God brought them out with a mighty hand and these former slaves were now in a wilderness a slave their food was easy to come by and they desired the food the foods of their masters. But here in the wilderness they began to get angry with God see what God did was God provided them with something called manna talk about how God provides food today God provided him with some god man in fact David in the book of Psalms says that this is Angel food but people began to get weary of it Exodus tells this as well tired of the man in the tired of what God gave them their secrets in there because in understanding the man and because God only gave it twice a day is a lot of talk now about intermittent fasting I can tell you that in the scripture when God feeds people he feeds them twice a day the Ravens visited the prophet Elijah twice a day the man a felt twice a day there's something about that that says that we have to have a rest in between meals but that's another issue that's a biblical construct when you look at it and as they were getting angry God said to Moses to Moses that He would give him he would give the children of Israel meat to eat most as couldn't believe it is that I want to worry or should we kill all the cattle so we kill all of our animals are you going to gather a ball of fish out of the sea that was angry and almost like blood do you think there's something I can't do the Bible says numbers 1131 and God of course was not happy that the food he had told them to eat and given them to eat for food they had rejected that's the context here in numbers 11 in verse 31 and their went forth a wind from the Lord and brought quails from the sea. And let them fall by the camp as it were a day's journey on this side as it were a day's journey on the other side round about the camps or a day's journey in any direction outside of the camp and as it were 2 cubits high upon the face of the earth so much quail fell that it was it was it was like something you'd have to walk through like me deep coil Bible says the numbers 11 in verse 32 when the people stood up all that day and all that night and all the next day and they gathered the quails he that gathered least gathered 10 homers and they spread them all abroad for themselves round about the camp they caught the birds and boy they were ready to have some fun with these birds they start to spread them out they were getting ready to you know if there were any Jamaicans there ready to jerk and maybe if they were from Oklahoma they were the right they were ready a barbeque and you know if they were if they were from Kentucky they were ready to fry and they were ready to eat bird the Bible says in verse 33 and while the flesh was yet between their teeth ear it was chewed the wrath of the Lord was kindled against the people and the Lord smote the people with a very great plague we are to plague now the plague of the pandemic that is coronavirus God has allowed this virus to bring the entire world to its knees the coronavirus in my opinion is not a punishment it is warning warning the world that God is still on the throne of God Son Jesus Christ is still Lord of Lords and King of Kings and soon to return this plague hit. They began to be sick and die and it says in verse 34 and we call the name of that place Kimber of how tough are because there they buried the people that lost it did you get that that's where they buried the people who lost it I want to submit to you that when it comes to diet and appetite the Bible is very clear appetite is where Adam and he fell appetite is plagues the children of Israel as they cream slay food the food of their masters back in Egypt but the tide is also the 1st great victory that Christ gains in the in the wilderness of temptation when Christ fasts for 40 days and 40 nights and is met there by by the tempter Satan himself told to turn a stone to bread and refuses to do so conquering appetite where Adam and Eve fail here again it says that they lost that one great preacher good friend of mine Dr James Kyle a preacher and a physician pastor of a church and full time physician he said he said and I talk on health I heard him preach once he said Your body will conspire to kill you if you give your body everything it wants your body will conspire to kill you and that's what happened they lasted they craved did they they desired it in a way that was of godly why because what they were saying is God What you've given is it enough it's not adequate It isn't what we want we lust after the birds the flesh the flesh pots of Egypt they cried the Bible says all that we were in Egypt by the flesh pots but what they did understand was that Egypt was sick. In fact of my talks actually showed a c.t. scans of mummies from ancient Egypt that had atherosclerotic plaque set near arteries and in the carotid arteries the coronary arteries that showing that they died of heart attacks and strokes just like we do today that they had the very same disease progressions cancers and so forth existed then just as it does now so I want to make the point that in fact America itself is sick church and in need of resuscitation the demand of disease in the country is great coronaviruses done well here in part because we have a pro-inflammatory diet and a virus kills by sending you into a hyper inflammatory state is one card to loses why our health care costs higher than other countries and Uncle Sam can't even hear what he's saying he so even so made big bite of food he says who said that and look what is either a piece of bird in one hand look like a turkey leg and a super big gulp and the other one America spends more than all of the nations that are developed around the world on health care costs if I want to look at this red bar is our costs this is the rest of the world we outpace everyone some people ask them what is the greatest determine of health what actually makes you healthy well is it your age is it your weight is it cholesterol or your zip code I wish I had a way for the test all of you on this because most people would say is your weight age cholesterol since Heart Heart disease is the number one killer but in fact the greatest predictor of life lifespan in America isn't weight or cholesterol it's zip code. When you look at somebodies maps you can see out here and this is a map of Washington d.c. he travels from short distances out here into Maryland 81.3 your life expectancy you come into the city a short of 75 your life is wrecked Same city same healthcare system but not really and you have these huge differences in life expectancy. And you can see this here as well this is in. Harlem New York you can see a town in part of Manhattan you can see 85 years down here 76 years in East Harlem and I have even more maps that Dr Battista put you know how to help us fight to put together the shows you when you go into predominantly black and brown parts of town where lower income especially But you know if you're not lower income and as we can show you as we talk about our slave dogs you can see that the life expectancy differs greatly by where you live I don't one of the messages we give a lot in our slave who talks is that it's not your genetic code it's his zip code and why also and because of what is available to you to be healthy in your zip code if you go into poor neighborhoods one of things you find is that you have food swaps and food deserts meaning there's a lot of cheap calorie food swabs fast food bags of chips and giant things a soda. Sugar water and various forms of candy stores liquor stores food swaps but on the flipside is also food deserts real food deserts grocery store say their margins are too narrow to go into porn neighborhoods and set up shop and so when you get up a day goes and corner stores where people eat more snack food and junk food than real food. But zip code matters in a magazine when you come to raise the counties that were African-American residents compose. Less than the u.s. average you see the. Desk for a $100000.00 away here at the bottom if the African-Americans in a majority of the population look at that massive increase in deaths per $100000.00 and as if they're just more than average so you have to watch some of other talks I don't take the angle we normally take in this we ask the question why do black people die sicker and sooner than everyone else in America if America is sick and we die sicker and sooner than everyone else let me let me say something very important to you church it's not just your life span it's your health span it's not just the length of life it's the strength of life the Bible tells us that when Moses died his eyes had not diminished strength or not abated he climbed a mountain to die 120 years old it's not a hell it's not your life span it's your health span you don't want convalescent years sitting around on a bed with the tubes in you and people having a 10 day you could do nothing for years on end you want to be able to do the work of God right up to the end what does it stress stress is unique it is damaging it is powerful stress is a condition of feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize so we have an equation we use in our in our slave who talks stress equals demands minus resources and so. If you are less resources you have the more stress you can be in the more demand you have and African-Americans often show to have greater demands of research and you can see a lot of the stress that's going on right now dealing with a lot of the protests and issues that are going on all of this can be very stressful all Americans have a lot of stress this is not unique to African-Americans but stress will come in and destroy and in our talks we talk about how it correlates to shorten lives increase breast cancer rates with racism is the stressor for African-American women an example of fight or flight in acute stressful situations you get adrenaline and you can run and jump by of and get a story of being chased by dogs and other kids and how you know you get his adrenaline rush but the other thing that happens is you get a cortisol rush or cortisol does is it actually weakens the immune system so if you're constantly stressing this our point is if you're constantly stressed it's like you're always being chased by a dog you're always in a state of fight or flight and that is not healthy God did not design this to be that way so you have a you wind up with a weakened immune system nerve problems and anxiety and depression why because chronic stress leads to chronic inflammation of the body even before you eat prone to a pro inflammatory diet like the standard American diet the sad diet is so what happens of course is always being released you become cortisol resistant and it's eventually cortisol normally turns down the inflammation inflammatory cells in your body when cortisol is always high that never happens and your body starts to make inflammatory cells we now know that those inflammatory cells cross the blood brain barrier and cause anxiety and depression I believe this is one major reason Americans have so much mental illness that is stress and a flip side of that is if you don't eat approached from a Tory diet that died also contributes to poor mental function and things like anxiety and depression. Well what about the stress factor on your main system here in 1900 scientists studying the relationship between psychological stress and immune response and it intentionally exposed 324 healthy participants to one of 5 respiratory viruses including a corona virus the subject more than pointing an unmonitored even after control of factors like age sex education weight and prior antibody status the researchers found that a person's underlying stress levels were associated with an increased risk of getting sick so slavery was stressful Jim Crow was stressful and even the things that are going now now are stressful it means that just being stressed. Your body's ability to protect you from infections and other things of if 2 people are on the same diet and one of them is very stressed the one that is very stressed will get form at their school rhotic plaques from the cholesterol saturated fat etc and salt that faster than the one who is not stressed and one of the things that happens of course is that these things are connected you see stressed is desserts spelled backwards stressed is desserts spelled backwards when you become stressed and I love this picture when you become stressed. Literally you crave sweets why because sugar turns down the quarters all in your brain makes you feel less stressed it becomes a comfort food I want you to get is church in fact I believe this will is one of the mechanisms of control of the people stressed them out and give them on a healthy dainties on a healthy foods in order to make them feel less stress but not just food of course alcohol and of course we were given. Liquor and cigarettes and of course we weren't just give regular cigarettes we were given. Menthol cigarettes and on and on and on and on all of these things drugs were dropped into our communities because stress is desert spelled backwards if you don't have any other addiction something as simple as caffeine and sugar will do the trick but God says this 2nd time of the $17.00 for God is not giving us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind so what happens of food is stress you notice I want you to see the tie and I want you to get it as the children of Israel are leaving Egypt they were stressed out when they couldn't get what they wanted they desired food to comfort them I want to submit to you that just as we were slaves in America. Food became a way to manage the stress of that except we weren't given the best food we were given chitlins intestines of a pig pig's feet. We were given chicken feet and chicken necks and gizzards and parts of the animal the master refused to eat it was the refuse that was what slave food was. Now some of us call it soul food but it was really slave food and as you can see as you as stress and diet interact with each other and all of these things begin to happen that oxidative stress both begin to produce inflammation which comes back and increases the stress anxiety depression making the diet worse and it becomes like a fly wheel becomes worse and worse and let me tell you some church Satan wants God's people stuck in a trap that will cause them to be unhealthy So how does he do it well we talked about this in our slaves we talked to the food and beverage industry spends approximately $2000000000.00 here marketing to children the fast food industry spends more than 5000000 every day marketing unhealthy foods to children and their lead all 98 percent of food advertisement view viewed by children are for products that are high in fat sugar and salt or sodium most 75 percent are low in fiber so how do they make sleighs Well one study found that when children are exposed to television content with food advertising they can sue 45 percent more food than children exposed to content with non-food advertising here's where it gets crazy black children in America see more food advertised than any other group of young people there are 2 reasons why that one is on average African-American kids watch more television and one programs are designed for African-Americans there's a fast food industry and a and the soda industry and a lot of other industries target there's a reason when you go to many of our neighborhoods you see McDonald's and Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken and wheezy wheezy and a Kentucky Louisiana fried chicken there is something we're always been targeting the advertisement says that when you look at how the dollars are spent towards children and how restaurants appear in our neighborhoods and I watch this Joe firman. Not a Christian not an African American but he says this and he has a great book you should check out fast food genocide very good book he and his book Eat to Live Dr Firman says the modern food and drug industry has converted a significant portion of the world's people to a new religion a massive cult of pleasure seekers who consume coffee cigarettes soft drinks candy chocolate alcohol processed foods fast foods and concentrated dairy fat cheese in a self-indulgent orgy of destructive behavior he then says when the inevitable results of such bad habits of pear pain suffering sickness and disease the addicted cult members drag themselves to physicians and demand drugs to leave it their pain mass their symptoms and cure their diseases these revelers become so drunk on their addictive behavior and the accompanying addictive thinking that they can no longer tell the difference between health and health care and this election ever talks about who this person plan for health care in this person to have health care you know as the Bible talks about how do we make America actually healthy because there's money in health care as one comedian said there's nobody in living people and there's no there's no money in healthy people there's no money in dead people the money is in the middle the money is in having you attached to the medical industrial complex so that you are taking diabetes by high blood pressure pills insulin chemotherapy all arrest your life that's where the money is in fact this is what Solomon the wise man that ever lived he gave us advices and Proverbs 2312 and 3 when our cities to eat with a ruler consider diligently what is before the and put a knife to your throat if you be a man given to appetite we are not desirous of his dainties for they are to seek for meat. So here's the unholy trinity Michael massive book describes it salt sugar and fat and these things were brought together by out of the food industry they study the bliss points and figure out ways to get people addicted to food that's why the food industry says once you pop you can't stop that's what I say but you can eat just one because they have designed these products talkies the hot cheetos the Doritos the Snickers bars they are designed that when you start eating them you can't stop and they use a principle called the vanishing calorie as well as the bliss point where they solve things so much that the salt and the crisp in a crunch does something but the vanishing carrot gives you a crunch or a mushy feeling and then it feels like nothing really in your mouth your brains and I don't anymore I didn't get what I was to get a crunch like an apple but I'm not getting the substance of an apple the average American it's 33 pounds of 33 pounds of cheese and 70 pounds of sugar every year 8500 milligrams of salt a day and cheese is a very destructive food subs very much supported by the us government and how it subsidizes they used to give away I set up one of my slides and on as a government cheese big block to cheese cheese is just saturated fat cholesterol and salt so it damages the body heavily and not just that people still crying for the flesh parts of Egypt. You notice this salami bacon sausage is processed meats are considered a class one carcinogen they cause cancer just like in the same class as cigarettes make it in the same class and cigarettes class too probably cause cancer pork beef and lamb and what what what does what does the devil want to do it was the increase or exposure to this stuff so back in the 1950 s.. The food was a quarter the size it is now it is 4 times larger Now you look at the size of a french fry $1000.00 of a serving of French as $2.00 ounces a burger was 3.9 ounces so it was 7 ounces that is 6.712 and 42 so it is 42 ounces why this billboard says it all it was crafted for your craving you get that they sat and designed it so that you would want to now they use of even cultural figure they have one popular African American and he named a burger after a break down the word gold chain and his twists and. They want to attach to the fleshpots of Egypt and to refuse the matter that God is offering you that is actually tells you God was very careful when he gave the people instruction about food yet we believe because you know today that we would you know we could just eat anything not recognizing it was wisdom and what God was saying this wasn't just traditional form and he gave the children of Israel in the Old Testament he says speak to the people of Israel saying you shall eat no fat of ox or sheep or goat Leviticus 725 for every person of the fat of an animal of which a food offering may be made of the Lord shall be cut off from the people Genesis 94 says but flesh with the life thereof. Which is the blood there of you shall not eat Leviticus $317.00 it shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all you do are links that neither for fat nor blood was this just something that was then later on Jesus to worry about it was this some scientific reason for this and let me submit to you that the saturated fat I don't have time to get into it all today the saturated fat meat combined with the endo toxins from the bacteria a quarter pound of beef has 300000000 bacteria in it even when you cook it and they all die the end of toxins combine with the saturated fat cross the very get into your blood and cause inflammation remember inflammations The problem seems that God knew what he was doing because the blood was full of heave iron and we now know that just like iron rusts if you leave it outside if you take iron in large amounts like is found in blood because that's what makes blood blood makes it red makes you have red blood cell hemoglobin in it that's iron when I am gets in your body it also oxidizes that's what rust is and causes damaged in your body cause a disease that won't be as a theory that whatever reasons women live longer isn't just estrogen it's because because they have a monthly menses menstruation they lose some of that iron study showed those who give away blood actually have better aren't counts and what we found is that when it's one when you get your iron from plant sources the body knows just to pull just enough but when you get it for meat you absorb all of it to got to something in fact to give you a hint here in and Genesis as you look at the the patriarchs and you look from Adam all the way to Jacob you notice that at Noah after Noah when meat before that time God did not sanction the eating of meat got people did not eat meat after the flood when he said Ok you can eat meat now notice our life expectancy dropped precipitously hit him in. I'm not saying if you eat meat you sin and you'll go to hell I'm not saying that I am saying that God has called us to be as healthy as possible and I believe he gives us these little hints so what really determines health is a science is you that the medical industrial complex or health industry big players focus on making as much money as possible you see the doctor the nurse and the healthy patients above all and see to the people in the suits healthy profits above all so does that really is that really what happens well pills that make you healthy Americans oppose more on capital on pills per person than anybody yet you know that we don't we don't we don't get the results of these we already were sick and thereby else air so some folks say listen biology vitamin supplements and this this journal article I read is you know basically all the rest of it like taking a placebo there's no scientific evidence that the overwhelming majority of people take a supplement so some of the got me bad take a multi-vitamin doesn't work like that and what I would what I'll emphasize is that the truth is a challenge this cartoon is pretty interesting is as there's an inconvenient truth on one side nobody wants to go see that show everybody wants to hear a reassuring lie the belief that the medical system is going to save you any end when you get sick you have to go to hospital I think coronaviruses as shown you that the medical system is not as sophisticated as we thought it was the public health system even the whole world is really what is the Bible say well a 3rd John 123 John wanted to says Beloved I wish above all things that you may as prosper and be in health even as die so prosperous the Bible says that God wants you to be healthy if you're not healthy something's wrong and God wouldn't offer you something he didn't give you instructions on how to get and power Holy Ghost power to get. So what are we supposed to do well where do we find manna today of a man who was angels who what are we supposed to eat well Genesis 129 tells you it says And God said Behold I have given you every herb bearing see result upon the face of all the earth and every tree in which is there is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meat what plants it was seed it was nuts whole grains and in the garden initially before sin it was actually fruits nuts and seeds when you really look at it this is the prime primary diet they were supposed to have that was supposed to be for meat versus Daniel what gives you another one every year people do die and then you fast then you want 12 has proved I servants I beseech the 10 days and let them give us polls to eat and water to drink so you get fruits nuts grains. Seeds is a really healthy food on the throne or something else after said God said to man is the till the ground and it should yield. Herb of the field as vegetables after sin there was not it was bad bacteria before said there would have been no back but bad bacteria no viruses no coronavirus bees didn't sting people Lions didn't eat lambs so when we get to heaven and in a new earth Bible says the lamb the lion lamb then lay down together. Guys they will listen to the lies to be a vegetarian I'm not and I'm not for that I am assuming what God told me when we think when we get to heaven you know soulless chicken or Gotta make a fruit that it taste like chicken not so sure I think God's got better stuff in store for us than of the dead to taste the flesh of the taste of the flesh that animals as he tried to do with Israel as we read in the story in the beginning. Then you want 12 prove that I servants I beseech the 10 days let them give us pulse to eat and water to drink Paul's translates I like lentils were so you add to fruits nuts vegetables which is the urban feel which is obviously very healthy and leafy green vegetables upright health is that you can eat like collards turnips spinach those types of thing dark berries like blueberries studies that show of a child just takes and a cup to 2 cups of blueberries a day to more better actually perform better in school than a child takes and none of the antioxidants which is what fights the rusting effect of all of the things that are put in our bodies through a corrupt environment it is the fruits and vegetables that protect you from the sinful world physically Daniel also in polls lentils black beans garbanzo beans. Black Eyed Peas these things were made it to have soluble and insoluble fibers to be filling they actually stabilize blood sugar if you're diabetic beans actually stabilize your blood sugar will have to come to your church do some detail stuff on it but the last line is this one and it says that God made the human heart so big only he can feel and I can tell you it is that it is God that must work in us to do these things I'm not here to judge you God has blessed me that I mean I was 50 pounds heavier started to really do this stuff and been able to take of weight get back running outside and playing basketball and doing stuff like that so I had to judge but I am here to tell you that if you're sick you don't have to be diabetes can be reversed by a whole food plant based diet as prescribed in the scripture. Cancers can be prevented blood pressures can be controlled when you eat plant foods that increase the amount of pet hassle and if you're not salting your food it drops the sodium in your sodium potassium ratio ratio flips your blood pressure naturally will drop and as you exercise as you drink out of water. And as you rest. Even the Scripture says on the 7th day God rested as a as an example but you was rushing to get enough sleep so when you sleep is when your body actually figures out how to control your appetite for the next day the studies show that when people sleep they can't control their appetite the next day all of these things are things that we are to do it is sunshine vitamin d. when shown actually one of things that correlates the less severe corona virus infection if someone gets it or no coronavirus infection at all Bible gives us all these things about how to be healthy spacing out meals like I said earlier 5 hours at least between the meals start with one simple thing in advance get rid of sugary sweet drinks if you smoke or drink alcohol get rid of those 1st cut down on caffeine or get rid of it so you can sleep better at night then get rid of the sugary drinks then begin to move to get rid of the processed foods out of your diet because what happens is for some of us food is actually self medication we don't feel good about ourselves we don't we know we're stressed out and so we stressed equal desserts spell backwards comes in and in fact what we're doing is self medicating we are not trusting God with our problems we're not taking all the yoke of Christ we're not doing those things instead we're asking Kentucky and Louisiana fried chicken and Domino's Pizza and all of the and the Biscoe and all the big companies to fill the void I'm telling you I learned what I did addiction medicine at a veterans hospital in Lowell in the California one of them taught me a saying says God made the human heart so big only he can feel it you try and fill the god sized hole in your heart with honey buns and Twinkies and donuts and sweets and so. Each itself to death your body will conspire to kill you but if you go back to the Word of God and are careful to read instructions that give you a better way to manage your life and your health will be a slave to food by eating sleep. Today to slay food is all the stuff that the that many wealthy people as country reject high fructose corn syrup processed sugars a process or oils. They reject all of the stuff and yet we eat it in abundance Jesus came to set the captives free. John says I wish of all things that you would be in good health and prosper that is what God wants for you because when you healthy a mind is clear you make better decisions Isaiah 118 Come let us reason together since we are Scottish every white as snow Your mind must be clear and your body must be clean and strong Don't be a slave the food will do more sessions will get more time with you God bless you let's pray Father God we think of it as opportunity to just study a word where we don't want to be slaves to anything on his or not slaves to sin and I have sin make us be slaves to food. Lord free us from the plan. To walk in health. This is our prayer Jesus is precious and all. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. It you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit w w.


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