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When God Fills the Void of Your Life

Christian Martin
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Christian Martin

Lead Pastor of the Living Hope SDA Church in Haymarket, Virginia.



  • October 24, 2020
    11:15 AM
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Amen thank you brother Wesley there is no one likes rhesus and when one reads the stories of Jesus in the Gospels they they paint a beautiful picture of the character of God. He was a gentle healer who encountered empty people but Philip my message today is entitled When God fills the void it's of your life I invite your buyer heads with me as we begin with the word of prayer. For Father in heaven as we come before your presence today we come Lord from various walks of life yet we come for a single purpose and that is to have an encounter with you to meet you to see Jesus and at this time boy to hear your voice speak to our hearts. You know our hearts Lord. You know the state of our hearts you know everything about our life we're so thankful that you have welcomed us here today so Lord speak to us you are the gentle healer speak to our hearts Lord and we thank you in Jesus' name amen there's an instance in Jesus' life. When he was broken hearted he had just been informed that John the Baptist had been beheaded that he was now buried Matthew writes in his Gospel that when Jesus heard it he departed from there by boat to it to serve the place by himself all Jesus wanted was to be by himself. In a deserted place to grieve not only had John been a fellow preacher who proclaimed the same message of repentance that she says would but he was also related to Jesus for an angel had called Alyssa bit a relative. Of his mother Mary a general term meaning of the same family and now John his relative his fellow preacher a friend was dead it's not recorded in this story but believe me she says what to wear the inspired words of the prophet Isaiah we need to scribe Jesus as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. So Jesus and His disciples departed on a boat to spend time alone. But it was only a matter of time when the multitude of people we don't know how many but it was a multitude of a deadly several dozens or few 100 people if not more heard but his whereabouts it didn't take too long to find out where Jesus was because people's people kept their eyes on him. And the Gospel of Mark records that and I quote they read there on foot from all the cities in search of Jesus now put yourself in the circumstances that sees us finds himself put yourself in his place. How would you react if all you needed was to be alone. That's all you want I'm grieving. Maybe i'm time apart I need to be alone I need to be in it to serve the place how would you react if you were Jesus after all when one is a need the last thing they are compelled to do is to give of themselves Have you ever felt that way we're all human beings here. I'm sure you have as I have as well and when one feels empty they have nothing left to give if this sounds like you like your life today well I'm here to tell you that you're not alone and many of us feel empty in different ways you don't have a sense of purpose when it seems like you lead a pretty meaningless life you're not happy but you're not particular sad either but when someone asks you how do you feel your responses I don't know another might ask you what can I do to help and again the same answer I don't know. Yes Mt people today as in the days of Galilee seem to be running on foot from all the cities but getting nowhere fast running from one place to another in search for purpose inserts to be filled to be filled running. Running running for one political rally to another looking to be filled with hope. But walking away empty emptiness emptiness even causes some top high. Why because they feel an important or and cared for but they end up looking for acceptance in all the wrong places so you know people will will tell you about how high they were but they won't tell you how empty they felt when the high was gone. You know we were created by God to be social beings but for what purpose I'll tell you what purpose so so being so we could press together and be a community social beings so we can connect with one another but what has happened in the 21st century or so so beings and vented social media which often leads us to not to community but to isolation studies have shown that among college students for every 10 percent rise in negative social media interactions a person experienced the risk of depression rose significantly by 20 percent and I don't know about you I don't know if you've noticed but for the last what 10 months or so negative social media interaction has been unprecedented it's about all your fun seems in another survey this one conducted by Common Sense Media 35 percent of teens who are worried by getting tagged in unflattering photos. $27.00 till then should a supposed how they look in posted photos and 22 percent filled worse about themselves if their posted photos were on notice. You might be quick to think that these percentages may seem kind of love. But in reality they represent millions of teams millions and shall I say millions of empty teams you know it was a rhetorical question asked to the weeping prophet that speaks to us today in the 21st century term Maya Chapter 23 verse 24 sadness can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him declares the Lord do I not. Heaven in earth declares the Lord I wonder if this emptiness characterize your life. Does it today do you feel empty now as your life seem unstructured you can seem to to manage your life. Things seem to easily get out of control it feels. An organized. Without form without for Desir heart feel and this your heart feel boy void but if you didn't have to look too far what is what is. Which you're looking for what you're craving for is within fades reads what is what if God literally created a framework of time. That reminds us of an ultimate reality that he use the Creator who fills the void in your life. He has and it does this come with me to the book of beginnings the book of beginnings you know where that book is it's in the beginning of the Bible Genesis chapter one come with me to Genesis chapter one Genesis the book of beginnings chapter one and will be reading verses one and 2 some of the better known verses of the entire Old Testament Genesis chapter one verse one and 2 the Word of God says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without 4 and void and darkness was on the face of the deep and the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the water. The Hebrew word translated without form means to solicit the word translated war 8 It means come please leave me empty desolate and to veer in Genesis chapter one the condition of what humanity would. It was in full display before it was even created. Without form. And void and furthermore darkness was on the face of the deep but I'm here to tell you church I'm here to tell you that where this years of bullied and desolation even in the midst of darkness the Spirit of God is there in those moments where you feel the thick of emptiness where you look all around to and you see nothing but darkness Make no mistake about it the Spirit of God is there. In the midst of your emptiness the Spirit of God hovers over your heart your soul and your mind he's there he's there. The Sol missed in chapter 139 of the saw him he wrote a description of cog and the Spirit of God that hope worse. In the midst of darkness he wrote Where can I go from your spirit or where can I flee from your presence if I ascended to heaven you are there if my make my bed in hell behold you are there if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea even there your hands hold lead me and your right hand shall hold me if I say certainly the darkness saw fall on me even the night soapy lights about me indeed the darkness saw not hide from you but the night science as the day and the darkness and the light are both of like to you so as the Spirit of God hovers over the face of your darkness over the face of the deep the creator's a niche so work. During that Creation day creation week to Krieger's initial work. But the desolate world that's without any structure. Is to create forms. For so he proceeds to do so in the 1st 3 days believe me God is indeed a God of order that all things be done decently and in order. And a creator god who finds some self in the precedents of a world without form and void it God says it's time to work it's time to create the form so book in the 1st day the creator created light let there be light he said and it was so and he as its governing source divided the light from the darkness the Apostle John under the inspiration of the Spirit of God wrote to God is Light God is light and in Him is no darkness at all now it's an interesting discovery here that some people call scholars believe which the Hebrew tax does support that the sun created by God is in fact the source of light in day one of creation while in day for the sun was to regularly established asked the earth's governing source of light in the firmament of the evidence but little bit more on that later. So whether the source of the light was from God Himself or the son there was now this is this is the point there was now a delicate brain work for him if you please of lights distinguish the football from the den starkness So this marks the end of the 1st day Genesis Chapter one Verse 5 simply says so the evening in the morning where the 1st day in the 2nd day the creator created an expanse in the midst of the waters what a God This resold in an atmosphere a livable breathable space but of the waters which he called have been rich in carbon dioxide and Mt framework of air. Suitable for life. Yet life lists and void. This mark the end of the 2nd day Genesis 18 simply says of the evening in the morning where the 2nd day Next we go to day 3 and the 3rd day God crimen God commanded the creator that the waters be gathered together doing what exposing the Dr Land there it was and and he called the dry land Earth and the gathering to the waters he called sees what we have now we have a vast framework of the land and of the sea ice and he commanded blades of grass herbs and fruit trees to bring about in an environment that was suitable for life. Diversity would send Li sloping hills and mountains and crisscross with Riverside Lakes good boy of an abundance of life but this marked the end of the 3rd day Genesis 113 says in the evening in the morning where the 3rd day. This far. In orderly fashion the Creator God has created the form would know remains is to fill the pool he had. To fill to fill with an abundance of life and this he does in orderly fashion namely the 4th 5th and 6 days of creation on the 4th day God the creator set the sun moon and stars. In the firmament of the heavens as the governing source of light upon the earth. According to Dr call in house the Hebrew Genesis Chapter one Verse 16 would be best translated in the following way God made the 2 great lights the greater light to rule the day the lesser light to rule the night with the Stars What's the implication the implication of such translation is that the stars were not created on day 4 pretty rad there were simply joined by the moon. And their task of governing the night either way the sun moon and stars the abundance of stars have now been put in place to govern to rule over the day and night and to fit. The framework of lights with its dominion. This marked the end of the 4th day and the evening in the morning according to verse 19 or the Firth day in day 5 dog the creator created in abundance and abundance of seed creatures to fill the empty seat and an abundance of birds to fill the empty heavens and a distinct blessing is mentioned for the 1st time coming from the mouth of the Creator there in verse 22 in verse 22 a blessing given by God which he said Be fruitful and multiply multiply fish of the Watterson the seas and let the birds multiply on the Earth you see we worship a Creator who is specimen straighted by his creative acts that he is a God who fills the void with an abundance of life why because he is abundant in all things this is the character of our Creator our Creator is a god. Into suppressants nothing remains slack and is precedence there is more are and even more a god of abundance who fills the void who fills the form and this marked the end of the 5th day 1st 23 cents says in the evening in the morning where the 5th day in the 6 stay God created living creatures the Bible says carry on creeping things in the beast of the earth and for his crowning act creation created in His image male and female he created them and again a blessing is expressed by the Creator I find it interesting that God speaks blessing to those things which have breath he expresses the blessing now in verse 28 Be fruitful again and multiply fill. The earth and subdue it to have dominion over the fish of the sea over the Blue Birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth another description of a creator god who fills the void with abundance this marks the end of the 6 day verse 31 and the evening in the morning were the 6th day and moves this under the inspiration of the Spirit of God now writes in chapter 2 verse one chapter 2 verse one we're not done with creation story yet Genesis chapter 2 verse one does haven't seen the earth where and all the host of them were finished Yes that's true but notice what happens next 1st 2 and the 7th day God ended his work which he had made. And he rested on the 7th day from all his work which he had done 1st 3 then God bless you which he had done then God bless the 7th day and sent to fight it because in it he rested for all his work which God had created and made so the creation of planet Earth is now completed Did you notice what happened our creator God filled the void of the 1st days form in the 4th day our creator God filled the void of the 2nd days form on the 5th day got our creator God filled the void of the 3rd days form on the 6th day and the same creator god millenniums later fills the void of our life any day the Creator God is a God who comes he steps into our lives but wait a minute wait a minute there's the 1st day paired with the 4th day Ok 2nd day the 5th day see they see it the 3rd day paired with the 6th day it's clear Pierce there's an even number but wait a minute the 7th day re me it's it appears that the 7th day stance uniquely alone apart from the other 6 days of creation for all of the 6 days have fulfilled its appointed purpose namely to establish form. And to fill the void but a 7th day to not number. Everyone knows that with an odd number there is no pair or maybe there is a god has completed all his work in 6 days why add yet another day why by the Creator God Now incarnated in human flesh declares the answer himself and Mark Chapter 2 verse 27 with the simple words the Sabbath was made for Mad The Sabbath was made for man a gift of time made specifically for mankind but what for the question remains why why such a gift to mankind isn't merely a memorial of creation another day to pass time simply existing order could it be much more than just say the 7th 24 hour period in the weekly cycle Genesis chapter 2 verse 3 easy read and the Lord God sent to fight it. What does the word sanctify actually mean the word sent to 5 it means to set apart and make holy to set apart and make holy but remember the Sabbath was made for man the Sabbath was set apart for man it was me holy for man. So for what divine purpose the Bible answers that question. In Easy to you Chapter 20 verse 12. You see Q Chapter 20 verse 12 disregard the biblical reference not acts that is but is seek you'll Chapter 20 verse 12 says Moreover I also gave them my sabots to be a saw main between them and me that they might know that I am good Lord who sanctifies through them. We've come from a good God who has sanctified the 7th day to no good God The same God who sanctifies them Sabbath was made for man we see the progression of the progressive rather work of sanctification that's seamlessly move from a day of the week to the law eaves of humanity consistent with his creative work of feeling the forms of feeling the forms during the 6 days of creation that the 7th day sabbath stands alone as a day in which we celebrate the fullness of God. Which comes and fill us our emptiness by the very same Creator God. We worship a god. Who sets us apart and makes us holy and how can he do that when we His creation hopefully empty ourselves of ourselves and we ask him to fill us with who hears. The sad. The sad it's not just the 724 hour period of time. Sad. Sad is the so brace. Of a God. Who stands at the door and knocks why because he's eager to fill us with his presence to fill us to buy it in us to fill us with this Fullness the 7 piece. Is not an odd number that that was just added to the other 6 it follows that pattern and form and void form fill the void form for the boy. And fill the void with this press say. The Sabbath a gift from God You see we worship a creator god. Life with an abundance of holiness why because he is supposedly and he alone can fill the void of your life. He fills us with his presence Richard Davidson and spoke a love song for the Sabbath writes these words the Sabbath is holy because God fills it with his presence therefore the Sabbath is not just a day but a person in a special way doing its hours God gives not only rest and power but most important himself. On Sabbath he comes to tabernacle with us in person it is the day of days for an intimate fellowship and celebration with our Creator and friend as we contemplate would God has set aside for men how can we help explain exclaiming The Sabbath is the treasure house of God It is so because the good it contains the giver. My friends the giver who keeps on giving remember our story on the Mount. When a multitude was looking for Jesus where is this man running from every city by foot so as quickly as their feet could carry them and at a time. When all he wanted and rightly so was some peace and quiet but instead he was been barred with hundreds and hundreds of emotionally spiritually and physically needy people. How did he react. According to Mark's account listen he was moved. With compassion for us. He was moved with compassion for us because they were like she not having a shepherd. While dealing with this all in Los she says set his eyes on a young man whose life was in a state of confusion. I'm a woman who was broken with rejection I'm a wealthy man whose life. Is void of joy. And any me a single mom who's struggling to endure a middle aged man who sees nothing but a life of regret and emptiness in Jesus could have. Turned the other way and disappeared but that's not would Jesus to us and that's not would guide us instead he gave of himself. Of his time and he taught about his kingdom and then Mark's account adds that he made them all sitting groups the Gospel of Mark as on the green grass. Echoing the words of the song mist he make it them to lie down in green pastures and he stores there so he then blessed 5 loaves and 2 fish and fed thousands and the gospel writer simply concludes with these words so they all ate and were filled I want to suggest to you that they were not just filled with food but travelled down the Sophos to an empty stomach. But on this day and on this day the Lord of the Sabbath. Is right here right now. Ready to fill a new our emptiness with his presents. And Phyllis with an abundance of life for you as it will you ask him to do that for you today we do that I'm with you and fellow human being living in this world that's really messed up and I long to find something to fill my emptiness by the grace of God My friends it's within our reach for it is God himself and he's ready to fill you know now right here right now in the heart of yet another Sabbath if that is your desire you lift up your hands towards heaven right now and say Jesus fill me now fill me now let's pray Lord Jesus here we are your children are gathered together yes as sheep without a shepherd here we are Lord and as your face is turned towards us we are humbled to know that you take interest that you are compassionate towards us that you log on to drawing near. To film this fills us with your fullness and that is indeed our prayer he saw our hands go up towards have endured fill us now call him Lord seizes and fill us now Phyllis with diet hollowed presence come. And fill us now. We make this humble request in Jesus' name in. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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