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Spirituality, Religion, and Health: Making Faith Touchable

Zeno Charles-Marcel
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This presentation will:
  1. Discuss the amplification of distress and erosion of wellbeing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Describe how religio-spiritual factors affect overall health and the physical, mental-emotional, and social-relational dimensions of health and wellbeing (SHALOM)
  3. Discuss the ways in which religio-spiritual life is reciprocally affected by the other dimensions of health and wellness
  4. Cite research-based examples of associations between religio-spiritual health and overall health, wellness, or resilience.


Zeno Charles-Marcel, MD, is a medical missionary physician, health educator, and academic and hospital administrator. His research interests include lifestyle medicine, and the connection between spirituality and health. He studied physics and physiology at McGill University, and zoology and medicine at Howard University. He specialized in internal medicine at Loma Linda University. He is currently the vice president for medical affairs at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, and holds academic appointments at Montemorelos and Loma Linda Universities. He and his wife, Anita, have three sons.


  • October 30, 2020
    9:00 AM
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Good morning everyone. As the as a plenary session this is going to be a little bit more academic than some of the things that we saw yesterday and despite it being academic there's something in it for everyone so without further ado let me go through some of the things that we have to do which is the 1st disclaimer in this disclaimer is the no known conflict of interest except of course the fact that the bible believing 7th Day Adventist and that of course influences all of my decisions and filters my thoughts Ok. There's another disclaimer and this is a few things that we need to get straight before we move on and that is that there's nor salvation by works Ok there's no salvation by health habits there's no salvation by a veggie burger there's no salvation by exercise or sleep or any of those things there's no salvation by any of those things there is only salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ our Savior lest anyone should boast Ok God speaks the question that we're going to try to answer is can we hear what he's seeing. I'll start off with a case and it's an experiment that I want you to engage in it goes like this you happened to be at a function with people that you have never met before and I am there too and I see you I meet you and introduce you to somebody whom you have never spoken to before I take out a $1000.00 in $100.00 bills and you can see from the screen that's the rendition of it. Now I give it to the person who you just met We'll call him John I give it to John and I said John this is for the 2 of you you decide how you're going to divide these 1000 dollars there is a catch however if you can't agree on how to how to distributed nobody gets anything I keep the 1000 dollars All right so now here are 2 scenarios John can give you 100 dollars and keep 100 or you can split it any other way even he keeps 5 and he gives you 500 but you have to decide which one you're going to take and which whether this is something that is going to be reasonable for you to do or not do if you accept it that's the end of the deal if you don't accept it nobody gets anything I keep my $1000.00 how would you choose and what would influence your choice you agree. You keep what you get you disagree no one gets anything so no. Corbett 19. We heard quite a bit yesterday when Brian was talking at the introduction of his talk about what's going on with Colvin and I just want to add a few items to that the round things of covert 19 the air of call that 19 is an error of confusion you know we have thought about religious confusion and things but it's an error of just plain all confusion nobody knows what to believe when you hear you don't know whether information is good information bad information this information or what it's a time of conflict is a time of concern it's a time of certainty of uncertainty most people have a problem with the fact that they don't know what's going to happen tomorrow but mind you no one knew what was going to happen tomorrow anyway but we felt as if we knew what was going to happen tomorrow but now we know for sure we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow it's also a time of conspiracy theories they are bound It's also a time for conscious social reform and a community this rupture and we have seen this all around and just about every kind of community every configuration of community we have this issue but in the midst of this crisis we need to understand that crisis actually means on the one hand from the Chinese character danger and opportunity and maybe there are some opportunities here in the midst of the danger that we are facing. That might be of help to us so who is affected by call with 90 in the short answer is everyone it's all around the world everybody in some way or another has been affected by you don't have to be infected to be affected. Health care workers. On the forefront all over the world in the kind of work that we do at the General Conference we talk to people from all around the world and the health care workers are at the forefront of the brunt of this problem with call that 19 we've had many physicians Adventist physicians and other health care workers who have died because of exposure to call with 1000 in the line of duty helping others. And then of course their caregivers of another stroke caregivers in families and there's research looking at what happens to the caregivers in families and they are affected too in different ways of course people who happen to be younger female who have smaller places of smaller dwellings these people are more affected by the problem if you lose your job you're more affected by the situation as well. But this brings us to the idea of health and wellness and sickness we know that there are determinants of health and wellness and determinants of sickness and we know that there are social determinants but about 40 percent of the determinants of health and wellness happen to be related to the lifestyle of the choices that we make so while there are some things that we may not be able to change there are certainly some things that we may be able to change and I won't say that we always can change him but we may be able to change them and this is a 5 d. model of well being of course there are some that go up to 9 or 10 or 12 different different dimensions this one is a simplified yet robust model looking at the body the physical aspects of things the mind of the thinking aspects of things and of course the mind also looking at mood and feelings that we might have the emotional part of things we have the cognitive and we have the emotional we also have the issue of relationships and the social aspect of of Health and the social aspect of well being that includes not just the relationship that we have with one another but also the relationship that we have with things and the relationship that we have with the animate parts of creation including of course the inanimate environment and then we have the part that is the spiritual aspect of things and this spiritual aspect. God has to do with the identity who we are and who's we are it also has to do with worship because this is a vertical relationship that we have with our Creator and it is the aspect of us that regardless of of who we read who has been talking about religion and spirituality and things like that from a medical or health standpoint we talk about transcendence this is transcends just what we can see and what we what we can experience in our physical sense we have this something extra in the transcendence now. What do people see that they want from the research investigations looking and the interviews that have been done in the United States asking people what they want people want normalcy they want to return to what is normal Now what's interesting is that people were complaining before coven. But no we want to go back to that in other words it was better before than it is now and we want to go back to what we were what we didn't like before anyway human beings interesting creatures right people want solutions they don't just want talk they want solutions they want safety and security they want to be certain and you know as we talked about before the only certain thing is that we're uncertain or right and of course they don't want to be afraid they don't want to have fear about the unknown they want to have fear about the known either and people have been clamoring for community for connection and connectedness again and of course they want to have peace peace of mind and they want to have peace in the world these are things that people are clamoring for now once we start talking about peace we get into another realm of things and the Hebrew word that is usually translated peace in the Old Testament is the word shallow and what shall long has much more to do with our total health and total wellbeing than just peace. Shalom is actually the best word the best Hebrew word that that encapsulates the idea of health it is it means peace yes but it means total health it means completeness not brokenness it means that that we're whole we're made whole again and God wants us to have this wholeness which of course will only happen when he returns to complete the job but while we are here are there things that we can do moving in that direction. Long deals with wellness it deals with harmony things working in harmony with each other it means that all that is good is ours when when the Hebrews would we would greet one another we say they would give their salutation which is health right salute for health when they would greet one another they use the term show loam which didn't just mean peace be unto you but it meant everything that is good be it yours and this is what God wants for us everything to be good things. Functioning things acting the way they were designed to act God wants us to be restored and he wants to give us this show alone. So people in search of this show alone people in search of peace and people in search of normalcy have been looking at the Internet to try to find answers and I have now a list of things. Broken down by country. Trying to see what people are searching for and you might be surprised at some of the things that this itching for well one of the things of course it's obvious that they should be looking for masks right this has become a political football in whether you mask up or you don't mask up on what the what the benefit of using a mask would be and which kind of mass all these different things and of course the science behind it they don't put in those slides of looking at what happens when you wear a mask and the ability or inability to transmit droplets and aerosols based on the on the quality and the fit of the mask that you might be using but mask people in different countries are looking at masks they're also looking at cutting here believe it or not Ok. There was a big spike in New York when there was that lockdown so much so that when when the curfews and so on were lifted I was told that in New York City you could gather here for about 500 to a 1000 dollars Ok I mean this is absolutely ridiculous from my point of view but you know I guess. Shouldn't complain right. I don't have that much to cut nonetheless. Imagine people are going on You Tube and looking to find out how to cut here something that should be so easy for us to do and then of course they were looking at how to cook now this should be already giving us some idea about some of the things that we have been talking about a 7 been this in our health ministry to people you know when we were in Mexico down south in Mexico cutting here was part of the outreach that we would do we go to a community and we cut people's here and they were youngsters who would come and get their hair cut and we'd also do the deal worming and. You know getting rid of ticks and things like that but coming here and of course cooking schools teaching how to how to cook. People became interested in this during the lockdown and you to look at the various countries Brazil Germany Italy the United States there's a big spike in the United States all the eating out had stopped so people know had had to try to find a way to cook to be able to get things done and then family gardens and growing your own food you've heard about that before what people were looking at this and and this was there was a spike in a growing interest in people trying to find out how they could get. To grow their own food no it's not something that you can do tonight for tomorrow Ok so this is part of the of the situation health is not just something that you do today for tomorrow health is something that you know we persist and and we keep on with with good habits as best as we can and we grow and health is something that is progressive Ok so to just say I'm going to grow a garden today that just doesn't happen that way you can't cram for 4 growing a garden. And then exercise you know you can't get fit overnight you have to have to do things over time before you would you would actually get fit and so people were looking for workouts to do at home and of course you can look at all the videos that you want if you don't practice it won't get anywhere. And then they were looking at connection and they were looking at keywords like with me people wanted to be connected imagine people at home. In the past you know you go to work in the morning and you come home late at night and you're not at home with each other you know families that have been together and now you're forced to be together and initially that put a lot of stress on people because they want accustomed to being at home with their loved ones you know sometimes it sounded as if love ones was not the right way to characterize those relationships but this is what we found that as time went on people people started to clamor for being able to be connected in other ways as well just the you know the digital salute was not enough Ok. But surprise surprise people started to look at spiritual issues they were looking at not just spirituality but also religious services and trying to work with this so churches and I turn around preachers and whatnot would would put their platform up. On the Internet and now people were getting access people who probably wouldn't come into a church right now from home from the safety home they don't have to walk in and talk to anybody they can look and see and they can hear what you're seeing about the truth or not truth this was an important development. The Telegraph published this pandemic is prompting a surge in interest in prayer this is what Google. Had reported and the Telegraph picked it up prayer or prayer. The World Health Organization looked at the issue of prayer as well. This is the law atheists in foxholes where there were no atheists during the lockdown either it seems people became interested in pursuing the spiritual aspect of Wellness the spiritual act aspect of wholeness faith and religion and spirituality. Was becoming much more real to people it was becoming touchable close at hand but now there's lots of research looking at Spirituality and Health. Duke has done a lot of research and has published quite a bit on on these topics and He catalogued in one of his books in the handbook of Spirituality and Health. He looks that the. The amount of research that has been done over the last 20 years and you'll see that there's a rising number of investigations and research looking at Spirituality and Health and that continues to grow Ok. They looked at spirituality and this relationship with different kinds of factors in health in this particular study they were looking at spirituality as a predictor of cardiovascular health and cardiovascular responses to stress in Young Adult women but you know young adults and women isn't all they were looking at spirituality and health outcomes in the elderly and they found a positive correlation spirituality. Was associated with by and large an improvement in health outcomes in the elderly they looked at spirituality and religiosity and even physiologic markers and what they found was that there are some blood factors that are improved when people had a spiritual and religious experience the overwhelming evidence is that religious belief and religious practices overall with a few important exceptions which I'll talk about lead to better than average health and wellbeing and a higher than average degree of proof so see ality In other words people tend to be more sociable generally and people happen to live longer and live better. When the have a spiritual growing spiritual life as opposed to people who don't have but some of the exceptions might be of interest to you looking at religiosity and prejudice what we find is that people who have a high degree of extrinsic religiosity that is they have they have something that is very imposing on them they tend to be more prejudiced against other people. So bigotry is part of the negative if you will of very strong religious convictions because people tend depending on which religion we're talking about we tend to be more exclusive they see this as the inner circle they see this as a club they see it as an exclusive club so we have to be careful about that this is looking at in Europe religious religiosity and prejudice against ethnic minorities in Europe looking at $37.00 different countries and they found the same kind of pattern. And part of the issue looking at health is that depending on your religious approach and your spiritual approach if you happen to have a religious system that is very domineering if it's guilt producing if we have a picture of God as a severe taskmaster who is unforgiving and severe and just waiting to catch you doing something wrong where forgiveness isn't part of the context of your religious experience these individuals actually have an increased risk of stress related diseases increased risk of high blood pressure increased risk of stroke increase or cause mortality and of course increased risk of heart disease Ok so so just to say someone is religious does not mean that this translate into better health because depending on their perception of what that religious practice may be and how the exercise their religious practice personally can have a very definite negative effect. On some people so these are part of the exceptions and some of this works through our hormones as a matter of fact all of it works through the chemistry in our bodies it works through our biochemistry and this is where we have been looking most importantly research looking at this. As I mention is growing from this slide you can see there are books. And this is just like the tip of the iceberg there's just so much looking at Spirituality and Health and people coming up with different models and different ideas of how things work this is a beautiful even though complex this is one that has developed over time by. Looking at on the left we look at spiritual and. Religious activity going all the we're on the right we're looking at mental health whether positive or negative mental health outcomes and we have all of the other issues happening in in between we have religious practices. Just towards the left of the screen and then we have some of the attributes of a good healthy spiritual life or the absence of a healthy spiritual life and then we have some of the consequences on the other side we can look at this as well. With a different model and this model is a little bit more simplified but we see again religion and spirituality on the left and we go all the way to the right and we see improved physical health and we see longevity and in between we see the social connectedness the support and all of the things that we know and the mental health issues which become very important and then we see that these things a model a did by the immune function by the by the hormones the endocrine system in Kryten system and all of the growth factors and the multiplicity of of of small and large chemicals that make up our metabolic soup these things are all involve because whatever we do actually will change us biochemically and that change biochemically will have an effect on the other parts of the system and the other parts of the body. But now while much of the research has looked at spirituality and its relationship with physical health my question is Is it possible that some of the physical things that we do actually affect our spiritual experience our spiritual health and that is what I'm going to try to. Elucidate in the next few slides Let's go back to this model if we look at the body the physical thing of the at the peak at the top of this of this slide you know the nothing happens human being's life except there's a body involved so we stewards of our bodies this is a very important issue no body no person Ok nobody no person had a slide which I took out it was a corpse I don't think I want to just show you a corpse but you know. If nobody is home because it's just a corpse right the Bible tells us that when a person dies what happens. He knows nothing right the breath goes back to God right his character is is stored on God's hard drive Ok so god knows who the person was as a matter of fact we remember the person we remember their character and their characteristics Ok but that person is no longer a person because we have a formula God used the formula to describe how we were born and I'll show you a little bit later how we were created. But now these things if we were to look at our spiritual life and spiritual worldview you would see that this spiritual life affects everything else it is affects our freedom our regular our self-regulation very important our specific choices it may influence our power to overcome we believe that God gives us the power to will and to do His good pleasure he gives us the power to make changes in our lives and he is able to change us if we would submit to Him It also affects our attitudes in our relationship with other people which makes it interesting because some of the researchers looking at the issue of religiosity and some of the negative aspects of religiosity and try to make a distinction between intrinsic religiosity or intrinsic spiritual attributes and this extrinsic you know forced upon kind of idea and they believe that intrinsic spirituality instr intrinsic religiosity where somebody has a heart conversion and that person will develop some of the characteristics of the God that they serve that these individuals have the positive health benefits and the others with the extrinsic forced kind of activity. To have negative health benefits Well it's not benefits negative health consequences. Now what if I were to tell you that what you eat what you had for breakfast this morning we actually have an impact on the decisions that you're going to me so let's go back to this one. This was part of an actual study it wasn't a $1000.00 I don't remember exactly how much money was involved but I thought a $1000.00 on a pretty good but the the crux of the experiment is exactly the See how would you decide and what would influence your decision. Will you take something that is obviously against you or will stand for the principle of the thing and say if we can't do it fairly nobody gets anything. Will you agree to take it or you. You persist in making sure that it's fear do you know that the research for own that depending on what you had for breakfast made a difference in whether you would accept what might be perceived as being and fear or you would stand out for what is right in your perception what you had for breakfast and how long ago you had that meal Now the fact that we eat 3 meals a day and the constituents of those meals. Can influence the kinds of decisions we make 2 to 3 hours later this should give us all pause I don't have these slides here but. It has been shown that it even influences financial decisions even though that sounded like a financial thing it wasn't really financial. People making financial decisions on whether they should buy stock with this company or not was influenced by the breakfast that they had that morning diet and nutrition actually can determine whether someone has aggressive action under certain circumstances or whether the person will not be aggressive under those circumstances. It's been shown that the amino acids in the blood. And the amino acids the beer the brain affect the decisions that we're going to be making whether we're talking about the effect of glutamate or the effect of of dopamine and serotonin and the amino acids stripped of tyrosine these all influence what we're going to be doing and the decisions that will be making later on so here we have something that is tangible Yes the breakfast that you have and then we have something that's intangible the intangibility is the decisions that we're going to make and the actions that we will take because of it differential levels of prefrontal cortex glutamate and glutamine in adults with Antisocial Personality Disorder in other words even our relationship with other people can be influenced by the food that we eat and the biochemical effects of those of that food Think about that this is looking at its core eating to do nutrition impacts humans risk decision your ability or your desire to make a choice that involves a certain risk to you can be impacted by the food that you have eaten perhaps even road rage perhaps even rioting and looting might be affected by what the people are eating I don't want to get too preachy. But think about that omega 3 fats play a part in this hall symphony if you will of biochemicals So we have the amino acids and we even have the proportion of proteins computer carbohydrates. And of course all carbohydrates are not created equal all proteins are not created equal so maybe there's something about which proteins you have the source of those proteins and which carbohydrates whether it's carbohydrates with the natural fiber that it contains or whether it's processed carbohydrate all of these questions are being asked now by researchers trying to find out how we might be able to manipulate the diet to be able to produce better outcomes this is a simple diagram that I put together here to looking at looking at how food can affect decisions you see on the left we have a simple decision a yes no decision and depending on the ratio of protein to carbohydrate in the diet would mean we move from that continuum of no or yes to no or no to yes also the duration of time between the when we eat and when we're actually making the decision in question but it's not just about decisions because decisions actually will lead to actions so whether we choose yes or we choose no it may imply that there's an action that we're going to take based on that the situation and that can have very grave consequences depending on the decision that we're making. But the plot thickens research has shown from the natural experiment in World War 2 that pregnant women who experience the famine actually had changes in their offspring compared to 2 women who were not pregnant but got pregnant after the famine was lifted there was a difference in what happened with their kids 18 to 19 years later those who went through the famine the kids had high impulsiveness. They had more of the occasions with the law they were lawbreakers more frequently they had more aggressive behavior and they had problems with social interaction and social connection that the young people didn't do anything necessarily themselves but it was correlated with whether or not mom went through the famine during World War 2 part of it we might try to explain by the psychological effects but now we know Epi genetically that this is part of the process the genes don't change but the expressions of the gene of the genes change because of the family because of the food that was eaten or not eaten. Violence is associated food there are multiple studies in prisons looking at what happens when you supplement the impoverished diet that people use in the prisons with something that is more palatable whether you supplement it with amino acids with with minerals with vitamins. With essential fatty acids these things make a difference in the aggressiveness and the amount of violence that occurs in prisons and in detention centers around the world. There is a decrease in one study of over 30 percent in aggressive behavior in people who are just in 3 months of having a better diet while they were in prison. There's one study in Norway looking at children and what happens with those children when the eat. The typical fast food kind of high starch high sugar high fat and law fiber diet the process that these children had more aggression increased sadness increasing and increased depression compared to others who didn't have that kind of that or if you. Saw women when they're pregnant they need to be careful not just with what they think but also what the eat because what the Eat Me influence what's going to happen with their child later on and there's evidence today that even what dad was eating if dad was on a high fat diet and dad was smoking and that was not help healthy then the sperm that he produces during the time. That you know within 3 months of the wife being becoming pregnant that that will influence as well what happens with the child. I tell you now. In the. Nutritional psychology it's called a nutritional psychiatry it's translational research taking what we have learned from the nutrition and utilizing it in people who have psychiatric conditions there's a whole plethora of new studies looking at modifying people's mental illness by giving them good nutrition and personalizing the kind of nutrition that they might need because of the deficiencies that they may have or the style of eating that they have been accustomed to well that shouldn't really surprise us. Even though for some it might you see there's a formula that God used in creating human beings we have on the left. Man being made of 2 things. Dust and what and breath Ok. So man a living saw a living being he is a unique creature this is something that's different from an animal or plant or anything like that that we might also see is living and that dust and water in the same word. Could be translated clearly so that dust or that Clay. Mixed with the special ingredient called the breath of life or the breath of lives that God breathed into his nostrils produced not 2 things it produced one thing the new thing called the human being it's like taking flour and yeast and water solved and some carbohydrate mixing it together putting some heat with it and you end up with bread after you have the bread can you take the salt out can you take the water out can you take the floor you can't do that you can't take it out because now you have a new thing it's called Bread Similarly this mixture the God put together came. Being so the idea of of making some kind of dualism or some dichotomy in in human existence is a foreign idea to God The Greeks were the ones who popularized that idea but this is not. All riginal Biblical Hebrew thinking. It's as if the breath the special ingredient is the operating system the spiritual Mordor if you will for us and the dust the play is like the hardware. But but you know if you have hardware nor software you don't have anywhere. And if you have software nor hardware all you have is a disk or. You don't have anything it's the combination of the things that produces the functional product and within that context we need to understand that out of that comes something else our mind is developed out of this the whole human being has a mind not just physical not just brutal but also this mental component the mind if you will is the interface between the physical and the spiritual We don't know about God unless we have a mind and we don't have a mind unless we have a brain and the brain is physical the mine is not if we were to consider how the human brain is made up and then the effects of what we do what we think what we see and the bio chemistry of the whole situation we now have a different model No this is just my approach to this based on the information that they have in the research that has been done trying to look at this the brain of course. Is a physical structure it has and that to me but it also has physiology and it works with with the biochemistry with the neural chemistry and also with the electricity Ok of what's going on in the brain this is I'm not seeing anything that's new for the physicians and health people there this is the biology of the brain but but. We have cells and we have structure the mind we believe comes out of the neural networking of these cells we don't know what the mind is but we know it exists and we know that it is housed in the brain and we know that if you don't have a brain Well you don't have a mind mine does not exist in humans without a brain but we know that there are things that will affect the chemistry of the brain we can look at this as excell chemicals chemicals that come from outside and we also have other chemicals we can call them endl chemicals the metabolic soup that's associated with the things that we do and the physiological processes that we have these things will affect the neural chemistry the neurophysiology and even the electrochemistry of what's going on in the brain the things that come from the outside can be things that we eat things that we do things that get absorbed in us through our diet through drugs through herbs through pollutants things that get transferred through the skin. All of these will affect us we have the whole idea of the export Saum the things that we are that we're exposed to during our whole life and these things will affect our our biochemistry and I would suggest that they also affect our neural chemistry and then we have the endl system the things that are associated with our own physiology for instance whether I sleep or I don't sleep whether I exercise or don't exercise with a stand or a sit all of these things will also affect me because they're producing new chemicals in the body's. And these new chemicals will affect what is happening with the brain chemistry and then that brain chemistry affects the body's chemistry and the body's chemistry reflects back and might change the brain so whether we have love joy peace kindness goodness faithfulness self-control all of these things can be reduced to biochemical activity but it's not just biochemistry we can't make a human being unless we go through the process that God has given us on how to make human beings so we're not just a bag of biochemicals it is an association of putting together the god has done to make us in His image and in His likeness and so the mind is like this this this conduit between the physical and the spiritual So when we say body mind and spirit we're actually talking about one thing but the where we get to the spiritual is through our mental and so this is a little schematic to try to approach of course it's much much more complex than this but whether we eat or drink or don't. Exercise sleep fresh air sunshine all of these things are physical things that impact the body the physical body and extension of the physical body is the physical brain so these things will affect the body the body affects the brain the brain affects the mind and the mind is where we have our spiritual activity faith is in the mind but faith becomes touchable because it is a reflection of what's going on in our bodies yes this may not be an accurate diagram but it reflects what might be going on in us you see our biochemistry and what we do to create. That biochemistry how the decisions that we make and how we choose and what we have been tarred by our culture by our parents etc These things can affect the person but we have a relationship a vertical relationship with God and that's affected by our biochemistry we have a relationship with other people and that's affected too by our biochemistry is a should we have a relationship with the animate and inanimate objects that were created as well and these things are affected by our biochemistry and we have a relationship with ourselves and that too is affected by our biochemistry we can be selfish or unselfish in this study they were looking at Spirituality and Health the lives behavior and what they showed was that for the most part it wasn't it wasn't the perfect study that showed everything that we would like for it to show but stress was counterbalanced by well being and making good choices on the part of older adults spirituality we posit will have a definite effect on how we approach with 19 and what we do with it and as physicians other health care workers we can have a part to play. As. Ron was talking about it last night we have a part to play because we have the opportunity to introduce people who are fearful and suffering with regard to call with to introduce to them something that is essential it is an essential part of us and to withhold that is like withholding good medicine we can't do that we must be able to shear. In the most appropriate and unoffensive way with people about the reality that their bio chemistry even affects the way they think about God and their perception of having or not having hope for the future you see our spiritual life affects our total health our total health affects our physical health or physical health affects our brain chemistry our brain chemistry affects our mental health and our mental health then reflects back on our spiritual life it's a beautiful system and I am just trying to understand this and hopefully you are getting a better understanding of it too the brain is involved with our spiritual help health and while I cannot see with any definite surety and that's why I have these question marks there I don't know how much. The influence of how we eat what we drink. Unless of course is toxic substances what they would have on what happens with us you see it's not that it may be that we can go from right to live from physical Hill to spiritual have I believe it is a reality but I don't have all of the evidence yet but I think it's something that we should think about is it realistic to think in the same way that earlier people did not know that our spiritual life affected our physical life that we're in the stage right now of being able to talk about the physical life definitely affecting our spiritual life but no it's not a disclaimer we have to make the claim it does not mean. That because what we do and what we eat and what we drink can influence our spiritual life that we believe that there is righteousness by works no. We do these things because we believe because we are see out of gratitude out of joy not out of a sense of abject obligation we don't do this to be saved we do it because we have a loving Seaview who has shared with us his grace and His mercy and now he invites us to an abundant life in him and that abundant life is not just physical it's not just mental it's not just ocean it's virtual So there is no righteousness nor salvation by works nor salvation by health habits nor salvation by exercise and certainly no right to this by a veggie burger even though I eat vegetables from time to time Ok there's only salvation by grace through faith in Jesus grace the human. God speaks at the beginning we are we willing to hear now I can be clear let's Renu our minds because God invites us to do this and me his mind the in us that mind that also was in Jesus Christ may this be our experience as we look at the science because God is a god of science Thank you very much faith has become touchable and ideas have consequences I pray that the ideas that we shared this morning will have a ripple effect in the decisions that we make the actions that we take. And how we approach not just our own lives but the living of our vision our families our friends even a we approach. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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