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The Rise of Totalitarianism in the US

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • October 31, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven today we have your blessing to come near to us as we consider this text and we live in a time where we must choose whether to follow you or to follow or other philosophies or ideologies so bless us as we think about that today in this special time where many people are thinking about who would be the leader of this nation but more importantly the leader in our hearts and homes in Christ's name we pray in you know this past week and actually yesterday we had a graveside service for. The viewer all the time or to tie as many of us know him and I was looking through his Bible and I thought you know it's not insignificant when anyone passes away but especially someone like tile because he has from a history on a land where he had to live under communist rule and. You may not have known him but it would have been a great benefit if you did and you may not have been able to understand him because his 1st language was not English but it would be a great benefit probably even worthwhile to have learned Romanian to talk to him and at least listen to him. And as I was thinking about I thought you know actually I'm going to talk about that today I read a book in I read I read books. I actually read several books this weekend of this book that I read called live not by allies really gripped my attention was taken from the last word spoken by Alexander Solzhenitsyn who you may have read his book The Gulag Archipelago anyone ever read those books Gulag Archipelago nobody that is a said that right there is then you have. And this ignorance and that because you are. Even knowledgeable of it it appears this ignorance was very troubling to this author and also to Alexander Solzhenitsyn who just before he was actually forced to emigrate to the West wrote an article to the people of Russia and said basically do not continue to live in lives this author who was recalling Solzhenitsyn's words spoke of interviews he conducted with men and women who once lived under Communism many rights I asked them did they think that life in America is drifting to such toward some sort of totalitarianism but this was written in 2018 in this book and they all said emphatically yes. They were you surprised by my questions because they considered Americans to be hopeful seem naive on the subject and they were genuinely angry that their fellow Americans did not realize what was happening. While what was happening according to these folks. Once said elites and elite institutions are abandoning old fashioned values based on defending the rights of individual and replacing it with a progressive creed that regards justice in terms of groups it encourages people to identify with groups ethnic groups sexual groups gender groups economic groups or otherwise and to think of good and evil as a matter of power dynamics among these groups or classes and that's exactly what happened in communism. Under the guise of quote diversity this is another quote from another other the guise of diversity inclusive of. Equality and other egalitarianism jargon this group creates powerful mechanisms that is the. Those in charge of these institutions for controlling thoughts and discourse and marginalizing all who don't agree with them as evil it is very hard for Americans who have never lived through this kind of ideological fog said another to recognize what is happening to be sure whatever this is it's not a carbon copy of life in the Soviet block with the secret police in the gulag and strict censorship and material deprivation and this is precisely where the problem emerges say the immigrants life in the West remains so free so prosperous and this is what blinds Americans to the mounting threats to their liberty and their surrendering of it so another I was born and raised in the Soviet Union and I'm frankly stunned by how similar some of these developments are as to the way Soviet propaganda operated What does he mean. Friends lowering their voices and looking over their shoulders when expressing their views and not being willing to say who they're going to vote for because they might get in trouble they might get cancelled at their job or their work not wearing a hat or a political pin because they might be canceled again it is not the old hard to tell the Tarion is in that regard and eradication physically of Christianity it's a new soft totalitarianism that's led by the government private institutions corporations academia the university and media So what is totalitarianism it's a form of government that combines political authoritarianism with an ideology that seeks to control all aspects of one's life what that is soft totalitarianism in exercises control initially in soft forms it's it it guises is something therapeutic and under the guise of healing the hurting world or helping healing in the ways those are a taking away freedoms in this country is by couching it in the language of liberating victims from oppression interesting speaking of liberty while taking it away. The great sin of this culture is to stand in the way of the freedom of others to find happiness in any way they wish freedom of sexuality this is always a big deal if you're trying to topple a society if you can give people sexual freedom that they don't have under their existing theological our ideological structure that's a pretty big incentive this is a problem in ancient Israel where they're saying choose you this day you will serve. The Canaanites surrounded those in Israel they had temples but those temples were all based on sex when you went to church you went to church or your temple with someone who was not your spouse and you went through all the rituals with the temple prostitute consummating with an intimate act naturally those services were quite well attended and that's why I just was saying choose you this day who you will serve but in our culture today to even say that there are sexual mores that there are taboos that there are rights and wrongs is a sin. Taking away freedoms by talking about letting people choose what gender they are they are were psychology trumps biology I know it sounds bizarre but that's how we live freedom of choice unhinged from more reality and virtue in Milde Durkheim writing about the said many people who had been set free from the bonds of religion did not thrive in their liberty in fact they lost a shared sense of purpose and of meaning and of community a number of these despairing people committed suicide and then he said what happens to individuals can also happen to societies totalitarian movements advance in times of uncertainty and crisis when people feel vulnerable when they feel lonely when they're told to shelter at home for months and they're scared by either the truth or not the truth either way to so long as they're scared. Well prepared is meant for to tell a domination in a non totalitarian where it is the fact that loneliness once a borderline experience usually suffered in certain marginal social conditions like old age becomes an every day experience of ever growing masses wrote Hannah aren't in 1951 in his book The origins of totalitarianism do we live in a time where people are lonely do we live in a time where they are self isolating we live in a time when they attempt to actually combat loneliness with things that now been sound to make them more lonely. Like Instagram Facebook these are all factual statements I making the studies show that as social media uses gone up the amount of friends a person has has actually gone down the amount of people that are really being interacted with has decreased and so there's a kind of like a fake friendship they really think your friends on Facebook or your friends whenever I meet a friend I'm famous and I'm your friend on Facebook I say you know what friends do they help each other could you give me a 100 bucks nobody has done it yet. And guess who is giving the greatest the support in our nation to the ideals ideas of communism and socialism. The philosophies that directly are tied to the death of at least 100000000 people guess who's giving the most credence to those views members of generations e the you are not old enough to know any better and that's one of the reasons I'm preaching a sermon today that never read Solzhenitsyn that never read or well. They've never read history and people are too afraid to talk about it and abandoning of the defense of the rights of the individual and replacing it with the progressive creed that regards justice in terms of groups and class warfare in German it courage in people who identify with ethnic sexual economic or other groups and to the think of good and evil or great controversy as a matter of power dynamics between those groups basically you got to buy into this you must pay to play universities in California for instance teachers who want to apply for tenure tracks that's not here maybe one of the reasons we might call or so something else intergalactic center of learning I don't know any way teachers. That's not going to pick up I know that teachers. Who want to apply for tenure track positions have to affirm their commitment to equality diversity and inclusion and to have demonstrated it even if it has nothing to do with their feel they have to write a letter they have to say they were in favor of it these are all communist type things tests to be able to enter professionalism one of the reasons our school exists is to give another track where that's not necessary we do have our people sign something that's a statement of fundamental beliefs. As soon as seen through the lens of some of the Evans isms that we do have our own little thing but they feel they can come or go companies the inventor of Java Script Brendan. Was one of the most important figures. Early Development the internet but by 2014 he was forced out of leadership of Missoula the company he founded after employees objected to a small donation he made to a 2008 campaign to stop gay marriage in California so he got cancelled out of his own business this is communism. And all of this is empowered now by an unprecedented ability to surveil private life with their virtually being no place to hide that's what you put on the internet back then you're out by the way some of your just posting all day every day I have friends you know I watch sometimes on Facebook and every single breath they take a move they make they think everyone needs to know about how many have these kind of friends and it's just increasingly put in a dasi air that's called upon any time the state or a company or someone wants to manipulate you and when you talk to people from the old country about it they're shocked you see they grew up in contraries where to have privacy was something they longed for they have nobody know what we are doing was a blessing when you when I 1st went to Romania you know you're driving down the street and you have all the rows of come together and the a watchtower because they know everywhere you went on I want to make a phone call in Romania it took a long time to call because a heads they had operators listening to everything you said and now in America. We actually buy technology that can listen to everything we say and we have gadgets that can tell people everywhere we went. And it's welcomed by consumers as aids to lifestyle and convenience and in the post pandemic environment it will probably be actually moved to a different level where you need to have it because we have to monitor your condition for public health and when you talk to someone if the tile was here today and you told me he would just say this ad what are you thinking giving all your freedom Bob. What about medicine practicing medicine we're training people to be in the medical field and by the way you're going to have to pay to play and you're going to have to either compromise you know find some way forward a Soviet born us physician said that he never post anything remotely controversy on social media because he knows that the human resources department at his hospital monitors employee use accounts for evidence of disloyalty to the progress of diversity and inclusion created his hospital the same doctor disclosed as social justice ideology is forcing physicians like him to ignore their medical training and judgment when it comes to transgender health he said it's not permissible within his institution to advise gendered dysphoric patients against treatments they desire even when the position believes it is not in that particular patient's health interest so if you go into medicine if you're going into any area you're entering this environment that's already here and that's why that epic statement by Jobs was rings choose you this day who you will serve the only way to survive was to do 3 things see that is the be awake to the realities of the things around you judge. That is to discern soberly the meaning of those realities in light of the truth give me that old time religion. And is a really good enough for you Would you be willing to give yourself away if you had to choose between that and the old time religion what does the word religion even mean comes from the word ligaments means to be connected Would you like to be connected or connected which religion do you want the old time for primetime do you watch every single ad that comes from Apple as if this is life I need to take another bite of the apple. I say that being a Macintosh and. It was a dangerous statement seriously some people are like they're going to reveal something new. It's not that. It's a way to manipulate you and monitor you and surveil you in fact the people in Silicon Valley are embarrassed by they don't let their kids use the devices they know exactly how they work they know how they prey on you they know you think all that's so convenient that I can just look at my face and open my phone that's because they want to see your facial expressions to understand your emotions to at this point market more to you but later on manipulate you oh isn't that neat now your face is in every single data bank being able to be traced at any time they want to wherever you are and I'm not opening a plastic surgery clinic today. But I'm just telling you you need to know what's happening to see and to judge and then to act to resist evil. Solzhenitsyn before x. hitting the West wrote this piece to live not by allies we're not called upon to step out onto the scrap square and shout out the truth to say out loud what we think necessarily he wrote but let us at least refuse to say what we do not think. This is what got him banned they gave him a free emigration to the us that's what they did in communist countries if you were truly ethical they kill you trying to silence you or they'd say please immigrate with your family we will not say right affirm or distribute anything that distorts the truth he wrote We will not go to a demonstration or participate in a collective action unless we truly believe the cause we will not take part in meeting in which the discussion is focused is forced to no one can speak the truth we will not vote for a candidate or proposal he considers if it's dubious or unworthy we will walk out of an event as soon as we hear a speaker utter a lie or utter ideological drivel or say most propaganda we will not support journalism journalism that distorts our hides underlying facts souls and needs and would not even be welcome here in America today but he wrote also in the same article but he who begins to cleanse himself will with Clint's die easily discern yet other opportunities to cleanse himself more. Like that how do you like that is in the sanctuary all about things who are messages all about one to 2300 days then the sanctuary so I'll be cleansed from a rumor that you see the task of the Christian dissident today is to personally commit themselves to live not by allies and how can this be how can this be accomplished. Well to give you 10 quick things serious I'll go fast but if the tie was here I would have to go fast I could go 2 hours he would love it right Romanians love sermons I've been to Romanian funerals before and they lasted for hours and then there was the pot luck. And that's not something I'm thinking as bad. A member of a few years ago I was travelling on the way to Romania and we stopped my wife and I in Buddha or past I can't remember what Budapest one of the one of the 2 cities ones on one side of the river and one's on the other side Buddha and Pastor Wright and we went to the home of this lady her name was Bunty Maga and she was someone who did not leave when the service came to cross those wanting freedom and I think was 1956 she decided to stay as he took us into her apartment to give us some stuff to eat Remember this year and I said wow this is beautiful apartment why do you have so many rugs on the wall and ceiling I mean I have got rugs in my house but I don't have them on the ceiling and she says because of this and she showed us the typewriter where she typed for years all the spirit of prophecy books and bibles for people that had no Bibles she showed us how she would put these papers and carbon between the paper so she could do 3 or 4 books at a time. In Russia was called Sam is Dot and I'm saying that right some is done in the Russian language means self publishing house and this was the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state when the last times I was in Romania they were selling books to foreigners who came from that era because they now could get the books. And they were selling these books to people to show exactly what they did they gave me one of these books I was going to bring in today to show you but these were people that love the truth so much they wanted the truth to get out in a culture of lies and they were actually unwilling to leave the communist countries because they said we're going to stay and help. So here are some things I think we could remember as we live in this time of emerging. Confusion and I might say on both sides of the aisle. If you're looking politically I'll get to that later I would not put all my eggs into the Democratic basket and I would not put all my tofu into the Republican basket I would put all of my food groups into the hands of God. So several points number one value nothing more then the truth John 1717 sanctify them by the truth they word is true how do we have mental health problems how do we have physical problems all the money is traced back to some distortion of truth either by someone who was ministering quote on to us I mean I love the children story today but not all children are that not all parents are that nice How would you know that I mean you know that so they can distort things and the only way we know is when we come of age and know the truth and the truth sets us free that doesn't mean we should have vengeance against our parents except you know what they say about someone who talks about their parents or like someone who lays on the ground and spits comes back to hit them but value nothing more than truth if you believe that your cake your wedding cake is going to be promoting a form of marriage that you do not believe in. Then don't sell them the cake you know that's the court case Roy and by the way that court case is what got the attention of a bunch of people from communist countries they said what they did in their business because of that that's communism. A person who lives only for his own comfort and survival and is willing to live within a lie to protect that wrote buck love Hoddle is a d. moralized person and morals have been taken away the system depends on this demoralization the society depends on it it tries to deepen it projects it throughout the society and this is why Solzhenitsyn in writing his book said one word of truth outweighs the whole world so tell the truth live the truth number 2 choose a life apart from the crowd if you have to go along to get along but you lose your soul it's not worth me the people that came from Romania or other come as countries when they lived in those countries they couldn't be professionals they couldn't be physicians they couldn't be history teachers they couldn't be in the university they couldn't be in academia because to do cellmate you would have to sacrifice the truth and so they became photographers or tailors or Sue makers in these countries they many times had to you join communist youth leagues to be able to do fun things if you didn't join you couldn't travel abroad in other places you had to wear a pin and a scarf of linen But the Baptists would not wear it and would not do it and then they were accused of having mental illness. And they were put into treatment centers where they were the recipients of electric shock therapy because why would you not wear a pin from Lynn you have to be crazy and always Don't be afraid to be weird someone came here once and they were a patient they got here the 1st week and they said this is weird Mar. So I told places weird food is weird. The way you sing is weird. You're just weird remember that and in fact he even wrote a poem weird Maher. Elaborated all that that was the 1st couple days by the end of it he says you know what it's weird but I feel better now. How many do want to be so weird that it helps other people feel better. The. Number 3 speak the truth not double think or double talk with your words or with silence this doesn't mean you just blurt out things all the time in a way that someone in my family says whenever I say something I don't think they think is cool they go to cringe. Cringe I guess that's a new word cringe dead that was cringe. Alright. Thank you. I think I get a teacher cringe. That doesn't mean to blurt out it's not just standing up for the truth by communicating loudly keeping silent however also is a way. To be truthful keeping silent when you aren't expected to be silent that too is telling the truth remember Jesus when you talk to Herod here try to get him to speak he says I'm not talking to you why did you speak you me well you rejected John the Baptist you rejected white why would I even talk to you Don't be a Cat Man that's a new word here for me this week some is Dot publishing house cat man what you can't man it's a Persian word for the practice of maintaining an outward appearance of Islamic orthodoxy while inwardly dissenting Don't be a cat men professional cat men is convincing yourself it's Ok to live a lie in the workplace because that's what you have to do to have freedom to do good work I hear this from professionals all the time oh we can't talk about it at our work because we'd lose our job you're becoming demoralized those are professional cat men and I sometimes think our universities train us to be liars professional cat men. Or you could become a metaphysical Catman convincing yourself what does this mean that it's really possible for you to be a loyal opponent of the regime while working within it I think I can reform it from within this was the difference between the Puritans and the separatists they finally realize we got to go to America and by the way why is nobody celebrating in America since it's the $400.00 anniversary of when the Pilgrim Fathers got here why don't we have this on the news Amen and they came here because they wanted to have an opportunity to have freedom of conscience and religion and all these things they left their social networking. In Europe to start out with a new smartphone. Are you with me and by the way they were radicals no compromise at all if it's not in the by Wouldn't one of the original ones that came here you know why I got kicked out they said we're not wearing wedding rings why not it's not in the Bible and King James got so ticked off he said I will Harry you out of the land and he made all the ministers sign a document that they would never talk against wedding rings and guess what they said we're outta here we gotta live by the Bible not by the communistic idea of wedding rings don't be a Catman convincing yourself it's really possible to be loyal while working with the regime the way this author put in his book quoting again I think Solzhenitsyn they swindle the devil who thinks he is swindling them but the devil knows what they think and is satisfied number 5 share American cultural history with conviction I say that based on what I just said about the Pilgrim Fathers you see in this Kalter were being tempted to not be bold about believing in the fact that God led in the foundation of America nobody's even saying him in. He who controls the past controls the future who controls the present controls the past this was the party slogan and in these communist countries they tried to get rid of all history that they didn't like. Like not only would they kill you if you were a dissenter that Ceausescu did this he would actually take your pictures out of all publications this was the cancel culture and the Cancel of history this is why ministries like lineage are so important this is why books like the great controversy are so important to read in fact I give you an assignment to read right here in this book read about the Pilgrim Fathers and talk about it at lunch today and we want to take that challenge read about it and talk about 400 years ago the Pilgrims came to America as a whole chapter in the great conversely about it you know why they all came because of totalitarianism at least a number of them didn't Pilgrim Fathers It took them a while to work out a new system of government they didn't have it all right at 1st but then they came up with the Constitution Declaration of Independence Constitution and the Bill of Rights rights of personal property the rights of freedom of speech the right to freedom conscience the right for freedom of religion not every country did that so I'm proud to be an American 2019 a survey found that a startling number of Americans of the post Cold War generations have favorable views to left wing radicalism and only 57 percent of millennialists believe that the Declaration of Independence offers a better can guarantee of freedom and equality then the communist manifesto I mean that that's to get your attention right the political religion that murdered tens of millions imprisoned and tortured countless more. In some aerated little wise of half of humanity in its time and the defeat which required Eggen izing struggle by allies across borders oceans political parties and generations this hateful ideology is romanticized by ignorant young people that's why we teach government in the academy that's why we teach history in the college this nation was founded as a Protestant nation and one of the things that really concerns me on both sides of the aisle is the both Republicans the Democrats are actually dancing with the idea that the answer is to be found by listening to the pope. Both sides of the aisle this week Donald Trump huge presentation on it this week Joseph Biden quoting the most recent as in cyclical from the pope both are saying where with the pope listen to us now why should that trouble you I read here from the book ecclesiastical megalomania the Roman church state is a hybrid This is a student of political and economic thought John Roberts the Roman church state is I have been a monster of ecclesiastical and political power its political thought is totalitarian What is it and whenever it has the opportunity to ply its principles the result has been bloody repression during the last 30 years of his softened its assertions of full supreme irresponsible power and has murdered fewer people than before such changes in behavior are not due to a change in its ideas but to a change in its circumstances. Lord Acton noted a century ago that it's only when Roman the Roman church state faced public opinion that disapproved of church state sanctioned murder that it slowed its persecutions and attempted to speak with a voice less bloodthirsty and the need these words of the Roman church state in the 20th century however is an institution recovering from a mortal wound does that sound familiar that of Revelation 13 and if and when when it regains its full power and authority it will impose a regime more sinister than the planet has ever known and who is it that Biden would have us follow the Roman Catholic Church and who is it that President Trump said he would defend to the hilt the Roman Catholic Church look do not put your trust in princes Adventists by and large in Germany voted for Hitler he was a vegetarian. He didn't drink he understood the value of classical music and he utilized that to go to power that another Christian groups but but as soon as he got in power he turned on do you really think either of these people running for president would stay loyal to you how many of you think they would stay loyal to you I think you should think again if you think that the only person is going to stay loyal to you is the Lord Jesus Christ. Number 6 focus on your family and focus as a family just was said as for me and my house we will serve the Lord if you want to worship the gods or do that that's up to you but my family me and my house we're serving the Lord look at your family as a core cell of resistance Why is it that the family is under attack. Why is it that education is compulsory. As Because people with Medicaid their kids without it well that might be true but another reason is if you had to Kate a child during their seminal years you basically have a program that child and so the family is under attack in the culture we live at even the definition of marriage and what a family is is under attack so see your family as the core resistance treasure every moment you have see the family as a place of love don't allow conflict between he and she in your family don't have patriarchal tyranny or feministic excess be Biblical The Bible never had a fight between he and she it always talked about we that's where we're from Wiemar. Just got of that any good. A place of love see the family as a a place of freedom freedom to express your liberty within the commitment that God puts down the freedom to make mistakes and learn and grow. See your family as a place of fellowship worship and study talk and read every day try and time it so your kids don't get upset I've got to go to school right now or I can look at my cell phone or I got to let go of my friends and try and work around them have morning worship once a month say well no the school is going to do that. They have worship at school no have worship at home and I'm in the morning and at noon and they'd see your family as a place of resistance have a real home have your own personal property have your own kingdom. How the place to return to communism attacked the family big time to move them off of their gardens and their personal property into collectivism they all lived in buildings and they lost their moorings and they attacked the day of relationship that being the Sabbath day in the French revolution changing the weekly cycle to 10 days instead of 7 trying to get them to forget that time of fellowship with one another and God stall and so that didn't work because it didn't work in France and so he said let's do a 5 day week but let's not have the families all together let's have the husband work while the wife's at home even on that day and even the animals died in his system but remember an attack on the Sabbath was one of the primary methods that communism used. See the family as a place of shared ministry kids do you see your parents as heroes or do you think there's 0. Are you proud of what your parents do what they stand for are you thankful they sent you to a place like weird Maher. Or do you think it's Krenz friends. Join the resistance be a part. In a war you can't afford to have rebellion every member of The Sound of Music the movie The Sound of Music all the kids had to stay together with the parents tell the same story and then that one guy who was dating the one daughter I don't know and seen this movie so many times in the past one of my wife's favorite movies and this guy comes in and he's rebellious and it almost sunk the whole ship over this look in times of war you can't afford rebellion you can have reasoned arguments with each other but he try and stick together. Until we're stories one of these communist in this book told the story about how the husband was in jail because he was a true tale and the communist wrote him a letter and said we'll set you free if you immigrate to the west with your family so he asked his wife who was at home raising 6 children alone and the wife wrote back and said Tell him no he would be better off staying in prison to give up the fight for what we believe is true how will this nation ever change if we leave and nobody is telling the truth that's a war story I think that's a war story that was the grandson telling the story we knew people who gave in for the sake of their children says Patrick they wanted to chill and to have a better education so they compromised their values and entered the Communist Party but in the end they alienated themselves from their own children because their children became communists and I saw this when I was in college said one in during the Velvet Revolution some students positively begin to hate their parents who had made those compromises for them and some people said you know I was so sad I wasn't I wasn't common culture and I couldn't go to school if you'd gone to school you would not be a Christian today pastor's son father was marginalized pictured as a dangerous primitive call put in jail for preaching had to be in jail for 5 years because he preached a sermon when they said he wasn't supposed to and this is how his child writes about it now when I was a child all I knew was I wanted to be like my dad I saw that he was able to stand alone with dignity and courage against all is enemies I mean you see it in the media today people want a call they want to cancel you they don't put you on in their news network they don't have any news stories about you they trying to do away with you how if you've noticed it and that was what was happening to this gentleman. Another story a courageous mother went to a parent teacher conference and her son would not accept the state lesson lessons on atheism materialism and in evolution No I don't want to study those and I won't so she called in the mother and this was the mother whose husband was in prison I just read about this is while he was in prison what kind of cult do you belong to where children are taught such nonsense it's not scientific Have you heard that before because the communist always said everything they did was scientific and religion was the opium of the masses is smoking dope get real good scientific so we'll call it you belong to the child watch his mother whose husband his dad was in prison how would his mother react well she got on her Bible and begin to read to the teacher he remembers smiling. He even starts laughing if you imagine it she says all these things and she just starts reading her Bible to him to the teacher he writes it makes me so happy to think about the teacher called me to her and said. She said this is our boy. He's learning our lessons and I had the courage to say because of what my mother did to the teacher I believe in God I believe in the Bible what a fiasco that was for that teacher every totalitarian regime a dictator ship attempts to break down the family it's hell because it's there that you learn how to fight you learn how to resist So dads have family worship if you have to fight for it it's worth it moms have family worship at the fight for it it's worth it don't do it out of spite. Try and win people's hearts if it's the gospel when the heart you don't have to beat them be so much like Jesus that they want to learn more about Jesus they'll make them do it because you're stronger than they are make them want it because you're more loving than they are next keep the ultimate in view believe that your suffering for truth has purpose even if you see no positive consequence for your action read Hebrews 11 read the last verses don't forget the others who were beaten who were mocked who suffered persecution believe that Christ Ministry is your ministry who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the same this is something very important about my father wrote one he believed that he was a county forgot not people it didn't matter to him when other people didn't understand why he did things he did he acted in the sight of God and you know the Bible gave him strength because it was full of stories of the prophets and others going beyond the border of what was comprehensive and understandable to people for the sake of obeying God You can't just be against something you need to be for something have the ultimate view the vision in mind what is your also meant truth instead of lies in a book called The Last Man in Russia there's a quote from an atheist that said that after hearing a pastor preach the immorality of the Soviet society it's inhumanity and corruption its lack of moral code of credible ideals the means that Christ teaching comes through those who it reach is was a shining contrast stressed the value of the individual of humanness of forgiveness of gentleness and love and that atheist said that sermon changed me it wasn't because of what he was against it was because of what he's for. May we never be known just for what we're against but may we be known for what we're for number 8 of my list of 10 practice hospitality of serve others serve God and then serve others open your home have meals take bites between your mask being on and off here in California if you following is a that's kind of tongue in cheek or tongue in mask. Don't miss the point serve God then serve others have hospitality open your home have intentional meals have intentional conversations turn off your cell phones read saying study think pray ask questions that are provided have at your table like maybe this one the scepter noon What are 3 values as a Christian as an administration that you're ready to die for what are the 3 things that you're ready to die for don't just have a meal talking about the tofu salad although that might be wonderful have intentional meals these are times to both still resistance and be disciples of resistance in a culture that's abandoning its foundations don't just be in the mire or be a follower and don't just limit your hospitality to the frozen chosen within your little Adam is a strange reach out to the community have total community immersion involvement serve people those that don't involve themselves in t.c. I are more vulnerable than those who do we know that right here even in this pandemic we had some people turning in what they thought were violations early on in this pandemic. And went to people that we had served in t.c. I and they said you know there's not too much to that. I'm going to be so useful in the community that you'll still be useful in the community and I don't just do it because of that but do that because of love for society Number 9 come together in unity again we mark we when you see people suffering for the truth or taking a stand get together with them see people that are not your enemies see people who are alive in her travelling the same journey this is why we come together in fellowship This is why it is so essential it is not non-essential because we draw strength from one of the our we draw strength from coming together today in talking about these things I would draw in perspective that can help us the next week in Rome a they got together they would sing and every Roman I know that's worth their salt they know their hymn book from memory most of them are just saying or poems or professed Amati tell big stories they they they know things and they would come together and they would recite to each other and memorize come together some is that books read the books see the books see the people reading the books see the people living the books there's something about coming together join your grief with the grief of others and you'll find it easier to bear bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ come together discover and combat loneliness people your own home might be socially isolated living a life on the Internet completely cut off from your philosophy and from God The lonely and they need help I'm going to discover the lonely people and might be the people that are pulling out their cell phones all the time they might be the loneliest and finally realize that these times though bad. May be the happiest times of your life never the question Name 3 values as Christians you're ready to die for you see being willing without being willing to suffer and even die for Christ it's just hypocrisy whatever your ideology if you're unwilling to suffer for it it's a mirage to be willing to suffer even to die for Christ because without that it's just hypocrisy it's just a church for Cup It's just a search for comfort. One wrote you have to suffer for the truth because that's what makes you authentic you don't go look for suffering but all who live godly lives will suffer you not stand in the middle of the highways and hit me but if you're living godly lives how many think you will suffer and I love this your suffering is like a seal if you put that seal on your actions Interestingly enough people start to wonder about your truth that maybe you're right about God That's because you become salt and light Blessed are you immense to revive and say all manner of evil against you falsely rejoice and be exceeding glad for so persecuted the prophets before you and right after that of the similar to your light and your soul link your sufferings with Christ who suffered all for you and if you retroactively have to go back and say why did I go through this is a child why am I going through this and not all these things. Link those sufferings with the sufferings of Christ and he grow up in a home where his parents didn't act maybe always the way they should Matthew 12 tells us that his brothers call him a demon did he have a rough upbringing but did he still love his mother. His brothers and his suffering actually got their attention when he died and led to that upper room experience the next one where they finally made amends and his brothers came together in unity link your suffering with Christ and rejoice in it Solzhenitsyn said this I turned back to the years of my imprisonment and I say sometimes to the astonishment of those around me bless you prison bless you prison for having been in my life why because it helped the person understand who they were I mean I think we live in challenging times but how do you think with the strength of Christ we can not only live but thrive in these times I can't think of a better book to have than the Bible I can't think of a better support to have in the spirit of prophecy I can think of better principles the new star principles during this time of pre existing conditions. I can't think of better mental health. 10 Commandments. You say hello. 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