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Put Your Sword in its Place

Dee Casper
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Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program


  • October 31, 2020
    6:00 PM
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That you would abide here with us a while and that you would speak with power in conviction in clarity in that you would do something for us in this moment that none of us would soon forget and I pray that it would read to find the way in which we do life it's a tall order but if Moses can ask you to show him your glory then Lord I can ask for it too and so I ask that you would show us your glory just now and that you would speak I have nothing for this people but you have everything that they need so bless us now we pray in Jesus' name amen. There will not be any slides on the screen today and me working from 3 different documents so. Don't worry about having slides you just want to stare at me and my fancy wooden boat tie that my friends gave me who are enduring they refer to as the homeys So you know who you are and thank you for your gift so. Yeah I my topic this morning is entitled put your sword in its place. We are living in an environment in the world today that is troubling for a lot of reasons. The fact that there's civil unrest the fact there's radical injustice the fact that there is economic hardship the fact that there's a pandemic that not only is affecting people physically with the help it's affecting their access to just healthy food supplies it's affecting people's ability to provide for their families we live in a deeply deeply troubling time right now. And while that saddens me a lot there's something that frightens me even more and those are not even just my words I would like for you to listen to this quote. From the spirit of prophecy that has been a big challenge to me over the years and something that I have hoped and prayed that God would use to keep me grounded and this is what we're told nothing frightens me more than to see the spirit of variance manifested by our brethren notice and what is not talking about the world nothing frightens me more than to see the spirit of variance between Donald Trump and Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi and you know Mitch McConnell or you know politicians or other people she says what frightens her most is a see a spirit a variance of contention by our people by by our brother. And she says we're on dangerous ground when we cannot meet together a white christians and courteously examine controverted points you as a Christian are on dangerous ground when you cannot meet together and act like a Christian when you have to courteously and if you can refute refuse to courteously examine points with people who disagree with you. She says I feel like fleeing the place was I receive the mold of those who cannot candidly investigate the doctrines of the Bible it's so overwhelming to her she says that I feel like running away fleeing but the place of meeting because of what I'm seeing and she closes by saying those who cannot impartially examine evidences of a position that differs from bears are not fit to teach in any department of God's Cause that's from the 880 materials page 534 and I'll do you a favor here and I will copy this into the chat. So that you can ruminate on this because there's some stuff in there my brother's in my sister's 800 even Tiriel Zz page is a page 534 Nothing frightens me more than to see the spirit of variance manifested by our own people and we are on dangerous ground we cannot meet together like Christian and courteously examined controverted points I feel like fleeing the place was I receive the mold of those who cannot candidly investigate the doctrines of the Bible it's contagious poisonous angry discourse amongst Christians to other Christians is contagious and says she wants to flee from the places she doesn't catch that but. Then she says that those who cannot impartially examine evidences of a position that differ from theirs are not the fit to teach in any department of God because that means you shouldn't be a pastor that means you shouldn't be a teacher that means you shouldn't be an elder then you shouldn't be a deacon she's not mincing words here if you can't act like a civil Christian when speaking with people who have different views from you you have no business being in leadership you have no business being in any form of spiritual leadership and this should challenge us today this should deeply challenge us because what I witness one of the reasons why I'm not spending much time on social media more is one because it will ruin your life and destroy you in suck you into the vacuum but another big reason is because of what I see people who are my brethren people that I know are fellow 7th Day Adventist Christians and seeing how they communicate with one another on the things that they differ on and. It's it's quite frustrating and scary to me because as sympathy Agnes Christians there were 2 big things if you're not aware of the history going to the 80 General Conference where the message of Christ or righteousness was you know being brought before the church to accept and take to the world in even greater measure there were some political arguments happening leading into that conference session there was a debate between your rawest Smith n.g.i. Butler and 80 Jones and e.j. Wagner on the topic of the law in Galatians so is the longer lation when Paul says the laws are schoolmaster or tutor to lead us to Christ is that the 10 Commandment law the moral law or is it the ceremonial e.j. Wagner's dad he believed j age Wagner he had believed that it was talking about the moral law there were some arguments about that that kind of died off. And Ella White had written a letter to Jones and Wagner at the behest of your rawest Smith n.g.i. Butler tell these guys stop writing about this position they're saying it's the ceremonial law so there's this big political debate going back and forth on this issue hot topic right it could have been the nature of Christ it could have been women's ordination in our day it could have been the topic of you know the one true God or do we believe it in the Godhead 3 co-eternal beings whatever the circumstances may be that was the hot topic of their day and l.-y. told Jones Wagner stop writing on this is causing contention. But she remember all of what she wrote in that letter and what ends up happening is eventually she ends up having conversations a Jones a Wagner they come to the General Conference but g.i. butlers assure the fact these guys are going to talk about this topic so don't listen to them he sent a letter he could even be there was so sick from the letters at all I was sending him getting on to about stuff that he said you know stand by the way marks don't accept any new life and so unfortunately people in the 808 don't convert session had their ears closed to the Gospel it was preached with power conviction and beauty by you particularly and some by Jones I believe but for sure by Wagner they didn't want to listen to what he had to say want to say Amen to what he was saying because they were too sure that he was going to go into that political topic we disagree with. Now why does this ng is matter well because they disagreed on a hot topic they felt that you can't trust anything that these guys say don't listen to them Don't get too excited Don't be too open to what they have to say because they don't agree with us on fill in the blank topic now is that relevant today in our church the answer is absolutely yes I've seen far too many conversations from people saying oh don't listen to those guys they're way off on women's ordination they're way off on whatever and what's concerning to me about this is that we're assuming that because we disagree on one topic that everything that this minister of the Lord has to say is now Nolan void don't trust them don't listen to their sermons I think that's pretty immature and insecure and if we have differences on topics that's fine but as Seventh-Day Adventists it wasn't just the message of Christ Our Righteousness that we were championing to champion to the world it was also the message of liberty of conscience and so in the context of what's going on right now there is some pretty hot and heavy conversations that are happening in our movement regarding the topic of racial injustice. What people view as being. You know systemic racism or other circumstances that there are people who are communicating bit like this is absolutely the truth and you should not deny that there's any shred of this happening where there's people who are denying you completely and saying well if you have knowledge that then you're one of these people right you're a social justice for you're something else like there are there is a lot of main calling happening in our movement right now and a lot of jumping to conclusions and making assumptions about people that isn't fair to them well on the fact that is not Christian you may disagree with them on certain aspects of this topic but that doesn't mean that we need to attack people and make assumptions about everything that they believe so if you assume that because somebody is standing on issues of racial injustice that immediately that they're supporting political organizations that may also have similar convictions on this matter is an assumption that need not be made what if you're just a Christian who's upset about the fact that there are people who are oppressed and are not receiving the fair treatment that they deserve don't they have the freedom to have that form of belief and at the same time just because someone may not fully understand the issues that you're passionate about does that mean that we need to say that they don't care about people and that they're not informed that they're just a racist for not seeing things this way I think that's a really unfair assumption that we're jumping to on either side of these topics and this is happens to be the current climate and it's one of the big things that we're trying to address in this conference which is why I'm going to here. But I think we would do well to stop for a moment and assume the best about people because that's what Christians should do right we're told that love believes all things hopes all things endures all things and bears all things. So love will assume the best about people and will assume that they're not just some crazy person who's a racist or some crazy person who's a flaming liberal socialist social justice warrior whatever that means that we need to be intelligent here and we need to be Christians and again it always has I feel like fleeing the place when I see people talk like this so there may be people who are speaking in this conference that you may not agree with everything they had to say on every given topic but that doesn't mean they're not converted Christians who are doing the work for Jesus or you guys hear me this morning and we need to hold our horses here before we jump to conclusions and prognosticate our opinions on social media as if my opinion is worth all that much. And it's concerning to me because the way in which we're speaking is not reflecting Jesus and you do realize that there's people that you're friends with on social media who may not be 7 Be honest Christians I met we don't think past our immediate emotional reactions I think is part of the problem but you're friends with people who aren't haven't asked and they think that Adventists are angry politicians because of how Adventists are speaking right now but that's not the 7 they have his church's position right you are an ambassador of the 7th Day Adventist Church you are an ambassador for Christ in how you speak and how you treat people is especially who don't agree with you shows you more about your own heart than what their issues are and we have to be careful about this guy's right we've got to show the Christian courtesy that God has called us to show and so the reason why we're calling this presentation put your sword in its place Peter thought when Jesus was in trouble he feels Jesus by the way is laying down his life for people who will oppress women hurt him into all kinds of terrible things falsely accuse them or he's going to go through some terrible stuff we talked about a few days ago. But Peter thinks that I gotta get in there and get busy so he grabs his sword any hacks off Melkus his ear thinking that he's doing Jesus a favor he's not doing Jesus a figure in Jesus tells him put your sword in its place Peter I don't need your violence to defend me and I believe that right now Jesus would be saying the very same thing to some of our own brother maybe even many of our brother who right. Right put your sword in its place folks Jesus doesn't need your violent arguments the way the Jesus one discrete controversy was by laying down his life and giving not taking not arguing not attacking right he chose to show a spirit of humility he shows a show of have a spirit of of sacrifice now my saying that people should just be a doormat for bad behavior we're not saying that either right there need to be conversations that are Had we need to address the justices that's totally fine in reasonable but to assume that you need to get your emotional fiery arguments out there because Jesus needs that from you I would say Jesus doesn't need that from you and if anything you're hurting his cause not helping and he would be telling us the same thing today put your sword in its place now why is it do we think that people are responding in these ways I think there's a few reasons the 1st reason is because we're human I hate to burst your bubble there but we're human and as being human right we have a flesh that we're fighting with we're told. And pulse has a pull these things away from you clamor evil speaking anger bitterness wrath right these deeds of the flesh Paul says to put these things away the flesh is going to rise up on us it's going to happen but we need to make sure that before we communicate publicly we recognize that we are speaking as ambassadors on behalf of Christ and it is this diatribe them about to engage in this vent session about to engage in all social media will this help Jesus or will this hurt Jesus because you know the thing says here that I may 7th they have this Christian on Facebook with this so do I look like a 70 Imus Christians I communicated publicly or am I bearing false witness and actually violating the commands of God by claiming to know Jesus while acting like somebody who is not accurately representing Jesus it's a question we need to ask ourselves are the conclusions I'm jumping to about somebody who I think doesn't agree with me and I'm misrepresenting Jesus and have anyone cherishing those thoughts to begin with so we're human that's part of it we got to wrestle with our flesh but the 2nd reason I think is because we are getting our information from a motion Allee and politically charged sources right if you are getting your information from innocent b.c. and c.n.n. and Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and whoever these people are right if you're getting your information from these people you do realize that they have agendas you know that right. You know they are seeking for you to not just believe something but to take action based upon what they're telling you and is the information you're receiving impartial is it based upon facts is it something that we have actually done the research arm or are we just parroting our favorite prognosticators from the media and reciting their thoughts right did we get our degree at youtube university and so we're experts in conspiracy theories and what political pundits have to say you know we're just regurgitating what they think but we've never actually thought for ourselves and weighed out do I need to believe everything I've been told or is all that really making sense I would encourage you to find news aggregating websites to find out your information in the make your own choices or there's a website called all sides dot com all sides dot com It's a news aggregator and it even ranks what they put out based upon what what biases that they have if it's far right the right far left middle left or more moderate based on just the facts what happen do your research actually look at what people who don't agree with you have to say I think one of the reasons why we don't do that is because there's actually insecurity in our own experience right when ice dept away all sides dot com. And right when we are insecurity leads us to wall off from people who don't think like us or look like us or talk like us and it keeps us from learning one of the reasons why God created diversity and through the means of diversity is because there's beauty in diversity and there's a cross-pollination that can happen when people of different worldviews different life extent experiences and so forth that leads us to become more balanced and well rounded human beings but if all I do is hang out with super conservative Adventist people and I never talk to my neighbors who don't think like me come afraid of being corrupted or I stay away from my coworkers and others and if I don't understand how the world thinks I want to how to reach the world 1st of all right I will be speaking in an echo chamber that they don't resonate with so we need to be careful with the language that we're using it would be good to broaden our horizons by talking to people who don't talk like us who don't agree with us who don't think like us you can research information for people who don't agree with you and weigh out the facts of what actually happens so because we don't do this because we George largely draw from the same will the red will or the blue will then we just spit their fire against the other guys but there is no us versus them in a Christian world view. There isn't one every human being on this planet is a child of God right whether they know it and are living like it or not and so if we're living and thinking and surrounding ourselves with the political atmosphere of us versus them in the political realm you think you're magically just going to flip that switch off when you open your Bible and go to church and talk with your fellow brothers on Facebook it doesn't work ice you take that same judge mental partisan mentality into your religious experience and it ends up overriding our religious experience and that's dangerous so my encouragement to our brethren would be to disengage from the political realm entirely they don't have your best interest at heart you are being played like pawns right now by the pundits were being played by them they are using you step away from the noise and this is coming from somebody who went from Rush Limbaugh to Keith Olbermann like I went from Fox News to miss n.b.c. to total political apathy I tell people I drink the red Kool-Aid in the blue and now I just have a stomach ache and something powerful happened in my experience when I stepped away from the political commentary Real Sports Talk is just as poisonous. But talk radio in general does is unhealthy but when I stepped away from those things I found something happened in my experience that I wasn't even looking for I found it so much easier to have civil conversations with people who didn't think like I thought and to even find those conversations to be enriching and beneficial in to be a blessing they were very helpful to me I came to better understand you know my my audience. Right because if all you do is hang out with people who think like you it's pretty clear you're probably not thinking for yourself or one and 2 you don't really know how to reach the world in a tactful balanced way right Jesus was was one who mingled among men as one who desired their good he didn't just mangle among his peeps and his boy and his crew he mumbled among men as one who desired their good and it really offended the religious leaders of his day hey there not one of us would be doing eating dinner with a tax collector What are you doing saying nice things to a prostitute Jesus that is not how religious people do business you claiming to be a rabbi should know better than that he didn't know better that's why he did it but are we living in that same way now maybe we are involved in ministry maybe we're giving Bible studies and we kind of tough it up and and play nice with people who don't agree with us in ministry but do we still talk like savages to our fellow believers fellow 7th Day Adventists and if we do you know we making assumptions about them and everything about them I know for a fact there are people speaking this covers a day their people have a big beef with those individuals and the crazy thing is they have largely haven't spoken with them to even ask them what they believe I'm sure the people of a big beef with me and are making assumptions about me but have you had any conversations to ask them if they believe what you think they believe because I know that many of them don't but just because they're standing for certain causes we're making some big assumptions about people it isn't fair to servants of God to record you in the growing and armchair quarterbacking with ministers is easy to do when you're doing nothing for Jesus but when you're out there doing the grind we go through stuff you guys do nothing. But ministers go through the news you have a saying that what your life isn't easy either I'm not saying that but you just jump to conclusions and assume that you know everything these people about what they're going through whatever you don't know so stop making assumptions. Stop making assumptions assume the best about people right if someone is committing their life to ministry they could be doing other things in the world right now they could be making more money than they're making right now they could receive a whole lot more appreciation they're receiving in ministry right now it may be easier on their families to know how to deal with the politics of a deal with those ministers in for us to just jump to conclusions and rail on people we don't nothing about them we don't know the grind they're going through the sacrifices they are making for the Cause of God and even if you disagree even if maybe they're running that particular topic they're still Christians and they're struggling gospel work right put your sword in its place folks police right gospel ministries hard enough and you know we need accountability we need community and we can have fair and civil discourse to address those issues I'm not downplaying at but guys we just we we need to do a better job than we've been doing so disconnect from the political noise I promise you you will be a more friendly easier to talk to person if you disengage from these political sources the left and the right I don't have a side the left in the right disengage from that for a month and just see what your conversations look like with people who don't think like you you will be amazed at what happens. Right I find it to be so beneficial and so there were people who were upset with this organization for inviting certain people just gathering but I thought of my mind if that's a sign of maturity to be willing to invite people that may not all be on the same page on certain topics but to all come together in a dress are our convictions on a particular matter that's a blessing we can learn from each other they may be things that you agree with you never thought you would agree with when they make a biblical case so thank you for allowing for this outlet I'm grateful for I thought it was a sign of maturity right not a side of irresponsibility as some people are or are feeling so. I want to share something today that I think is super super important for us to learn about and to do some research on is called syncretism Ok or even type it into the chat here syncretism syncretism is the fusing of different ideas and particular religious ideas is a context I mean talking about where we fuse these different ideas together right this is working it dangerous for instance there are some concerns people have on you know uniting like Buddhist you know principles of spirituality with Christianity that would be syncretistic taking 2 things together they aren't supposed to be together and this can happen to us with politics there is a massive form of syncretism happening right now we're taking our political views and interweaving bill to their religious views and we don't realize the contradiction right the conflict that causes in the dissonance that that causes by fusing these things together because the realm of politics in the realm of the things of God are not talking about the same things one is striving for an earthly kingdom and advancement and power and control over an us versus them and the other is exact opposite right Satan's king of principles a step on people's heads and a get to the top and ruin everybody else's reputation in the meantime but Jesus is willing to come down down down down down to uplift everybody else. Right to not put himself 1st not strive for supremacy do not demonize them Jesus came to die for the arms because he didn't see any them he did his saw us right so this form of syncretism the fusing of different teachings and practices that's happening in our church today is deeply troubling ans we're taking political ideologies that don't coincide with the gospel and we're trying to make them fit into our biblical worldview and that's both camps I'm talking about and so we need to be careful with this and for some of us we're not taking you know our political world views morphing into biblical worldview we're actually morphing our biblical worldview into a political world view and if we step back from the noise and walk through a process of just studying for ourselves Jesus what is your word say about the events are happening in this world right now what is my personal responsibility now to politicians What do you say what would you have me do about it and Jesus how would you have me speak to people that don't agree with me and if I am concerned about them maybe I should fall the biblical principle of Matthew 18 and reach out to them speak to them myself personally and before jumping to conclusions or is actually a great principle of conflict resolution found in the Book of Joshua when you get towards you know the Book of Joshua I can turn there is actually helpful Let's do that you know a bit of time here go to the Book of Joshua and. It's in Chapter 22 so in Joshua chapter 22 there's a circumstance that happens the 2 and a half tribes that help Israel you know take the promised land but they're present there or in here to sit on the other side of the Jordan they now get to go back home right Canaan has been conquered and distributed they go back home to their own territory but then there is word that gets out that an altar has been established right they've built an altar on the other side of the Jordan and the immediate assumption is these guys are worshipping idols already that's their assumption they jumped to conclusions they didn't call and ask what's going on they jump to conclusions and got a delegation together because they're about to go take care of business this is bad so they go Joshua chapter $22.00 and. In verse 12 it says when they heard of it you heard of it the whole congregation of children Israel gathered together Shiloh to go to war against their own people then in verse 13 the child of Israel since Phineas the son of believes are the priests to the children Reuben Joshua 22 or 13 to the children of Gad into the have tribe of men as that in the Land of you and with him 10 rulers one ruler each from the chief house of every tribe in Israel and each one was the head of his father the divisions of Israel then they came to the children of Reuben the children of Gad have trouble to the land of Juliet and he spoke with them saying just as the whole congregation of the Lord. They say they're speaking to have everybody what treachery is this that you committed against the God of Israel to turn away this day from following the Lord in that you built yourselves and altar that you might rebuild this day against the war so they're jumping to conclusions I see an altar Oh I know what's going on here these guys are already turning into pagan and verse 17 is the iniquity of Peor not enough for us from which we are not Clint's till this day although there was a plague in the congregation of the Lord but that you must turn away this day from following the Lord and it shall be if you were built today against the war that tomorrow he will be angry with all of us the whole congregation Nevertheless if the land of your possession is unclean then come over to our side but do not rebel against the Lord Norbit against us by building yourselves and ultimate side the altar the Lord our God didn't take in the son of 0 commit a trespasser new curse of thing and wrathful an old car is of Israel and that man did not perish alone in his iniquity but those numbers 21 then the children of Reuben the children of Gad and have the tribe of been asked and answered and said that hence the divisions of Israel the Lord God of gods award out of gods he notes and let Israel itself know if it is in rebellion or in treachery against the Lord than do not save us this day but if we built ourselves an altar to turn from falling toward ripped off run it burnt offering to great offerings or if to offer peace offerings on it and what the Lord Himself required. It was numbers 24 but in fact we have done it for fear for a reason saying in time to come your descendants may speak to our descendants saying what had you to do the Lord God of Israel but the Lord has made the Jordan border between you and you children of Reuben in the children get you have no part for them say you have no part with the Lord so your dissin are to make artisan that sees from hearing the Lord therefore we said let us prepare to build ourselves an altar not a burnt offering nor for sacrifice but that it may be a witness between you and us in our generations after us that we may perform the service who are before him with our burnt offerings with our sacrifices and with our peace offerings that your disdain has made us a tortoise and that some time to come you have no part in the war therefore we said that it will be when they say this to our to us or to our generations in time to come that we may say here's the replica of the altar of the Lord which our fathers made though not for burnt offerings nor sacrifices but it is a witness between you and us far be it from us that we should rebel against the Lord and turn from following the Lord this day to build an altar for burnt offerings for great offerings were sacrificed his beside the altar of the Lord our God which is before his tabernacle So what happened here here's what happened both camps made assumptions about each other that weren't true that were unfounded and they took action based upon those assumptions that weren't healthy cause dissension and could very well have caused a war and blood would have been shifted because they assumed the worst about each other based only on what they saw they didn't have a conversation to figure out what those people really believed what was going on they made assumptions and took actions and Word doing the same thing today brother. We're doing the same thing today we're making assumptions about them they're making assumptions about us but if we just sat down and had conversations with people that don't think like we think right that may look like you doing this woman differently you may find we have a lot more in common than you realized what happened in Joshua 22 they both were serving the Lord they both wanted to be faithful to the ward but they were making assumptions those on the eastern side of the Jordan made assumptions so they build an older one necessarily those on the other side of the Jordan see an altar and jump to conclusions or you as understanding in our human flesh were prone to this it takes a spiritual discipline to assume the best about your neighbor it takes a spiritual discipline to believe all things hope all things to bear all things into endure all things regarding our print and if we do see something that seems arrive before we jump to conclusions and make plans to cut them off why don't we call them at a common Christian courtesy and ask them Hey I saw this could you help me understand what you meant by that well here's what I meant by all because I assume that you're like you're part of this political organization because I see you posting this stuff about you know standing for people whatever's like you're with them right. Did I ever say it was well no you haven't you're staying up for that stuff right and are you guys understanding how we do this and that we see people not posting things where they post something that seems country to where we stand in our convictions we say these people you're a racist you don't care what you're disinterested what if they're not and what if they're just uninformed and with name calling to them or with their are making assumptions about you really help to solve the problem no right to jump to conclusions like this on either side of the circumstances are difficult and we assume these are just black and white issues no pun intended but they rarely are. They rarely are what if both sides of this conversation may have valid points to bring to the conversation and if we sat down and had a civil conversation with another we may learn from each other and that may actually work out pretty well but to just assume that everybody who is not is wrong isn't really a healthy way to think or to act and is just not Christian right so anyway is that the syncretism is very very troubling right and I just I'm praying for our church so much God help us God help us the very evil vitriol that is in the world right now politically is in your people right now and here we are we should be given the 3 of those messages to the world and we're giving a horrible picture of God to the world is he a Chapter 36 a verse 22 God says I do not do this for your sake a house of Israel but for my holy name sake which you prefer and among the nations where ever you whipped and I will sanctify my great name which has been a propane among the nations for it right the very people of God made the surrounding nations the unbelieving pagan nations want nothing to do with God because of their behavior and it's happening today I have friends right now who are watching Adventists make fools of themselves on the Internet and they're saying See that's why I left. That's why I'm not going to come back see that's why I don't want what you have here we are having the message of mercy to go to the world that proclaims a message of unity that proclaims a message of the value of every single human being on this planet in the eyes of God Everyone has intrinsic moral that I got as a 1st message and we're called to worship the creator that means we should acknowledge the value of the things he created and yet the surrounding nations unbelievers and backslidden and fallen away Christians look at our behavior on the Internet and say see or nothing but cannibals claiming to be vegan and yet eating their fellow human beings on the Internet like savages. And they want nothing to do with Jesus because of our behavior because of our quick chippy arguments and pithy one liners that we're regurgitating guys we've got to get over this. Even if you disagree is your opinion on the Internet right now all on somebody else's walls not even yours is that really helping the situation and do you really think that's going to change their mind by attacking them it doesn't right it doesn't and so please please please my brethren my brothers and my sisters act like Christians stop arguing with people grow up and act like Christians we're not helping the cops Jesus is pleading with you today put your sword in its place I gotta clean up this mess you're causing let's not make his job any harder than it is for you with me today right there are brethren and even if they aren't if they're angry atheists by not giving them what they want and argument it's easier to win them don't take the bait guys and I think we're just going to shutter right. When we realize what we've done when we come into the judgement and we realize how many people we pushed away from the Cause of God because of our emotional opinions that weren't even founded in Scripture to begin with we're in trouble guys I fear for the 7th the M's church right now I fear for us we have a message of mercy to go to the world and we're cute when you were arguing with each other we can't even behave ourselves like adults on the Internet and we say Jesus is coming soon in the same breath how could he win the World wants nothing to do with him because of us how could that happen How can Jesus come soon when we can't even behave ourselves and act like adults. It's not helping so God has to come here and as you go 36 and says I'm going to bring you into your own land then he says all Clinton from all your filthy ness from all your idols all your politics all your pride of opinion the idols in your experience are going to clinch you from and he says a remove the heart of stone from your flesh give you a heart of flesh give the ability to look at people as if the people as are the children of God for whom I died then he says I'll pour out my Spirit into your life and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and them but one of those judgments one of the statutes in the 10 Commandments is that we shouldn't bear false witness as we need help we need more than ever to be praying for the Spirit of God to be poured out of his church because we look like fools and we're hurting his cause we're not helping it so please oh please on behalf of Christ I plead with you to put your sword in its place stop it disengage from the political noise doesn't mean we can't advocate for different causes that doesn't mean we can't stand up for justice that doesn't mean that we can't you know stand with for the things that we think are true and noble and would have embraced morals in our country and so forth but guys the tone in which we had that conversation in the biblical logical end of reason that we use everything Paul says you know a brother in Romans $224.00 he says you know the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you because of you believers and there's another place where Paul says look a brother takes another brother to court and that before unbelievers Why not rather be Robt what if you chose not to respond to somebody snarky attack of the Internet and just chose to take the high road and pray for them instead of arguing them in assuming that you have to be right are you with me today guys. Right I have nots I've not run in any camp today I've tried to be as balanced I've tried to run away from the red meat hot politic terms that make people soon that they know what I'm about by sizing me up I'm trying to be just straight down the middle and make it clear for the love of God People act like Christians act like adults in treat people like Jesus whether you agree or with the adult and if you do disagree if it's really that important to you if you think you're standing for the right in a righteous Christian then do it a righteous Christian is told to do in the Bible and call them and speak to them yourself before you attack them on the Internet speak to them ask them questions before you jump to conclusions. That's what caused the problems in Joshua 22 ask questions hey I saw this now is that what you meant earlier so do you support what this group does no I don't why oh because I just thought it because when I saw you post this I was your a 1010 steps down a road that you never need to have walked upon and unfortunately no other ministers of the Gospel who people want to listen to nothing of theirs they want no involvement from that ministers contribution to the 7 they have a church the calling God has in their life because we jump to conclusions that were ill informed motional and selfish to begin with. I think are supposed to be better than that guys and only by God's grace can we get there right I wrestle with it I got my own issues you think I know Reza what this stuff but what I have learned is as a public figure my influence matters and I want to be a good steward of what I'm given rights all speak when I need to speak and I choose to keep my mouth shut when my opinion isn't worth anything to begin with and I'm sure I'm making mistakes along the way I'm sure of it but by God's grace I'm trying to grow I'm trying to be helpful but here's what I am avoiding my old costs arguing with people I've had my own posts on my own Wall be hijacked with people by people. They are saying things that I didn't say or it is just it's. Nice It's just exhausting it's nice to get away from the noise so politicians are going to do that I expect that from them but we shouldn't be expecting that from christians are you with me today my God deserves better than that Jesus deserves so much better the we're giving him right now with our sphere of influence and our influence on online is just not good so there's a bunch of verses there's a bunch of things I was going to share I didn't but I hope and pray that least what was shared was helpful I hope this will challenge us and convict us right go read Joshua 22 and pray and ask God to help you see is this me is this me right here's some references if you want to some some help or references Romans chapter 2 verse 24 is a good chapter 36 here's one Psalm 50 I'm close of this one this is pretty heavy some 50 verses 1022. All type I'm into the chat here in just a 2nd but. At dry pray they do their closing things whatever they say I'll try to type the references in Hero quick but goes me to some 50 and listen to this because this is. When they heard for some of us some pity and beginning in verse 19 this is God speaking. He says you give your mouth to evil and your tongue frames deceit you sit and speak against your brother you slander your own mother son these things you have done and I kept silent you thought I was altogether like you but I will rebuke you and stepped them in order before your eyes right now consider this you who forget God less I tear you in pieces and to be none to deliver whoever offers the praise glorifies mean to him who orders his contect conduct a right I will show the salvation of God Some of us think we're speaking on behalf of God He says You think I was all together like you but I'm not I'm not like that I don't speak like that I don't make assumptions about people like that because the Bible says that God is love and person is their team tells us that love Hope's all things believes all things endures all things and bears all things it assumes the best about people and treats them based upon what they could be in Jesus and so let's pray God in Heaven Help us Lord our churches in trouble right now and I just pray that you would help us that we would learn the lessons from our history $988.00 that we learn the lessons from what's happening even now and then we would learn to treat each other like Christians don't know why it was so big on this she would tell James to be quiet and circumstances where he was right to keep him from arguing in our publications before the world and that our brethren have not followed that council like you know what I feel like fleeing the place less I be molded with the same mold of what I'm seeing on the Internet right now God help us. God help us How can you come soon when your own people are not doing our duty in treating people like Jesus would and speaking like Jesus would God help us forgive our sins today cover them with the blood of Jesus will us with their Holy Spirit of God I pray I ask these things in Jesus' day. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service later visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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