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Risk and Redemption: Stand and Deliver

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • October 31, 2020
    11:15 AM
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Let's pray Father thank you for a beautiful day the privilege to worship I pray continue to give our hearts a desire to worship a deepening disarm or to worship you in all facets of our lives but a special joy when we can gather and sing and praise and study so now Lord open our hearts as we open the Word and may we be different because we've encountered you in your word in Jesus' name amen this morning we're in a series called risk and redemption and there will be no redemption without someone taking a risk Jesus took that risk to be the latter between heaven and earth and he's calling us to follow in behind him now I want to ask you a question Is there more evidence or less evidence today that a vegetarian lifestyle is advantageous more or less more most you think more some of you might think less your credibility might be thought less of if you were to identify yourself were living in an age where what was once Faith is now fact I can remember as a boy when I became a vegetarian I was about 1314 years old my family was not living a vegetarian life but my teacher had such a powerful influence on me in the Spirit of God was operating and I knew it was time for me to move now I love all the things that I used to eat but I don't love them enough to destroy the language of longevity as far as it's in my power to promote it. The clearness of mind and I know the spirit of prophecy and the Bible are both pointing us towards that decision but I can still remember when I told my neighbors I think they thought I was from outer space even California wasn't living this way unless you were in the Blue Zones of Loma Linda and I think people used to really believe that you might well to weigh into nothingness if you didn't have animal protein in your life but you know God moved on my heart it was time for me to make that decision and you know what God honored me my mother and my father were willing to do this which meant more cooking for my mom and my dad actually was willing to experiment which for a man who made no profession of faith was a pretty big step and I really do believe today there are 2 reasons my parents are in as good a health as there in in their late seventy's one is God's blessing them for making the commitments to put their children's feet on the path of life and to is a residual of good choices and so in spite of 40 years of smoking which they seized several years ago they have a measure of health that is really quite remarkable and I'm absolutely convinced that part of it is that they're vascular health was protected by a different kind of diet and you can add many things to that so why is it today that when we have more scientific evidence to show that the distinctions that we're by faith. Are now not so faith filled Why is it that we have less distinction as a people we have other things we believe that are unique science will never corroborate with us to prove them but they are still distinctions that ought to Marcus the chief distinction ought to be the love of Jesus it's in our heart that flows out in our face in our words and our tone but all the other things that Marcus the same prophetic messenger who showed us how to walk a different path in regards to smoking flesh eating all kinds of other health minded things has other good advice for us but science will never get in the game of proving spiritual benefit spiritual benefit will always have to be discovered it will always have to be affirmed through obedience which Jim bare walled was talking about in our children story so this morning I'm taking us on a journey into the 3rd book of Daniel the story of 3 men Shadrack me shakin a Ben ago and I've been titled it stand and deliver take your Bibles today and let's see if we ought not to follow their example Daniel Chapter 3 go past the Book of easy kill in the Old Testament and find this little book with 12 chapters. I want to talk about the need of acceptance while you're looking there you know God made us all to fit into families and he meant for there to be harmony The problem is the culture of our world has gone off on a wrong direction what that means is that the culture that we're living in the water we're swimming in the air we're breathing metaphorically or symbolically speaking all of these things have an effect on us you know when Elijah stood on Mount Carmel and he appealed to the people if God be God serve him even though those profits gathered there on that peak in northern Israel couldn't bring fire down even though the Holy Spirit was out there convicting all of those people in the crowd said nothing they have been so immersed in the culture created by the Queen and the king jazz a bell and they have that their spiritual sense of vibrancy and freedom had long since evaporated and they were left as spiritual weaklings waiting to be blown about in the wind I'm convinced today that very same thing is going on there is an absence because we're in a culture that's oppressive it's a siege like culture there is an absence of spiritual strength now before I talk about standing up I want to affirm that we all need to be accepted we need to be in communion is that encourage us and support us when I'm done preaching this sermon or it will matter to me that the people that are important to me thought it was the message that was to be preached and other words when my wife says to me that she thought the Lord was using me and it was an important message and a good sermon that means a whole lot more to me the most anybody else when my son or my daughter says to me dad that was a good message those things matter of a lot to me I appreciate your support and your encouragement but my journey is one in which I am leading a large body on wides. Back to room of spiritual and relational maturity Now having said that before we talk about 3 men who wouldn't do what the king wanted them to do it's important the church creates a counter culture to the culture of the world so that our kids no when they get in the circle of the extended family they're going to find encouragement they're going to find positive support now healthy families have accountability moments too but it's very important the church creates a different culture now I want to talk about postmodernism but I'm going to I'm going to hang on to that for just a moment when the Bible says we are to gather together and all the more so as we see the day approaching that's not just a casual statement by Paul the Holy Spirit new giving him utterance that natural human relationships at the end would get weaker and more distant You can read that in his directions to Timothy about what society is going to look like at the end Paul knew that coming together was going to form the fabric the type fabric in which we would create countercultural environments that would provide support and nurture and acceptance. We need that from each other because without it we will be reduced to being formed into the press of the culture which is what Romans warns us not to do both don't be conformed to this world but be transformed to read the renewing of your mind so it's important for us to know as we look at these 3 Hebrew men that they had in some small facet and encouragement and support dynamic that we need to have 2 friends don't look at the church like the supermarket where you're going to get what you want and if it doesn't seem like it does anything for you well that just won't do for you then will it God actually call you look at the church as a family and say I will be supportive of it I will be at these meetings I will be in trailer I will be financially support of I will give my time so so important all right let's jump into the word Navigon as it is going to have a big meeting and the big meeting is going to be about loyalty and affirmation to his role and his role is something we'll discuss chapter 3 verse one never can answer the king made an image of gold the height of which was 60 cubits and it's with 6 cubits and he set it up in the plain of Dura in the province of Babylon then never can answer hit the king sent word to assemble the strangers the traps I should say the prefects and the governors the councillors in the Treasurer's the judges and the magistrates and all the rulers of the provinces that come to the dedication the image that never can answer the king had set up it was very simple this image would be erected in the province of Babylon there is a river that has the name of Dura in it but it is not in the province of Babylon so this is certainly somewhere close to the central Lety of governorship of kingship and of direction and. They collecting of people is quite extensive their leaders and they are told simply when you hear the music you need to be valid down and worship of course the image was about the kingship and about the godhood of never can as or in verse 6 is very clear whoever does not fall down and worship shall immediately be cast into the midst of a furnace of blazing fire therefore verse 7 at the time when all the peoples heard the sound of the horn the flute the fire the Trigon the psaltery the bagpipes and all kinds of music all the peoples nations a man of every language fell down and worship the golden image that never can answer the king had set up now let's just do a little brief interlude here you know most of modern Christian has a doctrine of eternal burning hell fire and for many that's enough because it scares people into a relationship with God and that's Ok the end justifies the means because the be outside of relationship with God is to diminish the quality of your life the legitimacy of his lordship but let's just for a moment understand what this would have been like if I was a sad trapped or some other leader in the reign of never can answer I would have been told to bow down to this worship to this image and if I didn't I was going to be thrown in a fiery furnace. Now I really want to know for the intelligent thinking person what level of real homage of mind heart or body is involved in that kind of act of worship and yet modern Christian Dunn have has embraced and idiology that is definitely diabolical it's from the under world but they've embraced it in the name of the true God Now 7th Day Adventists don't believe this 70 s believe in the true power of choice the ability to not be in the presence of God for all eternity burning on the Divine rotisserie for the pleasure of the righteous supposin No 7 they haven't it's believed that God actually protects your choice to say I don't want to live in God's universe and when this life is over I'm done there's a recognition in some degree not only of God's permission for us to say no to him but also of the divine progress of a god to actually create and in the end finish the work of dealing with sin modern christian down in the name of Christ adopted a methodology which is clearly from the dark side and at the beginning of this story I think we ought to understand that when you don't worship the way an oppressive power tells you there has to be some kind of terrible coercion on the other side but it's not really worship and this morning it's important that when you leave this place you leave with a greater desire to willingly give your life to the Lord who is both a creator and read demon. Verse 8 for this reason at what time were at that time certain Cal The Ins came forward and they brought charges against the Jews they responded and they said you never can answer the King Live Forever you Ok verse 10 it made a decree that every man who hears the sound of the horn the flute the lier the Trigon the sultry and the bagpipe and all kinds of musics to fall down and worship the golden image but whoever does not fall down and worse and shall be cast into the midst of the furnace of blazing fire he got the memo verse 12 now this is a very interesting verse he's going to he's going to critique and negatively so never can as Or at the same time he critiques never condensers men there are certain Jews whom you have promoted their over the administration of the province of Babel and it's not an ordinary promotion it's a significant promotion and their names are Shadrack me shakin to Bendigo these men your choice soaking have disregarded you bad choice King they don't serve your gods or worship the golden image which you've set up now there's a lot in that verse the most important thing I want you to capture is this aside from the fact that there jealousy knows no bounds so they're willing to ding the king if they can do it I want you to see the latter part of the verse where they tell 2 offenses one which should have explained the story before it happened and the other they explained it in the Now they do not serve your gods that's what should have had everybody know this isn't going to work good nor do they worship the golden image which you have set up could be said of you and I clearly and distinctly in the places where we frequent that our life is uniquely peculiar. That our religion is uniquely wonderful at least in the sense of our and here is to it even if you don't value what we value and couldn't simply be said these people live a completely different kind of life now we can as you should have known this wasn't going to work you shouldn't promoted them they were Adrian's and prisoners you put them up there and now look what they're doing bad example one of the one and here is never can as are sitting on his throne he's created a moment which is supposed to declare loyalty to him and these men are unwilling to bow down and everybody sort of new should have known and now know they never can as or in rage and anger verse 13 gave orders to bring Shadrack me shakin Abene go these. Before the king then these men were brought before the king never can as a responded and he said to them is it true now I'm going to hit the pause button right here. Do remember in chapter number 2 which is by the way a story of an image and yes I'm not going to miss the broad strokes this book is about the time of the in these stories about the time of the end the issues in this chapter about the time of the end there will be false worship commanded at the time of the end of which failure to do so will lead to death that's clearly a message of chapter 3 but this morning I want to focus on being ready for the time of the end and ready for these moments so I want to think it's in Chapter 2 The Wise Men can't remember the dream Thus they can interpret the dream they basically say could we have more time never going to says no the decrees Now you guys are going to die then you ask for more time and God gives it to him it's interesting out of that narrative that a king who is not really interested in going out of his way to accommodate his subjects is willing to give a potential accommodation here to Shadrack me check into Bendigo there is such a nobility and impressed enough about their walk with God he's actually going to question them he knows the cow the ins are worthless by way of character and would be glad to see these men God So he's going to give him some He's going to give these men a chance to speak for themselves is it true now the king who is not known for his great patience and kindness when angered says Shadrack me 2nd event ago is it true that you do not serve my gods or worship the golden image that I've set up he doesn't really want to answer it appears before he rolls on with this rhetorical question of which he surmises it is true. Now if you're ready verse 14 at the moment you hear the sound of the horn the flute the leer the Trigon the sultry in the bagpipes and all kinds of music to fall down and worship the image I've made very well but if you do not worship you will be immediately cast into the midst of a furnace of blazing fire and the challenge of the chapter is laid down in verse 15 and what God is there who can deliver you out of my hands there it is the challenge is out it's out there for them it's out there for God Now the question has to be answered for you and me what kind of problem do you have at the moment it might be a personal problem it might be a financial problem it might be a problem in relationships is there a God who is about deliverance in your life or do you conveniently push his hands off the steering wheel of your choices and careen on and off bouncing off the guard rails of life making sure deliverance will happen inside your definitions of security not God's what God is there who can deliver this is the question every apocalyptic 21st century 7 day Heaven is better be asking themselves because the time is coming when we're going to face the same kinds of issues and whether or not fire is the mode Daladier it's been used before in the Protestant Reformation against the Reformation and it will be used again if need be so to intimidate God's people what kind of God is there is the real or is the fake is the Orthodox and written down in $28.00 fundamental beliefs or is the that plus personal m. powerful and Lord of All Things. When for the last time we exercised spiritually by standing up so many of us are sitting down there's so much to be done a world to be won we're allowing our identity to be morphed into something that shouldn't be God is actually calling us to a new spiritual exercise and it's called standing up and by the way spiritual exercises matter giving is another spiritual exercise I want to from this church Thank you so much for your courtesies to me and the pastoral step during this month of pastoral appreciation I can genuinely say it has been overwhelmingly positive and more maybe in one year than in a conglomerate of 30 years of ministry so praise the Lord but I want to ask you about your spiritual exercises and in this moment I want to talk about standing up now you can't be Shadrack me shakin event to go and not know what's going on on the plane there are other statues like this that have been erected in antiquities some of them even larger and by the way lest you be caught off guard is similar to say to you the proportions of this statue are not in keeping with the human form Don't be dismayed by this friends we don't know how much of the 60 cubits was based and how much of it I mean pedestal and how much of it was actually the form and let there be no doubt I'm quite confident though can be proved that the image was an image of an epic in as number one man himself. And this is something that is probably important for us to recognize God has steeple that have progressed through different challenges at different times but those stories of faith are for us who go through the n.t. typical which means it's no longer it's no longer got symbolic meaning for the future it'll be the real consummate final deal we're going to go through the n.t. typical or the apocalyptic experience just like this and if there is no god of deliverance in our lives we'll be bowing down and there are people whose real spiritual progress right now is on their knees but it's not in prayer to God it's Imbali down to the things of the world when idols are wrecked in people's hearts and sometimes passed in people's homes or pockets or pocketbooks and there is a bow in down the Spirit of God is not free to do what the Spirit wants to do now I'm going to put a new twist on postmodernism Postmodernism is God's exercise plan in anticipation of the final showdown everybody can do what they want and you're being told and all the secular airwaves you're not to say or do anything the reigns on anybody's parade Postmodernism is God's exercise plan in anticipation of the final showdown. But there are lots of Christians who aren't being who they're supposed to be they're not standing for Christ as they should stand and I don't mean in a stubborn rebellious or obstinate way I don't mean this is me like it or love it no I don't mean that at all they have conscientious convictions that are born out of a humble dependence upon Christ but Postmodernism is the warm up for the final showdown if you don't think so just get on the wrong side of the mass media who has imbibed and is is promoting this new world order of culture like nobody else you just get on the wrong side of the message of mass media and you find out how much objective a there is in journalism. Postmodernism is the Christian's exercise plan to wake up and find God in the presence of the difficulties doing what you're supposed to do while you have freedom and privilege listen this is America we have this amazing secular document probably the most ever produced most inspired secular document ever produced it's called the Constitution of the United States if you can't stand up in this country where you've got laws protecting you what makes you think you're going to be able to stand up when this country looks like every other country that's led by someone who has no system of checks or balances Postmodernism is your training period ideas are moving back and forth society is being bent but when Christians don't take their cue to be for God who they're supposed to be in the moment in the now they're actually teaching themselves how to be afraid which is what I almost an titled The sermon how to be afraid how to make yourself afraid so you don't want to lose that relationship you don't lose that job you don't want to lose that economic opportunity or that educational moment all you have to do is to deny the principles of Scripture and the convictions of conscience you don't you don't really want to make any waves all you have to do is say Lord I'm just going to stay in my seat when he say no it's time for you to stand up stand up and deliver the message of who you are of who I am of what I ask of what you want to be Postmodernism is the Christian warm up to the final showdown and when we're too afraid to be to the people that we love the most and we're closest to what we're supposed to be which is teaching ourselves how to be afraid and I want to assure you there's nothing more powerful than fear fear is the final crowbar that the devil is going to use the beach your fingers off the cross. And it won't take very much the truth of the matter is Fear is the quintessential response of the carnal heart for self-preservation Now of course some fear is good don't miss my point don't make me say more than I'm saying but God is actually using this period of time for you to be you but please don't use the voice of somebody else to be who you are don't be looking to the political world or the educational world or somewhere else look to Christ that's what these men did but they had practice standing up they stood up in chapter number one and here they are in chapter number 3 and let's do another important point for us some people are all Twitter painted over Daniel's absence in chapter number 3 why is Daniel not there some suggest the king sent him on important errand Some suggest that he was sick some suggest that he was so special his loyalty wasn't doubted all of those are worthless suggestions. Daniel is not there because God has chosen to not have Daniel there this is a story of 3 men who are going to get their own experience with God outside of the shadow of the author of the book and you know no matter where your journey is and how many wonderful mentors you've had there always comes a graduation moment where it's your turn to put your face into the wind and your hand and of the unseen hand of Jesus Daniel was not destined to be on the plain of Dura Daniel is not needed on the plain of Dura but Shadrack me shakin to Bendigo are moving forward in their own experience writing their own faith chapters it's fine for you to come and listen to a message it's fine for you to read a book but when it's all said and done you need to write the volume of your own faith in Christ and you do it by following his gentle Brahms and the journey is a learn to hear better all the time and follow as Abraham followed and hear that voice behind you sane walk the init and by the way friends when it comes to conformity which we live in an age of conformity our identity is in conformity listen if you conform the world will leave you alone they will The only problem is is that when you're alone you are like being with yourself God calling us to learn how to be alone with him so that when we have some spiritual exercise and where to stand and deliver. We have the common it's because we've been here before there's nothing about this except the the intensity of what's happening that is changing by the way God is very wise and patient he graduates or develops your strength in relationship to a properly calibrated test or opportunity God is calling us in all of our ordinary relationships Now this was interesting week for me I think I handed out more apologies to people this week and I have been a long time and I'm alright with apologizing I don't like being wrong but I am but in the midst of all those apologies there were some tears conversations and there's different people here listening right now to whom my apologies were given to one of them I said I'll make it proper for the service so it'll be close to what I said I'm not sorry for the strength of my convictions on this subject matter I'm sorry for the strength of how I came across to another person of with whom I had a a much fiercer conversation I don't know that I'd call that when even fears that person offered me an apology which I'm not sure was needed. When you're in the midst of a real relationship you're going to get all the practice you need today whatever Today needs to offer you get all the practice you need for what I'm talking about it's in the ordinary places where God actually starts doing what prepares you for the extraordinary places in other words every relationship you have will at some point time of forge you an opportunity to stand and deliver and when you're in a fierce conversation by the way let's just put a little practical note on things there's nothing wrong with the passion for a belief system. But when your belief system blurs over to nastiness and ugliness towards a person you now have something called an identity idea it's no longer true you've got something that's tied to your identity and somebody is making you a tad bit fragile in regards to this dialogue and abusers are good at this you wouldn't want to be an abuser abusers are good at scaring and intimidating people away from uncomfortable conversations and when somebody has to be rude and inappropriate in the passionate defense of their idea they now have an identity idea in other words the idea is so tied to who they are that if you dismantle it you're on doing them now let's take an identity idea out of the story who had an identity idea in the story and begin as are and what was his identity I'm God you know the problem with the story bad ideas are always hard to defend wrong ideas make you discomfort a boil. Before nobody can as are got out on to the plane of Dura and his throne carried by his Qadri of courtiers he already knew that he was not God So have your past in it discussions have your fears conversations but as soon as I turn mean and nasty you're in error. At least error of spirit and probably error of idea because a true idea doesn't need your defense God will defend it in time himself in the quietness of a person's an honest person's willingness to hear when Shadrack me shakin to Bendigo won't bow down all he makes the man the 4th Bible Commentary and I rest a Bible Commentary set by the way all of you should have one spend less money on a phone or get it in a software form and have a set of the commentaries or one of the new Anders commentaries that has come out or is coming out you should have these things in that Bible Commentary it suggests that his visage was demonic and I wouldn't be one bit surprised if you spent all those years and all that money setting up that statue and now everybody's supposed to bow down and you can smell the smoke and maybe feel the fire I don't know and you won't do what he says What do you have left to do to somebody who's not afraid to die you've got to get angry so heated up 7 times hotter Yes Namak another nose before he goes out there there's a true God in heaven Daniel has proclaimed it but these men have to have their own encounter and as one of our members from 1st service pointed out to me this morning Daniel had the vision of the of the image Shadrack Nisha me shakin invent a god certainly prayed with him and prayed for deliverance but it was a vision given to Daniel Now this is an experience given to them and by the way friends it's a glorious experience of Deliverance let's keep going Chad rack me shakin event to go replied to the king who had wondered who could deliver them oh never can answer we do not need to give you. We do not need to give you an answer concerning this matter if it be so our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire and he will deliver us out of your hand but even if he does not let it be known that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you've set up nothing's changed you knew before we got out here this wasn't going to work it's not working and if it doesn't work and we're gone it's it but this is who we are our identity is in Christ our identity is in the living God Now I want to take a few moments because verse 1617 and 18 are pretty important when you come down to the phraseology there I'm reading from the New American Standard says if it be so in other words if you've got the power to throw it in the furnace and it's just done Ok but our God does have the ability if it be so there are some scholars and suggest that how that really ought to read is that if our God whom we serve is able to deliver us good but there's a big difference between if it be so Chama our God whom we serve is able but for a lot of people listening here this morning it ought to read like the critical scholar suggests if our God whom we serve is able to deliver us. The confidence that he can if he wants to is missing and maybe it's because there aren't any chapters where we've kept track of his deliverance his provision but I really like how the sub to Egypt does it which was the Greek Bible that Paul used that was written by the Hebrew scholars in Egypt 70 of them that's why you often see it in writing as the l.x.x. It's the 70 scholars and listen to this it's even better. Ok now this would be verses 1618 Ok we have no need to answer the concern in this matter for God The God in the heavens is our lord whom we fear and who is able to deliver us out of the furnace of fire out of your hands Ok he will deliver us and then it should be manifest to the that we will not serve neither this side nor worship like golden image friends what is it for you and me how confidence are we if we haven't been in the habit of standing where we need to stand and instead we're bowing down to the world in ways that are reshaping our identity we could come up to the last crisis and be all afraid do you really think God wants us to be afraid you don't fear us it's a leech on our spiritual and emotional vitality it's a leech on our resources fear is the devil's way of draining the energy and emotion out of God's people at the very end so they can do what needs to be done so everybody can know there's a God in heaven who's able to deliver because this world's going to be in deep trouble and the storyline of hope and salvation is going to be over this is a chapter written specifically for you and mean. But the king didn't like it now because it was filled with wrath and his facial expression was altered toward Shad Acme shack and then into he answered by giving orders to heat the furnace 7 times more than it was usually he didn't listen to the snap crackle and pop watched the black smoke billowing out of the top of this clay oven he commanded certain value worriers who were in his army and tired she had wrecked me shack in a better go and don't be too gentle in order to cast them into the furnace of blazing fire and then these men were tied up their trousers their coats their caps their other clothes and they were cast into the midst of the furnace of blazing fire and for this reason because the king's command was urgent and the 1st had been made extremely hot the people on the outside of the fire died while the people who went into the fire lived can God turn the elements around if he wants to. At what point time to Chad back me shack in a Bendigo sense that the perspiration in the red skin on the faces of these value Warriors was concerning to them but they didn't even feel hot now we can as are the king was astounded and he stood up in haste and he said to his officials was it not 3 we cast into the midst of the fire they replied to the King certainly oh king he said look I see 4 men loose and walking in the midst of the fire without harm and the appearance of the 4th is like the son of the gods are like the Son of God they never can answer came near the door of the furnace of blazing fire he responded he said Shadrack me going to Bendigo come out you servants of the most high God and come here then Shadegg me shakin Abene go came out of the midst of the fire now could we be real for a minute. Imagine if you're Shadrack me shack in a Bendigo and you're Daniel and you're all in a prayer session and you're saying Look are you know our very lives depend on this dream being interpreted as this dream being review now I don't want to be too petty and too human I don't want to be I don't want to make you like me but since we're all human beings there's some part of you that's like me and I just wonder if in our security when the 4 of them prayed but only one of them got the vision if the rest them didn't wonder Well Lord why didn't you talk to me but I want to tell you something a vision in the night. Can't compare with a walk with Jesus in the fire and what you don't get now because somebody else gets it don't worry rejoice and be glad that God had a point of communication Don't compare your spiritual walk to somebody else's because your Sapir is to be a little bit different or little bit less direct this is far more direct than most people in the Old Testament Scriptures ever got to encounter but I'm here to tell you Jesus going to walk with his people at the end of time and he's going to deliver on that's what Revelation Daniel Chapter 12 verse one says now there were 10 plagues 3 of them fell on Goshen as well as on Egypt and there will be a period of time in which there is some intense suffering but once those 7 last plagues star the main battle for us is a battle of faith and trust in Gone those plagues aren't for us our bread and water will be sure but when I learned to hide under the wings of the Almighty if we haven't learned that God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble therefore we need not fear though the mountains be carried into the heart of the sea friends some of the things we're going to watch are going to make our hearts wonder but God never intended that we look at the future with fear discards alive this God's present this God does what no other God can do. But what if they would have bowed down one of they want to walk home that day glad to be alive but not glad for much of anything else certainly not wanting to run into Daniel. How many years it took to build this thing we don't know but I'm here to tell you they were high up in the kingdom they knew what was going on and they did not live their days in and dissipate of fear and dread troubles coming troubles coming troubles coming what miserable men they would have been in for the years it took to erect an image probably a 100 feet tall by the way I've been to India 3 times and I've seen their famous monkey god statue it's pretty impressive to be in the presence of something physically that big that's an idol Chad wrecked me checking a bit ago had no question as to what that image was being created for never can answer is more and to himself the maybe anybody else in all of Scripture and they were nobodies on the edges of the periphery of the kingdom they knew there was a day coming when they were going to have to stand up and they did not live all their days in fear and to suggest that they didn't battle some fear and wonder about it but friends they got down on their knees and they reached up to heaven and the God of heaven came down and gave them a divine comfort that when you walk through the waters I'll be with you and the fire will burn you these are the things the prophets said we better acquaint ourselves what the prophets have said so that we can claim the promises and have the assurance that gotta be with us there are too many 7th Day Adventists who are in love with the world and afraid of the future and it's a perfect world pool for sucking the hopes of the world down the tubes because if these men would have stood up by the way look what happens everybody goes home saying wow what an awesome statue to everybody gathering around Chadrick me shakin Bengal's and wow what are some men can I smell your clothes. All the attention is turned from the idle to the true God can you say man is an amazing story but it is better than and it's not just that all those say chaps and prefects and all those other governmental people are going to go home and tell the story no never can as is going to do it up better verse 28 never can as a response said Blessed be the God of shad read me Shekinah been a girl who sent his angel and delivered his servants who put their trust in him violating the king's command and yielded up their bodies so as not to serve or worship any god except their own which should make us think of the Book of Revelation where it says they love not their lives to the death therefore I make a decree Now I want to know how many people were to hear this decree you think about it I make a decree that any people nation tongue that speaks anything offensive against the God of Shadrack me check and then I go shall be torn limb from limb and their house is reduced to a rubbish heap it is much as there is no other God who is able to deliver this way and they get another promotion out of it again it didn't turn out too bad if you can face your fears in the name of God it will be better on the other side but if you can't face your fears facing the future it will reduce you to an on believer Ferenc this story is written down this church you God's people are not to be afraid easier said than done but with your standing in the shadow of the shepherd it's given God cares for his own more than you care for your children more than you care for your spouse more than you care for the people that you love God takes their witness and he tells the whole world the nation has imploded with the love of Babylon they were conquered in their hearts before they were challenged in their bodies. And there's only a few that go back to Babylon that remain faithful to God But look what God does Jerusalem follows Israel fails but in the heart of heathendom 3 men stand up and everybody knows what drew the Jews should have been doing for centuries there is a Living God Hallelujah Amen this is where the story goes. So let's end it you've got your Bible open there I want to show you something verse 15 I want you to see a word in this verse over and over again verse 15 Let's come down to his question bottom part of the verse what God is there who can what deliver verse 17 if it be so our God and we serve as able to what from the furnace of the blazing fire and he will what they'll ever go over to verse 28 we come down to the mill verse now Neven it as or never can as are talking about the fact that this God delivered and we go down to his decree and there at the end of his decree almost to the end is the word deliver our Listen friends. Maybe the thing we made need delivered from the most is our fear that is not a good God and he's creating a situation we can endure maybe today situation needs to be redirected to we. Reconstitute the culture of the church and the culture of the world polarizations the name of the game right now isn't it Jesus said leave the wheat and tares growing together well friends the harvest is almost right but you know it's going to ripen and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and persecution the spirit's going to be poured out our love will be enlivened in deep and. Our faith will be increased as God reveals the us things to us through the word there is a preparatory work that preparatory work is sitting at the feet of Jesus it's studying His Word and it's also serving hear him openly was some spiritual exercise. They stood as they delivered a message they've been delivering every day of their lives I belong to God Praise God you belong to God I belong to God I'm not an accident I'm not an interruption I'm not a brief interlude in the flow of cosmic time I'm a child chosen and redeemed. I won't be forgotten he's engraving me on the palm of his hands he's promised to deliver me from temptation and sometimes physical harm. And I'm supposed to stand up and deliver a message to the world so they could meet him to you so sell what you don't need that's been a false sense of assurance and give to this cause and commit yourself to each other and to a lost world and know the joy of a counterculture where we actually bond as a foretaste of heaven and be at work and be at home and be in marriage and be as a parent and be a school and be at the health club all the things you're supposed to be but don't let this world confuse you or conform you into its image because then the world will be robbed and so will you faith building chapters for you and hope and faith in a Savior who has a different plan so many people don't know that's a privilege I don't know I have some money in a 401 k. at what point I'm. I mean I don't want to be destitute in my retirement I know it's some point term God's going to say to me your retirement in half. Just know this. When you stand and deliver be humble be sweet be beautiful if you're wrong say you're sorry if you're right don't back up show respect. Deliver a message of who you are in Christ and know that if we get you in trouble you won't be the 1st you won't be the last and there is a deliver his name is Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you'd like to listen to more servants later visit w.w.w. audio Verse dot org.


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