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The Shaking

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • November 4, 2020
    6:00 PM
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Greetings once again we are and get into our our are top for tonight Tonight we gather on election night and. Here in the States and it is interesting because we've had warnings that there might be. Civil disobedience and even looting tonight I'm hoping that that is not true that doesn't happen but. That is a word so we are praying for the country that there would be either a peaceful transition or peaceful remaining but we are we understand of the emotions in the country are very high so by the time this is up and being heard. Probably will know who won but know that at the end of the day God is in control we're going to go to the book of Jeremiah Chapter 12 starting at verse 5 Jeremiah Chapter 12 starting in verse 5 says if thou hast run with the footman they have wery the then how can stop contend with horses and if in the land of peace where now trusted sed they were. And how will they do in the swelling of Jordan a message isn't titled The shaking staying anchored the shaking staying at your limbs pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word once again Lord I ask that you make me just the nail upon the wall or rusty sorry nail Lord but upon my man Lord I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ that our cross not be seen or heard instead father let us hear word from the throne of grace is our prayer in Jesus' day all right wrote a book a germ I had a 12 chapter. Well below the 1st 2 verses and we're kind of hit a few high points in this in this chapter as we deal with tonight subject revelation sorry Jeremiah 12 and verse one says righteous art thou Lord when I plead with the yet let me talk with the of thy judgments wherefore does the way of the wicked prosper Wherefore all they happy that deal very treacherously thou has planted them yeah a they have taken root they grow yea they bring forth fruit that are near in their mouth and far from their reigns Jeremiah as we've discussed in previous talks is a prophet in a most difficult time he is at the knife edge of prophecy when it comes to Babylons conquering of Judah Jeremiah is trying to warn the nation that allegiances and alliances with Egypt and other nations is going to do them no good that in fact they need to just kind of Submit pay the tribute and allow Babylon to be Babylon false prophets rise up and even other priests Jeremiah's from the house of the priests one of the priestly towns they rise up against of Jeremiah has. People from every side attacking him Jeremiah Chapter One God when He calls them says listen I before I knew you in your mother's womb you were called in your mother's room he says and he says that when you stand in the face of the folk that would go against you he says Do not be afraid of their faces so Jeremiah is called not only to preach not only is he given a purpose but Jeremiah is called to do so in a time of great challenge and difficulty and I have to say that like some of us. Being pushed back against as you try and help others and preach the Gospel can become very. Very discouraging just my is the scourge in chapter 12 verse one he tired of seeing the week it doing so well he's looking around Judah and Jerusalem and he knows what God is saying is about to come yet the people most responsible for what is going to come seem to be doing the best he can't stand as he looks around as they they go to their of vents and their parties and they dress in their fine clothes and ride the nicest chariots he can't stand as he looks around and there are fields of prospering and and they're doing all sorts of wickedness even with the plenty that they have Jeremiah finally says Listen God I've had enough in Jeremiah 12 in verse when he says righteous art thou Orde when I plead with you when I talk to you Lord you're right as he says but but I've got to talk with you of your judgment it seems as if your judgments are off how is it he says that the weight of the week it prospers I don't get it or you're telling me that Jude is going to be wiped out because of wickedness yet it seems as if the weight of the we can prosper he says where for all the happy that deal very treacherously just doesn't make sense Lord the very people who are bringing condemnation and rebuke upon the land they are happy he says you've planted them you've they've taken root they've grown they've even bring brought forth fruit he says you are near in their mouth they speak of you as if they know you but you're far from their reigns in other words they speak as if they know you but but when it comes to self-control or or obedience they're so far away from you Lord pauses and 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 describes as having a form of godliness. But denying the power there of the 1st question we're going to answer tonight we start talking about a con the subject of the shaking one of the things that is probably most responsible for people being shaken out of the church is they ask a tough question why do the wicked prosper you have many answers to this I'm sure I'm only going to give you 2 and this is a really like a side note to the message tonight but I think it's worthwhile for some this is a reason they cannot remain Christian they cannot understand why God would allow them to suffer in fact as we're going to talk about in a 2nd they believe that if I were a Christian prosperity should be my lot so why do the wicked proper prosper well Reason number one of the 2 that I'll give tonight Never again there are others Number one is God is not refining them the wicked prosper because they are not being passed through the fire of trials in order to come out pure gold in character is I'll write says it testimonies for the Church of I'm 7 page 214 otherwise as the fact that we are called upon to adore trial proves that the Lord Jesus sees in us something very precious which he desires to develop if he saw in us nothing whereby he might glorify his name he would not spend time in refining us did you get that church could it be that some of the problems you have some of the challenges you are facing Could it be that this is literally God doing surgery on you but the scalpel of trial is there in order to remove the malignancy of pride or of or of doubt or of arrogance. So wicked one of the reasons the wicked seem to do better than us is because they are not being refined and as long as they are and say scamp he'll leave them alone number one and not being refined over to is to display God's justice and mercy to display God's justice and mercy best way to do this was read it great controversy page 48 says God permits the wicked to prosper and to reveal their enmity against him that when they shall have filled up the measure of their iniquity all may see his justice and mercy in their utter destruction the day of his vengeance hastens when all who have transgressed his law and oppressed his people will meet the just recompense of their deeds when every act of cruelty or injustice towards God's faithful ones will be punished as though done to Christ Himself God is going allows And let me say something when you look at even Jeremiah as day and Judah in Jerusalem they lived like that the Boche Arista life they they they even gave their children to. To 2 to one of the gods who where he were they children were were killed. In sacrifice that is God they worship Bale they did all of these different things and you if you are if you are an innocent bystander in the universe is watching what happened when their destruction came you'd almost have to say well they asked God to remove his protection from them by rejecting God. So the sort of wicked prosper well I believe one because God is not refining them so it doesn't look like it and some of us let me just be honest if we got everything we asked for we would what we would we would run from God but we can also are allowed to have what they have so that when the day of judgment and retribution comes they will be without an excuse. So what has happened in America is that the devil is flip this upside down instead of teaching that in fact all who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution what they preach what they would have what is preach from pulpits in America is all who call in the name of Jesus should have whatever they want there is a prosperity gospel and I am shocked that the prosperity gospel is even inside the administration to preach from Adventists pulpits in fact have their origin. This is from. Vox magazine or vox the this is from a website they said the prosperity gospel explain why Jostein believes that prayer can make you rich and I'm not trying to pick on Joel O'Steen or he has a very motivational sermon if you're going on your way to work you listen and this isn't is satellite that really give you motivation to go to work and really do a good job at work but this is a different thing look at the big subtitle here the long strange history of a quintessentially American theology What is that the ology the prosperity gospel has its roots in an American occult tradition called New Thought while. The prosperity gospel comes from an occult teaching. It is what they say in an article it's roots of though talking to prosperity gospel don't just rely on Christian tradition in fact it's possible to trace the origins of the American prosperity gospel to the rich to the tradition of new thought a 19th century spiritual movement popular with the sidedly unorthodox thinkers like Ralph Waldo Emerson and William James practitioners of New Thought not all of whom identified as Christian generally held the divinity of the individual human being and a priority of mind over matter in other words if you could correctly channel your mental energy you could harness its material results new thought also known as the Mind Cure took many forms from interest in the occult to splinter Christian denominations like Christian Science to the development of the talking cure or at the root of psychotherapy you mean the prosperity gospel comes from this new thought theology that was actually an occult teaching that basically says that there is divinity in each one of us so basically if we speak something it should come into existence I do not have this pastor and I'm very very large admin as a vent probably several 1000 people in attendance preach that if you want a Mercedes Benz You ought to go down to the Mercedes Benz dealership look at the Mercedes you want and speak to it and tell the Mercedes it was going to be yours and you were going to take it home he then went on I said you could go in front of a help drive around the neighborhood and I see when you find a house you like stop your car and speak to the house that is either early onset schizophrenia or. I don't like tree yet this was a part of preaching the madness from an advocacy preacher I don't pull. That we should speak to an adamant objects because we want them if you really want something I'd say Are you really better off praying to God and speaking to us of that has no power to give itself to you but this is the prosperity gospel that is slipped into our churches and makes the poor feel guilty that they don't have what others have this is the prosperity gospel that would make it seem as if the best Christians in the world then are in America because America is the wealthiest country and it's full of Christians and they are most of them many of the Christians are very wealthy This would mean that the Christians in Jamaica and Haiti in parts of Eastern Europe and Africa and Asia struggling being persecuted that these people have no value spiritually when in fact the opposite is true Jesus says he's looking for those who are poor in this world but rich in faith and the presentation recently for voice of the martyrs what a powerful organization and I tell you it was it was it was for. A group in Australia and it was very early in the morning 3 o'clock in the morning here in eastern time zone of the states when they began to talk about what people sacrifice one young lady who came out of Islam and. Took her 2 children 12 and 6 years old and fled to a pastor's house but when she got it she was deathly ill and over the next few weeks she basically. Dies he wanted to coma and died to try to get others and in Eastern Africa took it to the hospital she died and the doctors discovered she'd been poisoned before she left her family a pastor in another part of the world that had been beaten and imprisoned for preaching the gospel and you're telling me that these people who risk their lives are like our lesser Christians because they have empty bank they don't even have bank accounts. Let me taste something many are going to be shaken out of the church because they think that if you are a Christian life should be an easy path that all who will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution Jeremiah 12 in verse 3 Jeremiah goes on he says but the Lord know it's me now has seen me and tried my heart toward the pull them out like sheep for the slaughter and prepare them for the day of slaughter Jeremiah's listen rather than destroy all of us but maybe that's a rather But why don't you take the wiki to a causing the problems Lord and why don't you pull them out like sheep for the slaughter and prepare them for the day of slaughter why Lord do you allow the wicket to prosper all around us when they are going to be the cause of our destruction pull them out and destroy them in a wise as a like this she says the mysterious providence which permits the righteous to suffer persecution at the hands of the Wicked has been a cause of great perplexity to many who are weak in faith some are even ready to cast away their confidence in God because he suffers the basis of men to prosper while the best and purest are afflicted and tormented by their cruel power how it is asked Can one who is just and merciful and who is also infinite in power tolerate such injustice and oppression this is a question with which we have nothing to do God has given us sufficient evidence of His love and we are not to doubt his goodness because we cannot understand the workings of his providence in other words you do not need to worry about how good the wicked are doing because God has given you enough evidence in your life that he loves you if you ever doubt that God loves you. One Christian song song about a message the lyrics but as one Christian song what it says and it basically a pearl paraphrase it any time you focus on what's wrong in your life you question if God loves you but any time you switch and focus on the cross you know he has never stopped loving you and he never will the problem for some of us is we're not spending enough time contemplating Christ on the cross the sacrifice he made at Calvary that is sufficient evidence of God's love for us where controversy page $47.00 says said the same it is disciples for seeing the doubts that were pressed upon their souls in days of trial and darkness remember the word that I said unto you the servant is not greater than his lord if they have persecuted me they will also persecute you John 1520 Jesus suffered for us more than any of his followers can be made to suffer through the cruelty of wicked men. Those who are called to endure torture and martyrdom are but following the steps of God's dear son when you think you've got it so bad the Spirit of Prophecy reminds us that none of us as His followers can suffer as much as he did because you did not leave a throne in glory you never had 10000 upon 10000 angels crying a holy holy worthy worthy you now you don't know what it's like to stretch out the celestial skies and and lined planets and moons up you don't know what it's like to come to earth and speak life into existence and light into existence before man from the dust of the ground and breathe it is not strolls the bread of life all only to come back to redeem that last man and have him persecuted and crucified. It is something that's why it is a privilege to suffer with Christ it's a privilege when we are attacked because we are Christians German 12 and worse for his final appeal to God hears how long sell the land mourn the herbs of every field with or for the wickedness of them that dwell there in the beasts are consumed and the birds because they said He shall not see our last and Jeremiah said listen because it is wicked people if the stronger Judah and Jerusalem he says this is a mess because of these guys everything is falling apart and he says because they have said He shall not see our last and large they are basically taunting you that these that there never their lifestyle the way they live is never going to come to an end how long are you going to allow this Lord Jeremiah asks but God replies and his reply is one of the most sobering words in the scripture where God speaks through a prophet to us in Jeremiah Chapter 12 in verse 5 our scripture reading for this message is given Jeremiah of 12 and verse 5 says if thou has run with the footman and they have wery d. then how can stop contend with horses and if in the land of peace when the trust is they wearied the then how will they do in the swelling of Jordan God says Jeremiah if you're dealing with what you're dealing with now and you're worn out to the point where your love mentoring and carrying on like this wondering and questioning my judgment and and and wondering if I know what I'm doing he says if you are running with footmen now and they have we're wearied you how are you going to keep up with the horses. Jeremiah things are not going to get better they're going to get worse and if you're worn out now how are you going to keep up when the real time of trouble comes if in a land of peace like you're experiencing right now Jeremiah where you can preach the Gospel you trust in this land if it's wearing you how are you going to do in the swelling of the Jordan how you survived not natural catastrophe let me just make this plane for everybody now if you're complaining about life right now when we churches can still or I can't open because of coronavirus but we can still meet as Christians you're complaining about life right now when nobody is kicking down your door looking to see what you're teaching your children how are you going to do it when the time of trouble comes and these things are made illegal when the 1st Amendment becomes obsolete here in America The 1st Amendment of the constitutional guarantees not only our right to assemble but our right to to religious belief and freedom if we know you can't stand it if now it's too much if now you're overwhelmed at a presidential elections how are you going to make it when the time of trouble comes if you can trust in this land of peace now and it's wearing you out I've seen some people get so emotional about this election I've had people on both sides call me that they are calling out of the name of God and they're praying that God will have their candidate when I say so but the problem is who is God Don't listen to good both sides see why they are people praying so emotionally connected to this stuff if you are disc attached to what it prophetically is just a blip on the radar or you don't stand want to real difficult times come let me make it even more plain if you listen if you if you're having trouble keeping the Sabbath now. If you're having trouble now being faithful to your spouse or are pure in your vows until you're married if if now you have in trouble put down the liquor bottle of now you have a trouble being obedient to the will and laws of God If now you are cheating on your reward How are you going to stand for him when your life could be taken for it if now you still picking up stockings after sunset and your ox is always falling into the ditch every Friday night you're in a grocery store if you can't do what God has asked you to do you really think you can do it that I actually do want to put a gun to your head when they threaten your livelihood if you can't keep up with the footman How are you going to run with the horses and the lights as I like this she says managed care for she says the time of trouble is before us and if there is a lack of courage and ambition now how will they pass the fearful scenes of that trying hour she says the time of trouble is before us if you don't have courage today if you don't have ambition to be a Christian now you think all of a sudden you go again you're going to gain bravery when the stakes are high here you think you've got all of a sudden have ambition to study the Word and to be a Christian then well the shaking is already upon us and I'm in a very general sense this is a Pew research studies of the United States decline of Christianity continues at rapid pace. And the graph here to be read partially sitting on top of the x. axis as shown here now would be on top of that I'll be quick with this it shows you that those who call themselves Christian are declining in America and those they call themselves the nuns and O.N.E.'s have no religion they are increasing in America especially among younger generations here's the challenge for the church then. When you go to preach now you in America you have to go to speak to people who don't believe in the Bible who don't believe in God who are evolutionists who don't think God matters or is relevant how are we going to reach those people can be challenging it's going to be difficult and why says I This early writings preached to 70 she says I asked the meaning of the shaking shaking I had seen and was shown that it would be caused by the straight testimony called forth by the counsel of the true witness to the Laodiceans this will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver and will lead him to exalt the Standard and Poor for the straight truth some will not bear this straight testimony they were rise up against it and this and this is what will cause a shaking among God's people in other words Spirit of Prophecy says there's going be a time when the straight truth of to to Laodicea is going to be preached which says yeah you say you have a whole lot but you really don't have anything you need to buy of me gold tried in the fire be white Rayment I sow that you may see it is going to go through and call out Laodicea and expose that in fact Laodicea has much but is not filled with God's Spirit not that living the way God would have her to live and when this street testimony is preached a whole lot of focus and get up and walk out you know why that is because right now in a lot of places what is actually being preached is fluff preaching Smoove things comfortable things when we decide to begin to preach as Jeremiah did a straight testimony folks are going to get up and walk out of the church. And I says it like this prosperity multiplies a mass of professors adversity purges them out of the church testimony for the church I'm for Page $89.00 she says science so-called religion will be placed in opposition to each other because finite men do not comprehend the power and greatness of God These words of Holy Writ were presented to me of your own selves memorize speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after them this will surely be seen among the people of God evangelism 593 you can have people in the church rising up talking about the emerging church and and meditation and and and Christian yoga and in different different things just like in Jeremiah's day the pagan and heathen secular things are going to begin to slip into the church and it will be literally brought in by those in the church who should be defending her against these false doctrines and teachings this trial thickens around us trials sticking around us but separation and unity will be seen in our ranks somewhere now ready to take the weapons of warfare will in times of real peril make it manifest that they have not built upon the solid rock they will yield to temptation those who have had great light and precious privileges but have not improved them will under one pretext or another go out from us during this time of trouble some folk will draw closer some folk will walk away some one now ready to fight and defend the truth like Peter when he cut of mouth as the High Priest servants here ready to fight for Jesus and then just a little later a little girl causes him to deny that he ever even knew Jesus some of us are ready to fight now but will not be willing to stand later and I give you the reason those who have had great light and precious privileges but have not improved them will under one pretext or another go out from us are you improving. On the precious light and privilege the privileges that you've been given to know these and time present truths so quickly go through a few reasons few ways for you to stay anchored How do you stay anchored number one you don't want to be shaken out don't look to people there's need now that are people be educated to put their trust in God alone they must learn to trust is not to be placed in any human voice or arm of flesh if you want to stand you cannot look to people let me taste there have been some horrible stories going around about preachers falling in the church over certain key issues and and having committed some terrible things and there are people who are saying they are leaving the church especially in black Adventism saying that leaving the church because of what some folk of done let me taste something if if someone else's failure could cause you to walk away from the church it means you were never rooted and grounded in the church in the 1st place someone else's failure can shake your faith that much your faith was never stable to begin with because you would know that you can't trust the arm of flesh you can't just do what you do because someone else does or doesn't do something you have to be built out of the say of the Lord and on your relationship with Jesus Christ because you want to see great men fall during my 121011 says it like this Jeremiah says many pastors have destroyed my vineyard they have tried my portion under foot they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness they have made it desolate and being desolate it morning and to me the whole land is made desolate because no man left it to heart otherwise as in prophets and kings page $188.00 many a star that we have admired for its brilliance will then go out in darkness it's part of one. Admin as preacher who actually really like no began to study some of the. Things against Ellen White that were brought up by Desmond Ford many seasons ago many years ago and this person has walked away and left the church you know his wife many a star that we have admired for its brilliance vend go out in darkness I remember in California the pastor of one of the churches in l.a. I think in the Hollywood area that he was going to try out being an atheist for a year I mean think about everything how the past the trial of being an atheist for a year like being an atheist is like a. Diet or something and sure enough at the end of the year the pastor left the church but these things are prophesied will not be enemy rise up people to lead in the church so that when they fall they draw people away you cannot trust people here's what I love I said manuscripts releases 13 she says men whom he has greatly honored will in the closing scenes of Earth's history patterned after ancient Israel a departure from the great principles Christ has laid down in his teachings a working out of human projects using the scriptures to justify a wrong course of action under the perverse workings of Lucifer will confirm men and misunderstanding and the truth that they need to keep them from wrong practices will leak out of the soul like water from a leaky vessel if you are going to stay rooted and grounded in God's remnant church you will not. Have the luxury of seeing all those who might be admired stay firm so you can put your trust in the arm of flesh number 2 how do you stay anchored study for yourself. And the wife says and signs of The Times October 797 she says every individual must seek by earnest prayer to know the Word of God for himself and then do it. And by daily putting his trust in God and not in the arm of flesh will any soul obtain the experience essential to answer the prayer of Christ and this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ. Has sent you got to study for yourself you've got to know why you believe you know a lot of kids go to college and I saw this when I went to University of Alabama Huntsville to take a comparative biology class when I was at Oakwood I wanted to die class and I saw a class full of Bible Belt young people from all over Alabama most of them all raised in a church and when that Professor began to teach evolution and ask hard questions as to why they believe the way they did and they could not answer it by the end of the semester many of them had given up their faith you've got to study to show for yourself you got to know what you believe 2nd 75th the 2nd of the 2 and verse 15 says study to show yourself approved and to God it works and that needed not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth you don't study so that you get good grades and get make the dean's list and pass the bar a medical book. Of medical examinations that you have to take study 1st and foremost to show is of approved on to God. Number 3 how to stay anchored Gardy avenues of your soul and when it's home page 43 who can know in a moment of temptation terrible consequences which will result from one wrong hasty step only safety is to be shielded by the grace of God at every moment and not put our own spiritual eye sight so that we will call evil good and good evil without hesitation or argument we must close and guard the avenues of the soul against evil you've got to guard Well the news of your soul 2nd into the 216th as was shown profane and vain babblings but they will increase under more and godliness and I have a lot of talks about this if you're listening to secular music that is telling you to do things contrary to God if you're listening if you're watching movies that are promoting a lifestyle that goes against God or alcohol even cigarettes the studies show that young people who watch movies where sexual content is high smoking alcohol is high there is more likely that those young people will try those things that's why there's been a big push you can look it up to remove cigarette smoking from movies it's a back when it's used to send millions of dollars to Hollywood so that the stars will be smoking their cigarettes in order to sell a cigarettes there's an influence that it has you must guard Well the avenues of the so you cannot go out playing with spiritual ism and playing with astrology and playing with. Palm reading and all you've got to guard just self against the stuff you don't garble the avenues of your soul you allow the enemy in and you will be shaken out before watch out for influencers how to stay anchored the curse of God rest upon many of the ill timed inappropriate connections that are formed in this age of the world. If the Bible left these questions in a vague uncertain light in the course that many youth of today are pursuing and their attachment for one another would be more excusable one of the things that happens if you allow yourself to be exposed to other people. They have an influence on and the psychologist been talking about this a long time so you've got to be careful because if you allow yourself in Jamaica they say if you label a dog you rise with fleas 1st Corinthians 1533 and a King James Version says This Be not deceived evil communications corrupt good manners the Amplified says it like this do not be deceived bad company corrupts good morals and so this is not just your friends this is not just who you acquaint with and if you're hanging out with people who don't believe in you start making small compromises and begin to act the way they act and so forth it can mess with you you've got to be careful who has an influence on you and nowhere is that more important than in a realm in the realm of family and the realm of romance Jeremiah $126.00 for even the brethren in the House of thy father even they have dealt treacherously with the yea they have called a multitude after the believe them not though they speak fair words under the be careful even of folk in your family who don't necessarily agree with you you've got to be careful what influence you allow people or people young people parents tell them you know you're not smart enough to go off to school and do this or that but the most damaging way that they do this is to actually say to them you should not try to be a better Christian you you'll never reach the goal you you're setting out for God understands you don't have to try to be perfect let me say some do not let anyone in for a wind shoot if you cannot grow closer to Christ do not let anyone influence you that your past will always haunt you don't let them influence you that you are not you cannot be washed in the blood of the Lamb and that God will not only forgive your sin. You forget them in the realm of romance 2nd Corinthians $614.00 says this being not an equally yoked together with unbelievers what fellowship have a righteous this with unrighteousness and what communion have light with darkness and what Concord have Christ what Bilawal what part has he that believeth with an infidel Wherefore come out from among them and be separate said the Lord and touch not the unto Him thing and I will receive you when you think you're in love with someone reasoning parts of the brain are turned off and so that's what I say love is blind you are literally run into a mess thinking you're in love you are how many times in my life have I heard someone say I don't know what I saw in that person but because the reasoning centers of the brain were turned off they were making right judgments now what's this if you begin to be intimate with the person sexually intimate with the person even further causes a fuzziness So now not only is it the romantic piece but the physical reward you're getting in intimacy will cause you to be even more blind and I tell you this is why so many marriages wind up unhappy because people start out like this they don't go into marriage with their eyes wide open and then they get into it and it's a mess and they often are bringing in a situation where they are equally yoked going to walk together lest they agree I know many who have been shaken out of the church because of who they married Be careful who you let influence you number 5 How to stay anchored pray as if your life depended on it Prayer is the opening of the heart to God is to a friend I a faithful discern God very near and the suffering it may obtain precious evidence of the divine love and care for him gospel work work is 34 and 35 I tell you the enemy has his people praying against the church I learned when I was travelling and in Europe. And the witches in one town pray all night to try and destroy the churches. Yes some of us don't pray for 2 minutes a day if you want to stay anchored you got to pray falls in 1st Corinthians 5 in verse 17 pray without ceasing Number 6 going to stay anchored you got to learn how to praise God in the store the reason a lot of people are shaken out is when hard times come you're talking about a beginning of a message but hard times come they don't know what to do and because they don't know in the storm you can actually praise God you could give the shout of victory before the battle is over you don't have to wait to shout because God is going to win in the end murmur not reply not covet not quarrel not our instructor continue when you are afflicted look to the great physician you have need to rejoice and to humble yourself before the Lord by indulging a selfish spirit men become narrow and short sighted and then they fail to read from cause to effect the word of the Lord is to be your guide in all things the Lord is in his holy temple let all the earth keep silence before him and you praise God in your storms job 13 says I like this Though He slay me yet will I trust him but I will maintain my old ways before him let me taste of that if you want to be able to stay in the church you got to win the darkest hour of your life comes you need to be able to praise the name of God you've got to be able to praise him in the storms or she will survive the storms and I've been through some storms in my life and I can tell you when you start praising God in the storm there's a peace that comes over you that draws near you fact Samas David says that God inhabits the praises of his people when you praise God in the storm god shows up in the storm with you and like Jesus on the boat when the disciples thought it was going to sink he was sleeping because Jesus knew if he's in a boat the boat can't sink invite him into the boat of your life praise him in the storm. Last one how to stay anchored share the gospel lift up Jesus lift him up the man of Calvary with the voice of song and prayer seeker earnestly to spread the gospel tell the precious story of God's love for man in this work you'll find a satisfaction that will last through the eternal ages Christ has given us this work as our special charge and he is the source of our of our wisdom and and efficiency of you know July 11th 89 and I want you to get this this in this work you will find a satisfaction that will last you through the eternal agents the satisfaction that you get from sharing the gospel will anchor you and you will be so anchored that even 70 millennia from now you'll still be glad you shared the gospel of Jesus Christ 1st Corinthians $916.00 pauses for the why preach the gospel I have nothing to glory of for necessity is laid upon me yea wool is on to me if I preach not the gospel and the white to close as I like this the work with which the work which the church has failed to do and the time of peace and prosperity you will have to do in a terrible crisis under most discouraging for bidding circumstances the warnings that worldly conformity has silenced or withheld must be given under the fiercest opposition from enemies of the faith and at that time the superficial conservative class whose influence was steadily retarded whose influence has steadily retarded the progress and of the work or announce the faith and take their stand with its of out enemies toward who listened to these have long been tending. These apostates will then manifest the most bitter and maty doing all in their power to oppress and malign their former brother in and to excite indignation against them this day is just before us the members of the church will individually be tested and proved they will be placed in circumstances where they will be forced to bear witness for the truth many will be called to speak before councils and courts of justice perhaps separately and alone the experience with which would have helped them in this emergency they have neglected to obtain and souls are burdened with remorse for wasted opportunities and neglected privileges testimonies for the church vying 5 page 5 for 63 and on the previous paragraph that doesn't mean conservative like we think of conservative the day. It's it was a different meaning then but the point of the text here is what we didn't do when we had a chance we're going to regret one day in a more difficult circumstances we're going to have to preach the gospel and finish the work we will each be tested and proved will your anchor hold in the storms of life to him says I'm wondering if you are ready for what is about to come upon the earth if you can't keep up with the footman How are you going to run with the horses which is of the take your calling and election sure if you're not preparing for the difficult times ahead now if you're not being faithful to God in small things now you won't be faithful to him in big things later don't be shaken out drop your anchor drop it on a rock which is Christ Jesus so that you cannot be. Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word Lord a shaken has already begun inside the administration we've seen so many who have been shaken out of seeing so many who just walked away from a pastor's former theology students former ministry leaders. Just walk away Lord no longer believe the Father God you also say that there would be others that come from outside of the ranks that would take their place of his father to be the kind of Christians that those on the outside looking for the light of truth would be able to find it among our ranks where we know to are going to go through times of trouble and difficulty have a slow to grow in character to be more like Jesus every step of the way so that we are anchored in the church anchored in the truth injured in the love of Christ. So I mourn you follow you with a so everything. Is a prayer and Jesus precious. 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