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Risk and Redemption: The Last Word

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • November 7, 2020
    11:15 AM
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The Lord. Our lives are in your hands and this morning we realized that you put breath inside of us I'm pretty Lord that we would trust you and use the vigor of mind body and soul to communicate the hope that we have a living hope in you and that the soon return of Jesus and I pray now that you'll bless us as we examine another significant player in the ancient history that points forward to the near future of how God's people can expect to see your intervention so bless us now as we study the life of Daniel in the beacon is in Jesus' name amen. This morning we're in the 5th in a series called risk and redemption and we're looking it Daniel Chapter 4 an amazing chapter unique from all the other chapters in that it is a testimony of the monarch of Daniel's day never can as are we don't know a lot about that we can as or outside of the Bible we know some things about Babylon the stories that are told here in the scriptures are sometimes in parallel with others there are other monarchs who give their lives over to a new god. Any Gyptian Pharaoh made a similar choice but this morning when we look at Daniel Chapter 4 we're looking at a testimony the only chapter in the book written by somebody other than Daniel and so this morning I want to understand that God creates divine appointments open your bibles up to Daniel Chapter 4 risk and redemption the last word Daniel Chapter 4 I'll be reading from the New American Standard Version. Never can answer verse one king of all the peoples nations and men of every language that lives in all the earth may your peace abound this seemed good to me to declare the signs and wonders which the most high has done for me how great are his signs how mighty are his wonders His Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and his dominion is from generation to generation what we should see at the beginning of this story written by the hand spoken by the the voice the the lips the mouth the tongue of this great monarch is that on the other side of his chastisement he is praising the Lord sometimes on the front side things don't look so good sometimes in the middle things seem pretty uncomfortable but at the end of the journey of a fable God this is the testimony of one who aligned himself with the cause of heaven and declares himself to be a follower of the most high God verse for I never can answer was it easy in my house and flourish even in my powerless I saw dream and it made me fearful and these fantasies as I lay on my bed in the visions in my mind kept alarming me so I gave orders to bring in to my presence all the wise men of Babylon that they might make known to me the interpretation of the dream than the magicians the conjurers the Kal the ins and the diviner's came in I related the dream to them but they could not make its interpretation known to me and I want to stop at the beginning of this narrative between Day Between them we can answer in the wise men I want to point out several things. Number one never can as Or is the most significant somebody of the ancient world but he's a human being just like everybody else. And he needs somebody who will potentially be not nearly as significant we might say he as a somebody may need a nobody in this case we trust it's been Daniel for certain and shatter Acme shack in a Bendigo in all likelihood and how many others we don't know but every person stands in need of an encounter with the living God Every mortal man no matter what his station or position in life needs an encounter that delivers them from the taint of sin from the knowledge that they will die and that their life is temporary their morals now begin to answer is a story about ministry to the rich and the influential and we know that along the way God uses in significant people to do this so I want you to know at the beginning of this message God will often use a nobody to reach a somebody if those terms are even appropriate we know that he used a little made to reach naman we know that he used a little prophet in the making named Samuel to attempt to reach Eli We know that Jesus before he was a somebody in Israel was a nobody at 12 years of age but God was using him to reach the religious institutions of his day. God is not into evaluating people based on their station and their position in life and if there is an important thing for all of us to learn is that people are just people. And while some hold more responsibility and have a life of greater culture and opportunity God will often send something simple someone simple who practices a simple encounter a living relationship with God to connect the dots it's important for us to understand that God doesn't want us to be overly impressed with our fellow men or women there is author where honor is do we know that Paul will write of double honor going to an elder who serves were glee but this morning nobody began to become equal with nebby can answer in regards to influence and power and judgment and yet God is going to intervene in his life and say judgment is for everyone this is an important part of this story never can as or had attempted to elongate the vision of the previous chapter with well 2 chapters genuine Chapter 2 with the all gold image but never can answer was immortal and no matter how much power he held in the moment it was all going to be stripped from him never can answer is favored to have an encounter where he's reminded that he's mortal and he doesn't control everything we don't control everything either as a matter of fact it is a truly false narrative constructed by our own hands our own thinking in our own words our own networking where we attempt to make security beyond what God would have us Megan we are in a position where our breath is not in our own hands it's placed in our nostrils by God even in this covert moment. Our mortality is not a function that is without willfully neglecting common sense our mortality is not a function of our own doing it is a function of God's decision making our days are written down in a book before it in them come to be our tears are collected in our bottle our breath is held in the hands of God security is to come from a living trust a living relationship walking in the will of Heaven this is certainly a story of judgment judgment is the theme in the Book of Daniel it's a developing theme and in this case it is personal judgment but verse 7 is a very interesting verse the magician's the conjures the Kal the ins and the diviner's came in and I related the dream to them but they could not make its interpretation known to me if you're reading from the King James version today it doesn't say they could not says they did not. And while I don't want to make too much over this variation in the Hebrew language where it's interpretation I think it's important for us to see what happens inside the experience of Daniel's world what's going on is that slowly God is dismantling the wisdom of this world the intelligentsia appear less able to make a difference as time goes on now Daniel has a divine appointment with never can answer not one that he could imagine the Bible's going to tell us that Daniel was a stone even if you have a King James Version astonished if you have a newer version of Paul. This is a story in which Daniel is stunned by how abrupt God's intervention with this heathen tyrant is not always heathen by the way Ellen White will describe him as a king who actually ruled with righteousness and mercy but in the time since Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo is encounter with him on the plane of Dura and God's appointment of Revelation not only to Shadrach me shakin to Ben ago but to Nebuchadnezzar himself now because there's backsliding and it comes to a point in his walk or interaction with God and His overseen his sovereignty of his rulership upon his subjects that it becomes cruel and exacting and God steps in to save this man Dan you could not for a moment imagine that God would be this abrupt but a strong man is going to receive a strong rebuke from have been now I want to spend a few moments on this idea of could not verses did not. So these wise men who can't tell the dream in chapter 2. Who can interpret the g.m. dream in chapter 3 who can even read the writing on the wall by the hand in Chapter 5 these wise men are progressive Lee being discredited as time goes by I want all of us to pay attention to what's going on in society right now. Human beings are coming to a place where they have less and less ability to solve the problems of Earth. We're coming to a place where lots of people recognize things are like that top you had a top before you wind the string around it you give it a pole or you take your fingers and you twist it and it spins and it's an amazing little device working off unique laws of physics but when it starts losing its momentum it begins to wobble and once it begins to wobble How long is it before it falls down and spins out of control on the on the hard surface that you began its orbit on this is where we're living today but if we're continuing to bow down to the wise ness of this age we're going to find ourselves less and less comfortable less and less confident less and less sure as time goes by Daniels compadres Daniels cohorts of those of the intelligentsia of never never can answer this realm probably understood what never can as are understood in since it was in their best interest to tell him what they wanted to hear they just decided in this arena since everybody could kind of tell this with portending negatively that they're not gonna talk with their big condenser about what it means how much wisdom would it have taken to explain what was going on in this dream Well we don't know we know Daniel had it but could not versus did not is a pretty big difference and there are some who certainly believe it ought to read did not I am of that opinion I'm not a Hebrew expert you can't conclusively come down one way or the other but it appears to me when you have a vested interest primarily in yourself did not serve you better than could not. It is an important point for us because last week when we were looking at Stand and Deliver this journey of Shadrack me shack an event ago we understood from the narrative that being in the position they were in they knew before they made it to the plane of Dura that they were going to be tested and they were making decisions long before they were tempted to bow down to the idol they were making decisions that distinguish themselves from everybody else so that the wise men on the plane of Dura knew that Shadrack me shakin to Bendigo did not serve never condensers gods and they were bowing down right now they got it right on both counts for these wise men it wasn't in their best interest to tell them the condensor the truth and many times in your relationships you are an intelligent group of people you recognize that it's not in your best interest to tell somebody the truth either. Now mind you I'm not here advocating today that we don't operate with a high level of social discretion and relational understanding it's not for us to go about being the people who who knock everything down where the ball in the proverbial religious china cabinet shop that's not what I'm suggesting as a matter of fact if there's anything that the Book of that Daniel teaches and that is that gods and time people will have the highest social e.q. they will be the most socially aware people on the face of the planet they will not be impinging negatively on their own credibility because their credibility is the salvation of others no Daniel is not looking to wound the King as a matter of fact Daniel is so astonished that for a period of time he cannot bring himself to tell the king what the dream means and the key is in the posture of wanting and needing to encourage him. Could not versus did not Daniel decides that he will do it the reason Daniel can do it and Daniel will do it is multiple number one Daniel is faithful to God he's going to deliver the message that he supposed to give Listen friends the messages that are supposed to be given are all saved up for a few people all of you are in a circle of relationships all of you are in a network of friendships God actually puts you in the path of other people with divine appointments this one was divinely constructed through a dream which I'm not going to comment on a lot right now but this one is divinely directed and brought to the surface Daniel had a position in the kingdom that nobody else could be quote on Save never can answer but Daniel was not in to dissipate in having such a direct role in a divine rebuke and that's where Daniel finds himself and it might just be that as we approach the end as judgement looms you might find yourself in the same kind of position your credibility will need to be high which is why your social e.q. Well it need to have been at a very high level because when you're careless with your words and you wouldn't necessarily in other situations the wounds of a friend the wounds of heaven are received as social bumbling and stumbling not as divine scalpel holding with the minimal amount of pain but yes indeed it does hurt. God is actually calling us to be the the sweetest most beautiful most sensitive most well adjusted socially people there are so that when we come to moments like this it doesn't hurt more than it have has to and yes it is said. Perplexed embarrassed you might translate the word Daniel is a step on. But he's going to go forward with what he has to do because man's. Immortal experience a man's salvation is hanging in the balance nobody else is going to tell Ned we can answer why else are people unfitted for these encounters because they don't really care. Just like the wise men they know that to say this is going to create relational turbulence they know that to say this is going to strain a relationship they know that that there's a measure of benefit that comes with them with everything being Ok I'm Ok you're Ok the truth of the matter is is that just like people get physically sick they get relationally sick they get spiritually sick and somebody has got to intervene or else things die things atrophy things move to dysfunction and dysfunction is a slow version of death and pain Daniel says I will go through with this what do you do when you're astonished for an hour which is a general phrase in the Hebrew it doesn't mean 60 Minutes we don't know how long Daniel was thinking to himself How do I tell him this but we do know this is that Daniel's astonishment as well as Daniel's willingness to speak says that there's a person in the kingdom that actually loves the king enough to explain to them that his future hangs into the balance it's the future of 7 years of living like a beast but it's more than that it's a future that either comes to an abrupt end as never can as there is Old God for all of his life or there's an encounter with the living God never condensers a mortal he's got to die he's powerful in the moment but somewhere down the road he'll be weak in aged and he'll lay in the dirt just like everybody else. Could not versus did not finally or say Daniel came in before me. Whose name is Belshazzar according to the name of my God and whom is the spear the holy God and I related in the dream to him. Daniel gives the interpretation verse 9 o.b.l. she has achieved for the musicians since I know that the spirit of the holy God since the new and no mystery baffles you tell me the vision of my dreams which I have seen along with its interpretation Now these were the visions in my mind as I lay in my bed I was looking to behold there was a tree in the midst of the earth and its height was great the tree grew larger became strong and its height reached to the sky and it was visible to the ends of the whole earth its foliage was beautiful and its fruit of bunnies and it was food for all the beasts of the field found shade under it in the birds of the sky dwelt in its branches in the living creatures fed themselves from it I was looking in the visions in my mind as I lay on my bed and behold an end Gelug watch or a holy one descended from heaven he shouted out and spoke as follows. Chop down the tree and cut off its branches strip off its foliage and scatter its fruit or let the bees flee from under it and the birds from its branches yet leave this stop with its roots in the ground but with a band of iron and bronze around it in the new grass of the field and let them be drenched with the dew of heaven and let him share with the beast in the grass of the earth let his mind be changed from that of a man let a beast mind be given to him and let 7 periods of time pass over the senses by the decree of the angelic watchers and the decision is a commandment of the holy ones in order that the living may know that the most high ruler over the realm of mankind and bestows on whom he wishes and sets it over the lowliest of men this is the dream which I never can as we've seen now you Bel Shaz or tell me it's interpretation in as much as none of the wise men of my kingdom is able to make it known to me but your able for a spirit of the holy God is in you and Daniel bears the bad news then Daniel His name is Bell shots it was a Paul for a while as is thoughts alarmed him the King responded and said Belle Chasse or do not let the dream or its interpretation alarming and Daniel replied My Lord if only the dream applied to those who hate you and its interpretation to your adversaries he's going to deliver the news the tree that you saw which became large and grew strong whose height reached to the sky and was visible to all the earth whose foliage was beautiful and its fruit abundant and in which was found food for all under which the beasts of the field dwell at his branches the birds of the sky lodged it is you looking. For you become great and you've grown strong and your majesty the king has become great and reach to the sky and your kingdom to the end of the year and that the king saw an angelic watch or a holy one descending from heaven insane chop down the tree and destroy it. Leave the stump with its roots in the ground but with a band of iron of bronze around it in the grass of the field let it be drenched with the dew of heaven let him share with the beast of the field until 7 periods of time pass over this is the interpretational King and this is that a creed of the most high which is come upon my lord the king Jim may be driven away from mankind in your dwelling place be with the beast of the field and you be given grass to be like cattle and be drenched with the dew of heaven 7 periods of time will pass over until you recognize the most high as ruler of the realm of mankind and he bestows it on him every wishes and in that it was commanded to leave the stump of the roots in the tree your kingdom will be assured to you after you recognize that it is heaven the rules therefore Oking in this is a pivotal verse therefore Oking May My advice be pleasing to you break away now from your sins by doing right this last and from your iniquities by showing mercy to the pour in case there may be a prologue of your pos prosperity Daniel will not only hurt for the King speak to the king but he will appeal to the king to change now if there's one thing human beings don't like to do they don't like to change we don't like to change. There's something about us we find comfort in a certain channel or path you might say road you might say rut and we walk on in that direction until something deflects us or we see something we didn't see before Daniel is a man of the 21st century he's an apocalyptic prophet in that he not only will speak the truth because he cares he will not only risk his position with a bow Dallas authority a tyrant a man of emotion we've already seen in the Book of Daniel angry much of the time but Daniel will go so far as that only speak not only care but Daniel will appeal and it is an imperial to change to break away from what the king is doing that is wrong who dares tell the king he's doing anything wrong who dared tells a modern citizen of the Western world that they're wrong who dares suggest that somehow that nagging guilt that I can't get rid of is actually a divine prescription or description of a spiritual malady who dares say these things Daniel dares dare to be a Daniel Daniel actually has been thrust into this situation he didn't create it which might be a safe prayer to pray for all of us for all the relationships we're in none of us should rush off to this kind of encounter as a matter of fact it should be against our nature to have to have it but thrust into the moment by God's directing and the directing that brings you into an encounter like this may not be quite as divine in its circumstantial uniqueness and dreams of the night but you might know that God is now concocted and created and directed and you're in an engagement with somebody where you should go a little farther than you usually go on. It was sufficiently affirmed to you by Heaven that you should speak and not be quiet Dan you will go all the way to appealing knowing that his God is gracious and that there could be a turning away from the foretold judgment and then your risk in the idea of actually same the dream is true and yes King you know you're not walking in the path of righteousness but the kingdom listen and that's not really written down it's just written between the lines how many times has somebody said to me talking to that person won't do any good then you could have walked away from his encounter with the monarch wondering about where he stood. What's not written down is whether or not there was a cooling off between the king and his prime prime minister we know that by the time we get to Daniel 5 Daniel's been sidelined he's been marginalized there may have been a period of much of which Daniel was not called in too often because Daniel represented a reminder of the troublesome dream conjecture Yes Normal yes possible for sure or but we do know of this is that Daniel determined in his heart that not only must speak and that the message was true but he must appeal to the man to move according to The Divine intervention was 28 all this happened in there because of the king verse 2912 months later he was walking on the roof of his royal palace in Babylon and the king afflicted by hubris arrogance of the highest order pride the king reflected and he said look at this. Is this not Babyland the great which I myself have built as a royal residency by the might of my power and for the glory of my Majesty and I want to hit the pause button right there because well now we can desert has feet of clay and he is human as everybody else there's not a person including the preacher who doesn't have the same preowned us to this spiritual problem we would love God to be with us in the pilot seat or at least next to us in the other seat we would love for our lives to stay cruising at an altitude in which all things are good we don't really want to make adjustments we really do resist the sermon was for everybody else we can deflect even the more personal encounters we have and we can carry on eventually subjugating that still small voice to the more compelling interest of life and the more positive elements of our experience isn't this what I've created I'm not such a bad person look at what I've done but whether you're the monarch without equal and it appears without accountability or whether you're the slave who shows up the captive that shows up in Babylon a few decades before God can and will do for the salvation of His children what ever it takes. And in this encounter God is about to in act something that he wishes could have been taught another way but it can't while the word was in the King's mouth verse 31 of voice came from heaven saying. Be can as or. To you it is disclaimer sovereignty has been removed from you you will be driven away from all mankind and your dwelling place will be with the beasts of the field you'll be given grass to eat like cattle and 7 periods of time will pass over you and tell you recognize the most Thais the ruler of the realm of mankind bestows it on whoever he wishes immediately the word concerning never can is or was fulfilled he was driven away from mankind to begin eating grass like cattle and his body was drenched with the doing have an Intel is hair grown like eagles feathers and his nails like birds claws but at the end of that period I never can as or raise my eyes towards heaven and my reason returned to me and I bless the most high and I praise and I honor him who lives forever for his dominion is an everlasting Dominion his kingdom endures from generation to generation all the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing but he does according to His will in the host of heaven and among the inhabitants of or no one can ward off his hand or say to him What have you done at that time my reason returned to me and my majesty and splendor were restored from to me for the glory of my kingdom and my counsellors and my nobles begin seeking me out so I was reestablished in my sovereignty and surpassing greatness was added to me now I never can as or praise exalt and honor the king of heaven for all His works are true and his ways just and he's able to humble those who walk in pride and I want to ask you something why didn't God just come down with it in Jelly Bean Why didn't God just skip the dream. Why didn't God just come down and talk to never can answer and tell him what was going to happen. Why does it give him days we don't know maybe weeks maybe only minutes because when you never can answer you can have what you want when you want it so if you wake up in the middle of the night you want to know what the dream and maybe you just wake everybody else and get him gathered in the Royal Court but why do it in the form of a prophecy why do it in the form of a dream there's something about sort of knowing but not knowing that takes the attention of man and starts focusing it towards understanding. There's something about a dream that requires an interpreter and there's a involved that for the people of God in this case Daniel. God actually is adjusting the interest of a man and then explaining the problem through another man but how much more convenient Would it have been if Daniel didn't have to be in the dilemma God has a whole book before us here a book for which many of us find very little time for attention but this book portends judgment that is the focus of the Book of Daniel. One to 2300 days mornings and evenings Daniel 814 then sell the sanctuary be cleansed and there is a whole people for whom a message is to be given to the world for whom much of the world has not yet even been troubled the dream is already been given the vision is already been shared and yet many people are walking on to eternal destinies which are destruction do and they don't even know God's already given the dream God already given the interpretation but much of the world slumbers on relatively untroubled and yet the wisdom of the wise men has been debunked all those things that we've taken for granted are unraveling and God has a people to be announcing that not only have the dreams in the visions been shared which portend to a global application of this very thing all in end of Grace is coming. And we as a people slumber and we use the people are afraid and we as a people don't care and it would appear that like many of the wise men of Daniel Chapter 4 it's all right with us if we leave them flattered with the absence of confrontation and the supposed appreciation or at least lack of rejection of their godless lives which you're leading to God and screams which are leading to a godless eternity the Bible tells us very distinctly at the end of the age what kind of people there's going to be haters of mothers and fathers insolent disobedience and we find ourselves tempted like the wise men to retract back into little pockets of security where we say the things we feel comfortable saying to the people we feel comfortable saying them to. And yet God is actually calling us to be ready for divine encounters. With a divine love with a divine appeal that a world should break away from their sins by doing righteousness last night I was in a little worship service and we sang a song I haven't heard in a long time it goes like this trouble sometimes are here Philly men's hearts with fear freedoms we all hold dear now is that stake it goes on in the course there was a line that caught my intentions like no wonder we don't sing the city more part of the chorus said many will face their doom nobody wants to talk about Doom today everybody want to acts like this globe is spinning on its axis and it's not starting to do the wobble and yet most of us are starting to sense even the ungodly are starting to sense there's a little more wobble than there used to be what is the role of God's people in this moment is there a wake up call that God gives or do we care enough to be in the game are we different enough to be listened to. God is calling a proud world to raise their eyes to heaven God is looking to give an invite to humble yourself before God so that we could know that there is internal keep coming the stone cut out without hearings of Daniel Chapter 2 it's on its way it's going to smite the image it's going to smite the earth yes many will meet their doom Is that Ok with us there will be a last word. There will be a final pronouncement Let him who is Holy be a holy still let him who is unjust be unjust ya and how are we. I have a list in my hands here of quotations. All of them from the Bible they're all about the fear of man fearing people is a dangerous trap Proverbs 2925 but trust in the Lord bring safety I said 5112 I am the one who comforts you who are you you're so afraid of humans who will die descendants of mere men who have been made like grass some 27 the Lord's my light my salvation whom shall I fear the Lord to strengthen my life of whom shall I be afraid Hebrews Chapter 13 the Lord is my helper I will not be afraid what can any man do to me some 56 verse 4 I'm not afraid what can flesh and blood do to me some 561011 I praise God for His promise yes I praise the Lord for what he's promised I trust God so why should I be afraid what can mere mortals do to me Isaiah 517 hear me now you who know what is right you people who have taken my instruction to heart do not fear the reproach of mere mortals or be terrified by their insults 1st Peter 314 but if you suffer for righteousness' sake happy or he and be not afraid of their terror neither be troubled we know that it was fear that led Peter to deny Jesus painful moment in his life John Chapter 12 Jesus speaking. Isaiah said this because he saw Jesus glory and spoke about in the at the same time many even among the leaders believe in Him Now here's the words of Christ but because of the Pharisees they would not openly acknowledge their favor for fear they would be put out of the synagogue where they love human praise more than the praise of men and finally 1st the slowness to bore but as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel. That's me that you folks we were put in trust with the gospel even so we speak not as pleasing men but God which tries our hearts Yes we're living in a fragile age but who is God putting divinely in your life and what is your level of social awareness there will be a last word before there is a last word there should be a word from you and I we should be on our knees in prayer for the people in our lives some of them in significant positions holding significant responsibility some of them in our family wandering away from that which we've sought to instill in their hearts some of them our friends some of them are coworkers God is not destined us to a life of constant confrontation and in abusive relationships but he has called us to make sure that we will be to the people in our orbit. We will be and so I'm appealing to you this morning as we hang in the balance wondering who will lead this nation as we wonder as to which way the pendulum will swing God is looking to create divide encounters and divide moments and yes some of them will be uncomfortable and I'm pleasant and made the credibility of a living Christ with the highest caliber of a social awareness market self with a carefulness of expression that recognizes the dignity of all people every person should be treated with as much dignity as Daniel related to never can answer but every person should be appealed to when God ordains the appeal should be main. So that the last word would be well done good in faithful sir enter into the joy of your Lord I plain to me never can answer in heaven I believe he'll walk those golden streets I believe he was a good king fall of himself not so unlike many post-modernists I believe that he was a man who really did seek to create shade and food and security for his kingdom and I believe when it was all said and done he stands in stark contrast to his grandson who is Bell's jazzer of chapter 5 and why in Chapter 5 Daniel would say to the grandson here you are partnering with all the vessels of God and you know all the chapters about your grandpa's life Daniel stayed the same Daniel grew in grace Daniel is the life. And the person and the practitioner of the arena just before Christ returns May the nobility of Christ Mark the nobility of this generation this church and its message and they we understand we've been called to give of the last gospel message and by God's grace receive it will lead to eternal life the last word is to have glory the last word is they have love the last word as they have courage and power at the last word is to lead people into a savior relationship with Christ whether it's the highest order or whether it's the most out of the way a person in the most out of the way place me our lives be dedicated to allow and a readiness to move at God's direction with God's kindness and with God's courage in the moments he creates the God blesses us we live this way to support in the judge. This media was brought by audio a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like for about audio for. Light. Audio or.


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