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Episode 03: Lot, Sodom & Gomorrah

Adam Ramdin
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Sodom and Gomorrah have long lived in infamy, though it is the story of Lot and his family that strikes a cautionary tale. How did the nephew of Abraham end up living there, and what led to his wife turning to a pillar of salt? Lot shows us that the decisions that we make today can have huge implications for the future.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • July 10, 2020
    3:30 PM
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Saddam and its 5050 of Gomorrah have long lived in infamy today being representations of a life of corruption and wickedness. They were real Fifty's located near here where the dead sea is today. There is debate over the exact location with several theories being out there. Much of the debate centers around the fact that the biblical account records that it would destroyed by fire and Brimstone, and that there wouldn't be much left. The city of Sodom comes into the picture. When Abraham and his nephew, lot herdsman, come into conflict with each other over who should graze their livestock, where rather than perpetuate the strike, they agree to separate chooses the Plains of Jordan and pitches his tents close to the city. A decision he would no doubt later regret due to the disastrous consequences it would have on his family. Saddam would have been destroyed earlier, had it not been for the intervention of Abraham. In Genesis 18 is recorded a dialogue between God and Abraham. When he asked him, if you will save the city, if you can find 50 righteous people, want to Grieve. Then Abraham, lower the number until he eventually come down to 10. He will save the 50 if he can find 10, right, good people. Genesis 1000 begin by saying that look and welcome to Angel in Sodom. Due to the depravity of the men living in Sodom. When they saw them come into the city and go into his towns, they won, Act in a sexually immoral way with them locked courageously, refuses this request, but then offers them his daughters. They won't back down. And the Angel comes down and strikes the man with blindness and rescues last the Angels then tell him that he needs to leave the city the next day. Because if, if he will be destroyed, his son in laws don't leave his 2 daughters and why to make it out of the 50. And as they are fleeing is recorded. One of the most famous texts in the old Testament verse 26 says, Lot's wife looked back behind him and she became a pillar of salt, even though she had left physically in her heart, something tugged back towards autumn. So often we find ourselves in a similar situation, leaving a place we ought not to be or an unhealthy situation, but struggling with a desire to go back in life. It's always best not to go back. Lot and his daughters left the area and well in the Mountains in a cave, but is neither. Daughter had a son, they came up with a plan to have children getting their father drunk with wine. They slept with him and conceived the older one had a son name 0 up and he became the father of the more Vice. The younger one had a son named Ben AMMI, and he became the father of the ammonites. Both the more buyers and the ammonites well on the East side of the Jordan. I'm a long time foes of the Israelites, the more bites are referenced on the more bite stone in the Louvre Museum in Paris, and the ammonites main. 50. A Rabbi I'm on is the capital city of Jordan today. The story of lot is a sad one. His wife dies due to her love of life in Saddam his daughter's deceit and have illegitimate children with him. That caused numerous problems for the children of Israel. Over the years, all of this could be argued goes back to his decision to pitch shift tents toward Saddam. Somehow he went from having a tent outside the 50 for having a House in the 5 the city, and had his vast 1st consequences for his family. Faith an old that he doesn't have to get up to do the worst thing out there. But he can seduce this step by step down a path of destruction. If we are not watchful and careful, may we be mindful and vigilant that we don't open the door through unnecessary Temptations that lead US or our families away from God.


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