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Episode 04: Joseph & Jacob: The Birth of a Nation

Adam Ramdin
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The story of Jacob, his multiple wives and sons has many lessons for us today but perhaps it's the story of his favourite son that stands out the most. From his favoured position in his fathers home to being sold as a slave, from Potiphar's house to the prison, and then to Pharaoh's palace his life saw a huge change in fortune, yet his honour, virtue and dignity remained steadfast throughout.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 3, 2020
    3:45 PM
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Some time after the death of their own, married ReBecca, and they had 2 twin sons. He thought and Jacob, Esau was a wild and impetuous, always living for the moment. Jacob with a strategy a quieter and more stable, longing for the spiritual blessing and a complete the birth of the eldest son, Jacob, to see his father and stole the birthright. Forced to leave home in the aftermath of this debacle, Jacob traveled more to heroin when he married 2 sisters, Leah and Rachel, due to didn't speak of his father in law. Didn't think the need to reconcile with his brother Jake up along with me of why it and children made the Trek back home and made peace with. He would then settle in the Hill country right around Jerusalem. One of the most significant turning point in his life was when he wrestled with an Angel, and his name was changed from Jacob to Israel, meaning overcomer. His descendants would then be known as the Israelites. Jacob had 13 children from 4 different women and his favorite son was Joseph. He gifted him a multi-colored coat with around the jealousy of his brothers, one day job as it was carrying food to his brothers. And they attacked him and threw him into a pit. This is traditionally thought to be the pit that Joseph was thrown into deciding not to kill him. They sold him to the midianite trade of 20 pieces of silver. Joseph was then taken to EGYPT, where he was sold as a slave to transitioning from favorite son to slave Joe. Work tirelessly in parts of our initial he flourished, but things didn't last long. Falsely accused of assaulting possible why he was thrown into jail where he remains, and so he was summoned by Pharaoh Barrow had a dream that he couldn't understand. And the King's Butler recommended Joseph as an interpreter of dreams. The King had a twofold dream. He saw 7 fact cows, 7 lean cows. He for 7 full is of grain and 7 with a of grain. Joseph correctly interpreted that it would mean 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine. He then tells Pharaoh that he needs to prepare for the 7 years of plenty. Interestingly, during this time, there was an agricultural program whereby 17000 acres of land or 450 square kilometers, is there are again, this many believe this correlates with the 7 years of plenty. This area of land today is connected by a manmade Canal call. Baha yousef, or Joseph's, can now to the River Nile and is known as the 5 basin. Then during the 7 years a famine, there is a land reclamation project whereby all land that is privately owned is consolidated under the Crown or Pharaoh. Many believe this correlates with Genesis $47.00, which says they traded their land for food during the 7 years a famine, Joseph is reunited with his brothers and he forgives them and he also sees his father before he dies. His father though, requests that he be buried, not in EGYPT, but that they carry his bones back to Israel and he is buried in the cave of the patriarchs in Hebron, the children of Israel then live here in EGYPT where the Bible says they lived in the land of Goshen at 1st, peacefully with their families for the next few 100 years. This biblical story is rich in meaning, and there are many lessons to learn. Perhaps the most significant lesson from the life of Joseph is how he dealt with his fortune and Fame. From favorite son to slave to prison, to the Prime Minister. He always put God 1st in life. Never have someone been subject to such changes in life circumstances in such a short space of time. Josephs give them an example of steadfastness in spite of change. No matter what life throws at US, may we be faithful to God and always put him 1st no matter what happens with US.


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