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Episode 05: Moses- Let My People Go

Adam Ramdin
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Moses was born during tumultuous times, and then raised in the palace of Pharaoh but he had to flee to the wilderness where he was prepared for the difficult task ahead. Finally, after they had been in Egypt for 400 years God decided that His people needed to leave, and the man destined to lead them was Moses.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • July 24, 2020
    3:45 PM
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Born in the country, in turmoil, to a people who are being persecuted under a law that demand his death, most is the not have the easiest start in life. At the time of his birth, the children of Israel had been living in EGYPT almost 400 years. And the Pharaoh at that time had expanded the country considerably. But it was a home where his tyranny was felt the most. He decreed all Hebrew boys needed to be thrown into the River and killed. This was to prevent their continued growth and potential, the dominant in desperation mode, his mother talk of it came up with a plan. Weaving a basket of reeds. She made it waterproof and then put her baby inside and hit the basket in the reeds of the River. The Bible records that pharaohs daughter believed to be had to put, came down to the River one day to bathe, and saw the basket in the reeds. And upon finding a baby inside, she was so touched and a mother would go to such lengths to protect her child that she decided to adopt him. Miriam, watching from a distance, offered to find a nurse for the baby, and promptly called her mother. The Princess asked to look after the baby until he was old enough to come and live in the Palace as her son for 12 years joked about filled her son's mind with the knowledge of God. At the age of 12, he was taken to the courts of Pharaoh, where he became the grandson affair, and was afforded the best education that EGYPT had to offer, growing up in the Bill World of the Egyptian cause Moses never forgot his roots one day when he was out he spied an Egyptian beating an Israelite, and he killed him and buried him in the sand. The next day when he tried to arbitrate a dispute between 2 Israelites, he was astonished to find that they knew he had killed an Egyptian. The day before. Moses' now have to flee and he heads out to the median desert, located in more than they Saudi ARABIA with 10 sheep, 40 years. He gets married, has children, and one day while in the desert, he sees a Bush burning and he hears the voice of God calling, say Moses Moses, he instructs him to go back to EGYPT to deliver his people to take them to CANAAN. Moses is reluctant to go, but he is reassured that his brother AARON, will go with him that the Powell God will go with him. And he finally agrees to go entering EGYPT with AARON at his side, Moses stood before Pharaoh and said, let my people go. His request was angrily refused, as Pharaoh challenged him and God saying, who is God that I should obey him? Most was an error and then demonstrated the power of God using error in the Rod as it was miraculously turned into a snake and then back into IRAQ. Still, Pharaoh was unimpressed and refused to release his slaves. It was then that God began to rain down, plague on EGYPT, but Pharaoh stubbornly refused to yield. As the rivers turned the blood and for all its life and Florida covered the land, boiled afflicted the people and locusts and Haled, decimated the crops and the herd. And finally got this covered the land. Yes, still Pharaoh is Hot, Hot and more decisively. Moses was a man who had a great Foundation in life with his mother's education, who then learned in the course the Pharaoh for nearly 30 years. He was trained to lead military campaigns. However, instead of all of that, he went to the Wilderness before 3 years with intent to cheat. But this was exactly what he needed. God knows what's best for US. Sometimes we think we're prepared for the great challenges of life, but we grossly misjudged ourselves. And our circumstances, just like Moses needed time away in the file and and solitude of the desert. So sometimes God withdraws US from the seas of life to prepare US for something else great. Down the line. If you are going through a Wilderness experience right now, Trust God, Trust, but he knows what's best for you and have patience in him.


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