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Episode 07: Joshua and Caleb- The 12 Spies & 40 Years in the Wilderness

Adam Ramdin
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So near but yet so far, a common phrase today, that applies to the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan. A journey that should have taken just under 2 weeks took 40 years!


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 7, 2020
    3:45 PM
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As the children of Israel continue their journey in the World and US being counted many challenges, firstly, how do you feed that many people in exodus 16 is recorded the 1st account of the miracle of the Manna, a miracle that continued every week for the next 40 years every day for the 1st 6 days of the week, Manna would fall. Then on the 6th day, they would hold a double portion for the 7th day, the family and a part of the health for Sabbath would not go Rotten. Then on the Sabbath, no man else would fall. This was all to remind them of the 4th commandment, which says, remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy. It was also to teach him for a lie on God every day for the temporal needs. A now came to Mt Sinai, there are 2 competing claims to Mt Sinai. One is in EGYPT in the Sinai Peninsula, and the other is in Saudi ARABIA. And what would have been the land of Midian Mount Sinai is where the Israelites built a Golden calf. In what was a terrible episode. As Moses came down from the mountain he showed his and God, his pleasure. Most of the people repented, book 3000 would not. The children of Israel had a lot to learn after being in slavery for so many generations. As they left Sinai, they journeyed with CANAAN, the pillar of God's presence in front of them at night, the pillar of cloud with sense of fire, and it was a visible presence that God was leading them. They were led to Kadesh barnea. Today, located on the southern border of Israel with EGYPT, Moses sent 12 spies in the land. The names of the 12 are recorded in the Bible, but today most people can only name 2 of them. As the 12 spies toward the land, no doubt the people waited in anticipation of a good report. So the journey could end. However, when the spies came back, 10 of them gave a negative report and they said, even though the land was good and it was fruitful and they did flow with milk and honey, they said the people lived in 45 cities and we are able to take the land, Joshua and Caleb all said, we can take the land and encourage the people to do so. But 10 of the spies insisted that they couldn't even hear of burned for themselves as grasshoppers. In the fire of the suppose the giant the people now wish they hadn't left EGYPT. And Joshua and Caleb tried one last time to convince them, but no matter how hard they tried. Their words of encouragement were instead met with people who wanted to stone them with stones no matter how hard they tried. They couldn't reverse the negative and distrustful reports of the other spies had brought back. Such doubt and disbelief in the power of God would not be left without consequence. God, the creator of all those over the age of 21, die in the World. And then, in addition to this, but each day that the spies searched the land, they would wander in the Wilderness for one year. This is one of the places where we get the biblical principle of one day, equally a year. The only adults over the age of 20 that this did not apply to is Joshua and Caleb, who manifested tremendous faith and courage and their names have lived on in history. My favorite part of the story is at the end of the 40 years of wondering when Joshua and Caleb enter the land. Joshua is now the leader of the as a white and Caleb as an older man at the age of 87. But he asked to be given the land of the Giants. He said in Joshua 1412, give me this mountain. If the Lord be with me, the National be able to dry them out. He did not seek an easier time and he wanted to show that it's not in human power, but it's in the power of God no matter what ages or what obstacles lie in our path. We Trust God to deliver US and clear a path for US.


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