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Episode 09: The Death of a Great Leader

Adam Ramdin
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For 40 years Moses led the Children of Israel in the wilderness right to the borders of the Promised Land. He was not to enter the land though as the consequence of his sin at Kadesh. His life would end at Mount Nebo - in sight of the land, but not quite there.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 21, 2020
    3:45 PM
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Moses is one of the most admired will, of all biblical characters during his lifetime, to lead people across the desert, constantly dealing with unbearable heat, living out of moveable tents, hygiene issues, water. The list goes on. All the while doing this, he was trying to get them to understand who God is and what they see in Salvation and Grace. In order to do this, Moses needed to have the utmost thoughtfulness, compassion, patients, firmness and Wise judgment in order to lead with integrity and authority. God always provided for his people. The necessities of life. Water flowed freely from the rock whenever and wherever they needed it. As they neared the promised land, after 40 years of wandering, God decided to test their faith and the water stopped for a short time. Down came back and most it was instructed to talk to the rock and the water would come out. After listening to the complaints of the people and their lack of faith for an instant, most has lost his temper and hit the rock rather than speaking to it, the water flowed out the people were sacrificed for God was not happy. Mo, that had been instructed to talk to the rock, not strike it due to the symbolism involved as a consequence for disobeying God command, and for losing his temper as a leader in front of the people. Motives was told by God he would not be able to Cross over into the land of CANAAN. This must have been a terrible pronouncement on Moses is a lie, have been completely geared towards taking the children of Israel from EGYPT to CANAAN. Something he was committed to doing Despite the 40 year delay. And now, even though God tells him he will not enter the land himself, he continues to faithfully lead the people. And now, as they come near to the borders of CANAAN, true to his word, God tells him that he must now climb Mount knievel, leaving the people one last time he make his way up, Mount meebo, here in silence, and alone from the top, he could see across where the dead sea is today, all the way into the promised land. On a clear day today, you can see all the way to the Hills. That's around Jerusalem. Moses could see into the land he had led the people toward the land he had always dreamed of entering. No doubt was he thought back on his life, he contemplated his time in EGYPT. His time alone in the World. This confronting Pharaoh lead in the children of Israel, out of EGYPT, crossing the Red sea, the Golden calf, the 40 year delay in the World. There were nearly every one who left EGYPT died in the World and is now on its very borders. He knows he will not be able to go over for one sin of disobeying God in a moment of anger. He was denied entry to CANAAN. God would lay Moses down to rest but his life would not be without reward. Moses' final resting place was never found. Indeed, his body was never found. Christians believe that God resurrected Moses and took him to Heaven on the Mount of Transfiguration, Moses and alive appeared and came to encourage JESUS. Though he did not see the earthly kanan, he did see the heavenly King that Moses teaches that the words and commands of God a specific are not to be taken lightly. May we be careful that we take God's word seriously and I will live.


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