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Episode 11: The Judges

Adam Ramdin
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Prior to having a King, Israel went through the period of the Judges. Their experience was like a roller coaster - sometimes up and sometimes down, in many ways like our own spiritual lives today.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 4, 2020
    4:00 PM
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But it took the city of Jericho and moved inland, and there was still a lot of work to do. The land was occupied, but this was the area God had promised he would give them. He had promised that they diligently kept his Commandments and followed him. He would clear out the land and drive out the Nations from the review freight these to the Mediterranean. They were warned that if they didn't do this, the people would be a constant Thorn in their side. Sadly they failed to heed the advice given them and judges. One verse $28.00 says that they fail to utterly drive them out. They chose because of ease, and they mingled and in some married with the various Even tribes around them. Soon heathenism and idolatry spread among the Israelites, and they served as captives in the land that had been promised them. The Kings of Mesopotamia, eggnog King of Moab, the Canaanites, and the fittest signs all became, oppresses obvious rail. On each occasion going raised up a deliberate off an eel Shamgar Deborah and Baron There was a cycle. They fed into captivity and remained in captivity until they cried out to God for deliverance. Then God raised up a judge who delivered them and they were freed from captivity. And as long as the judge was alive, then when the judge died, they fell back into apostasy and captivity. So often this is the case with US. We have ups and Downs in our spiritual lives, sometimes strong and sometimes week Before crossing the River Jordan into Israel. The Midianites had all Must be wiped out. But a small number remains and over time they grew became powerful and oppressed Israel for 7 years. God raised up Gideon to deliver his people. Gideon was hesitant to take on the calls and ask God 3 times to show evidence that he was with him. After whittling down his men from 32002300, he won the Battle in the most extraordinary way. God was making a point, I am the one who has the power, Trust me and not yourself But perhaps the most famous judge in Israel had a very mixed reign, and his name was Sampson born into the tribe of Dan, in the family of Minoan. He was consecrated evanescent, right? At birth, no wine, no one clean food, and his hair was not to be cut. However, living souls that are Philistines, he mingled with them and married ones with disastrous results. Then he was a judge for 20 years. As he got older though, his old weaknesses came back and he was ultimately seduced by Delilah to give away the source of his strength as a prisoner for the Philistines. He ended up killing more Philistines at his death, injuring his life. And it's believed he is buried here at the top of the Hill. Many of the judges did have this advantage in a what was left handed. Gideon was outnumbered. Samson though did have his Gauche strength. But maybe his contribution to his downfall because he trusted in his own strength rather than in the one who was the stores of assurance. God was always trying to teach his people through rely on him not to rely on their own strength, not to rely on the strength of their armies, but to rely solely on him. He who had brought them from Egypt to Katyn miraculously would deliver them. If they trusted in him, God one, Just have a consistent walk with him, not one that goes up and down all the time. But for US to learn to Trust implicitly in him, based on how he has laid either US or others in the past. When we remember how good God has been to US, we can know and have the assurance that when we confront obstacles that seem insurmountable, such as the Midianites to get Ian, we can know that God has a 1000 ways to provide for US, of which we know nothing.


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