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Episode 12: The Cities of Refuge

Adam Ramdin
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Part of the judiciary system in ancient Israel involved having Cities of Refuge. Here someone falsely or unjustly accused could flee to as a safe haven. The parallels between them and our relationship with Jesus and what He does for us is something we all should know!


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 11, 2020
    4:00 PM
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As the children of Israel settled into the New land, each tribe was apportioned. An area to live in. The Levites, however, were not allocated any territory for their inheritance was their responsibilities in this happen Akhil services, but they were given 48 cities 6 of which were unique and have special purpose. These were the cities of refuge and they played an important role in the Judiciary system in early Israel. The Levites would establish and maintain the cities and preside over them as a judicial authorities. These cities were to be divided evenly with 3 on each side of the River Jordan, the purpose of the cities what to provide refuge in a disputed case for anyone where manslaughter occurred. If someone committed intentional murder, then this wouldn't cover them. They still had to pay the price for their crimes, but if someone died at the hands of another and it wasn't intentional or it was an accident, than the accused could find refuge in one of the cities. The name of the city were Kadesh, located in Napa Valley Scheck. I'm located in West Minister, Hebron located in Cuba. Golan located in Eastman. After Ramadan Gilliatt in Ghana and Basler in rooms on the road to the 50 a refugee needed to be well maintained to provide a smooth passage for the fugitives and the signpost along the way. Needed to be well marked bearing the words mix, class or refuge. If someone was running to the City of Refuge and they were being chased and they needed to know which direction to take, they had to be able to read the sign very quickly. Once the perpetrator arrived at the gate of the city, they were to plead their case to the elders of the city who would then admit them and offer them asylum. If someone came to the gates demanding the blood of the accused, the elders of the city were not allowed to give them up. They were protected inside the city. The offender would live in the city until their trial before a gathered Assembly. If the High Priest ruled in their favor and they could stay in the city and live there until the death of the high priest, after which they could return to the home, they were safe as long as they stayed within the confines of the city. If they left the city and the one who sought revenge, found them and they could kill them without being guilty of murder. This provision of refuge for offenders meant the judicial system had a blend of Justice and Mercy. This is an example for the day of a deeper spiritual lesson. We have to find refuge in the South Asian Veggies of office to work. As long as I live, I hate in Christ. And we are free from any condemnation that comes our way. Jesus covers and right to live with his righteousness as long as our heart rending to him May you find forgiveness assurance and refuge in Jesus today.


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