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Episode 13: David & Goliath

Adam Ramdin
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David and Goliath - This story has motivated many who were faced with circumstances that were overwhelming and its location is something well documented today. Join us on site of the real location where David actually fought and defeated Goliath!


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 18, 2020
    4:15 PM
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One of the most famous Battle in all of history took place right here in the Valley of Elah between the Israelites and the Philistines. The main characters and the subsequent analogies from their encounter have seeped into folklore and transcended cultures around the World. David versus Goliath, the underdog versus the favorite little against large. The undertrained Shepard versus the professional warrior. Only one outcome was expected to all those watching. But the tables turned completely. The Israelites had been under attack from the Philistines, for some time they came from the coastal region, but increasingly were moving further and further inland. They came to this Valley and pitched their tents on the Hills. On the South side, the Bible says they pitched their tents between so-called and Avoca. Soco is a Hill to my right and Africa is a Hill from my left. In the middle is the Valley, and archaeologists believe it was on this Hill where the Israelites pitch their camp. Based on excavations at the site, the inscriptions that have been found, the lack of any pig bones and the location of this Hill across from both so called when Abacha archeologists believe with some surety that this is where the Israelites bought from. In camp here for 40 days, they listen to the Philistines, challenging them to fight God a liar, who was the largest Philistine. There was, after all, one Israelite to come and fight him and no one, not even the King would take him up on this offer. There was a Shepherd boy whose 3 older brothers were in the Army, and his father asked him to take some food to them. As he neared the camp, be heard the commotion, and he asked his brothers why no one had taken Goliath on yet. Eventually his words reached the King who called but David and David played his case to go and fight Goliath saying that he had fought off bears and Lions as he kept his sheep. Eventually the King agreed for him to go as long as he wore his armor. Something David wasn't used to doing The armor was too Big and clumsy and so David returned it and went to fight this giant warrior armed only with a stack, a sling, and 5 smooth stones from this Brook. As he stood in front of God, a liar, The last was offended that they would send such a boy to fight them. David, though, was standing there, confident in the power of God, and that he would gain the victory in response to go Elias insult. He said, You come at me with a sword and spear, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, and the God of the armies of Israel. Then running toward Goliath at full speed, he put a stone in his sling, swirled around and sent him flying towards Goliath, striking him in the forehead and knocking him down. Then David ran over and chopped off his head. The Philistines, being their champion defeated, then turned and ran, and the Israelites ran after them all the way to the city of Eck wrong so that they God used David to deliver his people and illustrated the point that it's not in weapons of warfare that we should put our Trust, but in the power of God, This story shows US that the issue in life is not how Big we are, how educated we are or what material advantages we. But the issue is whether we put our faith and Trust in God or not. David trusted God explicitly and moved forward with boldness. It was this combination of faith and boldness, courage under fire, that led to his remarkable success. Today, God is looking for men and women of faith, who Trust in God and move forward bold and energetic action.


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