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Behold the Man

Conrad Vine
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Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • November 13, 2020
    7:00 PM
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And it's a privilege to have joined with you all here Tonight. Here on the Advent hope Lifestream Vespers. I just arrived a few hours ago in the Loma Linda area from Chicago and was delighted to be back by warm weather and also by a warm welcome. And so I'm looking forward to sharing the Sabbath ows with you as you worship Allah Lord and Savior together as a shared by Sister Josee. I worked in many parts of the World and God has Blessed in many incredible ways. And so I, what I share with you Tonight is borne outs of a lot of experience of seeing things in different parts of the World that relate to US today. And husband of one wife, which is very good because it means I only have one mother in law. That's an English joke. And we have 2 children and families are scattered around the World in Russia and Australia and England and Ireland. But it's my privilege to be joining you with youth science as a brother in Christ. To share some of the good news about visas, Christ himself. It was about for just about 4 years ago, I was flying to Thailand and I was once a time through South Korea and it was election night and it was President drum was and the dance candidate Clinton. And we took off at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon from Chicago O'Hare, and nobody knew who won the election. And when we arrived, the plane arrived in South Korea. Everybody was principally checking their cell phones to see who'd won the election. And nobody knew it still by that stage that we never got on the plane. And we went down to Bangkok and when we arrived in Bancorp, I didn't need to look at my phone, see who won the election because President comes face in the side of so many buildings. I kind of figured, Oh, he must have won the election. What was interesting to me was that around the World, people are watching our elections here in America a back then 4 years ago and this year, because who's a leader is, has a major impact, Not just on America, but on the rest of the Wells. I want, I'll just Tonight and just call respect a Foundation identity that we are 1st and foremost citizens of Heaven above. And he said from Heaven that we are expecting our Savior below Jesus Christ as the Apostle Paul tells US in flipping Chap one. And so I want to reflect night on my favorite and saying I like going to off galleries around the Wells. I like just looking at the pictures I like listening to the descriptions of what's going on in the picture. Oftentimes my untrained eye, I just see a picture and why distance the description? I realize how much meaning the author or the artist would as put into and saying, and if you see behind me on the screen, I just move to the side here. On the very, very famous painting, one of my favorite paintings of all time at j. Homo by Antonio says airing this picture is framed by the author from behind. And it's a startling pick and picture almost like a photograph. It's a vision of a public judgment. It is a huge and ambitious portrayal of the trial of Jesus and it's currently House in Florence and it's playing and it feels like almost a full color photograph of the scene. And if you look closely at the picture, you'll notice that pilot is looking out at the crowd. You cannot see private space. And if you look closely the picture, neither can you see the face of Jesus. And you can, if you look closely at the, to the crowd who are calling for Jesus to being crucified. You cannot see their faces either the key actors. You cannot see their faces, but if you call so kind of the picture, you see there are witnesses behind the back of Jesus to the side of Jesus. There are other witnesses who are looking in on the scene who are not calling for the truth fiction and Jesus Antonio says, Jerry is inviting US to be a witness to these events and to ask ourselves where do we stand in the cold to crucify Jesus a real with the mob, or are we taking a different position at the pilot said, Ha, Ha Mo, behold the man is a very famous. I'm sitting from John Nine's beam and as pilot says, Behold the, I want to reflect with US Tonight on. What exactly is John and his Gospel? What is he inviting US to say? I who we are being invited to look upon when John says, Behold the man who does he wants to come into our lives Tonight in 21st century America, when any immediate context of the scene that we see on the behind me on the screen, Jesus has already been interviewed by Imus, he was the ex high priest, you them being dragged to see the House of triumph US, who was the current high priest, and then he being taken to the Fool has some he joined you in exhausting nights of illegal needle exchanges. You've been dragged like a common criminal through the dock and streets. He's been spots a pawn. He's been breached beaten about the heads slapped in the face and cruelly found abandoned by his disciples. Denied by Pizza, publicly mocked, ridiculed and condemned to death. And all of this before his legal trial has even begun. And so then we come to the legal trial in jump shots in 19 and jump shots 19 versus one through 5. If you have your Bibles invite you to open the what of gods and does read along as I speak with you his evening. John Chapter 19, verses one through 5. It says this says the pilot took Jesus and had some flubs on the soldier's wife. A Crown of gold and some put it on his head, and they dressed him and a purple rose. They kept coming up to him saying, Hail King of the Jews. I'm striking him in the face. I have friends House again and said to them, behold, I'm bringing him out to you to let you know that I find no case against him. So Jesus came out when the Crown of thorns on the Pope will robe on pilot said, Behold a man or Lacson at Shea, a Homo, and you see the scene behind me At this moment on site. Very, very famous scene. Behold a man. It's interesting that pilot has already declared Jesus to be innocent, and yet he has Jesus. What now and in the Roman legal system now kind of 3 levels of locking the 1st was mine a beating for common offenses known as that, but 1st a Gotcha. Then there was the most serious kind of beating that was known as a flood the last year from where we got the word flogging. That was a severe beating for a severe offense. But when somebody will speak and then to die to crucifixion, they received a brutal scourging century designed to soften you up so that when you were crucified, you died quickly. That was members of the barracks here. And people often died under this most brutal flogging that could be administered. The Roman historian Josephus records that he performs of Ratu on prisoners in Galilee during the eighty's 66 Ladies and he would vote in the Romans and he records that he whips people until quote, The end trails a back up in as the Roman Governor of Judea, just before the revote scourge the Jewish charismatic called Jesus Farhana until the bones across his back when they passed. This was a severe beating the pilots administered to Jesus. It was a beating, designed to take pieces to the point of death, but not quite. So when Jesus was taken to the Cross, he was already broken physically. And in the passage of his read, if you read the Roman soldiers, they gathered Jesus in that headquarters and they mocked him. They put on his head a Crown of thorns. And if you go to the Middle East today, you go to Jerusalem. A Bay, they have Palm trees that. And it was right come from England form bunches of forms that may be about an inch long. The bones on a date stand up to 12 inches long and they radiate the Crown of a divine Hellenistic ruler But on his shoulders a road a symbol of royalty. And what it is his time to read a symbol of the Royals. And then they come and they mock the full human Mock was shipped, and mock claim a mocking him as the King of the Jews. I mean these soldiers, they were, they were bad sent by Rome to hold Jews down. They were an occupying force. They were under constant threat from Jewish zealots, of people who'd come up behind them and trying to assassinate them in the streets. They have no love. And he doesn't who's in gauge the revolt against Rome? Now they get the hands on the prisoner, the man who people say is the Queen of the Jews. And you can just imagine the pens, pencils, frustration, and anger and bitterness and rage that finds we've got a hands on Revolutionary awaken to show him what's, what's And so the Roman soldiers give Jesus, etc. Authorities, Harold time. If you want to know what happens when soldiers are angry and they get one of their enemies in their hands, I'm look around the World stage. Look what happened in Bosnia and several years in the killing fields of Cambodia in Kong or in Iraq. When pilots gave Jesus I would say Roman soldiers, it was a brutal and a brutalizing experience for Jesus. I meant pilots brings Jesus out and you see him standing behind you in this line. Now he points to Jesus and he says his famous words. Ha Ha, no, he holds a mountain. We ask ourselves, what did the crowd see when pilot sabs? Ha, home of Behold a mountain. Well it clearly, Jesus was tired. He just come through a whole night without sleep and exhausting illegal needle exchanges. He was hungry, it was the stain, his Gaunt face was swollen from the beatings. His eyes were Puffy from repeats and poundings, the soul, just Stickle and blood runs down. His face mixing together the Crown of thorns is pressing across his brow, causing fresh bleeding with each movement. His back is told to ribbons and quite possibly, some of his bones are starting to show through. He's pale and slow moving from blood loss and from shock, you know, abandoned by friends to night by colleagues, the victim of a corrupt legal system, a refugee, a peasant, from Galilee. He probably speaks with a working class accent from a working class district. A man of uncertain parentage Mommas maybe, but as maybe and so as Jesus stands there on the podium and pilot says he holds them out on the crowd, looks up at Jesus. The mob looks up on the waves of cursing the Jaring of mockery and pulls Ronnie's and a tidal wave of hatred in mind. And it swells around the podium threaten to engulf Jesus as he stands that raids in the Royal road with the Royal Crown. And yet Jesus silence. And if we ask ourselves today in the 21st century, when pilot says Ha Ha, no, behold the man, who do we see today? Why don't you draw on the on John's? I'm Gospel hat for a few moments this evening. Reflect on who Jones says is standing at the podium. When pilot says, Ha Ha, I'm on the 1st thing we say is God with US Emanuel. Because in the immediate context of the story, the crowd sees a man battered, bruised and bleeding, but nevertheless, he is a mountain. John 114 says the word became flesh and dwelt among US and we become its glory. You awful sight before US removes any doubts about the humanity of Jesus. He suffered physically an incredible way. He was beaten, He was hungry, he was 30 the city. He was punched and he was spots upon. But beyond the physical torture, there was also the emotional toll meant that he was going through his while. He was abandoned by those who was close, who were closest to him. It was denied by Peter. And it's probably better to him not to imagine what those soldiers did to him within that barracks, is offered emotionally. It was ridiculed. He was locked up, he was mocked, he was the end, he was sneered out. He was a lot of things. Talk of the soldiers. I'm of the mob. No one likes to be made fun of. It really hurts in his eyes. I think 3 Verse 3 says he was despised and we esteemed him not some 22 of US. 6 goes on to say, I'm a, well, I'm not, I'm on school and by men and despised by the people. The famous author, Joni Eareckson, Tada. She reflects it on what she sees when she sees Jesus standing on the podium and listen to what. Speaking as someone who was a paraplegic, who couldn't move her hands or her a likes. This is her reflection of what she sees when she sees the suffering Jesus. She says, I discover that the Lord Jesus Christ could indeed empathize with my situation. On the Cross flows, I can Izing horrible. I was waiting for death. He was immobilized helpless, paralyzed, Jesus didn't know what it was, not to be able to move, not to be able to scratch your nose, shift your weight, wipe your eyes. He was paralyzed on the Cross. Christ knew exactly how I felt. So standing before US, we see God with US Emanuel many years ago, ISIS without drama. One year I found myself in something, Ethiopia, and we were running a network of therapeutic and supplemental feeding sense, as what would happen is parents would bring in stopping children and the children were suffering from acute malnutrition, a mode guns with every few sick, a feeding program often intravenous feeding and then they would go to when they recovered, they would go to a, a supplemental feeding program about its hind legs spends maybe a month in these feedings and says the children, well not even that evidence. As I was working at the camp, and I remember the composite behind the come, there was a large Cemetery. And some of the children did not make it through the treatment they died and we couldn't save them. And one of the camps or I was working, there was a young boy running around and he was 8 years old. And I OS the stuff civil where, Where's his mother, Where's his father? And what the staff told me was this. The mother had brought the child in almost all, and they thought that he hopes of that he loves US. When they started doing tests on him, they realized that the young boy had AIDS. When the motherhood that her child had AIDS, she informed the stock that she was simply a pounding her child's to the camp. And she was leaving and she was not coming back for him. But the stuff had not told this to the young boy. And so this young boy had he recovered sightly. No, he could run around, he could play with some of the other children. He was running round, expecting one day to see his mother come for him, not knowing that she would never come for him. And I looked to that young boy, and I just broke my heart ships the is the pain, the suffering sometimes the futility of much of human existence. And I think about boy in Ethiopia who was diagnosed, they thought he had to but you know, says he actually had HIV Aids. My mind goes back to Jesus on the podium. I realized that God is with US in the midst of human suffering on the podium. We see that God is truly Emmanuel, is not the distance unfeeling, inscrutable being. But God takes in human suffering. And he experience the way the West can do. So in the context of John's Gospel, when pilot says, Ha Homo behold the man who I see Tonight, I see God with US, Emmanuel, God, who understands the depths of human suffering. God, who is willing to walk the path of suffering with US to identify with US in the midst of our pain. But as an old, Not all that we see on the podium Tonight. Because In the context of John's Gospel, we see there's another name for Jesus that John uses early on in the Gospel. And it is in John chapter one, verse 29, where John the bat this we seized, Jesus coming about and he points to Jesus. And he says, you hold the Lamb of God, but with way that's the end of the World. So not only do we see God with US, it is Emanuel. But on the podium, we see God for US. That is a lot of gone. Yet the claims of the time, the Paseo that he's about to die as a Lamb of God, and His death will pay the price for my sins and for your sins were all of our sins in the 21st century. It's interesting that in the trial of Jesus, Jesus was accused of blasphemy before the jury, some Hedron, and he was accused of treason before the Roman authorities. Both charges were capital charges. This time he had some months to kill him for alleged blasphemy. And even if he were found guilty of treason, he would be executed by the Roman government. And the only reflects about it that blasphemy and treason are precisely what we are guilty of against. I have the father. Genesis 3, Verse 5. Satan said to Eve, if you eat the fruit set, you shall be like. The temptation was almost a blasphemy that if we eat of the fruits, we will be as God knowing good from evil. When Adam and Eve ate so of the fruit engage in an open acts of rebellion insofar as he of God otherwise known as treason. And when they had engaged in their 1st sin in the Garden of Eden, Jesus comes looking for them. The 1st Adam, the stars, or Jesus comes looking for the 1st Adam and in Genesis Chapter 3 and verse, that's saying, Jesus asks of Adam. He says the question, what have you done? And I like to imagine, how did Jesus say that question? Maybe he said, what have you done? Maybe he's maybe said, What have you done? Maybe said Watts, have you Don? I maybe said, well, what have you done? I'm not sure how Jesus said that question, but that question, what have you done? Has echoed through the human in the centuries of human existence. And when Jesus comes to trial before pilots, he is often exactly the same question. John 18 verse 35 pilots asks Jesus the same question. He says, what have you done? Is he the 1st Adam was guilty of blasphemy and treason? The 2nd out and vet is, Jesus was entirely innocent. But he has to stand trial and pay the price for the 1st Adam. And that means he stands before pilot and US as the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the Welsh. Rabbits is described in this chapter. As it says now, problems was a and it is only because in one of the plays in the Gospel of John John Chapter and Verse 8, where Jesus describes falls teaches and Lawless teaches the hired hands, who do not. Half of the flock, ones who run the 1st sign of trouble. But Jesus says a miscast but Here's the good Shepherd. He says it, he is the gate for the sheep. He protects the sheep with his body and when necessary he says in John 10. The good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 3 times in John's Gospel, Jesus says that as the Good Shepherd, he lays down his life where his sheep, you know, he's down his life for me and he lays down his life for you. So on the podium but meets the blood on the go on the sweats and the tears on the spittle in the pain. I see not only God with US Emanuel, but I also see God for US, a Lamb of God, a Savior dying to save, dying to save you and dying to save Main. But there's something else that we see when pilot says, Ha Homo behold the man, we see God with US. Emanuel Dodge, who partake of takes in human suffering, London sounds the depths of human pain and injustice. We seek not for US. Alarm of God. Dying to take away the sins of the World. Finds a way you'll sin. Dynes take away my SIM, but we also see a God with US, God for US. And we also see God over US. We see the King of Kings on a lot of Lords. Give the question, Are you the King of the Jews a Cuz in all 4 of the Gospels in the narrative of the trial of Jesus, there's a Central theme. And all through this passage in John 18 and John at 19, we have the question of kinship. Is Jesus a King? And if he is a King, what does his kingship actually mean? Who are his subjects? Will they fight for him? Or will they run away from him? Will they stand up for him? Or will they deny him? Now, while the pilot doesn't fully understand the nature of Christ's Kingdom, he is satisfied that Christ is not an earthly threats to the Roman, the Pax Romana, within that power, within Palestine is not a threat to pilot and his own position. Now in our own times, today, Royalty is often presented to the crowd in a certain ritual way, as you can tell from my accident, a lot of them bearing Springs I was raised in England. And in England, the ETs of the throne is known as The Prince. Of Wales. Now if they absence known as The Prince of Wales, because back in the day about a 100 years ago, there was a famous came gold at the 1st. He was known by the English as and would Long Shanks because he had long legs. And he was known by the stocks as my Lord of Scots or of the hammer of the Scots he's in and out. It was always engaged in bottles. But he was the King who really pacified Wales and good Wales of the United Kingdom as it was. I'm sad that he, The Welsh, didn't like him for this. So when he had his firstborn son, he put his son into his Shields on him, up for the crowds at non-causal, and he presented to them the Prince of Wales. We have such a custom today in a marriage ceremony, when so when, when a man and woman have signed the legal documents with the Registrar, we don't present them to the congregation as Mr. And Mrs. So and so on. So we see this pattern in marriages. We see it in history that when, when something is changing, when somebody important has arrived now presents its the crowd. And this passage to Jesus has been scheduled by the soldier as he receives a mock acclimation on the Roman soldiers is a raid is to came with a Crown of thorns on both the rope around his shoulders. There's a reason his representing is set on his Royal foreign saying he's told it's it is the King of the Jews dressed as an Oriental can would be receiving mock all manage at the climax of the muck, a muck, acclimation. He has presented to them all to his people and Pine. It says, Behold a mountain, a mockery, and a cat calling them, and that the cruise calls to crucify rise in waves of hatred and the flood wall around. Jesus stands there silently. Now this didn't just happen to Jesus. There are well known historical examples in the Roman Empire of people having a, precisely, this kind of experience. A mob did this to a well known Lunatic in eggs in Alexandria, when Rip of the 1st visited and again in the Xandra in $179.00, g., the Roman prefects to be done such a mock Mation mocking the Jewish hopes of a mess. I am the Guy. I'm pilots known as the Jews are expecting the Messiah. They are looking for a King who will free them from the Romans. And Jesus is merely a tool in his hands to Rob the Jews messianic hope since the ground. And as such, has now speed parades before the crowd you believe in the coming Messiah. You can almost hear the pilot saying, you think a Messiah is going to come and set you free. You think there's going to be a Messiah ruling in this House in Jerusalem? Not the Roman Government. Well, here he is. The whole of the mountain. That's it. He eats and it bloodied a powder. A broken figure is entirely regalia is a mockery and a pale imitation of the real King and see he has no authority. Now the mob understood the significance of the moment, and later in the passage, we read that final cry. We have no Cain but season, and this was the breaking of the fundamental relationship between God and ethnic around the. Historically, the Jews had enjoyed various kinds of foreign oppression. And being invaded by the Syrians, by the Midianites, by the Philistines, by the Eda might spite Egyptians the Babylonians, the middle potions, the Greeks, the Salusa, the Ptolemies. Now the Romans wanted sustain them through almost a 1000 years of foreign oppression. Was that belief? And that hope in a Messiah, if parents of Messiah who vindicate their faith and establish his rule over the welds, would Jerusalem as the cap on 26 and verse 13 catches this sense. Very well Isiah says this, Oh Lord, how God's other Lords beside you have ruled over US and your name alone, do we all know? So Yes, the Jews had enjoyed centuries and centuries of foreign rulers. I'm ruling over them and I'm persecuting them. But they had always held on to their hopes for a Messiah. One pint at Sesame. Stone's one side's. He says, Behold the mountain on the crowd cries back. We have no King, but Caesar. But the 1st time in the history we find the Formula bondsman's of the Messianic hopes on the parts of the Jews. And from that moment song the church drawn from peoples of all Nations, tribes, languages and peoples becomes a censure of God's purposes I know. But Despite the mockery, Despite the rejection, Despite the fun of the games, Despite the pathos and the irony of the whole tragic situation. He still, I came and he's my King. What kind of King is he will, John? Later in his life writes a vision. Revelation Chapter 1911 through 16 and on the 5, Jesus is written is incredible. Title and of Kings. I'm lot of Lords and he was there on the platform as God with US, Emmanuel God, who goes through our suffering with US to understand the depths of the suffering that humanity experiences we see before US. God for US on his Jesus as the Lamb of God, about to take away the sin of the Wells, dying, a dying Savior that we might have eternal life. And we also say before US, it can but not just any King, but the King of Kings. And Lord of Lords. So who do you see Tonight? Do you see a man just standing there with a broken, bloodied battered, its broken body, Juicy, criminal, or Juicy something more? So you are living in a well today, where people are really heavily invested in this political figure or that political figure. We're living in a nation today where we have Poder ISED between x. and y. policy. People are people In America right now. And people are hoping for this Lida, or that leader to commence White House. But be, but beyond all of that, we are citizens from the heavenly Kingdom. And we are expecting a Savior of Lord Jesus Christ to come from Heaven. He is the one that we invited to be looked into Tonight, but sickly as we enter the Sabbath hours. As we see Jesus on the podium, we see God with US Emmanuel, becoming flash, not abandoning US in all sufferings, but partaking of the human experience of pain, know all about sufferings and all of our suffering and all about pain. We see God For US, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the World. The Good Shepherd about some lay down his life for his sheep, a Savior about to die, to pay the penalty for my sins and feels. And we see God over US. I came not just any King, not just any presidents, not resign the Prime Minister, not just any Secretary, but we're looking at the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and by the Grace of God. Each one of US is looking at Arkansas Knights, as pilot says, he holds a man. So I want to invite you to nights to dwell as we go through the Sabbath House, not on the politics of America, not on the politics of Weld, but on the folding rule as about to turn your eyes to Jesus. As we turn our eyes to Jesus, my preference is that they'll be less of US day by day and more of Jesus, not our thoughts. I was Rigo through the Sabbath. Ause will be intentionally asking God to grow US to shape US, to transform US. That there be less of me, I time the Sabbath, Owsley of Tomorrow, maybe more of Jesus and that people see less of me Maizie more of Jesus in my daily interact. So it's a nights I'm very Sabbath House. I invite you to do was buy that said, Behold a man. I know what I mean beholding become changed. Be changed by the one who is God with US manual by the one who is God for US. All I'm of God. And be transformed by the coming King of Kings. I'm a lot of Lords, may God bless US as we go through the Sabbath Aus together. May God grant US a personal transformation about the World would see less about US a more of the man of Nazareth in all that we do and say, in this coming week, wherever you are, invite you to by your heads with me. I was going to close with a short benediction. Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for the chance to talk about Jesus Tonight. By that I thank you that he Appeals to all peoples to men and women boys and girls of every nation and kindred and tribe in time. I thank you that he died to save all peoples. I'm not, there's no total isolation within his Kingdom. So Tonight, Father is Re ends of the Sabbath. I pray that each one of US will focus on minds on Jesus, who he is. What he has done for each one of US, what he is still going to do in each of our lives. And I pray Father, that the next time Jesus comes as a King. So this Wells in the clouds of glory, with the armies of Heaven, surely as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will be ready and waiting for him. Say this is our God whom we have waited and he shall save US so father until that day May we be found faithful and whatever portion of the vineyards you have called US to say. Thank you Father. The story of Jesus. Thank you that he is coming again. Jesus name, we pray. This media was brought to you by audio 1st, a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse, if you would like to listen to more sermons, lead to visit W W, W audio verse or.


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