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Deliver Us from Evil

Conrad Vine
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Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • November 14, 2020
    10:30 AM
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Right together, they have any father. I ask for the protection of their Angels as we gather here today. As we gather in our homes around our mobile tablets and devices, I pray that your spirit will be speaking to each of our Hearts. I pray that your spirit will be done in the spirit present within our homes, and within our Hearts, I ask you the noise of your spirit as I share this morning of the words I shall be from your throne of Grace. Else this mess in Jesus', Holy name. Amen. I would like to just a little bit about myself just so you know, you know who I am. My. I am his comrade. Fine. I said with options from to missions as a Josee is already Shad's and I'm privileged to be married on the husband of one wife, which is good news because I only have one mother in law. There is my wife there. She was raised in the Soviet Union when communism collapsed in 1991, journalists lay financial spread out across the former Soviet Union. And the she was a teenager at the time and she gave her life to Jesus Christ. And then she was growing up in India in a Muslim Republic of the Soviet Union, and she gave her life to Jesus Christ. And we met with address in Central Asia, mid ninety's. And that is a picture of US that when we got our u.s. citizenship back in 2016, and we have Blessed by God with 2 children On the rights they have, it is now at 7. I was studying nursing program. My daughter left, I'll go into, she's 15 years old and she's a real source of Joy and just happiness within our life. And I want to share with you that God's blessings are incredible. And we serve and also Heavenly Father. And so those are the blessings of a heavenly Father. I want to talk with you today about a topic I've been titled out. So it's they Deliver Us From Evil. I'm talking about this today because this is something that we're seeing more and more impossible Ministry. As a missionary and I've lived and worked in over 30 countries around the World. I see increasingly people are asking for, to be set free from the attacks of States. And these attacks come in multiple ways for some people is what harassment or other people it says oppression. And for some of those it is close action. I'm just, I want to talk with you today about what Jesus promised in the Lord's Prayer. He told US to pray to a heavenly Father Deliver Us From Evil. What was he talking about when he towards US to pray Deliver Us From Evil? You know, here and now Western World. We are the product where the shape we are shaped by the Renascence, by the Reformation and by the Enlightenment. And this means that we share a rationalistic over a science of it well of you, but assumes that there is no reality beyond the material and the natural universe. If something cannot be measured, it does not exist. And this attitude has come across into Western theology, not just advances. The Western theology as a whole. Princes William Barclay, a very famous theologian of the mid 20th century. He wrote that when Jesus, when Mach 5, said that Jesus was casting out to demon Barclay wrote that Jesus was engaged in, quote, the defeat of pain. Oh, I agree that Jesus was defeating pain, but the story is more than about just defeats in pain. Jesus was casting out demons, and so by implication, Jesus Christ himself was a victim of delusion and primitive superstition. And to many mainstream theologians today demonic harassment and possession amounts of a primitive superstitious, Well view that we have, Fortunately, escaped from the 21st century. And yet this is profoundly ironic because many Westerners all across the West there, although they profess skepticism in spiritual matters as if fascinated by spiritual, fascinated by the occult and Nazi by Satanism of the New Age or the spirituality section of any bonds and Noble or any other make up bookstore, they tend to be filled with multiple volumes dealing with New age and spiritual ISM, and actually be a cult. And so it is a mistake to issue as Christians in the 21st century that somehow we've been liberated from these primitive superstitions, States and doesn't exist. And there's no such thing as demons all around US. We know is out of interest. What Revelation 1217 says that Satan was wrath with the woman and went off to make War with the remnant of her children. So clearly I'm Satan is attacking God's remnant So why we surprise Things start to go wrong. Now lives. And so if we look at some examples, we'll start looking for examples of famous characters in the Bible who had Satanic or demonic attack during that life. And these were righteous individuals by and large of course the 1st is the story of Joe. And we know that Joe was directly harassed by Satan within premises that were clearly established by God. Joe was never possessed as such, nor was he oppressed, but he was certainly experiencing harassment. And he was attacked by States and through the death of his children. And throughout his wife, the saying throughout his friends was saying to him and by the painful boils on his body and by the loss of his reputation and prestige within the community. Of the turning points in Job's experience. When in his attacks from States and comes in, Joe 42 and verse 10, America says that the Lord restored the fortunes of job when he had trades for his friends. And so we see that the Job's fortunes. They turn around when Job starts worrying about himself and he thinks about how he can be a blessing to those around him. But the more famous example of demonization among Saints in the Bible, I would argue, is the Apostle Paul. The Apostle Paul was an interesting character and in 2nd Christians are left and he's defending his apostleship, And he describes how he's been shipwrecked and beats and scourged and imprisoned, and started the rest of it. Which incidentally, is very similar job description to our front line missionaries go through even today. And in 2nd Prince, he was 12. He continues with this autobiographical discussion. And he talks about these incredible revelations that God gave him. He says in the beginning, we know someone who is caught up into the 3rd Heaven, and the Jews have this concept of 7 heavens, where God dwells in the 7 of them and we dwell Lo, the 7. And there are Angels in each gateway from the 1st and 2nd, 3rd 4th, and so forth. Heavens. And in order to get So the 7th Heaven, you had a scroll with 7, seals on it, and as you broke each scroll, you went and those Apos words. And you could get the next level of this sound familiar as Adventists. Or of course it does because we also know of a scroll with 7 seals, but in Jewish mysticism, it's where I'm trying to come to the presence of God. But in the Book of Revelation, the person holds that scroll with the 7. Seals is Jesus Christ, who's breaking in human history in the 2nd coming. And so Paul has had these incredible revelations from God. He's been caught up in the 3rd Heaven. He says and shuts the 2nd sentence, 12 verse 2. And then he talks about the impact in his life and he says in 2nd verse 7, you see it on the screen. He says, even considering the exceptional character of the revelations, the effort to keep me from being too elated or proud athome was give me in the Fletch a messenger of States and cements me to keep me from being too elated. Now we all Wonder what was this Thorn in the flesh? I'm just dealing with a kidney stone right now, and it certainly feels like a Thorn in the flesh. A Martin Luther had kidney stones and he called them messengers of States and. And I would certainly, I wouldn't disagree with that conclusion from Martin Luther, but we say what was this phone in the flesh? Some people, some eyes that all had poor eyesight because he had a sex change right. Help his letters for him. Other suggest that pulls phone in the flesh was the fact that he was a very poor public speaker. Maybe he had a list, maybe he stumbled as he walked. And so all kinds of speculations are out there. But I believe the text actually says what about 4 in the flesh was not highlighted in refuse on the screen. He says I thought it was given in the flesh a messenger of Satan to torments me. And that phrase messenger of States in is literally angle last 2 sets, knew an Angel of States and to torment me. Therefore it's a take home literally. And we don't try and Spiritualize what he's saying. He says that God allowed an Angel of States into torments. Paul, why, in order to keep people from being too late, says, or too proud. Now why would God allow US? Well, Paul was a brilliant scholar. You had a World class education with a very famous scholar, Gmail the 1st in Jerusalem. He was from the tribe of Benjamin and so his parents named him after the 1st is right, King soul, who was of the tribe of Benjamin. He had a proud, a racial Heritage. He was a Roman citizen. He often made use, often in Eagle and governments. Us education. He was advanced, many others in Judaism, his own age. You might say the pole was the rising star in Judaism, even as Jesus was engaged in his Ministry. And so he then had expression revelations from God in the 3rd Heaven, as he says or in this chapter. And so be easy for Paul to met to Minister in his own strength. It's easy for him to rely on his well COS, education, to be easy to live, rely on his so shall networks. The fact that he'd studied at the Harvard or Yale of his era with you could mail the mail the 1st in Jerusalem. And so to prevent people from ministering in his own strength, to stop Wolf from becoming too proud as an Apostle to the Gentiles. God allows a messenger of States and to torment soul all in order that Paul might learn daily dependence upon God. Paul might Minister in the strength of God and in the power of Jesus Christ rather than in his own wisdom or education, was a reputation as a brilliant scholar. We find now in the Gospels, there are 2 examples. When the good in the Gospels, the 1st of these is the story of Pizza and the Pizza was, he was full of himself. He was quick to Tolkien's love to think. And yet he had that he had his impulsive nature because something lovable about each other. And to him, Ah, to Matthew Chapter 16, Jesus has been teaching the disciples repeatedly, that he is going to go to Jerusalem. He's going to be handed over to the Gentiles. He's going to be executed. And he's repeatedly saying this to the disciples. And he eventually, he's had enough of this and he pulls Jesus aside and it says in the text that he repeats Jesus, I'm not verb to rebuke is generally used in synoptic Gospels, Matthew Mark and Luke to indicate when Jesus is rebuking the spirit. So when Matthew and Mark also say that he was rebuking Jesus, the implication is that Peter is suggesting that the idea that Jesus has to die is something from sites and in Jesus is speaking of Satanic influence. And Jesus, he turns to Pizza. And he says, Get Thee behind me. Satan, you are a stumbling block to me for US sets in your mind, not some divine things, but on human things. What lesson to be learned from this example here? Well, it's Pizza was not possessed. He wasn't experiencing harassment, but this was a case of what we would consider oppression. That is when a disciple of Jesus willfully consciously and knowingly contradicts a plain teaching of Jesus Christ. Then he is allowing Satan speak through him in that moment. And so Jesus does not say, Get Thee behind me, Pizza, he says, Get Thee behind me. Satan, there's an important learning point for US as teaches. I guess many of you watching this professor as an educator, as You teach many people, many wonderful things, but we ought to be careful, myself included that what we teach is consistent with the teachings of Jesus rather than something that carries human favor. We are ambassadors for Jesus Christ and we call to faithfully represent him in order to say Unwittingly for US through our lives and through our Ministry. And then we find another example in the, in the Gospels, but is the example of Judas now and jumped up to say, Jesus talks about how you have no pots of me for you, not eat my flesh and drink my blood. And many of his disciples, his followers, they leave him alone. And finally, there are just the 12 that are left and then Jesus kind of asked the most plaintive link is there, you know, are you going to leave me as well? And it says, well, where we going to go, Lord, you know that the dialogue continues. And at the end of that chapter, Jesus says of the 12, he says, did I choose you, the 12, yet one of you or into one of you is a Devil or a loss is the word you find in the corner. Greek. Jesus says into one of you is a Devil and quite literally, Jesus is talking to Judas Iscariot. The next verse John 67, John explains that Jesus was speaking about Judas Iscariot. So Judas Iscariot was possessed of as the judgments of Jesus upon Judas Iscariot, Near the beginning of his Ministry, and Judas Iscariot. Nobody among the disciples suspected this and he was sent out with the 12. He cast out demons the name of Jesus heals, people named Jesus. He proclaim the Gospel in the name of Jesus Christ. And nobody suspected that even though Matthew was an i.r.s. agent and he was a tax collector, it was Judas who was chosen to hold the common US, which tells you that Judas was really trusted by the other 11 disciples. Jesus didn't say to the other than disciples and amazing to me time. No, please do not choose Judas as the Treasurer. And if they would say why Jesus could have said, why come say why the please don't do it. We don't see that anywhere in the text. Jesus was Ok for Judas to be the Treasurer. Even though Matthew is a tax collector was the obvious choice. And at the end of his Ministry, Jesus and Judas have a dialogue in the upper room in John Chapter 13 in Matthew 26, where Jesus is repeatedly offering Mercy to Judas in the Last Supper. And finally, in the Last Supper Jesus, he has a dialogue with Judas. And Judas leaves. The presence of Jesus in John 13 says that Satan ends of into him. And Judas goes out and the text then says it's a terrible of US. It says. And it was night. And so in John's Gospel, in the beginning, John Chapter 3 make a Demas comes to Jesus, the lights of the World at midnight hour. And at the end of his Ministry, one of his disciples leaves Jesus and he goes into darkness. As John says, it wasn't just the night time, but it was going to spiritual darkness. And later the next day, both Jesus and Judas hung on a tree outside of Jerusalem. One died for love of money, and the other died for love of you remain. And so we see in these, these examples I've just been sharing with you that just because you are a follower of God. Because you are a disciple of Jesus. You couch issue that you are somehow immune from the attacks of Satan. Rather, the truth of the scripture is precisely because you are a follower of Jesus. So you are Subject to such an eye contact and we may not always recognize this particular Western mindset. You know, things happen to US. We have an important maybe Bible study in the evening and anything that can go wrong goes wrong during the day and it feels like we are running an uphill Marathon just to get that Bible study. And so many of US in the West, we kind of thing will things just happen, but things don't just happen. But rather we see in the Word of God That Pizza and Judas, and pole, and Joe, who all thought they were close to God. And 3 of them were at least they were all subject to Satanic attack. So I think we move on to our next part, next section. Him want to talk about how do we respond to the attacks of sites and upon Christians today. And the 1st thing we would say is from that the teachings of Jesus and some of the mouse Jesus teaches US to pray to say and lead US, not since temptation, but deliver US from evil. Now the evil that Jesus is talking about is not rain on your wedding day, and it's not a flat tire in a rainstorm. That's something deeper than this. Jesus says, deliver US from all across which is the evil one. And so we have to pray for deliverance on a daily basis because we are also praying for our daily bread. So just as we pray for our daily bread, so Jesus isn't teaching US that we ought to pray on a daily basis. But a heavenly Father will deliver US and protect US and set US free from the attacks of the evil one that is from Satan himself. A Revelation 12 from 1st be the 5. They clearly indicates the identity of the attack of Jesus' disciples. He is the Devil he is the ancient serpent of Eden. Is the Dragon is the Deceiver of the whole World? Is the Roaring Lion seeking who made it together with his full name, jewels, otherwise known as humans? We can cooperate with our Heavenly Father in this prayer. When we reclose the door was for Satan to enter our lives. A good example of this we find in the book of Acts next up to 1917 through 20 poll is preaching in f.s.s. in modern day Turkey. On the Coast of the g.m. and many of the people they give their lives to Jesus Christ. And this is what the text says as when this became known that is the Gospel to all residents of f.s.s., both Jews and Greeks. Everyone was all struck in the name of the Lord. Jesus was praised, was a many of those who became believers, confess them, disclose their practices. A number of those who practiced magic collected their books. Some of them publicly when the value of those books was calculates that it was found to come to 50000 silver coins. So the words of the Lord group might solely on prevailed. So in this example here, we find in the upper stomach area we find a community who are coming to Jesus Christ in faith. And they recognize that they're coming from a pagan Society where there's a lot of loss of a cultic activity going on. And Ralph then stick that stuff in the basement in a box and bring it seems the public square and they burn it. They will have nothing to do with a cultic paraphernalia within their lives And mission service today. This is what we do with people around the World. Whether we're working with animists in Cambodia, whether working with Buddhists in Thailand or whether they were working. I would Hindus in India, many cultures. People collect a lot of animistic artifacts. Many idols, many, Many read some devoted to the worship of a certain demon of a certain day at sea. And when people come to Jesus Christ and what we do with our missionaries as we struck them that they need to know this stuff, then has been no part of this in their lives. And even here in America, this also happens more often than we care to admit. In a.f.m., I get a cold maybe once a week from somebody in America who is having trouble with demonic harassment. And we will walk them through a process that leads to the difference in the name of the power of Jesus Christ. We thank God for his power to set people free that Jesus has never lost about would say it's a very important point for US to remember. But time and again, I go to People's homes. I'm with a colleague in Ministry. And as we're working with them through the process of setting them free from Satan's attacks, we often walk through the House with the person. I'm looking the drolls, we look at the Internet viewing history. We look at the Mets, What's the C.D.'s and D.V.D.'s? And I'm no longer surprised by how much stuff I finds in Adventist homes that has an explicit political link. And sometimes it's something that was given as a gift. Sometimes it's an OS fact. They've picked up a foreign trip. Sometimes it's amazing the arrogance from a grandmother who maybe was involved in Freemasonry or was a medium herself and assert these things they gather in the homes of Adventists and then they haven't as Wonder why things are going wrong. And so we can cooperate with God by cleansing our homes and our Hearts, or of anything that would give States and permission to enter our homes. By this, I mean, cherished, same unconfessed sins, attitudes that we need to repent of maybe we've been hurt as a child, and we know chip business was the one who caused US that terrible harm. Whatever it is. These are avenues, odors, 3 States and can attack Christians today and cause the incalculable suffering. So we can cooperate with God by asking ourselves today. Is there anything in my life today on this beautiful Sabbath day? Is there anything in my life today that cannot be offered as a Holy Sacrifice or a Holy God? And if there is something in my life today, the Holy Spirit is speaking to you now and just bring something to your mind. Something that cannot be offered as a Holy Sacrifice to a Holy God. Maybe it's time to get rid of the thing. Maybe it's time to take it out of the House and have nothing further to do with it. Because when that thing is in your House, it is in your home, the chances are it's in your heart. And that gives permission to Satan to enter into your life. Many of US, when we go as tourists to Washington, I like going to Washington, we go to the mall, and we see the Lincoln Memorial in the Jefferson Memorial and of the Washington Monument. Then we walk up the mall to Congress. If you go back to the Supreme Court, there may come down and survey Rathnew becomes a White House. And this is where all the tourists go. And this part of Washington tends to be clean and that well sweats eye looks really nice. But if you go half a mile from that Central area Central Plaza, you'll find every Vice known to humanity. And sometimes our lives are a bit like that. We have a public area that we happy to show to people an area that an aspect of who we are that is on public display that's clean and squeaky clean and dreamy dressed, not in a Sabbath best. And this is what we happy for people to know about US. And that looks nice. But oftentimes we also have back alleys in our lives that are filled with the opposite. Each Smee feed on. And that is in those back alleys where we have confessed to cherish saying that is where Satan and his our lives and causes an immense amounts of grief, the followers of Jesus today. So once again, I want to challenge you if there is something in your life today that you cannot offer, present Holy Sacrifice to Holy God. I want to challenge if the Holy Spirit is speaking to you this morning on this beautiful Sabbath day. Do not have your heart to listen to all the Holy Spirit is saying, if that thing is not consistent with the Kingdom of God and crafty go home today and have the courage to take it out of your home once and for all out of your home away from the hearth, out of your Hearts and close the door to Satan and his right to end your life. The next thing we find in the Gospels is the advice of Paul. We have to stand firm in the armor of God. You see in the New Testament we find that Christ has already defeated Satan season fissions chapter one vs 1923. We see the every conversion demonstrates the power of God that is sufficient $2.00 and $6.00. We see that the existence of the church is a reminder to the universe that Satan's power has been broken. Pieces 3 vessel 8 the lesson that although he is a defeated fellow, Satan is still dangerous whom we are called to resist resist. The Devil says James, and he will flee from you in the next verses, romance to God, and He will draw near to you. So we are not to attack Satan, but we have to stand firm in the armor of God, nor to face Satan's attacks. And so we are commanded to put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the Wiles of the Devil. Paul goes on to say that for take up the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to withstand on the evil day and having done everything you stand firm. So once can have that your standing to stand in the armor of God with stand on that evil day. That is when evil comes into your life, as it will do, we can stand in the armor of God. Stands that for vision 614 the 3rd time in the civil past, which is teaching Paul. We are commanded to stand fast in the belts of truth around your waist and to put on the breastplate of righteousness. Now I call this using the imagery of Infantry and if Infantry commander to stand there, not taking an offensive action against the enemy, but there's a century taking a defensive position. And so when we talk about setting people free from the attacks of Satan, we can compare different models of the Roman Catholic Church has a very, very well defined liturgy for what they consider to be exorcism. You can download it from the Internet. It is full of some, some prayers that very, very poetic. No father of light. I mean sets US free from the Prince of Darkness and so forth. But it's also full of prayers to the Virgin Mary and various of the Saints. So the Catholic Church has a very rich realized approach to this kind of thing. The Evangelical Weld's, we see there is a very aggressive approach to this. So you have prayer walks and you walk around a city name, it's and you claim it and you walk through roads and you're Europe, you can the demons under every rock. I'm behind every head and behind every car. And we don't see any evidence for US in the Word of God. Rather what we see in the Word of God is a command that we have to stand with the shield of faith, we wear and the armor of God. And what we have to do, the only offensive weapon we have, the soul is the sort of the Spirit which is the word of caught. Now I was very surprised to learn this as I was studying this out, but hold as not to use the phrase, the last 2 Theo, the word Lawson's were the last 2. He doesn't use that word here. He uses the word remedy to the Word of God, which means the spoken assurance of the Word of God. And so our offensive weapon against Saints and is to speak the Word of God. Why would that be? The case is an interesting question. And to understand the answer, it's important to realize that encounters with Demon are not our encounters. Now, truth counts, because at the end of the day, every temptation is a lie. And you counteract lies with truth. And as a full and human being, I can never be sure that what I say is absolutely true. Because how can you get something perfect out of someone who is imperfect? The only thing in my life that I know is absolutely true is the Word of God. And that is why the Apostle Paul counsels US when we are facing demonic attack. We are to speak the words of God into that situation. Why? Because God's Word is truth and truth is the answer to a full suit or temptation or sites and who is the father of lies. So it to speak the Word of God. And so now in my Bible, I carry a list of texts just inside the front cover. And when we're dealing with people who are being attacked by demons, we often use those texts. Sometimes the demons will speak. And in response to Yours quote from the Word of God, because the Word of God is absolute truth and it's remind it's the demons. But there is a living God who has spoken these words from one day. He will bring that demons of judgment on the demons. Are very afraid of latch and so we have to stand in the armor of God. We're not to go looking for demons. But if we are living a Christian life and witness and worship, and praise and Ministry, we can be sure that we will be attacked by Satan in one way or another, or is the demons. And therefore we have to stand in the armor of God, trusting that the armor that God gives US is sufficient for the task with the thing that we find in the scripture is that we ought to humble ourselves before God in fasting and prayer. And we find the teaching for this in Matthew 17 vessels 18 through 21. And it says that that Jesus rebuked the Devil as the Devil within the child. And he departed out of him. The child was cured from that very hour and came the disciples to Jesus appox and said, Why could we not cost him out? And Jesus said him so them because of your unbelief. Verily I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall Sam's this mountain remove hence to you on the place, and it shall remove him. Nothing shall be impossible unto you. How be at this kind that is, this kind of demon you go, it's out there with not out but by prayer and fasting. And so the 3rd company find in the scripture, when they are facing demonic attacked. If we respond with prayer and fasting, and we ask ourselves, why do prayer and fasting go together in the Scriptures? Well, there are some obvious reasons. The 1st is that if you have a heavy meal you tense or feel very kind of a bit woozy of its Hiatt, it's hard to think clearly. And likewise, when you Fost for 24 hours, you will find that you kind of feeling a bit Ratty in a bit irritable. If you Foster 48 hours, you'll find that your mind is really clearing up. And if you get to 72 hours, you find that your mind is like a shop night. And when your mind is like a shot, if not shop knife, you have a much greater sense of discernment of what you're dealing with when somebody is brought use, claiming that I'm being harassed by a demon and some into spirits is one of the gifts that God promises his church in 1st Corinthians, Chapter 10, and so we are coals to pray and Fost 1st of all. We have a great sense of to some and but fostering those with prayer. Because if you just ask yourself today, how much time does the average person spends in preparing food, eating food, washing the dishes afterwards and feeling a bit woozy afterwards or a bit heavy headed? Maybe a couple of hours a day. And maybe if you're a homemaker, you may spend maybe 3 or 4 hours a day just on the food side of life. Well, if you'll fostering you suddenly create time in an otherwise busy schedule to pray. If you have no food preparation, you not sitting down to eat, you don't washing the dishes off towards, you have magically created out of almost nothing in the busy day time to pray. And so prayer and fasting, go side by side, but perhaps more importantly, fostering is a symbol of humbling ourselves before God. And when we humble ourselves before God was saying a lot, when you give the victory, this comes in your power. And rather than my strength, this comes in your name rather than in my name. And so when we Foster a saying God is to you, Be The Glory and the victory will come in your name and your power. I've been in my human strength and so crash and fasting, and in true components of setting people free from the attacks of Satan. We find this with missionaries all over the World. When they know there is a deliverance session coming up, that people will be praying for maybe a week beforehand. Some will be fasting for a week before the Sabbath day when they are going to Minister to someone who is under attack from Satan. And so Sister Wives talks about their sin, 1st testimonies, page 344, I graphed one, she says they in she talk about the victims of demonic possession or attack. They shouldn't treat those who have had a religious experience and have faith in the promises of God to plead with the Mighty Liberal in their behalf. It will be a close conflict. Satan will reinforce his evil Angels who have control these persons with the Saints of God, with d.p. military fast and pray that Pres will prevail. Amen. We say Jesus will Commission Holy Angels to resist Satan and he will be driven back and his power broken from off the afflicted ones. And that we see this today in our Ministry, with Adventists from to missions, Mr. John the Wells time and again, people are being set free from the attacks of Satan. When God Saints humble themselves before God to pray and fast, and then repeat the demons and drive them out in the name of Jesus Christ. And so Well, why does not counsel US to engage in dialogue with demons? Because demons are Liars and if you have a dialogue with a demon you, chances are they're just going to lie to you. She does not counsellors to find the name of the demon which is a common practice among some Evangelical groups. A good idea is that if you have a dog and, and your dog's name is Charlie and you go to the Park and lots of dogs running around. If you just shouts out, Come here, come here. Charlie may not come to you because Come here, come here, could be 20 dogs. But if you say, Charlie come here gives you a fortune on the name of the dog, gives you authority over the dog. And so some people have the idea that you dialogue with a demon so that you can get the demons name that gives you authority just as you have authority over a dog. But nowhere in the Word of God and no in the spirit of prophecy. Is there anything sad about Di, looking with demons or getting the names of demons? Because they're infinitely more smart and we are. And it's like a child talking with adults. We're going to be outwitted if Try and dialogue with these very powerful, very smart phone beings. Rather we are to Trust in the armor of God and to put the case in the hands of our Heavenly Father and to recognise that Jesus has never lost a Battle with Satan. And it is Jesus who fights on our behalf. So what we proclaim from scripture today, well, the scriptures teach that we hind, the sea of earthly fasts, invisible, supernatural forces for good and evil. They are engaged in cosmic warfare for the allegiance and control of every human being who to me and you watching this program here this morning. The Scriptures teach the existence of a literal, personal Devil once called Lucifer and now named Satan from Isiah 1412, who was once the highest ranked and the most beautiful Angel in Heaven. The scriptures teach that Satan expressed a moral for sin, entered his heart through pride. He wants to be like God, and he took a 3rd of all the Angels with him into rebellion against God. Much at the conclusion of the 1st War in Heaven. He was literally and physically ejected from Heaven, eventually coming down to planet Earth, finance. Revelation 127 thru 9. The scriptures teach that Satan and his fallen Angels demons. They continue to stay in waging continual ruthless warfare against the Kingdom of God and all that's just good and worthwhile in the universe relation 121-3217. The scriptures teach that during Earth Final Days. Satan will send for 3 demonic spirits, who will deluding control the overwhelming majority of the powers. Inhabitants Farwell's the fight against God Almighty and persecute God's faithful children. The scriptures teach that Satan will seek to bring about an overwhelming delusion at the end of time to deceive if possible, even the elect of God, and those who do not love the truth. 2nd Testaments to 910 talks about this. Those who are not deceived are not those who know the truth merely those who are not to see those who love the truth. There is a difference between knowing the truth, Unloving, the truth, the scriptures teach that the forces of evil way down humanity are so powerful that in our own selves we cannot hope to successfully withstand the forces of evil visions, 612, but they also teach that in the 1st Christmas story. The arrival of the Kingdom of God, set up a direct confrontation with the Kingdom of States and under the forces of darkness have never been able to extinguish the lights of the World. Just 15 says that the darkness could not overwhelm the light. That tells US the light is shining in the darkness says, and that verse doesn't just apply to Jesus himself. It applies to his followers. Who are the light shining today on the darkness did not overwhelm. It tells US there is always a struggle between good and evil. Between light and dark, but in the promise of John, one verse 5, the darkness will never prevail. What does not prevail over light? If you have a candle? And in the middle of the day, you light a candle in the Metrodome, for instance, a large building. I'm, nobody will see the light from the candle, But as night time comes and the lights are dimmed, the lights go off in the darkness gathers that same candle. Everybody in the Metrodome can see the light from the angle. And so as the darkness of persecution gathers, so the lights of witness shines brighter and brighter. The Scriptures teach them 1st John 38 that the reason, the Son of God to pay it was to destroy the Devil's work. And I say Amen to that. And in his 1st sermon and Nazareth basis declared that he had come to proclaim release to the captives that is to deliver the victims of Satanic, harassment, and possession. Now the Scriptures teaches that while our struggle is not to its enemies of flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness gets a spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. A passage with familiar with a vision $612.00, those Ruelas another phrase for Fallen Angels. If you will study those rulers off for an Angels, they can Never separate Christians from the love of God. A man convinced said Paul, that neither death no life, no Angels, no rules, his full name, jewels. Oh things present all things to come or power has No Height, no debt, no anything else. And all creation will be able to separate US from the love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord. So even demons cannot separate US from the love of God. God's love is too powerful and they cannot come between God and His chosen children. The Scriptures teach, as I said before, that Jesus has never lost an encounter with Saints. And when there was War in Heaven, Christ triumphed. And Satan was cast out of Heaven when there was a conflict in the Wilderness at the start of his Ministry, Christ trying to save in the Wilderness and States who was driven from his presence Rice trying to Satan's full name jewels while on Earth. The strong man in the conflict in the Wilderness and throughout his Ministry went around plundering on the possessions of the strong man that is sensing free, Satan's victims, that they might worship God. And when Jesus comes again, States and those Angels will be cost in Salt Lake of Fire, Revelation $21.00 verse 10. See the scriptures teach US that Jesus Christ, the good news that Jesus Christ is the Savior of mankind. As Jesus was the best teacher in human history, Jesus was the best healer in human terms in history. But he was more than much. He did not come simply to teach. I did not come simply to heal. He came to save. And this is precisely because the evil we experience today, as I said, Tanach origin that we Count, experience it, overcome this evil through have better Christian education through better parenting skills through Kathleen, you wants g.s.t. resolutions or local church programs. Greatest enemy is not ignorance, but greatest needs is not education and greatest enemy is not poverty, and I greatest need is not economic development. I greatest need is not social Division. I greatest enemy, greatest enemy is not social Division migrates. Us needs not social harmony. No outrageous problem is evil, Personal, malevolent, evil and our greatest needs today and for all time. As a personal loving Savior, I'm not Savior is Jesus Christ who came into this World to save this one to kindly came to seek and to save that which was lost. God did not send His Son to the well to condemn the World, but that through Him The World might be saved. I say Amen. Amen. Amen. The scriptures teach that because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and Tomorrow because he has been given all farty in Heaven and after his able for all time to save those who approach well through him. Since he always lives to make intercession for that wonderful Savior. Who has never lost a Battle with sight some, and he wants to set his children free today from the attacks of sites. So what we say in conclusion today, well, the biblical World view is that there has been a fall on the human race is broken and wounded were not intrinsically good. We are intrinsically full and we are broken and we are wounded and each one of US bends the, the imprints of sin in our lives, maybe in different ways. Some of US have different behavioral traits. Some of US have different desires, some Was, have different character weaknesses. We all have the imprints of same in different ways in our lives. But evil in our World is bigger than just who we are. Evil, basically is supernatural in origin. And Satan is behind all evil. And so our struggle is not just against the human forces of evil in our well today. But against spiritual principles, sees US in precisely because of the enormity and power of this Boston evil that we're up against. We need a Savior to save US and in the fullness of time, God so love the wealth that he sent his Son Jesus Christ, one who was anointed with the Holy Spirits and filled with the power of God to free US from the Dominion of the Devil. We read the next chapter 10 verse $38.00. It says God annoying to Jesus of Nazareth to the Holy Spirit and with power. And he went about doing good and healing all who are oppressed by the Devil. But God was with him. Late in the book of Acts, we read that the entire community of disciples was filled with the Holy Spirit Pentecost, a message filled with the Spirit of God. The only Church proclaims the good news of Jesus Christ demonstrating it tangibly by healing the sick and driving out of demons. And so indeed we ought to pray every day and alos prayer. Just as we pray for our daily bread. Jesus taught US to pray Deliver Us From Evil One and the fact that Jesus teaches US to pray. This means that there is a promise in this prayer that just as God feeds US on a daily basis. So God, who Deliver Us From Evil, One on a daily basis is not a wants, wants live, it always live. It is a daily protection of our Heavenly Father for His faithful children today. Mother where they live on planet the matter where they've come from matter the struggles they are going through. There is the promise of daily protection from our heavenly Father. This is good news for all of US is good news for our families. For those we love, and it is wonderful news for those who wish to have the Gospel with a number of years ago. I was in Iraq as in 2015, and Isis was rampaging across northern Syria and northern Iraq. Today they were attacking the cities northwest Iraq, around Chin job, and they came to ancient Nineveh, modern day city of Mosul. And just as they arrived in Mosul, I was arriving in Erbil as the capital of the Iraqi, a region with the North of the Kurdish region with the Northern Iraq. And it's about 50 miles that is safe from Erbil to through Mosul. And the there wasn't much between Erbil in Mosul just about and he doesn't really and there were very, very few military forces. And so when I was in Erbil we're expecting ISIS to roll down the roads and that's why it's a long process. And to do that, to the Christians who were huddled in Erbil. Well, when ISIS took Mosul, they gave the Christians for change, how deadline to leave or die. And so the Christians basically left, They left everything they left their homes, they left they cars, they left their possessions, they left the jobs, they left their savings. They left their dads and many did not make it serval. They have the men folk was shocked. The children were taken, the girls were forced into terrible activities, and I was walking through a warehouse and herbal one afternoon very, very Hot. It's over 50 degrees Celsius, maybe over 120 foreign height, very, very Hot. And I came across a Lady, and she was sitting on the mattress and she had a faraway look in her eyes. And so I came down and I squatted opposite my translator and I asked her to share her story. And she told her story, and Isis had come to her home. They told her they had, she had to leave, converts will die. And so she decided to leave with her husband. As they came out of Mosul, they were stopped by ISIS and they took a husband, they took him behind the sound and executed, and they took a wedding band. They took a watch and they took the 2 girls aged 10 and 12. And then maybe children watching this on Lochness anymore. Not as we was as I was speaking with this Lady. She fell into silence. And for the 1st time I understood why when Job's friends came to see him Job Chapter 2, they said nothing for 7 days. They sat in silence and observed him in a suffering House, perhaps the most helpful thing they did to Job. And I faced with the enormity of the evil that this woman was grappling with, was nothing I could same. I just had to sit in silence. Opposite tears came down, her cheeks and tears came down my cheeks at the reality of the profound evil in our World today. Conversation went on, I noticed beside her there was a little statue of Mary. It was only, you know, maybe 5 inches high by 10 centimeters. And so the conversation switched to spiritual matters. As she was a Maronite, was a very ancient sect of Christianity, goes back to the 2nd centuries. And I asked her about the statuette of Mary. And she said, look, she said, they can take my home, they can take my husband, they can take my job, they can take my wedding, them, they can take my money. They'll take my daughters. But they can't take my faith. That's. That was not the moment to have a Bible study on the 2nd commandment. Clearly, this woman who lost everything because she told the name of Christ, had gone through far more than anything I've gone through in my life. Again, we sat in silence and she began to talk about hog out how God was giving had peace in her heart. And how one day she was going to see her daughters again. And the verse came to my mind from Psalm 37, with some 34 of US, a 7 and 8, a beautiful promise from God. It says the Angel of the Lord and camps around about those who fear him and delivers them. We do live in a World of evil. Evil is not just abstracts. It is personal. It is malevolent, and it seeks to destroy God's children. So the promise of the Word of God for US today is the Angel of the Lord encamped round about those who fear him and delivers them. And the next verse says, Oh taste and see that the Lord is good, happy I will bless it. All those who take refuge in him as we take refuge in God. We find a peace that this World cannot give. We find a peace that transcend of human understanding. We find a peace that you cannot buy for gold or silver dollars or pounds or euros. We finds that the aims of the Lord truly can surround those who love him and who found to fail him. I spent some time in prayer with that Lady. We went our separate ways, but she remains in my mind every day. What happened to her? What happened to her daughter as I do not know, only God knows and every day I pray for praying that God will watch of over her. And her children for evil is real. Evil is personal, evil is malevolent, but we serve a God who saves and we serve a God who one day will right all wrongs who wipe away every tear from our eyes when he comes again, death and disease and suffering shall be no more. And so I challenge you to pray afresh today to Heavenly Father, Father deliver me today from the evil one in the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen. Why do you buy your heads with me for a moment? And we just share a benediction together. To have the father we are living in a well today where there are many Giants in the land, Giants of poverty, Giants of hatreds, Giants of anger, below their very personal Giants, out there as well. Giants of personal pain, the Giants of the abuse that we may have experienced the Giants of anguish in our Hearts beat by ends of a cancer diagnosis. The devolves the death of a spouse or the loss of a child. And so today, Father, we ask that you deliver US from the Acts of the evil one that you set US free from the pain of the past. They, you fight the battles for US that we cannot fight. We asked that behind the scenes, visible to humanize. Jesus will stand told in our lives and you'll fight those battles for US. And you will conquer those Giants that we make spirits today. The peace that only Jesus can give. Thank you, Father, for hearing this prayer. I pray once again that your status free from the attacks of the evil one today. But our lips may carry your praises to this coming week. That when people turn to US in conversation, what we talk about is your deliverance, and your goodness and your patience and your Mercy to each of US. Thank you, Father, for sassing US for. Thank you for watching out for US. Thank you for living our lives with US in a way that we can walk in peace, Joy, and In Jesus name, I pray I'm in This media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermon, leave a visit, W W, W audio verse, or.


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