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Your Purpose Over Your Past

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • November 14, 2020
    11:00 AM
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A scripture reading today is taken from John 4, 23 and 24. John 4, Chapter 23, John 4, sorry, verses 23 and 24. The Scripture says, but the hour cometh. And now is when the true worshipper shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth for the father seek with such to worship Him. God is a spirit. They that worship Him must worship Him in spirit. And in truth, our message, this Sabbath is intitled. Your purpose over your past, your purpose over your past, let US pray, Father, God, we thank you for this opportunity to just discuss and look into your word on this, your Holy Sabbath day. Lord, asking a very special way the Sabbath that you make me a nail upon the wall, a Rusty, sorry nail Lord. But upon that nail, Lord, I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ. Lord let our Waltz not be seen or heard. Instead, father, let US hear word from the throne room of Grace is our prayer in Jesus precious and Holy name. Amen. It's been an eventful Last couple of weeks. The country itself has been rocked to its core democracy put to a test all while this is happening, we have watched the resurgence of the coronavirus. In fact, in many ways the numbers are worse now than they ever have been since the epidemic or pandemic began. People are more free than ever before. There is a great deal of uncertainty even as we now go through what seems to be a reluctant transition of power at the top levels of government. We had a meeting this week and I had on one of the calls, one of the top officials for the Centers for Disease Control. We're happy to be able to be on the call were we were able ask questions of this individual. I want to submit to you that as tough as things seem right now. All the news is not bad. The reality is, although the number of cases seem to continue to climb, hospital stays are shorter, and the actual death rate is dropping from the coronavirus. Of course of no where in the World is testing probably more readily being done in the United States of America is that we will pick up every case the ability to treat it has actually gotten significantly better. The other news that brought hope to many people and at the same time probably cause others to shutter the idea that Pfizer has come up with a vaccine that is 90 percent effective. And they say it's completely safe with all of that said they're about now. Those who are looking towards the end of this pandemic are looking at what comes next. In fact, the questions that came up at least twice on the call that this individual, this senior official at the Centers for Disease Control is in 5 years. What will happen next? What is the next pandemic going to be? I submit to you that right now people are so on long term adrenaline that the idea of normalcy is beginning to feel scare people as well. The idea that it all goes back to normal and all this goes away is actually a little bit frightening for some folk but I want to submit to you that as Christians, we see the World differently. We understand that to mulch US time is coming. That will be unpredictable, that man will not be able to control and, and as Christians, we ought not get the anxiety. The World gets Second Timothy 171, of my favorite Bible verses for God has not given US a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. As Christians, we do not go into panic. We do not get overly emotional about elections. We, we stay level and we stay on on one trajectory, understanding that God has a purpose for US. And all that is happening around US are merely signs, like you're driving on a freeway, and the sign tells you how far it is to you get to the next town. What is happening around US. I simply the signs of the times declaring to US the surety of the scripture. So what are we afraid of? Not saying don't be careful, you better be extra careful. Like we are here to Feel like a dignitary like this is bullet proof and somebody wants me out. I've got to feel safe back here. I don't know what it is because of the body through a tomato, at least I would get hit but there are other issues that the Christian ought to be focusing on right now. The story that we're going to go through today is one of my favorite Bible stories. It is one of my favorite Bible stories because I see myself in the story. And many of you will see yourself in the story as well. When I go to the Book of John and this was talked about briefly in the Sabbath school lesson this week, John chapter 4 verse one says When therefore, the Lord knew how the fairy sees and heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John the Jesus. Himself baptize not but his disciples. He left Judea and departed again into Galilee and look at what verse 4 says, verse 4 says, and he must needs go through some area. The scripture says that when Jesus realizes that his life is in danger, by the religious authority in Jerusalem and in Judea, he understands he must go to Galilee where he will be safer. But the Bible also says that there is a necessity in Christ going through some area. It is not happenstance that the story we're about to read happens. In fact, when you look at a map of where Jesus has to go, the Jews usually took a more a route that circumvented some area because they were there was such animosity. People say it was racial, but it worked. It really very much the same. People honestly, it was more of a difference of cultures and, and of religion, religious practices. And so the Jews would literally go out of their way and a round up to Galilee because the Marea cut across Jesus took the past path straight through some area. I want you to get this here. It was a necessity that Christ went this way. There was something that needed to be done and I want to submit to you that when God has a meeting planned for you, he does not go the long way to get to you. The God of the universe takes the shortest route to get to you. John 45 says then come with he to a city of some area which is called Sychar, which is actually far from the actual city of some area near the parcel of ground that Jacob gave to his son Joseph. Now Jacob's well was there Jesus there for being wary with his journey, sat thus on the well and it was about the 60 hours. So to make the story make sense. It speaks to Christ humanity. They have gotten a bit about Dawn and now it's nude. They've gone through the Hot desert roads that they would have to take. And Jesus had been walking probably for 15 to 20 miles when he gets to this well I, Jesus sits at the side of it in order to rest. John, the writer of this Gospel is trying to give you a very, very much reassurance. Even in this seemingly innocuous verse of verse 6, what he's trying to tell US is that Jesus felt for Teague like you do that Jesus felt 1st like you do. He was hungered like you are, in fact, many who think that somehow God has forgotten them. They sometimes seem to forget that Christ suffered in ways we cannot even Fathom. Jesus parched, thirsty hungry, weak sits on the side of the well, in order to regain his strength at the noon hour, he has no way to get water out of the well. So he's sitting by a well, he actually cannot get water from verse 7. The key character of our story shows up. There cometh a woman of some area to draw water. Jesus 7 to her, give me to drink. For the cycles were gone away into the city to buy me to buy food. This was unprecedented, as will see as Jesus sitting there, a strange thing happened. You see in the, in the region that is now called Palestine or, or Israel, the Pentagon, which side you're on in that region. When women would have to go and draw water, they would never go in the heat of the day. The women would come out 1st thing in the morning and they would make a sojourn as a pact as a group along the way they would discuss all of the local gossip and what was happening. They would talk about how to children are growing and how everything is getting along. They would talk about how your husband got on your nerves. Somebody say man, that my statement allowed everybody else. I don't know what I was, but it wasn't my wife way way. And as they are going to the well, they wouldn't have the pleasantries and the time away from the burdens of the home. Don't Miss this. This happened early in the morning when the Sun was not Hot. So for one woman to be coming out by herself at noon at one of the hottest times of the day speaks volumes to this woman's predicament. Here she comes all by herself and no one else would be at the well. To quickly get her water and return home, I want to submit to you that there were about 7 lessons you can get from this one. The 1st one is this one. Shame will leave you lonely. If you allow the Devil to convince you of guilt and shame, it will always separate you from other people. It will separate you from your source of strength. It will literally remove you from those people who would bring support into your life. The Devil is the great accuser, that's what he does, and he wants you to be struck, stricken with guilt and shame. Now guilt and shame are not the same thing. Guilt is an internal response to what you've done or experienced. Shame is what an extra response does. To you, in other words, you're guilty because Let's say you went to the grocery store and I accidently gave you an extra dollar change and you left and you didn't, and you know, when you get home, you're like, Oh my that gave me too much Jane. You feel guilty about it internally? No shame, nobody knows you did it. You go back to the grocery store and get the Lady back with dollars on her registers. In short, shaming happens when you do something wrong, or that Society deems wrong and have to be morally a bit likely wrong. And shame happens when no one, when the pressures of the Society make you feel as if you've done something terrible and you withdraw all submit to you. We live in a terrible guilt and shame Society Church. In fact, right now, they call it the Council culture. If you don't give you don't speak what other people agree with and you're on social media, you can be, you can be hounded and, and actually they're showing that there's a significant mental health issues happening because people are experiencing the shame of when they post something that other people don't agree with and are being attacked. Kids in school, high school, middle school, are getting depression, even suicidal over what's happened. I've told you before, I've lost one of my little cousins and this is one of the reasons this happened. She committed suicide. It was the pressures of what was happening on the outside. I want to submit to you that in order to understand the story, you've got to understand the power of guilt and shame. And you've also got to understand that God never designed for his children to live in the cesspool of guilt and shame. Never did God designed it to stay wallowing in your past wondering Wishing you could go back and do it over. And I mean to them, there are nights I see myself in the story. There are nights I wake up out of my sleep. Some Something I did years ago is in my mind, and I only wish I could be teleported back in time and get a do over. Maybe I'm the only one that's ever felt that way. But I can tell you, it is a gut wrenching feeling to look at the canvas of your life and realize you can no longer pass a brush stroke over the parts you wish you could do over. Satan will use this to bind you. In fact, like this woman will cause you to be separated from all of the people who would support you. You will move you away from your family and friends. You will cause you to think going to church is too much. If I am guilty and I'm feeling shame, how do I know go sit in church where the name of Jesus is called and the presence of God is felt we as Christians, very careful with guilt and shame is thrown around John for verse 9 says then said the woman of Samarian to him. How is it being a Jew? Asks me, ask drink of me, which I am a woman of some area. John adds this, and most commentators believe in order that the non Jewish readers would understand what was happening for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans. The Jews felt themselves better superior. They had the real temple. They were the descendants of Abraham. While the Samaritans believe they were the descendants, more of Jacob, there was something that happened way back in the Book of Kings that caused this Division. The Samaritans that held on to some forms of idolatry, even though at the base of the on the Mount, what it would Jesus and his were at the base. It built a New temple. Not all that was left was an altar. The scripture says that the woman asked Jesus, how could you interact with me being who you are and being who I am and it gives US our 2nd lesson. God is no respecter of persons. I think, you know, Alex and I, we just recorded this week for the Canadian, you know, a talk on race and racial equality and so forth that they asked US to do. I want to submit to you that this is one of the great distraction of the end time the idea of focusing on differences more than what is we have in common. And Unfortunately, it should not come into the church, but it times it does. The truth of the matter is if you go back and study of human genome prop project, it tells US that the even demanded of the darkest African or the fairest European are 99.6 percent genetically the same. In fact, even the differences are more they say from environmental factors than anything else. The truth is that there's only one type of person on the Earth, and those are humans. But the Devil is a Master Deceiver. He is going to, as we come towards the end of time, he is going to more and more convinced the World that what matters is what's on the outside and not what's on the inside. Is why the prophet Samuel was told Or writes in his book the bottom as the words of God. Literally he says men focuses on the outward appearance. But God, he looks at the heart. Jesus meant this woman. He was not concerned that she was not of the right tribe. He did not care that she was of a different gender. When Christ met the woman, what Christ Software's someone in need. And let me submit to you that once we begin to see our brothers and sisters on this planet, that way, we will be more affective in the Cause of God. John 4 in verse 10. Jesus answered her. If you knew the gift of God and who it is that says to the give me to drink that I would have asked of him and he would have given the living water. Does that little Lady, you don't even know you're talking to? You're worried about the differences between US, but the one that's sitting here could give you water. That is life. And I want to give you this, this one because I think they're in these dark times. This one is important. The 3rd lesson is this. One of Jesus gives her, here is God is with you even when you cannot recognize him. When a woman get in the Spirit of Prophecy tells US that in fact, when she saw him sitting there, she didn't even pick. She can barely pay attention to Jesus. He was Dirty, is he was poor. He did not have on the clothes of anyone. Rich, he was teaching, could tell, he was a Jew and that was about it. So she was going to quickly get her water and leave and I want to submit to you that you know our lives. Many times Christ is sitting there ready to offer you what you need. We don't recognize him. I've heard people say If God is so good, where is he? When I suffer, my Bible tells me in the book of Psalms that God catches every tear that we cry in a bottle. Every sorrow that we have is written in a book. Why would God do that? Why would God collect your tears? Because in Revelation, it turns around and the Bible then again says that when we get to Heaven, God is going to wipe away every tear from our eye. Well, if you're in Heaven, I'm not sure you'll be crying, tears of sorrow, I honestly believe on some level the day will come when we will stand on the sea of glass on the streets of gold. And when Jesus lays his hands on our face to wipe away the tears, it won't be the tears your crying, then as much as it will be, the tears you cried yesterday One day, God is going to put his hand on you in the Person of Christ himself and he is going to go back with you to all of the terrible things you went through in life every time you were abused or neglected, all of the times you were for a 2nd or 3rd and he is going to stand there with you. And he is going to go back and he was show you how you were consoled how he was there, how he wept with you. I don't want to leave today and think that there are any dark times when employment is not for sure. But health seems not for sure. Even something as simple as, as, as a Thanksgiving meal with your family does not seem short. I want you to know there is surety in the fact that the God of the universe is present in your life. John 4 in verse 11, the woman said unto him, SIR, he is different, different talking now. He served respectfully, he's got a living water now has nothing to draw with in the well as the From whence then hast thou that living water? Let US Yes. Are you greater than our father Jacob, which gave US the well and drank there of himself and his children and his cattle serve? You got his living water, how you going to get it? She still does not understand. She thinks its literal water. How are you going to get it? If you don't have a thing to draw, Would it not? Are you are you up? Are you more significant? Greater than our father Jacob, Jesus answered, or whoever drinks of this water shall 1st again. Whosoever drink of the water that I shall give him, shall never thirst. But the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. The woman said unto him, SIR, give me this water that I thirst. Not neither come here the to draw. She says, listen, if you've got water that when I drink it, I'll never get thirsty again. That's the War I want. Why did she want that water? Because she doesn't want to ever have to deal with the women in that town. Again, she never wants to be seen by the people who ridiculed her for her mistakes. She never wants to have to run across the people of that town who have, who have made her life in many ways, very difficult and, and the people from which she sheepishly comes out and 11, 45 in the morning to go to the well by herself and get her water, Jesus, if you have water that can get that can satisfy like that, you would help my life tremendously. The commentary says this, The Bible taught commentary on those verses 1st. There are stagnant waters of sin to be removed. The old life of sin must die before the New life of righteousness can begin. The 2 cannot exist side by side. As Jesus is talking to her, Jesus is trying to make space for the living water. Jesus is trying to get her to see her need of the living water. He's trying to help her to understand a process that he's bringing her through. And a problem for some of US as Christians is where we're trying to have 2 different types of who want US all to want to. And we're still struggling with the stagnant water of our old life, our old ways. Oh, the habits and addictions. We're still caught up in what we used to do, but Jesus comes and says listen, that water has got to go. I've got better water for you. Jesus said unto her, Go call your husband and come here. Jesus cuts the Jays, look you trying to get around. Things are trying to Dodge the crowds. Why don't you go get your husband? You know, when I, when you read this, you Wonder, does Jesus get to a point of conversation where it's like, you know, maybe it's not appropriate for me to be speaking alone to a woman in public like this? Or is it that Jesus is really just saying listen, it's time to cut to the Chase. It's time to deal with the matter at hand. And so John, for verse 17 says, the woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, thou, What hast Well said, I have no husband, verse 18 and just, you know, Jesus has peeled the whole little off of this thing for you have had 5 and he who now have asked is not your husband in that same style. Truly, I would have to imagine that a shock runs through this woman. Can you imagine some strange Jew that she's never seen before? Dirty and poor looking, sitting on the side of the well talking about living water. She asked for her husband, which would have been a sign in some ways, at least in some respect, that she would rather deal with her husband if they're going to have any kind of business dealings together. But instead he pivots after she lies really lies, which he, she makes the statement that she has no husband. And Jesus says, Yeah, you're right, you don't have a husband, but you had 5. She must have been shaken to the core. Because this is why she's at the well at noon. She's here because she's had 5 husbands. She's here because everyone in town knows that she's here because she can't stand the gossip. The Mummery, the whispering that goes on when she walks by. She's here because the town is full of, she smokes US and she can't stand the gossip. That's why she's there. Can you imagine it is stranger now speaks to her of our secret. Let me say it is for many folks this would disqualify her from church service. It would disqualify her from being on the evangelism Council. So disqualify her from doing a whole lot of stuff in church yet. She is the one I Jesus reaches to and a verse for the 4th lesson is this one. There is no hiding sin from God. I don't care how much you pay for the no. Tell motel. I don't care how much you hide and try and sneak. I don't care how you cover up the browser on your computer after you've gone to a site, you have no business going to. It doesn't really matter because God sees it all. You cannot hide from. In fact, in my opinion, you, I do, you make idols of humans when you hide your sin from them, knowing that God can see it all. Will say that again. If you are hiding sin from your family members, your friends from your church members, if you are hiding your sin from them, you are literally making them more important than God. Because you must know you can hide just in from Him. There is no hiding sin from God. They make no no room where God's presence cannot see into Dark Web, which God does not know you visited. The woman found out verse 19, The woman said to him, Sir, I perceive you are a prophet. She changed the subject quickly. Our fathers worshiped in this mountain and he said that in Jerusalem is this is the place where men ought to worship. So she changed the subject a 2nd ago. They were talking about her past her relationships or her lack of a husband now and quickly. She's a, you're a prophet, and if you're a prophet, you know, all right, the idea, you've been a private eye. That is kind of Theological question for you. She says Our fathers worshiped in this mountain and he said that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship the 5th lesson. Is this one. Religion is often used to hide our sin. There are a lot of folk who have never really dealt with the sin issue in their life. Don't Miss this. They've never really dealt with the sin issue in their life. And so what they try to do is to is to become a great theologian who are great at the rituals of religion, and they try to show up dressed very nicely to church. They try to package themselves very well, but I want to submit to you that just because you did it from the sin issue with Jesus does not mean you resolved it. There are a lot of folks who literally, the reason they come to church is because they have this burden of shame and guilt. And they think that somehow they can work their way through their past shame. This is not the way Christianity works. In fact, Christianity is unique from every other religion on the provider of Christianity is different from every other religion in the World because it literally says, you do not have the power to save your self righteous. This is not in your hands that you can just raise up and do right and reach Nirvana or Paradise or work your way from Purgatory into Heaven. There is no Biblically that does not happen. The just shall live by faith. Righteousness is by faith. Faith in who faith in what it is faith in the righteousness of Christ Jesus apply to you. What does that mean? You can't be proud and be a Christian at the same time. In order to accept the righteousness of Christ, there's a humility that must happen. This is why sometimes people can use religion against themselves and becoming self righteous judgment to what it is that when you realize how much of a sinner you are very difficult to judge other folk for a lot of people. This is what happens if the Bible commentaries is this attempt to divert conversation From one welcome truth to me in consequential religious topics are evidence of conviction that a change will be correct, wired in patterns of thought and life desperate efforts are put forth to evade the truth or to find real Jesus, remember any time he discusses the destruction of the temple. Also as in Matthew chapter 24 and also at the same time relevant to the end of the World. Don't Miss this when Jesus is speaking. Here he is saying listen, time is running out because America was a part of the punches pilots, a domain name, it would eventually along with Jerusalem, see its Doom and demise in $8070.00. Jesus realized time was short for them and he was saying to her, You are making arguments that will not matter in just a few years. What matters now Church, we are on the precipice of a pivot in all of Eternity is time we are facing the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. What matters now? 2 of the main things that are going to come to the forefront, our worship, and who Christ is. We are going to survive these last days. Those are 2 Big issues. Number 6, the lesson is it all boils down to worship the 7th day. Sabbath isn't just another rule in the book. The reason we keep the Sabbath is that this is how God asks US to worship it. Is it is, it is an honor and a privilege to keep the Sabbath. Why? Because we are Sui our reassuring and reaffirming that God created the universe. Well, if you don't real firm and reassure that, how then do you worship him? If you literally violate the creator's asking you to do, worship is more to music or song. It's more than preaching. A word, worship is, is giving the heart over to God. It is submitting completely to him. Worship is less about what happens from 11 o'clock to 1230. On Sabbath morning, it is far more about what we do from Sunday to Friday. Worship is how we deal with God when no one is looking. You can't worship Him in spirit. And in truth, if literally you don't think about God, unless you're in church 51, Davis' likeness in order to truly worse and worse, it is about the Nexus, like in the most Holy part of the sanctuary, is the Nexus where judgement and Mercy meet is where the Chicago, glory of God, falls is where sin is dealt with. It all begins to come together. Some $51.00 says in verse 15 of the David, cheated with Bathsheba, killed her husband. He later writes, Oh Lord, opened my lips and my mouth shall show forth. I pre As part of it is some of repentance. David says he's going to praise God. He is going to worship Him. Verse 16 says, for the how desire is not sacrifice else. What I give it that the lightest not in burnt offering, the sacrifice of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a con, trying hard. Oh God, that will not despise. What is true, worship, true worship is when we have been broken. When we have been made contrary, when we recognize our condition and we turn ourselves over to God, that is how we worship Him in spirit and in truth, the reason so many folk wrestle with how to worship God is because they have not really dealt with the fact that they are still sinners. If they're not really dealt with the fact that they have violated God's Law in his will. And so they are wrestling with God for control. Was an Open University who want to use to preach. And he would say he was like, your life is like driving a car, he would say. And he said you want to be in control and eventually you come to be Jesus and you let him into the driver's seat and you get in the passenger seat. But all the while Jesus driving you like you keep jumping over and grabbing the steering wheel. So eventually Jesus says, listen, if you go you've got to get out. You can't keep doing that. So you get in the back seat. But then you keep whispering in Jesus, they are telling you how to drive and the punchline, he says is that eventually the Christian learns the safest place for him. In the car is the trunk. The Christian takes the broken this the mistakes of the past. Our failures and we do not allow them to leave US in a place of shame or guilt. They are just the reminders of our need for the healing that comes in Jesus Christ. They bring mind US of our need for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to gain victory over sin. We understand when we have faith in Christ, we understand our God does not hold our sin against US. In fact, the Bible is clear that when you have confessed your sin to him, he is faithful and just to forgive you of your sin and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness so far, does God go that the Bible says he forgets your sin. Somebody missed that. He forgets the sin. You are remembering To liberate somebody. Stopped it. I don't know what you did. I know what I did, but I don't know what you did. I'm not a mess is that I made the veil years failures. I committed the mistakes I was involved with. I know how many times I grieved God I was raised in this church. I was without excuse every step of the way. Partly why I hurt so bad as you mature and becomes a person of spiritual sense ability. But I want to liberate somebody from staying there and allowing the Devil to keep roasting you in the fires of your past. I want you to understand on this Sabbath as we March to Thanksgiving day, that God has a plan for your life. And it doesn't matter how far out you went. What matters is how far he's willing to go to retrieve you. Michael says it like this, Michael 6 and verse 6. Where when shall I come before the Lord and by myself before the High God. So I come before him with burnt offerings and calves of a year old, where the Lord be pleased with thousands of Rams. All with 10, thousands of rivers of oil. So I give my firstborn from my transgression the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul. My kisses No he has showed. Oh man, what is good? And what is the Lord require of the? But to do justly, to love Mercy and to walk humbly with by God to worship walk humbly with God John $425.00, The woman said unto him, I know that Messiah cometh, which is called Christ. When he is come, he will tell US all things. The woman turns out to know her by Will she understands prophecy. The Messiah is coming and it's about the time when he was opposed to show up on the Earth. Jesus says in verse 26, Jesus said unto her, I that speak unto Thee. And he can imagine the chill that goes down her spine. When she hears that the scripture says in John $428.00, Jesus tells it he is the one the Christ. She leaves her waterpot went into the city. And who does she go after them? And she goes to the men, the woman who was hiding from everyone runs to the leaders of the town. The men who probably have been a part of her demise. She runs to them and says 29, come see, which told me all things that ever I did is not this the Christ. Then they went out of the city and came to him. The last lesson is this. Freedom comes in knowing Christ. The woman who was hiding earlier in the story, sheepishly, sneaking off to the well, now she drops her waterpot runs into town and she is screaming at the top of her lungs. There's a man you've got to meet. He told me everything. I have a did, he is the Christ. He's so effective, John 439, and many of the Samaritans of the city believed on Him. For the sake of the woman which testified, he told me all that ever I did. So when the Samaritans were come on to him, they both saw him that they would Tarry with him, and he abode there 2 days, and many more believed because of his own word and said unto the woman, now we believe not because of your saying. But we have now, for we have heard him ourselves and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Savior of the World. I mean, days of church do not let your past stop you from your purpose. The ostracized. The marginalized, the woman who had to sneak to get water in the hottest of the hottest time of the day. She is the one who goes back in and evangelizes the very town where she was terrorized church. I don't care what you did. I don't care what you've been up with where you been, that's between you and God. What I am here to tell you is that there is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Emanuel's vain and sinners who are plunged with him with beneath that flood. Lose all their guilty state. This message, this is a message of Liberty of Liberation. Don't you sit in shame and guilt? Don't you let the Devil keep reminding you of your past when he reminds you of your past, remind him of his future. Otherwise says and design of a Spade, 195, this woman represents the working of a practical faith in Christ. Every true disciple is born into the Kingdom of God. As a missionary, he who drinks of the living water becomes a fountain of life. The receiver becomes a giver. The Grace of Christ in the soul is like a spring in the desert. One up to refresh all and making those who are ready to perish, eager to drink, of the water of life. Don't let the Devil steal your purpose because you have a past. What shocks me, Everytime I read this story, is that this woman transformed immediately from a woman in the town of everybody's shunned to the woman in the town, the woman of the town who led them to the Savior. For some of you, I know you look back on your life is rough, but I want to submit to you if Christ could use the woman he met at the well we're all vessels who can be and I want to challenge you as we head through it to the end of this year, to the end of this crisis, I want to challenge you to find him for yourself. I'll close with this story of working at the Veteran's hospital and Loma Linda. And doing my addiction medicine rotation. Gentleman came in, One of it was trying to recover from his addiction, came in and told me that he wanted to die. The 1st thing he said, and he sat down for me to take a history and physical So why do you want to die? He said, my mother died 2 years ago, my father died a year ago. He said, a couple of weeks ago, my dog died. He said, I just want to die. I said if you want to die, why are you at the hospital? Why are you here? He said, well, I felt it was easier for me to die here and then than anywhere else. I said, you thought was either to die in a hospital. He told me the story of how he was on Interstate 10 for those that you were familiar with local in the area. Southern California is on a 10 freeway going out towards Palm Springs, California. He was high on Crystal meth and alcohol and he was weaving back and forth on the Highway when the police pulled him over. He said at the same time his trunk was full of all the stuff he needed to make a New batch of Crystal meth. So he could sell it and he said what he did was he, he would use half of it and he would sell half of it so he could survive. But he was so high, so intoxicated, the police pulled him over when they searched his vehicle. They found a lot of these things and he went in front of a judge on some very serious drug charges. But because he had been a veteran of an American War combat veteran and so was the judge. The judge looked at him and had some pity on him and said, listen, I'm a give you 2 options. You can either go to jail for a very prison for a very long time, or you go to a Veteran's hospital and get clean and start your life over. He said, Doc, I'm here because I felt was easier to die here than in prison. And every time I tell this story, I remember how overwhelmed I was in that moment and I prayed to God as a lot of what do I in my mind, a President, what do I say to this man? What came out of my mouth? Were these words, do you know who Jesus is? The man's response blew me away. He said he is the Christ, the Son of the Living. God. I said, Sir, if you know that why do you want to die? His response was because I've sinned too much for Christ to ever accept me. He began to tell me of where drugs took him. The sexual sins he got involved with. He began to tell me how to buttress and debased his life had become as he suffered through this addiction. And he said, you don't want to see. He said, You see, God would never accept me. I began to get emotional and I said to him, SIR, are God sent you here? Like Christ made his way to some area. We had an appointment that day as a surfer. You're not here by accident. God sent you here. And I took the government issued paper progress, no paper from off the shelf, and I began to write out any tracks on me. And I began to write out a plan of Salvation for this man. Started in Heaven, the War in Heaven or 2 in Christ and see I went to the garden and I began to walk straight through the bias of trade to the Bible, showing him all the points and I got to the Cross and we got to the Cross and it's here that he broke Satan's chain, he gained victory over death and the great when he rose again and I said to the man, I looked him in the face and I said, and if you were the only one who had sinned, he would have come and died just for you, man began to weep. He would die just for me. Yes, of course. He loves you that much. The man began to sob as he began to think in his mind that of how a work this. So many had told them all of his life, all of the things he had been through the horrors he saw on the battlefield. All of them began to flash through his mind. He begins to weep and he falls to his knees on the ground. And I fall down with him on my knees and I hold him and I say to you, Trust me, I can tell you, I know that God is willing to forgive you. I know he's willing to accept you. How do you know, SIR? He accepted and forgave all ranch like me, sopping right there on the floor of the hospital. That man gave his life to Jesus Christ some one week later, we were doing the rounds. He came running down the hallway, brother, Dr. Brother Doctor. He threw his arms around me as a certain how do you do it? How's everything go? And he said, Doc, He said, ever since we prayed last week, I've not even had the inclination for drugs or alcohol. He said, Doc, I'm free as a How's everything going and is everything? All right. He said, I've only got one problem. He said, The only problem is that they keep kicking me out of the Alcoholics Anonymous and a Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Is why they kicking you out. He said that they tell me that I'm calling on the name of Jesus too much in the mean. Man, like a woman, and This is The church say This media was brought to you by audio force, a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st. If you would like to listen to more service Visit W W W First or.


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