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Logo of Talking Points, 4th Quarter 2020: Education

08- Education and Redemption

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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Pastors Kameron DeVasher and Mark Howard share study and teaching tips for Quarter 4, November 21 lesson “Education and Redemption”



  • November 17, 2020
    1:45 PM
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Cameron to Beijing, and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points. Continue on in our quarter about education now we're in lesson 8, the title, education and redemption. And Pastor Howard, it seems to me that this is one of those topics that seems a little Hard to separate the 2 out, right. In the sense that education, Yes, Well the lesson alludes to it. It doesn't bring up the quote, but it references the quote in the book education by Ellen White, where she says the work of education fact, I think you have a reference. Yeah, it's a page 30 and she says quote, In the hyacinths, the work of education and the work of redemption are one. And so not just a trite little little way, but the highest since it is clearly core essence. These 2 things are essentially interchangeable. So as did the title, education and redemption makes it sound like 2 different things. And so we're really going to be looking at this week is how Redemption is a work or even the work of education? Absolutely 1st. Absolutely. But before we do any study of God's Word, we need to begin with the word prayer. So Let's Bury heads, Heavenly Father, thank you so much for another opportunity to study. Please bless our time together. Hope the lessons drawn out to be clear, to be beneficial for individual use and also as we look forward to satisfy classes who want to rightly divide the word of truth, please lead US now by that teacher of righteousness. The Holy Spirit for prayed in Jesus' name. Ok, Well, walk US through where we're going in this week's talking points. Ok, so we talked about the overview of just looking at redemption as a work of education. The talking points, our 1st talking point is that we're created in the image of God. He kind of sets the whole stage for the need for redemption. Well, in this very, very dim should to really get really Dude redeem something. Every story go back to what original soldier who created the image of God. We draw that out of Sabbath and Sundays lessons Talking point number 2 is that the work of redemption is a work of education. And we're drawing that from Monday through Wednesday as lessons. And finally, talking point number 3 is that true education is the work of the Holy Spirit. And that is drawn from Thursday's lesson. So those are talking points this week that we're going to be getting into here. All right, well those seem pretty straightforward. So Let's just kind of walk through them one by one and develop this larger thought. Ok, well created in the image of God. Of course that's drawn. We can go back to Genesis chapter one and look at the creation of Adam and Eve and also again and Genesis 5. Both passages speak about man being created in the image of God. Yes, You know, I've got a quote that I'll look up for you just a 2nd, we continue want to, well, Yes. So the lesson It's interesting that the lesson on Sunday, it almost sounds like, you know, they make the point that I'm looking for a place to read here. I didn't Mark it That for centuries, this phrase, the image of God has captivated interpreters of the Bible. Yeah, almost like this is all mystical and what have you, but we have some clarity on this. And in fact I have one. Well, put the quotes here in the outline. One, I put in this outline that we're using, and I'm going to add one that you're about to share. Yes. So they'll have it in the outline as well. But in the book education, Ellen White says this, she says, when Adam came from the creator's hand, he bore in his physical, mental and spiritual nature in a likeness to his maker says, the lesson is like, well as the image of God, as if the physical World is there, you know, most probably more spiritual? Well, she's clear that it includes all those components and I think the quote you have right even more to the point. This is from page or some prophecy page $45.00. But she talks about the image of God and what it means she said man was to bear God's image both in outward resemblance and in character. Christ alone is the express image from Hebrews one verse 3 of the Father. But man was formed in the likeness of God, And Here's what she understands that to mean his nature was in harmony with the will of God. His mind was capable of comprehending divine things. His affections were pure, his appetites and passions were under the control of reason. He was Holy and happy and bearing the image of God and in perfect obedience to his will. So clearly the Lion's share of the image of God is character traits, right? That it was happy holding is affections were under control. Reason all that and that's how she understood US to bear primarily the image of God though there was an outward element, is clearly the spiritual nature. Well, we don't alter the outward No, the words, the image of God, The Begin element makes a point that the image included physical, mental spiritual, that highlighted the fact that the man has a resemblance to what God looks like. Sure. I don't know how marred that has because I don't know how far off the Mark because the point is I can't change my image. I can't change and say I want to have 6 fingers instead of 5 right here. But the character is where, right? Redemption is focused on, absolutely transformed. So we talk about redeeming into the image of God. You know, the glorification will get a whole New body, the Lord. But what we're talking about is the spiritual side of things, right? That's right. And I put it in the, in the handout drawn from that statement in education and I included a little part of it. But the image includes physical, mental and spiritual, all having capacity of infinite growth and development. If you read the larger state in my own life, so this, this could be, in fact we're going to finish the lesson with that quote. But the fact is that God created humanity to have this ability to continually continually be developing in character even in the perfection he created. Yeah, it is. Well, that's an mean we don't have time machines that Reverend Wright now, but I mean, we can apparently have a perfect character and still grow. That's right. Just like you would physically or intellectually. But there's just, there's growth. Well, Let's just say we're not God. And so we're saying, Oh, we're never so we're never going to attain to that means there's always room for advancement of education and what have incredible and that from a standpoint of the original creation. But we know that the original purpose for God in humanity was marred. Yes through the fall. And I just included one passage in you getting good any number of passages. But I was like the Isaiah 16 passage and I've included it in the notes in the good news from the Good News Bible, where it says from head to foot. There is not a healthy spot on your body, your cover with bruises and sores and open wounds in the context of this is spiritual and right. See many commentators like this is Speaking of the fallen condition of man. It talks about God's people in captivity, but is really speaking to the fallenness of human nature and how far we've come from that religion all ideal. There is Roque in this and thought no, Not a healthy spot, Is talking about the condition of what the fall has brought US into. It's also hard for US to imagine what we could have been at, or even a word before the fall, much less what we could have been if we hadn't fallen at all. That's right. And so we're going back to a thing that we even have a hard time envisioning. What are you in the model if this is what redemption is predicated on that, we were created in the image of God, sees US to number 2, the work of redemption is a work of 1st of all there a need. There's an work of attention needed. But how this ties in with education is, or is a talking point, number 2, the work of redemption is a work in education. Well, it's started in a Doctor, but That 1st point is so important as it leads into the 2nd point. Because when we think about Salvation, often times are even jealous of friends or something which would come into The idea is, God knows my brokenness. He knows my condition. He loves me as I am. He takes me as I am. Yes, but that he's going to take the broken me and put me in a great place, but what God wants to do is actually a very build image of you. Yes, you say we have a bigger improv. Her view that I think that we even sometimes don't think about. I always Balk at this and I know people get irritated when I do, but that bumper sticker that says I'm not. Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven. And I know what they're trying to get a point. Is it be live? It boils down redemption to forgiveness, right? And, and if you want to take forgiveness in the fullest sense of the word means it's a restoration. Give God's righteousness for our sin to give more our Sandra play. Ok, but that's not how people take it. It's just like you said. He's going to have to take the broken me and put me in a better place. And it's not like Why sell ourselves so short right from what God really wants to do with US? No, no, no Lord, don't worry about making me over him. It's like Heaven. No broken down car in some ways like Look I'll buy you a New car. No, no, if you could just fix that, then the side of the fine, I mean, we have to fight too low or too narrow. What if you book education you are worth our understanding of education takes far too narrow a limited view. So when we talk to your point, number 2, the work of redemption is a work of education. We have to keep that broader. Number one, I deal with money that we're trying to be responsible to very the image of God. Yes, it only makes sense. Point number 2, the work of redemption is a work of education only makes sense. When you understand the work of redemption is to restore God's image and as actors bullet point, the work of redemption is to restore God's image in man. And the quote from Education Page 15 says to restore in man the image of his maker to bring him back and this is brought out on Sundays lesson. At the end of paragraph one, at least it's a reference to there to restore him in the image of his maker to bring him back to the perfection when he was created to promote the development of body, Mind and Soul, that the divine purpose in his creation might be realized, this was to be the work of redemption. This is the object of education, the great object of life. So what a powerful statement is regrettably for Yes, but that's what the work of redemption is. It's restoring that image in man. And this is the object of education. Education is to educate man back into that original and we're going to talk about, well, well Let's move exactly into that because this You would think like, well he's got to maybe is just a spiritual thing. The Holy Spirit is going to come down, it press to change it. I almost magically, you know, miraculously. But somehow that dream our mission, it is a right of all we're citizens, but we have almost to remove few from that like it's a, it's an external thing as he had declared things. So I'm going to get a front row seat in the bleachers and watch it all have exactly, but the reality is somehow of that restoration that God has in store for US. He wants to accomplish by teaching US by really tooling our thinking. According to his principles, that's right. And so Bullet point number 2 is that this work of restoration is accomplished to a large degree by education we have exam yet in Scripture. The lesson brought up Jesus as a teacher, a Rabbi, a few lessons back and brings it up again. But in this context, the idea of Jesus' teaching, trying to make the point that You know for him to come in as the Messiah, you could label him with all kinds of things. What use a miracle worker? He was regular, He was this which he was, but to call him a teacher kind of speaks to that point of Yes. Understood God understood in the whole plan of redemption. That, that role to the way back to the original is education was it was a like I said to a large degree accomplished by education. The lesson brings up on Tuesday. This concept of Moses in the prophets or the law and the prophets. And the 1st paragraph says on Tuesdays lesson the word for the 1st part of the Bible, the Torah. And so let me be clear, the 5 Books of Moses in the beginning Genesis Nexus because numbers, Iran to me were referred to as the tour. That's what they're talking about. But that word is also translated in the Old Testament, the law. Yes. To the law into the testimony and I say that word is Torah and the word they bring up. The make the point here, the word for the 1st part of the Bible, the Torah is sometimes translated as the law. In fact, it's often translated as the law, partly because there are many laws in these books, but Torah really means teaching or instruction. This understanding is very different from what many think the law in the Bible is about, namely, rules and regulations that we have to fall of 2 remaining, God's good graces not. So the law is intended as teaching material dealing with how to live successfully and safely in the Covenant relationship, God intended when He created US in the 1st place. Now I get where they go. And I want to emphasize the point they make is very different than some people think about the law as rules and regulations. We have to follow in order to get in God's Grace, right. But any time we do that, it seems to hold this straw stones at the idea of rules and regulations, right? The only problem with rules and regulations in this paragraph is that those rules and regulations are viewed as Something I do in order to exact come justified. Right? And so that almost feels like they go overboard to say, I know, you know, you might think rules or regulations, but it's not that you quote, teaching teaching material how to live well and my question using me how to do something that's a rule. My question is that what is that teaching material consisted of? Well, rules regulations, supposing they always get bothered when rules or regulations are thrown under the bus, like no parent worthy of being called a parent Is without rules and regulations, right? But a good parent makes rules and regulations because they love their children in those rules. And regulations are appreciated by children, if not when they're younger, when they become older. All right, and so but again, the lesson is speaking to just with the whole concept of the long prophets, the instruction of God that and we know that the law in the prophets became an idiom for the Bible, the whole scripture and what it, what is the Bible, it's a book of God's instruction. Why? Why do you give US the instruction? Because we want to go back to a previous point was to help that restoration process. And so, you know, you think about the nature of humanity in the sense we were built in the image of God. Outward appearance. Yes. But primarily spiritual. We have fallen from that and God's goal by His Mercy is to bring US back. And so what does he do to do it? He gives US things like, you know, books and words and sentences. And I don't mean to be to be flippant about this. But when God, the, the greatest thing that we need from God. And he has gifted US with is the opportunity of redemption where you think you were talking about this. I mean it's like the layers like here, you know, if you ever get around to it, I mean, I know you're busy and you may never. But if you ever get around to it, you might think about reading. I mean, in other words, the God of Heaven wanted to communicate with US. So he gave US a boat. That's right. And then you expect For the purpose as remembers, it says for instruction in righteousness. So they may, God may be thoroughly thoroughly complete your it. That if you want to give US completion for restoration, we need to follow his instruction. That's how he has chosen in his infinite wisdom to communicate and to reform our lives. And so we can look like, well, you know, rules regulations one thing, but also paintings and also music and all that. No. Those are great things in it, but God chose his method of communication. It's through instruction appealing to our mind so we can choose who we will serve. That's right. We're going to see the Holy Spirit as a role. That is absolute, that you have made the point as we are going through this that whatever God wants from US. Yes, we should expect that it would be found in the scripture. Absolutely. And we talk about this River restoration. We know the Bible principles and 318 by beholding we become changed, you know, in the context talks about beholding as in a mirror, the glory of the Lord. Well, if you read the context that mirror we talked about this before, is the scripture. Yeah. So the scripture is a primary tool God's given to reeducate US. Yes. And lead US back to that original Amen. Ideal to his of the image of God and humanity. So the work of education in the work of redemption are one in our Point. Number 2 is the work of redemption is a work of education in the. Absolutely. So Let's take a look at that 3rd idea how true education is the work of the Holy Spirit. Now I know my little tirade there. I could have made it sound like, well, if you just read the book, right, if you just have the right knowledge in your mind in strict proper, you know biblical instruction, then it will just automatically happen. Or we could like to strain really hard and think ourselves back into that ideal. But clearly, as we talked about in previous lessons, the, the nature of Fall of Man is such that even if I had all the accurate information, there's still a spiritual Trans formation that I cannot attain through my own efforts or my own, you know, even desires for I need to help, we talked about it in our last lesson, the idea of spirit in truth, yet not being 2 different things, but 2 components of the same thing. And that's what you're talking about. Truth can't really exist without spirit. If it does end up just being a bunch of empty facts, That's not truth. I think we've shared on here before Steve Helling, what made in the 888 materials where she says, truth is only truth to those who practice it. And we've got a lot of time like, well that's those people, they just have a head full of knowledge and that's to true. You know, truth is transformative. Yes. And so the spirit and truth go together and that's what you're, you're speaking to there. Yes indeed, this idea of The spirit with your education is the work of the Holy Spirit. So it's not just fact in the spirit is called The Spirit of truth. Yes. On Thursdays lesson I thought this was, well if You go Ok paragraph 2 in the lesson makes this point. One talks about Jesus educate his disciples. I thought it was interesting that they said, he said they spent an equivalent time as a basically high school or high school or College with Jesus 3 and a half year period. But it says, And I'm going to finish with the end of that paragraph. It says that the completion of either period depending upon the person, students are often considered ready to manage on their own right after College, where The 2nd paragraph says, But Jesus knew better. And so he provided his followers with ongoing or continual education under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit, which I totally agree with. Goes on to say elsewhere, the teacher or guide that teacher or guide is identified as comforter or advocate in the great Perk Leto's who will be given to the followers of Jesus permanently. He is identified as the Spirit of truth. While the Holy Spirit is not identified as an educator, the work of the spirit certainly is educational, particularly as it pertains to seeking and finding truth. Now I'm good with all of that except for that last sentence, like cause he's not identified as an educator. He's exactly identified as an educator, 1st of all, without getting real direct, just indirectly. It meant mentions. He's called The Spirit of Truth, right? Bible says in John 14, he's going to be he's Jesus has also been, you know, we covered the Spirit of Truth. What does that mean? What's the significance of him being like? Is Jesus saying he's the Spirit of truth. He knows the truth and you don't Or is the implication that he's going to take that truth? Can you say you have it? And we know what it means because John 16 when you read John 16 there. Yeah. John 16 verse 13 is you know, Jesus, speaking of the Holy Spirit, says when he, the Spirit of truth is come. He will guide you into all truth. So other word for that 1st of all, but notice that the, this is one of those what I'm getting at the nature of the Holy Spirit of things. But it's not just a nebulous force from God or godly, you know, pervading it was intellectual. This is he identified, this is a personal problem, a personal pronoun he called the Spirit of truth. And what's the action verb will guide you into all truth? Well, if that's not the very definition of an educator, I don't know what is so I didn't say what to guide into the truth. I mean, what's another word for that? Why don't know, nowadays they went out of their way to talk about Jesus as a teacher. Well, he's called this the right. But by the Holy Spirit, not just almost makes it sound like he does some educational element. I don't work part of his I like to ask him. It's like he's not identified as an educator. Is teacher not equivalent to educators? Because I don't know because now we allude, you know, Lou guiding into is an allusion to teaching. Right. But the Bible actually calls him the teacher who will teach you all things that I have said to you. Jesus said, The Holy Spirit, Paul says we are not to were to compare spiritual things with spiritual as the Holy Ghost teaches. 1st Corinthians, chapter 2 verse 13. So those are just 2 text that call him a teacher. And of course I have what it is, the teacher of righteousness, right? The Holy Spirit. 23 in the margin calls the latter rain or the early rain Teacher of Righteousness, According to righteousness in the margin. So repeatedly the Holy Spirit is called the teacher. Right? I so would sure what exactly. So I don't want to, I don't want to be too offense taken here or maybe it's a typo. Maybe that's the. But also, by the way, if there's a single, There's a, there's a one as to the Godhead. It's not like Christ is a teacher, but the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, right, well, I know they have distinct functions and everything like that. But both of them Jesus, I did a fight. As the teacher in the said, I'm going to send you another Helper and he's going to teach you. So it really is picking up the continuation of Christ's Ministry of education. Read the work of the Holy Spirit. So well, I found this interesting quote and I'm going to add it into I did have an outline. Ok when we were talking about it, desiring to $671.00, Ellen White says the comforter is called The Spirit of truth. His word is to define and maintain the truth. He 1st dwells in the heart as the Spirit of Truth and bus or in this way he becomes the comforter. There is comfort in peace in the truth, but no real peace or comfort can be found in falshood. It is true false theories and traditions that Satan gains his power over the mind by directing them to fall standards he Miss shapes the character. Right in with time of that character being shaped back to the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit. So we talked about the Scripture being funded by God, gave it through the scriptures, the Holy Spirit, not independent of the scriptures. Through the scriptures, the Holy Spirit speaks to the mind and impresses truth upon the heart. I eat, teaches US the truth. Thus he exposes error and expels it from the soul. It is by the Spirit of Truth working through the Word of God that Christ subdues his chosen people to Himself, power Mercy. And so it give even there is likewise called the comforter, an advocate, but he's also an educator. And so the way he comforts. That's right, is by educating US teaching US the truth of God from His Word. So Let's just, I just want to be careful not to draw too much line of distinction between laying out Jesus as the others. Oh, Holy spirit. Just a comforter. Come on down all the way. He comforts and I think he says an extension of the Ministry of crisis. Exactly, absolutely. The spirit is and then the lesson made the point at the but at the end of Thursday, the last Sentence or 2, we have the mind of Christ. Meaning that spirit filled Christians have access even to the mind of God and thus to any amount of learning or understanding that would be needed to know the path of righteousness. And they reference for Chapter 2, verse 13, which is one of those passages where it tells US the Holy Spirit teaches. But it's a great passage we often hear part of it I has not seen or hear her, nor has entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for those that love him. And that's actually 1st Corinthians tuned $29.00. So they're bringing up What I see in 213 and 10 starts with her, but you got to get 9 1st and we, like I said, we hear that a lot. I Not seen your circuit is not even Internet imagination. The things we've got here for those who love Him, verse 10, but God has revealed them to US through His Spirit for the spirits. He just searches all things yesterday, things of God and then you have there in verse 13, these things we speak not in word which man's wisdom teaches, but the Holy Spirit teaches Ok. But the idea there is we have access to the Holy Spirit's understanding. And I'm saying this because we're talking of the work of redemption. And we talked about how this work of education continues in Eternity. That the capacity to learn is, is infinite. And I think is outlined here in the Holy Spirit has begun even now to teach US the things of God. But we'll be learning the things of God for Eternity because we're not, God we're, you know, there's always going to be more to learn. That's incredible to think about that we can know every word of the Bible, we can have all the transformation of character Abel, the side of Heaven, right, and be brought into that riff for stored image. But once all of that happens, we'll go back to what God saw in Adam, which is the starting point right now you read it, you know, as beginning. Like the only thing you know, we just made it back to the starting point and it's almost breathtaking to try to comprehend like how far not even off the original we are but better original was never God's finished product. I think it was still continuing on throughout Eternity, and that's just well pauses thought. Because that can concluding knows Fridays discussion. Question to ask, what did Ellen White mean when she wrote Heaven is a school? So we'll say that when we get there, but it's a Big idea that know that if we are there, Ok, Well good. We can die rather. But if you're commenting on that, how would you guess that? What did Elmo, I mean, as you wrote, Heaven is cool. Yes, I'm going to Heaven, this is cool. We're going to keep learning. That's right. I'm going to keep growing and I don't even, I don't even understand the Bible brings that I have even into our imagination, our Hearts what it could possibly be. But we know it's going to be more intense. So I don't know, it's incredible. Well, that Last paragraph speaks to that education page 15, some of this we looked at already, but it gives the Fuller context. God created man in his own image. And it was his purpose that the longer man lived, the more fully he should reveal this image, this is before this is the Adam written, the more fully reflect the glory of the Creator. All his faculties were, all his faculties were capable of development. Their capacity in vigor were continually to increase. Vast was the scope offered for their exercise? I mean, we think about age and it did. Strength decreases, no need to increase. That's the scope offered for their exercise. Glorious to feel open to their research. The mysteries of the visible universe, the wondrous works of him which is perfect in knowledge, invited man study face to face heart to heart communion with his maker was his high privilege. Had he remained loyal to God, All this would have been his forever, through eternal ages, he would have continued to gain New treasures of knowledge, to discover fresh Springs of happiness and to obtain clear and clear conceptions of the wisdom, the power and the love of God. More and more fully with it, had he have fulfilled the object of His creation more and more fully have reflected the creator's glory. Now, this is in the beginning of the book of education, book education, and what is talking about how that didn't happen. Then came the fall, right? But what it does is it gives US a glimpse into what's going to happen when we're stored in the Kingdom of God. Incredible and the New ways, New interest never knowing capacity for growth and discover fresh Springs of New ways to be happy, New ideas to understand. I may have this incredible. Well, this is very, very much a rich study and I hope that everyone's locals have a school class is just as full of life and vitality and these high ideals, but we need to close this time down with a word of prayer. So Pastor Howard closes that Yes, Let's pray. Father in Heaven. We're just so thankful that you did not leave US to be lost. But sent your son in this with it on the mission of redemption. And Lord, you've given US your word to reveal Him to US and you to US and to provide a way that you've given US the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth to lead US into truth. And Lord, we look forward to that time when we can begin kindergarten as it were in the Kingdom having been redeemed from the fall and put back on that path that you originally intended for Humanity. Lord, we thank you for your love and we thank you for your Son Jesus and we love you. And we pray that you will Bless those who have studied this week and have been part of this lesson as they seek to reflect your image in this life. And soon to be reunited with you.


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