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07- Education in Worship

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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astors Kameron DeVasher and Mark Howard share study and teaching tips for Quarter 4, November 14 lesson “Worship in Education”



  • November 17, 2020
    12:30 PM
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I am Cameron evasion, and I'm Mark Howard, and this is talking points before we get into any study, but we should probably start with a word of prayer and then we can walk through the out life that Heavenly Father. Thank you so much for another day of life. You've given US. Thank you that even during these extreme circumstances and odd times in which we are living, we can still have the opportunity to Minister to folks and study from your word. So Lord, please send your Holy Spirit right now to improve our time and to help the study be what you need it to be for God's people to be Blessed for, prayed in Jesus' name, Amen. Amen. All right, so you talk about that outline that people can get in. Just a reminder, you can pick up these outlines at Michigan S S P m, O R G, and want to walk US through putting this one together and what we got here this week. Well, it's interesting that for the introduction I really think the best sentence for that comes at the end of Sunday's lesson. Worse is thus Christian, education needs to include the whole question of worship. What is it? How do we do it? Why is it important? And whom do we worship? So that's really going to be the content of the lesson. We drew 3, Talking Points out of this lesson, the 1st talking point talking point number one is true, worship is obedience. Now that's going to sound almost a little bit of a little trite, maybe. Yeah, Yeah. And so we'll go through that and I think you see where we're going with that to worship is obedience taking Sabbath, your Monday lessons into consideration. Key Point number 2 is true, worship comes from God And that's based on Tuesday, Wednesday. And then finally true, education preserves true worship, and that would summarize Thursday's lesson. So that's the bird's eye view. Ok, we're looking at. Well Let's go one by one and break them down. True worship is obedience because We've talked about this before, but the question of what is worship? I think one of my frustrations with this lesson is because worship itself is such a nebulous term a vague term. And that the worship that you just put a lot of as into well, we're built for worship and worship is part and we didn't, we need to rest with what is worship. That's right. And so of course that lesson, as I mentioned, asked, what is worship? Why is it important to be? Well, never, I don't feel it ever really got into explaining it as well as I would have liked to. I think the closest was right there in the 1st paragraph on Saturday afternoon. Where is his worship? Is part of humanity. Part of human nature, even a fallen human nature, no question we were created as beings who out of the freedom given US by God would worship the Lord because we love him and know that he is worthy of worship. Now that almost seems contradictory in a sense to where the lesson goes in the rest of that lesson. And then on Sundays lesson, it talks about House having it in the need to worship or a built in need of function of worship. And that, to me, made it almost a lean towards the idea of US. You know, we always talk about how God didn't create robots, but then he kind of did because he basically made US to worship. Even though we haven't fully discovered it yet, when we do, we're just going to, it's built in, it's instinctive that we're going to worship him one way or the other because it's, that's our mate. Well, also the other Flipside of that is, you know, we talk about the God shaped hole that everyone has. The implication seems to be sometimes that once we find God, We come to the truth. Well that it's, it's inevitable, it's going to work for Bill for this so that it's almost inescapable. But I know plenty of people who have A knowledge of God and if decided to go the other way. So this issue of the freedom of our will and freedom of choice is pretty important. It comes to worship. Absolutely. And so Let's start with the idea of what worship is. Our word for word. Our English word is work is made up of a conjunction of the words worth and ship. It's basically and I have this in the lesson. Worship is an expression of our devotion to what's worth the most to US, at its most core element in the Greek, the Greek word Actually that's translated worship means to kiss towards and to show reverence or o.b. a sense toward something. And again, it's just expressing It's an expression of what's worth the most to US. And so it is in the Bible with the idea of worship. So what that's said to me is worship really? Rather than being in innate something put in US, the innate thing in US is choice. Yes, our of choice God has given US the power of choice. And we have the ability of choose what to express our devotion towards, ideally, would express our devotion or as a God in worship. But we can't express that in a things, but it's because we have a choice. And so Worship really grows out of that choice. Well, and so you can have devotion to other things Besides God, you can have a devotion to yourself, right? And but the, but all of that is, is predicated on the notion. I can choose this day whom I will serve, whether going to be self-centered or focused on God and His law. You know, you think about the The idea of Revelation 14. Your God given to him and worship him. The everlasting Gospel is given and you really have an invitation to worship. You could, you could call the command a worship as well, but God doesn't force worship any Can't. We know God can't force worship because if it's forced, it really isn't. Worship worship has to be given back to choice. Why would the Bible go into talking about why God's worthy of worship? He's worthy of our worship. Who cares if he's worthy because we have to do it anyway, but that's right. No, it's a, it's, he's worthy in the Bibles in You Kading US because we have the freedom to choose who worship and it gives the Bibles and gives US that information. We need to make the choice for worship, but worship is still a choice of the bottom line. It Is the expression of our will. That's right. And so on Mondays lesson, for example, Monday goes into the Psalms and how they were used incorporated in the worship service of Israel, much like our hymns are today. And the Psalms, as you go through money is a lesson in you look at Psalm 78, for example, like many Psalms, It recounts the working of God in behalf of his people, his goodness and Mercy toward them, and their rebellious responses. And what have you. But all of that, all of that history is educating the worship experience again, worship is it is my choice. And so God's reminding them of why he's worthy of worship in all the wonderful things he's done in the Psalms, the singing element, the musical element, the recounting the history element, all of that goes to implanting in US that basis for worship. That's right in art. So our worship services serve the same function in our hands and in the sermons, they're reminding US of why God worthy of worship, and what it means to worship. So the worship service is not necessarily worship itself, right? But it's that it's an implement to help US worship to understand who and why and how it all those kind of things. It's educating tool. That's right, and of course, so somebody may be asking so far while you wait a minute, you said to worship is obedience. Where you get that from well worship is that expression of devotion, the highest expression of devotion you can give to anybody is obedience and a good Texter that Roman is in Roman 6. Now I also have reference John 1415. Jesus says, if you love me, keep my command Minow. That's what he's saying is, this is the best way for you to express your love and devotion to me. But Roman 6. In fact, I have rejected because you're Roman 6 in verse 16. All right? It's a rhetorical question if you want to read that, you know, you have to have The Apostle Paul is writing this rhetorical question says, Do you not know and I'll For what it's worth. That's. He uses that phrase often times because this to him is like, this is a common, this idea. This is, you should know that evidently clear, right? Do you not know that to whom you present yourself slaves to obey. You are that one slave whom you will say, whether of sin leading to death or of obedience leading to righteousness. So of course the point there 1st of all, He says that obedience is what determines our servitude and read into that worship. Again, the highest form. Now what's interesting here is he uses the word slaves and I was going over this with some folks, and it was, It's hard for US. We read slave in slave as something somebody else does to you, but in this passage you're doing it to yourself. Well, to volunteer is really jingoism exactly right yourself. And while some Bible say servants here, the slaves is a more correct reading in the idea is you've got to ask yourself, what does it mean to present yourself as a slave to somebody? In other words, what level of commitment is there? Is there a greater level of commitment to be the a servant or to be to, to submit to being a slave? And again, I don't, it's hard for US not to read in all of the, the abuse and whatever I slavery. And that's not what the policy, Apostle speaking of. He's speaking of the level of submission, right? Because again, this is present yourself as not, you were taken captive and there are serve out of some of our other do this is now you are choosing your Master essentially. That's exactly right. And so here he's what he's telling US is the highest expression of worship. Servitude is obedience. You determine who you're worshipping honoring, obeying, giving reverence to by the one you obey. So Yes, and I'm just thinking that, and you've got to, you know, it's there that this is so when we even broached the idea of worship, I know, at least in my mind, it probably a lot of other People's minds as you think of like, a worship service or you think of songs you think of a special place in a context where we have an experience of works. Right. Right. And we're looking at leading people in a worship experience. Very sensory, very sensory, very tangible. And the reality is that worship as understood biblically then, is not so much an expression in the musical or art. It's kind of sense or something like that. An experience will moment, right? It's really a choice of duty where we subject ourselves to what we've chosen to the Master we've chosen, right? So if God is now I can sing to God and I write at present offerings and more ship and all kinds of things. But the worship, those should all be an outgrowth of that obedience. Exactly. Mission, exactly. That's a manifestation of that worship attitude to God because I've chosen to submit myself exactly as a servant in it's reminding me Of that. Because now I'm learning the, the doctrine of God and learning the hymns and the different things. And all of that is towards a deepening of that commitment. But the core heart of worship is that choice to obey God. And I want to give, you know, sometimes accordingly to have a reading assignment at the end like Fridays, lessness is for further study. You read such and such and I was hoping it would have and it didn't have. So I'm going to give that even though we passed this lesson, read a chapter in great controversy called Modern revivals. Yes. And what it's doing is it's contrast in true worship with false worship. And what you're going to see is where the true worship is a symbol of being faith. Obedience to God, false worship is sensory, right? And in the false revivals have always been driven by emotion in what have you, apart from obedience? Absolutely. Well, I'm drawn to the Golden Calf incident just in my mind. You know, because Moses next morning how you're drawn. Well, I was thinking they were in Texas a good parallel because you know Moses goes up the mountain and he gives them the law. Be faking them. These things put them into practice, right? But as soon as he disappears out of their sight, they need something to c.s.s., they build a cabin. And Again, it leads a magic automatically to the others, music in their Central things. And there's tangible things. And it leads away from the to the truth of God's word. And so that modern revivals is a powerful thing applicable to our day, particularly. Absolutely. So just capping off this idea of true of beings is worship is the statement. The lesson had this statement on Tuesday, actually from desire of ages, but this is a piece of it. Speaking of the New birth from design of ages 189, this is the New birth will give US, it doesn't say the New birth, it's in the context of that. It's in our nose, will give US a willing obedience to all his requirements. This is true worship, it is the fruit of the working of the Holy Spirit which actually spills into our next point. Ok, true worship. She says here is that willing obedience to all God's required, right? So If you're looking for a great definition is going to be hard to be desired ages $29.00, which is this is, this is true worship and it is that willing obedience but less now use that as the bridge to the next point with a certain says it is the fruit of the work in the Holy Spirit. So clearly it's not something we can do apart from God which it conjured up. Right? So how does this walk US through this number 2, because true worship comes from God. If there were sinners. Obedience. How does that come from? This is fascinating because you contrast to our ship with false worship and in he even worship was always what man could give to God. But we can't give anything to God. All things come from him. And so to worship comes from God, That's a 2nd key point, and it's built on the idea of the woman at the well, the lesson brings up John 4, where Jesus has this encounter. And he tells her when it comes to worship that those who worship the Father must worship Him in spirit and in truth, God is Spirit. And those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth. Now what does that mean? The lesson draws out like, what does it mean? God is Spirit. And you know there's a commune Tennessean make US all mystical, Ok, and Spirit. And the point that is making is a simple point. And I've included in the lesson, Romans $714.00, where the Apostle Paul says the law is spiritual, but we are carnal sold under sin. And his, his point is to show how incompatible we are naturally with the law of God. Like a carnal person can't obey a spiritual law until he becomes spiritual. Well, carnal person can't worship a spiritual God until he becomes there's got to be the change in the person. So listen to what Ellen White says in that same statement of desire pages. This is not in the lesson, his back a couple sentences, but it's into every just 109. She quotes from where it says where Jesus says those who worship God must worship in spirit and in truth. And then she says, these words Here is declared the same truth that Jesus had revealed to naked Demas when he said, except a man be born from above. He cannot see the Kingdom of God. So she quits that expression of worshipping in spirit and truth to be the need to be born again. And then she says, the religion that comes from God and this was in the lesson on Tuesday. The religion that comes from God is the only religion that will lead to God in order to serve him right. We must be born of the divine spirit. And the simple point there is you can't worship a spirit of God unless you become a spiritual person and worship is a spiritual Act. So Let's just put it this way. And spiritual people cannot experience true worship, no, because the true worship is a spiritual, you know, thing and we are UN spiritual things. And I have to bring this in here. You know, as a pastor to I have had real challenges when it comes to the worship service. There are certain things and certain times where I would disagree with having a certain person leading out on the platform in the worship service. They say, well, this person, we want to get them involved in the church, and so we're going to put them up and we know they're sleeping around with somebody to do that. But we want to bring them back to the point is, are they can my question would be, have they recommitted their life to Jesus? Well, no, not yet. Wow. How in the World is a non spiritual person supposed to lead spiritual worship? They can't do it in so this is not a dismissal of that person. Praise the Lord that they're coming back to church, right. Have you. But we have forgotten that worship is a spiritual thing that only spiritual people can lead that I'd say perfect people, right? I said, spiritual people, people who have committed themselves to Jesus and open their heart to the working of the rest. So even, you know, the telling of the same thing I've had experience as a local church, but someone must be a very good performer or musician or something like that. Know it. But it doesn't tend to the worship that we're aiming for, even though it might be technically sound performance, you know, was raving. But that's not what we're short is not a performance exacts. Right? So the lesson goes on Wednesday into the idea of the beauty of Holiness. To It just takes US another step. What is it even asked the question, so the bringing the architect Israel in this can encounter. And then this is our memory verse or worship, the Lord in the beauty of Holiness. Yes. And what does that mean, the lesson Aswell? And so my mind goes to what are the things that you might call beautiful or beauty that would elicit beauty in a worship service. You talk about the decorations in the church, you talk about the phrasing using the look of the church, the sound of things, the way people are dressed could all be denoted as beautiful. Is that what the Lord is looking for? No, no. Worship the Lord. I found this great quote by Charles Spurgeon commenting because this passage 1st Corinthians, 16 and worshipping the Lord. The beauty of Holiness is also from the 96th saw 96 person 9. And Spurgeon commenting on this in his Treasury of David says, speaking of the beauty of Holiness, this is the only beauty. This is the only beauty which he cares for in our public services. And it is one for which no other can compensate, disagree point. So not that other things, other beauty isn't. The other beauty in the service should grow out of the beauty of Holiness. In other words, the beauty God looks for is a Holy hard time God sees his people who are submitting to him because they want to be Holy like him. That's what he's looking for. That's beautiful to him. And that's what worship needs to be kept in. It goes along with the idea of worship, being a being is to God, when you have in the reference to the quarterly lesson yesterday. The last paragraph where it says in contrast to those pagan rites, and so called worship that they were doing their God. Yes. In contrast, ancient Israel was to be a Holy nation, separated from the evil customs around them. They were to be Holy in their Hearts and minds. This is what gave their worship, meaning and beauty before God. That's right. Again and again, the Old Testament prophets railed against people who worship the Lord while engaged in corruption. And while their Hearts were far from him, and that's a great point to bring out the true distinction though, right? Since ceremonies might be part of it starts in that heart conversion of the worshippers themselves. That makes the whole beauty of the whole some service beautiful. That's right, and what's interesting and interesting goodly goes into the 3rd Angel's message where you have well the 3 in his messages. If you're God and give glory to him, would set idea of giving Glora to him. It's having a character like Christ. Right. And worship Him, right. So those are all designed to give US tied in absolute in fact, Yeah, there's a quote coming up. But what about the other half of that? Well, it is a very mean spiritual rights. Yes. Being converted people with a clean heart, but then why the need for truth? It's seems like why did Jesus have those 2 things together and I can appreciate that the lesson emphasizes the importance of doctrinal truth. Yes. But what I don't like is it almost makes it like there are separate components in there are 2 different things that make up this worship where you and I are talking there really I would I be more comfortable say they're both aspects of the same thing. Well, especially when you think, you know, one without the other, the question, the bottom to say is lesson. How would you teach? So, how would you seek to teach someone to worship in spirit and truth? In what cases might someone need an emphasis more on one than the other? And it sounds like such a good question, right? Well, they're a little too spirit. We need to bring in some truth or a little too true. But that kind of limbs to that idea, that there are separate things that we need to have equal measure on when the reality is you cannot be a converted person and not be drawn by the Word of God or conversion really, truly studying the Word of God to not let it have its converting power in your life while we talked about how worship is a choice. It's an intelligent choice. Was it based on information from another? Was truth educates or worship, like I choose to worship God because the truth I know about God are inseparable. And then there are both sides of the same coin and yet can't spend one without the hate to spin. Want to say the other can't do that. And too often times I think we look at this passage and I've heard people, I don't know if you've had this experience to say, well I go to this church has full spirit. But I come to this church because truth is like what kind of truth would lead you away from the gems of your chill experience or Vice versa. I read modern revivals. Exactly. And so there is that almost an under woven Expectation, and I don't want to send people off on a mission of maintaining balance, whatever that means, like we don't want to do faithful to God's Word that being extremist, We don't seem to experiment of this and I'm alarmed with a little bit, we've seen the fallout of trying to overcompensate, so I call the churches to legal ISTIC. In the past, we're going to focus just on love and Grace right now that you're just too much about love and Grace. We're going to focus on really crank down anytime you do that 1st of all that's imbalance, right? You can't expect balance to come out of imbalance. Doesn't matter which direction the imbalance is in. Yeah, and the other thing is, if you give an imbalance thing like James White used to write about the difficulty Ellen might have, would have in trying to correct a certain error because she'd write a letter to a brother who is late to everything. And the Guy who's late to everything would need to pay attention to it, but the Guy who paid attention to is a Guy who's on time. So why don't you just read? Right? And so it's just better to present. This is the truth, as it is, and that's what I mean in spirit and in truth and let it have its effect. It meant so the cure for imbalance is not other imbalance in its balance. Element makes a great statement. Profiting Kings page 50, she says those who assemble to worship Him should put away every evil thing and thinking in the context of the beauty of Holiness. In fact, he says, unless they worship Him in spirit and truth and in the beauty of Holiness, so she ties those concepts together. They're coming together will be of no avail. Mercy because of the essence of true worship, means to be seeking to come together in spirit and truth in the beauty of Holiness. Well, as we conclude then Let's tie this back into education and well does education have in this worship experience that we desperately need a spirit and truth worship? Well, because worship is, is not Built in because worship is a choice and the choice is built in. But worship is, is up to US, then it needs to be educated. Ok. So in order to make the transformation we needed to spiritual beings it takes coming from God. But we need to know who he is and make a choice of that. And so choice is require information, the ladder to the edge and proper education or false education has led to false worship. In fact, a lesson interesting, Lee is much as it highlights initially, highlights the pagan religions and cultures. The example it brings up is in Mark chapter 7, where Jesus told the religious leaders, not the heathen, that though they worship me with their lips, their Hearts are far from me. And that wasn't in the part of the passage they quoted Passage marked up 769. 79 actually going in verse 6 is where he says, well, that Isaiah prophecy of you hypocrites as it is written the people with their lips, but their Hearts are far from me and in vain. They worship me teaching as doctrines, the Commandments of man. And so here they were teaching, right? These were, this was, this was Christian education. This was education from the religious leaders. It was false education and it led to false worship. And they do worship of men's traditions over right commands of God. And so I have in the notes a tradition of the elders was false education, that taught obedience to man over b.s. to God. And it was interesting, as you pointed out, that there are very Well, maybe I'm skipping ahead here, but I remember a conversation. We talked about how not only did they choose one or the other, they because the commitments of men were in contrast with the commitments of God. They had to prioritize one of the other say when they were still made lip service to God and His law. But they consciously put the head of God's Law man's command, right? Verse 9, where Jesus says all too well you reject the command of God so that you may have creation another exactly. Their tradition was more important to them in isn't that we said Worship is worth ship. What's worth the most to you? Your expression of devotion to what's worth the most, what was worth the most to them? Their tradition. Well we hear this so much like well they were really obedient to God. They were Hyper obedient. No, they were not. They were good purpose here, disobeying the claim. It's God so that they were obedient to themselves, to their own rules, but that's not true. Worship, that's absolutely right. Anyway, so Friday has a great quote. We're looking at. I'm looking, I'm just going to share the last piece of it, like the last 3rd of it says in Friday's lesson, it would be more pleasing to the Lord if LUKE warm professors of religion had never named his name. Their continual weight to those who would be faithful followers of Jesus. They're a stumbling block to unbelievers and Evil Angels exulted over them and taught the Angels of God with their Crooked Corsairs. They're not obeying God. So they're claiming to worship him, but their lives aren't Worshipful. Such are a curse to the cause at home or abroad. They draw nigh to God with their lips while their heart is far from him. That's the vain worship Jesus was talking about there in March after 7. Well, that's a very kind of Heavy note to end on there, but well, great note to end on as I included the statement. Thank you. Further from desire of ages, God doesn't want those vain professors of religion, but what he does want is this deserving. Just want to be nice is where ever a soul reaches out after God. They're the spirits working is manifest, right? Because worship said earlier in that statement is the fruit of those Spirit. And God, who will reveal himself to that soul for such worshippers. He is seeking So God seeking somebody with a whole lot of knowledge in know how God seeking people who are open to the Holy setters working in their Hearts to give them that spirit of worship. And elicit true worship from a med, Well, we need to pray to the Lord that we be not just informed about worship, but transformed in those people who can truly worship. That we will become the worshipers that God is seeking for and would not be ever approach to his cause in this last days. So thank you for starting with US today. And as we close, as Barry heads forward prayer, Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this important lesson on the true nature of worship and how it can only come from you and we need to be reborn. If we're going to be to true worshipers are seeking please Lord, let each one of US have that spirit and truth experience help US to be students of the Word of God and not just hearers, but doers. So that we may be the people you've asked US to be and we can be the coal a birds you've called US to be in these Last Days of Our sister. We pray all of these things in Jesus name.


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