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The Laodicean Dilemma

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 5, 2020
    12:00 PM
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Father in Heaven, Lord, I want to thank you for this time that we have. Thank you Lord for the Sabbath. Thank you Lord for this the Internet that we can connect with each other. And even though we're far from each other, Lord, I know that you're close to US for there's no place that we can run that you're not there. And so far the police. Now I pray that you'd Grace US with my presence. No matter where we are in this World, as we're listening that you speak to our Hearts this morning and guide US all. Lord, we pray in Jesus' name. Amen. I'd like to invite you to turn with me in your bottles to Revelation Chapter 3. This is something New that has spoken to my heart and maybe it might not be New to US. I'm sharing it. But it definitely spoke to my heart this past week or 2 since I've been teaching revelation. And we're looking at the most famous Church of the 7 churches. It is the Church of Laodicea, Revelation chapter 3 and verse 14. We're going to start there this morning. And Please turn your Bibles with me to there as we follow along. We read along as we study and For the song students apologize if you're listening to this again, I pray that you'll be Blessed even though it is a 2nd time you're listening to it. But as we studied conversion class at the beginning of this year, we're still together there in general. And we were, I went through the ladder that we see and led to see it is a little different to how I'm seeing it today. And so I just wanted to share with you put this perspective about our church and the time period that we're living in Revelation chapter 3 and verse 14 and on to the Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans. Write these things, saith the Amen. The faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God. You know the word Laodicea does not mean lukewarm. That is the condition. The word legacy is a people judged and certainly since 844. This church has been in judgment. Jesus has moved from the Holy to the most Holy place and day he started the work of investigative judgment. But the way that Jesus introduces himself here in Revelation chapter 3, verse 14, is why 3 names 1st. It is the Amen. And we hear this word Amen. In reference to prayer, so be it. And so when you say Amen, you agreeing to what I'm saying, all agreeing for it to be done, and when we pray. Amen. Somehow he gives US this connotation that Jesus is about to The last prayers of his people. Almost as of alluding to the fact that the people in this time more than any other time, have to pray, pray for the Holy Spirit. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give US an understanding of His Word. We need to be much in prayer. We need to be fostering and praying. If not friends, we will never finish the work here on this Earth. But then it says he is the faithful and true witness. What does it mean to be a faithful and true witness? Let's go over to problems chapter 14 and verse 5. Let's follow along in the Bible, shall we? Probably chapter 14 in verse 5. What does it mean to be a faithful and true witness? The Bible says here a faithful witness will not lie, but a false witness will US allies will. That is kind of obvious. But you know, if a friend comes to you and tells you hate a going to tell you something, it's really serious. I'm not lying a really, I'm not lying. The fact that they say this, it means that something is really important. Something they're about to tell you is really, really important. And the fact that Jesus says, look, I am a faithful and a true witness. I'm not lying. What I'm about to tell you is really important, but what else is a faithful witness? Let's go over to John Chapter 5, and verse 39. John Chapter 5, and verse 39. What is a faithful witness? Jesus calls himself a faithful and true witness, but in John 539, The Bible says this search the scriptures for in them you think you have what eternal life and these are they they are they which what testify of mean all give witness of me. What testifies or witnesses of Jesus Christ? It is the Scriptures. And Jesus says, look, the word that I speak to you. This will not lie. Almost seemed to imply that in these days, people really don't believe in Sola Scriptura, which is what we studied in our previous school lesson just 30 minutes ago. It almost seems to apply that. We have to be reminded that the Bible is true, that the scriptures really tell US about Jesus and everything written in there is true. Interesting that Jesus has to tell US this and remind US about this. But this is the introduction that he's given to the 7 churches and one more. He is the beginning of the creation of God, friends. This does not mean that he was create a to he was the 1st thing that God created. No, that is not what he's referring to. When it talks about the beginning of the creation of God, We know that Jesus was involved in creation. All you have to do is go to that scripture song we sing in 2nd Corinthians, Chapter 4, verse 6, for God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness. Have shown in our Hearts the good, the light of the knowledge of what the glory of God. And then only if there is go to John chapter one verse one in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. And what nothing was created without him. So Jesus, he is the beginning of the creation of God, All 3, the Godhead were involved in creation. The Holy Spirit was hovering upon the face of the water as it says there. In Genesis chapter one and God spoke, and that was not only Jesus, but it was a father. They spoke all these things that we enjoy today in nature, into existence. But what about creation? Why is the attention drawn back to being the beginning of the creation of God? Well, you see what does this have to do with being a faithful witness? Friends? There is one thing that is connected with the creation of God. Really, there are 2 things, but the one that we focus on in Revelation is the Sabbath. The other thing that God Blessed at creation was marriage. And really these 2 institutions are under attack today, the Sabbath, more than anything else, but even marriage with gay marriage coming in and all the legalisation of all these things. Marriage is definitely being defiled today. But the focus is the Sabbath. How do we know we're also going to see this next week? Ok, but the Sabbath is the crowning Act of God's creation. And somehow Jesus introduces himself to our church all. What time in these 3 areas, he's the Amen. This is the last church. He's going to answer the Pres of the Saints. We got to pray. He's a faithful and true witness. Somehow people are going to stop believing the word of God and stop believing traditions. And there's one tradition that is believed above all others. It is Sunday worship. Sunday sacredness, the Sabbath above all things is the heart of the controversy here in the Book of Revelation. And we looked at this last week. Why does the Devil hate the Sabbath so much? It is because that is the one commandment that identifies who the true God is. Look, you can worship me as a God, but it doesn't mean that I'm the true God. The Sabbath says that the true God made Heaven and Earth. He made it in 6 days and he rested on the Sabbath every 7th day that comes around. We are reminded and so is Satan, who is the true God? And this is why he hates the Sabbath. This is why God has to remind this church. He is the beginning of the creation of God, somehow. Even the true church in a sense somehow even those Are you all able to hear me? I'm seeing my, my, my Internet fluctuate here. I hope that you can hear me. This is really important. I want to make sure you catch this, but somehow in our day and age in the Laodicean church, we are losing sight of the Sabbath there. I say. Even in the 7th Day Adventist Church, the one where we make it part of our name, in our denomination. So friends, God is introducing himself this way for a very important reason, but I want to continue. I want to continue in Revelation. Let's go back to the Revelation Chapter 3, we started in verse 14. Now we are in verse 15, Revelation chapter 3, verse 15. I know the works that thou art neither cold nor Hot. I will add the words cold or Hot. So then, because I want lukewarm, another cold, not Hot. I will spew the out of my mouth. Friends, God hates the fact that we are LUKE warm. He doesn't like US to be lukewarm. He wishes we were Hot or we will cold. What does that mean? Let's turn our Bibles to Matthew 24. Matthew chapter $24.00. Look at this, Matthew $24.00 and looking at verse 12, God wishes that we were Hot, all cold. He hates the fact that we are lukewarm, lukewarm. So what does it mean to be Hot or cold? Matthew 24, verse 12, the Bible says, and because iniquity shall abound the love of many, shall wax cold. Friends are you there? This is a really important study, and I'm seeing that there are problems with streaming. Can you all hear me? I see my life, my picture. Go on and off. I hope you can still see me here. Are you all there? Oh Ok. Thank you. Thank you. Because look, this is a really important message. This is a message for our time. This is a message that we must hear because it is relating to our church. And I know the Devil every time we talk about the Sabbath or even maybe the load to see in church, he gets upset. Why? Because God is trying to tell US that we must come out of this condition. Ok. So we're here in Matthew $24.00 and verse 12. What does it mean to be Hot? What does it mean to be cold? The love of many shall wax cold. So when it's Hot, it means that you're totally in love with God. When it's cold, you totally hate God. You see that? God, He says the condition of this church is lukewarm, but he wishes you were either totally in love or you totally hate me. If you totally hate me, at least I can do something. You've chosen a side on where to stand. But there's a group of people that are LUKE warm. They kind of love God. But they don't. They love the God, they love God, and they love the World. And I'm going to show you this. They love God and they love the World even though the model says, well, you can't love God and the World together. If any man love the World, the love of the Father is not in him. Do you see that it's 0 percent? You can't tell me that you love 10 percent of another person. That's not your wife and your wife as well. Let me tell you. You don't love your wife, you love that person. It's all messed up. You can't have the 2 together and God says this church there, lukewarm. They have this problem. They don't love me. They're either in love with God. All. They're trying to mix the 2 together. I'm sorry, And God says you can have both. The fact that you have both is deceased peaceful to God. He says, I'm going to spit you out of my mouth. But Let's keep going. Verse 17. Because thou sayest I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing. And no, it's not that our wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked friends. What causes US to lose love for God? John $1415.00 says, if you love me, you do what? You keep My Commandments right. Where does love come from? Knowing somebody, John 173 says this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou has sense. So love is built upon knowledge and guess what? The problem with a load to see in churches. They go to church, but they have no knowledge of God. Do you know that they're not reading their Bibles? They go to church? Yes, they don't Miss church. Maybe they don't converse of a school, but they still turn off a divine service. They go to church, but they're not reading His word. They're not building faith. Faith that works by love. They cannot possibly love a God. They don't know. But yet they still go to Church. Do you see that? And Friends, this is kind of the problem with the latest C in church. They're lukewarm. But then in verse 17, it says what they're rich and increased with goods and they have need of nothing. And they know not that they're wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked friends. How can you not know they are self deceived to their true condition? What is the problem with these people? They love God and they love the World. They love God and they love sin and they are trying to mingle it to Gether. Look, Their wretched. This is the 1st condition that is talked about here in the Laodicean church. Let's go to Romans Chapter 7 and verse 24. What does it mean to be wretched? This is the only other time that the word Raptured is mentioned in the Bible. Let's go to Romans Chapter 7 and verse 24. Romans 7, verse 24. This is the Cong clue SION of this chapter. Paul says, Oh wretched man, that I am who shall deliver me from the body of this death. He's a wretched man, and he says, who is going to deliver me from the body of this death? What has caused death in Romans? Chapter 6, it's sin. Let's go a bit earlier, Romans Chapter 7 and verse 15. Let me show you the condition of this wretched man. Ok. For that which I do. I allow not for what I would that do I not, but what I hate that do I So Paul saying this is me as a Richard men. I know what is right, but I don't do it and I know what is good. I'm not able to do that, but what I hate, I keep doing, he repeats that now in verse 19, look at this, Romans Chapter 7, verse 19 for the good that I would, I do not. But the evil which I would not that I do. You see that So Paul, he's talking about this person who doesn't have victory and what's the problem in verse 20? Now if I do that, I would not, it is no more I that do it. But what sin that dwelleth in me, you see the problem with a load to see in church is their lukewarm and they love sin. They want to hold on to the World. And they want God at the same time. But look To say they love sin is kind of not practical it's, it's seems a bit too extreme. Doesn't it? You know, I'm talking about like to tell person, Hey, you love sin that, that's your problem. I don't think any Christian in their right mind would say Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I love sin And I love sin more than I love God. That really is not the issue. Me think about it right. What is really the problem with this church is when you tell them what sin is, they don't agree with it. That's why Jesus has to be the faithful and true witness. He's got to remind US that the Bible doesn't lie. You see that the Laodicean church, they love sin and it's not because the total love was sin at the expense of God. But when the preacher comes and says, Hey Hey, this is of the World. This is of the Devil. This is what God doesn't want you to do. They don't agree. Let me give you some examples. There are some people that don't like it. When you tell them you shouldn't go out to eat on the Sabbath. And then they think you're being judged mental. They think that you're all works oriented. You told them, Look, You quote, the 10 Commandments and you say are what you have to do that. And they get really upset and you even leaders are like this. Sometimes in the 7 day event as church We Gotta be careful because some people will say Ok, Yeah, but you know, and they don't agree with you. That's your interpretation. You know what I mean? And it's not even about interpretation. It's because they want to still do what they want to do and so they see what the Bible says. But let me show you look God, are you telling me that God is not with me? When I go to the movie theaters, He isn't his Angels don't even dare to go in there. And so they try to make you look bad. Trying to excuse this sin. Do you understand that the problem with the latest see in church is not that they just are totally in love with sin, But they try to say this part is not sin. I see what the Bible says that but that's not sin. You see they're trying to redefine the Bible, but Jesus saying on the faithful and true witness on the beginning of the creation of God. Yes. The thing that really matters today that is the highlight above all the other 10 Commandments, is the Sabbath. How we keep it, how we honor it. Do you see that? And so the latest see in church is not that they don't love God, but the professor lean love God. But yet they're trying to excuse all these other things that they're doing at the expense of the Word of God and trying to make that fit within their love for God as well. When Jesus himself says it does not fit what. So ever you are the love me or you love the World you can have both. And so it's like the rich man trying to hold on the rich young ruler trying to hold on to his riches while the same time following God. He's the one that came to Jesus. He's on the said, good monster. What shall I do that I might have eternal life. And Jesus says, all keep the 10 Commandments. He said I've kept them all from my youth. He was a Christian. He went to church. He never missed the Sabbath, but yet he was trying to excuse this area of his life and say no, no, no, no, no. That's not what the Bible says. That's not what it really means. Are you telling me that no man rich rich man's going to go to Heaven? Look at Abraham. Look at Joseph. Look at Daniel, look at all these rich men and we aspired to be like them. When the bomb was too clear about what it says about the rich man and our riches, you see that friends. So when it comes to to this Laodicean condition, they're trying to excuse the word of God. That's not what the Bible says, or at least they're trying to fit their lifestyle within the confines of what the script assess. The true and faithful witness does not lie. And these people, they're wretched. But what's a 2nd step? Revelation chapter 3, verse 17, not only are they wretched, They are miserable. Let's go to 1st Corinthians, 1st Corinthians, Chapter 15. First Corinthians Chapter 15. If you're there, please, just type out a name and I need to know because my, my, my video has totally gone off. I don't see anything. It's blank. I just need to know that you're still there. Otherwise I need to set up another stream. Pull quickly, pull out my phone and just start streaming again. But this is really important message friends: a really important message. 1st Corinthians, Chapter 15 and verse 19. What does it mean to be miserable, miserable? The Bible says this, if in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men, most miserable. You know what friends, the reason why they are wretched and then they become miserable is because they are just focusing on this life. That's all they're doing. They're only focusing on the now and the present. The just living for this World, their life, their car, their House, their money, their finances, their Korea, their children, their family, their health. It's only in this time you see that. So they're miserable. Because they have no of the motivation to live. By the time you get to the point where you're rich, guess what? What's else I've achieved my goal. It seems there's nothing else to live for. So they get into drugs. They go and start travelling and going on holiday, and the work of God suffers because of it. Do you understand that? So they're not even focused upon eternal life at all. Friends, When's the last time you prayed, the Kingdom come, thy will be done. When the last time you prayed, God, help me to be ready for the 2nd coming. Help me to advance the Kingdom of God. When the last time you prayed that that you would live today for Heaven, friends, maybe when will they to see in the Ninny of US realize? Maybe you are going to church. Maybe you are doing all these things. But yet somehow, when you're trying to fit the World into your daily life, Let's keep going. Not only are they miserable, they are poor. Let's go over the James Chapter 2. James Chapter 2 and verse 5. Look at what the Bible says. James Chapter 2 and verse 5. What does it mean to be poor, James to verse 5: hearken, my beloved brother and has not God chosen the poor of this World rich in faith and heirs of the Kingdom, which he have promised to them that love Him. Friends, the reason why they're poor is because I'm not spending time in the Word of God. They're not reading, which is exactly what we looked at in our Sabbath school lesson this morning. They are not spending time in the Bible. Why they're too busy getting a career making a living, living life, enjoying life, the pleasures of this while they are too busy at the expense of God. You might not be doing anything bad, so to speak. But friends, are you storing up the rich treasures of God's word in your Hearts? And if you're not, you're going to live for this World. Your sights are going to be set on this World. The reason why a person focuses on their career over night after coming out from theology school is because they were never spending time in the Bible in the 1st place with Jesus. Do you understand that? We don't just flip a switch, all of a sudden do you know that it's something that we lay as a Foundation and allowed to see in church. They caught up with the World. They caught up with sin. Not because they just want to say that I love sin and not God, but they love God. But they want to try to figure out how they're going to fit this part of the World into their life at the same time. In the reason why they're doing that is because they're poor in faith. They've not been spending time in the Word of God to read. And so they become blind. 2nd Peter Chapter one in verse 9. 2nd Peter chapter one and verse 9 looked at this text last night. We're going back here again. 2nd Peter chapter one and verse 9. The Bible says, but he that lack of these things is blind and cannot see a far off and have forgotten that he was purged from his old sins. Friends, we forget that God came to die for US. We forget that God is the one that wants to change US. We forget. And so we think it's Ok to continue living a certain way. And finally, we are naked. Where do we see nakedness in the Bible? Genesis after they sinned, they were ashamed. But these people don't know that they are naked. Do you see that they have no shame in what they do. They have no shame to bring the World into the church. They have no shame to live their life the way they want to live it because they think it's Ok. Friends. We're living in a time in a and in a season, in an age where sin is running rampant and people they don't care. They want to support the gay movement. So many Adventists, they put their little Rainbow thing on, on their Facebook supporting that. Yes, it seems to be like freedom of speech in a sense. But no. If you dig deeper, our freedoms are being eradicated and taken away. We forget that the Bible calls homosexuality. Sin, it's because you've not been reading. You have not been reading. Just go back and read Romans chapter one you'll find that there It's because people have lost the knowledge of God. Their Hearts and minds become darkened with sin that we begin to call light darkness and darkness light. And when the truth comes, you don't like it and Jesus had to say, look, this isn't the word on the faithful and true witness. But yet somehow we give excuses as to why we can continue this way. Excuses like what? You don't understand how I feel. I don't need to understand how you feel, friends, I don't even understand how a murderer of feels before they kill somebody. But I know that I can reach them by the Grace of God with His word. God understands. I don't need to understand what we give excuses or how I'm going to feed my family. I don't know, but God will take care of you. Because we he has not seen the righteous begging bread or going hungry yet. God will take care of you. We don't need to understand, we just need to know that God is a faithful and true witness. And that if we follow him, we're putting our lives into the greatest and the biggest and the strongest, and the most loving God who says I will never leave you, no forsake you. And if you didn't leave US and forsake US before when we were in sin, why would he do it now? When we are willing to follow him and walk in the path of righteousness? Yes, They'll be difficult times. There's a Strait gate that we got to go through, it's difficult. It takes a faith, it takes clean on to the promises of God, even though we don't see the way ahead of US. God says you can hold on and you can Trust me. But somehow the Ladies see in church things God is Yes, he's there, but I still got a hold on to parts of my life. And so we allow the World to creep in throughout the World to creep in friends. This is the condition of our church today. Our generation and dare I say even the 7th Day Adventist Church For it is in Matthew 25, the Church of God is pictured there as 10 virgins and all 10 of them fell asleep friends. And you know what temperature is the best water to sleep in? Luke warm water, we've allowed the church to get stuck to the World and the World is creeping in and friends were making excuses as to why we are allowed to live this way. And then when the preacher gets up and preaches a straight truth, you call them judge mental. Instead of going back to search the word of God, Friends, we got to go back to our knees and humbly seek the Word of God in His will to see what God desires of US in this time. Revelation chapter 3 in verse 18. Here's a solution. I counsel the to buy me gold tried in the fire that the rich and white Rayment of Bellamy's be clothed and that the shame of the nakedness do not appear and anoint. Dein, eyes with a cell that dummy asked see friends, what is that gold? Now that you're rich, you're rich in faith, you're not poor in faith any longer now that you are rich in faith, God says you got to buy it though It's going to cost you something. If you want to be saved friends, you've got to deny self. You know, that is not just a walk in the Park when Jesus was on the path to get $70.00. It was not just a walk in the Park. Friends. He swept great drops of blood and don't think that there's nothing for US to be saved to do for US to be saved. None of US are going to be saved in idleness. But as you reach out to God and you begin to spend time in his scriptures, you've got to make that time friends. I mean, some of you got to wake up early or it seems some of you that will have to end your work early and earn a little bit less. Some of you might even have to quit your job just so that you can be saved. Some of you might have to quit your studies Just so that you can be saved. Friends, there is a Cross for US to, to bear. And Jesus says, here, you got to buy. You got to work for it. There is a work that we have to be doing and it's got nothing to do with work your way to Salvation and, and to be saved friends. The fact that you read the Bible and you grew in faith, it is all God. He is the one that gave you the impulse. He's the one that wakes you up. You got trouble waking up before you go to sleep, pray God, please wake me up. He'll do it. He will. But we've got to be willing. That's why Jesus picture later as knocking on the door of your heart, you got to be willing. You got to agree, you've got to see. You've got to understand that you are hopelessly lost or else God cannot do anything to save you or to help you friends. By of me. Gold tried in the fire and white Raymond's that white. Raman is the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Friends is nothing that you can do, but that does come with a cost Righteousness by faith. That's what it is, friends, and anoint, done eyes with eyes. Sell that doll mayest see. You know what? Ice Elvis friends. Let's go to 1st Samuel chapter 9 and verse 9. 1st Samuel chapter 9 and verse 9 upon this basis of which God has to open our eyes and help US to see our condition and help US to realize where we are so that we can begin to make amends and begin to move 1st Samuel Chapter 9 in verse 9, before time in Israel, when a man went to inquire of God. Thus he spake: Come, let US go to the c.e.o. For he that is now called a prophet was before time called c.-a friends. What helps US to see it is the prophets. What about the prophets? Well, there are some that have are not in the Bible that have not written a single word of Scripture prophets such as Nathan prophets such as Gad, prop the greatest of all prophets and John the Baptist. These people are not real. All Thers of the Bible, but yet they are the some of the greatest. And you know what the prophet is. He speaks the truth for our present time. And some of US we have neglected the writings of Ellen White. Some of US we neglected it because we know that is speak so clearly against our we could have it's we know that is too clear. And so when we heard the words spoken from the pulpit, when someone quoted scripture all of US or a paragraph from Ellen White, we get upset because it cuts to me. And we think that that the pastor has got something against me. And sometimes friends, we do preach it in the wrong way. I know I have, I've quoted Ellen White in the wrong manner before. And it's offended people. It's got people upset. We have to do it tactfully. Yes. But even in the most tactful of times, in the most loving of times, there are some people that rise up against Ellen White because they have a problem with her and saying why, why all you do is quote Ellen White. But have God given US a problem for these last days, friends to help US to see our condition. We are to love. We're going to be appreciative of her writings. And so God has given US the Holy Word and the writings of the prophets in these last days to guide US to help US to see. And if we would just read, if we would just read a year from now, I know that your life will be much better off for having taken that time to read His Word and the pen of inspiration by Ellen White Look. Jesus says in verse 19, as many as I love, the rebuke, unchastened be zealous, therefore, and repent. What do we need to repent from our LUKE warm condition? But friends, you cannot repent until you see clearly what needs to be repented of what needs to change in your life today. What needs to be thrown out, but in your House this, in your room. Maybe you need to break off a relationship that you know is not right. Do you see that? And this is not even Ellen White. This is the Bible, be not an equally yoked together with unbelievers and some people say Yes, but leave me alone. And then we give excuses like what, well this person is, is better and they have a better character than the one that's an advantage in the church will give this person so so horrible. And Yes, somehow we seem to agree, but that's just an excuse, Francis follow the Bible Ima, the faithful and true witness. But it's so difficult to convince people, and that's the problem, friends. We've allowed all sorts of manner of things to creep into our church. And God don't like this lukewarm condition friends today. God is still asking US to change. He's still asking US to repent. And if we would pray you don't know you pray. God. Show me. See if there be any we could weigh in me. Lead me in the way everlasting friends. If you pray that pray, God will show you what needs to change. I still remember 20 years ago when I went in Council with this preacher that came in from overseas, he was our evangelist to church come speaker. He came a few times and I counsel with him and I had problems because I was a youth leader at that time and I had Big problems with the use. What counts with him and you know what? He said? I went away from that, that whole situation, realizing that I couldn't help the youth because I was in a horrible condition. I wasn't living up to the light and the standard of God's word. I couldn't help the church. I couldn't help the youth. And friends, I pray that this morning, God would shine the light of His Word upon our Hearts and lives and help US to see where we are deficient. That we might quickly run to him. All common to me, all Ye that are burdened and heavy Laden will give you rest come to me and learn of me for I am Meek and lowly in Hearts. You shall find, rest and see yourselves friends, do you see the need of Jesus in your life? Today, do you realize that maybe you've been making excuses for far too long? About your walk with Christ? Friends, Jesus knocking on the door of your heart today. He's knocking in a saying, when you let me in Stop making excuses as to why you can't open the door slightly and give me a chance. Give me a try test me. See if your life will not be better. To many of US. Our excuses are going to send US to Hell at the end of time. But Jesus is still knocking. And it doesn't matter how long you've been in sin. It is a matter how long you've been living a certain way. The truth will set you free and of you will be set free. God says He will set you free in deed. He says, I am come that you might have life and to have it more abundantly. Don't think that the way you're living is the most abundant life right now. You haven't even tasted it yet unless you are walking According to His will and His way. And God, he's standing right there this morning and he's not human or you're my son. My daughter won't you let me in The end? What are you still holding on to some of you, Conservative Adventists. You seem to dress so nice but you still chasing after the world's goods of friends from top to bottom, God's church is in trouble. We a lukewarm. We got a lot of Christ to come in. Friends. Wanted to let him into day to day of you hear his voice. Harden not your Hearts. Don't allow that knocking to get softer. That we keep pushing away the promptings of the Holy Spirit in our Hearts and in our lives. Let's open the door today before it's too late. We don't know what's going to happen Tomorrow. We don't know what will happen this afternoon. But one thing for sure is if we are good in the arms of Christ, even if God allows US to have our lives taken away, we will be hid until he calls US forth on the Resurrection Day. Friends. Today we've got to stop making excuses. Stop saying it's this sort of preacher and that sort of Pastor and you're that sort of person. That's why you're preaching the sort of message friends I've preached to you the Word of God. And now you've got to respond. It's so difficult to get people to respond online. I don't know how you're thinking. I don't know how you're feeling. Maybe you've already switched off. And somehow as I was sharing this, this message to the salt students 2 weeks ago, just spoke to my heart made me realize that there are areas in my life that I've allowed the World to creep in and friends. It's not too late. God is merciful, tender. He's loving. He wants to guide your life. Why don't you let go? Let go of your excuses. Some of you need to let go of your job. Some of you need to let go. Of your studies. Some of you. I don't know. I can't think enough situations to give you all these examples, but I know that God, He wants US to change today and he's knocking Are you willing to surrender? Are you willing to say God? Today? I give you everything. And you go to show me 1st that how can by that goal, what I need to give up so that I can buy exchange so that I can have you the rose of Sharon, the Prince of peace. That we can make him the Apple of our eye. Friends. Let's above all, put Jesus 1st. Not just today. But in these coming weeks, we still have 2 weeks left pretty much of being in Lockdown. If you've wasted your time for the purse far past one and a half months, we can still make amends. We can still redeem the time. We got to come back to him. And he will today, as he wanted to 2 months ago, transform this into his image and his character. And then as we overcome in Revelation chapter 3, verse 21 is says, I will grant you to sit with me in my throne, even as I sat down in my father's throne, we get to sit on the throne of Jesus Christ, our father as well. We become sons and daughters. That is the greatest promise that God can give US. We will inherit all things and so friends only yesterday, as we give our life to Christ. Let's Weeper side the excuses. Let's stop trying to justify our sorry stories and are sorry conditions. Jesus grew up in a wicked town of Nazareth poor. He had to work as a Carpenter for the 1st, 30 years of his life. Only then he came, went forward as the Son of Man and so friends, Let's put aside our sorry excuses. Let's not have to try to explain our situation away. You're in that place because God allowed you to be there unless you walked out of his will. But even as you've walked out of his will, and you come back to him, he can turn all that into a blessing. Just like how Jonah ran from God in Jonah chapter one. And even though he was disobedient, and God sent that wind to try to save him, those Shipman were converted as joiner repented. So friends know the condition that you're in is not too far that God cannot save you today. Let's come back to him. Let's again to Let's give our Hearts and lives back to him today. Let's pray. Father in Heaven. Lord, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being so merciful to US. Thank you for loving US with an everlasting love. Thank you Lord, that even in our rebellion and our excuses, you're still waiting and you're watching. And today, Lord, you are waiting and you're watching for your children and father, as we have heard this message, I pray that we would respond accordingly in our Hearts, in our lives, in our homes, that you would begin the work and finish it in the day of Jesus Christ and His appearing before the police today. As we surrender our lives to you, Help US to not make any more excuses. Let US call sin by what it really is. And I pray that you'd clothe the US with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Take away that sin, Lord, from our Hearts, help US to confess, help US to repent help US to turn that we might see Jesus and His righteousness. So guide US a lot of that time. And in that day, when you come in, the clouds of glory lot help US to say we have waited for you. This is a Lord. And you'll call US your children. A lot today. Teach US what it means to buy the gold. By the white Raymond's. And by that I say, Well this is an especially in print we pray, Jesus' name, Amen. This media was brought to you by audio force, a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse, or if you would like to listen to more sermons, pleaded visit W W W dot audio Verse dot Org.


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