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Fear God

Benjamin Ng
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  • June 13, 2020
    12:00 PM
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Father in Heaven, thank you so much for this time. I thank you that we can come and study together. And I just ask for your leading, ask for your guidance. A lot I plead for your presence. For without you we can do nothing. I can definitely not be a blessing because you are the source of all blessings. And so unless your presence goes with US right now, Lord, we do not move forward. Police pour out your spirit upon US. Grace US with our presence. This is our earnest plea and prayer. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen. Last week, I asked a question, what is our responsibility during this time of m. C. O. What is our responsibility during this time of pandemic? And I ended with one simple conclusion, we got to preach, we got to share the Gospel. I was glad to see one of the young people share the Gospel this morning on Facebook. Oh, it touched my heart. It was so wonderful to see that. I just hope and pray that more of US would just jump online and preach. But Here's the question that I have for you this morning. That is a somewhat of a continuation from what we studied last week. What should we be preaching? And if you're a good 7, they have an assist. And if you've been attending church for a long enough, you know what Tex, I'm going to go to Revelation Chapter 4 team. Let's turn though. It's called the 1st 2nd and 3rd Angel's messages. Revelation 14 verse 6, the Bible says this, and I saw another Angel fly in the midst of Heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach on for them that well on the Earth and every nation, kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made Heaven and Earth and the sea and the fountains of waters. Friends, this is the 1st Angels message it wherever we should start. I believe we should start right here. Friends. We are told that this Gospel is the everlasting Gospel, and it goes to the whole World to every nation, kindred tongue and people. This is the Gospel that we go to preach to everybody in Matthew 2414 and then Jesus Christ will come. But friends, I want to spoil focus specifically this hour on what it means to fear God, The 1st part of the 1st Angels message. Where do we see fear God mentioned in the Bible? Doesn't mean God wants US to be afraid. Absolutely not. He's on asking US to be afraid of him, but where do we see fear God? 1st mentioned in the Bible. Let's turn to Bob. So Genesis Chapter 22. Let's turn our Bibles there to Genesis Chapter $22.00 Familia story. But this is the story where it's 1st mentioned about fearing. God, God comes to Abraham and asks him to sacrifice his son. Let's start there in verse one, Genesis $22.00, verse one. The Bible says, and it came to pass after these things that God did tempt Abraham and Senate to him. Abraham and he said on to any and he said, Behold, here I am. And he said Take No, they Sunday, an only son Isaac, whom the love assist and get the into the land of Mariah and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the Mountains, which I'll tell the of do you know, inspirations tells US in the spirit of prophecy that that voice that came to him that that was gone. And that voice that came to him to give him the instruction to go sacrifice his son. It only came to him once and it never came back again. Not until Abraham was on the mountain ready to sacrifice a son. We're told that he actually went back to that tree where he met the 3 visitors the 2 that went on to Saddam to tell them too, it was going to be destroyed. The other one was Jesus, he went back to that tree and waited, and no one came. The voice was silent from the time it came to him that morning. And Abraham, Without hesitation, he could have said all, maybe I've got a bit Crazy, maybe gone, said I'll maybe you could just stay there and waited for God to come back to him. But he didn't. What is a say in verse 3? Abraham rose up early in the morning, sat on his ass and took 2 of his young men with him. And I was like his son and Clave the wood for the burnt offering and rose up and went on to the place which God had told him he had a few days to think about this command. And I think, you know, sometimes for US, the longer we have the less likely we're going to obey. You know that. But Abraham, he had a few days to consider this. C'mon, go, your son, your only son whom you love. Offer him for an offering US on an altar that I'm going to show you on Abraham. He had a few days to think about this verse fall on the 3rd day. Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the place of far off. And Abraham said to the young man, abide eat here with US, and I know that will go Yonder and worship and come again to you. So the 2 of them, Abraham and Isaac, they're going up the mountain and when he gets there, he finally tells his son Isaac son, lie down. God told me, I've got to sacrifice you. It just goes to the goods sort of home training that Abraham had with his whole family because his son willingly lay down allowed his that to buy in his arms. He was over 100 years old. By this time he was a 100 when he had Isaac. He was an old man, weak, and his son could have easily overpowered him and run home and said, I'm telling Mum. But he doesn't. His son lays down and he willingly allows his father to, to Go ahead with the process of which he said, God had told him. So he ties his son up, puts him on the altar and look at this verse 10, Genesis 22, and verse 10. The Bible says and Abraham stretch forth his hand and took the knife to slay his son. And the Angel of the Lord quoted on to him and said Abraham Abraham, he said here and he was ready to kill his son. Plunged that knife down into his chest, slit his throat, whatever he was ready to do. It was only at that point that God calls out from Heaven and he says, Abraham stop, stop. And Iran him says here I am. And he says what? Verse 12 laid not one hand upon the lead, neither do the anything under him. For now, I know that the fear, wrist God, seeing though, has not withheld by son. They normally, son from me. God says it is now that I know that you fear me. And Abraham was not pressured into doing this because he was afraid of God. He did this because he loved God above his son about his wife, about his possessions. Love anything. And Isaac really was his cherished son, his most prized possession. If you could call him that on this Earth, and Abraham was willing to sacrifice Abraham was willing to obey even when he didn't understand. The reason why friends look. Did Abraham Understand the command of God when God came to him? Yes, he did. Did Abraham understand what God wanted him to do? Yes, go offer your son, Isaac as a sacrifice on an altar that I'm going to show you on a mountain are going to show you. He understood the command, but did he understand why? If he had understood the reason why he would not have gone to the tree, that one speaks of and waited for the 3 strangers that he had met before the 3 visitors. If Abraham understood why he would not have gone there to try to get an explanation, the explanation that Abraham needed was not. What should I do? God, I didn't understand it. Are you sure this is what I want to do? If he had not understood it, God would have come a says Yes, Abraham go for your son as a sacrifice. He understood the command. But he didn't know why. God, why do you want me to sacrifice my son? Why? And you see what we see from this? And when we come to understand, when God says Now I know that you fear me. What we're really seeing here is unquestioning obedience. He still obeyed even when he didn't understand the reason why God, How's this going to benefit me? God, How. How is this going to add to my spiritual growth? God, if I sacrifice my son other pagan Nations around, we will think I'm more pagan, that the God that I worship wants me to sacrifice children is going to make you look bad. And he could have reasoned his way out of obedience friends he could've. But instead of that, he went ahead to sacrifice his son to the point that he had the knife stretched out. And his son was lying there on the altar. And he's ready to kill him. To see that Obeying even when you don't understand the reason why friends, this is the 1st lesson that we must learn when it comes to God. When it comes to faith. When it comes to following Jesus early learning to obey. Even when you don't understand the reason why the command is clear, such as Remember the Sabbath day to keep Holy don't work, don't make others work. But you may not understand. The reason why is to God Look Friday night and Saturday are the busiest times of my restaurant. If you really loved me, you'd let me open. Just let me do it. You see that? Or you might understand the reason why God says, don't be an equally yoked with unbelievers. God, I'm, I'm 35, I'm 40, there's nobody there. And that is that I've all dated. Their horrible does not have been a says better than all the other administers added together in my past. And we don't ascend the reason why, but yet God says, don't be unequally yoked or God says, Hey, don't drink coffee. Caffeine is not good for you yet says of their own sanctified life friends. And God says stay away from that God. I've been drinking coffee all my life. I haven't got any problems. My health is perfectly fine and I just need to wake myself up on not addicted to it and we give God, all sorts of reasons, isn't it? And we want a scientific answer before we will put our foot forward and say Ok God, you know, if God had explained the whole plants to Abraham before he went forward, he wouldn't have to rely on faith anymore. He would have to Trust God. I'm going to go there and you going to stop me? Yeah. I mean if God is going to explain like that, there was no point him going, isn't it? And so it is friends, if we want to fear God, we got to learn to obey. Even when we don't understand the reason why, but friends, do you know that you will never do that unless you Trust God? Unless you love God, right? You want obey, you don't know who this is. Especially with such an extreme example like this, kill your son. Abraham, he knew God, he trusted God, and when God came to him and he says, Abraham, I want you to do this. He knew that it was non-negotiable. I love and Trust him on the do this because he knows what's best for me. Do you see that? So really when it comes to fearing God, learning to obey before you understand the reason why there must be this relationship, this Foundation of Trust and love. Let's go and look at what else it means to fear God. Exodus Chapter 20 and verse 20, Let's go to Exodus Chapter 20 and verse 20. The Bible says this Exodus 20 and verse 20. And Moses said, and of the people, fear not for God is come to prove you and that his fear may be before your faces. That you what sin not. If God's fear is before your faces, you will not sin. Let me say simply, friends, you will never have victory over sin. If you need the reason for everything that God asks you to do. If we don't learn to obey unquestioningly without understanding the reason why we will never have victory. Let's go to Ecclesiasticus, Chapter 12, and verse the scene. Just putting a few texts together. A CLI's E.S.C.'s chapter 12, and verse 13 Psalms. Proverbs Ecclesiastes, the Chapter 12, The last chapter 2nd. Last verse of the whole book. The Bible says here, let US hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God, and keep His Commandments for this is the whole duty of men. Friends. We will never keep God's 10 colones. We will never have victory over sin because sin is a transgression of the law. We will never keep his Commandments Purrfect only unless we learn to Trust Him and obey Him even when we don't understand. The reason why God, I don't see how this will benefit me. God, I don't understand how I can be a blessing if I do this. God, I don't understand, we understand the command. But we don't understand the reason why. And so many times when we're waiting for this reason why it's almost as if we're afraid that God is trying to take all the fun out of our lives. That's really the why we come with a sort of attitude sometimes isn't it? But you know the Bible takes it even one step further is not just obeying the 10 Commandments. Let's go to Psalms $112.00 and verse one, Psalms $112.00 and verse one. Look at what the Bible says, Psalms 112 and verse one. Praise you, the Lord. Bless is the man that fear, the Lord that delight greatly in his Commandments. Friends, God doesn't want US just to obey his Commandments. He wants US to obey. With great delight. You know some of US, we go to church and we hate going to church. It's like a chain and a wall around US and as it would drag there are Ok. Got to go to church today. That's what I used to be like grown up. I was I didn't go to administrate all in high school. My College was an Adventist, my friends, they always met upon Saturday. Saturday was the day to meet up. Hang out, have fun, Friday nights a day to go out for drinks and they always or when I stopped on Friday and Saturday, I couldn't go and I would tell them so. Sadly, I couldn't go if you organize time stuff on other days. I'll be there. They never did, it was always on a Sabbath. And it was, it was said, I never got to knew my College mates. I didn't get to really hang out with them and get to know them. My focus was always at church. I did have a great friendship. My church, I thank the Lord for the youth group that we built there. But you know, sometimes going to church was I was dragging my feet. It wasn't something that I always enjoyed. And even though sometimes it seems like we outwardly obey, we're not happy or being, but God says, if you fear the Lord Psalms 112 US, one, you will not only keep my Commandments, but you'll delight greatly in keeping it how Psalms chapter one and verse 2. Psalms chapter one and verse 2. Let's go there. Here are some examples of delighting Psalms Chapter one Verse 2. The Bible says, but his delight is where in the law of the Lord and in his law, he meditates what day and night. Here is an example of a man who meditate on the Lord day and night, and he is so happy doing it. Friends. You got to be the lighting in, in walking with a lot in doing your daily devotions. Don't consider it just a responsibility at the beginning in might but hopefully it begins to grow and become something that you just cannot Miss or skip. But now Let's also go to Isaiah $58.00 and verse 13, Isaiah $58.00 and verse 13. This is what the Bible says, if thou turn away the foot from the Sabbath, from doing by pleasure on my Holy day, and call the Sabbath a delight, the Holy of the Lord on rable and shall honor him. Not do 9 or in ways not finding their own pleasure, nor speaking. I know in words, Guess what, friends. We got a delight in the Sabbath. It's got to be a day of pleasure, a day that we look forward to a day that makes US happy, not a day that we can't wait to for it to be over. So I can go back to doing my normal routine. But friends, Sabbath has got to be something that we look forward to, not just so that you can sleep, but that you can spend time with your Savior or friends. You know, to many of US we, we sleep the Sabbath away so that we have enough energy on Saturday night to go and play with my friends, our friends, you know, that's what many of US like sometimes. But the Sabbath should be the main meal should be the main focus. And if you've got energy after that on a Saturday night, Sure, by all means go. If not just tell your friends, I'm too tired, I can go. Because God is more important. Do you see that some of you sat with keepers out there? You keep the Sabbath, but you don't delight in it. It's obvious from when you come to church and you step in through the door, you're there, but you're really not there. And you can't wait to leave, so you can go home and rest and is considered like a duty. But friends, God wants US to delight. Otherwise will never obey. Don't think that your half hearted fake obedience is enough to get you into Heaven. God reads the heart, he sees intentions and you know what? Sometimes as human beings, we see the intentions to friends. That's why I'm talking about it. But how can we delight the light so that we can really have meaning behind what it means to fear God. Let's go to some Chapter 40 and verse 8. Psalms Chapter 40 and verse 8. Here's what the Bible I delight to do the will. Oh my God. Yea, the laws where within my heart Let's turn our Bibles. So hubris, chapter 10 and verse 16. I want to look at this heart because the Bible says that we, if we want to delight in the law of God, If we really want to fear God and understand what that real meaning behind. If your God is we got to allow God to write his law, where in our Hearts we got to have the law within our heart. But he was 1016 is a little bit different. Let's go to he was 1016 talking about this New Covenant. Ok. This is the Covenant that I will make with them after those days saith the Lord. I will put my law into their Hearts and in their minds will I write them the heart? There is not this heart that pumps blood. No, no, no. The heart is right here, but so is the mind. Why does it seem like Hebrews 10 is talking about the mind twice? Is God just repeating himself? No, he's talking about the heart because it's more emotional. The mind. More intellectual? Look friends. When it comes to heart and mind when it comes to obedience to the law of God, we will never keep the Law of God unless we allow God to write his law in our heart. And in our mind, the emotional and also the intellectual. We need both. Yes, we need both. But the heart is very, very important. Having the law written in your heart will attest to the fact that it's also written in your mind what I mean by this. Look, let me tell you the differences between Hearts and mind. God doesn't want just intellectual obedience. I'm there. I'm a church of you leave me alone. I'm here. I'm keeping God's Commandments. That's a the honest I want to me. But God wants you to enjoy the Sabbath As well. And so what comes 1st? Let me show you this experience, why, why it's so important. A person who smokes, do you think intellectually know that when they smoke is going to kill them? That smoking causes lung cancer, you see it on the cigarette packs, still it's got all the gory images or maybe just text, right. But the person who spoke, so they know that smoking is going to cause lung cancer sooner or later, right? Some just don't care. Even though intellectually, they know why because the law is not in their Hearts, they don't enjoy, not smoking, they enjoy smoking more. The thrill that it gives them the Joy that it gives them the satisfaction that it gives them the smoking that it causes in their, the feelings they enjoy it more than any intellectual knowledge of knowing that one day I might die early because I've been smoking, they don't care, intellectual knowledge is not enough to save US. Do you know that what we need is also Hearts knowledge. Friends, what comes 1st, Intellectual or heart? You can probably have pretty fair arguments for both, but I dare say. Intellectual needs to come 1st before you can enjoy. See the blessings have the emotional response come. And sometimes, you know, when we look at Dating, it's usually this one in the emotional comes to US all she's so pretty and, Oh, she makes me so feel so special and the emotions are on a high. But you know, if you want true love that intellectuals got to come 1st, it's got to otherwise the emotional, I mean of it starts off emotional, a lonely loss for a short little time. And this is a case, brutally too. Sometimes you help from a church member and so if you want to come to church and you find out it's boring. Thank you. God, but no thanks. You know, and so we have the emotional for a short time, and that's the case too, with relationships. If you only have the emotional, you get to know them. You realize, Oh, I actually don't really like you that much. And you're Greg and you figure out ways to get out of the relationship. You know what I mean? You need this 1st before the emotions can come. Let me give you an example. Ok. I love Duryea. I think of love that since I was born. But there are some people. They don't like it. But you know, you can learn to like it. And Let me describe it so you and you get that intellectual knowledge about why doing is so tasty. It's creamy, It's like custard, it's beautiful. It's sweet. It smells wonderful. And of course, when you come to the contacts of the real thing, it doesn't smell that great. It looks Forney and dangerous on the outside. But intellectually, you took your friend has told you that it's good if you've never tried it before. So you come to Malaysia with high expectations and you get there and it smells a bit funny. But intellectually, you're willing to give it a try. At 1st, maybe you don't like it, But it's Ok and then Ok, your friend tells you, go to tights 7 times before you fall in love with it. So you want to try it 7 times and guess what? By the end of the 7th time, you're in love. With your Emotional response. You understand that you have got to have both. You got to have both. And when it comes to God's law, you've got to have both. You can't just intellectually know what the lore of God is, but there has to be an emotional response to see the blessing behind it as well. Friends, God wants to write the law in your heart and in your mind, not just your mind, only he doesn't want you just to memorize the 10 Commandments, which I asked you to do last night. But he wants you to have an emotional blessing and a response with seeing how the 10 commands of Blessed you and you delight in it. The light in the Sabbath, the light in searching his law. You delight and and then you walk with Christ. It's not just system, I'm processes and I know that this is good for me and will give me victory and give me peace and eventually somewhere will give me of tunnel. Life is not intellectual anymore. But it's a blessing. And it's something you delighted and when you can do that, friends, some 119 verse, 11, the value word have I hid in my heart that I might not what sin against you. Let's put in the positive that I wouldn't have I had in my heart that I might keep your 10 Commandments. Is going to be in the heart, not just the mind, not just intellectually, but also emotionally. That's why God says, if you love me, keep my Commandments. And Yes, it's a principle by which we By which we live by. Love is not an emotion simply. But that Hotz is referring to that area of love and Joy and peace and, and contentment. All these things that come from God, but friends, how can we build that love for him? When it, when it comes to fear, God, how can we truly fear him? Let's turn up. I was to Psalms 130 and look at verse 3 and 4 with me. Psalms 130 verses 3 and 4 some 130 verse 3 and 4. The Bible says this. If the Lord should smok iniquities or Lord who shall stand. But there is forgiveness with v. that Val may as be what feared guess what? When it comes to fearing God, we will not be able to fear God truly, to keep his Commandments unless we have experienced his forgiveness. You know why this is so important? Tone with Mina by was to Luke Chapter 7 and verse 47. Luke 7, verse 47. The Bible says this, Luke Chapter 7, verse 47. Why is forgiveness so important? Where for our sins of the host sins which are many Speaking of Mary Magdalen, who is washing Jesus' feet her sins are many the but they are forgiven for she loved much to whom little is forgiven the same love Earth little you know, God had spared Mary of that ridicule and scorn in her life her self when the, the fairest seas in the prison were ready to stone or because she was caught in adultery in the very Act. But God had forgiven Earth, so had Jesus. And so she loved Christ. She loved him him much. She was willing to spend a whole year's salary on this perf, you know, who's going to break over his head and wash his feet as well with her hair. Friends. Where does love come from? To the extent of how much we understand, God has forgiven US. How much is he forgiven? You? Do you understand that he's given you a 2nd lease on life? You understand the blessings that he's bestowed upon you and poured upon your life. When you understand that you can of love and you can understand what it means truly to fear God. Friends. This is why I love a song Paula: this is why Trust a soul portal. But these 2 things are built upon forgiveness. Understanding how much God has forgiven you. I want to show quote, with you taken from the pen of inspiration, Gospel workers, 259, paragraph 2. Faith is what, trusting in God, believing that he loves US and knows what is for our best good. Thus, instead of our own way, it leads US to choose his way in place of ignorance, that accepts his wisdom in place of our weakness, his strength in place of our sinfulness, his righteousness, our lives, ourselves, our already his faith acknowledges his ownership and accept His blessings. Do you see that faith is trusting in God, believing what that He loves US and knows what is for our best? Good friends, if you are 30 years, 40 years old and you're single, Trust God, He knows what is for your best good. You might. And people might even say and point to examples in, in your life saying this is the reason why you're still single. Oh no friends. If you love God, God turns all these, these proceed bad situations to good ones. And if you're still single at this point, God knows he knows as for your blessing, you understand that Trust him And believe that he loves you and that whatever is happening to you as you follow him. It's for your best good, even if you lose a job, even if you're financially stretched understand somehow that God, He knows what is for your best good. And he's holding you under the fire. Just that bit longer. For your benefit. And not his you know, friends. You wouldn't love somebody, you don't know. Right? You wouldn't Trust somebody. You don't know. So God is not asking you to Trust him. If you don't know him, he's asking you 1st to get to know him that. And Abraham, Why was he able to fear God? Why was he able to get to that point where he was willing to sacrifice his son? We've never seen that ever before. And since that time as well, no one has called to endure such a test like that. Yes, all our trials are different. And maybe to that same extent, but why was Abraham unable to fear God and obey without even understand the reason why is because he had a relationship with God, a deep and abiding trusting relationship. He knew who his God was. So when God came to him in Genesis 22 and said Abraham, I want you to offer your son Isaac on the altar, then I'm going to show you. He knew that was God. He knew that was the voice of God. He didn't doubt. In that sense, God, is that really you are you sure? Have I gone Crazy about lost my mind? No, he didn't come to that point with his experience with God. He knew and he built it. It wasn't just overnight. God is asking you to to just step out in faith and start walking in water just like that. No. In Genesis 12, when God came to Mrs. Abraham, I want you to leave your country. He left. It was building. Yes, he had his shortcomings here and there he lied. He, he, he took Hagar for wife and had Ishmael. Right. But overall, Abraham was building his faith step by step. And so when God called him to do the outrageous, he was still willing to do it because he knew who his God was. God had proved himself over than over to Abraham. And it was scary, probably it was fearful. And you hear the question is hard, but he still moves forward. He still obeyed obedience. Even when you don't understand the reason why today, friends, we need such experience in our lives. You've got to prove his promise is true to you. You got to have a personal experience with God. God, Yes, he never allows US to go right just to go hungry or to to suffer without bread or water. He says that bread and water shall be sure, but we've got to make sure we're not presumptuous. You know what I mean by that? Maybe you claim that promise today, but in order for God to fulfill that promise, maybe you need to cut down your level lifestyle and your spending. Maybe some of you are hungry and lacking water because you're being presumptuous beyond God's promises. Maybe you read the promise about giving tithe and how God will pour out the blessing upon you and Malakai chapter 3, right. And he doesn't poured out just so that you can live a higher life and a more lavish life, an expensive life. Look at the promise of Malikai chapter 3. When he says, I'll pour you out that blessing, there won't be enough room to receive it. He says, I'm going to rebuke the Divine for your sakes, meaning your clothes are going to last longer. Your cars going to last longer. So if you're expecting got to Port a blessing upon your life so that you can get more clothes and a bigger House and a bigger car and New this New that you've been presumptious got to change. So we got to be careful about not being presumptuous about God's promises friends. Maybe today, if you go through a trial, Let's really examine our lives 1st. Let's not think it simply, the Devil is hurting US. Maybe God wants a change. Us in some area of our life. So he puts you under the heat. He allows you to come to a point where you can stop and pause. Like all of US have during this coven, 19 isn't it? We've had chances to think about our lives and you know, maybe realize that we're not fearing God to the extent that we need to obeying even when you don't understand. The reason why it's about just over 10 years ago that I left US 10 years and 9 months to be exact. Back in 2009, I still remember we landed the day before my mother in Law's birthday and we want marriage at that time. I was dating Ye, and I was working in Ministry at that time. I was in a Pastor, I was working in a Ministry as a full time Gospel worker. I helped with the media. I train the Bible workers. I was travelling to preach life was good at that time, but it was great. It was a flexible schedule, living in San Diego over there in California. But the global financial crisis from 2008 trickled over into 2009, and it affected the Ministry that I was working at with my brother then, and a few others. You was there to my then the, at that point she was my girlfriend were just dating. And I was single, I didn't have the pressure of support a family to provide for children at that time. So I came back to Malaysia. The reason was because years from Malaysia and she was coming back and if I, if I went back home to Australia, I don't know when I was going to see her again. I might that might be the end of our relationship. You know? So far. So I came back to Malaysia here and I was waiting for other offers to come up. I was waiting for other opportunities that were in US to to still come up. And so I waited for a few months about 3 months and 3 months passed. And the office kind of fell through and so I got a bit desperate. You know, I have a i.t. degree. I bet I graduate graduated with a bachelor's in information technology in Australia. And so I started to take some i.t. interviews. I had a friend who worked in h.r., she live, You're watching, You're the one that helped me get the interview as well. And I went for the interview and several others. And all of them required me to work on Sabbath. They all required me to work on Sabbath and my stand was very simple and firm. There was no, no to go. She and I was not going to work on Sabbath no matter what you want to do if you want. If I took calls on Saturday night, sure, I'll come to work on Saturday and I was willing but Sabbath was a non-negotiable. And the seem Crazy at that time why I had to support myself. You know, it's just a tell you how even crazier it seemed I was living at parents' place. My in-laws soon to be in last place, sleeping in the room with her grandfather and no job lying on the couch for months watching t.v. and do all these things that I was I knew I should be doing. And my, my father more must have been sitting there. All my mother in law must be sitting there wondering what is this Guy doing? No job. Doesn't seem worried that I was just taking some interviews and I said no to them. I was offered a job, but I said no, it seemed Crazy. Right? I mean Ben, you should be desperate. You should start working and supporting yourself at that time was 29 years old. What are you doing better? Get your life on track, get your career up to speed and start working again, right? Sabbath was a non-negotiable and people didn't understand why our. I still didn't know what was going to happen and as I rejected the offers, I began to be desperate. And I prayed one day, I still remember this, I prayed and said, God, I'll take whatever you give me. Just give me something in OSs tired of sitting around. Sure as ball free will than Izing a wedding. I proposed to my wife and I asked permission from the parents, both of them while I was jobless staying at their House. And they both said Yes, God was good. You understand this. Sometimes from the secular mindset, from the logical mindset, it makes no sense. And I've heard some of you said all, no, no, no, no. I got a this much before I can get married. But you don't think so. You follow God. But I began to be dust right now, so I prayed this, pray, God, I'll take whatever you give me. Within that week, my friend, good friend who graduate from theology school with me. He'd been passing in Taiwan for a few years. And he called me and says, Ben, they're looking for a chaplain here in the administration school. I said, I'll take it without thought, just God, this is you, I'll take it. You know, I've been praying, and I couldn't have such a confident answer. If I had not been praying and so I put my, put on my resume and guess what, within a week, less than a week they got back to me and they said you're hired. I was like so shocked. Like. Ok. Well, You know, if there was no interview, I just send in my resume and the reply came back. You're hired. I never spoke to the principal at all. And it was amazing. So off I went to Taiwan and the not knowing the horror that would await me there. Some of you know my story. I found out that I'm not made to teach high school Bible letting students sleep in class because they know that Bible class is not the most important thing for their g.p.a.. You know, so it stressed me out every day and I knew that I was leaving, but I was faithful to my work. I stayed true to my commitments. I wrote out the one year. But the principal knew there was no way on this Earth. I was coming back, You know, so I was ready to leave and it just so happened that my friend asked me to come. He was ready to leave to go back to St. Louis. He was done with posturing in Taiwan. He wanted to leave him and his wife, they wanted to go home. And he said, Ben, Why don't you try a posturing? I said, no, thank you. I never want to be a pastor as you all know. But he said, consider a long story short. I ended up accepting it, and I've been in Ministry since 2011. Some of you ask, you've asked me why Benjamin in 2013, that's what my Facebook pages, that's what my Youtube channel is. 2013 was the year I was ordained in the Gospel Ministry 2 years after I started posturing. And that was very clear evidence that God wants me to stay in Ministry. As a pastor. If it wasn't for saying no to the i.t. job, I would have never been desperate to pray. And if I wasn't praying and told God, I'll take whatever you give me. I would have never gone to Taiwan and are never going to Taiwan. I would have never become a pastor for if they called me from Malaysia to go to Taiwan. I didn't, you know, when they call me to go to Taiwan, I don't know where Taiwan was. To go to the map and look it up. Never in my life look, I'm Chinese 100 percent Chinese through and through. I don't speak Chinese friends. Some of you. When I mention that name last night you all cracked up laughing because been speaking Chinese. I don't speak Chinese friends. I don't even I don't even dare to speak a bit of Cantonese sometimes because my Cantonese is lawful. Never in my life would. I thought I'd come back to Asia. I grew up Western mindset, but had it not been for 2900 not been for, for me being desperate, I would never gone to Taiwan. I'll never be serving as a pastor in Malaysia here today. And what I'm trying to say if we always wait for the the If we always wait for God's reasons, We sometimes cut short God's plan for US. You know that because sometimes we have, it gives US a reason. And if God had said Ben, after you graduate, you're going to be a pastor in Taiwan. I'm quoting now, are not going to follow through theology. I'm planning to go back to Australia. You know, my intention was never to go to any Asian country and never desired it. I never wanted it. It was never part of my long term plans. But how God changes and directs People's lives. Friends, you can never see the far reaching results of these decisions at a small point in time. But God has its plans and it's our duty to Trust him. To step forward in faith and Trust that he knows what's for our best good Trust that He loves US. And he wants the very best, not just for his work, but for our life and happiness and peace and contentment. Trust to even if it leads US through the Valley of the Shadow of death. Because he's on US says I'll be with you to fear God is more than preaching a message. Friends, even though I've asked you to preach last week to fear God is more than just preaching, it's to live it. It's a living a life of faith and Trust. In God, it's experiencing victory, experiencing obedience and righteousness. And then when we begin to preach, our message can have power. Not because you've preached the 1000 sermons or a 100 sermons or you, you know, this message inside out. But it's because God is with you. And the influence of a righteous life goes beyond what you can ever imagine is not found in eloquence. And how well you know your speech and how well you've rehearsed it. It's found in the, in a man. The influence that pervades, not because you said anything, but it just has his influence because his Holy Spirit is with you. Because Jesus is with you. When it comes to preaching knowledge and information is 25 percent now. Another 25 percent is the delivery in your homily. How you present it, but really the other 50 percent is what you do behind closed doors. How you live your life throughout the week. Is God with you. Is God in you. Do you have the power of God with you today? And is he guiding your life friends? I dare say, because we are on the side of Heaven. We're still dealing with sin. There are so, you know, there are probably many out there that are living a life that is not in harmony with God's Will. Don't wait for God to show you the way out before you obey. Don't wait for him to show you the 100 steps in front before you say God. I know that this relationship is not right for me. But you know, we always got an answer for that. Isn't it just learn to fear God, learn to put in practice what you know to be right. Irrespective of the consequences. Do it. Some of you are in financial Straits because you're set in doing it your way and not God's ways. You Gotta do it. Some of your suffering and you can't sleep well at night. It's not, not because of God. And you've been obedient from within. But because you've been disobedient, you're not willing to Trust the step in faith, friends, understand or remember that God loves you and whatever he wants you to do. It's for your best good. If you're not for him, so that you can have a peaceful life and a happy life and a full life full of Joy and contentment God, His thoughts towards US is not thoughts of destruction, but thoughts of peace, thoughts of love. And today he wants US to understand And to begin to live the life of fearing God, obeying even when you don't understand the reason why May God give US courage to step forward for They'll be people on your left and your right. Trying to discourage you from the way of right. Even though it's so plain. May God help US all today. That as we continue to store the rich treasures of his word in our Hearts, his faith will give US strength to move forward. Let's pray. Father in Heaven, Lord, how you desire US to preach the Gospel father, you want to live at 1st. You want US to have power in our lives as Christians. But as we come in contact with other people, we can be a blessing. Not just by words that we speak, but just Spice standing before them just by mingling our lives with them. That we can have a good influence on them. So Father, please give US your Holy Spirit and the strength to obey today. Even when we don't understand the reason why, even when it seems like this is a not a good decision to make from a human standpoint. Even when it seems like everyone else is against US, help US to come back to your word. And if the command is clear, Give US the courage lot to step forward in faith, Goddess of that, and father continue to lead US. We pray with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name, we pray in school. This media was brought to you by audio verse, a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse, or if you would like to listen to more sermons, lead to visit W W, W audio verse or.


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