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The Lord's Prayer

Benjamin Ng


  • April 17, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in Heaven, thank you so much for this time that we have to come and study together. And I pray that you would please Grace US with your presence, be with US or Lord, lead US with a spirit. And father, with your words, come alive to US this evening. Guide US with your spirit. We pray in Jesus' name. Amen. Just before I close my eyes there, I saw my good friend From Zimbabwe and US there. My 1st roommate, when I was at Heartland. So good to see online with US rather happy Sabbath even there was not Sabbath over there yet, but we are going to continue studying Matthew chapter 6 this evening. So Let's turn our Bibles to Matthew chapter 6. Now, do you remember what we studied Last week? We studied about arms, we studied about fasting, we thought about praying and how we should do all these things in secret. And as we see in secret, the Lord will reward US openly or as we do it in secret, the Lord will reward US openly. And there was some text that I missed intentionally because I wanted to study the section by itself left on the Bibles to Matthew chapter 6 and was starting in verse 9. And Matthew, chapter 6, and verse 9. Let's turn our Bibles there. Matthew 6 verse 9 after this manner. Therefore, pray Ye, Our Father, which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven. Give US this day, our daily bread, and forgive US our debts as we forgive our debtors and lead US not into temptation, but deliver US from evil for the vine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen. Look, we are studying the most famous prayer in the World. I didn't go to an Adventist school growing up, but the school there attended some how was Christian and every week we would recite this prayer. It's something that I memorize at a very young age, something we generally memorize faster than we memorize the 10 Commandments, isn't it? But you know, I pray that as we go through this, we will to see something fresh this evening. And so look, I want to break this down into sections as we study this prayer together. It starts off with Our Father, which art in Heaven, friends who do we address. We address the Father. We come through the name of Jesus, but we actually address the Father in Heaven. Jesus is our elder brother. He is our intercessor. We pray in his name, but we go to for the Father in Heaven to have our prayers answered. That's what Jesus taught US. Yes, I know that while he was on Earth, he couldn't tell them to address him. He had to address the father, but even then, even now, Jesus Christ is our intercessor. He into seeds on behalf of US to the Father. So that's a 1st thing. And if we call God our Father, what does that imply about our relation to Jesus? Let's turn our Bibles to Hebrews chapter 2 and verse 11, Hebrews chapter 2 and verse 11 for those that are joining, we are studying Matthew Chapter 6, The Lord's Prayer. But we are now in Hebrews chapter 2 and verse 11. The Bible says for both he that sanctify Earth and they who are sanctified are all of one for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brother and friends. The fact that we call Jesus Father in Heaven, God the Father. It implies that Jesus Christ is our brother. He is the older brother of the race. He is our intercessor. He's the one that speaks on behalf of the whole human family to the Father in Heaven. And so what a wonderful reminder that we have that God is our Father, and Jesus is our elder brother. But Let's continue. It says here our Father, which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, friends, do you know that God's name is Holy? It's so Holy that the 3rd comment reminds US to not take his name in vain. We got to remember that God is Holy. His name is Holy, that Angels a shield their faces in Heaven. When they call out his name, they dare not look at Him. God is Holy and he's King. And even though he is our Savior, and he is a friend, like how he spoke to Moses face to face as a man speak of that to his friends, brothers and sisters. I would like to remind you this evening that he is also the King of Kings, the creator of the universe, and that we ought to remember to keep his name Holy. That we ought to address him properly to give him the respect that is due to his name and his position and who he is. So friends, I want to remind US that as we start our prayers, we got to remember that God, our Father in Heaven is Holy. Very Holy. Not just his being, but his name as well is very Holy, but Let's continue like Kingdom come, thy will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven. Friends, what are we praying for? We are praying for God's will to be done on Earth just like it is in Heaven. What does that mean? What are we praying for when it comes to the will of God? Let's turn our Bibles to 2 quick tacks 1st, the Saloni unstrap the 4 and verse 3, please talk with me in your Bibles to 1st the slowly and chapter 4 and verse 3. Part of me to have something a-g.. First let alone a chapter 4, verse 3. The Bible says For this is the will of God. Even your sanctification that you should have seen from fornication. Friends, the Bible says that if you're praying for God's will to be done on this Earth today, you are praying for a sanctified life. Let's turn our Bibles to some Chapter 40 and verse 8. Psalms Chapter 40 and verse 8. When we are praying, they will be done On Earth as is as it is and Heaven. What are we praying for some Chapter 40 verse 8? I delight to do that I will. Oh my God, gave a law is within my heart friends when we are praying for God's will to be done on Earth just like it is in Heaven. We are not praying for Holy Angels to do the work of protecting to do the work of ministering. We're not praying for God to pour out His Spirit upon the whole World while we sit here in listless idleness. No friends, when we pray, the Lord's Prayer, Our Father, which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven. Friends, what we are praying for is God to live through US. For that day. What we are praying for is for his law to be written in our Hearts. What we are praying for is that law would be written there so clearly that we would live a sanctified life. That no matter what we do for that day, that wherever we go, the example that we set starting with our children in our home, the wife, the husband, whoever we stay with our roommate, That they would see a sanctified life. What we are praying for is not for the empowerment of missionaries out there. What we are not praying for is the past the to do his work better or the Bible work or to have more Bible studies and convert more souls when we are praying that I will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven. We are praying that we would be part of the closing work in these last days. And the only way that we can begin is to live a sanctified life. So allow God to give him permission to write his law in our Hearts and in our minds. As we pray for God's will to be done, we are praying for the experience of the New Covenant in Hebrews Chapter 10 was 16. The Covenant that God would make with US after those days, he would write his law in our Hearts and our minds. We are praying that we would be a blessing. Let's continue the pregnancy news, give US this day. Our daily bread. Yes. Physical bread, but also spiritual bread. What for that we can do his will For friends, if we go turn a Bible said John, Chapter 17 and verse 17. Let's turn to Bible said John, Chapter 17 and verse 17. Then this connection is much clearer than just thank you, Lord for the food and bless the food. Amen. We are praying more than just physical bread. We are praying for God's will to be done On Earth as it is in Heaven. We are praying for daily bread John $1717.00 says, what sanctify them through the truth value word is truth and so as we are praying for God's will to be done, we are praying that we might have a portion of the Word of God that would strengthen US for this day that we might live a sanctified life by His Grace and by his strength and by every word. Friends. Our daily bread is a different prayer when we are praying for God's will to be done On Earth as it is and have it. Do you think God wants you to spend time in his word every day? Absolutely. Do you think it's his will for you to eat of his bread every day? Not just on the Sabbath Day? Absolutely. And so friends, when we pray for God's will to be done, we are praying that the living bread would live in US each and every day. Every morning we pray this prayer, then there must be an interaction with the Word of God. How so many people pray this prayer, listlessly, without meaning, without understanding? Could I say we are praying prayers that are vain. Prayers. We are praying prayers that have not much meaning. And just so happens that the Lord's Prayer becoming the most famous prayer probably in the whole World. And yet so many of US are praying the Lord's Prayer, vainly vain repetitions this either. And so Let's pray for daily bread so that we can be sanctified. So that God can write His word and His law in our Hearts and our minds. Let's pray that God will be uplifted through our lives today. But Let's keep going. Forgive US our debts. As we've forgive, our debtors. Friends. I want to remind you again this evening. God, He has conditions for forgiveness. He does. He has conditioned upon which he forgives US 1st, John 19 is we have to confess. But here in the Lord's Prayer, it says forgive US as much as we forgive those that over US forgiveness is dependent upon how much we forgive other people. And so look, we're going to come back to this. We'll come back to this. Why? Because many people struggle in the struggle with forgiveness and look, forgiveness is needed. Why? When is forgiveness needed? When someone hurt US, they really hurt US. They were in the wrong, they really did something bad to US to hurt US in a negative way. Is not excusing the fact that they hurt US. But forgiveness is needed on our side so that Jesus can forgive US. That's what the Bible is talking about here. But Here's the thing, friends. Could it be that we repeat this press so much and yet we hold anger in our Hearts? Could be possible that so many of US we pray this prayer, repetition upon repetition every day. We pray the many of US probably know this prayer back to front and maybe if I'd announce that we're in a study by the Lord's prayer, maybe many of you would not have come because you want to said, well, I know that already. But many of US, we pray this in a vain manner. In what sense we pray it, but we never live it. It's not enough to pray in the name of Jesus is not to call enough to call God our Father. If we are not His children. It's not enough to pray in the name of Jesus and not take on the character of Jesus Christ because we're coming through him. It means we have to agree with him. We have to be like him. It's not enough to pray in the name of Jesus. And still hold hatred in our Hearts for those that have hurt US. Oh Yes, friends, look the World they hold hatred, seemingly rightly so. It's acceptable because they did something to hurt US. That's when forgiveness is given. Because that's exactly what Jesus has done for you and me. But then the Bible continues. Look at it says Lead US not into temptation, but deliver US from evil friends. This part of the prayer, when it says Lead US not into temptation, but deliver US from evil. Does Jesus ever lead US into temptation? Absolutely not. But what is this referring to? It's a fraud into those times in which we stumble across sin. When you're walking down the Street and all men struggle in the flesh, and they see this half naked woman walking towards you in the opposite direction. Dressed very with very little clothes on. That's a sort of temptation that we don't plan to meet. Sometimes. You're driving down the road and you see this Billboard with a woman in a swimsuit. And it evokes in the minds of men, sometimes the worst of passions. And there we go. God deliver me from this is standing in the line at the grocery store and you hear the person in front of you letting out a whole line of profanity and curse words because the, the checkout person is taking too slow and you're exposed to all this temptation this is a time where you can say, God, lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil friends. You've prayed for God's will to be done in a life. So you're asking for His Grace already to make the change in your Hearts. No more games. No more anger and unforgiveness. No more lying and no more stealing. No more dishonoring of parents you've already at the beginning of the prayer you've already prayed for God still live his life through you that day. And so when you say deliver me from temptation and lead me not institution, but deliver me from evil. This is not praying that prayer, that God, I need to have victory over this. But you've got to deliver me from this. God can't deliver US from these things that we willfully put ourselves into that prayer. Is that the beginning of the prayer when you bring God Into Your will be done in my life today just like it is in Heaven. This part of the Lord's Prayer is praying for those unplanned Temptations that come our way. You're praying to be delivered from evil. But friends, if you put yourself in the path of evil, God can deliver you from evil because you've already made the decision to be there. Unless you cry out to him for help. But God can deliver, Deliver Us From Evil. If we've chosen sin, there's no crying out. There are crime or likely if we are partaking of this evil is God, leave me alone. Not God deliver me from temptation and the evil one. And so friends, the end of this prayer is very different to the beginning of the prayer. The beginning of the prayer is where you're praying. God Help me Help me Help me help me to live a scientific life. Help me to stop playing those games. Help me to stop shouting at my kids and saying bad words to them help me to stop being an example to my my roommate and to my friends. Help me to stop breaking the Sabbath. Help me to stop lying, help me to stop cursing at the beginning of the prayer. When we are praying, your will be done on Earth. That is, as it is in Heaven, we are praying and asking for the Holy Spirit, were praying for his word to change US. But then we pray. What lead me not into temptation, but deliver of me from evil. We are praying for God to help US to overcome the unplanned. Temptations, the ones that spring upon US unawares when you're walking down the Street, when you're walking in the shopping Center, when you're driving on the road, when you're exposed to 2 things and of people and the experiences that you never wanted to be exposed to. Then God says, what Vine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Then he says, my Kingdom, my power is more than sufficient. My Grace is more than sufficient for my strength is made perfect in weakness. It is this part of the Lord's Prayer that applies to our experience of on wanted and unplanned Temptations when you're walking along the way of life. But as the beginning of the day that we should commit our way to put aside all the evil that is in our Hearts, in our homes, in our rooms, in our cars, in our workplace, in our relationships, it is at the beginning of the day that we're asking God, live out your life within me. And then we can pray. Give me victory over those on planned Temptations as I walk throughout the day today. That's when he says, My Grace is sufficient for the at the beginning of the day he gives US strength, strength to live for him. Strength to overcome that spiritual lethargy. Strength. To put aside that computer game that you've been addicted to for so long that is wasting your time and sending you to the shores of Hell. And nowhere else. Strength to overcome that adulterous relationship that you're in strength to make it right. As you commit yourself to him at the beginning of the day and through out the day, we asked God for Grace to help US to live for Him. So friends, look. Christ's power is more than able a man. He's more than able to deliver. He's more than able to help US through those Temptations that we suffer with Christ. His strength is made perfect in our weakness. His blood runs deeper than any sin. He's more than able but I want to come back and I want to look at the Central focus of the Lord's Prayer this evening. When you look at the Lord's Prayer, What is the most important highlight of the Lord's Prayer. You know what it is. It's forgiveness, you know that when he says in the middle of that prayer, forgive US our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Forgiveness is the most important aspect that Jesus is trying to teach everybody that is listening and that is reading this evening. He's trying to teach US about forgiveness. How do I know? It's not because it's in the middle of the Lord's Prayer. It's what he says after it. Let's turn the Bibles to Matthew chapter 6. And we're going to start in verse 14, verse 13 just concluded the Lord's Prayer. But in verse 14, Look what it says For if you forgive men that trespasses you Heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you forgive, not men Your their trespasses. Neither will your father forgive your trespasses. The Lord's Prayer has just finished. It's gone on for 4 verses. He's taught his disciples and everybody there how to pray. But then he comes back and he recaps and highlights one aspect of the Lord's Prayer. And it's forgiveness. It's forgiveness. It's like you've got to forgive in the last prayer, but then he comes back and he hits the point home very clearly. Again, very clearly and friends. This is where the rubber meets the road for the Christian. This is where true Christianity needs to shine out. Why look friends? It's so easy to sit in church and pray and sing and put money in that offering plate and kneel when we need to kneel and stand when we need to stand and you know, close your eyes when you need to close your eyes. It's very easy to come to church and do all those things and to call yourself the so-called Christian. But Jesus says The true Mark of the Christian is forgiving those that have hurt them. Forgiving as Christ would forgive. You know, this is where the test of the true Christian it really comes into play. The true Christian is not one that goes to church every week, although you should. The true Christian is not the one that gives money to the church every week, although you should. The true Christian is not one that prays every day, although you should. What is the sum of all that the Lord's Prayer amounts to forgiveness, forgiveness. It's opposite to that. It's hating your brother without a cause. You have no good reason to forgive them. You know, Jesus say, when someone steals from you, when someone hits you, when someone Gossip's about you, when someone forces you to go 2 miles, it is not good enough reason to not forgive them. It is not good enough reason to hate them. Everything that happened in Matthew chapter 5, Jesus saying is not good enough reason to whip whole forgiveness from them. You know that So what is he saying? There is no good scenario that you can have where you can tell me, Jesus says that you don't have to forgive somebody Jesus saying all the praying, What is it really amounts to that God would help you to forgive? So what is simply we don't love our enemies. We don't have the love of God in our Hearts. And this is why we need to pray. When God tells US to pray, the Lord's Prayer that I will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven. You know what he's saying? You've got to forgive. Forgive your friend, forgive your brother, forgive your mother the give your family, forgive your cousin. Forgive everybody forgive your enemy. That's what he's saying. There is no good reason to withhold forgiveness. Especially if you pray the Lord's Prayer. And so in case you hardly went past that portion of the Lord's Prayer, Jesus comes back around and says, in case you missed it. I want you to forgive those that have hurt you. And if you don't, I will not forgive you. That's what he's saying. Friends, this is very serious. He's pointing out the highlights of the Lord's Prayer, and you will cut, you know contextually. When you go back to Matthew chapter 6 and you look at the surrounding verses of the Lord's Prayer, What is it talking about? We study that last week, alms doing good. Well, what is the doing good that? That God wants you to do. He wants you to forgive your enemy. He wants you to forgive those that have hurt you. He doesn't want you to make them enemies. He wants you to make them friends. So the 1st thing is arms, and he talked about what praying in secret. And then the other thing that we looked at which was later on which is actually right after these verses about forgiving is fasting. Friends, you know what he's saying, contemptuous contextually, excuse me, I'm getting a bit excited. I have to slow down. I'm sorry. Matthew, chapter 6, you know what he's saying contextually. He's saying the good works I want you to do is forgive people, but you will not be able to forgive people unless you are praying. And unless you are fasting. Do you see that it is impossible to forgive someone that you have problem with. Unless you are praying and unless you are fasting, let me drive it home a bit clearer. Friends, maybe you've attended solved, or you gone through theology school. Maybe you're even an elder or a deacon or a pastor. But it matters not the position. It doesn't matter how long you walked with Jesus. What is needed in order to forgive somebody is prayer and fasting. To see that you do your good works in secret. Don't tell the whole World about your enemy. Do your good works in secret. And then when you do that, the Lord will reward you openly. You will have more friends, a man of friends. If you're struggling to forgive somebody, maybe you need to fast and pray actually is not a maybe if you are struggling with forgiveness this evening. If you are holding bitter feelings in your heart, you can't sleep, you can't eat you getting indigestion. All the muscles on your, your faces is showing that you are hating somebody and it's just messing up your features. You don't look human anymore. You can't go to work, you can't study. You can't focus, you can't concentrate. That's all you think about. You need to fast and you need to pray. Friends on forgiveness is a serious issue. We've got to learn to forgive. Those that have hurt US. But you know, we're praying, they will be done On Earth as it is and have a you're not going to be able to forgive just by talking to them and rehearsing a script. You know, you're not going to forgive somebody because you paid a $1000.00 to a counselor. It doesn't help you. I'm telling you the basis for which you can forgive Jesus says, If you don't forgive, you're holding hatred in your heart. It's like murdering somebody. Do you understand that it's like breaking one of my 10 Commandments? And so what he's saying is, if you don't forgive, it's a moral issue. The understand that If you don't forgive somebody, it's a moral issue. Yes, someone hurt you. You feel really bad. Maybe you've cried it out. You've been really hurt done nonetheless. Jesus says, if you don't forgive, I won't forgive you. It's like you've sinned. Do you see that this is not a thought of feeling issue. Forgiveness has nothing to do with feeling. It's love and love is not a Thiel ING. It's a principle you choose to do it because it's right. That's it. The understand that love is not a feeling. Love is a principle by which all of US should live According to. And so when Jesus says I want you to forgive, I want you to have love. This is the Mark of the true Christian. Be there for perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect. Be perfect in love. And if you can't do it, you need to fast. You need to pray. Don't go and tell the pastor, please pray for me. The pastors probably want to help you got to pray. You got a fast. Do you see that? No one else is prayers will be a substitute for Yours. You got to pray. You got to fast. Forgiving. No, not forgiving. It's like killing somebody. It's like stealing. It's like committing adultery. It's like this on a ring your parents. And so before we consult our feelings as to whether we should forgive, we need to US to God. And God says that I will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven. My will look at my son, Father forgive them for they know not what they do. And so friends, before you go to sleep, the ceiling, I want you to have a good and honest look in the mirror. Do you really treat everybody the same? Is there someone you're staying with right now that You'd be happier if they just weren't there? Is there someone in your life that you just don't ever want to see ever again because of what they've said to you or done to you or what they've hurt you with? With their words, with their actions and friends. Then I want you to look to Jesus. God, should I forgive? Absolutely. The be done On Earth as it is in Heaven. Give US this day, our daily bread. That's how you can forgive. The World will give you strength. Prayer and fasting will give you even more strength because as you pray and as you fast, you'll be praying. God give me your Holy spirit. We need a power outside of ourselves to be able to forgive this person because it was According to US. We would never forgive you for giving was so easy. Jesus would have never included it as part of the Lord's Prayer. He would have said, Forgive US for forgive those a as you forgive others, no friends. If that was so easy, he would have never rehashed it again at the end of the Lord's Prayer. But today, I know for a fact that someone that is listening someone that is right here, right now, that is as you are sitting here on a Friday night in April 2020, there is hatred in your heart for somebody and you need a fuss and you need to pray you need to ask God to give you his love. That person really hurt you and did something wrong. But you need help to stop being bitter. You need the love of Jesus. So you can go to sleep. That you aren't troubled by all these thoughts. And so friends, there's someone today that needs to fast and pray. If that is you. Then as I pray know that I am including you in this prayer. It's hard to make Appeals online. I don't know how to do this, but friends, we need the peace that passes all understanding. We need to be reconciled as we can't reconcile and, and help other people do. We reconcile that. We ourselves are holding hatred in our Hearts. We cannot do the will of God and finish the work on this Earth before Jesus comes. If we are still hating others or withholding forgiveness from other people. So friends, I'm going to pray. And if that's you, the Father in Heaven knows that that prayer is right there for you right now. But after this, don't consider the work done. You need to fast and pray. Not just for temptation, but Yes, temptation that you don't go back and keep hating this person. His power and His Grace is sufficient to help US to forgive today. Yes, forgiveness is difficult. Is not easy. We need the Grace of Christ, and we need His Spirit abiding in US. And so that's why we need to fast and pray. Let's bow our heads showing. Father in Heaven. Lord, whether we like to admit it or not. I believe many of US have enemies. I believe that many of US we, we secretly hold grudges in our Hearts and our lives. And sometimes we even Act in front of these people just because we don't want to cause trouble. We don't want to We just like to be fake. Lord, please forgive US. Help US to be real. Help US to be real with our feelings 1st with you. Help US tell it all to you. Lord, you are familiar with all the turmoil that is in our Hearts right now. But I pray that you help US to surrender to you and help US, Lord, to have your love That we might learn to forgive. God help US to see that without you we can do nothing. That's a lot. We're coming to you this evening, broken as we are. Please help US help US to overcome these bits and US and these feelings of bitterness in our Hearts feelings that we think we have a right to hold onto aught. But help US. We cannot do it alone. And so while deceiving, if there is anyone like that, that is listening to this message. I pray that you help US to surrender. That you would come in and do the work for US that you would live in and through US that truly your will today might be done on Earth just like it is in Heaven. This is a Honestly in prayer Oh Lord. And we surrender our lives against you this thing. Take a small dose. Fashion US, Lift the stuff that the rich current of my love, my clothes through this. We pray in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermons, lead to visit W W, W audio verse, or.


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