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Judge not

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 1, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in Heaven, Lord, thank you so much for this evening. Thank you for the Sabbath and the father, the fact that we are able to tune in live this evening. It shows that you've been merciful to US this past week. And for that we're very thankful. And so Father, as we are coming together this evening, be with those that are still on their way or even considering are thinking of joining. I pray that all those that do join in all of US here. As we listen together as we study together, may a Holy Spirit please Grace US with my presence. And I pray that you inspire our Hearts and draw US to that a throne of Grace and Mercy. To give US help in this time of need Lord. For we are hopelessly lost unless you come and teach US. And so Father, we invite your presence to be with US. Please guide US now. We pray in Jesus' name. Amen. Happy service. All those are joining all that here. Don't forget to leave your comment of praise, but Let's jump into the Bible. We are continuing our study on the Mount of blessing we are now in chapter 7, we have gone through Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 already. And we didn't start right at the beginning of this Lockdown at Chapter 5 in our group that we meet every Friday night at my House. We studied together would be going through Matthew 5 until the lock down came in and we switched it on to online. But for all my Members that have been coming to my House, all those that have been coming to my House every Friday night. I'm looking forward to that time. We can meet up again soon. And although the c.e.o. was lifted a little bit, our group is still too Big to fail to meet on Friday nights. But we're looking forward to that time we can get back to normal again. But for now, please turn him in your Bibles to Matthew chapter 7 vs one through 5. This is what we're going to be studying this evening. Matthew chapter 7 vs one through 5. The Bible says this judge not that you be not judged for with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged and with what measure you meet, it shall be measured to you again. And why, behold, disavow the moat, that is in the brother's eye. But consider US not the beam that is in the own eye, or how will they say to their brother, let me pull out the moats out of the line. And behold, a beam is in the unknown, I thou hypocrite 1st, cast out the beam out of the own eye, and then shout down. See clearly to cost out the moat. Out of the brothers. Many people call this text why? Because they don't like people to judge them. When sometimes people say things that the Bible seems to rub a Then the wrong way and they go, Hey, don't forget, Sabbath is a Holy day. Let's keep it Holy. And they'll say, Don't judge me. You know, we like to say through things like that and get defensive when we tell people Don't judge me, you know, and we like to use this tax judge not, don't judge that you be not judged, but is that what really this text the same because you know it's very natural for all of US to judge. Maybe as you got on the live stream you were judging, saying, how come Nobody's s. in the chair? That's a judgment. How come the lighting is like this again is because only brought one light with me. You judged, you know, and it's look, it's natural to judge a person, walks in and address a certain way. We judge. We look from head to foot, we see the shoes alike that we judge. A person comes late, we judge, they're not there. We judge, they are there, we judge judgment is really a very natural thing in our Hearts and our minds. So to tell a person, don't judge it's very unnatural. And that's not really what the Bible is referring to. What does it mean as we go through this doesn't really mean that we should never judge anybody. Let's go to also a parallel passage found in Luke Luke Chapter 6, verses 37 and 38. Let's turn to why was there? Luke Chapter 6, verse 37 and 38, and I'm going to make sure I turn my back was there so that you're able to follow along. Luke Chapter 6 verse $37.38. The Bible says this judge not, and Ye shall not be judged condom not. And Ye shall not be condemned for give, and Ye shall be forgiven, give and it shall be given unto you. Good measure, pressed down and shaken together, and running over, Shall men give into your bosom for with the same measure that Ye meet with all it shall be measured to you. Again, this gives US a little bit of a different perspective. Judge, not that you be not judged, condemn, not so they won't be condemned, but forgive, so that you'll be forgiven. And we study that before as well. 2 weeks ago. Give and it should be given to you, treat people the way that you want to be treated, treat someone. If you judge them, make sure that you're willing to take that judgment. It seems in this setting. And if you want to be forgiven, make sure you forgive, you see, do unto others, what you would like them to do unto you an eye for an eye. It sounds like, isn't it that to throw a tooth? But look, what would you, what, what you do to them they will do to you look, should we Judge Lester, novels of 1st Corinthians, Chapter 6, and verse 3. 1st Corinthians, Chapter 6, and verse 3. Let's turn our Bibles there. 1st Corinthians, Chapter 6 and verse 3. Let me tell you this is not talking about just don't judge full stop. 1st Corinthians 63 Know you not that we shall judge Angels. How much more things that pertain to this life if we're going to judge heavenly beings one day, how can we not judge of the things on this Earth, right? So those are heavenly beings. But on Earth there are smaller matters. So Yes, we will judge and judgment is important. Let's turn our Bibles to Exodus. Exodus chapter 18 and verse the team. Exodus Chapter 18, verse 13, look at this. What does the Bible say here? Elmos as Exodus 18, verse 13. And it came to pass on the Morrow that Moses sat to judge the people and the people stood by Moses from the morning until the evening. Guess what? That was Moses full time job until he says God, this is not good. He had of advice from his father in law, Jethro and he says, look, you going to wear yourself out if you do this from morning to evening, find yourself some men and let God put a spirit on them and they can judge the small matters and you judge the Big ones. So from the very smallest of things to the biggest of things, we would judge. What is this referring to? An eye for an eye and tooth for tooth judge, not that you be not judge. So if I don't judge, Don't judge me. And sometimes I like that, you know, but that's not good then anything goes, isn't it? And sometimes we get to this point to, Hey, I don't want people to judge me, so don't judge me, you just leave me alone. Ok, I'll leave you alone. That's what it sounds like when we read from Luke Chapter 6, The parallel passage just now isn't it? But Let's come back to Matthew, chapter 7. Judge that judge, not that you be not judged for with what judgment you judge, you should be judging what worth what measure you meet will be measured to you again. But then verse 3 is very important. Why behold US now the moat, that is in the brother's eye, but consider US not the beam that is in the line own eye. What is the problem with this person? That is judging that Jesus says don't judge. Right? The problem here is the person that you're judging has what emote in his eyes, what is a moment? It is a stick or a twig or a straw. So the person they're judging has a moat in their eye, a little piece of straw, all. And then the person that is judging you or the person that's judging, and yet Jesus says what you have a beam in your eye, this a stick of timber. You know what they used to make fences, what they use a make floor boards or even tables a table legs that's timber. So the person that's judging has this huge piece of timber in their eye. And the person that they're judging has straw a little twig, something that can break with just 2 fingers. Look, this is hypocritical, judging you looking at someone that is doing a very small thing, yet the problem that you have and what you're doing is 100 times worse. And that's what Jesus is saying here. Be careful that you don't judge when you yourself is far worse off. Let me give it in a different way from a civil judging sort of perspective. Do you think a actual judge, the one that you know will sentence you to death or prison or whatever it is? If you've done something bad, do you think that judge is worthy to judge you if they themselves are a murderer? I don't think so. Right. So the judge has to make sure that he has his head and board body and legs, way above water, so that when he judges, he's given a fair treatment. Otherwise, guess what? His judgment will be skewed will be skewed. So look, Let's go back to Luke Chapter 6. Luke Chapter 6 were Matthew 7. Now Let's go back to Luke Chapter 6 and verse 39. What does the Bible call these people that are doing such judgment? Ok, Luke Chapter 6. So we read verse $37.38 at the beginning, Judge not, and you should not be judged, condemn, not. You should not be condemned. We read verse 37 and 38 just now, but now look at verse 39. And he spake a parable unto them can the blind lead the blind, shall they not both fall into the ditch? So in this judgement, it seems this person is blind, and they are blind Earth, more blind than the person that they're calling blind. Do you see that Jesus saying, look, this person's blind? You can't make a good judgement. You yourself have problems which is much bigger than the person that you're saying has a problem. What is a spiritual condition of blindness? Less than a Bible's to 2nd Peter chapter one second Peter chapter one and verse 9. 2nd. Peter chapter one. And verse 9. What does the Bible say about those that are blind? But he, that lack of these things is blind and cannot see a far off. And had forgotten that he was purged from his old sins. A person is blind, they forgot that they were perched on their old sins. It's almost as of these people that, that are judging that there's so blind that they can't see. But look, is this person forgiven in a sense? No, they have a Big name in their own eyes. So they're not able to see their own problem, but yet they magnify the problems of others. And sometimes people, when they forget that they've been purge of their own sins, they, they forget that what they used to be was much worse than what they're seeing right now in another person. Do you see that all? Maybe they see their old sin of themselves in another person and they get really angry or disgusted or upset. And then they do the sort of judging, not realizing that they used to be like that. But even their current condition is far worse. The Pharisees were always like that they were the ones that were called hypocrites all the time. They dragged a woman who is caught in adultery, true this through the streets, but yet they were plotting the death of Jesus, or the man that led her into adultery was standing right there in the presence of Jesus, thinking that he could get away with it. Not knowing that God read the thoughts and lives of every person that stood their friends. If we are to judge, we've got to make sure that we're not hypocrites. We've got to make sure that we cast the beam out of our I 1st before we attempt to take the moat or the twig or the straw or out of another person's. I see that friends look. It's not that there is no room for judging at all. Judgment is important at the civil level and I believe at the home level especially and even in the church level, church discipline. Being able to meet the needs of the people. As a pastor, you judge their condition without telling them we stand, then we look, we see you visit people, you talk to people, you make judgment all the time. And from there you pray and ask God to give you a message that will speak to the People's Hearts. Judgment is important all the way from church discipline itself to a person that's left church, but the person that's left church cannot turn around and judge someone else that's left church there in the same condition. You see that a person with a beam in their I absolutely cannot judge someone with a twig in their eye, but, but if you are able to get the beam out of your own eye, by all means, talk to the person that has the twig. In this and when to come back to this one in a minute. Ok. But Let's continue. Look. Let's turn our Bibles to Romans chapter 2, verse one. The Israelites had this sort of Problem. Judging. And of course we see it manifested in our day here. And there, but look, Let's not go looking for. Let's make sure we look at ourselves 1st to make sure we don't have a beam or even a twig, a Mote in our eyes. Let's turn to Romans chapter 2 and verse one. Romans chapter one gives US the background for this 1st verse in Romans chapter to chapter one. Paul is talking about the Gospel and then he somehow he seems to be talking to the the Gentiles and, and saying how that they were so wicked and the knowledge of God They rejected. And that's what, how homosexuality come in. That's how the wrath of God is poured out upon them all these sins that they're doing and the judgment of God will be manifested in their lives. Paul is saying, and you can see the Jews that are celebrating the probably saying Yes, preacher, Paul Brigitte. But then Paul turns around in Romans chapter 2 and looks directly at the Jews. And this is what he says in verse one. Therefore, the inexcusable Oh man. Whosoever the art that judge US for where in the judge just another they'll condemn US to the I self for valid that judge. Just do a store what the same thing Paul was saying, Look for all that I'm talking about here. Even though you as a Jew, might be rejoicing that I'm talking about all these Gentiles that are so wicked. You do exactly the same thing. And not only that, you take pleasure in doing it. He says the Jews would be committing exactly the same sins as the Gentiles. But what they say all I'm circumcised, I'm baptized and sometimes we think maybe on the elder I'm allowed to do this or I should do this or on the Deacon on the head. Deacon, I should do this or as a pastor, I go to make sure that I set people in order, but before we get to that point, friends, We got to make sure that we have checked ourselves for any beams or Moats. Because Jesus says before you ever ever think about judging a Nother person judge yourself 1st. And this is really important friends, because sometimes I think we are so blind to our true condition and why we're not looking at the mirror of God's all. We're looking at everybody else except our own reflection and of only we would spend time looking at ourselves. I think we would see very clearly that we are hopelessly lost hopelessly lost in this and that we need Jesus and not looking at other people to make ourselves feel better. Look, what does the Bible say though? If we see someone that is in sin, that they do have a moat in their eye or even a beam in their eye. What should we do? Let's turn our Bibles to Galatians chapter 6, verses one and 2, Chapter 6, verses one and 2. Look what the Bible says here. Galatians chapter 6, verses one and 2. Happy Sabbath to everybody that's come in. Hope that you're following along with US in your scriptures. And making sure that as you focus, you're not losing focus, chatting on their own, have wishing, happy, happy, sad day everybody. Let's make sure we focus here. What should we do? If we see someone that is insane. 1st step, remember, we're going to check ourselves. We can't help others if we ourselves have not been helped by God. 1st. Ok, we have to cost out the beam from our own. The definition of the hypocrite, you know, usually hypocrite is what they say, but they don't do. But in Matthew chapter 7, the definition of a hypocrite, Jesus kind of gives it a little twist here. He calls these people hypocrites, and which is what they are not doing, but yet they're judging someone else. Maybe not of the same sin. This want to go to beam in their eye. The other person's got a Mote in their eye, but yet Jesus says, when you do that, you're a hypocrite is not telling someone to do. And you don't do, but you're a sinner judging a sinner. But wait, we're all sinners, right? All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, but a sinner that is saved by Grace. Then you can help then you can judge. Do you see that you can make a decision? You can, you can call people out, you can say, Hey, Let's keep the Sabbath Holy. But you can't say that unless you keeping the Sabbath Holy, You see that. So what should we do when we see our brother or sister who has a Mote in their I go verse $1.00 and $2.00, brother, and if a man be overtaken in a fault year which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness considering there is self less, There are also be tempted to bear Ye one another's burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ friends. Look, there's a judge, mental spirit that we've got to be careful of. I was caught up with it. You know, when a fuse few stages, you know, when I 1st started studying the Bible, it was as if God literally, you know, turn on the light and you've been sleeping in darkness the whole night. And you, you turn on just a little light and it's so bright. I remember these experiences that I had early on when I was around 2021 years old. As I began to study, Daniel 2 was amazing. I've never studied anything like it. I don't know. I had attended evangelist 6 series, Growing up. I grew up in the happiness church, aren't going in Penang, they're the evidence hospital. They ran an evangelist to series and you attend as many nights and get a Bible. I surrender the color Bible. I had it was a Blue Bible, my 1st Bible that I own, but do I remember a single thing that the person said? Absolutely not. One, remember anything, you know, and I don't know my mind just was not there. And then I began to study the Book of Daniel, and it was like a light flooding into my heart. And so many things began to change in that 1st year of studying the Bible. But you know what happens, you begin to automatically look at people and say, God, Why aren't they doing it? But he's a leader. He's, she's a leader to why and they aren't. And instead of keeping your focus in the Word of God in the mirror, you start looking at people and you've got to be so careful with that. You've got to be so careful in the coming out of the Ology school. A young preacher getting invites here and there and sometimes friends you let that get to your head. But you go there and you say, look, I've got to tell them everything. I've got to tell them before someone's lost and you tell them everything and it comes across in a very judgments all manner. We've got to be so careful that as we begin to grow in the truth, that we are careful about it, that when you see people that are overtaken in a fault, when they are in sin, don't go, Hey, don't you know what the Bible says? Maybe they do, but they're struggling and they're ready to let go of Jesus. Maybe they do and they don't care. I remember a friend called me one day and said, Ben, I don't care if I don't go to Heaven. It shocked me and telling them, Hey, don't you know the sad was when you tell personally that there was I don't really care. If you see that we've got to be so careful when it comes to this type of judging that we have the right spirit. Jesus says, when you judge them, make sure you do this, restore them bear their burdens. But in order to do that, you have to understand what their burden is for you to understand what, what, why, what drives them to do this. And what's happened? Why they leave church is something happening in their lives. So Christ's method alone will give true success. What is it? He showed sympathy for them. He started off with sympathy. And then he won, their confidence, ministered to their needs. And they were able to see that geezer's really cared for them. And then he said, well, come, follow me. You know, friends until you show them how much you care. They won't care what you have to say. You know? So Jesus, he showed sympathy for them. He ministered to the needs, won their confidence, and then he said, Come, follow me. So look, holding up these signs in the corner of the Street, Jesus coming soon. The Mark of the Beast is this, and if you don't repent on the Sabbath, there's a 7th day. If you don't keep it, you going to burn in Hell. That's never converted a single soul. If anything, it's made that person seem more fanatical and more Crazy, isn't it? And it's put people off from the Gospel. What is the real problem? Let's go back to Luke Chapter 6. This is where we found the parallel To Matthew chapter 7. Let's turn our Bibles back there. Luke Chapter 6, and looking at verse 40 now. So we read verse $39.00. The person that does the sort of judging the blind and the blind cannot lead the blind. But then verse 40, the disciple is not above his Master, but every one that is perfect shall be as his Master. What does this have to do with judging? You see, look at the disciples. Not about his Master. Did Jesus judge? Yes he did. He did judge, in fact, he, he judged the fairest seas. He called them. Why did several cars outside there were full of the day. They looked beautiful like the white tombstones. But inside they were full of dead men's bones. Jesus did judge and he turned over the tables in the temple. Could you believe it? The Meek and lowly Jesus? Yes, he did that. He did judge them. He wrote the sins of those people that dragged that woman through the dirt caught in adultery. He wrote their sins on the sand and one by one beginning from the oldest to the youngest. They left, Jesus did judge. But if you are to go in the Judge like Jesus here in Luke Chapter 6, verse 40, it says everyone that is perfect, shall be as his Master. Do you know where we saw the Wordperfect? Matthew chapter 5 US 48. Be Ye therefore perfect. Even as your Father in Heaven is perfect in Luke Chapter 6, we don't see the word perfect. We see something else. Go back a little bit in Luke Chapter 6. Luke Chapter 6 and verse 36. What does or say there in place of Matthew 548? Same passage be therefore perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect. Look at what it says in verse 36. B.. Therefore, what merciful as your Father in Heaven is merciful. What sort of judging should you have? Merciful judging, but before you get there, make sure you've dealt with your heart. Because if you want to judge like Jesus makes you like Jesus 1st. If you want to go out and preach, make sure, and you share in the message, make sure that you prayed. Make sure you ask Jesus to show your heart, make sure that your heart and life is right. Don't just walk into the pulpit, thinking that no one else knows. And that you can still preach a powerful sermon. Old friends, God knows he seeks, and before you judge, make sure that you are like the Master. Perfect. Perfect in what Matthew. 5: perfect in. Love. Loving your enemies. And this is even not your enemy. This is your friend in Church. Me. She love everybody. Makes you have that merciful judging, but there is place for judging today. My friends there is we read the text early and 1st Corinthians, Chapter 6, verse 3. Don't you know that we're going to judge Angels one day? How much more? The things that pertain to this life there is room for judging, and I believe that there needs to be judging. It's important. But before we ever get to that step, we've got to search our Hearts. We've got to see if there's any we could weigh in me would ask God to create in me a clean heart. But you know, when you look at this whole situation, then it's like a catch 22. You know, Are you perfect? No, I'm not perfect. Don't judge me, No, Yeah. Ok. And then don't judge anybody at all. No church discipline, no need to instruct, no need to exhort, no need to rebuke, no need to guide as what the Scripture says it does. Then how can we help each other? You see that, but of course we have to make sure we get our heart in order. Friends, we got to be careful that if we are going to judge, make sure your heart is right. We have prayed and Michelle, you fast that make sure you've prayed again. Make sure that you can stand before God without fault. That's really important. So before we think that God has sent US to be the judge of the whole World, Let's make sure we're like Jesus in character 1st. You see that? I want to add a little bit here to our study of this evening though. There is something just as bad that is connected with this that James talks about in relation to judging. Let's go over to James chapter 4 and verse 11 and then expand the study a little bit. Yes, we have to look at our Hearts. You know, the true Jew was not that which was circumcised outwardly it was that which was circumcised. Inwardly the heart and circumcision is what cutting, cutting away what cutting away sin but in James Chapter 4 of US 11 it gives a different understanding about this. Judging James 411 The Bible says this, speak not evil, one of another brother, and he that speak of evil, his brother and judge of his brother speak of evil, of what the law and judge of the law. But of the judge, the law, not a Doer of the law, but Judge friends what is connected with judging your neighbor or your friend or whoever he or what is it connected with speaking? Evil speaking, evil. What does it mean to speak evil? Talking evil about somebody talking bad about somebody friends, we've got to be so careful about what we say. The tongue, James says, is a World of iniquity. We've got to be so careful what we allow out from our mouth. Trust me. I know that I've hurt many people with what I've said from the pulpit all the way down to personal relationships. Friends, I have a quick tongue and we've got to be so careful that we don't peek evil of other people. Let me show you some other passages in the Bible that is related to this. Let's turn our Bibles to problems 26 and verse 20. Proverbs 26 and verse 20. What does the Bible say here? Probably 26 verse 20, where no wood is. There the fire go without. So where there is no tail bearer there, strife, Cece, Earth, friends. The next time to avoid you go and tell another person about what another person said that is bad. Consider this text. If there is no word, there is no fire. So if there is no, tell Bera, there is no strife. These either tell Vera maybe not even necessarily evil speaking. Just speaking the truth About evil things. Verse $22.00 of problems, $26.00 problems, $26.00 of US $22.00. The words of a tale bearer are as wounds, and they go down into that in the most parts of the belly, it hurts. It hurts. We got to be so careful about what we say to other people about this. Judging the understand that when you talk about somebody to someone else, you're judging that person that you're talking about. Do you see that there are some times that we got to give facts and information, but Let's not go around thinking that we're doing some Holy work and saying, I just need to check with you about this person. Or I just need to make sure that you know, this is what I heard correctly about this person. And then we open up and tell everything else. Friends. Sometimes we, we think we need it talking about other people to make me feel better and we go away from these conversations. Oh, I just feel so much better after I said it, but did it solve anything? Those sorts of sessions unless you go to the person directly and deal with the issue, it only solves a problem temporarily, like a drug, like going nightclubbing or having sex before marriage, like smoking, these are all temporary things. So is gossip. So is gossip some 34 verse that seem Psalms 34 and verse 13? Maybe you're not judging anybody this evening. But James, he puts, judging on the same level with evil speaking. Psalms 34 verse 13. Keep VI tongue from evil. And I lips from speaking God. What is Guile? False information? Life's. So what is evil speaking? Related with it is related with speaking false things about people. We Gotta be so careful. Let's not talk about people. Let's talk about our mission. Let's talk about the Gospel. Let's talk about Jesus. A 1000000 other things that we can talk about, but Let's don't get involved in talking about people because the more we talk about them by be holding. You become changed. You've got to be careful, friends. You've got to be careful. 1st Peter chapter 2. 1st Peter chapter 2, verses one and 2. Look what the Bible says. 1st Peter chapter 2, verses one and 2, where fault laying aside all manner of malice and all Guile and hypocrisy and envies and all evil speaking. As newborn babies desire the sincere milk of the word that Ye may grow there by if so be you have tasted that the Lord is gracious. Let's put aside all this. Malice, Gol hypocrisy, evil speaking. Let's rather work. Spend more time in the Word of God. Friends, as newborn babies, this is people that starting up the Christian journey, we should put aside all these things. And if you have been in your Christian journey and you're still doing these things, you've got to come back to the basics. You've got to spend time. More time In the Word of God, desire the sin, see a milk of the Word of God and insincerity, that milk will change US. It will make US more, since it will make US more real. Will make US help US to stop talking about other people. Friends, it will change our heart, it will make a small light. Christ will make US perfect, even as he is perfect. Let's go to one more chapter 4. If Eason's chapter 4, and verses 30 to 32 efficient chapter 4, verses 30 to 32, there's something just as bad as judging your neighbor friends. It is evil speaking and really they are the same thing. If Chapter 4, verses 30 to 32, The Bible says and Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby sealed until the day of redemption. Let all bitterness wrath, and anger and clamor and evil speaking, be put away from you with all malice and be kind one to another. Tender hearted, forgiving one another. Even as God for Christ's sake have forgiven you on the we study, Matthew chapter 6. Forgive US our debts as we forgive our debtors. As we forgive others, God forgives US. But guess what? We need the Holy Spirit to seal US to the day rivered redemption. We need him and if we need him, we need a fast and pray. Friends. The reason why we judge other people, the reason why we gossip about other people just look it up in the pen of inspiration, Just type of gossip and sin. You'll find it put together. Friends, we do something much worse when we do gossip. We talk about other people and we think that we were talking important matters when in fact, sometimes it doesn't get resolved. Friends, if you holding a grudge against someone else, if you're speaking evil of somebody else, The 1st thing you got to do Tonight is ask God to forgive you. And then you got to go and restore that relationship. Restore them back to God, restore them that they might be helped out of their straw experience that the little Mote in their eye. But before you can do that, you got to make sure that you are restored back to God. 1st for holding forgiveness from somebody is like holding forgiveness from God. It's like what you owe God. $1000000.00 And this person only owes you $1.00. The bigger the sum is much bigger when you study about the parable, but that's about the same. You see that you owe God 1000000 and this person only owes you one ring get you still not willing to forgive them or friends Tonight we've got to we've got to cease all our evil speaking. Let only good things come out of our lips. That's only speak good things about people. Let's make sure we judge them in a positive way. Let's look for the good in everybody. Friends, I say this not because I'm perfect. This is something I struggle with. We've got to make sure that we look at the positive side of everybody, for everybody is bought with a price by the Blood of Jesus Christ. So friends, today, we're going to do the difficult thing. It's not how the Asian way it is or you know, the Filipino way or the Malaysian way or the Chinese way or the strolling way when you're like this because you brought up in Australia and that's why you speak. And you can go to people and talk to them and tell them their problems and the issues that you have. No friends. It's not easy. The 1st time I ever had to go up to somebody and tell them that they'd heard me and I forgave them. It was an US I thought it was easier just to gossip about them before that but I had to go back and talk to somebody and tell them that I forgave them and you know the response was negative. It hurt me even more. But you know, I had to do it because the bitterness was in my heart. And then I had to ask God to help me to move on by the Grace of God. He does. And no, it is not just a Western thing. It is a Bible thing, it is a God thing. God says, if your brother has offended you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. He tells you to do that. He doesn't care what race you are. How you brought up, how shy you are. He doesn't care. He says you got to do it. You see that friends. And that will help to cease with the evil speaking. That will help as the Word of God pricks our heart and our conscience. And the Holy Spirit works that conversion through the Word of God into our Hearts and it cuts it cuts. But God is cutting away sin the even though it's painful. And he gives US a heart of flesh. And so today, friends, Let's be careful about judging. Let's be careful about what we say. Let's be careful what we say about others. To other people. Let's not destroy People's reputations. Let's build them up. And then if you've got nothing good to say, then just learn to be quiet, slow to be quite where there's no word. There's no fire. May God help US today that we would watch our mouths, that we won't speak evil. We won't judge. But today, Let's be like Jesus. Perfect and merciful in him. Be God help US. It's a high calling. None of US can do it unless we've gone through the steps. In the Beatitudes, Let's pray. Father in Heaven. Lord, we fall short so short of your glory. Even when we think we're on the right path, our righteousness is like filthy rags. Lord police. Forgive US this evening. Help US to see our Need. Help US Lord, that we might see a relation to UN. How you weep. Lord, when you see US Act to this way and treat others this way and hold back forgiveness and we start to gossip and speak. Evil things, old Lord. It pains your heart Help US Lord to be different. And so today, Lord give US a pure Hearts and a pure mind that you might give US the words of Jesus. May our words uplift and heal the broken hearted and Help US, Lord, to be busy in your work, especially on the Sabbath day, help US to find something, to encourage each other. Lord, there's a lot of hurt out there, but help US to be lights the stay. Thank you lot again for the Sabbath. Thank you that we can rest from all works of unrighteousness And help US to truly rest in the US. They Pray in Jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio for years. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons, lead to visit W W, W audio or.


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