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Ask, Seek, Knock!

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 8, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in Heaven. Thank you so much for seeing US safely through this week. Thank you Lord for watching over all of US. Thank you, Father for taking care of US and the thank you for giving each and every one of US Guardian Angels, that if we submit our lives into your hands, will their watch over US always. And father, as we've now come into your Sabbath, how US as we're about to open your World to study. We ask for your presence. We ask for your Holy Spirit to guide and to lead each and every one of US. And Lord, please speak to our Hearts this evening. We pray in Jesus' name. Amen. Let's turn our Bibles to Matthew, chapter 7. We've been slowly getting through the Sermon on the Mount's that famous and that Jesus preached. It's one of the longest sermons. There was another long passage that Jesus had in the book of John. Maybe if we have time. I'm not, I'm not sure how long this Lockdown is going to go for and, you know, many people see me going out and about already, but you know, it's not really totally lifted. And I'm just asking for everybody that is in Malaysia here to make sure you're responsible so that we don't go into relapse and no longer need for being in a Lockdown. But I'm thankful that we have this opportunity to study together. And Matthew, chapter 7, Matthew chapter 7. Let's start there in verse 8, Matthew chapter 7, verse part of me, verse $7.00 and $8.00. The Bible says Ask, and it shall be given you seek, and Ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened. And so you, for every one that ask of Receive, of, and he that seek of find of and to him that not go with it shall be opened. There are 3 things that we are asked to do. The 1st is to ask, the 2nd is to seek the 3rd is to knock, and it is given in this specific order. What comes 1st? Asking? So Let's start by looking at that 1st because, you know, it says that if we ask, will receive it. We seek will find if we knock, it will be opened to US and of course, that the general thing that we want to be be asking ourselves as evening is, what is this purpose of asking, seeking and knocking, right. But Let's start with asking, how should we ask so that we can receive? Let's turn our Bibles to Matthew, chapter 21, and verse 22. Please open your Bibles with me to Matthew chapter 21 and verse 22. This is what the Bible says, and all things whatsoever, Ye shall ask in prayer, believing you shall receive friends. I think that some of US when we pray, we probably don't believe because Jesus says it whatever you ask in what prayer. If you believe it, you receive it, but maybe I think some of US were not sure whether God will Unser it or not. And how is it that we can pray with such assurance? And with such confidence, like Eliza, he prayed 7 times before rain came right. How. How could he have such assurance that God would answer? I mean, if you prayed for 7 times in one day, how can you have that sort of surance you got to believe? But what does our belief have to be based upon? It has to be based upon the Word of God For God told Eliza Eliza, go show yourself to King a head and I am going to send rain upon the Earth. And so after the end of Mt Carmel experience, he sent all the people off and he went to pray because God had not sent rain yet, but he knew it was going to come, why God told him, friends, sometimes we ask, but we don't really believe because we don't see the things that we're asking for all written in His Word Does. Does God say, Hey, you should pray for people to be converted and be one to my Kingdom and to be in Heaven? Yes. With those sorts of praise, we can have assurance that God will answer. So the 1st condition that we, that we see here is when we ask and we want to receive, because not everybody receives, it's possibly because they, when they ask in prayer, they're not believing. Let's go over to John Chapter 14 and verse 13, John Chapter 14 and verse 13. What else about asking if we're to ask and we want to receive, how do we do that? John 1413, and whatsoever Ye shall ask in my name. That will I do that the father may be glorified in the Son, friends, whatever we ask in whose name in the name of Jesus does that mean whatever we pray for and we end of the prayer in Jesus' name that God will give it? No. It means that we got to pray in his name. We go to take his name upon US as well. It means that we must have his character. We got to be willing to follow him in whatever he does and whatever he wants US to do. Friends, we got to ask in the name of Jesus, but look one of the conditions. There are some conditions for God to answer our prayers. You know, Let's start by going to John Chapter 15 and verse 7, John 15 verse 7, and this is very much connected with praying in the name of Jesus John Chapter 15 and verse 7. The Bible says here, if Ye abide in me And my words abide in the you, you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you, friends. If we what abide in Him and His words abide in US, then whatever we ask will be done. It's almost like God is giving US a guarantee, but the condition is we got to learn to abide in Christ. And not only that, he must abide in US in what way his words, friends. If we are to ask God of anything, we need to ask that his word would have died in US. Why it is not to simply, Oh, I do my devotion, I spend time in the Bible, let me read one chapter or let me read 10 chapters today. And then so when I pray, God will bless me and sometimes we, we use him as this little little idol to bless US. God, I spend time with you. You bless me. Ok. And that's how we think sometimes. But is that what God means here for you to abide in me and my words abide in you? Absolutely not. If his words would abide in US, it would begin to change US. It would begin to change our mind thoughts, character. It would change the way in what we want to ask because our hobbies would be different. The way we spend our time would be different. Our priorities will be different. Instead of asking for a $1000000.00 will be asking to be content in the little things that we have already. If we allow his word abide in US, if we allow Jesus to abide in US, it's not that we are trying to ask favors with your friends. So he can give US favors But abide in US so that we can be like you that you can live through US. And if Jesus is living through US and he is in US, the Father will be delightful to answer whatever because it's Jesus that's asking because he's in US. So that's what it means for his word to abide in US. And then Let's go to Psalms chapter 66 and verse 18. This really then is the natural progression. Psalms 66 and verse 18. What other conditions do we have here in regards to asking some 66 verse 18. If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me friends. Look, there are some prayers that God will always hear the prayer of the sinner. When you're praying for forgiveness, he will always hear that you pray for a clean heart. He will always want to clean and you bring the prayer of Penzance and you want to change. God will give you that power. He will always answer that prayer. The prayer of conversion, the prayer of change. But there are some prayers that in order for your Pred to be heard, you got to make sure you don't regard iniquity in your Hearts. You want to make sure that you don't have sin in your heart. You got to make sure that your sins are calm, Fest already. There are some prayers that some of US pray that hit the ceiling and come right back down. And God does not hear it. And so friends are our conditions. If we want to ask, because not everyone that asks will receive, There are conditions behind it. So what should we be seeking for? Ok, So we've narrowed it down a little bit. Ok the ask, and then now seek. What's the next step seek? What's that? What does that mean when it comes to seeking? Matthew chapter 6? We've already looked at this before. Matthew chapter 6 and verse $33.00. Matthew chapter 6 and verse $33.00. What does it mean to seek this is a scripture song. Many of US know this. Maybe you don't know the exact reference, but it says, but seek Ye 1st, what the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. So what do we have to learn to seek? Because it says, if we seek, we will find friends. Jesus is not telling US to seek him for treasure. Not the money. Don't seek him for wisdom so that you can be a better student or a better worker so you can get a promotion or earn more money, or maybe on a $1000000.00 in one day by trading shares and know which shared by God please. I'm seeking you today so that you can bless me. No friends. God, He is not about to be used. He is not like the other religions, other gods, as you know I, I do whatever. And then please bless me. No friends. The thing that God wants US to seek that if we seek will find it's his Kingdom and His righteousness. And then all these other things will be added. You don't need to seek all these other things. Do you know what all these other things were in the early a versus when you read in Matthew chapter 6, What were those earlier? What were those things that will be added to US automatically? The clothing, the food, you don't need to worry about it. These are what we call necessities. Could it be that too many of US? We are not happy with necessities. We have once and desires that we want God to satisfy US with. I want you to consider as you're listening this evening. Where you sitting. Are you sitting under a bridge? Do you have a roof over your head? Maybe that roof is leaking, but it's better than a bridge, isn't it? Maybe you're a little bit hungry, but you ate all the food that you had, but at least you still had dinner. Do you see that? God, He will give you all your needs. He may not give you all your wants, but if we seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things will be added to US. And could it be that some of US were too covetous were too greedy. The needs are not enough. God, I need to retire early. I need to have a bigger Bank account. I need other things, but they really aren't needs their wants. And so we leave off seeking got 1st, the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness. We take our own life into our own hands, seeking for the things that maybe God doesn't want US to have friends. We should be asking. We should be praying. There are conditions to our asking though. We're going to pray in the name of Jesus. We're going to make sure that we allow his words abide in US. We've got to make sure that our lives are free from sin and then we got to seek we are to seek his word, His Kingdom and His righteousness. But how Jeremiah, chapter 29. And verse 13, what does it mean to seek? We ought to seek his word. Because righteousness is Jesus, and Jesus found in his word. My tongue shall speak of thy Commandments for all my what the word for all the comments are righteousness, some 119172, that is his word, we got to seek that. But how Jeremiah 29 and verse 13. The Bible says this, and you shall seek me and find me when Ye Self's shall search for me with what? All your heart. Some of US we don't receive His righteousness because we're not seeking with all 100 percent of AHA, it's in. What regard does that mean the how do we know it was seeking God with all our Hearts? Well, Let's go over to Matthew 22 verse 37. Matthew 22 and verse 37. What does it mean? How we are able to see God with all? Matthew $22.00 verse, $37.00, Jesus said, and to him that our shout love, the Lord, thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul. With all very mind, friends, if we are to seek God with all our Hearts, we must 1st love Him with all our Hearts. We cannot be divided. We can't love God and we can't love Mammon or money at the same time. The love of money is the root of all evil. My dear friends, there's nothing wrong with money. We needed survive. We needed to buy things for our ones and our needs. But we've got to learn to love God with all our heart, soul strength and mind. And if we do love him, it becomes easier to seek Him with all our heart friends. If we are seeking Him with all our Hearts and we're seeking His righteousness, we're seeking His Kingdom. The way that we ask. And what we ask will be really different. Very different. So look, maybe some of US, we aren't righteous because we're not seeking God with all our Hearts. We're seeking him with some of our Hearts. Maybe even your spending a little bit of time and devotion, but are you really seeking Him with all your Hearts? Are you making him in the 1st? The last? The best of your day? What do you do when your time is free? What, what does your mind wander off to? When you're in love with your wife? All you do is think about her. When I'm in Bible studies, 2 months ago has been 2 months already since a Lockdown. But you know, when you get to Bible studies and You come out, you know, the 1st thing I always do. I'm wondering what my wife is doing a message. I'm telling her I'm going to the next place or I'm on the way home. You know, where when you're in love with somebody, your mind is preoccupied with that person. Not that you thinking about them, 100 percent of the time, but with all your heart you love them. There's not another woman in sight. There's no other God that we put before US a Veggie. Is Christ friends? Do you really seek Him with all your heart or are you making money? God, Some of US We are seeking for too much. We're living beyond our means. Some of US need to live simpler. And so because we aren't and we want to certain lifestyle, we want to certain luxury, we put ourselves into a position to have to have it. But then somehow we lose sight of God. And then we lose sight of the seeking. And then we could get even to this point and we turn around and blame God and say God, why didn't you bless me. I came to church every single week. Why didn't you bless me? You know, to me. And so some of US we forget about God because we get caught up with the World. Jesus says, if you ask you receive, if you seek, you'll find it's not about seeking the riches of the treasures of the Earth. It is seeking Jesus Christ. It is seeking for that hidden treasure, the Pearl of great price, but you'll only find him if you seek and search with all your heart. And then the 3rd step is knocking and you know, I went through looking into scripture. This is really the only place that talks about knocking the only other place a really find is Jesus knocking on the door of our Hearts. And that's got nothing to do with US knocking Ok. But if, if we fulfill the 1st 2 conditions are right. And God says, the knocking will be easy. We'll be open. But look, I want to show you what the focus of our study is this evening we've been going through this, Ask seek and not Ok. However, come back with me to Matthew chapter 7. Matthew chapter 7 and starting in verse 9 now. So we read verse 7 and 8 already. But you know, Jesus, he expounds on this about asking and seeking and knocking. And even though we've gone to other texts, I want to come back now to Matthew chapter 7, verse 9. Or what man is there of you? Whom if his son ask read, Will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If Ye then being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more show your Father, which isn't Heaven give good gifts to them that ask him in every single one of these verses, there is one word that we've seen already that has been repeated every single time is what I ask. Seek is not mentioned again, not is not mentioned again either ask is repeated every single time 3 times in every single one of these verses. And God is giving US the assurance look. If you would only ask you receive it. The problem really is not in our seeking. Ok. Maybe seeking has a bit of a problem there as well. But the seeking of the knocking, he's not focusing on that. We fall short in our asking. Ok, And we've, we've talked about this, what should be asked for. We should be asking for God's will to be done right. What should be asking for? We should be praying. We're going to make sure that you know, our lives are filled with His Spirit. Isn't it? But Yes, there are things that we should be asking for, but I want you to come with me in your Bibles to Luke Chapter 11. Here's a parallel passage. There is one thing that we should be asking for above all others. One thing, Luke Chapter 11 and look if you pray for this one thing, you still got to be like Alija. You still got to pray 7 times of you think that you want to receive it because sometimes we say God, this is your will. How can you not given it to me? Because sometimes he tests US. How sincere is asking. Luke Chapter 11, starting in verse 9, Luke 11, and verse 9, and I say, and so you ask and it shall be given, you seek and you shall find, knock, and it shall be opened. And so you, for every one that I ask of receive Earth, and he that seek of find and to him that knock of it shall be opened exactly the same as what we saw in Matthew chapter 7. If a son shall ask bread of any of you, that is a father, will he give him a stone? Or he ask a fish, will he for a fish? Give him a serpent fathers, would you do that? Your son ask you for a bread, would you give him a stone or a fish a serpent? Or if you ask an egg, we offer him a Scorpion. Are we really that we could obviously not. If I had children asking for food, we would give it to them, right? Verse 13. If he then being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children. How much more show your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask friends your children, ask for food and you give them that. They ask for clothes you give and so that they ask will once they desire this is not needs. And even then sometimes we give it right many times we give up. But there is one thing that Jesus says that he can give the very best. As a father, he would give this to US. What is it? The Holy Spirit? Friends, if there is one thing that we should be asking for, it is the Holy Spirit. This is the best gift of all. Many of US we are asked wrongly. We ask incorrectly, we don't ask correctly. We're not praying, According to God's promises come and mean your Bibles to James chapter 4, and verse 3. James, Chapter 4, verse 3. Let's turn our Bibles there. James chapter 4 and verse 3, you ask and receive not because we ask amiss that he may consume it upon your lusts. Many of US were asking for wrong things. We are praying, selfish prayers. The guarantee that God gives to unsub prayer is when we pray for the Holy Spirit's not to be smarter in school, not to get a bigger paycheck not to get a bigger House, not to give US that wisdom for that selfish purposes. Maybe the reason why many, many of US do not have praises, is because we're asking for selfish things. Do you understand that? We ask for too many selfish things and we've got to learn to be on beyond our own self and our own feelings for, for my son to be healed. You know, my son was sick for 3 days and you know, for him to be healed. That could be a selfish prayer, it could be all I mean, how could it be? Not God's will to heal somebody. Of course, I understand that. But do you pray for other people that just The understand that sometimes the sphere of our prayers is within the little circle in the little bubble that we live in. But God says you got to pray for the whole least Spirit. For what reason? Of course, I'm not showing you why yet, but I want you to understand that sometimes. In the case, many times we don't get our prayers answered because we're praying for selfish press, selfish things. So, why should we pray for the Holy Spirit? What's so special about the Holy Spirit? Right? That this is the one thing that God says. It's the best gift I can give you. John 1426, Let's go there. John, Chapter 14 and verse 26. Why should we be praying for the Holy Spirit, John 1426, that son of I was there. Ok. John 1426, The Bible says, but the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost whom the Father will send in my name. He shall teach you all things and bring all things to remember once, whatsoever I have said unto you. Do you know that the fact that you can do good on exam? It is a blessing of the Holy Spirit. He teaches you all things, and he brings all things to your remembrance. Some of you, you have a photographic memory, I'm telling you it's the Holy Spirit is not you. The understand it is not any of the talent that you might have or you think that you might possess, or a gift that you, you know, you inherited from somebody. You know, this is the Holy Spirit. He is the one that teaches US all things. The ability to learn is a blessing from the Holy Spirit. And all of US we learn throughout our lifetime. We do John Chapter 16 and verse 13. Why else should we be asking for the Holy Spirit? Why is the Holy Spirit so important? John Chapter 16 and verse 13. How be it when he, the Spirit of truth is come. She will guide you into all truth, for he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak, and he will show you things to come. The Holy Spirit guides US. He guides our life. He tells you which job you should choose. If you ask for him to be in your life, he took tells you what sort of occupation that you should choose for your studies. You know what course of study you should up. He even tells you if you really Trust in him that you know which House should you buy and where you should live. When's the right time to move out from the cities? You know, all these things. He guides our lives, but you know, even to a certain extent, all these things are selfish prayers. You know that God, please give me a Holy spirit. So you can teach me all things so I can study last or you can bless me so I can have better life in the work that I do. So I don't have to get stressed out in my walk. You know, friends, these can all be selfishness while our prayers. I mean, can you understand that even our Christian life can be so self-centered, sometimes 1st Peter chapter one verse 2, Why else should we be praying for the Holy Spirit? You know and look, this is from the Word of God, but I'm just showing you that sometimes. When we pray for these things that the Bible tells US to pray for, we can still be self-centered 1st Peter chapter one and verse 2. Why else should we be praying for the Holy Spirit's elect? According to the 4. Knowledge of God, the Father 1st Peter, one to Through sanctification of what the Spirit and obedience to an obedience, and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ Grayson's UN peace. Be multiplied friends. Why should we be praying for the Holy Spirit so that we can be sanctified? And let me put a different twist on it. God, please give me a Holy Spirit because I don't want to die. I want to go to Heaven. It can even be selfish. Reason you see that so even sanctification could have a selfish reason behind it. But I'm sure that as we pray for santification, God begins to change our Hearts and our minds, but it can't be focused on self, you know, friends, these 3 techs that I shared with you could easily be Mis understood And we could twist it and make it into selfish reasons, you see that this is not the reasons why Jesus was asking US to pray for the Holy Spirit's. I'm going to show you Ok. This is not the reasons why even though they are good reasons. Ok, And they're from the Bible. He'll teach US all things, he'll guide our life. He'll sanctify US. We need these in our life as well. We want to be taught, we want to be guided, We want to be sanctified. But this is not the reason why Jesus says the best gift that my father can give you. Is the Holy Spirit. What is it? Why should we be praying for Holy Spirit? Let's go back to Luke Chapter 11. Ok. We start in Matthew 7, but Luke 11 is the parallel passage that I showed you in verse $9.00 to $13.00. Ok. So Jesus says a whole passage at the end in verse 13, he says, my heavenly Father is more than willing then than a father on Earth is to give good gifts to the children. He's more willing to give the Holy Spirit if you ask. But I want to take you back to verse 5, because Jesus tells a little story. Before he talks about the seek and not Luke Chapter 11 and verse 5. And he said once of them, which of you shall have a friend and shall go and see him at midnight and see answer him friend, lend me 3 loaves. So you go to you, not going to a friend's House. And Hey, I need 3 lows for a friend of mine in his journey is come to me and I have nothing to set before him. And he from within shall answer and say trouble me not the door is now shut and my children are with me in bed. I cannot rise and give the I say unto you, though he will not rise and give him because he is his friend. Yet because of his what in porch at sea, he will rise and give him as many as he needed that word. Importunity does not mean unfortunate circumstances. Ok, that word importunity does not mean You know, he felt sorry for you and that was it? No, that word importunate seem means shameless. Yes. This Guy comes another friend at midnight, knocks on the door rings the doorbell. I need some food. Why not for self? Is not selfish reasons. What's the reason why this person knocks on his friend's door? It's because a friend came and there's no food for him to give nothing. So he goes next on says look, I need some bread, please. He's shameless, he does it. He doesn't care what time it is. Even though this person's in bed is like, I'm sorry, disturb you, but I need some breath. I think some food. What is this person asking for bread from a friend to give to someone else? The person that this the friend that he woke up represents God. The friend that has come, who is hungry, he's hungry for what? Bread? The Word of God. You know friends. What is talking about? God will guarantee give you the Holy Spirit. If you are asking for bread to give to somebody else, he doesn't guarantee bread. Just for selfish reasons. He doesn't guarantee the Holy Spirit. For selfish reasons. Yes, you might claim the promise that Saul Solomon asked for wisdom and he gave it. You might look at the promises in the Bible and say, look, you answered all these People's prayer requests. Why have you no answer mine? Well, maybe because there needs to be adjustment in thinking. Maybe you are praying, selfish, press. Look, Matthew chapter 5 or 16. Let's go there. This is part of the Sermon on the Mount's Matthew chapter 5, Verse 16. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father, which isn't Heaven friends, that's outreach. We are asking not for selfish reasons, for a better life, for more money, for more possessions, for more clothes, for better food, for whatever. We're not asking any longer for selfish reasons. The fact that God will guarantee an answer to a prayer like this is when we are asking for somebody else. And so let me tied in to personal application here, friends, maybe some of US we don't have any praises to share because we're not seeing God Unser, any of our press to see that maybe you've been too in would focus. Maybe all you've been worried about is your life and your possessions and your House and your car and your job. Do you know that there are hundreds out there? Thousands out there. Because of this Lockdown they've lost jobs. They've no money. The suffering on the streets? No food, some people I heard of not even for 8 days. What are we praying for? What are you asking God for? Are you praying for the Holy Spirit just for yourself? God might not once or that unless you're praying for more money so that you can give to someone else that you can feed someone else. You know when it comes to fund raising for the Bible work is in my church here. I have no shame. I will ask but to US myself, I have a lot of shame. I won't do that. I'm very much Blessed financially, physically, spiritually, family Wise, God has Blessed me. I don't need to ask for that. What we need to ask today that we can be a witness. There are hundreds, thousands, millions out there that have never heard of the name of Jesus. What is God's people doing? There? They're running after the world's goods. They've got their sights and their eyes set upon worldly things. They're not seeking 1st, the Kingdom of God, or they're not seeking God with all their heart if you searched for God with all your heart. And he really are asked. And so that your asking of Holy Spirit, you would never doubt God's Love, you would never backslide. You would never fall away. You understand that? Yes, it's a day by day moment by moment experience and any of US can fall at any time. Friends. I'm not saying it's a guarantee, But if we have tasted of his good US, whole friends would never leave. But could it be that many of US we have not sought God with all our heart? Because we're asking for the wrong thing Tonight. How can we be a witness? How can we guarantee that God will answer our progress Tonight? I want you to pray. God, please give me your Holy Spirit so that I can be a witness. Try asking that perhaps if you pray that prayer. I'm pretty sure God is going to answer it because he wants his children to be witnesses. He wants them to finish the Gospel work and give his word a certain sound. He wants them busy and being involved in the work of saving others. He wants them out there to be a blessing to the World because they've been Blessed as well. Friends couldn't be the reason that many of US are not asking for the Holy Spirit. Is because we're not witnesses. Try asking God Tonight. God give me a Holy spirit so that I can be a witness and he might bless you. But when he does, don't forget that the reason why he Blessed you is so that you can be a witness. The understand, the Solomon, he lost sight of that. He asked when he was humble and lowly and Meek when he asked for the Holy Spirit, God was so happy he gave it, and he gave him wisdom. He gave them the life of his, their enemy, the life of the his enemies. He bless him abundantly, but then he got all these things and he forgot why God bless them for this reason. God bless him with all this wisdom and the Queen of Sheba came and says not even half of what I heard was told about you who you were and what, what, what you did here. She was shocked. We don't know if she was converted, but she was shocked. And here that opportunity to witness for God some time somewhere along the way of asking, even though we might be sincere Tonight, friends may be many years or many months ago you prayed for God to really bless you so that you could be a witness. And then God bless you, import out his blessing upon you. Have you remembered that blessing or so that you can be a witness? You understand? So I'm challenging you this evening. You know, to change change and shift the way you're. You're asking God that he would give you His Holy Spirit for just one reason alone, that you can be a blessing. Let's stop praying, selfish prayers. In would focus my House, my family, my life, my job, my studies. Let's stop praying for others. Let's stop praying for people that they can be converted. Pray for your neighbor, pray for those that you work with that you study with. There are so many people that we can pray for and then we pray for them. You say God, please give me your Holy spirit. So I can know what to say to them. But too many times when it comes to witnessing all pastoral pastor, I don't know what to say. You do it, you do it. You know. But if you pray for the Holy Spirit, you say God, give me a Holy spirit so that I can witness to this person. Then you don't need to go have the pastor on quick fast dialogue or you know shortcut to call him, Hey, what's this? No. Because the Holy Spirit that inspires a pastor is the same that inspires you. And you might even have more of the Holy Spirit than your pastor the understand that. So today, Let's start asking a Miss So that we can consume it upon our law own lusts. Let's start praying, According to the will of God. And if we do, we will see the work wrapped up very quickly in a short amount of time. Let's pray. Father in Heaven. The see evening Lord, we realize that we've been asking for the wrong reason. Lord, please forgive US because many times all of US we've, we've all prayed selfish prayers. Just self focused. But we want to be different Tonight. We want to be your children. And yet you're so ready to give US your Holy Spirit. Lord, Hugh, are you just waiting to pour him out upon US When we get on our knees and we close our eyes and we pray, we pray for the wrong things a lot. So Tonight I'm just asking that you please teach US to pray, help US to know what it means to pray for other people. Be with my brothers and sisters here, Lord, help US to pray that we would be witnesses. That all of US will be lights. That are set on a Hill that when people see US and meet US, they'll become verted to your Kingdom and to your glory. So Father, please give US your Holy Spirit, that we might be that witness this evening. For we pray in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio, and much more. 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