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Our Only Argument

Benjamin Ng
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  • December 14, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in Heaven, thank you for this time that we can come and study together. Thank you Lord, that we can open your work together on the Sabbath day. I pray that you speak so clearly, so tenderly, so personally, to each and every one of US and guide US with your spirit or Lord. Lead US into all truth and bless US, we pray this day. Your Holy Angels and your Holy Spirit ministered to US as we seek your will and your word for you, pray in Jesus name. Amen. Friends, I'd like to invite you to turn to me in your Bibles, or you can follow along. In Luke Chapter 7, Luke Chapter 7 was starting there in verse one. The Bible says now when he had ended all his sayings in the audience of the people he entered into Capernaum, and he sent sure Ian a certain century and servant who was dear unto him was sick and ready to die. And when he heard of Jesus, he sent on to him the elders of the Jews besieging him, that he would come and heal his servants. And when they came to Jesus, they were sought him instantly saying that he was worthy for whom pardon me? Image Thing is not working. Give me a 2nd here to advance the Sly. Sorry, but it's, I mean if you're able to follow along, we are there in Luke Chapter 71 to 5 that he was worthy for whom. I'm sorry, the slides are not working. It was working this morning, so you'll have to turn with your Bibles. He was worthy for whom he should do this for he'll love of the nation and here the Bill to US a synagogues, I'm sorry we've, we're used to having slides, but please get your Bibles out, get your phones out and open the Bible and make sure you follow along, but what was the story about is about the Roman Centurion. And he was an important man. He had soldiers under him and he heard of Jesus. And he's begging Jesus to come and heal his servant. He must have loved his servants a lot. Ok. Now the interesting thing in the story is that people, you know, the Center didn't come to Jesus. It was the people that came on behalf of the censuring and they come to Jesus asking Jesus to help the Sky. What did they say? They said in verse 4 of Luke 7 verse 4, that he was worthy for whom he should do this. For he love or thought our nation and health built US a what a synagogue the people gave Jesus the reason why above any other man, Jesus should go and heal this person. Why this man deserved Jesus, attention Jesus. He came to perform this miracle and he was willing to do that. But why? You know, well Jesus, why should you do it? He loved our nation, he built US a synagogue, obviously the sin. Sure Ian was a rich man. He gifted them a whole church, even though he himself was not a believer or so it seems that way. Right. So it's interesting that how we, as human beings, we look at things how we look on the outward. Oh, this person must be worthy because they give the most tithe in the whole country, or this person must surely he must be worthy because they do so much for God's Kingdom built to synagogue. Surely this person must be worthy and headed towards Heaven because and you know, we have so many reasons to give, isn't it reasons that the seeing I can agree with and comprehend together, but they're coming to Jesus and they're backing up this and Kurian. This Guy is worthy Jesus, if there's any one Party worthy of your attention. It's this Guy. But Let's keep reading. Please turn with when you're behind, because of the slides are not working here. Luke 76, the 7. Luke 7, verses 6 to 7. Then Jesus, when they went with them and when he was now not far from the House, the Sun, cheery and sent friends to him, saying and to Him, Lord, trouble not the I self for I am not worthy that thou shouldst enter under my roof. Wherefore Neither thought I myself worthy to come once of the but saying a word and my servant shall be healed. So Jesus, he goes on the way and, and he on as the request of his friends and look, the sin children comes out and says, I am not worthy. He did not send his friends to Jesus to ask on his behalf because he was so important. And it's not like Jesus was worthy of his time and he was busy. No, he didn't even think himself worthy to even come to Jesus and to talk to him personally. His friends said that he was worthy, but he says no, no, no, no, no, no. Jesus, I am not worthy, but Let's continue in Luke 7 and verse 8 For I also am a man set under authority having under me soldiers. And I say into one go and he go with and to another Come and he cometh. And to my servant do this and he do with it. When Jesus heard these things, he marveled at him and turned him about. And servants of the people that followed him the same people that said that he was worthy. I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel, in the mission of the century and who said he was not worthy. Not only was his servant healed, but Jesus made this Big declaration. I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel. It was not on the account of the century and worthiness that Jesus performed this Miracle and healed his servant. It was because of his faith, look, friends, there is nothing that we can do. Absolutely nothing. You can't climb the highest mountain. You can go down to the deepest depths of the Ocean. There's nothing that we can do to commend ourselves to God, not a single thing. And we got to remember this the century and understood it. I am not worthy. Now, please turn with me in your Bibles to Titus chapter 3, verses 4 to 5. I've been spoiling you in this past couple of months, having all the facts there and it's enabled me to go faster. But now I'm going to patiently wait for you to turn your Bibles police follow along Titus, chapter 3, verses $4.00 and $5.00. The Bible says this, but after that the kindness and love of God, our Savior toward man appeared not by works of righteousness which we have done. But According to His Mercy, He saved US by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost Titus. He recognizes a C understands US not by works of righteousness, which we have done. It doesn't mean that we're not to look at any works. And sometimes when we look at these texts, we put all the works in a bad light. You know, I'm not excusing any person that has no works of righteousness that it's Ok though we'll look at this later. But no work can justify US. Can comment US to bring US even one inch or one millimeter closer to Heaven. There's not a single Act that we can do that makes US worthy of God's time of his righteousness of his love, not a single thing. Why? What commands US to God. It's not our works, it's his Mercy. It's his kindness. It's his love. In Lamentations, chapter 3 in verse $22.23, The Bible says it is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed because his calm passions fail not. They are New every morning. Great is His faithfulness, right? Not ours. It's because of Jesus. It's because of his Mercy. It's because of his compassion, it's because of his faithfulness to each and every one of US. Nothing that we have done. In fact, friends, what have we done? All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. There is none righteous, no, not one. So then why did Jesus even bat, an eyelid to the request of these people on behalf of the century and they thought he was worthy. The security himself declared, I'm not worthy, but yet Jesus still healed. This man's servant. I'm sorry, I had a quote from the Ministry of healing And I had it on the slides, but you're going to have to listen along. And if you're able to search, you go to them. Hate each $65.00 page, $65.00. Paragraph one. Ok, Ministry of healing 65 point one. Why is it that Jesus even bothered with this man? This is how it reads. The Jewish leaders had come mended the century and to Christ because of the favor he had shown to our nation. He is worthy they said, for he had built US a synagogue. But the cheering said of himself, I am not worthy friends. Don't you wish you were worthy enough to get some help? Are you worthy? No, we're not. And we've already established that. And you know, friends, if we wait, if we wait till we're worthy to get some help, we will never get it. Why, even the cheering himself said, I am not worthy. I know that would be a good thing for US to admit right here right now. Wherever we are, wherever with we're sitting, no matter how long you've been baptized, no matter how long you've been in the church, no matter how many good works you think you've done. We're not worthy. What does it mean to be worthy of something? You know, friends worthy in US is the term and on many things is based upon many things. What a person did, how much they earn their status, you know how they perform their task is usually focused on works. Worldliness is usually, at least from the human standpoint, it's usually determined by our works. For example, this person is worthy to get a pay raise because they worked long hours. They performed so well works. This person is worthy to get this starting salary because they graduated from heart. Harvard, they've got a master's degree. They got a doctorate degree. Right. This person is worthy to have a good wife because he's a Doctor. He's always at church. He's just such a nice man. You know, we, we determine worthiness based upon outward appearances. So what does it mean to be worthy of something to deserve something? I go to the store, I go buy or phone for 2000, ringgit. I walk out of it. I'm worthy to get that phone because I gave that money. You see that A man walks into a high, high priced car sales lot and he tests are all these high priced luxury cars and, and the sales person judges his worthiness, based upon how he's dressed. You see that or even what car he pulls up in. If it's a little Cunt chill, a little Perodua or something, you know, he's not worthy. Why would I even bother? You know, many people are like that. We are determining wordiness based upon outward appearances. And that's what the people in the story did. This Guy is worthy for Jesus to attend to him and for you to give him attention because he built US a synagogue. He's rich and you know, look, when we do that Bill, there's only 2 paths for US to take in this. We're the try to Jack ourselves up to make ourselves look good with our works. Our exterior life. We make ourselves believe that we're getting somewhere. Or you're on the other side and you get totally discouraged because you look at your works and you know there's nothing good about it. You see that and look. Either one is a Big mistake. Friends. The censuring himself declared. He was not worth the Let's come back to this quote, Ministry of healing 65 paragraph one. We're going to be dissecting this and looking into this, you know and saw, please make sure you read it. I believe on our 2nd. Becky's Chad, the quote is already there. The Jewish elders had commended the century and to Christ because of the favor he had shown to our nation. He is worthy they said, for you have built US a synagogue, but the sin, cheery and said of him self. I am not worthy yet. He did not fear to ask help from Jesus. How come he was not afraid. What was the reason why, even though he knew he wasn't worthy, he was still brave enough to ask Jesus for help. Look at the next sentence. Not to his own goodness, did he Trust? But to the Saviors Mercy, he didn't Trust to his own goodness. He knew that he wasn't worthy. But he was not depending on what he had done for the Jewish nation, for building a synagogue for, for loving the people there was in this country of which Jesus was from that country. No, he did not depend upon his good works. But he depended upon what the Saviors Mercy, you know, friends, do you know what the definition of Mercy is? Let me read it to you right from the dictionary. It is compassion or forgiveness that is shown towards someone whom it is within one's powers of punish or harm, compassion or forgiveness that is shown to somebody whom within it is within our power to punish or harm. Not that his friends, it's love, it's God's God. They love unconditional love. Not from anything we do forgiveness. What did that person do? Only bad things. But we still forgive. It's a God by law, friends, and you got to understand this. Look what is a gap a love. I don't love my daughter because she plays her piano piece perfectly well. Neither do I love my son less because he doesn't clean the House properly. What is a gap in love is not dependent upon works. It's on conditional. You understand that. And I love my children from the time they were born, they didn't do anything is not by any works that they have done, which means a God pay love does not determine how worthy a person is. You go around with their God pay love, how much God loves US, does not determine how worthy we are for Jesus to give US attention. It's just him. God loves US all. With a got the love. He loves Lucifer. You got to understand this. Hugh loves Lucifer with a God. Love he loves every sinner with unconditional love. The love that he has for each of US is not and never has been, and never will be dependent upon what we do. God does not love US more or less because of what we have done or what we have not done. But Here's the thing. You Gotta understand, this works. What we do does determine what side of the resurrection we come up in unison or what we do does the term and whether we will be in Heaven or not. We are judged by our works, but we're not saved by it. And that's a very, very fine line that when it comes to righteousness by faith, many of US Miss understand, look, we're not saved by works, but works will show our heart full of love, back to God, or a heart that is hatred towards him. Works will show whether we have reciprocated return back the love that God has given to US. Satan's works. Satan's works has shown and continue to show that even though God loves him, he has never loved God. Back. Faith without works is dead and works without faith is dead. That's James Chapter 2, right? It is impossible to have good works without a proper Foundation. Those sorts of works that seem to appear good, that don't have the Foundation based upon love and faith. Those sort of works only last for a little while because there's only so much love you can give when you don't have love at all. And so those works quickly erode away. And then of course, if you have faith and you have no work, it really means you have no faith. You see that, which means you really have no work, love for God at all. So look, now coming back to this quote, Why did I go on this tangent about, about a God he love, because the cent sure Ian, He trusted not to his own goodness, but to the Saviors Mercy, which is a gap, a laugh. But then he knows that he was unworthy. It wasn't because of the Jewish synagogue that he built. Then why did Jesus even bother to give this man attention? Look at this last part. His only argument, which is where I've taken the title of US some of this morning. His only argument was what? His great need. The only argument that we can bring before Jesus is not Jesus. Look, I went to church or Jesus, look how much money I gave God look, look what I've done for you. Look at how I live my life. Look at, you know, there's nothing that we can do to point to God in any of our work saying, God, This is why you should be less. The only argument that we're told you're that that Jesus would even bother give US time is because of how much we need him. Thats it. That's it. His only argument, the only thing that he could press to Christ was his great need. Do you understand your great need friends? Do you understand your great need? You know that the Century and he was a rich man. He built a synagogue for the nation and in all the riches that he had, he could not heal his servants. He felt powerless. He felt helpless. God was the point of all this stuff that I have that I can even help this person. Look for the best doctors, gave him the best comfort, the best bed, the best environment, whatever it was, he tried to help the servant and he was at rock bottom. He couldn't. And it was only then. He realized his great need too often. That's when it happens, isn't it? When we hit rock bottom only, then we realize what our greatest need is. That was his only argument. My great need this. I recognize a con to anything. I've tried it all. Just like that woman who had the issue of blood 4 for 20 or 12 years, I believe it was. She had tried all sorts of things. Went to the physicians, spent all the money that she had. She was desperate and only then she came to Jesus, but she recognized then her great need. You know, there was a day that Jesus went to eat at this very House. His name was Simon. And Simon, he was, he was an ex leper Jesus, that healed him. And that's why he was throwing this great Party. And in came Mary as well to wash the feet of Jesus. The stories of famous stories found in all 4 Gospels. She was an ex prostitute. And to all outward appearances they seem on the same level, right? X. sinner X X, X prostitute. But Simon begins to murmur and judge this woman in his heart. And so Jesus gives this parable 151 old 500. And we all always think that Simon Old 50 and Mary 500 and that's why Mary came and get showed more devotion to Jesus. But if you were to choose between a leper and a prostitute, I would choose a prostitute. 10 out of 10 times. Why you can choose not to be a prostitute anymore, but a leper you are to have it or you don't you see. And so in all accounts and purposes, when you look at this parable, we all always think that Mary owed the 500 and Simon or the 50. But it would be really in actual fact, it was not the case. If we were to judge from a human perspective perspective, he would have all the $500.00 and she would have the 50. But the reason why Mary owed the 500 was because she realized her great need. She realized how desperate she was for Christ to help or she was that woman that had gone back into sin 7 times. Jesus had to cast out demons from her 7 times. She realized she held on to Christ more than anybody else. When we realize how great a sinner we are and how much desperate need we are in, you don't need to look around and go, why doesn't everyone else be like me? No friends. It's not about that is not what why or why isn't everyone else washing the feet of Jesus? Why isn't everyone else coming with purview? Mary didn't do that. She realized a great need and she didn't care what anyone else did. She showed her love back to her Savior. The works came, But that's not what made her worthy. That's not the reason why does or said that wherever this Ga story would be told. Where the Gospel we told that story would be there as well. She was not worthy because she washed Jesus feet with her hair on and what this this, this perfect that was worth one year's salary should not. It's not because of that. That's not what commended her to Christ. It was because she realized how desperate she was for Jesus. And if he did not help her, she would be lost totally and utterly. Just like the century and he was at the last straw. He could see his servant, someone he must love very much like family. But he could see that servant was soon to die taking his last breaths. And he had tried everything sleepless nights helpless. And so the only way he came to Christ was not with his credentials, not with all that he had done for Jesus and for this Jewish nation. But he pressed home. His great need not works. Not anything we've done. Not our riches. Not our reputations, not our degrees. Not how man views US. None of that. You see when it comes to unworthiness, at least in the eyes of God there's no degrees of unworthiness as there. Of course we think killing is worse than stealing or lying. But to Jesus, the price for the liar and the murderer was all the same. In 1st Timothy Chapter $1.00 and verse 15 less go there. 1st Timothy, Chapter one Verse 15. You know Paul, the aged Apostle at this time. He's writing to Timothy who's a young man, not to start out in Ministry as a young pastor. And you know, and you would think after years of serving Paul Jesus Paul, this is what he writes. It's amazing 1st Timothy Chapter one, Verse 15. This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the World to save sinners, of whom I am Chief, Paul called himself the Chief of sinners. How many years had a human in Ministry? The most prolific writer of the New Testament, he was famous. He'd been preaching everywhere. He's been doing a lot for Jesus. He's been zealous for the Cause of God. He'd been shipped direct so many times. He suffered stoning and whipping, and he had a law will list of credentials that could have recommended himself as a Chief Apostle, the best Apostle, the one that deserved to be at the right hand of Jesus. But no, even after all these, Yes. As he's writing to Timothy, he says, I am the Chief and the Chief of sinners. You know, if Paul will live today, we were made in the General Conference President. He'll be our next mission President for sure. But that was never his calling. You know, man looks at World in a very different to Christ. You know, he's coming to an end of his life and he calls himself Chief Chief of sinners. You know, the greater our unworthiness friends, the greater our need. The understand that the greater our unworthiness when we realize how unworthy we are when we realize how bad we are, we realize how far from Grace we fall in. The greater our need the more Jesus will answer for Jesus came to save sinners. Just like you and me, he didn't come to call the writer's repentance. No, he came to call the sickness. And that's that, that's the comfort we can take in friends. That when you realize how bad you are, I'm not trying to give you a complex. I'm not trying to make you depressed. I'm not trying to make you sad like, Oh, you're bad, you're bad, you're bad. But when we realize how bad we are, we realize how much Jesus loves US. Because he came to save me. Yes. Me. The one who doesn't deserve his love at all. The one who's hurt so many people with his worth. The one who even has a pastor who, who's tried to be in Ministry has turned people away from Christ. The one who's not been a good father, neglectful of his children. The one who's not been a good husband, one who's not manage finances properly. The one who's been covered choice who's been rude. I realize how much I need Jesus. I know I am very, very, very far from being a model and a perfect pastor. As I reflected on this message, I realize that my only argument is my own worthiness. That's my argument because that's where I see my great need, you know, friends, the sooner we understand how unworthy we are, the sooner we hold of the mirror and go Yeah, when you really are that bad, there's nothing good about you. We can take comfort in that because we can press this, we can show this to Jesus and say Christ. I understand how unworthy I have how, how little I deserve your attention. And I'm going to press this foam because you came and died for me. When you hung on the Cross you hunger for me. You knew I was going to be born in 1980. You knew how wretched and miserable and bad a person I was. Yet you still died. He still wore those nails for me. For me. What we do doesn't affect how God loves US. The sooner we can understand that the sooner we can press whole, our great need the century only to get to the Savior wasn't his wordiness of giving so much money. His only word US was realizing how unworthy he was, the Commons of Christ's presence, and that led him to understand his great need. All the money that he could give couldn't help a servant. All the synagogues that he had built cannot have healed his servant that was sick and die. The sooner we recognize that the sooner Christ can do something. I want to continue in Ministry of healing. We've had 65 paragraph one. Now a read paragraph 2 and 3 to you. Page 65, paragraph 2, and paragraph 3. In the same way, every human being can come to Christ. The way that came to Christ is the same way we can come to Christ. Do you feel that you are a sinner and you cannot hope to receive blessing from God? Remember that Christ came into the World to save sinners. That's why he came. We have nothing to recommend US to God, nothing. The police say that we may urge now and ever is, are utterly helpless condition, which makes his redeeming power in assessor to do you see that the plea that we can urge now and forever is our utterly helpless condition. Which makes his redeeming power in necessity. You know, friends, if our plea that we can urge now is how helpless we are, we got to admit how helpless we are. And the thing that stands in the way of that is pride. You know, as men, we don't, we don't like to call up in a ball and cry. You know, where the pillow and, you know, bawling our eyes out and we don't even like our wives to see that not our children, not anybody. Like to be strong, tough and you know, solve our problems. Ok. I'm going on money. I'll just go out and earn some more. You know, that's the sort of attitude we come across on. The sole provider are obese, strong. I can't let my wife see me weak like that, you know. But we find it so hard sometimes to admit how utterly helpless a condition this renouncing all self dependence. We may look at the Cross of Calvary and say, work in my hand, no price, I bring simply to the Cross. I cling until we have been stripped of all our pride and our self-sufficiency will never see the need for Christ will never see friends. Do you realize your great need? Do you realize how helpless you are? Do you realize how much you need Christ and how much you got to push home? The idea that God, I'm utterly helpless to help myself one bit. You know, where lies the problem that well, I've come across 3 things that probably stand in our path to help US to really understand our utterly helpless condition. The 1st this we try to redefine sin. What are the barriers to help US to understand our great need? We Re trying to redefine what sin is well, or I don't think this is a sin. I don't think that is a sin and I don't think that is a sin, you know? And we try to, we try to twist the word of God to try to change what the definition of a well God, you know, it's Ok to, you know, my family has no food. How are we going to survive? I got to steal God. I got to redefine sin, we change it And you know we point out other people who are good, well meaning Christians and look like they do the same thing. God should be Ok. For me, we're changing the definition of what righteousness is and what sin is. The 2nd thing is we've minimized God's word how we make ourselves too busy to read it. Because the bar was like a mirror, and the minute we look in there, It shows US how unworthy we are. It hurts. It's things you know will give US as true a fluxion about Ben. The money that you're striving for should be doing that. Strive for wisdom, you bring a prayer all wrong, don't pray for money. And it hurts. We don't like it. We don't like what it says. So we've gotten too busy. We've minimized the Word of God in our lives. And really the 3rd one is success. Any time human beings make success of their lives. We think we're something now. We don't feel helpless. I got money. People come to me for money. I give money to people. I'm successful. And you're telling me that anything I do is not good enough for Christ. It isn't so success gets in our way and that's what pride is of this, where the ego comes in. So Christ is trying to strip off the layers like an onion to get to the very core. Do you realize how unworthy you are is not that you're worth less? If you think you're worthless, friends, you just look at the Cross you will see the value right there. Yes, just for you. Christ would have died. That's how much he loves you. That's how much value you are to him. But our worthiness, what we think we can bring to Christ. He's trying to strip away today. Our only argument is our great need. That's why the Geezers oncet, that date of the century. Because that's where he placed all his faith. I've tried everything God and nothing can help. So he put all his hope and Trust right there on Christ and he's still waiting for US to do the same thing today as well. The just shall live by faith today. Do you realize how helpless you are without Christ? How much in need you are? If not, I pray that God would open our eyes to help US to see so that we can come to this point. In my hand, no price, I bring simply to the Cross, I cling and maybe during this time of pandemic, God has stripped off all the layers. He said, Do you realize that without Him you can do nothing through circumstances that more often than not are unfortunate and not good. He opens our eyes and helps US to see, Hey, you thought you were something but life now has dealt you this low blow. But I'm still here for you and Jesus is still waiting for US to surrender everything. You know. What will it take for US? What will it take for US to finally put Christ as number one? What will it take to help US to realize our great need we've, we've walked out the door to off the never pray, never reading and somehow we've come home safe and we've gotten back in the self security that I don't need Christ Christ. And the Blessed me with the breath and health as my parents. You know, we've gotten through life thinking, I'm all that maybe maybe the crisis peeled back, all those layers, friends. And today, our unworthiness Is the key to our Savior. Because it will help US to remember our greatest need friends. May God help US to understand that's the only argument that we can bring before Christ. There's nothing else. May God help US to see our great need today for surely he's coming very soon. Signs off or tell you know, there's ever a time we need a deeper experience with Christ. It is today. May God help US to that end. Let's pray. Father in Heaven. Lord too often we go through life thinking that we are so capable. But even the sin cheering was such a high honor and rank and importance in Society. He he realized, Lord, how helpless he was today. Lord, please help US to be humble. Teach US what it really means to throw all our glory into the dust and not bring any of that our reputation, our lives, our degrees. Our accomplishments, help US not to that, to bring that to the table, to bargain with you. Lord help US to realize because of your great love and our great need Lord, you are more than willing to help US help US to realize all that Salvation is really that simple. Not by works of righteousness which we have done. But According to your Mercy or you've saved US, and so today, please be merciful on each and every one of US. The most of all, to our transgressions, blot out our sins. All Lord, help US to realize that without you we can do nothing. Help US to come to the foot of the Cross to give you our burdens today. You have a great burden bearer. You died for our sins. They belong to you. And so a lot each US help US to surrender our lives to you today. Bless US on the Sabbath day. Oh Lord, you draw close to US. Minister to US. Help US, Lord, To see our great need. Today we pray, Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. 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