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The Will of God

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 22, 2020
    6:30 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this new week this week to the end of it that you've brought us to thank you Lord that you've been watching over all of us that you've been providing for us a lot we're able to come and study your work together the sea evening. A lot I just pray that you please guide us now as we're about to study your word these holy words Father we need the Holy Spirit otherwise our time together will not be profitable it will be empty words unless you are the one that is teaching us a lot please guide us to that and help us to focus help us to hear your voice Help us Lord that you might open our eyes that we might behold wondrous things out of the word this evening for you preen Jesus' name amen So please tell him when your Bibles to Matthew chapter 7 we're going to get straight into it this is actually our 2nd last study that we are doing on the Mount of blessing the Sermon on the Mount of blessing and we've gone through a lot we did not start together right the very beginning of the Beatitudes as we usually study this on a Friday night but now we're at the end Matthew chapter 7 we have one more study next week on Matthew 7 and then we're going to be starting a new series what that will be I don't know yet but do stay tuned and please continue to join us but Matthew chapter 7 was standing in verse 21 let's turn our Bibles there Matthew 721 The Bible says this. Not everyone say it and to me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that do with the will of My Father which is in heaven many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in the name and I name cast out devils and in the name done many wonderful works and then will I profess and to them I never knew you depart from me ye that work in the Quincy friends who are those in this 3 verses that call out Lord Lord they must be Christians they must be why you don't hear people calling out Lord Lord in the movie theaters at the shopping centers except when the taking God's name in vain right these people that are calling on the Lord in verse 21 and 22 they are Christians and yet were told here that not everyone that calls themselves a Christian will go to heaven. We study last week about false prophets we studied about false Christians those that have the form of godliness but they deny the power there of these people that have crept in unawares that are turning God's grace into the law seriousness cheap filthy grace and those hold tradition above the word of God we saw last week that there are these groups of people out there and friends it is a long list and we come to the concluding section here Matthew 7 you know some people like to put it together and yes it's part of what we studied Last week however I thought that the section was so important that we better study it separately this evening but friends there are people that will have gone to church maybe all their life that grew up in a Christian home that will call out to go on as a lord lord and look at what it says in verse 22 it says here look at this Matthew 722 Lord Lord have we not prophesied in the name there's the preacher and you know what I'm talking about myself I'm the one that's preaching this evening but then it says and in the name cast out devils there's the heel there's the healer and in the name done what many wonderful works there is all the other work that we do from being the greeter at the church and leading out and singing up front or leading out in the past or prayer or being the deacon that cleans the church you know there's this long list and they point to their works and they tell God Look look at all that I've done for you I've been a church I've preached I've stood on the pulpit Maybe I've even gone to mission trips I've fed the homeless. And yet what does jesus respond what does he say in the next verse he said what then will I profess and's of them I never knew you depart from me ye that work iniquity friends he says I don't know you yet these are the people that call themselves Christians these are the people that have been going to church every single week and they've been there on the right day the sabbath it seems you with me and what does a what what makes Jesus to say I don't know you what wasn't there in verse 23 he says what I never knew you depart from me ye that work in equality so even though they've done all these seemingly good works at church they seem like they've served God you know friends we can do these things are a habit growing up I learnt to play piano in church I still remember when my mum put me in the church put me on the piano there I was so nervous I was so scared but over the years the more you do it the easier it gets I was maybe 131415 around there they get you started all the friends so it's it's easy to get into these sort of habits to start serving God but yet God says one. I never knew you Depart from Me you that work iniquity So friends these people they're coming to church every week week in and week out and yet somehow the other 6 days they're still living in sin you know friends it's not enough just to do good works in church I don't think that good works are not important Ok We're going to get to this eventually but these people are doing good works in church they're saying look I preached I cast out devils I did many wonderful works in a sense you see they're serving God in church and maybe sometimes in the community through the church programs that are organized but yet Jesus says look it's not good enough to live for me one day a week is not good enough and you know sometimes we like to do this balancing act between good works and our sins we feel that we need to do more good works because we committed sin sometimes yes there's another group there the commit sin and they want to throw everything off but there's also this group that remains in church that even though they commit sin they come to church and go Ok I got to be a church this week because I was just extra bad I need to be there and you know virtually we don't we don't say it out but that's really our thinking sometimes isn't it all I said a lot. Are going to spend double the time in my devotion today I'm going to pray longer or I better go to keg this coming Friday because I've just been a really bad person I have been to church for weeks and you know we loke look and focus on these sorts of things and we try to balance between right just innocence and. And to us righteousness is what going to church going to carry a group making sure you pray and and you read the Bible but yet somehow throughout the day that we live on each on each week we're still committing sin and sometimes the motivation for us to do good works at church are motivated by our sins does that make sense because I sinned and we don't say this out but it's in our psyche it's in our mind we we think about it and we allow it to affect us and you know friends it's possible to seemingly do good works at church and still be unconverted and you know that Judas is a prime example Judas in the Bible I mean he was numbered with the 12 Jesus gave him power to cast out devils Hugh went with another disciple 2 by 2 preaching from town to town he rubbed his life and stayed with Jesus and was counted part of that 12 for 3 and a half years but yet his love for money covetousness and pride was still cherished in his heart can you believe that that after $3.00 and a half years this man would still betray his master after 3 and a half years and could it be that many of us today are still repeating the sins of Judas so this evening friends we want to know what is a distinction between and listen to this carefully the true Christian and the false Christian. Because remember there was that parable about how Jesus he went to so good seed in that field and an enemy came at night and sold bad seed and there sprang up these tears right where did they come from well the enemy and done this and then the servants already gone people pluck up all the tears but Jesus said no lest you pluck up the good seed as well so these 2 will grow together until the end of time and even today what we're talking about is not in the world but in the church there are wheat and tares you understand that there are wheat and tares and today I'm not asking you to go and investigate who is the wheat and who is the tears what I'm asking to do is take a mirror hold it up to yourself and ask yourself as we go through these texts God am I a wheat or am I a terror I am I a true Christian or am I a false Christian and what is the line of distinction between these 2 because both go to church both probably dress well both probably say Happy service both probably listen to a sermon once a week at church right but what is a line of distinction I mean this group that even not only listen to someone but they preach a sermon through what is that line of distinction we got to go back to verse 21 Matthew 721 not everyone that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but here's the contrast he do with the will of My Father which is in heaven friends we must do the will of the Father. I want you to understand this we must do action we must put into practice we must do the will of the Father so before we can do it we must understand what the will of the father is and yes we can move probably just what all that down to a few text but I want to go through thoroughly from the New Testament in a few verses in the Old Testament to understand what God's will is because once we can understand that by God's grace you have to help us do it because we don't want to make our experience as a Christian of none effect we don't want to be wasting our time right I want to make sure that if I'm going to go with God I'm going to go all the way there is no benefit in going half way with God There's no benefit in going halfway in a relationship halfway in a marriage half way through school right if we want to follow Christ we gotta follow him all the way let's turn our Bibles to Matthew chapter 6 Matthew chapter 6 and look at the Lord's Prayer Matthew chapter 6 and verse 10 not what it says here Matthew 6 verse 10 the kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven friends when we pray the Lord's Prayer will pray what that I will be done where in earth as it is and heaven but yet what we read in Matthew 7 is we must do the will of the Father so really this prayer should be rightly prayed this way them Zajac kingdom come your will be done through me just like it is in heaven do you see that God He wants his will to be done on earth and the way that it will be done will be through the Christian. Why because Matthew $721.00 tells us that if we want to enter into the kingdom of heaven we got to do the will of the Father and if we're praying for God's will to be done what we're really praying is God's will to be done through my life and your life today you see that let's turn Obama's to Matthew Chapter 12 and verse 50 Matthew Chapter 12 and verse 50 we're going to do this word study on the will of God This evening Matthew Chapter 12 verse 50 the Bible says this For whosoever shall do the will of My Father which is in heaven the same is my brother and sister and mother we are the relatives we are the brothers and sisters of Christ when we do His Will this is really important friends Jesus counsellors as his brothers and sisters this is how important this 1st John Chapter 2 Let's go there 1st John Chapter 2 and verse 17. First John to 17 the Bible says and the world passive away and the lust thereof but he that do with the will of God abideth for ever friends if we want to have eternal life and we already know this from Matthew 7 but we see it repeated here in John we must do the will of God This is not an isolated incidents in one text that we've seen there in Matthew 7 friends I want you to see that the will of God is found throughout the whole scripture Let's go to the fish and Chapter 6 and verse 6 so if we do the will of God Jesus calls us his brother his sister if we do the will of God we will have eternal life if Asians chapter 6 and verse 6 not with Ice Service as men please us but as the servants of Christ doing the will of God from the heart so if we do the will of God. God calls us his servants and you know there's one interesting thing that you find every time Paul he introduces his apostles he always calls himself the servant of God He knew what it meant to do the will of God This is his writings that this is what the Holy Spirit inspired him to write and so when he introduces himself Paul the servant or the slave of Jesus Christ he says I do the will of God That's why I can call myself that so friends it is possible to know if you are doing the will of God or not and we're going to get to that but what I've shown you here so far is it is important not only to understand the will of God but to do it then Jesus calls us his servants he calls us his brothers and sisters he says you can hear it eternal life so what is the will of God Let's go to to text 1st 1st the slowly instruct the 4 Verse 3 this is probably the text that I use the most and many other people that talk about the will of God This is clear but I want to back the that up in a minutes ago 1st the slowly and chapter 4 verse 3 What is the will of God that we might do it 1st the Salome and for 3 this is the will of God Even your sanctification So friends God's will for us is that he desires us to be sanctified Let's also go to Hebrews chapter term verses 9 and 10 and I'm going through quite a number of Texas evening but it's really important it's important that you see it throughout the scripture what we're talking about here Hebrews Chapter 10 verses 9 and 10. Then said he lo I come to do the I will or God He taketh away the 1st that he may establish the 2nd by the which will we are sent to fide through the offering of the blood of Jesus Christ once and for all Friends Do you know that the whole purpose for Christ to come and offer Himself for us is that he can minister in the century above so that we can do his will which is what we are sanctified through the body of Jesus Christ once and for all Friends the will of God is for us to be sanctified to be sanctified and what is the word sanctify I mean it means to set apart for a holy use so God He wants us as Christians to be set apart not simply just by going to church on the 7th day when read the rest of the world and the rest of the Christians are going on the 1st day that's not the only reason what it means to be sanctified but yes it is true if we are to keep the Sabbath holy which upon which I was we are in right now we are in holy hours if we are to keep the Sabbath holy friends we got to make sure that was sanctified we got to be set apart for a holy use not just on the 7th day but every day of the week you see that how we sanctified John 1717 John Chapter 17 and verse 17 a familiar text the many of you left turn of I was there John 1717 sanctify them through value truth value word is truth so you know what friends those people that come to church once a week. And there are not spending time in the Word of God They're not sanctified by the truth it is impossible to do the will of God because God's will is found in His Word we are sanctified by the word why do I go to church on the 7th day Saturday the Sabbath because the Bible tells me to and so when I do that I'm sanctified Why do I dress this way because the Bible tells me I should dress this way so when I dress that way I'm sanctified Why do I eat this way is because the Bible told me to eat this way so when I eat that way and because I know what the Bible says and I do it by His grace he we are sanctified we are sanctified by the truth but you see friends what is the benefit of this truth in in Romans Chapter 10 verse of unseen faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God and efficiency to aid it says that we are saved by grace through what faith friends don't think that the doing of the Word of God Is any of your great strength or intellect because why when you begin to read the Bible not only does God begin to center for you and begin to say hey when you go to live this way you go to do that you go to eat like this you go to dress like that you go to live it doesn't just only instruct you and tell you what to do but the Word of God is the very power of God. It is the same word that created heaven and earth and tomorrow we're going to be talking about creation during Sabbath school time please do join us a very interesting study but that very word that framed the world is the very word that gives you power to live a holy life so don't think that you doing the Word of God you being able to keep the Sabbath holy is anything of your great intellect or any strength that you have on your own it is the gift of God So as you begin to read not only do you receive instruction but you receive power as well to do it sums up the 40 verse 8 Psalms Chapter 40 and verse 8 what else is sanctification What is this got to do with the will of God sums for you verse 8 I delight to do the will oh my god yes a very law is where in my heart friends we will only delight to do God's will when the law is written in our hearts when we are spending time in it when we are delighting in it when we are reading it when we're having that interaction with it not once a week at church but every single day of the week friends the difference between the true Christian and the false Christian is not one can go to church and one doesn't they both go to church but there is a group that go to church but every day of the week they never read their Bibles. You will be amazed how many Christians I've studied with that don't know where the books of the Bible are friends if you read the Bible you will know where the books of the bible are there are so many of us that don't know where a certain book is you know we have an increase in a feeling but many of us I've seen they do turn to the index and they are looking through many of us are not having an interaction with the Word of God friends and it's not just going to church on the 7th day that sets you apart yes the Sabbath was set apart but many could possibly be going because of tradition and your brothers and sisters have you been spending time in the Word of God consistently have ritually every day with God because He says if you do that is what saves you the understand that you are saved by grace through faith where does faith come from hearing of the Word of God Let's turn about the Romans chapter 2 verse $17.18 we got to start by putting the law of God in our hearts we will start by putting the word of God in our hearts Romans chapter 2 verse 17 and 18 Behold vowel called a Jew and rest in the law and make the I boast of God So you know the Jews they they were boasting about all we are the chosen people you know but you know what really was important and know worst His will. And approve us the things that are more excellent being what instructed out of the law to know the will of God is to be instructed out of his law let's start there at the very 10 Commandments does it tend to want to tell us what to do oh yes and friends when you read the 10 Commandments and you were but you are liable for and you say God please help me to stop why and you put that word in your heart because you remember that 10 Commandments and that one comment spoke to your heart and you'd start begin to memorize it and put it there and then to begin to change actions it begins to change who you are and you are able to do the will of God not because of any strength on your own because the Word of God is being hidden in your heart you have been instructed out of the law John Chapter 5 in verse 30 John 5 Verse 30 let's go there John 5 Verse 30 I can of mine own self do nothing as I hear I judge and my judgement is just because I seek not mine own will but the will of the Father which hath sent me so you know Jesus didn't even seek his own will He was more interested in The Father's Will he says I seek not my own will but he seeking what the will of the father you know what it sounds like Matthew chapter 6 verse $33.00 Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness friends those at the end of time that call out Lord Lord I've preached I have cast out devils I've done many wonderful works they have not been seeking God's will. Well is it possible for you to be involved in casting out devils and not seek the law yet maybe you want the primary one that was doing that you were just a bystander you just happen to be there and say Ok I'm going to help but it wasn't because you that the devil's left friends that was the case of Judas is it possible to seek God's will I mean not see God's will and still do all these wonderful works that we get accustomed to a church is possible friends but we've got to make sure that we're instructed out of his law that we are seeking 1st the Kingdom of God and then what is the result let's go to go away sions What is the result of seeking God's law what is result of seeking his will making that 1st priority in our hearts and our lives put in the law of God into our minds Galatians chapter one and verse 4 What is the result of those that are doing the will of God Galatians chapter one and verse 4 who gave Himself for our sins that he might deliver us from this present evil world according to what the will of God and our father friends the will of God is the bill over us from the present evil world not just that the 2nd Coming but to set a very clear line of demarcation between those who are God's and those who are not those who are righteous and those who are not righteous or wicked friends there is a very very clear line and sometimes you can't the detected in church you can't it requires going to your home to your room observing how you work observing how you study observing how you treat your parents or serving how you treat your friends how you talk to people you see that. That is where you got to observe but also go to cautions chapter one collections chapter one starting in verse 9 Colossians chapter one in verse 9 for this cause we also since the day we heard it do not cease to pray for you and to desire that you might be filled with one the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding that ye might walk worthy of the Lord if you are filled with the knowledge of His Will you might walk worthy of the Lord and so all pleasing being what fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God friends you be fruitful and yes it seems like those people in Matthew 7 there can of food for right there preaching the teaching the casting of devils but it goes beyond that friends how you live your daily life it's possible to come to church and I say this because I lived like this I grew up in a 7th Day Adventist home I went to church all my life my parents they made sure you know they were pretty strict they made sure we never missed the Sabbath always going to church and I can even dress casually or can wear jeans I was in a lot of West sneakers you know I tried once my mom won't let me she says What are you doing she told me go back up and change as it were but my all my friends go to church and Jean says I know you're not you know my mom was pretty strict and so I knew how to dress up properly made sure that it was a habit going to church every single every single week. But friends that's not enough I never ever ever read my Bible I didn't for the 1st 20 years of my life it's possible to play a church my friends and many of us I daresay many of us are doing the same thing today what does it mean we got to work be filled with the knowledge of his will we got to be filled with His law we got to be filled with His word then our fruits Our lives begin to change 1st Peter chapter 4 let's go there 1st Peter chapter 4 starting in verse 2 1st Peter chapter 4 verse 2 The Bible says that he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men but what to the will of God for that for the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles when we walked in what law seriousness lusts excess of wine reveling banqueting and abominable abominable Idolatries friends he points out Peter he points out what the Gentiles used to do and friends if you are doing the will of God These things you no longer do there is a very clear distinction between those that do the will of God and those that don't and it's not found in how well you dress coming to church is not found in even coming to church now that is one of the fruits but one of this fruit of coming to church is easily made in just a habit and not just simply true there are many that don't come to church and that's obvious to friends and they probably don't care as well friends we have to be wary about our fruits how we are living the other 6 days you know I never knew that I had such a bad mouth. Growing up I didn't think my mouth was that bad until one day I came home from school this was in Malaysia up in Penang and. My my my mom she she had reported that one of the teachers who just happened to be an Adventist told her I can't believe you're a Christian your son curses are nonstop You know my grandma she she didn't know a drop of English she only spoke Cantonese you know this on my dad's side she lived with us she didn't know anything about English but she knew when I was cussing at her and I'll get in trouble when my mom came back you know I was living 6 days like a devil and then on the some day I'll go your home and go to church and help my mom with the food bring it in other sit there nicely and quietly I make sure I have my Bible and my family school lesson is Ok to have these things is important to have these sort of habits but if you never progress beyond that and many of us don't we think that the bane of our Christian experience is going to church but it isn't it's really what happens the other 6 days is really what you do with God behind closed doors spending time with him reading His word putting the lore of God into your hearts and in your minds and then when you do all these other fruits begin to change your language begin to change you start fighting with friends at school that's what I used to do you know all these things that. I even had a friend that went to the same church I went to the same school as me and he was in the same class and I was a different person when I was at school than when I was at church you know so all these things people can see it and maybe many of you don't see Joe other the other 6 days it's easy to deceive each other thinking Oh he's a good Christian I'll look at you he comes dressed really nice and he sits really straight in church you know let's get him to preach right so we make all these sorts of judgments based upon what we see but we don't know what's happening the other 6 days and it's possible to deceive all the people around you friends you can't perceive God Romans Chapter 12 verse 2 let's turn about was there Romans Chapter 12 and verse 2 and be not calm formed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good and Except the ball and purrfect will of God friends if we are proving what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God Guess what you can't be conformed to the world the world and God are separate. There is a very clear line of distinction lost seriousness drunkenness or excess of wine reveling banqueting lasts abominable Idolatries there's a very very very clear line of distinction Let's go to Fiji Chapter 2 look at this you see this everywhere if Eden's Chapter 2 starting in verse one there were what the Bible says if Eason's to verse one and you have he quickened who were dead in trespasses and sins where in time past you walked according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power of the air the spirit that now work as in the children of disobedience among whom also we had our conversation in times past where in the last of the flesh fulfilling the desires of the flesh you see that what desires of the flesh the word design is is the same what is the well your will of the flesh and of the mind and were by nature the children of wrath even as others verse 4 but God who in his rich mercy for his great love wherewith he loved us even when we were dead in sins had quickened us together with Christ by grace are you saved friends when you're saved by grace through faith because that's what we're about to see in the following verses interference to when you are saved by grace through faith there is obvious change there is obvious change you just don't you just don't do certain things that you used to do why because you're in love with God you delight to do His will you do and many of us go to church. We don't delight were there you know I've heard some people they say you better go to church take roll call you know let them know I'm there but then they come there and their mind is not even there the talking to their friends or browsing on their phone they're doing all sorts of stuff in everything except what spending time with Jesus for friends you know I want you to take a good look at your life this evening are you following God with all your heart do you delight to do his will when you come to church are you hungry for the Word of God are you wanting to seek His will or you're trying to find every excuse to be busy not to sit inside a school not to sit in church service you know what I mean and yes there are some obvious reasons we have little kids you know my wife because I'm the one who is preaching a lot my wife has to run to the back because sometimes my my kids make noise yes there are some obvious reason but some of us. We make all sorts of excuses to not join in spiritual activity and it's not because the church is boring is because we find it boring because our hearts are not changed throughout the week we've not been spending time in his word and we don't get excited for the Word of God It becomes boring and so when I listen to a preacher and he doesn't really tickle my mind or my fancy it's a bad servant Do you understand our friends we've got to take a good look at our own lives this evening because both the true Christian and the false Christian they go to church they go to church but what is Jesus desiring not just going to church he wants you to live a holy life 7 days a week. He doesn't want you just to be set apart on the 7th day he wants you to be set apart every day he doesn't want you just to stop cursing on the 7th day he want you to stop cursing full stop he doesn't want you just stop lying on the 7th day he wants you to stop lying full stop he doesn't want you to stop cheating just on the 7th day and to come to church he wants you to stop cheating altogether friends he wants you to live a holy life how have you been living the past 6 days since Sunday or Saturday night when several close up until just a few hours ago when Sabbath opened here how has this week been you will know by looking at your food this evening and asking to judge each other I'm asking you to judge yourself I don't know how you lived and look I'm not investigating I'm just telling you the truth and I'm holding a mirror to your hearts and lives this evening so that you might understand where you stand with Christ have you been spending enough time in his word have you been studying it have you been making it the center of your affections because friends when we do you will know when you begin to do the will of God you will know the result let's go to John Chapter 7 and verse 17 totaling a Bible to John 7 and verse 17 look at this if any man will do his will he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself do you know why for theology runs rampant throughout the whole church. Everywhere and so many people are being deceived is because so many people are not reading their Bibles are not studying it for themselves when Matthew 24 verse 11 says many false prophets shall rise and fall deceive many the reason why there are many deceived is cause many are not spending time in the Word of God and so they just listen to that which seems logical to them right instead of taking God it is Word and checking to make sure that these things are so on the many that will be to see that the end of time they don't have an intimate connection and relationship with Jesus Christ money or friends or holiness it's not automatic what comes naturally to us is a sin filled life what comes automatic to all of us is sin deception killing lying murder stealing you don't need to teach a kid any of those things they're learned by themselves friends even Christ when he was on earth when he became a human being his. Goal the sole focus of his life was the will of God Do you know that in John chapter 4 verse 34 look at this I want to take you to Tex in John John chapter 4 verse 34 Jesus as this my meat is to do the will of Him that sent to me and to finish his work the soft focus of Christ's life on earth was to do the will of God John 638 John 638 For I came down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of Him that sent to me the only reason Jesus saying that I came from heaven is to do the will of my father. That was his sole focus and yes that was to live a righteous life so that when he was nailed to the cross as the perfect lamb his blood could wash away our sins this was his sole focus but then we come towards the end of his life just as he is in the shadow of the cross as he's there in the garden of get 70 look at what the Bible says here in Matthew 26 and verse 42 Matthew chapter 26 and verse 42 the Bible says this he went away again the 2nd time and prayed saying all my father if this cup may not pass from me except I drink it what Van I will be done it was in the garden of get 70 that Jesus had to pray 3 times in order to accept the Father's will earlier on his life he says the sole focus of my my life and ministry in the reason why I came from heaven was to do the will of God but as he was trolling the wine press as he was nearing God gother he was praying God I don't want to do this my very being in the fiber of who I am in the human flesh tells me don't do it it's not worth it and Jesus the Son of God the Lamb that was to take away the sins of the world who never to touch the tip of his finger auto into any sin he do not want to do the will of God He said if it be possible take this couple way for me nevertheless work not my will but thine will be done friends if Jesus had to pray so earnestly to do the will of God How much more do we you know. You might be thinking this evening Hey I spent time in my devotion I've been reading the Bible but I've not had big tree why maybe because you think that putting the word of God into your heart and mind will just put you on automatic mode it's not like that friends as you begin to do the will of God as you begin to live in the me but let me rephrase it as you begin to spend time in the Word of God as you begin to spend time in his word and to read and study and have this relationship with Jesus you got to resist. You got to put all your earnest effort as much effort as you do to study as much effort as you do to work as much effort as you do into a relationship to buy things for your girlfriend to to to make sure that you faithful to your wife to make sure that as much effort as you do in cleaning the house or training your children whatever effort you do in this life for temporary things same amount of effort in being faithful God I want to stop lying please help me to stop lying today please and maybe the effort that you have to put is you might have to change your job in a stand that the effort that we have to put in it really begins and prayer is no wonder when Jesus put his disciples to pray Thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven he said Make sure you fast make sure you pray and fast and maybe some of us we're coming short of victory in life is because we've thought I just read my Bible God you're going to do the rest. You know and we have these funny catchphrases right you do your best let God do the rest so God I pray now you just change me huge change of desire he would change your thoughts. But there still requires effort on our behalf to say no I'm not going to do that I'm not going to eat that. We're going to part ways job relationship studies whatever it is it requires effort to follow Christ and as we exercise those muscles God he backs it up with the Holy Spirit and He gives us the strength to overcome so maybe some of us you know you're not of that group that don't spend time in the Bible every week you come to church and you spending time in the Bible but yet somehow you still short of victory you still short of change and it's not because you love the world and you hate God No you're reading you're spending time in his word but what could be friends maybe you're not putting as much effort as you need to into saying God I'm going to put this matter into my own hands and I'm going to think as if it's just holy on me and that's what and why it says when we work we got to work as if all the success depended upon us and then rely on God as of all the success depended upon him we got to work we got to put in effort friends ceiling many of us have not resist the jet and the blood striving against sin is not enough just to rid the world of difference we're going to pray earnestly and some of us we're not finding victory because we're not even fust thing friends some of us have the star of those sins to death we got to put in effort let me give you an example before you think that. I'm all about righteousness by works you know don't think that any of that work that you do will be saved but friends say for example you want to sleep early Ok you want to sleep early you want to wake up early want to make sure that you spend time with God right so you say God this evening please help me to sleep early or you got to put in effort to eat early you got to put enough effort to switch off the light by 930 you see that you've got to put in the effort so you you're not socializing till 10 11 o'clock and then you come back you shall you change and you want to unwind as 1 o'clock you know many of us like that right so where does the effort come from the do pray yes God will give you the desire to want to change he'll give you that desire to want to be better but we've got to put in the effort and when we start to put in the effort he backs it up with Holy Spirit you understand that don't think I've prayed God I want to sleep early tonight or just be automatic and then you get to the end the night I God why don't you how many sleep early it's because Ben you don't help yourself don't think that he's just going to change everything with a one sweep of a finger or wiggle of the nose or pointed the finger at your whole house is transformed and everything just renovated and no more temptations no friends going to put in the effort Jesus spotless Lamb of God struggled with the will of God in the garden of get some money and friends as we learn to pray as we learn to wrestle with God in prayer how much do you want to change as you have been spending time in His Word then you've got to figure out figure out and begin to plan what needs to change and by the grace of God Lord help me are going to throw this out I'm going to leave this party or not just not go to it at all. God I just I'm going to tell myself before I get to that food and it's going to be one round and that. Whatever it is that you want to put in there for lent to saturate with press as you pray as you watch then you work and I guarantee you God will bless you and your friends today let us not only read the will of God Let us not only just be acquainted with Will of God but by the grace of God Let us do it For by grace are ye saved through faith not of works lest any man should boast and then it says what interference to turn for you are created in Christ Jesus unto good works so God begins to change our hearts and minds yes we pray God to give me change me then he will give us the strength and as we work God will work as well if we put for that earnest effort today to keep the Sabbath holy What's the effort that you need to do well difficult for me to advise us because you're watching this on Facebook to make sure you put in the earnest effort not to scroll through Instagram and Facebook after that might detract and take your mind away from the holy Sabbath hours miss you put in the effort spent on the Word of God before you go to bed then maybe tomorrow you'll be strengthened with all the might of that in a man by the power of the Holy Ghost to keep the Sabbath all let us work for the night is coming and let us work not just for the salvation of hope for our own fall today let us pray Father in Heaven Lord help us to see that we're not going to be saved an indolent by doing nothing. And a lot I know that as we've been reading a word some of us maybe we've been reading it but we've not been finding victory in spit cause long we've not been wrestling with you in prayer we've not we just thought that as we prayed and we read that we'll go on automatic mode but Father help us to be watchful help us to put forth an effort in our own hearts and life to not only just walk with you but to make sure that our line of communication is never broken father please bless all of us this evening I know that all that we all struggling with. And we need your help we can't do without your help a lot but police help us to see that there is much for us to do as well help us not to just sit back thinking that you'll do it all. Father help us quote to cooperate with us that. Got us to that and noble we pray in Jesus' day. 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