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Convicted But Not Converted

Benjamin Ng


  • April 18, 2020
    12:15 PM
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Father in heaven thank you again for this time to open your word and how precious precious it is or Lord that we can come and study together that we can uplift each other and as we share our praises with each other that we can be encouraged by the smallest of things and from a different experiences how we are thankful for so many things so far the police draw us close to the Right now lift our minds heavenward as we open your word open our hearts and our minds to we pray in Jesus name Amen police turn with Mina Bibles to John Chapter 8 John Chapter 8 and we're starting here in verse one we are reading a familiar story in John Chapter 8 and please fall long with me in your Bibles were starting in verse one John Chapter 8 verse one the Bible says Jesus went into the Mount of Olives and early in the morning he came again into the temple and all the people came on to him and he sat down and taught them and the scribes and Pharisees brought on to him a woman taken in adultery. And when they had set her in the midst they sent to him must the this woman was taken in adultery in the very act now Moses in the law commanded us that such should be stoned but what say this that. And this they said tempting him that they might have to accuse him but Jesus stooped down and with his finger wrote on the ground as though he heard them not the various cities of the priests they were always hot on the heels of Jesus always trying to catch him unawares always trying to condemn him always trying to do something just so that they can run off and justify their evil thoughts and intents towards him and this was no different Why if Jesus had disregarded the law of Moses and said don't stone then they would have said he's putting aside Moses Law If he said Stone her Yes I we with you then he is disregarding the authority of the Roman power at that time who was ruling them and so there was no way possible for Jesus to win but yet in his infinite wisdom he saw through all of that and so he didn't say anything he began to write on the ground verse 7 so that when they continued asking him he lifted up himself and said on to them he that is without sin among you let him 1st cast a stone at her. And again he stooped down and wrote on the ground so he said a short sentence and then he kept writing verse 9 and when and they Which heard it being convicted by their own conscience went out one by one beginning at the eldest even unto the last and Jesus was left alone and the woman standing in the midst we know what had happened Ellen White is also very clear Jesus was tracing the sins of the people the priests and the scribes and the Pharisees that are come to condemn Mary this woman that was caught in adultery they wanted to condemn her and they were ready to stone her and they wanted to know what Jesus said but before that Jesus would now begin to write out all the sins that didn't secrets in their lives and he would write it out there on the sand and one by one beginning from the oldest even to the youngest they all disappeared you know what's very interesting though in verse 9 it says that they were convicted by their own conscience the Holy Spirit was working upon their hearts that is how the Holy Spirit works through everybody's life is the conscience it's found in Romans chapter 2 so they were convicted by their conscience they were convicted by what Jesus had said he that is without sin and then he wrote their sins on the ground and one by one they all began to leave you know friends it is not enough to just be convicted the priests the scribes and pharisees they were convicted but eventually the plot for jesus life would be laid so deep that they would turn around and eventually able to crucify the Son of God and hanging up him up on that on that cross to humiliate him. You know they were convicted that day they all left beaten they were all convicted by what Jesus was writing there in the sand and Jesus won the battle that day he caught them red handed for in the very midst of them was the man that led that woman into adultery as well but they all left without saying a word but friends there is a very big difference between being convicted and converted Look let me give you an example it's easy to convict my children that they've done something wrong but the grounds for change is not found in conviction alone it's not enough to just convict someone that they're wrong and just leave them their friends they must experience conversion in order that they don't keep going back to their old habits and that's the same with us as well it's possible friends to come to Salt and study the Bible and be convicted about what you're seeing there in the Bible but you leave and you are still unconverted conviction is not enough conviction is the start of the process it is what grabs our attention is what turns our mind and wakes us up that is conviction but if all that does is wake us up it's not enough you see friends it is very very important to be convicted but also to be converted turn with me in the Bibles to Luke 22 and verse 32 Luke 22 and verse 32 this is what the Bible says but I have prayed for the that by faith fail not and when thou art converted to strengthen the vibe rather than Peter had walked with Jesus for 3 and a half years. He had been with Jesus for 3 and a half years this is disciple and yet still at the end of it Jesus says you're not converted Oh look Peter he was so confident of self that at that point when Jesus said that you were saying I would never deny you I am willing to lay down my life for you but yet Jesus says when you convert meaning you are not converted yet Peter and he was there with Jesus for 3 and a half years friends it is possible to grow up in the church it's possible to be in the presence of Christ it's possible to be a premiering it is even possible to go to a Bible school like salt and be there for $44.00 and a half months and still at the end of it you leave convert that what is the issue how important is conversion Let's turn our Bibles the Matthew Chapter 18 and verse 3 Matthew 18 and verse 3 of course the answer is obvious but I want to show you a text anyways Matthew Chapter 18 and verse 3 The Bible says and Jesus said Verily a saying to you except you be convert to and become as little children ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven friends conversion is absolutely necessary if we are to walk with Jesus on those shores of heaven one day conversion is absolutely necessary so here's the question that we have to ask ourselves this evening how do we experience true conversion. In 1st Peter chapter 2 and verse 9 let's turn our Bibles there 1st Peter chapter 2 in verse 9 is not enough just to be convicted is not enough just to know what is right and wrong is not enough just to know about Jesus we have to be convicted but we also have to be converted 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 9 the Bible says this but ye are a chosen generation a royal priesthood unholy nation a peculiar people that he should show forth that ye should show forth the praises of him who have called you out of darkness into his marvelous light friends we must be brought out of darkness into the light of the gospel of God into his glory Yes there must be an interaction with the Bible for Guy word is a lamp under my feet and a light unto my path and so yes there is an active agent that we must interact with which is called the Bible but you know what friends it's possible to go to the Bible School and still not be converted Do you remember when the wise men came from the east when Jesus was born and they came all the way into Jerusalem and they were looking they were following the star but the star stopped over at Jerusalem 1st and God in His mercy was trying to wake up the people there but it didn't work but they came in and the star stopped in Jerusalem 1st before going to Bethlehem and the wise men came and the star disappeared and the White came in and said we're looking for the king of the Jews we're looking for the King Where is he the Messiah and Herod was obviously saying you're not looking for me so who are you looking for so he inquired of the priests and you know what the priest said he will be born in Bethlehem they quoted scripture friends it's possible to have an interaction with Scripture. And still be converts and it's not enough just to say Ok I read the Bible it means I'm converted I know it's possible to have the daily devotion it's possible to read the Bible and still be converts it sounds like oh no Am I a convert That's the question that we have to ask ourselves this evening Peter spent 3 and a half years with Jesus do you understand that that's almost long enough for a bachelor's degree he almost graduated with a master's of divinity from the school of Jesus and yet at the end of it Christ though said you're unconverted What is the difference between the various sees those scribes of religious leaders of the day and true conversion I want to look at the comparison between Peter and the Pharisees because Peter would eventually be converted in Acts chapter 2 he was a converted man it was through his powerful sermon in the sermon of the other disciples and those that were gathered in the upper room that $3000.00 were baptized in one days of Peter definitely experience true conversion by the end of it but how what was the difference you see the Pharisees they were convicted and they could not argue and so they left Jesus presentation of the truth was watertight as it always is it was 100 percent truth the sort of the Word of God was and she thought and cut through much much doubt if you cut through much unbelief many were saved but the Pharisees they were not. And why you see when they were convicted that's where it stops because they left and they were angry with Jesus they were angry with the messenger so instead of feeling sorry for what Jesus had said to them and exposing their their quickened lives and even the one that was an adulterer that had committed the other half of the act with Mary as he was standing there he left even though he was convicted he left because he was angry with Jesus Christ you see it's not so much just the truth itself friends but what is your interaction with the truth is not so much just going to church for friends I've seen my fair share not just as a pastor but as a Christian I wonder sometimes why people bother going to church because they're not paying attention they're talking to other people the whole time they're doing everything but listening to the sermon and it's not so much about the presence of where you are but it's your reaction to the truth after you've heard it and that's the question that I have for you this evening how do you react when you hear the truth. How do you react when you hear truth that cuts to your heart the Pharisees they felt that cutting to their heart Jesus gave many parables many servants and then there would be one whole chapter in the book of Matthew that would be dedicated were to use scribes and Pharisees Whoa whoa whoa he uttered a whole chapter of woes to the scribes and Pharisees not because Jesus was angry at them but he was trying to save them they had been they had been stuck under the rubble of all their traditions and man made beliefs that Jesus had to give a pointed message just to grab their attention to captivate them and to convict them but instead of being thankful that Jesus had exposed their hypocrisy they got angry at the messenger How is your interaction with truth Peter on the other hand when Jesus said when you converted strengthen your brother and then he told them you are you going to deny me Peter was defensive Do you know that he'd been walking with Jesus for so long but yet even at the end of it he was saying I would never deny you I would die for you all these other people they will they will deny you ease disciples you know he pointed to them but I would never die for you Jesus and how Peter was so full of self confidence and before you knew it there he was cursing away from the very fact that he knew Jesus Christ as you standing before pilot and the priest the high priest but Jesus lay bare even Peter's hypocrisy and utter helplessness you know friends to do that sort of thing is very embarrassing you know in order for us to be converted Jesus has to lay bare before us our sins he has to convict us. Before he can convert path but how is our interaction Let me show you Peter's interaction 1st acts of the Apostles 62 paragraph 3 a a page 62 paragraph 3 this is what the pen of inspiration writes since his fall he had been converted speaking of Peter he was no longer proud and boastful but modest and self distrustful you know he was no longer proud and boastful you know what is the biggest hinderance to our conversion it's our own pride it's our own pride we think we know better we think we understand better we think we are in better hands with our own decisions and sometimes I shouldn't say sometimes many times if not all the time it's a painful cutting process but Peter was full of pride and what boastfulness but God had changed him from that to being modest and self distrustful acts of the Apostles again 515 paragraph one a.a. 515 paragraph one it was after Peter had been led to self-renunciation and entire reliance upon divine power that he received his call to act as an undershirt but only when Peter came to this point of what self renunciation. And entire reliance 100 percent dependence upon divine power then God could use or not until he had learned his we can assess that conviction friends not only until we can learn our weakness God has to convict us of that 1st could he know the believers need of dependence on Christ amid the storm of temptation he had come to understand that man can walk safely only as an utter self destructs he relies upon the Savior that his conversion friends have you come across an experience of your life where you have felt utterly helpless to help yourself and I'm not talking about just life like you stuck in a car at the you had a car accident you you've got a disease that stage 4 of something you know are not talking about that sort of helplessness I'm talking about it from a spiritual standpoint you know has Scripture shot into your heart and you've been struggling with that one sin that Scripture has shown you you know to me or have you been angry at the messenger that that person would say such incredulous statements about what sin is have you come to this point in your life that you've had that sort of feelings with God Some of us we don't like to hear the fact that angels don't follow us into movie theaters people don't like the fact that preachers point out that they should stop eating fat and blood and be vegetarian people don't like the fact that the administration has strict standards about jewelry which is taken right from the pages of scripture yes wearing earrings was equated to strange gods it's in the book of Genesis 1st book Now look some of us would all like to hear those sorts of things even though it's found in the Bible. But now before some of you conservatives out there start shouting Amen and pointing the finger at all the liberals who are like this the meat eating earring wearing Stas maybe you yourself aren't converted It's just that diet and dress is not your weakness maybe it's a hot temper of or if. Maybe it's pornography which is more hidden and secret this evening I'm not out to bash anybody on the head not the left wing or the right wing or whatever wing you're in I'm trying to help you to see that before you go hit someone else on the head with the truth that you think is so important for this time take the truth and use it as a mirror of the Bible says All have sinned we all have struggles Romans Chapter 7 describes a man in sin like is an addiction and you know what an addicted person is utterly helpless to help themselves in other words friends every single one of us if we are to be saved at last need to realize how helpless we are to help ourselves and until we get to that point we will never be converted because we will rely on Jesus Christ to a certain extent and our Christian experience will take us to a certain extent further than maybe most people but you still fall short of eternal life unless we come to that point like Peter we've learned to fully trust in God we can never be saved do you understand that it's not about jewelry it's not about food it's not about how you know the standards that's just the outward but every single one of us this evening. I don't care how long you walk with Christ I don't care how perfect you think your life is every single one of us come have to come to this point where we realize you know what god I need your help I can't do it without you the Pharisees they never got to that you know why when Jesus revealed truth in their life and it cut against the grain of their life they got upset because I angry and so they left and they walked away from the Prince of life and the Prince of Peace the one that came to save them for the uttermost they got angry at the messenger and friends unless we allow God's law to be like a mirror to shine upon our lives we will never truly be converted and so what is justification testimonies the ministers and gospel workers for $56.00 paragraph 3 How to be truly converted what is justification by faith alone white asks it is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust. And doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself we are incapable of saving ourselves there is one sin that every single one of us struggle with it's different to everybody but all of us struggle with at least one thing that in your own efforts you will never overcome you know when I was 1st starting to get serious with God I remember around the sharing in a in a group in this camp meeting I didn't really know anybody there was this camp meeting that the speakers were just went out I didn't know any people and they gathered dozens of little circles and. The had a press session with us I still remember this was 20 years ago almost and the person asked So what is your progress and why and I started 1st and I said I need help with my do daily devotion you know. I need help to be consistent and the lady next to me well that's not my problem and I know why those words are always wrong in my ears as if she's like I'm glad that's not my problem I got of the bigger problems than what you got brother you know friends we've got to make sure that we don't compare start talking about the sins of the church and bashing people in the head and telling them that this and that and there unless you got a clear calling from God like Jeremiah did or. Who was straight messages friends we got to stop comparing and we got to ask God to help us to see our utter helplessness and when we come to that point we'll stop judging other people but will start praying for them will start realizing that the experience that they're struggling is the experience that I went through even though it was with something else and instead of going to them saying hey you know you should dress this way or talk this way or act that way you eat that thing or do this you know we will be able to sympathize with them because we realize that we went through that as well friends until we realize our utter helplessness we can never be converted because we will always try to do it ourselves so really what is our interaction with the Bible it's 2 fold no one is to show us our sins it's a show with us and when you read the Bible in your devotion time it will cut somewhere in your heart and in your life. And instead of getting angry or upset or if you go to church and hears on preach something and you don't agree with it before you go to the preacher and tell them hey what you preach I don't agree with go back and study it 1st make sure that in disagreeing with the preacher you're not disagreeing with God as well but the Bible it must shine that spotlight in our heart and our life instead of going over your one of those preachers say before you do that go back and investigate the scripture and maybe God is trying to save you by shining this area of scripture in your life at that time and when you go back realize your utter helplessness but then turn back to scripture and there you'll find promises such as what I can do all things through Christ which strengthen of me I will live never leave you know for sake you are what uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness I will write the law of God in your heart and in your mind and whatever you ask in my name I will do it friends not only does the scriptures reveal the sins in our lives in our shortcomings and help us to realize our utter helplessness but God provides the solution as well praise God and he strengthens us but friends unless we get to that exterior instead of realizing that we cannot do it without Christ we can never be converted and so in this new week as the Sabbath hours are over here in Malaysia I pray that all of us would see clearly 1st would see clearly our lives are hypocritical weak and Christ like lives and then we would see Jesus clearly who's holding out his hand ready to help us we will never grab it if we can't think we can do it Peter. Even when he was walking on water and when he left looking at Christ and he began to sink he cried out Jesus was there but even then his mind was slow to discern the lesson that Christ was trying to teach him to truly we will never depend fully by faith on the the the toning blood of Jesus Christ and His Grace unless we realize God I can't stop cursing without your help I can't I can stop looking at all this panache of you without your help I can't stop eating this meat without your help instead of justifying the fact that the author says it's Ok to watch pornography once an author masturbate once in a while no it's not Ok our news says it is Ok to eat meat once in a while no it isn't go read councils and diets and food will be clear ards all you know I want to feel good about myself so that's why I put on this jury no friends the your moral and value well worth is found in Christ and on the cross their friends I pray in this new week you'd realize how utter helpless you are you know God made me a pastor to save me I got to stand up before people and allow the spotlight to shine in my life even brighter Sometimes it's painful because people see it and they criticize you they'll say things you know anybody in the spotlight when they're talking like this Your words are picked apart you know and you're different people that will message you and tell you errors and problems and what they don't like about you and you know but you know what or how I look at it now instead of getting angry and defensive I realize that God is trying to help me to see Ben The reason why you're like this is you not depending upon me you keep trying to do it in your own strength so friends I pray that God would help us to see how hopeless we are in this new week. That is you spend time in Christ are not trying to destroy yourself worth trying to build it up but that we would see how much we really need Christ it goes against all the principles that we've ever been taught growing up about trying to find the best position for yourself trying to do the very best for yourself and trying to make sure that you don't look at the negatives don't show people that you're weak but Christ methods are totally opposite for if we are to be saved at last we need nothing but the righteousness of Christ and we will never accept that unless we see how utterly filthy we are and so friends may God help us may God help us to see clearly this new week then our devotions will become more precious because we know we cannot get through it the throughout the day without Jesus by our side let us by our heads as we close Father in Heaven Lord so many of us we try to do it on our own we we we struggle with a flash and I don't know sometimes we we just forget or we're looking so much intently at other people that we forget how bad we really are Lord I pray in this new week not only would you give us a new picture of Jesus Christ who desires to save us to the uttermost would you give us a clear picture of ourselves and how utterly helpless we are without you Lord please draw us close to the Help us to stop depending upon self help us to stop having all this pride about our hearts and our lives Well what we've done and what we've accomplished in. But Lord lay bare each of our hearts this evening strip it of all self lot and then help us to run to Jesus who will fill us who cover us who will feed us and who will strengthen us Lord. When you do this work and Hans and I lives in this new we save us to the uttermost we pray in Jesus that. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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