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The Little Things

Benjamin Ng
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  • April 25, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time thank you Lord that we have an opportunity to come and study your word together Lord we just ask for a blessing once more we ask that you please be with us guide us and lead us with your spirit of the Lord and inspire these words that we're about to look at and please guide us we pray into all truth in Jesus name we pray and ask a man Ok so. I'm just pushing the comments to the side you know I want to look at little things this evening you know what we choose to do in those seconds that we wait for a bus amounts to big things in life this may seem funny but how long you spend on the toilet or in the bathroom it matters it really adds up it's the things that are in between the big things that really add up it's like the pause that intermission between when you're on an opera those minutes that you have add up very quickly you know it's the life that's lived in between in these small pockets of time that really add to the big things in life a speck on a long can become a big issue a little more all on your leg can become something bigger than just that mall you know friends these little things in life that really add up to really big things in our lives and I want to look at a familiar story this evening Gideon's Army you know it wasn't a big army it was a mass of 300 men let's turn our Bibles the judges Chapter 7 and verse 16 judges Chapter 7 and verse 16 you know Gideon's Army they represent the work of the 3 Angels' messages going forward at the end of time. And judges Chapter 7 and verse 16 they're about to attack the enemy and here it talks about how he divides them it says here and he divided the 300 men into 3 companies and he put a trumpet in every man's hand with empty pitchers and lamps with in the pictures the trumpet they're going off to war they're giving a loud cry they're giving a certain sound with a lamp in their hand with the picture the lamp is the Word of God Some 119105 so when the lambs are all lighted up and the 3 companies running down the hill God's glory accompanies them and fights for them it is represented by the 4th Angel in Revelation Chapter 18 that comes down with power and great glory and lights up the whole earth with its glory but how did these soldiers get to this point you know how did it would all down all the way down to $300.00 men because it's the preparation for this I mean they're going into battle already and I believe that that time when they're running down the hill and they're alight with God's glory they are already filled with the Holy Spirit the latter rain that's the time line that I see in our day that applies to us when we study Gideon story and it's not so much what happens beyond that because the rest is history the rest is God is going to be victorious and he will fight for us but the most important thing that we look at really is the preparation that Gideon had with his army in order to prepare them to fight. For us it is the preparation of the Latter Rain what can we do to receive the latter rain to ensure that we are victorious and that we are the head and not the tail and God will fight for us and be with us at the end of time. Let's go back a bit earlier in Judges Chapter 7 you know there is even a whole lot to study in Judges Chapter 6 but we're just saying in Judges Chapter 7 this evening at the beginning of that chapter judgers Chapter 7 Gideon he makes a trumpet sound and rallies the soldiers of the Israelite Israelites and out from the woodworks come 32000 men ready to fight with Gideon alongside for battle and when Gideon he he's ready to move forward God says wait wait wait 1st you got to do a call that is pretty standard anybody is afraid please just go home why because your army is a strong as your weakest link and so he says Look whoever is afraid just go home it's fine and of the 32022000 people left only remaining 10000 but even then what does God say judges Chapter 7 and verse fall and the Lord said and to get in the people are yet to many bring them down under the water and I will try them for the there and it shall be that of whom I see and so the this shall go with the the same shall go with the out of whosoever I say into the this shall not go with the the same shall not go so God says look you say that too many men 10000 is too much and so we're going to have a test and he doesn't even tell Gideon what the test is so that Gideon cannot you know tell his closest friends are the ones that he thinks is the most valiant men verse 5 so he brought down the people into the water. And the Lord said and to get in every one that lap both of the water with his tongue as a dog lap of him shalt thou set by himself Likewise everyone that balance down upon his knees to drink and the number of them that let putting their hand to their mouth were 300 men but all the rest of the people bowed down upon their knees to drink water and God says what this 300 men is the ones that I'm going to go to battle with you know friends what was the difference to get on your knees to drink which means you have to put put off your shield and your sword or your spear and you get down and have to scoop up the water. But the people that left the water they would scoop it up with their hand and drink they would be watchful the see that where the Bible says we have to watch and for prayer when it comes to the 2nd coming of Jesus we have to watch we have to be ready and alert at all times and so God says this is the group of people that will go with me $300.00 men with Gideon There we go off to battle together and what was it just how you drank water friends it is by the little things that God prepares us for the bigger things in life it is not only with Gideon and his army when you look throughout Scripture you look at Samson simply don't cut your hair even though he was in this ungodly relationship with the Laila even though he had done all these things and it was out of passion yet God had not forsaken him so long as he did not cut his hair then you look at Abraham God said Abraham in order for me to bless you I need you to leave your country that's it just leave it up and move on. It's in these little things that God tests us determines whether he can bless us determines whether he can trust us it's in these little things in the pages of scripture in between you know Abraham is most well known for sacrificing his son Isaac the monks and many other stories but many of us we don't realize that if he had not left God could not have blessed them he had to pick up and leave and go consider Daniel of course the most famous of all the characters about little things don't eat the meat or drink the wine he purposed in his heart it is in these little things even yes friends what we eat and in the case of Gideon what or how they drank It's these little things that are a big deal to God Joseph he was faithful as a slave in the House of part of the you know he was also faithful when he was in the dungeon unfairly and unjustly put there but yet it's in these little things of life that God is training him for the bigger affairs of life it was in the dungeon that he learnt to be a muscle full and faithful prime minister for the whole of Egypt friends it's in the dark corners of our life when no one is watching that it's then that God is malting us not when you're standing on a stage before 1000 people not when you're singing of a wonderful song 210-0000 people it's not on the big stages of life that God tests us only. But it will demonstrate whether we've been faithful in those little areas of life king David what prepared him to be a good and wise King it was when he was taking care of sheep day and night it's in these little areas of life that God is more than our characters he's testing us he's training us he is preparing us John the Baptist all God told the parents for John the Baptist was what don't drink wine or strong drink you know it's interesting that a few of these is talk about what diet doesn't really matter what we eat and drink it does it does this in these little areas of life that our lives are more all that and shaped for eternity consider a life show when Eliza came and threw the mantle on Eliza what was a lie should doing. What was he doing he was just tilling the soil with the oxen he was minding his own business he was being faithful to that which God called him and you know what he would do before he became the prophet that would take over Eliza and do many more miracles than a larger ever did he was just washing the feet of a lighter that's all he was doing it's in these little areas of our lives in these little times that God is preparing us that God isn't molding us that he's making us ready and fit to be called his sons and daughters of God And finally of course Jesus before he became the Son of God to start healing the sick and preaching to the poor and blessing everybody what was he doing he was just a carpenter in his father Joseph house and even that was in his real father you know so friends it's in these little areas of life. The minutes and the seconds that really matter and begin to mold our eternal destinies turn with Mina Bibles to Luke Chapter 16 and verse 10 Luke Chapter 16 and verse 10 look at what the Bible says Luke 16 verse 10 he that is faithful in that which is least is also faithful in much and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much friends is not possible to just think that in time of the emergency that we can stand up and have this heroism about us and be ready just like that don't think that when the mark of the beast comes in at the end of time that will go Ok I see the news I see exploding now it's time to get ready friends by that time our characters have probably been set in a trend for so long that habits that we've been forming over these times will be so difficult to break yes there are some that have no idea about the mark of the beast and they don't know when it's coming just like us but they have not the light nor the truth but there are many of us who at this time understand the truth as it is in Jesus but we are lackadaisical in our efforts friends it's these times the seconds and the minutes that we're living in that Jesus is testing us he's molding us he's shaping our eternal destinies in the book. Councils on health 304.4 c h 304.4 This is what a White writes gather up the fragments let nothing be lost referring to the feeding of the 5000 and they gathered up 12 basketfuls right gather up the fragments let nothing be lost waste not the minutes in talking wasted minutes mar the hours persevered and diligence Working in Faith will always be crowned with success friends sometimes we think 2 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes it's not very much in the space in the span of time that we're given throughout the 24 hour day but friends it adds up it adds up and you could probably finish a book in a week or 2 in the minutes that we waste it in these short little times that we can store up the rich treasures of God's word I'll always remember there was one gentleman that came to our church many years ago and back and he came and bore this testimony saying I am so thankful to God for the traffic jam why because now I can listen to the audio Bible and he is able to get through chapters and chapters of the Bible as he sits there in the traffic jam and he says now I don't look at that jam as something so bad but he praises God for it it's in those minutes that we can use our time wisely for our selves or for the glory of God friends those minutes really matter another quote manuscript release volume 8395 paragraph 18 m r 395 point one let no one lose minutes by talking. When we should be working there are times when he has no right to talk not to stand still make not others idle by tempting them to listen to your conversation not only is your own time lost but that of others is wasted when you spend in chatting the time you should spend doing your work the word of inspiration tells us that we are not to be slothful in business fervent in spirit serving the Lord then let all take hold of the work in earnest friends in this new week as we're about to reset God is giving us 6 days to work Sabbath we can rest and we got to be careful in the minutes that are wasted you know friends we cannot keep Sabbath unless we are hard working throughout the other 6 days is not just remember this have they to keep it holy and that's it then says what 6 days shalt thou labor and do all of the work but the 7 days a sabbath of the law to go by God then you can rest we cannot keep Sabbath properly unless we've been hard working throughout the whole week friends those little minutes that are wasted away really do matter and so friends if you look at the past and you go you know what God I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry and we are repentant Joel chapter 2 verse 13 tells us this rend your heart and not your garments and turn unto the Lord your God He is gracious and merciful slow to anger and of great kindness and repent of him of the evil and then of course as the New Testament were redeeming the time that was lost friends in this new week. Let's redeem the time that was lost let's not redeem the time on Sabbath for the last leave that we've had because we've been intemperate with our work we've not been focusing we've not been faithful but during the week let's redeem the time that we can be a blessing to everybody and that through those little minutes in between the hours between our work and the time of play our recreation and the time to sleep we're using all those minutes wisely building upon God's kingdom a sure of foundation an inheritance that faded not away and so friends let's recommit our hearts and our lives to God again this evening and in this new week we ask God Lord please created me a clean heart refresh and renew my mind and help me every minute to be used wisely to count it wisely to make sure that we're using it for your glory that's my devotion this evening nothing long something just simple to push us along the way in this new week let's buy our heads friends father and haven't Lord thank you thank you for reminding us again that in order to be watchful Lord we got to watch how we're using our time Father you have a purpose and a moment and time for everything in the fullness of time you sent your son Help us Lord to live purposefully this week that every moment of time that you give us will not be wasted. So Lord we just recommit allows again and see your hands this day as a Sabbath has come to a close I pray that you would draw ever nearer to us fill us with your Holy Spirit Lord and got us into this new week this is our earnestly and pray for you pray in Jesus' name. Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons pleaded visit w w w audio verse or.


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