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Mistaken Suppositions

Benjamin Ng
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  • July 11, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Lord thank you once again for the Sabbath thank you for this time that we can come to study once again together as well and thank you Lord for sustaining each and every one of us as robots open your word I pray that you would guide us through those words speak to our hearts or laud and also pray that you please continue to sustain this connection so that we can study and worship together online together here in unity as well so lead us now we pray all Lord in Jesus' name we pray and ask Amen. Please turn with me in your Bibles to Luke Chapter 2 Luke Chapter 2 and when to start in verse 41 Jesus at this time he's still a young boy he is 12 years old and he's gone up to Jerusalem with his parents Joseph and Mary Luke Chapter 2 starting in verse $41.00 let's turn our Bibles they're showing Luke $241.00 now his parents went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of the Passover and when he was 12 years old speaking about Jesus they went up to Jerusalem after the custom of the feast and when they had fulfilled the days as they returned the child Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem and Joseph and his mother knew not of it but they supposing him to have been in the company went a day's journey and they sought him among their kinsfolk and acquaintance and when they found him not so they returned they turned back again to Jerusalem seeking him and it came to pass that after 3 days they found him in the temple sitting in the midst of the doctors both humoring them and asking them questions Jesus the Son of God Jesus whom was born to Mary not Joseph but Mary as a miracle birth a miracle child notified and instructed by the angel that clearly this was the Son of God If anybody in the whole wide world as parents needed to be careful it would have been Joseph and Mary how could it have been possible for them to lose the Son of God their only son their baby child while not quite a baby but their little. A child and lose him for one whole day can you believe that for one day they were looking for and they went a day's journey and only then they started looking for Jesus and could not find him and friends what they lost in one day it took them 3 days to recover they realize that they want to day's journey but it took them 3 days to find Jesus 3 agonizing days and friends it is possible that we when we don't spend that one day with Jesus that one day that we're separated from him that one day that sin captivates us and captures us and sometimes even for us it's even longer than that but one day was all the talk and yet 3 days of agony of searching with tears and bitterness and remorse and prayers 3 days it took them to come back to find Jesus friends you see that word there in verse 44 but they supposing that word suppose means to you to speculate to guess and you know friends sometimes we can think that Jesus is with us when he really isn't it's possible that there are those who think that Christ is present when in actual fact he is absent. And it takes a heart searching it takes care fullness to make sure that we don't assume that we're not presumptuous that we don't speculate or guess for our relationship with Jesus Christ should not be left to guess work but I have news for you friends are not just talking to to lay members to church members that people are just coming once a week to church I even speak to those that are preachers like myself look at what the pen of inspiration says in testimonies for the church Volume one page 434 Paragraph one Ellen White writes The reason why our preachers accomplish so little is that they do not walk with God a look look at this listen to this he is a day's journey from most of them the more closely you watch your own heart the more watchful and guarded you will be less by your words are acts you decide on of the truth give occasion for the tongue of slanted to follow you and the truth and cause souls to be lost through your neglect of what self examination of Heart Study and of vital godliness the holy Department of the minister of Christ should be a rebuke to vain the professors the beams of truth and holiness shining from your serious heavenly conversation will convict others and lead them to the truth and those around you will be compelled to say God is with this man of the truth it is the carelessness the looseness of professed ministers of Christ that gives them so little influence there are many professors but there are few praying men if our preachers were men who prayed more in secret who carried their. Preaching into practice in their families who ruled their houses with dignity and gravity their lights would indeed shines of those around them and so this evening friends I'm not just talking about lay members I even I'm speaking to myself as a preacher for there are many preachers who are a day's journey from Jesus and she tells us that we've got to be watchful she tells us that we've got to be guarded she tells us that we've got to examine ourselves to make sure that we're not as sumptuous with that we're not presuming presumptious we're not assuming that Christ is naturally with us friends we've got to check our heart every day and she says what we got a pray more for if we would pray more in secret then the outward life would show even to the whole world that Christ is truly with us we're going to have more courage and boldness to present our Prez before Christ so there are those friends that think that Christ is present when in actual fact he's absent he's a day's journey from many of them friends even before we finish the Sabbath tonight. Can you have confidence to say in your heart with me that Christ has been with you that he's been all your conversations throughout this day that he's with you in the secret conversations that you have between husband and wife that he's with you in your interactions with your friends he's there at the family table as you eat with your mother and your father is he there in your associations throughout this past week in your studies or in your work can you have confidence to know through the fruits of your life that Christ is with you. We got to be careful that we don't assume to suppose that he is with us because that one day of separation can cause 3 days of crying and tears and agony friends it only takes one small sin to separate us from Christ and cause a big gulf to be separate tween us mistaken suppositions but now I want you to talk to me in your Bibles to a nother story Matthew chapter 20 Matthew chapter 20 starting in verse 11 we got to be so careful that we don't assume automatically that just because we went to church just because we listen to a sermon that Christ is with us for the Bible says that what the ways of man seems right in our own eyes but those ways are ways of death we need to examine very closely Matthew chapter 20 and we're starting in verse 11 Matthew 20 and verse 11. The Bible says but Mary stood without at the settle her weeping as she went she stooped down and looked into the settle and see is 2 angels in white sitting and one at the head and the other at the feet where the body of Jesus had lain and they say in the whole woman why we post that she say isn't to them because they have taken away my Lord and I know not where they have laid Him and when she had thus said she turned herself back and saw Jesus standing but she didn't know that it was Jesus Jesus saith unto her woman why we put out whom seek us that out she supposing him to be what the gardener saith unto him sir if thou have borne him hence tell me where thou hast laid him and I will take him away Jesus said unto her Mary she turned herself and saith unto him rebel any which is to say must the Jews assailant's her touch me not for I not yet ascended to my father but go to my brother and and saying to them I ascend unto my father and your father and to my God and your god friends this was Mary the one who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears and with that precious all humans the one that stood at the cross weeping and looking at his nail pierced ands and feet Jesus muster and Savior and yet when she came to the tomb looking for his body and did not find it she thought that someone had taken away her master's body she wanted to pay one last respect to Home Master those feet and those hands at a minister dance of her in her time of need and yet when she came she would sadly disappointed and turning around she thought she saw what the gardener. And she had this conversation with the gardener asking please if you've taken the body give it back to me supposing assuming presuming that that was not Jesus but the gardener but when Jesus called out her name Mary she recognized that voice in that instant and she responded master friends there are those that have been beaten down maybe this past week you've gone through a tough week and you've supposed god where are you you know this morning I've been reading in the Book of Job I just started that book and the job's gone through a lot lost his children lost all his wealth lost his health and now his 3 friends come and saying Joel what have you done we thought you were a righteous man we thought you were a good man God does not treat righteous people like this only sinners receive the wrath of God what have you done Joe and maybe you're going through like that and you have the you have the mindset of Job's friends something bad has happened and you must have done something wrong and maybe even people coming up to you and saying Ben what did you do what did you do and maybe you have these thoughts that are plaguing you even this evening life seems to be going downhill and what have you done friends this is where self-examination becomes really important to see where the conscience approves all condemns and if you have an innocent conscience by the grace of God then you can still have confidence that Jesus is with you because there are some who think that Christ is absent when in actual fact he is present. All your friends you know the story about the footprints in the sand and it seems like those toughest times you know there's 2 sets of footprints and then all of a sudden becomes one set of footprints and the person that's walking with Jesus realizes that it becomes one set of footprints when the times are toughest Where were you Lord where did you go in Jesus' response what it was in those times that I carried you friends there are some who think that Christ is absence when in actual fact he's right there beside you he was right there beside Jesus to strengthen him to drink that cup of wrath for you and me he was right there with job as he suffered great intensity of pain and in the mind and in the conscience and even in the body but he was right there and he's right there through your trials through your sufferings through your pains and sometimes you know as we like Jonah we run from God and and we bring the trouble upon us in our disobedience we sin but yet when we turn to God God can calm the storm he can bring peace into your life and not only that he can make you a witness as Jonah who was thrown overboard saw straight away those saw the sailors saw the piece that came upon the sea and they offered sacrifices to the true God in heaven friends if you've confessed of all you're known since if you made the wrongs right to the very best of your ability and you ask God to pardon you and to wash you with His blood you can have confidence that even though you might not feel it that you can have confidence that Jesus is right there with you. There are many who suppose that Christ is absent when in actual fact he's present you know Matthew 28 verse 20 the great commission when he says I want you to teach them to observe whatever I've commanded you and lo he says I am with you always even unto the end when Peter or Paul would end up in prison and they would be singing praises to God God was right there with him when Peter was crucified upside down he was right there with him when Stephen was stoned God was looking down from heaven and gave Stephen vision of heaven friends through the thick and the thin through the trials through the ups but especially the downs you got to remember that God he's right that if we learn to walk with him through the sunshine and the rain we have nothing to fear Hebrews 13 verse 5 let's turn the Bibles there Hebrews Chapter 13 and verse 5 what a wonderful promise we see here Hebrews 13 verse 5 let your conversation be without covetousness you know what the word conversation means it's conduct that a life be without covetousness and be content with such things as you have for he hath said I will never leave the nor forsake the you know there's a conditions of this promise friends if we order our lives according to his will if our conversation is without cover just us then we can know for a certainty especially in the times of the storms and the hail and the fire and all the things that seem to bring trouble and distress upon our hearts and our minds and especially our lives. We can know that he will never leave us nor forsake us 2 sides of the coin to people that have mistakenly supposed the wrong thing one group thinking that Jesus is with them when in actual fact he's not and then the other group thinks that Jesus is not with them when he's right there beside the friends in this new week let us make sure that Jesus is our companion let us make sure that he walks with us and talks with us let's make sure not only that we hold on to him and don't let go then we can have assurance then we can have confidence but let us make sure to examine our hearts and life's let us be watchful and to prayer so that we don't mistakenly suppose that Jesus is with us when he isn't really friends meet Jesus what beside you this coming week but let us make sure of that fact ourselves to make sure that we have the piece of heaven shining upon us today there are some of you I know that are troubled out there we are living in the last days the Bible tells us that men's hearts will fail because of fear we don't need to have that fear because perfect love cast out fear if Jesus Christ is right there beside us you can turn us from a coward into a martyr just like Peter May God be with us and walk with us in this coming week let us pray Father in heaven. Lord I want to thank you for giving us these promises and I want to thank you Lord that you've told us you will never leave us of a psych us only help us to make sure that our conduct our conversation is born of heaven that we are born again that the angels will delight to commune with us that the Holy Spirit would love to live in each of our homes and especially our hearts and the Lord you would walk with us in this coming week we want to surrender a life to you again lot that even as a Sabbath the hours are about to close that the decisions that we've made upon the Sabbath was to to be more committed to you in this coming week the Lord would give us the strength to carry through with it and so that when we meet again 7 days from now 6 days from now we can recount your goodness we could be glad for the blessings that you've given to us and more than anything else to know that for this past week or this coming week but when we look back we can know and we can see your hand in every part of our lives both comfort those that are sorrowing this evening strengthen them lift them up give them hope and faith and peace and courage and guide us we pray in this new week to newly The Holy Spirit. Pray in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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