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Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

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  • December 5, 2020
    11:00 AM
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And a good. Thankful I'm proud of the RIAA for her decision to be better than what a blessing our young people are to our church and as I look out today I see a number of friends of Pastor Carlos Martin and his wife so good to see you again and Pastor Dan tower and his wife in the family we are just delighted to have you here at Living Hope. This morning hopefully each of you received a study guide when you came in this will be more of a Bible study than a direct sermon is there anybody that doesn't have the study guide and maybe ushers you can look around see those who may not have our study guide so that they'll be able to have it and fol long as our pastor mentioned the study guide is designed for you to be able to take home with you and review the sermon material and so you'll have all of the study material when I spend 15 or 20 hours studying for a sermon and I always want to put something in your hand if possible we don't achieve that every week but we attempt to do it as far as possible if you are viewing online we will post the study guide on line later so that you can be able to have that is well I see rushers are passing out the study guide anybody that doesn't have one just raise your hand will be happy to do that It's quiz time and I have taught for a number of years and so I always like to give my audience a quiz how many titles are there in the Bible of Jesus how many titles. Well what Arthur said there is between 150 and 200 different titles of Jesus in scripture and I think it's certainly accurate to say that there is at least 150 and maybe even up to 200 Let's review some of them in Revelation Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega the lion of the tribe of Judah the faithful witness the Word of God in Hebrews he is the author of our eternal salvation the forerunner the heir of all things in John I think with me as some of the titles of Jesus in the book of John alone what are they He's the what Lem of God the light of the world the bread of life the good shepherd the true vine Peter calls him the chief shepherd David calls him the cornerstone in Isaiah he's the counselor the mighty God The Prince of Peace the everlasting Father in Romans Paul calls him among other things the deliver Haggai it says he is the desire of the nations Luke reveals he's the Holy One the Just One the prince of life the Christ writing to Timothy Paul assures the young preacher that Jesus is our mediator that he's the king of kings for Daniel he is the Messiah you find that Daniel 9 for a job he is the redeemer job 19 for a Solomon he's the Rose of Sharon but there is another question that leads us to what was Jesus favorite title of himself what was the tired old that Jesus used to describe himself more than any other title it was the Son of Man in the scripture or lone The Son of Man is mentioned over 80 times in fact it's mentioned 80 times in the Gospels. Matthew mentions this term the Son of Man 30 times now understanding the expression the Son of man brings a richness to our spiritual experience it brings a depth to our understanding of who Jesus is it's possible to have a superficial knowledge of that expression the Son of man but the swarthy we want to probe the depths and look at 5 aspects in scripture of the son of Moon and raise the question how does this title apply to us a people living on the knife edge of eternity now the expression the Son of Man in the Hebrew language is exactly the same expression as the son of Adam you know as such Jesus is representative of the entire human race so the reason Christ uses this expression in the son of May And 1 reason is this that it expresses Jesus' solidarity it expresses his Corporate a dentity with the entire human race he used it in a way of a den of following with all humanity the Son of Man is an all in compassing figure it's an all inclusive figure as the Son of Man Jesus is the new the true son of Adam where Adam failed Jesus led the entire human race. From the captivity of death to freedom Jesus as the son of Adam brought life and freedom to every one of us in Christ Satan has been defeated in Christ death has been conquered in Christ the grave has be over been overcome in Christ we are free from the shackles of guilt delivered from the bondage of seein we've focused on the divine reality that one day soon the Son of Man will come he'll burst through the clouds and take us home the grave no longer has a hold upon us because now we can intice a paper a coming of Christ with joy all of this we find in the expression of the Son of Man what Adam lost Jesus Christ danced regained and that's something to be rejoicing about something to sing hallelujah about the term the Son of Man is of a special interest for people living on the knife edge of eternity believing that Jesus is going to return in the clouds in fact we're going to see the significance of this term the Son of Man In The Light of Christ coming so let's look at 5 aspects of the Son of man one of the things that I did in my study of these last 2 weeks is looked at every expression I could find on the Son of Man particularly in the Gospel of Matthew So we're going to study the Gospel of Matthew and say on what occasions did Jesus use the expression the Son of Man in Matthew why did he use it there and how does that apply to my life on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday of this week what difference does it make what significance does it have for the 1st thing we notice about the expression the Son of Man in the Gospel of Matthew is this it revealed. A Christ who has our ever present companion of Christ who is our understanding friend a Christ who is our compassionate compassionate Redeemer we find that in Matthew the 8th chapter of the 20th verse in this expression the Son of Man we find the story of the Christ who journeys through life with us the Christ 2 experiences our joys and sorrows the Christ that walks with us through our valleys in his with us on our mountain peaks Matthew Chapter 8 verse 20 a scribe comes to Christ in verse 1980 says I'll follow you wherever you go in Jesus makes this remarkable statement Foxes have holes verse 20 Matthew 8 and birds of the air have their nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay is head what do you call a person who has nowhere to lay their head what do you call that person you call him what homeless so the 1st thing we notice about Jesus is he experienced poverty he experienced home less ness No certainly he had a home for the 1st 30 years of his life but after that he was dependent on the hospitality of his friends so put that in the back of your mind for a moment poverty homelessness take your Bible and turn to mark 8 verse 31 how does Jesus use this expression the Son of Man to demonstrate he is a dentity with humanity mark 8 verse 31 and we look they're reading Jesus' statement of the Son of Man again it's used 80 times in the Gospels. How did he use it how does it relate to us Mark 831 he began to teach that the Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders in chief priests and scribes and be killed and after 3 days rise again so notice in Matthew $820.00 it is poverty in Matthew in March after 8 verse $31.00 it is rejection it is suffering and it is death in these 2 passages we see Christ in all of his human is we see him poverty stricken we see him suffering we see him rejected Jesus a den to 5 is with us he is our fellow traveller on the journey of life he is our companion in suffering life presents us with numerous challenges particularly in the light of coven 19 there are those that have lost their jobs and as the result of that have a struggle paying their bills there are those that are struggling with paying mortgages those that are struggling paying car for car payments the food lines are long in many areas of our society Jesus understands hunger and poverty and homelessness there are those who have struggles in relations they have been treated unfairly and unjustly they have been criticized and condemn when that has not been justly done or necessary Jesus understands what it means to be rejected by those who want to know better Jesus understands what it means to be alone. There are people that have health challenges they wonder why they've attempted to live in harmony with the principles of health Jesus understands physical pain there are young people that struggle to make friends but securely in the teenage years and they struggle for belonging they struggle for a sense of a dentity Jesus understands what's that like here is the incredibly good news Jesus as the Son of Man a dent defies with us he walked through this world understands our trials he understands humanity because he is our ever present companion our understanding friend our protective elder brother he is there to strengthen us in our weakness he is there to give us wisdom in our ignorance he is there to comfort us in our sorrow he is there to encourage us in our disappointments he is there to calm us in our anxieties he's there to guide us in our confusion he's there a walk beside us in our trials the Son of Man journeys with us down the lives pathway that's what it means these the Son of Man We are never alone as we journey life prisoners in this world of sin captives in this world of the injustice Christ walks where saw eventually in Booth the wife of the founder of the Salvation Army tells an amazing story when she was just a little girl she was about the age of Mariah a little girl about 11 years old. And eventually booth tells the story that one day as she was walking down the street she saw a prisoner being dragged down the street crowds line that street and they will hooting and hollering and mocking this prisoner ridiculing the prisoner and she stood there seeing this poor prisoner and she said she didn't know what he did but that didn't make any difference because here was a human being being mocked he was a human being being ridiculed he was a human being being abused he was a human being be treated more like an animal than a person. Bloody bruised dragged down the street to prison eventually booth couldn't take it anymore she walked out from the crowd with a smile on her face and looked at that poor man and said Mr I don't know who you are put her arm around him but can I walk with you down the street. In this little girl brought joy to that prisoners heart that day walking down the street with them. When you and I walk down the street of life and face financial problems that seem to be overwhelming face marital difficulties that we never thought we'd have when we got married. Face problems with our kids face health problems when we're treated unfairly. In unjustly when we feel alone there is one that steps out of the crowd and puts his arm around us and says I will walk with you one of the early church fathers. Wrote in 8381 Gregory of Nyssa Innes wrote this Jesus began his ministry by being hungry yet he is the bread of life Jesus ended his ministry by being thirsty yet he is the living water Jesus was weary yet he is our rest Jesus paid tribute yet he is our king Jesus was accused of having a demon yet he cast out demons Jesus wept yet he wipes away our tears Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver yet he redeem the world Jesus was brought as a lamb to the slaughter yet he's the good shepherd Jesus died yet by his death he destroyed the power of death whatever state you find yourself in today Jesus is there wherever you find yourself on life's road Jesus walks with you the Son of Man is the one that truly understands our condition because he walked the way before us but yet there is a 2nd use in the Gospel of Matthew and this term the Son of Man the 1st use is corporate identity with us the 1st used is is total understanding of the path we walk but there is a 2nd way Jesus uses this he uses this as the fact that he is our godly example he is our exemplary model he is our self sacrificing Lort Let's go back to Matthew 8 verse 20 and see something else in that passage a scribe has come to Jesus and this scribe as he is speaking to Jesus. This Cripes says I'll follow you wherever you go and Jesus makes that statement in Matthew Chapter 8 verse 20 this way Jesus often shook people up that wanted to follow him for Jesus Christianity was not some walk in the park it was not some pie in the sky by and by it was not some warm fuzzy feeling that you felt some static ecstasy it was much more than that for following Jesus in the new test it was commitment it was commitment to service commitment and sacrifice and so here Jesus uses the expression Matthew 8 verse 20 and Jesus said Foxes have holes and birds of the air of their nests but the Son of Man Son of Man again has nowhere to lay his head what was Jesus saying he was telling the scribe that there is a cost of discipleship he was telling the scribe that Christianity is not some fuzzy feeling that gives me a spiritual high today but leaves me in the valley of despair tomorrow it's a commitment to the living Christ of self-denial of sacrifice and service Martin Luther put it this way every Legion that gives nothing costs nothing in suffers nothing is worth nothing. A religion that gives nothing cos nothing suffers nothing is worth nothing David Livingston was a pioneer missionary in Africa and he walked 29000 miles on the continent of Africa to reach remote tribes with the Gospel his wife died early in their ministry he was often afflicted with malaria. And Livingston wrote this once he said in his prayer this is a prayer that he prayed he wrote it out later Lord send me anywhere only go with me Elaine any burden on me only sustain me sever any ties but the tie that binds me to your service and your heart when Jesus use the expression son of man he was talking about his journey through life as our Savior and inviting us to follow him in sacrifice and self-denial you remember that debate that his disciples were having about who would be greatest in the kingdom of God You remember that story where James and John came to Jesus and one was going to sit on his right hand was going to sit on his left and they said who's going to greatest Jesus use the expression Son of Man then again look John brother Matthew chapter 20. Matthew 20 You're looking there at verse 25 to 28 Matthew 21st 25 to 28 and here we listen in on the discussion but Jesus called them to himself Matthew 20 verse 25 you know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them and those who are great exercise authority over them yet it shall not be so among you but whoever to Cyrus to be great among you let him be your servant in whoever desires to be 1st among you 1st 27 Matthew 20 let him be your slave Now notice verse 28 just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and give his life a ransom for many. William Barclay in his Bible Commentary puts it this way the follower of Christ cannot seek for rest while there are others to be helped and healed and the strange thing is that he will find his own weariness refreshed in his own weakness strength and in the service of others some time or some how he or she will find that as the demands come strength also curbs and sometimes we find that we are able to go on for the sake of others when we feel that we cannot take another step further so another words here is what Jesus is saying the Son of Man k. not to be ministered unto but to minister. And if you think Christianity is simply coming to church though you feel good you missed the point God has something much bigger than living in the cost of phobic confines of our own selfish lives because anybody wrapped up in themself is a very small package we come to church to be filled with the Spirit of God so we can go out in Witness the Christ in the community we come so we can go Jesus then the Son of Man is an example to us an example a sacrifice an example of commitment an example of of service there is a wonderful statement in Christ's object lessons page for over 3 I put it in your study go let's read it together how many you have your study guide you have them today hold them up for me will you see where we are cry sob questions for 03 ready to read church are you ready to read today let's read it together the smallest studio we start the smallest duty done in sincerity and sell forgetfulness is more pleasing to God than the greatest work when marred with self seeking wait a minute the what do the what's that word before duty the smallest what duty and so forgetfulness is more pleasing to God listen as I continue he looks to see how much the spirit of Christ we cherish and how much of the likeness of Christ our work reveals he Jesus regards more the love and faithfulness with which we work than the amount that we do. Jesus is not concerned with how much we do what he's concerned about is the spirit that we enter into what we're doing Christ has a ministry for you Christ has a ministry for you that ministry may be a ministry to children that ministry may be a ministry in health that ministry may be a literature ministry God may call you to be involved in a small group to give Bible studies God may call you to reach out in kindness and love to other issues say what can I do I think of current him Boone's mother when court him whose mother was 80 years old you know court him Boone's father was a watchmaker and they lived in a little apartment above the watchmaker's shop and courage tells the story remember core temp who came through the Nazi occupation she came through the War 2nd World War in the terrible prison camps and death but she tells a story of her mother and she said when her mom was about 80 her mom would sit in a rocking chair on the 2nd floor of this watchmaker shop and should rock back and forth and should look out at the square because they lived in the town square and her mom would rock back and forth and her mom would say could bring Cory. You see that man there his wife died write him a note of encouragement today bring him some soup today a Korean you see that young teenager I want it was their birthday bring them some flowers today Corinne. Think give me the paper give me a pen because I want to write a note of encouragement to that to that couple over there that just got married in her in her scrawl should scrawl that note of encouragement court had been said. My mother's ministry at 80 years old was to encourage our village and she became known in that village as the great encourage what ministry as God led you to what ministry Do you have that calls you out of yourself to make sacrifice for Jesus the term the Son of Man speaks of Christ a dentity with you in the journey of life the term the Son of Man speaks to your heart to come out of your self to find some area of service however small for Jesus there's a 3rd aspect that Christ uses the Son of Man we find it in Matthew Chapter 9 the term the Son of Man is often used in the New Testament to describe our forgiving Savior our dying sacrifice our crucified toward bath you the 9th chapter we're looking pair at verse 6 Matthew 9 verse 6 if you look at every aspect of the Son of Man in the New Testament you find the complete ministry of Christ wrapped up in that one term Matthew 9 first's 6 but that you may know this is the healing of the paralytic man that was let through the roof by his friends verse 6 but that you may know that the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins then he said to the paralytic arise take up your bed and walk the term of the Son of man refers to Jesus. In all of his humanity coming to earth to save the last it's because he is the son of man because he faced Satan's temptations head on because he was victorious over them there are scenes can be forgiven our guilt can be God Our sinful past can be covered with his righteousness our present weaknesses can be made strong and our lives can be made new the turn of the Son of man refers to Jesus dwelling in humanity it refers to Christ meeting the full force of Satan stem patients here is the good news however many times you have failed this week as you look back over your life this week the times that you've been selfish The Times the new moral thoughts of entered your mind the times this week that you've been patient or unkind the kinds this week that you spoke of critical word the times that you lived a less than God's ideal as you look back over the week there is the Son of Man with hands outstretched on a cross of Calvary with blood running down his wrists saying I forgive you my child but you can start again the Son of Man is the one that risked all for us his victory over Satan's temptations is ours by faith when we accept His perfect life don't miss this only except his perfect life in place of our imperfect to our lives we stay and clothed in his righteousness he declares us righteous. And then through His Spirit makes us what he declares us to be we come to Jesus just as we are but we do not remain just as we are we come to Christ and as we come. We come receiving everything he has to offer in the incredible good news of the cross is that Jesus offers us forgiveness and freedom from guilt but he offers us more at the cross we find strength to overcome because we find one who loves us so much that he died for us so we die to selfishness and greed in anger and bitterness and lust to live for Him He died so we could live and we die on that cross with him to live a new life in Christ look at all the statements that refer to the Son of man dying let's look at a few of them Matthew 17 verse 22 Matthew 17 verse 22 you'll notice these Son of Man statements do you remember how many there are in the Gospels how many in the Gospels 80 statements on the Sunday in the Gospels how many in the Gospel of Matthew do you remember that 30 of these are good students that you 17 verse 22 here we go now when they were staying in Galilee Jesus said to them he's speaking to His disciples the Son of Man is about to be betrayed in the hands of men again Son of man linked to the b. trail the farce of the trial Calvary's Hill God got this mountain the nails the cross Matthew $26.00 verse 2 again the Son of Man. Linked to the cross. Matthew 26 verse 2 you know that after 2 days is the Passover and the Son of Man will be delivered up to be crucified again what Jesus is saying to his disciples is this everything you should have Ben I have been in the Son of Man everything you should have done I have done in the Son of man. Every journey you've ever tank taken I have walked with you as the Son of Man and now for you I will be crucified for you I will die for euthanasia also be driven through my hands for you the crown of thorns will be placed upon my head it is half the cross that the Son of Man dies so we as the sons of men might live it is at the cross that the Son of man bears our guilt our shame our condemnation so that we as sons of men might be declared guilty less than shameless an innocent is that the cross that the Son of Man experiences the hiding of the father's face so we can experience the joy of seeing the father's face it is that the cross that he cries it is finished so we can jubilantly say at the cross I have a new beginning is there is somebody here today you need a new beginning a new beginning with your children a new beginning in your marriage a new beginning in the failure since you've had in your life a new beginning where forgiveness flows into your life a new beginning with the power of God from the cross changes you fundamentally inside somebody here today. If you need a new beginning the Son of Man has come home to the cross an experience of love like you have never experienced. When Christ breaks our hearts there is a new beginning but this expression the Son of Man there is more this expression the Son of Man points actually be on the cross there is one text that I know of there may be more but there's one that I know of in the Gospel of Matthew that speaks about something on the cross let's look at it Matthew Chapter 12 verse 40 Matthew 12 verse 40. The expression the Son of Man takes us beyond the grave. Matthew Chapter 12 we're looking there at verse 40 what do you see in this passage What do you vent does this passage speak about that you 12 verse 40 phrase Jonah was in the was 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of the great fish so will the Son of Man be 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth what event was that was that speaking about the resurrection of Christ right is this speaking about the resurrection. Every human being that has ever died with the exception of the few in the Bible that were resurrected after death and taken to heaven or translated is still in their grave everyone you know I've had the privilege of speaking in the Kremlin and every night as I was speaking we had 13000 people come every night one night I was speaking in the Kremlin and. In the Kremlin oratory where they had the Communist Party meeting for years and years and years where crucial have spoken and drop off and go and all the Yeltsin and all the leaders from the former Soviet Union and as I was speaking one night a man got up and he began to challenge me began to yell at me and he said we want communism we want communism Well I had preached on the sun a man who lived for us who died for us was resurrected for us who live for us is our High Priest was coming again for us and that audience was so committed to Christ that when this guy got up the audience began to yell carry him out carry him out carry him out and 2 great big ushers walked down the aisle and gently carried this guy out you know. Lenin was worshiped as a god it was the cult of Lenin and that was really manifest strongly at Lennon's burial he Lennon died January $21924.00 and after his death they eventually they built this granite muscle Liam and they put Lenin in this muzzle Liam one of the problems was how do you preserve his body. They spin at least according to b.b.c. in 2016 which of course was years after his death even at 2016 as he died in 1924 the Russian government spent 200000 dollars. To preserve Lennon's body so it would not rot and decay Now one of the major problems that the bombers faced was the appearance of dark spots on linen skin that was really a problem on his face and hands so here's how they solve the problem they used acetic acid ethyl alcohol and they deluded it with water they used hydrogen peroxide to restore the tissues coloring they'd the damp spots and the dark spots on his face were removed by disinfectants like quinine and pheno. And I got to thinking about that here's a layman lying in his tomb all the scientists in the world of Russia these brilliant scientists are figuring out chemical formulas to try to keep all these black spots through his face and preserve his body. But Jesus is not in his to Christ is alive that's what it means that he is the Son of Man the 2 of Christ is empty he burst the bonds of the to. Death could not hold him any longer he is alive the Son of Man is the Son of God and because of that death has lost its hold on us the grave is no longer ultimate destiny the tomb is no longer the victor Jesus has taken the sting out of death because he's delivered us from the crippling fear of dying. I read a cute little story about a nurse that was a caregiver for a little boy the boy was about 5 or 6 years old very wealthy home in the back of the home they had a garden this large garden you know I don't mean a vegetable garden but a flower garden at the end of that garden there was a path and there was a big dense overgrowth in some woods there and the caregiver wanted to be sure the boy didn't get lost in the woods and so she told the boy a fable and she said to that boy hey so you see that path there you walk down that path there are goblins at the end of that path and it's dark at the end of that path never ever leave my sight and walk at the end of the path of the boy would play in the path all in the garden all the time one day the boys elder brother was in the path was in the garden with him and so this boy's elder brother was playing with him in the elder brother said well let's go down the path and the little boy said No I can't go down that path I'll never go down that path I'm too afraid to go down that path the elder brother said This watch he said You wait right here at the beginning of the path and the older brother walked down the path into the dense this is the forest singing in cheerful and happy and he came back singing and the little boy said there was nothing down there nothing down there you walk down there and you sang and you came back I walked down there and saying and I came back and I only saw a more pretty. Jesus entered the dark domain of death and he came out singing triumphant. What does the Son of man say to you and me it says that Christ dentist with us in the pathway of life the Son of Man calls us to service to commitment to genuine Christianity to follow him the Son of Man calls us to forgiveness from the cross and a new power to change our lives the Son of Man. Calls us to recognize that there is something beyond death this expression the Son of Man is used more fully in the Gospel of Matthew than any other place in connection with his 2nd coming the Son of Man is our victorious champion he is our triumphant Lord He is our coming King take your Bible please in turn 1st surprisingly to the Book of Daniel then to the book of Matthew the Son of Man is our victorious champion the Son of Man is our triumphant Lord the Son of Man is our coming King Daniel looked up into heaven and he saw inter-galactic council he saw the consummation of the controversy between good and evil he saw the end of the Star Wars conflict Daniel looked up into heaven then he saw in prophetic vision the judgment scene where the destinies of all humanity would be settled. Daniel says in Daniel 7 verse 9 and 10 I watched till thrones were put in place I watched and the Ancient of Days was seated in his garment was white as snow the hair of his hand was like pure wall his throne was like a fiery flame its wheels of burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him found. Ministered 210000 times 10000 stood before him the court was seated the books were open the destiny of all humanity is to be settled before Christ comes there is a judgment that reveals God's goodness and his grace and His mercy it reveals that he's done everything he could to save every human being on planet Earth that there was nothing more that could be done and instead you looked up and saw that scene verse 13 and 14 Daniel says 13 I was watching in the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven he came to the Ancient of Days and they brought him near before him then to hear Jesus was given dominion and glory in a kingdom that all peoples and nations and language would serve here his dominion is an everlasting to minyan which are not passed away in his kingdom the one that not you destroy Daniel says I saw the Son of Man in the judgment and he comes to the Father and that judgment is going to end Sue and as he comes to the Father. Oh before the whole universe in this interim got lactic vision in this cosmic controversy Jesus comes to the father and before the whole universe the father says your sacrifices and of every person on planet Earth has made their final fold complete decision he that is unjust let him be unjust still he that is righteous let him be righteous still and the Kingdom is given to Christ and the Son of man who suffered and died on earth that Son of Man becomes the king of kings and Lord of Lords look what Jesus says himself in Matthew the $26.00 the chapter Matthew chapter $26.00 the one that is redeemed us is coming to take us home Matthew chapter 26 major looking there at scripture notice what the Bible says let's go back Matthew 25 rather verse 31 bet you 25 we're looking there at verse 31 the son of man who receives the kingdom from the father does not come in some secret rapture he does not come with only a few to see here he is coming incurring he came as a babe as a Bethlehem in purple hymns manger once he came in only a few recognized him once but this time as the recipient of the Kingdom of God the Son of Man returns to claim that which is his own Matthew chapter $25.00 verse 31 notice what Scripture says when the Son of Man comes in is what everybody glory and the holy angels with Him He will sit on the throne of his quarry Why does he come he does not come pretty dominant lead to destroy the earth. That is a secondary result of his coming he comes because his heart is a lonely for you he comes because he cannot stand being away from you any longer he comes because Heaven is lonely without you my wife and I have been married for just over 53 years now now it took me a y. o. to get her convinced that I was the one. She had many suitors and I had to be on the top of my game for that. When we were about sophomores in college to me came from a background where she didn't need it her family didn't have a lot of money and I noticed that she did not have a winter coat she will remember this story well and so I noticed she did not have a winter coat now we were going to college and so when Castor Massachusetts Atlantic Union College I just noticed in Worcester Mass not far from there they're supposed to get 8 to 12 inches of snow today well when you go through those Massachusetts winter is that are 15 degrees when it's warm and that's 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Above 0 you go through those you know it's pretty it's pretty cold and I notice she was shivering you know so I thought I know what I'm going to do for her birthday I'm going to buy her a winter coat and I was a college student and I didn't have very much money. So I thought in those days we had what we called layaway you could take a dollar you could take $5.00 Nathan you to bring it down to the store and say I want that coat and over the next 3 or 4 months I'll pay for that coat this summer you're old enough to remember that the rest you guys got credit cards Oh Lord have mercy so I would I would I would go down there you know I couldn't wait to get a little extra money and get out $5.00 tarts kept looking at that coat you know green coat white green I could still see it beautiful color around your neck and go down 5 dollars for the coat and I don't remember what the Coco Chanel in those days maybe $50.00 you know $45.00 I could have 3 more dollars in my coat How much do I have to spend your for how much more do I have to pay $42.00 more dollars if you keep going down that coat dunnit coat down to now let me ask you this question do you think I was anxious to get the coat when I fully paid it off. When I paid that final $50.00 you think I was anxious to get it. Yeah did Jesus pay something for you did he on the cross of Calvary were you worth what Jesus paid for you. Were you worth what cheeses paid for you you say no I wasn't worth it when he got cheated. Right he thinks you're worth and he thinks you're worth the point the reason for ransom is reunion the reason for ransom is really. Jesus as the Son of Man died for you and more than you'll ever know he wants to be with you forever that's why he's coming back wouldn't it be a tragedy wouldn't it be a shame if I bought that coat and never went to get it wouldn't be a shame would it be a shame if I bought that coat my wife refused no thank you I don't what do you think happened when I gave her that coat. She was so incredibly appreciative give me a big hug I was going to buy another one then. No Look my friend wouldn't be ashamed if Jesus paid that price in Calgary and he comes back to get you and you don't care. You don't care thanks so much but I don't want go the cheap tawdry pleasures of this world are not worth it the son of man knows the journey you are on the Son of man cause you to follow him the son of man reaches out to forgive you and give you a new life the Son of Man was resurrected for the dead for you and one day soon one day soon the Son of Man is coming for you let's pray Father in heaven. Sometimes earth strangles us. Sometimes the things of time crowd out the things of eternity. Sometimes we get our priorities all mixed up. Sometimes our value systems get all confused. Thank you Jesus that you understand us. That you know us in the fiber of our beings. Thank you. They didn't Christ there is forgiveness. That we can have a new beginning some of us need today thank you for the resurrection the Lord has burst the bonds of the 2 who's coming again for us and Lord if you love us that much we want to be with you. And live with you forever and ever. There was a ransom on a cross called Calvary. One day soon there will be a reunion for a sure of all we need help us keep looking for that day as. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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