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Lifestyle and the Interpretation of the Bible

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • November 21, 2020
    12:00 PM
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Happy Sabbath. Lets the Lord for special blessing. Nerds pay the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart and thoughts me accepting your sight or Norge I'm sure you can redeem or send you Holy Spirit Amen. I don't know how many of you remember this magazine you received a 2 weeks ago remember and I don't know how many or read the whole thing. Because this was the week of prayer the Enya week of prayer and some churches do it others not and the. Theme here. Is really. Dealing with life style and the 1st chapter here 1st by elder Wilson and it says Your word is a lamp to my feet and I read through the whole thing and I've also inspired our lifestyle can be a means of reducing And then I thought about my upcoming sermon and I thought hey can I do something about lifestyle and I read through the Spirit of Prophecy and some other things and I notice that life style your in my lifestyle is intimately related it to do where they don't do we interpret the Bible and the result of that interpretation and that was not at all touched in the week affair so I decided to let me just present this here. Because we are living in a very momentous time we see dark clouds Camillo horizon and the Bible is plenty of statements there how to prepare Daniel 12 years one we find there the statement You regard to the preparation there Michael stand up and then there will be a time of trouble such as never was now this is not the time of trouble that you fight in Matthew 24 that is a time of great tribulation for this is when Dick the king of the North will make its final tech during the time of trouble and so that distant or mender Steinman many will not survive the time at the same time you look at the Revelation 13 1st $15.17 reseated the beast the 2nd beast moves on the earth so that people will be worshipping the beach and his image and the pain and of the pain of death and not only death but the world where it both caught now how do you think about it is that attractive is Ok you know will we will live it we'll do it are we prepared for despite all call flicked That's the question the Revelation 12 1st 17 if you turn there to Revelation 12 or 17 this is after the 120260 years of tribulation you know where Satan is trying to destroy goats people but he has not been successful. Because in for 17 and says the dragon was wroth with the room and then went to make war with the remnant of her seat which keep the commandments of God and have to testimony of Jesus Christ Now why is Satan so angry because he has not be able to eliminate cults people the remnant those were the 3 main faithful Now what is the connect the stick of this faithful remnant Oh yes it says they keep the commandments of God out and have to take testimony of Jesus now the question is Do day still keep the commandments of God and do really have to testimony of Jesus and this is all in the context or do we love Jesus with all our heart because if you don't do this you are not able to keep all course Kamau point and you're certainly doesn't have the gift of God which is a testimony of Jesus so what does the Book of Revelation further tells us that God has a special gift for you and me if you had a remnant at the end of time that evolution 17 says What is that gift the testimony of Jesus Collatz people have that at the same time whatever nation 90 verse stand talks about the prophetic gift that the number of people half that are the prophets but Spirit of Prophecy service or about the final gift in the final days to show how we have to be faithful So this is a gift so that we will search seats in all the difficulties and are able to keep costs come up once. Because you can professions but are you to get it and that is oldish through the special gift that God has given now the last week our pastor had a magnificent Sermon on the disunity remember my emphasis now on unity so we know the church is food just unity but how we can make it change it into unity it's a concern how Adventist interpret the Bible because that the impact everything we know how to impact this we know how to interpret the Bible the our church has produced many books of how to interpret the Bible but that is not all the question is how do we become a Church new knighted and frequently our disunity has to do with the way how we look at the Bible about lifestyle some believe this other on that and then they said Ok You know it's up to you it's your opinion friends I'm not talking about opinions that will not help us but what does the Bible teach the spirit of prophecy in a case that using the proper rules of interpretation is not the most important thing now that you. Suppress it you know I mean I wrote whole papers on what Elam I says how to interpret this but then you notice she says no there's no remote important thing so what is then the most important thing a more important factor is a lifestyle dedicated to Jesus and to following De Lay did Jesus has already given me Now think about it. He and I have the proper methods I follow this and yet here is a brother that has completely different views in fact I belong to the Biblical research institute and there we are several times a year together and the dish Chris the issues that separate us books papers some at 20 pages Some are 200 pages and we have to go through this and analyzed is what is the problem but here it has to do it life style so it is not Dr so and so are scholar so and so but what is his life style and normally we don't talk about lifestyle when we look at our papers no we want to look at the arguments not how they live and hear the whole night since it is more important how day a lift to truth then following rules and so each one of us if we have difficulty we have to ask ourselves how do I live the lifestyle impacts as Jesus how really does though look to in verse 26 it is a lawyer who wants to Katz Jesus this is what is the most important thing in law and Jesus do you read low how do you interpret this. How do you read it. And so your life style explains why you or other Bible students who apparently use the same biblical principles arrive at Opus's conclusions on the meaning of the text or passage if seen a demonstrated at the joke over say in 2015 here are all the delegates or scholars ever the evidence whatever you can find. And there are see questions Is it true is it not true or is it true but sometimes not true. And we didn't agree and 5 years later we have had conferences after covers and we still don't agree so what about lifestyle and so I have to be investigating this and this is not only for you but also for me the impact of lifestyle or spiritual discernment anything that lessens the physical strength and peoples the mind and makes it less capable of discriminating between of right and wrong so here it is a lifestyle a physical lifestyle had to do with beauty of right or wrong and if you have not a correct lifestyle we may make the wrong decisions Christ opiate lessons bits the 46 Roman lifestyle habits weakens the intellectual power 2nd for you of the testimony space 66 by contrast right physical habits promote mental superiority intellectual powers physical strength and long do you have a 30 day a bent on immutable laws Council diet or food 29 so sometimes people says you know we discovered you know if you get it you don't have any faith is that so it is simply a matter of faith you know and if you get it you have read and if you don't get it if if you have a mask you have a problem if you don't have paramours can you survive no friends it says you did the pencil immutable law. And so Gaut then has given his loss to be followed and if you don't follow those things you know. Then you'd lose live Islam you know God is a very rational got a very intellectual got in he explains everything is No don't do this don't you don't know if you do this this is the consequence is marvelous mother got we have how does God communicate his truth to human beings the physiology of God's communication with us the brain nerves which communicate with the entire system are the only medium through which heaven can communicate to man and affect his in most life whatever disturbs the circulation of the electric currents in the nervous system lessens the strength of the vital powers and the result is a deadening of the sensibility of the Mind you don't need to write it because I have given handout and the handout is not to throw it out you you can do it to go home and read pray about is this something that the Lord wants me to do have a clear mind when studying goats words it's impossible for men and women with all their seemed full health this throwing brain enervating habits to discern sacred truth testimonies volumes 3 page 162 you see here is go out that has given us a body perfect and he to Satan to try destroy the body so that we don't discern sacred truth. Therefore the Lord recommends using the so-called natural remedies you know this because many of you participated in this class of homemade Ebony's and so did the natural Lebanese add that to a booth your immunity and you hope you don't get this disease or that disease or or clover to whatever but they are also good for the mind to sharpen the buy and so good nutrition pure water exercise clean air sunlight Templeton's rest and trust in the very power that to promote top performance of what of the minds importance of temperance in 2nd Peter one proceed to 10 it says here dead the Lord gives us power through the promises Office Word so that we. Have the divine nature so our human sinful nature can be transferred it to the divine nature shew faith virtue temperance self-control brotherly love all those things can come if we use the promises of God and therefore the as scape the world to corruption now what is through temperance Spirit rover he says through Tempest teaches us to dispense and tiredly with everything hurtful and to use judiciously that which is healthful patriarchs of prophets 562 uniters get rid of everything hurts fool but in modern reassure. You that which is healthful. And so here Don The recommendations for the best physical mental spiritual health using physiology to Spirit of Prophecy points out that delivering the nutrition's to do brain evolved school virgin food by digestion into basic elements which the blood then supports sue out the whole system. Therefore the digestive as well as their circulatory systems are in charge of assuring that all brain cells receive adequate fuel for maximum performance the digestion starts already you with the ends of exchanges in the mouth then go through the Sophos then the chemical digestion comes in the stomach and then it goes through to through the intestines the small and the. Broad intestines and this if this works well according to what God recommends then we have the mix of informants of the mind and the bible studies we have the best results anything that impairs the brain's functions so to mind is darker and affects one's study of the Scriptures interesting isn't it how to restore an image of God. If you turn to Genesis one verse $27.00 we see that each one of us is created in what the image of God And so if God can he does in the image of got he knows exactly how to function how it should be how we should treat it and then he for strength the 9 we find courts diet for human beings and what is it. A plant based diet no killing no slaughtering of animals of others no because that is what God wants us to have because he wants to preserve the image of God Now there you can get the problem of what the problem of sin and I have to see in the diet is expanded in Genesis 3 Verse 18 with all the herbs was a field before it was ready to Greenup's now all the herbs and whatever and that was there to maintain Kautz image him excellent performance now the question is are you interests in keeping this in motion performs so it is your choice my choice and so in councils to diet and health based 92 she says grains fruits vegetables and nuts. Are to be found all the food elements that we need you don't need more it's all you want you need it is the diet chosen for us by our creator ministry of healing Bates $296.00 and I talk to is it I said how to the store because of course after seeing the image of got was corrupted Now when we prepare for heaven why not get involved in the restoration because the more it is images restored the moor we can cope with the dark clouds just before us you see so we have no excuse if we fail because God has it all prepared for us how to protect the image of God that God has given us. All flesh foods which may taste very nicely such as meat poultry fish should be avoided because you know we don't teach our children the Johnny they Chrissie you can do this no why not because their use does not provide pure blood and clear minds. Council diet and foods the $83.00 it's also excites the end of the propensities to increase activity and strengthen the animal passions testimonies volume to be $63.00 the impact of spices and condiments on the image of God the use of mustard pepper spacious pickles and other things or of like character but to do it the irritated stomach lining and eventually destroy its natural sensitivities n'est ce ministry of feelings $325.00 spices also aroused the animal propensities and consequently we can see the moral and intellectual powers Council health $114.00 and they be Callao out the reasoning faculties by which we study the Bible Council diet and food page $150.00 What about sugar or is a very controversial issue what does that do to the image of God sugar should be used sparingly so does it say no sugar now sparingly because it's free use of use plenty of it caloric the system hinders their working of the living machinery testimony's Volume 2 paces 369 it causes fermentation which clouds de brain. Councils to a diet of food 331-354-3553 extension 45 sea 5 but again a large quantity sugar is even more injurious to meet testimonies to 1st the 7 c. So you know if you cannot stop eating a large quantities Maybe you should be not a vegetarian because it is more dipped mental by large quantities than not and what do you do if you if use eliminate all those things you save some money and so do use money spending candy gums ice cream for God's work namely sending the amazing fact Journal to the whole community saying if you don't have the money for the magazines that's one way to save money conscious to diet and food see 29 liquid foods and goats image meals consisting largely of foods soft foods the soups the liquid foods are not the best to produce health full muscles sound digestive organs or clear bring us again everything about our present he has to do with the brain and affects your study of God's word and what is the result of your conclusions fundamentals of Christian education to $96.00 improper combinations of food also create problems for the stomach they produce fermentation and it causes the Bluett to be contaminated and the brain go infused testimony for him 7 pates to nothing to $57.00 and then of course overeating. I wouldn't thank you to redo to know me 21 verse 18 to 21 to see the results of overeating. Over heating elements is the seeing of this age the battle puts collected in the same categories as drunkenness testimonies falling for Page 45 for the brain nerves the brain nerve energy is being. Be numbed and almost paralyzed by overeating testimony's going to push for one for Again it's effects in a brain and it's overeating leads to forget fullness Now people may say it may be all timers but this contributes also forgetfulness and loss of memory Gazal diet and food 138 and so friends are you willing to priest or the image of God in everything you do the impact of eating irregularly or too frequently irregular hours for eating exhaust the brain forces and it is in the youth instructor to elevate the wrote this for young people because young people I have no think really the regular hour or the brain forces no sane or intemperate eating drinking too frequent too much and of rich and wholesome food destroys the health action of the digestive organs affects the brain and prefers to judgment and preventing rational call them healthy the thinking and acting testimonies fall into 618-6194 the bout drinking water is a drink of choice for brains. Pure water is one of Heaven's Joyce's blessings its proper use promotes health drunk freely it helps to supplied and assess a tease of the system and assist nature to resist disease it is you're feeling 237 Water is the best liquid possible to cleanse due to shoes and if you would hang out July 29th 1984 the things to be avoided things to be avoided at all times r t coffee and alcoholic beverages the difference between those as the tea in coffee and I'll call drinks are different degrees into scale of artificial stimulants Council diet and food for 21 frequently you starts with a t. then you go to coffees and find that you can only be satisfied with alcoholic drinks this is the result of many cases the impact of stimulating drinks the mind too is injured the immediate influence of these stimulants is to exaggerate the brain to earn do activity only to leave it weaker and less capable of exercising the aftereffects is prostration not only mental physical but moral the result we see nervous nervous men and women or earn sound judgment and unbalanced minds constant diet of food for Tuesday but about drinking with meals. A detrimental practice is the custom of drinking with meals using ice water during meals especially harmful to the digestive system thirst can be quenched by drinking water a short time before or after the meal counts of diet and food for 20 wrong habits or drinking lead to errors in what thought and action review and Herald January $25881.00 and so friends what is now the impact of our lifestyle of eating habits a Bible study you find is in comes down to food Beach 52 if our appetites are not in the dicom throw over saying the fight mind if you are not temperate in all our eating and drinking the spirit of prophecy says we shall not be in a state of mental and physical soundness to study the Word with the purpose of learn what says the Scriptures beautiful eating habits that make the Holy Spirit ineffective it is important to avoid all foods that have the tendency to irritate or excite the nerves and excitement will be followed by depression over indulgence the cloud the mind and then the thoughts difficult and confused so therefore got cannot let His Holy Spirit rest open those who while they know how to shoot each for help Perseus in a course that will live feeble minds and body. So you got cannot look through this council diet and how health diet and food base 55 and 56 so because glutes with a picture of God's grace and mercy to overcome temptation you may say Yes Pastor we like those things over there but they are too strong we cannot be cannot overcome them we are helpless friends that is a poor and Seuss 1st Princeton verse 13 says no temptation has overtaken you except such as common to men but God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able to but with a temptation will also make a way to escape that you may be able to bear it you know God is faithful he will not let you go and he knows you capacity all of those things and finally the promise here is Philippians 413. Ball says can do all things through Christ who strengthens. All things and so all those things have nothing to do with legalism friends it's only got Who Wants to the story and you the image of a Scot and they view their starvation as successful you will be successful when the dark clouds come and the time of trouble comes but she says also that those who are not careful will fail due to the time of trouble so so today is the time to prepare it may not be easy to have to ties in sometimes to change things but we've got everything is possible and those things can be a delight for a lifestyle that will the moat your brains. Promote successful encounter with Satan that's not a lot of shit to do and so friends if you want to have more sources you find is there you find their website and you can elect the debt down notice and whole story of life style Bible interpretation friends caught once is to make a decision can I see the hands of those who would make to make improvements in this area praise the Lord praise the Lord and sprayed Heavenly Father we thank you so much you have seen the hands of those who make that have made a decision to make an improve in this area we have to admit secretly we have failed in this area but we have not seen the reasons why you want us to do it but now we know that if we want to be successful in the time of trouble this is the only way to go or please pass or give us strength that we can master do stand patients through your power and May the Holy Spirit be given to us and not be refused because of our lifestyle. Or heavily Father blessed each one of us here in the my audience and give us the victory. Thank you so much and help are stuped each other's helpers to teach our children our grandchildren their way of life to Jesus. And maybe love these more because of what he has given in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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