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Sola Scriptura, The Scripture Alone

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 2, 2020
    9:45 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much thank you Lord that we have this opportunity again to open your word and I pray that you please guide us lead us and as we look into the scripture open our hearts and our minds help us to see the truth that you have hidden in there for us that we might search out these rich Jouret gems of treasure and that Lord you would help us to become students of your word the day goddess Oh Lord we pray now in Jesus name Amen Let's turn our Bibles to Hebrews chapter 4 and verse 12 this is actually the Scripture text for this week's lesson Hebrews chapter 4 and verse 12 let's turn our Bibles there. Hebrews chapter 4 in verse 12 the Bible says For the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intense of the heart friends this words sola scriptura has been the motto of the reformers has been the motto of the early pioneers that went about preaching the Word of God to the whole world Ellen White says that these men knew what it meant to search the Scriptures and friends look we have to come back to this point in our day to day where we put the word of God above everything the Catholic Church has mixed scripture with tradition and honestly it is more tradition than scripture today and many churches even today hold tradition above scripture in what sense if it was not the case they would be keeping Sabbath rather than Sunday of which there is no scriptural basis but the Protestant faith was based upon this one motto sola scriptura the word alone and that ought to be the final authority of our faith that should be where we base our whole belief system this is where every $100.00 humans should be settled and you know it seems easier said than done because if that was the case then we wouldn't have internal conflicts within the church itself even in our own 7 day of honest church where we talk about issues such as women's ordination you know but where does the Bible even come in in regards to things like that we'll look at that today and I'm just adding might little $0.05 worth right but look friends the Bible must be our final authority in everything let's turn our Bibles now to 1st Corinthians Chapter 4 verses one through 6 1st Corinthians chapter 4 and looking at verses one through 6. Leston of I was there 1st Corinthians fall and verse one some of these tech some taken from the Sabbath school lesson and there's some very good information in there that I want to share with you today and there's some little extra things that I want to share as well but 1st Corinthians Chapter 4 verse one look at what the Bible says let a man so account of us as of ministers of Christ and stewards of the mystery of God So as ministers we are stewards we are his servants we are the ones that should be serving him and doing faithfully the work that God has told us to do but then verse to hear more over it is required in stewards that a man be found what faithful but with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged of you or of man's judgment yea I judge not mine own self for I know nothing against myself yet. Sorry I just saw all of the video are you all still there can you all see me I just want to make sure that everything is good them but with me it is very small thing of us fall for I know nothing against myself yet I am not here by justified but he that judge with me is the Lord wherefore Judge nothing before the time until the Lord come who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and make manifest the counsels of the hearts and then shall each man have his praise from God You know what was happening in the current current the Church of current We had studied this in sac and that there was problems between. Not not Peter and Apollos and Paul but the people were choosing sides you see that people were choosing sides with the all on the follower of Paul on our I'm a follower of so and so and whoever converted them I guess that's where they became that follower do you see that so people are choosing sides and in some days even here you find people that like to quote other people isn't it and we like to quote the famous speakers in our administration to all the way from our g.c. president down to the smallest of persons friends we ought to quote the Bible we ought to make Sola Scriptura and this is where verse 6 then becomes really important in 1st Corinthians Chapter 4 now these things brother and I have in a figure transferred to myself and a policy for your sakes that in us you might learn not to go beyond the things which are written that no one of you be puffed up for the one against the other friends what was Paul trying to say look. When it came to who you were choosing Paulson and we are one we have not gone beyond the things that have been written Paul says and we don't have anything about a policy ever wrote but we have much of what Paul said and of course he was definitely called to be a prophet but yet he says Paul a policy night we're not divided and so friends from Genesis all the way to Revelation we can depend upon the Word of God and we ought to at for the final authority in everything we must never go beyond what is written in the Bible you know I've heard so many people say. You know somewhere in the Bible I don't know where but somewhere in the Bible it says and I remember reading it and you know Placidyl I'm not lying Trust me you know this is really what I read and they will say sauce stuff like that. But friends we ought to be careful when we quote the Bible it all began in the Garden of Eden when Eve misquoted God she added what don't touch God only said don't eat in the day you eat there of usually die but if you touch it she said you also die we ought to be careful that we don't go beyond what is actually written then now look it does not mean that you just read the Bible and the Bible alone there are tools that we can use to help us to understand certain texts and many texts. Resources such as lexicons and dictionaries which gives us meaning of names concordances and other books and other commentaries there is nothing wrong with reading that except that it is meant to and Hans our understanding of what the Bible's actually saying you know what I mean so we must make sure we don't add to what the Bible is saying and we don't take away from it what is written there already let's go over to Revelation chapter 22. Revelation 22 verses 18 and 19 the very last chapter the very last chapter Revelation 22 verses 18 and 19 I testify under every men that here are the words of the prophecy of this book if any man shall add on to them God shall add on to him what the plagues that are written in this book and if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy God shall take away his part from the Tree of Life and out of the holy city which are written in this book so you know we can localize that to the Book of Revelation but really it applies to the whole Bible be careful don't add to it the things that are not written there or else God says He will add to the plagues and be careful not to take out from it what is already there or else God will take out from us the from our names the book of life from the Book of Life so friends we got to stick by every word every word and you know I think that it's a really important friends I believe that every Christian. Every 7th Day Adventist should get a concordance Strong's concordance or Cruden concordance there are 2 versions of the concordances out there Prudence was the one that many people are Pioneers' use and they went around with a Bible on one arm and the crew of Couldn't a concordance and the other arm and they went and preached the gospel to the whole world friends if you don't own a concordance yet you need to buy one yes you got to buy one why friends this is where Sabbath school becomes important this is where the study of the Word of God becomes really important to us to help us to understand not that you can't understand it all but friends there are certain tools that God has given to us and blessed us with in this day and age and I want to show you the importance of having a concordance and that you don't rely on people to give you interpretations and meanings and applications and understandings of the Bible Let's turn our Bibles to Daniel Chapter 8 and verse 11 I want to show you why you should buy a concordance Ok Daniel Chapter 8 and verse 11 let's turn our Bibles the Daniel Chapter 8 and verse 11 I want to show you the importance yea he magnified himself even to the prince of the host and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away and the place of his century was cast down our focus there is the word sanctuary Ok at the very end it says the place of his sanctuary was cast down now come down with me a few verses later to verse 14 Daniel Chapter 8 and verse 14. The Bible says here and he said to me under $2300.00 days then shall the Century be cleansed so the cleansing of the century that would century there is a difference he brew word to what you see in verse 11 the you know that one is in that in verse 11 the Hebrew word is mc and in verse 14 the Hebrew word is Kodesh now to us in the English it looks exactly the same and looks exactly the same but when Daniel was writing it and for those that could read Hebrew they would know that this word century in verse 11 gives us a different understanding to the word century in verse 14 and you would never know that if you didn't have a concordance and friends people say well what's a big deal it is a big deal because this actually is important to understand the word daily in Daniel Chapter 8 but let me show you another example we're not here to study the daily or study deep into the century I want to show I'm just showing you why a concordance is really important and if you don't have one the 1st pushes that you need to make the 1st thing you need to save up for is to own a concordance and today I don't have I still have my 1st concordance that I ever bought over 20 years ago but I don't carry that around anymore it's really thick it's really big it's like a dictionary Ok maybe some of you don't even know what a dictionary is but in the old days we use all those hardcover Bibles we never had all these touch screens and bible on the laptop everything was done by books and the dictionaries were big my concordance was big as well. But you can buy those digital once a day and I have one right here on my phone all I need to do is click on the word and it is so easy make it your 1st put it in if you don't have enough money make sure you save up for it a very very important resource but of course I use many other resources but this is the 1st one that you ought to focus on let me show you another example we're still in Daniel Chapter 8 Now let's read verse 15 Ok Daniel 8 verse 15 I'm showing you the importance of owning a concordance and it came to pass when I even identical had seen the vision and sought for the meaning then behold this stood before me as the appearance of a man so Daniel he didn't understand the vision when you look at that word vision that the Hebrew word is wrong Ok. And so Daniel didn't understand the Haasan But then you go to the next verse verse 16 and I heard a man's voice between the banks of you lie which called and said Gabriel made this man to understand the vision you see that would vision that English word again but it's a different Hebrew word that would vision that is Maren Daniel doesn't understand the House on God says Gabriel help Daniel understand them are in verse 17 look at this verse 17 so he came near where I stood and when he came I was afraid and fell upon my face but he said and to me understand those Son of man for at the time of the end shall be what the vision so we see the word vision mentioned there again and that vision is different to verse 16 it is the same as verse 15 it is house on. If you did not have a concordance you would never know this and friends he even is a view heard a preacher say it how do you know it's true just because it's preached just because it's the pastor of your church doesn't mean that you'll never make a mistake how do you know it's true and the funny thing is the rest of this chapter not funny thing but the interesting thing is when you jump down to 26 and 27 vision is mentioned 3 more times so in this chapter alone you see the word vision mentioned 6 times from verse 15 onwards and you would never know unless you had a concordance to go and check it yourself friends you can get even free concordances on the phones today we have no excuse to not understand scripture do you see that. You ought to go out and make sure you get a concordance a day this is really important really important if you want to be a true student of the Bible but look if you don't have money you praying God will give you understanding but I believe somewhere along the way you'll be able to get that concordance and friends there are free ones out there there are no Android and i Phone both operating systems you can get a concordance for free the reason why I bought mine is because I can use on the laptop I can use it on my phone on my i Pad I can do all the searches that I need to no matter where I am and many times I'm pulling out my concordance to use in Sabbath school at church very important very important to check the preacher make sure you're writing everything down makes you go back to check that I give you the right Hebrew words how do you know that they really are different except I said it was because you're my friend and you trust me and I'm your friend that's not enough friends it's not enough because the greatest of people they make mistakes it doesn't matter how good a preacher you are no matter how close you walk with the Lord all of us we make mistakes and I'm not saying that everything that I preach is exactly right you have to go back and check it and if it's wrong come back and challenge me help help me help me to see that I have preached something wrong you see so this is really important very very important Here's another example let's go to Revelation chapter one and verse 2 Revelation chapter one and verse 2. Importance of a concordance I can't stress it enough Revelation chapter one and verse 2 The Bible says Who bare record of the Word of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ and of all things that he saw So here John is saying he bore record of the Word of God and of that testimony of Jesus Christ you see that word bear record in even though in English it's 2 words in the Hebrew in the Greek Rather it is only one word and if you click on that word bear record the Greek word you see a lot of English words are derived from the Greek Ok and the Greek word for bare record is Marte's he Rio m a r t y r e o what is a sound like it sounds like Mata someone who dies for the faith and when you click on that route word 3144 which is where the word bear record is based upon it is the word monster in English so when John says he bear record of the Word of God He bore record to the point that he was willing to die do you see that very important let's go to Matthew 24 and verse 14. Matthew $24.00 and verse 14 a scripture song that maybe many of us are familiar with with and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come do you see that word witness it's a different English word and it is slightly different to the one in Revelation Chapter one of us 2 but when you click on that word in the concordance that would witness because many of us what do you think of when you say the word witness all yes I'm going to go witnessing today riots going to go preach I'm going to go hand out literature I'm going to go sing and then or whatever we are witnessing in compass says we're going to go share about Jesus let's go Christmas caroling we have many ideas of the word witness right but do you know what the word witness is it's very similar it's not exactly the same Greek word but when you look at up that word witness in the Greek is Martirio on Ok in in Revelation was Martirio But here is much but the derivative the foundation of where this word is taken from is the same as what you see in Revelation 12 which is mater so when you read this it gives you a different understanding. It says And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for we witness how people willing to die for their faith and that is exactly what we saw in the book of Acts everywhere people went preaching the gospel they were persecuted Stephen was the 1st Mata he died but because of that the Gospel went even further because of persecution and people spread out and in a short while the work of God was wrapped up you see that so without the concordance without the concordance you would not be able to understand all of this so there are some things that you could never understand when it just comes to reading the Bible alone you have to go and dig down and friends look this is not this is not isolated to just pastas alone of scholars I bought my 1st concordance in the year 2000 and I still haven't told you it's really big It's thick and. I still have it to this day and guess what I wasn't in theology school I wasn't in theology school I was had no desire to go and study the Bible at least not full time I had no desire to be a pastor in fact even when ice finished theology school I still had no desire to be a pastor my mom and dad told me to go do further studies and masses and mom that I don't want to go all I can be after that is a pastor and I don't want to be a pastor. Friends be careful what you tell your parents say. What you tell God because you know he might just make your the desire that you don't want to come true and it's not because I'm a possibly I'm we're unwilling God has led me to this point that I want to be a pos it's a day that I can think of anything else God has called me clearly to this but you know 20 years ago when I 1st bought my concordance I had no desire to be a pastor I had no desire to study theology I bought it why you see in my church back there in Australia when I was growing up we had older couples that watched over the youth Ok we called them our youth counselor us and it's important you know to have these people of experience and of age that have a burden for the ministry and especially for the young people and you know one of them taught me how to study the Bible they pulled me aside one day to their house and you know they just said Ben let me show you how to how to study and then they challenge me and pushed me to to do a word study using the concordance. It was Johnny unseen along you know for those that know them they're in Gateway and it was 20 years ago that you know that it moved in their condo there in the city and Tina pulled me aside you know as she I was close to her and she to pull me aside and she said look let me show you how to do it would study and she took me through the concordance and this is really important you know Tina thank you so much if you watch this video want to say thank you you set my feet on the right path. And this is really important friends I was only a youth I had no desire or intentions to ever quit my i.t. work and go and study to be a pasta but this is what every person should do this is where our focus should be and the concordance brother is a very important tool to be used today how do you know I'm teaching you the truth let me show you Acts Chapter 17 and look at verse 10 you know this is. This is a famous text there's a famous group of people all denominations know about this group of people Acts Chapter 17 let's turn about was there and verse 10 the Bible says and the brother immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night and to Berea who coming through the went into the synagogue of the Jews these were more noble than those in Thessalonica in that they received the word with already Innes of mind and searched the Scriptures daily whether those things were so can you believe it Paul the most prolific writer of the New Testament he's got of course they didn't know it at the time but he's the most prolific writer of the New Testament and he comes in and these people are yeah we hear you Paul you we hear you Silas but we're still going to go back and check you to make sure that what you're sharing with us is correct and on point and friends how do you know that what I'm sharing with you about the concordance and the Greek and Hebrew is correct unless you're going back to check it all you can do if you only have just the Bible alone is just sit there and go Ok. Maybe you might go to google and google it but how do you know that what you're reading there is correct with the pedia is not a good research it's it's people coming together putting their own thoughts and ideas together yes there's moderation to it but how do you know it's correct there are some things that are written with Peter that I've seen before that is incorrect right you can't trust the Internet there's so much fake news out there and people think that coronaviruses fake news as well right how do you know you can trust these things how do you know that what I'm saying is correct and I didn't just get it from someone else without doing my due diligence to study it out to make sure it was correct you see that these people in Berea when Paul and Silas came they did not even trust them they made sure that they went back and checked whether these things were sold on NOTs friends you've got to go back and check why it's for your own salvation sake how do you know that what I'm saying is not the truth maybe you might not agree with me but how do you know it's not true you see too many of us we come in with preconceived ideas or we looked at last week traditions and we come in with these traditions that we've been raised with and thoughts that we have in our mind that this has to be true and when someone comes along saying something and it challenges us it gets difficult for us to accept you've got to go back and study it out and maybe there might be a fair a see that comes in your mitts that has a really bad reputation maybe doesn't live up to all the light but maybe what he preaches and that one sermon is true even Jesus himself said do what they say don't do what they do how do you know it's true unless you yourself are going back to check it but more importantly more than just searching. You've got to pray God give me wise the sentiments and know the difference right what's the challenge in our day what is the challenges that we face today that Jesus points out you know he says it over and over again and I'm going to share with you about what 87 verses very clear Matthew 24142 Matthew 21 and verse 42 this is in the Sabbath school lesson is very interesting that this was raised up but the issue is too clear not to talk about this Matthew 21 verse 42 Jesus saith unto them did you never read in the scriptures the stone which the builders rejected the same is become the head of the corner this is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes Jesus asked them didn't you read in the Scriptures Matthew 19 verse 4 Matthew Chapter 19 in verse 4 what does the Bible say here and he answered and servants of them have ye never read that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female he asked them Did you ever read interesting in Matthew 2231 Matthew 22 and verse 31 Matthew 2231 but as touching the resurrection of the dead have you not read that which was spoken to you by God. 3 times so far do you see the report recurring theme Mark Chapter 12 verse 10 Mark 12 verse 10 let's turn the mocked up to 12 and verse 10 the Bible says this Have ye not read the scripture the stone which the builders rejected is of come the head of the corner didn't you read this scripture. And then you go down to verse 26 verse 26 look at what it says here Mark 1226 And as touching the dead that they rise Have you not read in the Book of Moses how in the bush got speaking to him saying I am the God of Abraham the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob didn't you read Didn't you read Luke Chapter 6 Luke Chapter 6 and verse 3. Luke Chapter 6 verse 3 and Jesus answered them and storing them said Have you not read so much as this what David did when in self was an hungered and they which were with him didn't you read he says the setting you guys are ignorant you're ignorant of the Scriptures this is the problem why people think that when you die you go straight to heaven or that the day of worship and the day of rest the day is not Saturday but it's Sunday you have not read not been reading your ignorant Matthew 24 of us 15 Matthew 24 and verse 15 when you therefore shall see the bomb a nation of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the holy place who saw what reader let him understand and finally Mark 13 and verse 14 Mark Chapter 13 and verse 14. But when you shall see The Obama Nation of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing where or not let him that read Earth understand and then let them that be in Judea flee to the mountains do you know how important reading is friends are life depends upon it had people read the scriptures that was written there would have been many that would have been saved in 87 c When the Roman armies came and surrounded Jerusalem actually before that it was an 8065 or 66 I believe that the Roman armies came and then they suddenly left by the providence of God But when they saw that happen they were to get down from their house and run to the mountains Ellen White says not a single Christian perished in those days in those 5 years and destruction do you know that all those that read they understood the world was very clear they left and they ran what is the challenge that we are facing in our day and age today friends many of us who are not reading yes were not reading I tell you if you just spend 20 minutes in the Bible every day you will read through the Bible in less than one year you might start slow it might be difficult but the more you do it the faster it gets the easier it gets. You will not be able to read fast if you hate books I hate reading books Ok I grew up hating reading I just love to play I love to play sports I would play basketball on a Sunday the whole day I would go in the morning come back for lunch go in the afternoon come back for dinner go in the evening I would just play the whole day then I'll play badminton then I'd play volleyball then I played water polo sports are played table tennis I loved all the sports are just love to play and then I came home play computer games I just loved to play growing up I hated reading to the extent I did so bad in my schooling I knew that I would not ever get some medicine my brother got into medicine My dad's a doctor there's no point me trying I knew I wouldn't get in I was too lazy My mum always said I was smarter than my brother I don't know if that's true or not I think she was just trying to point out the fact that I was lazy but he got into medicine but was a problem I hated reading I never read when my mum told me to go and study in the room or come back I'll come into my room out sit here and look at the paper for a little while and flip through a wait for a one hour to be up I don't come out pretended I studied the problem is we're not reading friends if we would only spend not talking 20 minutes is not a long time you know like set a time or if you would read exactly 20 minutes a day of the Bible you would finish it in one year you know my wife recently met one of my neighbors and she said something about the Bible so difficult to understand so I know not all my husband read it through every year every year I can't even get through it in a lifetime it really goes to show how little we read you know when I was in school in studying theology and us Hartland and of. How to Read 9 volumes of the testimonies for the church. And all 9 that is the requirement that you have before you graduate and there are many students they leave it to the last minute and then they would spend months like a month just scooped up in the house just really in the whole day and they go crazy you know so the 1st year I got there I was playing a lot and I'm messed up my time and then finally I said God Ok I'm going to recommit my life to you and I'm going to be serious about why I'm here I didn't I didn't quit my i.t. work and leave my my nice paying job to come here and just play around and it was in the 2nd year that I began to take God seriously and began to read and I took the word of Ellen White very seriously you know. She gave this she gave this advice in council of councils and education c e 58.2 c e 58.2 look what she says and look. I'll expand on this after I read this Ok c e 58.2 But there is but little benefit derived from a hasty reading of the Scriptures 1 May read through the whole Bible and yet fail to see its beauty or comprehend its deep and hidden meaning its true one passage study until its significance is clear to the mind and its relation to the plan of salvation is evident is of more value than the perusal of many chapters with no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction gained. Keep your Bible with you as you have opportunity read it fix the text in your memory even while you're walking the streets you may read a passage and meditate upon it thus fixing it in the mind that's when when I got to us I bought a little pocket Bible the whole Bible was a slow pocket Bible and everywhere I went now we have phones you know we don't have to do that but of course with the phone comes 100 other distractions that the Bible is parity number 100 after Facebook Instagram to talk or whatever you guys have done as the web browser and then it's my my bank account even though I've seen it one hour ago you know we have many things to to look at on the phone before we even get to the point of even reading the scripture and friends look it's true you shouldn't peruse many chapters but let me tell you perusing many chapters is better than not reading the Bible at all you understand that you got to get into the habit of reading and digesting and spending time in the scriptures if not you will never grow in faith you can never be saved for you saved by grace through faith look at Hebrews 11 all of these great men of all the women of old they exercised faith and that's what got them to the point of God declaring them righteous righteousness by faith is what God calls us to today righteousness by faith friends to spend 20 to 30 minutes if you spend 30 minutes Karen you you get through the Bible and I guarantee you somewhere along the way God will speak to you and I guarantee you that somewhere along the way God will begin to change your heart and life I know because he's done that to mine and he's still working on it today. Stop giving the excuses all of us were so full of excuses it's just it's annoying you know I mean it's annoying I'm a nonreader friends and I don't do this for my profession I did this before I got to study theology I was working on developing a daily devotional habits and a bit really began with the Sabbath school but I made sure that when they mentioned the texts I would look it up you know but you got to get into this habit of reading and away with excuses don't tell me you're a non reader so what you fall asleep next time instead of taking 10 seconds to fall asleep it might take you 15 seconds to fall asleep at least you're working at it friends you know what I mean the next time it takes you one minute after that it might take you 5 minutes after that you might be able to go one hour but if you do it consistently if you're reading or you spending time in the Word of God Guess what you will not miss the 2nd coming of Jesus you will not know or not understand how to be righteous you will find Jesus he will live in you he'll change you and instead of the pastor having to preach the straight message then you as a member will begin to say let me share with you what I learned in my devotion and what God spoke to me about what we should be doing on the Sabbath what we shouldn't be or all this little passage about the scriptures if only we are studying if only we are reading friends if you are listening to sermons for devotion I want you to push yourself if you've gotten consistent then you start reading one chapter then 2 chapters the maybe 5 chapters and then you say no now I gotta study a commentary I've got to sit down and go I gotta figure this out you understand that we got to read totally mean your bible is to 1st Timothy Chapter 4 and verse 13 1st Timothy Chapter 4 and verse that seem. First I'm in the chapter 4 of us 13 look at what the Bible says till I come give attendance to reading the exportation to doctrine Paul saying until I come while you're waiting and while we're waiting for the 2nd coming of Jesus let us give attendance to reading to exportation to doctrine you can exalt you can't teach the doctrines unless you yourself are reading and so you got to push it takes efforts you've got to put aside the desires of the world and the rush of the flash and your own career and your own studies Yes you got to put something else aside so that you can read Jesus says Didn't you read and it could be that even the priests they were just they were repeating because they just knew that verse off by heart where Jesus would be born maybe that was a famous tax in their day just like John 316 is a famous Texan our days as you probably can quote some scriptures right now but it doesn't mean that you really know Jesus not necessarily friends you got to spend time every morning and every evening set the tides aside time to read read the Bible and then read the pen of inspiration by Ellen White Some of you people you've got you've got problems with Ellen White because you're not reading her writings How do you how do people know that Paul was a prophet in his day how could he stand up in nearly every single apostle and say Paul the servant of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle and all of you sit down and please listen because the Rians they went back and they checked so with Ellen White go check her writings before you condemn it before you say no she can't be a prophet or give me some of the evidence why do you keep quoting Ellen White Why don't you go read it and test it read it and and look up the verses to make sure that what she's saying is true and if it is true. By the grace of God follow it believe it live it if you see that but many of us were not reading yet all of us we have an opinion you know I'll never forget this one of my friends in church this is back in Taiwan he came to me as has been everybody. An opinion is like and knows everybody has one everybody's got an opinion but friends before you think that you should give your opinion go read go and search it go and check it go back to make sure that if this person really is telling the truth is no longer his opinion vs my opinion that is truth and my opinion has to change my tradition has to change from what I've always thought to what this should be now let me show you what Alawite wrote about William Miller and you know it's just a bit of a biography look at how William Miller studied the Bible this is taken from great controversy 320 paragraph one g.c. 320 paragraph one endeavoring to lay aside all preconceived opinions and dispensing with commentaries he compared Scripture with Scripture by the aid of the marginal references and the concordance with what concordance William Miller used concordance nearly 200 years ago he pursued his study in regular regular and methodical manner beginning with Genesis and reading verse by verse he proceeded no fuss the then the meaning of the several passages so unfolded as to leave him free from all embarrassment when he found anything obscure that he didn't understand it was his custom to compare it with every other text which seems to have any reference to the matter under consideration. Every word was permitted to have its proper bearing upon the subject of the text and of his view of it harmonize with every collateral passage it ceased to be a difficulty Thus whenever he met a passage hard to be understood he found an explanation in some other portion of the scriptures as he studied with earnest prayer for divine enlightenment that which had before appeared doc to his understanding was made clear he experienced the truth of the Psalmist's words the entrance of the words give a light you give of understanding to the simple look I have a little I have a little link on my website Evan productions I think it can be shared here Evelyn can share this link on our chat here I'll make sure to share it up later I just took it from what I had found it is William Miller's rules of Bible interpretation and we are going to look at interpretation in the future I thought that I would be able to have time to go through this this morning but unfortunately I don't know where the time went I always seem to think that my time is going to run out and I'm going to be done in my with my study in 30 minutes I kept telling my wife that I told her that yesterday I had told her that this morning as I was reviewing my notes and making sure as I went through it I was going to be effective and I was thinking surely I was going to be done in 30 minutes but here we are nearly at the end of Sabbath school I'm sorry but please I encourage you this afternoon go back and go through every single text he has I believe it's 14 rules of Bible interpretation very interesting I really learned a lot as I was going through this yesterday some of it I knew already but look makes you go back and this will even help you just begin to understand how to read the Bible how to interpret scripture and prophecy properly. Ok Go back and read it and go through all the text nearly every passage every rule that he has has Bible texts I believe yes every single one has Bible texts so make sure you go through it except number 12 Ok number 12 but number 14 but every single one has Bible passages connected with it go through it make sure you understand how to interpret Bible correctly make sure you read you read you read friends I hope that you've been reading more during this time I hope during the mc Oh you've had more time to read in fact I've had less time to read I've had more time to study I've not been reading I've been studying because we've had revelation class online and something I'll be preaching the next next divine our service is it's come from my teaching of revelation to the revelation salt students the salt revelation students and this is something that touch my heart I said you know I'm going to share this to a wider audience but from your studies let there come forth 1st the change in your heart and what speaks to you but then secondly what you can share with people what the Lord has touched your heart with and what he wants you to be a blessing to other people as a result and so friends till Jesus comes let's give attendance to reading to exhortation and to doctrine. That we might be true students of Christ being able to rightly divide the word of truth being ready in season out of season when ever if the pastor comes to you and says Hey can you show for closing divine closing Sabbath today that you can be ready why because you've been studying you've been reading and there are things in there that have been speaking to your hearts that's what helps you to remember what you've read as you sit there and you think about the words that you've read that God would begin to transform your heart and life friends we're going to look at how to study the Bible in the future service school times that we have together I don't know how long this this online studies will go for but when we get back to our regular schools and our regular churches there will be starting up again with 1st Corinthians for both churches as we're both in it right now but for now we're going to go through the principles of biblical interpretation in the future Sabbath school times together please join us there's much to learn there's much to study and there's many examples that we can go through but for now I want to challenge you to read and before we go I want to leave with you some homework Ok Honan leave with you some homework. There's a few things still that I wanted to say but I'm going to leave that for for future school time I'm going to give you 3 texts Ok get ready to write them down here are 3 texts and I want you to tell me what they mean when you come back don't don't don't share it right now Ok come back next week and you talk about your answer there but in Matthew 192620 Bibles that Matthew 1926 this is a 1st text Ok this should be an easy one Jesus says With men this is impossible but with God all things are possible what is All Things. Ok That's Matthew 1926 the next text Matthew 1511 Matthew 1511 The 1st is Matthew 1926 this is a 2nd text Matthew 1511 not that which go with into the mouth defile the man but that which cometh out of the mouth this defiles a man you know people say that as a result we can eat anything because it's not what goes in it's what comes out right so how do you defend this how do you know that this is not relating to just I can eat anything now Ok that's the 2nd text Matthew 1511 what does that mean can we really eat everything now and don't go to other texts stay within the chapter all within the book and last Lee Revelation 13 and verse one Revelation 13 verse one I guess the revelation students in salt will be able to get this one by next week but Revelation 131 it says that this beast with 7 heads and 10 horns it has on its forehead the names of blasphemy what is blasphemy according to Revelation don't go out from the book just stay within the Book of Revelation so these are the 3 texts Matthew 1926 Matthew 1511 and Revelation 13 verse one and I want you to come back next week at 10 o'clock Sabbath school time and you tell me what is this meaning Ok. What is all things in Matthew 19 Can we eat everything in Matthew 1511 and what is the names of blasphemy in Revelation 13 Ok. So you can search the whole lot the book that book and you'll get the answer you might not get it within that chapter for a violation but Matthew and the 1st 2 verses you will so let us read let us study make sure you go by a concordance or go download one very important for the time that we're living in we have no excuse to be ignorant of the Scriptures today May God help us to that end and give us a desire let's pray that he would give us that desire to read and to read and to push and if we don't have that desire that we would manufacture it by just making an appointment to make sure we sit down and just read it every day and then it will grow on us because you see changes in God will begin to change your heart and your mind and you give you an appetite for us the ritual things and then we can be sola scriptura you know I told you I was going to talk about this woman's ordination thing and the going to tell you where I stand with women's ordination I'm just going to tell you what the Scriptures ought to do when you study about women's ordination it should get you to the point where you don't have to go scream on the phone and tell the whole world how upset you are with the General Conference with their decision I've seen pastors get on the phone record and publish it how they are so angry and they're screaming if they want ministers live they might have been cursing you know with this woman's ordination So it is with the topic of daily if it's on bigger was just leave it alone is not salvation or just leave it for or against it doesn't matter just make sure that you have the character of Jesus you see that the Scriptures must change you to the extent that you're not getting upset you're not going to get angry and you're still going to be faithful no matter what you see that. So friends as we read God will surely work let's spend more time in a script just a day less take that time to read let's pray Father and have a lot I want to thank you for giving us the Bible it was bought by the blood of martyrs preserved until this day and Lord forgive us we've not treasured it in fact we have neglected it please help us help us to rise up out of the dust in the ashes and learn to put on the garment of righteousness let us make a point when with you to spend time in your word every day Lord please help us to stop being lazy about our own salvation and our spiritual life help us to become Weiss and to salvation a lot so please be with all of us here Lord give us a deeper understanding in your words as this new week will commit to walking closer with you and spending more time with you so Lord guide us to that and lead us we pray oh lord in Jesus name we pray in. 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