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How to Study the Bible- Context, Context, Context

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 16, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father heaven thank you so much for this New Day Thank you Lord for the opportunity to come and study your work together Thank you Lord that through the blood of Jesus Christ and even through this Internet you made it possible put out you Lord our fellowship and the time of study together would be futile you would come to nothing so lord except your presence be with us we cannot move forward will you please give us a double portion of your Holy Spirit illumine our minds help us to understand the differences between truth and error help us to understand your truth that it may burn in our hearts that Lord our thoughts might be lifted heaven with this day for pray in Jesus' name amen. Well before we get into the lesson I do want to talk about something real quick you know last week I talked about Bible translations I talked about Bible translations and I post this on Facebook posted on You Tube on my channel there and you know people comment and there was one person that commented after watching my presentation and he called out some area that I had presented and so I do want to mention friends I'm not purrfect I didn't do my proper research before I just typed that little part of the slide and it was about the Codex Vaticanus and that was one of the names that is given and that is connected to the Latin Vulgate and also eventually to the side where we talk about white cliffs for those that don't know what I'm talking about you got to go back and look at that presentation but you know I did get that part wrong the Codex about a connoisseur is not the Latin Vulgate one is Latin the other is Greek and the Vatican this is the Greek manuscripts of the Bible and it is stored in the Vatican Library Ok right there the headquarters of the Catholic Church they are different but on the side that I put on it is the correct side so what am I trying to say here and one you don't even trust me friends we all make mistakes and that one was a mistake that I could avoided very easily but police make sure you do your due diligence and go back and research and go back and check to make sure that everything you study is correct and accurate I cannot stress certain enough we've got to be noble Rians we can't just simply accept facts just because that's the pastor or you know them personally or it's your friend and so I appreciate that you know. Just just the feedback and it's humbling but it's something that I'm willing to. Grow from and to make sure that I correct in the future so I do appreciate that and if you find anything that is in accurate please let me know message me privately I am more than willing to change if you can show me that it is wrong Ok So before we even get into our study then I have to review our homework that I gave to you from last week starting with Daniel Chapter 7 The question that I had for you in Daniel Chapter 7 how do we know that the lion there is Babylon because in the Bible the Lion also represents Jesus and the devil Ok to use Jesus as the line of the tribe of Judah and the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour So how do we know that in Daniel Chapter 7 The lion that is spoken of here is Babylon and not Jesus of the devil Well let's go over to Daniel Chapter 7 and verse 17 the line is actually mentioned in verse 4 Ok but in Daniel 717 how do we know that this is Babylon or a kingdom it says these great beasts which are for The Lion The bear the leopard and the Dragon are 4 kings which shall arise out of the earth Ok but Jesus is a king sure but then you look at verse $23.00 Daniel $723.00 thus he said the 4th beast shall be the 4th what king done upon the earth so we know that this is representing a kingdom and there is a succession of kingdoms The 1st was a lion than the bear than the leopard and then the dragon So this is how we know that the the lion here is not Jesus or the devil but it is Babylon. And then Philippians chapter 4 and verse 13 this is a very famous promise when Or let's read through it Philippians Chapter 4 verse 13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthen Earth me beautiful promise we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us but here's a thing what is there all things there's a mean that we can fly doesn't mean that we can walk on water there's a mean that we can teleport isn't that all things you know and sometimes what we do is we insert our own thoughts into their all if it's for God's work or if you have enough faith so you jump off the building and you don't have enough faith then the problem is the faith is not Jesus Well that's not what the Bible says what is the all things all we have to do is go back a little bit let's start in Philippians chapter 4 and verse 10 Philippians chapter 4 and verse 10 but I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at the last your care of me has flourished where in you were also careful but you lacked opportunity not that I speak in respect of want for I have learned in whatsoever state I am there with to be content I know how to be abased I know how to abound everywhere in all things I'm struck to death to be both to be full and to be hungry both to a bound and to suffer need so he goes on opposite extremes but what is he saying because right after that is the promise I can do all things so what is he referring to this All Things The key there is verse 11 I've learned in whatever state I'm in a bound to suffer need hungry fall right the opposite extremes not no matter what state I'm in I can be content. And you know covetousness really is the big problem in our day we are going and buying stuff that we don't need is not a need itself once I see it I buy it why I don't know I need it but I just like this and so we get it whether it be clothes whether be gadgets wear the be a new car whatever it is so Paul is saying I can do all things I can learn to be content in whatever state I am in Matthew chapter 6 and verse 33. Matthew chapter 6 verse 33 a scripture song we are familiar with this text but seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you what are all these things it is difference to Philippians chapter 4 Ok so all these things is not the same as what we saw in the book of Philippians if you do a word study you might come across this and it matches but it's not the same thing Matthew chapter 6 verse 311 of these all things did you get the answer for the 1st 2 how about this 3rd one Matthew chapter 6 verse 31 therefore take no thought saying what shall ye eat or what shall we drink all wherewith all shall we be closed for after all these things do the Gentiles seek for your heavenly father know it that you have need of all these things what are all these things and then he says it is repeated 2 times in this verse in verse 32 and then verse 33 comes if you seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness all these things will be added to you what were all these things it is your food your drink and what ever you be clothed with your necessities your necessities not your wants and desires not for a desire for a bigger house or a bigger car on more clothes or more shoes or whatever it is these all things that Jesus is referring to here is our necessities our food or drink our clothing that's what all things is which is different to Philippians Chapter 4 those all things as I can be content with whatever situation I'm going through. Look these 3 parts these 3 texts for our homework illustrate an important point that we're going to look at today and what is the main thing that is highlighting it is this Context is king Context is king understanding the big picture the context of why a person said that you know news channels in general and even us in general sometimes we like to take a sentence out of context we like to just pick up on one part of the sentence of what someone said is that of listening to the whole sermon the whole message the whole point of what the person is saying sometimes you just like to take a little bit and clip it out because you know media we can do that today and it causes a big stir of fake news or we leave out very important parts that gives us the understanding of what a person is actually trying to say so Context is king It gives us the big picture Ok why a person was saying this in that context so that's why for down your sermon you stay in during a search for Libyans for you stay in Philippians 4 and Matthew 6 you stay in Matthew 6 and this is what we're going to study about today you know this is really important because we take quotes here and there even from Ellen White Out of context so friends how to study the Bible how to make sure that we got it right how to make sure that whatever we're looking at is the correct interpretation Well I want you to turn your Bibles with me to Isaiah Chapter 28 Isaiah 28 and verse 10. Let's turn our Bibles there this is the foundation for really how to study the Bible Isaiah 28 and verse 10 and in this chapter is actually repeated twice twice Isaiah 28 verse 10 the Bible says 4 precept must be upon precept precept upon precept line upon line line upon line here a little there a little Ok so what does it mean 1st let's break this down there are 3 sections to this verse 1st precept must be upon precept and then repeats again precept upon precept Well the work precept it means a coming monument an injunction what is an injunction an authoritative warning or order so here is the way it must be done by saying Ok here is the law precept upon precept precept upon precept What's the 1st law is not precept upon precept it is one line upon line this is the 1st injunction that were given the 1st authoritative warning order we got to start with line upon line line upon line and then what Huron little there are a little Ok so these are the 2 precepts that we must have. All right line upon line line upon line Huron little there a little what is line upon line well we must build upon it verse by verse verse one verse 2 Verse 3 Verse 4 Verse 5 friends look it's really important to study and read the Bible that way if you don't do it that way and you just do here a little and there a little you can be in a lot of trouble not just a little trouble but a lot of trouble because this is where our main mis understanding comes from people of color to me text about why we shouldn't have to keep the Sabbath but they just give me one part of that text without understanding the whole context of that chapter or even that book we like to quote from Galatians will add to quote from Romans and we wish all these text even cautions you know will take one text and will take it out of its context and will say look this is the reason why even from the diet and the food in the New Testament if you don't go line upon line line upon line you will be absolutely confused thinking that we can eat anything you see that so we got to be careful the 1st law is a line upon line line upon line your building Ok a building so make sure when you look at one text and it seems confusing. Go back and read the text before it and read the texts after it's Ok so and then in the case of Daniel 7 how do we know it's a lion with in the chapter a few verses later you will see 2 verses $17.23 that tell us this is a kingdom it cannot be Jesus Christ it cannot be the devil Ok and if it is who is the kingdom of the bear then who conquers Jesus or who conquers the devil it doesn't fit it doesn't make sense do you see that so when it comes to precept we have to get the big picture we have to read the whole section and Francis is with any book with a text book for school with a novel that you're reading or or or just any easy reading you don't skip around and jump around right the Bible really shouldn't be that as well look you can study math you don't have to start at Genesis that's not what I'm saying you can start a math you can see you can start in June you can start in his e.q. but make sure you read the whole book don't read just one chapter because of it seems confusing like you look at is equal it is only 10 chapters later that explains what appeared in chapter one do you know that so you got to read and you got to read and you got to read only when you understand all the detail from that verse or that chapter then you go here a little there a little. What we call that word study some where else have I seen. A lion in the Bible that is a king. Ok so automatically it rules out the devil and Jesus because they're not called and call kingdoms So where do we see a king them you see that and then which kingdom conquered them alone so only then when you go out you are given a narrow way in which to research then you can do here a little and there a little Ok so Context is king Context is king and what I want to share with you is also these 2 words Ok it's called ice or Jesus and acts of Jesus this is a method of study and a method of interpretation and one is correct one is incorrect Well what do these 2 words mean I said Jesus means to put the meaning in the 2 Ok so I said Jesus is a bit harder to remember x. or Jesus is easier because you just can use the word accept Ok and exit Jesus means to draw all the meaning out to draw the meaning out from the text of course this is to do with Bible interpretation so I suggest has to put the meaning into it and exit Jesus is to pull the meaning out from its friends we have to be careful that we don't read into the text our own thoughts you got to be very careful that we don't read into the Bible what is not written in their ice a Jesus is the wrong method of interpretation I see. Jesus is the wrong method we are focusing on x a Jesus Ok so we got to be very careful that we don't read into it our own thoughts let me give you an example of well let me give you a few examples of ice a Jesus versus x a Jesus say for example you're trying to solve a mystery of some sort someone stole $25.00 from you and you want to find out who it is well Exa Jesus it would analyze all the clues and the details and everything that's happened is like investigator right you look at everything that is present and then based upon what you have you draw a conclusion of who took that money Ok so that evidence that is then that you can see that you found Ok that's x. and Jesus but what is I said Jesus Well you would draw a conclusion about who took your money based upon your own bias so maybe you just simply don't like the tone in which someone spoke to you and so you think maybe she took it because he spoke rudely to you in a stand that or you're just mad at your spouse that day so you just automatically assume that they took your money because you're mad at them and so they got mad back at you do you have no evidence there's no proof but you jump to a conclusion based upon your own thinking your own bias Now look you blame them only to find out later that they probably weren't the ones that took it and even if they did Ok so maybe you did x.. And you had a bias and you just go oh I had an argument with my spouse so they definitely took my money and what kind of been the kids and you kind of draw these conclusion with no evidence and maybe they really were the ones that took it. Ok so even though you arrived at a correct conclusion it doesn't mean that your approach or the way you got there was correct the understand that so I said Jesus is our personal bias Ok and I'm going to give you some Bible examples of what we do to some text sometimes but that is our own personal bias our own personal thoughts we're reading into we are all thinking even though there's no evidence to prove it that's eisegesis Xa Jesus on the other hand is what here's the evidence what does the evidence tell me and if it doesn't tell you enough then you simply cannot arrive at any conclusion and so that's the thing sometimes we arrive at conclusions too quick when the text does not say it at all let's turn our Bibles to Mark chapter one and verse 40 Mark chapter one and verse 40 Ok Mark Chapter one Verse 40 and there came a leper to him besieging him and kneeling down to him and say unto him If the hour wilt thou canst make me clean and you know sometimes will sit in church on the discussion discuss attacks like this and I will ask questions like Did this man have faith How desperate was he. Well we don't know if he has faith or not you know do we know that he's desperate yes he's besieging he's kneeling right but you know sometimes we go and discuss and we talk about things that are not even in the Bible text itself because why sometimes reading a bible text and just pulling out what it's saying is too elementary to us you know what I mean and as adults for those that are a bit older we like to we like to read beyond it but sometimes it's too much it's not what Jesus is trying to teach us at all we've got to be really careful let's go to another tax Mark Chapter 5 verse 25 Mark Chapter 5 verse 25. We're going to reverse 25 and 26 of March up to 5 and a certain woman which had an issue of blood how long 12 years and had suffered many things of many physicians and had spent all that she had and was nothing better but rather what grew worse so sometimes we like to ask I wonder what this disease was that this woman had for 12 years you know and will sit there and going how could she be bleeding where was she bleeding that she could bleed for 12 years you know what I mean or what would cause this woman to bleed for so long and maybe we spent a whole 30 minutes just discussing what sort of disease this is you know and the Bible doesn't tell us it's not important for us to know we understand that all we know is that she had been bleeding for 12 years or maybe even a doctor might sit in and say ah it's impossible for someone to bleed for that long or maybe they would discuss it is possible let me share with you and they're going to have a cell structure and whatever else and we're getting to die you know there was the talk about diet for 15 minutes and you know a person that you know their blood is too thin it will go on and on and on about this woman bleeding look she just left for 12 years and that was it do you understand that we've got to be careful that we don't go beyond what the Scriptures is trying to tell us you got to get your answer from there she was going for 12 years do we know what disease it is no. Then leave it then move on if Jesus thought it important for us to understand what disease it was like leprosy he would have mentioned it but the importance of the lesson that is found in there has nothing to do with the type of disease that she has if you start digging into that that I said Jesus it's not Jesus what is this text trying to tell me we can do this with any Bible text friends creation let me give another example so that you understand this in creation some people call it look Jesus create the world in 6000 years the Bible says one day is as a 1000 years to the Lord Ok wrong application of a text you did here and there a little too fast you went out and did hear that a little and there a little its in correct why if you would read Genesis chapter one you will find a phrase mentioned over and over again it is what and the evening and the morning was the 1st day God did not make the world in 6000 years even though you have a Bible text to prove it are you with me we got to be sol careful let me give you an example just a funny story about this man one day he thought you know what I don't have time to read all chapter God just give me one verse just give me one verse and so you open the Bible and in the text the 1st text that he read was Judas hung himself or God That's not a very good techs for me to have to go throughout the day Ok so you close a bible he opened again and what a 1st verse he saw after that go and do the Likewise. Oh God not good what what what are you trying to tell me I should hang myself so he cause it takes a look at him he prayed to me praise to God please just give me one more text I really have to go and you open it and the 1st text you read whatever they'll do assist you quickly this is what you call wrong interpretation of Bible Ok this is a very dangerous way to study the Bible I can prove doctrines that are totally opposite and contrary to what the Bible approves if I study this way you've got to be so careful you've got to study line upon line just like Philippians 413 what is all things I've heard people say it's about you know if God really wants you to fly he'll make you fly you know you just got to have enough faith or it's got to do with his gospel work and they will quote you know the Philip who baptized the eunuch and then as soon as you're on the water the Lord whisk them away you see you can do that or the quote Peter Peter walked on water but it's got nothing to do with that what so ever friends we got to be careful and even Matthew $633.00 you know if I seek 1st the Kingdom of God God will bless me God will bless me oh yes God I need to buy this house so I understand searching I'm going to start searching God I need a car our God you know I'm not married I'm single why haven't you bless me I've been so faithful you told me that you give all these things those things is not a house or car or girlfriend it is your food and your clothing. You see that so we got to be soul careful how can we make sure we get all the information the correct information out of a text Let's go to 1st Timothy Chapter 4 Look I'm not a master's or a Ph d. student on the Bible I'm just showing the little Bono Let's go to 1st Timothy Chapter 4 and verse 13 1st Timothy Chapter 4 and verse 13 the Bible says till I come give attendant sed to reading. To doctrine friends if there is one thing we got to do if we want to understand the Bible correctly we got to read and read and read again in the standard you go to read read and read you got to be a student of the word you got to read it over and over and over and over again so maybe you don't start with a whole bible fine you start with one book read Genesis 50 chapters just read it over and over and over and over and over again you understand that just keep reading it and make sure 50 chapters is too long at least make sure you understand the 1st chapter thoroughly you read it and you read it and you read it and you read it friends it's impossible to exhaust our understanding of the Bible maybe you know the story very well but maybe when you read it a year later the same chapter a different detail comes out but at least from its beginning you must just read and read and read you got to you can't just read it once thinking you understand that many of us we do that you peruse through the Bible and we come back we forgot what we read. You've got to read you've got to get the detail out of it and if you don't understand it read it again and if you don't understand what the word is what should you do start with the concordance before you go to the dictionary get a concordance and look up that word you know many of us we read these words these big words in the Bible and we kind of know what it means but we don't justify sanctify right this you know to me exhausts What does it mean to exalt so we can are familiar with these words because we grew up in the church but we don't really know exactly what it means so it's important to look up these words because I'll give you a clearer understanding of what it is so if you don't understand what a word is look it up in the Concordance sure go to the dictionary it's fine you know where when I looked up this word or what is it at the beginning that I shared with you the word precept is an injunction I don't know what the word injunction meant sometimes it sounds like grammar like is an injunction like a semi-colon right that's what some of us might be tempted to think so I went to the dictionary and looked up the word injunction so even when you go to the concordance and you don't totally understand it then you've got to dig deeper friends if you really want to understand the Bible it's not just listen to a sermon or just read it you've got to understand it for yourself you've got to do and dig you've got to read and read this is where it becomes really important not just one verse but a whole chapter at the least make sure you still though when you find this meaning you bring it back to make sure it still applies to the context of what you are reading. So if you're reading Genesis and it's really long just break it up into chapters break it up into chapters Ok this is what we call good observation you're looking at it from different angles you make sure you read and read you understand the finer details of it is like you're looking at a table and what is the color How's it different to other colors what sort of wood is it why did you use this word how did you make the support system you know you look at all of that you look at the details and you keep reading and you keep observing especially if you want to understand friends it's not easy last night we talked about it strives to enter in through the strait gate and we talked about the devil and the false prophets but you know why many of us will be deceived at the end of time because we've not taken the effort to read to study yes you got to work you've got to fight you've got to strive even here with the Scriptures and friends just start with English the deepest I've gone with the Greek and Hebrew is a concordance Ok you do not need to understand Greek and Hebrew to understand the Bible this is just my personal opinion Ok maybe there are some of you that are ready to crucify me because you think I'm ignorant but look back in the dark ages when the Bible was written in Latin Ok that was even no Greek and Hebrew and then we had people like John White Cliff and Luther Erasmus and different people that translated into German to English and whatever else the common language was back then they want the people the common people were not reading and studying Greek and Hebrew are you with me. The scholars were in order to translate it but the translators once they translated it and gave the Bible to the people in the common language when they read it because the revival it caused the great reformation and they want studying it in Greek and Hebrew are not trying to make you a scholar but at least what I'm trying to do is get you to fall in love with the scripture to the point that it can revive you to the point that it can reform you so is Greek and Hebrew important yes this is why we have to go back to the concordance and that's a good dictionary into the Greek and Hebrew but not to the extent that you tell people you can't understand the Bible without We can Hebrew you know maybe some pastors we want to feel a bit more important. You know thinking that yes this is I know why I went to theology school to study Greek and Hebrew that will not help you unless you understand the text and unless you are reading and reading and reading Ok I'm not against learning Greek and Hebrew is just I know that languages are not my strong point friends I studied Molay my teacher told me to go hit my head on a swing I studied French I failed I studied Japanese I failed I've tried to learn Mandarin I bought this program this called The result a stone you know you could when you go through the airports used to advertise a lot in the airports I got the whole module of 5 set series of Mandarin studying Mandarin and I was going through it I got through the 1st module I got to the exam this was a Taiwan you know I was passing English church. By the time I got to the end of the module and at the exam I forgot what I'd learned I was guessing haha my hunch is I was guessing everything the only thing I remember is your your swim I think that's what it is Ok but look language God has given us the Bible in English don't go back to the Greek and Hebrew until you have read through the Bible in English verse or your common language Ok So look it's important it's very important to study line upon line now I do want to talk a little bit about here a little and there a little before we run out of time here here a little and there a little is also important but it is governed by line upon line let's turn our Bibles the Numbers Chapter 21 and verse 9 numbers 21 and verse 9 the Israelites there were complainers they were complaining throughout their whole so journey in the desert on the way to Canaan and finally God had enough and they had just complain too much and so he removed his protecting care and the fiery serpents came out of them and many of them began to die so God instructed Moses to make the serpent of brass numbers 21 verse 9 and Moses made a serpent of brass and put it upon a pole and when it came to pass that if a serpent had bitten any man when he held the serpent of brass he lived we don't get the understanding of who that support represents not there not there at all but in context Ok before you apply your understanding of all the text that you know of the serpent's the context is this if you look at the serpent you will live forever so normally the serpent is the devil most commonly is known as the devil Ok. We find in Genesis Chapter 3 Revelation Chapter 12 from beginning to the end the serpent is usually a bad bad animal Ok How can I say that Jesus is the serpent you won't know unless you go to another part of the Bible Ok so you go to John chapter 3 and Jesus speaking with nicotine miss and he says in verse 14 as Moses lifted up the serpent so the Son of Man must be lifted up Ok So look Context is king before you go out and look for the Serpent is it a good serpent or a bad serpent you see that so we know this cannot be the devil you put back your understanding of that back into it back into the story so we look at the devil and we will live does that make sense absolutely not we got to be careful to remain in context 1st and then we go here a little there a little I want to tell you another story it's a story of 5 blind men one day they went to the zoo and they told the zookeeper we want to see an elephant 5 blind men so the zookeeper took them into the cage of the elephant where the elephant was kept and the 1st one holding on to the tail they said I know what an elephant is like it is light as think that he was holding on to the tail the 2nd blind man says You are absolutely incorrect an elephant is like a wall he was touching the body the 3rd blind man says You 2 are absolutely blind you're both incorrect it's not a snake it's not a wall it's like a tree he was hugging one of its legs. The 4th line man says you're all absolutely wrong an elephant is like a blanket holding on to his ear. In the last line man says I don't know where you guys came from you're all absolutely wrong it's not a tree is not a walls on a snake is not a blanket an elephant is like a fire hose holding onto its nose is trunk you see that who is in correct all of them who is correct all of that if only they had learnt to put it all to gether and sometimes we focus on one text year one text there one text there and we argue with each other not realizing that we're all correct and we're all wrong if we learn to put it all together start with line upon line line upon line and then you go here a little and there a little you look at the descriptions of what the Bible is saying and how does this all come together then you get the big picture the context line upon line gives us that. Ok So look Revelation Chapter 13 let's go there the importance of here a little and there a little Revelation 13 verse one and 2 famous chapter important chapter with prophecy Revelation 13 verse one and 2 what does the Bible say and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having 7 heads 10 horns and upon his horns 10 crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy and the Beast which I saw was likened to a leopard and his feet were as the feet of a bear and his mouth as a mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority you know what friends we have no idea who this beast represents you can read through the whole book of Revelation line upon line and you will not understand who it is we have details here. In fact if you read through the whole New Testament and you still will not understand who this beast is you have to go back to the Book of Daniel Chapter 7 but the reason why we have to go there is because that's where the details are so really before you go out from Revelation 13 you've got to understand it's a beast it has 7 heads it has 10 horns is got a leopard a bear a lion and a dragon there's there's a lot of details that is given in Revelation 13 and before you go out here a little there a little you got to remember these details so that you can know who it's talking about we know that this detail this beast here in Revelation 13 is connected to the Little Horn of Daniel 7 because of all the detail that is given there and also here so you gotta understand the context of both you see that so there's no way you'll understand this just line upon line line upon line so don't misunderstand me I'm not against here a little and there a little doing a word study it's important it's impossible to understand the Bible without it are you with me so we have to understand the detail in Revelation 13 then we go back to Daniel 7 our then it begins to make sense in context of Revelation Chapter 13 context must always come 1st so you gotta remember all the detail and then you go out of Revelation 13 and it's really important why is talking about the mark of the beast must be a bad beast it can be a good kingdom right so. Friends this is just a little brief. Understanding of context I'm not going to get into all the grammar if thou there for all these things I want you to start by reading 1st and I think really this is where many of us fall short you got to read so in those last few minutes that we have left you know I shared with you theory for about 45 minutes I want to get into I just want to share with you my real life example Ok so here's a theory Here's actually what happened Ok. I just want to share with you how I've grown in the word of grown in the world I didn't actually start with the Bible but 20 years it was pretty much 20 years ago that I started this journey God caught my attention he shook me awake from my spiritual lethargy and my backsliding in my apostasy at the age of 20 I 1st began to get serious with God and His Word Now what does that mean well I actually started by reading an Ellen White book it was something that someone gave to me it was the book desire of ages someone gave me this book and. They just knew that spiritually I was in trouble so I began reading it I would read I would read it on the train on the way to work when I was in a stroller there and. At the beginning I didn't understand all of it you know but I was reading and it was just it was the time that was the only time that I read on the way to work and on the way home from work and I started off by putting on my lap I was reading like this because the book does are of a just the one that I had it had a big picture of Jesus kneeling on a stone he was in the garden of got 70 praying you know that was the picture it had so I was just like that I would never ever let anyone read it or see it because they would know that I'm reading a religious book or I would hold it up and it would cover the cover of my book with my hand. But over time the more I read the less I cared God was changing me that's how it started I started by reading an Ellen White book The 2nd step was my personal devotions and you know what my possible devotion was it was a Sabbath school lesson one page a day because of the Sabbath school lesson it has all the Bible texts there for us to get through you know and that takes about 510 minutes so that 2nd step that the Lord was working on my life was get me into the habit of spending time with him on a daily basis the 3rd step the 3rd thing that happened to me was you know we had the speaker coming from us and for some reason my mom bought all his cassette tapes back then it was cassette Ok there was no m p 3 and d.v.d. and all of that it was coming in but it was like on the C.D.'s Ok it was very very expensive for a m p 3 player so he was saying all these cassettes on Daniel and Revelation and conversion so you know what I began to do it was not every day but I began to put these cassettes into our tape player and I would write out everything that he was teaching I began to study in k. on Saturday nights when all my friends were going out eating together those a few times I just I didn't want to go out just wanted to study so are these things that were happening I don't remember exactly what order but they all meshed in together at the same time it wasn't really actually just sitting there reading the Bible just reading just reading just reading Ok that's what I do today. That's what I do today but look what am I trying to share with you here is you can start anyway you got to start somewhere though you make sure you either spend time in reading from Ellen White our prophet the pen of inspiration or you're spending time in the Bible and that's not just strictly the Bible itself but I started with a savvy school lesson in k. it references the Bible a lot even today it still does as well as still the saying and then the 4th thing that really began to make a big impact on me was this couple they had just come from Singapore and they lent us my brother and I my sister was overseas at that time they lent us some tapes of preachers people that you're familiar with like Doug Batchelor Samuel Pippen David Asher Eck and I had never heard this truth before I never had and I remember one Mornings one brother I would go to church would put in a tape and would start listening it only took 20 minutes to get to church 30 minutes of the most so what we do on the way home we would finish out the sermon and sometimes would be sitting in our driveway just sitting there waiting for someone to finish the Word of God began to take greater hold on our life Jesus began to speak so my heart and those sermons that I began to listen to by Doug battle I still remember even to this day you know that where you got to make sure you grow this is the point of why I'm telling you this the things that happened 20 years ago and it wasn't really anything to do with Read read read read read read read read read I didn't like reading. It was not my hobby my hobby was computer games yes I was still playing computer games and God was still helping me to grow you know he was the on with my sins one by one and so don't don't think that well I'm not making an excuse that it's Ok to play computer games friends if you know better today I know better I will stop for sure you know but God was getting me on my spiritual journey growing with him and that really is the purpose of devotion for God to speak to your heart and if he's not speaking to your art in the mornings by you just reading then I suggest you go and listen to some of this you know back then I had to buy you know after I got into sermons and all this I had to buy a whole box of sermons from us it cost me about 400 Australian dollars back then they shipped it all the way it was so expensive but it was from this ministry called American cassette ministries their name was cassette ministries they've changed the name of several times since then but it was a great blessing to me I began to invest in spiritual material God was helping me to grow and friends that where you got to get to today if it's not reading the Bible if it's not typing out a commentary What's your 1st step what steps are you taking toward Jesus. Are you with me you've got to you've got to grow you've got to start somewhere and you know today we have a plethora of resources you have Ellen whites writings free at your disposal 18 years ago remember right buying Ellen White writings today it's free on your phones on your computers I bought mine for 200 u s Can you believe that her writings when it 1st came out there were selling for 200 us it was that valuable to me friends what is your 1st that today we have no excuse for not growing today we are living in an age of convenience where all these tools are available at our disposal and you just need to take the time friends you got and so today you can get into audio verse you can go to all these places and get sermons you know we're making it available I'm I'm the rating the daily devotional I'm doing it for my daughter because she's getting into a devotional she's finished the New Testament already do you know that and she's now going through the Old Testament on audio bible she may not understand everything but I know that as she's spending time in it her understanding is growing my son is sitting next to her own he doesn't understand anything really hardly but we still have our family worship friends the more avenues that you have to get through this the more you're able to listen to or you're able to read you're able to study so long as you get something like God will help us to grow but what's your 1st step we have no excuses today friends what's your 1st step for truly Jeremiah 2913 is true if we see God with all our heart will find him but we have to be seeking. So don't get bogged down with all these technicalities of I suggest as an exit Jesus and don't read into this than that you know when to be careful have right interpretation so when you listen to sermons make sure you are rience make sure you're checking the details make sure you're checking out what I'm teaching Make sure you checking out every preacher what they teach make sure why we're all human we make mistakes friends and we've got to cut encourage each other in the truth not perpetrate more mistakes and errors of other people so even today what's your 1st step I pray that we are taking steps towards Jesus steps to Christ and that we are beginning to dig deeper that our spiritual growth than experience is much further than when we were a year ago or 2 months ago when the lockdown started friends we got to begin to make progress in the Christian journey today so let's start somewhere you've got to begin somewhere where that's just directly reading the Bible listening to sermons listening and reading the writings of Ellen White whatever it is start somewhere let's pray Father and have a lot I want to pray for my brothers and sisters lot of pray that you please be with them I pray that you guide each and every one of us myself included Lord the devil is hot on our heels and he wants to destroy our lives and we can only find refuge in safety under the shadow and the wings of the Almighty Father help us to run to you help us to make haste and take those steps towards you today. And so please be with us whole lot I know that we struggle in our daily flesh we struggle with even wanting to read a Bible and spending time in it but Lord help us to be more than overcome is through Jesus Christ that we would find joy we would find the Bible really to be the living water that would desire that above anything else and so long please guide us to that and lead all of us fill us with a double portion the Holy Spirit but more than that fill us with a lot of full holy and sacred things especially you know. This is my honestly in prayer we pray in Jesus in the. Name of. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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