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How to Study the Bible- A Contextual Analysis of Psalms 1

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 30, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time that we have to study together again and lot I pray that you would please bless that you please lead that you please guide that you'd grace us with your presence that Jesus Christ might be the center of our thoughts and your word might be our sole focus Lord help us or put aside all distractions that truly as we come to study your word that as we hear it and we read it for ourselves we will begin to experience revival in our hearts as the Word of God will be implanted in the law that cannot happen without the blessing of the Holy Spirit you promise that if we ask you will grant him to us so please Lord please give us your Holy Spirit to be with us now we pray in Jesus' name we pray and ask Amen. I'd like to invite you to turn your Bibles to Psalms chapter one let's turn to Bob's a Psalms chapter one we're going to be spending. Pretty much our whole time here this morning and we're going to be jumping to other different texts but our main passage of this morning is going to be Psalms chapter one we had studied about how to study the Bible but I've not given you a practical illustration and so I wanted to go through Psalms chapter one today the Sabbath school lesson is still on creation and it's a good read then and I read through that and you know please do do make sure that you're spending time in the Sabbath school lesson understanding what the world church is studying together but this morning we're just going to take a little diversion and we're going to go into Psalms Chapter One lesson of I was there showing some chapter one starting in verse one the Bible says this blessid is the man that walk us not in the counsel of the ungodly nor standards in the way of sinners not in the seat of the scornful that the main focus of verse one really is the Bless of men even though it doesn't talk much about the bless the man it gives this contrast about what he is not what he does not do you see that he doesn't walk in the Council of the ungodly he doesn't stand in the way of sinners he doesn't sit in the seat of the scornful and you know the 1st step really to study in the Bible is to make sure the understand every word of there to understand the meaning is this is just English language making sure you understand the full meaning of what this words are and there's one word that we can to look at here that we kind of know but we don't really know what it is and that is the word scorn for many of us we know it's a bad word if you're called a scornful. Person that's not a compliment right but what does this word scornful mean this is where concordance becomes handy this is where dictionary becomes important as well as I'll show you later on but if you just look up that word scornful in the Concordance this is what it means it means to make mouth that to have in the region to make a mark meaning making fun of people making fun of things or maybe even Godly things as well like the Bible so friends that end result of what this blessing man is not is a scornful person a marker but there are some patterns here that you look at here in verse one look at this it says you start with the Count's of the ungodly then you become a sinner and then you become scornful and what you see attached to this is walking in the way of the ungodly standing in the path of sinners and sitting in the seat of the scornful it seems like the relationship is getting more intimate you're just walking along the way and then you're standing there talking and then now you sit down and chat or have a meal together the relationship is getting more intimate and deep it starts off with a ungodly person then ends up being a scornful person of all the characteristics of scornful Coming up why why that you know friends I don't know I don't know why marker of all things is brought up why not a murderer or a liar or you know a Sabbath breaker or what why this and sometimes when you don't have the answer to these questions it's Ok to ask it why scornful God. It's Ok to put that thought up on the shelf and revisit it later on and don't run but don't do an ice a Jesus and read into it your own thought of what you know about mocking or I mock and this is why it's bad and I've seen people mock and why it's bad friends we've got to make sure we let the Bible interpret itself however what we do see that is clear and obvious is it says the 1st step don't walk in the Council of the what on godly don't take advice from the ungodly friends Be careful who you get advice from you see that so never get it from the ungodly the blessid man chooses his friends wisely I want to show you a passage taken from the Spirit of Prophecy and it is taken from Adventist home 456 paragraph to look at this administration for 56 paragraphs to a truly Christian life is a power for good but on the other hand those who associate with men and women of questionable morals of bad principles and practices will soon be walking in the same path so this is connected to Psalms one. The tendencies of the natural heart are downward he who associates with the skeptic will become skeptical Hugh who chooses the companionship of the Vial will most assuredly become vial to walk in the Council of the ungodly is the 1st step toward standing in the way of sinners and sitting in the seat of the scornful friends we have to be so careful with whom we associate Do you see that we got to be so careful why because who you become like or who you hang around with is who you will soon become like consider the next passage as well that I may know him 319 paragraph 3. When any opened their minds and hearts to those who would advise them to do wrong in any way they are walking in the counsel of the ungodly they are standing in the way of sinners and in the next step they will find themselves sitting in the seat of the scornful unconcerned the message of mercy of love peace is scorned and those who associate with this class will become like them despisers of God's mercy it is surprising to see how far the influence of the one ungodly youth may extend what a power he becomes in the hands of Satan for evil how much his counsels are Hugh did how much sorrow and sadness and grief he can bring friends look we got to be careful with whom we associate ourselves with we got to be careful with whom we take counsel with why because taking counsel with the ungodly is the 1st step in this downward spiral and soon we will scorn what God's mercy and His Grace you see that So look we must choose our friends wisely the saying goes show me your friends and I'll show you your character is so true in this context so we gotta make sure we never can find in the on the godly and friends even within church sometimes you gotta pay even in the 7th Day Adventist Church you would be careful who you take counsel from remember the wheat and tares grow together until the end of time so that's the 1st step make sure you don't walk in the Council of the ungodly and then what stand in the way of sinners What does the word sinner mean it means accounted guilty an offender a criminal. A criminal can you believe that So when you start taking that counsel with young godly of course criminal to what extent what is the definition of sin transgression of God's law taking counsel with the ungodly will cause you to break God's law or ultimately And then finally you will sit in the seat of the scornful you can you you will begin to despise God's grace Well how in what sense you begin to say hey it's not since to do this or to do that we justify our own actions we're saying hey even to an extent sometimes God's law is not relevant you see that and other people say how can we not lie in this day and age is impossible or we say different things like that and look friends this is what the scorner is we begin to reason our way out of the truth in the Scriptures and what God really says is a sinner or an ungodly person or what really truth is but the blessid man does not do all of this now let's continue the verse to. But his the light is in the lore of the Lord and in his lord of you meditate what day and night so here is that 1st word we see there in verse 2 but it's a contrast that's what but is whenever you see this word it's usually contrast thing something from the previous verse or what was previously said I agree but you really don't agree you know that's what you're really saying whatever you want to say next is you really don't agree right so whatever whenever you see the word but is contrast in contrast thing what though in verse one the blessid man does not do all these things so we're about to find out in verse 2 what he does to the bus a man does not walk in the council than Gandhi does not sit in the seat of the scornful he does not stand in the way of sinners right but what does he do his delight is in the lore of the Lord and in this law he meditates what day and night the focus of the bless it man. Is the lore of God Yes the 10 Commandments and yes friends those 10 commandments are still relevant to us today it says here that he meditates on it day and night you know friends whenever you see that word meditate you don't really link it to Christianity do you the word meditate is usually associated with a new age with your go with what is right we don't really think about meditate in terms of Christianity but God says here in some chapter one that he wants us to meditate on the lore of God day and night what does this word meditate mean it means to murmur to ponder to imagine to mutter that the word that probably fits the best in this context is to ponder or to imagine you see that so the blessid man he is constantly pondering on the Word of God He's constantly imagining about what he read on the Word of God So here's a question that I have for you. He is meditating Lord God day and night but at the beginning of verse 2 it says what his the light is in the law of the Lord friends what comes 1st do we imagine do we meditate 1st or do we take the light 1st what is this what is the importance of this on which one comes 1st you see friends if we don't take the light and that we probably wouldn't meditate on it right if there's a constant food that you meditating on is because you like it. Is a person if a person that you consciously meditating thinking about and pondering about being with her and wanting to be with my wife I'm always thinking about her it's probably because I delight in her I love her right so what must come 1st it must be delight we've got to take the light in the lore of the Lord but wait a minute does everybody take delight in the Lord God No we've all sinned and come short of the glory of God You see that what helps us to take delight while friends we've got to spend time in the Word of God You can't love anybody just by thinking about them all the time if you meet a person at church Ok and you go home throughout the whole week and you've just seen this person from a distance as a girl walks in for the guys and you see from a distance and she's a new girl in town it and you just meditating on her day and night throughout the whole week and you don't know or even her name where she's from or whatever it is that's not love that's lust if you're meditating on somebody you don't know that's not true love you see that in order to truly. How to say this true meditation when you're meditating or someone you love that's true love but how you got to know the person you got to know the person and friends we won't meditate on the lore of God Naturally it's against our carnal nature we understand. This person and meditate on the lore of God because he's 1st spent time in the Word of God and he's seen how precious the Word of God is to him. Which means you can't meditate on the Word of God If you don't understand what the Word of God says doesn't make sense you can't meditate on the Bible you can't meditate on the 10 commandments if you don't know what the 10 Commandments is so you can't you have to go back and read it but a person when they meditate it's not something that can be forced you know that my wife when I walk out the door she doesn't go has been then make sure you meditate on me today are you that no one ever says that that's not normal right a person will meditate on another person their one husband or their wife if they are truly in love with them because they spent time with them because they know them not just you know where the moral is on their face or you know how many white hairs they have on their hair or you know it's not that not physical features but intellectually spiritually emotionally socially you have that connection and so this blessid man he has this deep and abiding relationship disconnection with God's law and his word why because he understands what the Word of God says to him it's spoken to his heart you see that and so it's had meaning in his life it's become relevant to him and so friends sometimes you know when you spend time in the Word of God and you don't understand what it says Keep studying keep reading if you read in the Bible and you spending time with God Those don't just go Ok I read 10 chapters and you know I must be super holy today God really must be with me but if you don't remember a single word that was written and it didn't speak to your heart you can't meditate on it you'll be wondering what did I read this morning someone asked So what do you learn this morning. I can't remember. You yourself will not be able to meditate on the Word of God So your personal devotions. It must be more than just the form it's not just me reading but what did you get out of it what did you learn from it what was relevant to your life in the story or the passage that you read and sometimes you got to return chapters to get one thing out of it sometimes all you do is read one verse and it hits you like a ton of bricks right you got to hear the voice of God speaking to you you see that so when I walk out the door and before I leave my wife comes up to me and says Are you coming home for lunch we're cooking this and this and this oh boy I can't wait to come home for lunch are thinking about it. Meditating on it can't wait to come back you see that it has meaning to you it's sweet to you you begin to delight in it and that's where then meditation becomes important I want to share with you another passage. Great controversy 88478 paragraph 3 and it quotes from verses one to 3 blogs that of the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly all the way to verse 3 and then right after that bracket you see that it is only as the law of God is restored to its rightful position that there can be a revival of primitive faith and godliness among his professed people thus saith the Lord stand in the ways and see and ask for the all paths where is the good way and walk there in and ye shall find rest for your souls. Friends it's important that we learn to meditate on the lore of God The 10 Commandments Yes we got to spend time meditating on it and as we do as we begin to study and to read it and and to put it in our hearts and minds then it begins to become a delight Let's go to Psalms Chapter 40 and verse 8 let's turn our Bibles to Psalms Chapter 40 and verse 8 the son of I was there some for you verse 8 I delight to do it I will oh my God Yea the law is where with in my heart if the lore of God is constantly there if the love for a person is constantly in your heart if the husband has constantly holding the thoughts of his wife in the picture of his wife and who she is and whole love for him in his heart he will never send he will never commit adultery and so it is if we are constantly putting the law of God in our hearts not just on a daily basis I am going to read the Bible 10 Commands again no but you read it and you read it and you put in your heart you don't forget it and it goes with you throughout the day in your meditating on it friends your break the 10 commandments God's power his word is more than able to keep it from forming you see that So if you are constantly thinking about if you are making the effort to put the word of God in your heart you will be like the bless it man. But let's continue look at this some 119 verse 11 what's the result of putting the word of God in your heart than I word have I hid in my heart that I might not want sin against you guess what it begins to change your actions not just your thoughts it will begin to change the way you live so what you spend time with will change it's that simple if you are walking in the counsel of the ungodly you become like the on godly if you're walking in the counsel of the law of God you become like Jesus his character his life his principles his thoughts his actions but let's continue verse 3 speaking about the blossom there and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bring earth forth his fruit in his season is Leaf also shall not wither and whatsoever he do it shall prosper who is this The bless that ban look he is like a tree planted by the rivers of waters. It's a good tree how do we know because it brings forth its fruit in its season its leaf does not wither and whatsoever he does prosperous Ok now why a tree what does a tree represent we already know it's the blessid man but let's turn our Bibles to another text Isaiah 61 verse 3 so when we go out to other Bible text friends remember the context must interpret what it is if it's a good tree are going to make sure that I look for a tree with good meaning right. Context demands this is the blossom and it must be a good tree it was a battery are going to look somewhere else but look at Psalms $61.00 and verse 3 The Bible says this to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion to give unto them beauty for ashes the oil of joy for mourning the garment of praise for the spirit of having us that they might be called Trees of right just sniffs the planting of the Lord that he might be glorified So this tree this blessid man can also be rightly called a righteous man and will see it actually in the Psalms Chapter One it does link it there as well so does Isaiah 61 verse 3 connect perfectly Yes at us so the righteous man the blessin there is like a tree it's a good tree good fruit good leaves what every does prospers But what makes this tree good the description here in some Chapter one Verse 3 is us next to a river of water look in the context it just says that we know that in order for a tree to grow healthy in must have water in must have sunshine it must have good soil right it must have 3 things but in this context it doesn't talk about that it just says it's next to a river of water now let me give you another example of another tree let's turn to by was to Luke Chapter 13 Jesus gives a parable about a fig tree Ok Luke 13 let's start in verse 6 let's turn our Bibles there Luke Chapter 13 let's start in verse 6. The Bible says this he spake also this parable a certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard and he came and sought fruit there on and found none so dull fruit didn't bear fruit in a season then said he entered the dresser of his vineyard behold these 3 years I come seeking for fruit on this fig tree and find none cut it down why I come to the ground and he answering said into him Lord let alone this year also its hill I shall dig about it and dung it and if it bear fruit well and if not then after that thou shalt cut it down so the parable of this fig tree it hasn't been buried any fruit for 3 years and so the owners like Ok just cut it down just cut it down but he says well let me dig it about in verse 8 and dung it what is he doing here the soil it doesn't mention water it doesn't mention sunlight the focus of the tree at least trying to make it good is the soil in Psalms one it doesn't talk about the soil it doesn't talk about sunlight it talks about what water not rain water not a rain forest where it rains a lot and so it just soaks it all up but this tree it might never rain there but it's planted next to a river of water and so if the tree is planted next to the river of water what is David who wrote Psalms one they're trying to imply he's trying to imply that the trees roots are good so that it can work suck up all the water you see that so the trees roots are good good roots it produces good fruit good leaves and what ever this person does prosperous friends can you see roots. Can you see roots you can't write of course you have the odd one that sticks up above the soil or of the surface there but in general you can't see the network system of the root system of a tree it's all underground and no one no one when they see a tree that doesn't bear good fruit or good leaves no one ever goes and digs a tree up and go let me examine the roots in never does that does it we never do that it's all underground and we know that if we dig the tree up it will break some roots and might even just kill the tree so no we can't see the root system it's all buried beneath the surface but how do you know if the trees roots are good or not if you've done that and you've put water on it you've put in the sunlight and it still doesn't grow there must be a problem with the roots you just got to cut it down and get rid of the tree isn't it but how do we know it's because the fruits are good and the leaves are good and whatever he does prospers So the root system of this tree in Psalms Chapter One must be good because it sucks up the water of God's word efficiency $525.00 in $26.00 we are sanctified by the washing of the water of the word so the water there is a Bible and so the tree is able to suck up the word of God What is this pointing to is pointing us back to verse 2 how can you know about the bless a man you just look at his fruits. You just look at his fruit his leaves whatever he does not whatever he thinks because you can't see that whatever he does you look at the actions of this person and you can know all whether this person is a blossom and now let's turn it on its head how do you know if you are a blessing man or woman today just take a clear and honest assessment of the actions in your life that's all you need to do you will know whether your root system is healthy or not and friends if they're not healthy you've got to go back to some chapter one and verse 2 you've got to learn to spend time in the Word of God you got to learn to meditate on the Word of God This is really the root experience and I can say this because I've gone through all 6 verses of Psalms one I know that that's where it's pointing to the tree that is planted next to the river of water the water represents the lore of God There is still a part for us to play in sucking up the water of God's word you see that there is a part for us a play this is not salvation by works but there is something that we must do if we want to be a blessing man or woman we got to make an effort to spend time in the Word of God and then what ever you do will prosper you'll have a good fruit. You have good leaves this is the root experience friends the reason why people have bad fruit is because they have bad roots they're not spending time in the Word of God It doesn't matter what you tell me there's no matter what he told God It doesn't matter what you tell anybody this is the root of the problem you see that so look what we normally do when you come up to a tree with bad fruits what would have normally happens or sometimes happens in church. It will go out of the tree and just part of all the fruits bad fruits bad fruit stop producing sour fruits you know stop producing bad fruits next year grow good fruit we've got to the person that's unconvert and we tell them. You're bad route don't do this don't do that we just try to pluck of all the fruit of the bad fruit that is growing on the tree of this on the branches of this person without ever dealing the with the root of the problem friends if you want to help somebody to grow good fruit you must help them with their root experience you've got to help them to meditate on the Word of God But before you can do that or what is that how can you help someone to meditate on the Word of God you got to have Bible study with them but why would they want to have Bible study with you unless they know you cared for them that they're your friend you're their friend so before you can ever offer help in that department you've got to show that you care isn't it isn't it so you shouldn't go to the ungodly for counsel but we got to help the ungodly. Do you see that So really then it boils down to in verse 12 what's the reason for why you socialize with people for what reason why do you hang out with this group of people why do you hang out with that group of people why do you like to associate with cells with them because by behold we become changed so if you are hanging out with the ungodly hopefully you got a purpose to bring a blessing to them to introduce Jesus our savior to them right but if you just go for the sake of hanging out because you're lonely you'll soon become like them because you want their friendship you want to you want their companionship you want not to be bored are not alone so you do anything to fit in isn't it and so the godly man he's not concerned about their the Bless of men the righteous men he understands his mission and his purpose so this root experience friends you know I talked about it last night if you took a clear assessment of your life I pray and hope that your pride does not get in the way and that you would be willing to go and search for help if you see that help in studying the Word of God doesn't matter what position you're in doesn't matter what influence influential position that in terms of out in the world there just because you sit in a state of parliament there and you're a big person it doesn't mean that you can't go to the lowly pastor for help you see that you make sure that you get yourself to that point where you can begin to heal your roots by the water of God's work but that's not all let's continue let's continue so we know that devotional life becomes so important we know that Bible study then becomes so important now verse 4. The ungodly are not so but are like the chaff which the wind drive us away here is a contrast again so the past 2 verses we've been looking at the bless it man but now it comes to the ungodly they are not so but here's a contrast they are like the chaff which the wind drive with a way what is chaff Now when you go to the concordance you know it really isn't that helpful so I went to the dictionary and it was a bit more helpful there that the dictionary says chaff is the husk of a corn or the seed that is separated by winnowing off threshing Ok Now maybe in our Asian country here you might not be able to get it so let me give you a different example that I hope is helpful I remember growing up here in Malaysia when we had a backyard there my mom would bake peanuts and then she said men come and you know crush all the you know the peanuts have the skin on it crush it all and then go to the back and flip it up and blow and the wind will just blow away that the skin and the peanut you want I mean unless you blow really hard you want low the peanut off the plate or the off the ball so what you do is just shake it up and out and blow and the husk in a sense the chaff will blow away so the ungodly they have this form of godliness but they don't have the meat of the Word of God They're just an outer shell or what Jesus called the Pharaoh sees their whited sepulcher was whiter tombstones outside to look nice beautiful and garnished but inside they're full of dead men's bones so Jesus says Psalms here says that the ungodly they are blown away because they don't have any root experience so when the wind blows. They just float away out of church. What is the wind experience represent some part part of me problems chapter one verse 27 we looked at the wind last night in our group study as well problems chapter one verse 27 when your fear cometh as desolation and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind when distress and anguish come upon you the wind here represents what distress it represents desolation it represents trials of tribulation friends. Why do we need a root experience to keep us faithful and in the church we need the root experience to hold on to God when things get tough because things will get tough for everybody if you've never had a trial in your life it's because you're still 5 years old and there's not a care in your life but friends when you get older you realize that trials are a lot of humanity Satan leaves no life untouched not a single one and so when it comes to these winds it blows the Chaff away the ungodly are like this it's easy friends to come to church when everything is good will you still be faithful to God when everything is bad just like job will you still hold on to God when there's trials in your life will you still hold on to him and be faithful to him even though everything around you seems to be crumbling and you're hurting and you're disappointed you're upset you're going through emotional tribulation as well friends when these sorts of troubles come upon the ungodly. The wind just blows them away friends there is a time of tribulation that's coming that will blow all many away it will show separate the wheat from the tears or could I see the wheat and from its chaff the husk those that seem to have a form of godliness but they're just in church because time is all good you see they are so ungodly they are not able to go through tribulation are they do go but get through it but in the process they end up leaving God they blame God They curse God they find him unimportant they will ask God Where were you in my times of trouble and they forget that he was right there is just they weren't reading the Word of God and we forget that all that live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution we forget that the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour we forget because we've not been meditating on the law of God and His word verse 5 therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous friends this is the result the ungodly does not stand in judgment why because they don't have the root experience the wind blows them away and it says nor sinners in the congregation of what the righteous the bull lesson there is a right choice man do you know what the definition of righteous is when you look at up here at least in Psalms Chapter one Verse 5 year the word righteous means lawful. It means a lawful righteous in conduct and character so they are able to stand in the judgment time why because they have the root experience and nothing has shaken them or blown them away friends God's work is to make us righteous so he gives us his word but our work is to spend time with him that he can make us righteous. Many of us we fall short of we're going to for short of God's kingdom and His glory because we haven't made the earth but maybe you've been baptized but friends that's not enough it's not enough you've got to be righteous even as I haven't the Father in heaven he's righteous 1st John Chapter 3 says that when we see Him we shall be like him not at that moment but because on earth we've been going through the testing and trials but we've held on and we've been spending time in the Word of God and make it our our source of comfort and a source of cheer and our foundation and our strength so friends who will be able to stand in judgment not the young godly but the righteous man verse 6 for the lord no words the way of the righteous but the way of the ungodly shall perish friends what's the way of the righteous it's a 2 way street God reaches out and the righteous reach back out. They've been meditating upon his word they've been hiding his word in their hearts and so at the end of time God says I know you I know you because you know me you've spent that time taken that time to get to know me you've taken that time to spend in the Word and friends and telling you it's so easy to just get up turn on your phone and no matter how hard we tell ourselves are not going to look at it we end up doing but look even if even if you know don't make it a rule all why don't look at the Word of God 1st as too late no friends after that after you read all your messages and all you e-mails still spend time in the Word of God make the effort to dig deep make the effort spend time with him you know in these last 3 verses from verse 4 $5.00 and $6.00 the word ungodly is mentioned every single time in every single one of these verses do you know that its focus does talk about the sinner Ok but it doesn't even talk about the scornful man it talks about the 1st step that we take towards It's the Council of the young got. Friends some of us need to get away from our friends some of us need to get away from our place of familiarity familiarity and our surroundings because it becomes too easy for us to go back to our friends it becomes too easy to go back to our old life and as long as we keep doing that the Word of God is not powerful enough to change us that the Word of God will have to tell us 1st get out of there and stop making these people your friends you see that and so yes you got to have interaction with Word of God don't get away from all your friends just a touch yourself to another group of bad friends make sure that your foundation. It's solid make sure that you surround yourself with good people make sure you surround yourself with people that love God you know listen to these investing stories and they say surround yourself with intelligent people that are good investors while you want to take advice from a lecturer that teaches you about investing but he's broke right make sure you surround yourself with good people so it is in the spiritual sense as well when you come to church look for good people that will pray with you look for good people that will study with you and point you to the Word of God Look for good people that will give you good counsel and godly counsel don't just go to council that the people just give their own opinions and they never turn back to the Word of God with you they never will pray for you and with you make sure you surround yourself that this is your doing and if you don't have that then pray for godly friends even Daniel in Babylon had 3 friends that came with him that were faithful while everyone else that came from Jerusalem was even the king's meat and drink his wine but friends you got to surround yourself with people that love Jesus as well and that's why some of us we just got to get away from our surroundings isn't it but this what ungodly is mentioned 3 times don't even take the 1st step to becoming ungodly make sure you get away from us so really when we study Psalms chapter one what is the main application that we can take away from it today what is our focus it is meditating on the lore of God day and night and that's not morning and evening devotion it's throughout the day you're thinking about it you're pondering it is in your imagination. You're just thinking and meditating on the Word of God Not while you're working as an accountant or an id or a doctor you got to focus but when you have the free time he comes back to your heart of mine why scornful what is scornful mean what is that all about and you meditate or the Word of God and and you saying oh no I make sure don't lie God help me because you told me in the world this morning don't lie right you meditating on the Word of God friends some of us we got to get to the point where we got to memorize the Bible we got to otherwise it might never change us where do you begin right here 10 commandments commit the 10 Commandments Exodus 20 verses one through 17 to memory memorize a yes and find a friend that will challenge you and see maybe just have a healthy little competition who can memorize the 10 counts 1st challenge yourself something in a good way that can become a blessing and if your good friend doesn't want to do it look for another friend find somebody that wants to study the Bible with you a man you have the choice you don't to say oh God my best friend doesn't want to study with me so I'm sorry I can't do it no you can find someone else if you don't know then pray God give me someone that can memorize the 10 Commandments with me you see that I want to end my sharing here this morning with a few quotes taken from last the events is just one straw passage here 4 paragraphs that will be reading starting with $66.00 of last the events several times each day precious golden moments should be consecrated suppressor and the study of the scriptures if it is only to commit a text to memory that spiritual life may exist in the soul. God's precious word is the standard for youth who would be loyal to the King of Heaven let them study the Scriptures let them commit text after text a memory and acquire a knowledge of what the Lord has said friends we've got to some of us we've just got to sit there or memorize or memorize or memorize and reading it 20 times over that we can memorize that $67.00 paragraphs to look at this build a wall of scriptures around you and you will see that the world cannot break it down commit the script just a memory and then throw it right back upon Satan when he comes with his temptations with it is written This is the way that our Lord met the temptations of Satan and resisted them and then hang in memories hall the precious words of Christ they are to be valued far above silver or gold friends we've got to make this our focus we've got to commit this to memory we've got to take time in the Word of God Here is its importance here is its value and I pray that all of us would strive to be blessid men and women today let's make sure we come to this point where we allow God to write his law and a heart and mind will begin to delight in it and then we begin to need a take on it because we know how precious it is that every single one of us may God bless you the and as we are studying together let's continue to remember. To keep our Bibles close to turn to those texts to read it for ourselves to understand what it means and then throughout the Sabbath to continue to meditate upon it and then into the new week even then allow what we have learnt from the Sabbath to bear a deep impression upon our hearts and minds that will draw us closer to Jesus Christ that we will walk in the way of the righteous and on the counsel of the ungodly let's pray Father and have a lot I want to thank you for reminding us again the importance of your word but Lord we see very clearly that there is a part for us to play there is a part for us to do on the Lord help us to take that 1st step and it's often that that 1st step is the hardest but Lord please give us the strength prick our hearts convict us convert us grant us your Holy Spirit to help us to take that 1st step towards you and Lord help us to work with all the might in our own bodies as if everything depended upon us so that we can take that 1st step and then rely upon you because Lord we know our dependence is wholly upon you and so Lord we surrender again today ask that you will help us. But help us to understand. Our partners will. Lead us oh Lord continue to bless us with the Holy Spirit we pray in Jesus'. Name and. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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