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The Bible and Prophecy- Futurism, Preterism and Historicism

Benjamin Ng
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  • June 13, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time of study that we have thank you Lord that we can come together and study your word is special and Lord more than anything else we want to ask for a blessing of your Holy Spirit that you'd be with us that you guide us that you lead in each and every one of us to understand the true so but a look at it even as we look at some history and some different areas of study I pray that you would guide each and every one of us and help us to see the truth very clearly lot this is honest plea in prayer if we pray in Jesus' name amen. So the title of the summer school lesson this morning is the Bible and prophecy you know when I'm going to really look into prophecy what we're really looking at is and toppling prophecy but you know the question that I have to start this morning is how can you prove that the Bible is true you know if you're meeting someone on the street that doesn't believe in Jesus that doesn't believe they're not a Christian they have never been to church before how do you prove that the Bible is true to them it's pretty difficult to start with creation because that will cause more questions and debate rather than give evidence that God is the one that created the world then because he's the crew of the world you can trust the Bible and what it says there right there in Genesis chapter one you know you can't really start with geezers because some people are different you know. The it depends what you're looking for some people aren't searching so you can just say Jesus is the Son of God right even John the Revelator the one who wrote John the gospel did not do that to really prove that the Bible is true you got to start with prophecy so please grab your Bibles turn with me in your bar was a small as a John Chapter 14 and verse 29 let's start there this morning shall we John Chapter 14 and verse 29. John 1429 The Bible says and now I have told you before it come to pass that when it has come to pass you might believe so what establishes our belief in the Word of God It is Jesus telling us things or the Bible telling us things before it happens and then when it actually happens it's easier for us to grasp the truth the Word of God and to hold on to say Ok I believe this let's also go to John 131 chapter before John Chapter 13 and verse 19. When John Chapter 13 and verse 19 the Bible says this now I tell you before it come that when it is come to pass you may believe that I am he so once again pretty much repeating the same principle that we saw in John 14 Jesus tells us before it comes to pass so when it actually happens it establishes faith in what Jesus is telling you talking about in the person himself that whatever else he said is true so this is why many times as Bible students and you will notice that when we go into seminars that we present publicly Daniel 2 is always probably one of the 1st presentations or near to the 1st of presentations that we present because it is prophecy but it's also history that has been told in advance so you know we we need this why because then it proves the validity of the Bible and is much easier to accept everything else that the Bible has said because all these things it said before has already comes upon us and even you know in our modern day and age we have prophecies that have been fulfilled in the recent history of the past 200 years so there are things that the Bible does talk about that has come to pass or that is coming to pass that helps us to stablish our faith the importance of prophecy Let's turn to John Chapter 20 and verse 31 John 20 and verse 31 still the same book John Chapter 20 verse 31 The Bible says but these are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God and that believing you might have a life through his name you know John the Gospel was intent on proving that Jesus was God He came yes. A human but he was the Son of God standing right there before their very eyes and he did this to prove his divinity and through that we can understand that his blood is sufficient to wash away all our sins the whole lamb of God that taketh away all the sins of the world so prophecy is very important in the gospel John but then we go to Revelation Chapter One same author and you know John was written after the book of Revelation but let's go to Revelation chapter one and verse one no coincidence that the author is the same and what they're trying to prove is is really important areas that we need to understand and unless we grasp the validity of the Bible and its truthfulness it's very hard for excess us to accept what is also written in the Revelation Chapter one Verse one the Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him to show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass and he sent and signified it by Zengerle unto His servant John so John received these things from God and it was about things that were shortly to come to pass that's prophecy so the Book of Revelation really is a book about prophecy and really Revelation is a book that helps us to establish faith and that's the important part of studying prophecy especially the Book of Revelation in our time many people sometimes they like to take the word of God like a buffer you know like this but I don't like that but you know friends if the God of the Bible he wrote that part of the end there he also wrote the part that maybe you're not accepting as well so it's important to stablish faith not in just you as a preacher on your denomination aware of you come from it's important establish faith in the Word of God you know how did Jesus prove his divinity to Nathaniel back in John chapter one let's go back there John chapter one and look at what Jesus did to establish faith in the 3rd in him or from Nathaniel's perspective because Nathaniel he was a bit. He was a bit skeptical that Jesus really was a Son of God When Philip came to Mrs Nathaniel look we found the Messiah and he's like Can any good thing really come out of Nazareth Jesus of Nazareth Nazareth where the was a wicked city and so on Nathaniel came when he was doubtful that Jesus really was a Son of God John chapter 149 and 50 look at what takes place John 149 nothing on your answer to Senator him Rabbi that the Son of God the what the king of Israel Jesus answered a servant to him because I said unto the I saw the under the fig tree believe us now that I shan't see greater things than these he told he told the Faneuil I saw you praying under the fig tree. He saw what where Nathaniel was he proved his the vanity to him and we don't have those sort of instances today that Jesus says all I saw where you were over here and what you were doing over there even though no one else knew and no one else saw but what we have in our hands to day in the Scriptures is prophecies and events that are fulfilling that help us to understand and establish our faith in the Word of God and the scriptures alone. Now look this is all well and good but you know Satan he's gone back it even tried to destroy prophecy and what I mean by this is he's gone back and he's tried to destroy how we interpret prophecy states and he's left no stone unturned Ok I mean we've already studied about Bible translations and how there are so many translations out there and some of them the very different things and the differences between the translations are so vast and great we see that even some messages come out differently from Bible translations and Satan here he's gone back and he's tried to destroy the Bible through and through in the French revolution during the dark ages as well the burning of Bibles killing off of those that spoke the truth and calling them heretics Satan's left nothing unturned and even here how we interpret prophecy Satan has even but at this and so what we want to do is look here and see this morning is how do we interpret prophecy there are 3 schools of thoughts 3 schools of interpretation. The 1st is Futurism The 2nd is predator resume and the 3rd is historicism and the Sabbath school does bring this up Ok And this is the reason why I decided to dive into this because I thought it was very important for us to understand these 3 schools of thought look. We as Protestants and I say this in terms of Protestants we as Protestants this is not specific to 7th Day Adventists Ok we as Protestants believe typically in that 3rd one historicism But look before we look at these different schools of thought what we have to understand is this both Futurism and Predator ism arts' who false alternatives of prophetic methods of interpretation that was developed by the Roman Catholic Church in order to counter the reformation of the Dark Ages when people like Martin Luther began to preach up against the Catholic Church and pointed out and said everybody that Catholic church that you seen there right there it is the anti christ so in order to. Get people to not believe what Martin Luther was saying they went back and they developed methods of interpret in the Bible and saying no no no what Martin Luther is preaching is wrong and what I'm really saying here is Martin Luther he believed in historicism. So we're going to go through these 3 schools of thought and especially methods of interpretation and what is it all about let's start with Futurism Ok Futurism was developed by Francisco right Beriah however you want to pronounce his name he lived from 537250153721591 that was the time shortly after Martin Luther had nailed his 95 thesis 1517 to the door of the Catholic Church in his local area there so it was after this that the Catholic Church was thrown into a. Spin and you know things were confusing and difficult for them that they had to come up with this different schools of thought he was a Spanish Jesuit Ok Now what does Futurism believe well they believe that most prophecies were fulfilled up until the kingdom of Rome Ok which is around the time that Jesus died so he died in the kingdom of Rome and then they say the rest of the prophecies about the anti christ are in the future a short time before the 2nd coming. Of Christ Ok so they they teach that the anti Christ would come up in the future so when you have your prophecies coming up until Rome you know when you consider like Daniel Chapter 7 right there is the little horn there and in Daniel 7 that little horn we identify as the anti christ so the king of the fall that is Rome so what Futurism does is it puts the prophecy of the little horn into the future saying that the anti Christ has not come yet it takes us all the way up until Rome and then it stops there and it makes a jump all the way into the future Ok and it said it would not rain a spiritual 3 and a half years time times and half a time for those that are familiar with what I'm talking about Daniel $725.00 but it says at least this is what Futurism teaches that the anti christ would rain for a literal 3 and a half years and it also teaches that the anti christ is not a system but an individual Ok It teaches that it's not a system but it is an individual and what is it trying to do trying to take heat off from the fact that the Catholic Church fulfills all these prophecies that we find in the Book of Daniel that we find also in the Book of Revelation so it brings us up until this time and in Rome and then it makes a jump from all the early church and the Christian dispensation and all that's happened the past 2000 years and it puts the prophecies the rest of the prophecies far off into the future that we will be fulfilled a short time before the 2nd coming of Jesus. Ok this is what Futurism so it puts it into the future there's nothing about our present time that has been. That has been fulfilled in Daniel and Revelation especially revelation so look where does this mis understanding come from Believe it or not they take scripture and try to teach this fact let's turn our Bibles to Daniel Chapter 9 Daniel Chapter 9 and verse 27 the very last verse of Daniel Chapter 9 so they really dig into the prophecies of Daniel 8 and 9 of you if you ever studied the the prophecy of down you know that these 2 chapters are connected and what Daniel 9 talks about is the 70 week prophecy Ok but let's turn to Daniel 927. And he shall confirm the common with many for one week and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and ablation to cease and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate even until the consummation and that determined should be poured upon the desolate so at the very end the consummation when things will be wrapped up right so what they do is they take this one week and they put it into the future so look what I'm showing Hugh here on screen is what we typically believe in the 7th Day Adventist Church Ok this is what we call the 70 week prophecy 490 s. And if you're not familiar with this I'm sorry you'll most likely be confused but look I just want to show you this chart because this is where the Catholic Church has really messed that up and brought a lot of confusion in so you see for 57 b.c. until 2780 and this is the 1st what you call 69 weeks of the 70 weeks prophecy and we believe that at age 27 Jesus was baptized he became the Messiah and he was crucified 3 and a half years later and for another 3 and a half years the disciples would bring the gospel so the whole world not the whole world but they would begin to continue to bring the gospel as what Jesus had started while he was a life and then it would terminate in $8034.00 when Stephen was stoned and probation on the Jews would close and God says that's it the gospel is now going to the whole world this is what we typically believe 7th Day Adventists and it is in this last week that Futurism takes a deviation you will see that the 70 weeks they're all canonical chronological Ok if you add 490 years. So for 57 b.c. you will get 3480 you get 33 but then you know the 0 year for those that know what I'm talking about and not going to get into all the explanation of the 70 weeks and the 2300 year prophecy but consider this child this is where it is wrong Ok so I'm not going to get into all the detail before that all right so they do take what one day equals one year in some sense but you know what they do with the 70th week you see on the right their judgment on the whole world tribulation Daniel 70th week you see this area that I've just highlighted age of the church it puts a split between that and the last week you see that so they throw all the little bit of the end of the 70 weeks off into the future and this is Futurism theology Ok this is Futurism theology and it just separates the 70 weeks and it says it's not chronological now look friends if you are not understanding what I'm talking about here it's probably because you've never studied or totally understood the prophecies found in Daniel Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 Ok so if you are confused you've got to go back to your church and say Pastor elder whoever I need to understand the 2300 a prophecy or if you need to need to know now just jump online I'm sure if you go to youtube and type in the longest time prophecy or you type in the 2300 day prophecy and you find someone that you know is Adventists like Mark Finley or Doug Batchelor Or someone to that effect or I have on my You Tube channel the. Studies on The Book of Daniel you look for a playlist there I go through verse by verse studies on The Book of Daniel and you can go there and understand what this 2300 day prophecy and 70 weeks prophecy is all about Ok but Futurism what it does it's puts that last week and throws it into the future a short time before 2nd coming of Jesus but when you study Daniel 8 and 9 you see very clearly events are chronological one after the other Now look when it comes to Bible interpretation this is where I don't want you to get confused when it comes to Bible common interpretation we need to be careful it's got to be logical there are outrageous events in the Bible that we read Ok the flood that the sun standing still or the sun going back 10 degrees or you know people walking on water or people shouting in walls come crumbling down right or 10 plagues that fall in succession in Egypt we see a lot of miracles we see a lot of things that are very outrageous to the censors in the sense that the Bible speaks about but don't confuse that with Bible interpretation when you read the Scriptures and you interpret it it must be logical you must be able to follow a train of thought don't just jump here and jump there and jump here and jump there thinking that's that's it and that's the correct interpretation just because you saw one text off the wall right it has to follow a very clear line of reasoning there must be logic to it you must be able to see it very clearly God does not expect us to have holes in our interpretation. You got to know how you arrived at that point you might not know how the flood came and filled the whole earth with water you may not know how people walked on water you may not understand how the walls of Jericho came crumbling down but you must be able to see very clearly that that's what happened in Scripture Yeah so don't take the greats and marvelous events taken in the Bible and even though you have holes as to how God did it to interpreting scripture like I don't know how I arrived at that but that's what it is you see so the Bible interpretation prophetic interpretation must be reasonable must make sense must be logical friends look what is the synopsis of Futurism it is simply this Futurism is trying to put anti christ into the future so then the anti christ cannot be the papacy the Catholic Church Ok so Futurism was trying to just take off the responsibility from the fact that the Bible is pointing out that the anti christ is fulfilled right before them the Catholic Church because if I put into the future than a simply says look and see Christ hasn't arrived yet it can't be me the Bible says is going to come and so it's going to come you can't see it I mean the Catholic Church Ok so this is the 1st school of thought that is incorrect but let's move along shall we there are 3 schools of thought when it comes to Bible interpretation for prophetic interpretation Futurism is the 1st the 2nd is what we call predator ism. Fred a resume was developed by this man called Louis. Ok And he he was born in 1554 and died in 1613 you can also see there that is a short time after Martin Luther this is a time when the Reformation ran broad and deep in his days and great light was shed upon the people they began to see that what the Catholic Church was teaching was incorrect he was also a Spanish just wit as well Ok And it was to counter the reformation of the Dark Ages as we all have seen already the reformers they had a historicism view and we'll see that in a minute. But the belief system of the predator of predator ism is this majority of prophecies have already been fulfilled therefore they have no significance for the present day so Futurism think of the future predators and think of the past all the prophecies have been fulfilled up until the time of the Roman Empire and as for Futurism so with Predator ism it was developed so as to take the heat off the Roman Catholic Church been called the n.t. Christ by the reformers Ok so they put one into the future Futurism Anti Christ has not come yet predator ism puts everything in the past the prophecies that you are reading have already been fulfilled and if that's already been fulfilled we are not the answer crisis well and so really what does it do it points out this man his name is Antiochus appear phonies all right he lived in around 200 b.c. and so they say that the n.t. Christ was already fulfilled the Little Horn of Daniel 7 is Antiochus Pipa nice Ok so they put that all into the past and they point to him as the one who fits the mold of the Little Horn All right so Futurism future predator ism in the past and look both designed to take heat and attention off from the fact that the Catholic Church is the anti-Christ of bubble prophecy which is what Martin Luther was preaching about in those days or many of the reformers were preaching about in those days. Now so as with Futurism so also with Predator ism they have their bible texts to support it as well let's turn our Bibles to Matthew $24.00 Matthew $24.00 and when to start there in verse 2 Matthew 24 verse 2 the cycles they came to Jesus for to show him the building of the temple they you know that the temple was one of the wonders of the world in a sense even though it it paled into comparison to Solomon's temple but it was something that the Jews were so proud of and they came to Jesus and showed him the building of the temple and this is what Jesus replies in Matthew 24 verse 2 and Jesus sense of them see you not all these things verily a say in so you there shall not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down and as he sets upon the mount of Olives the disciples came unto Him privately saying Tell us when shall these things be what shall be the sign of the coming and of the end of the world we know for a fact that Jesus mingled 2 events together the destruction of Jerusalem and also the end of the world and some of these verses have dual application to what actually happened we studied about this in my system of the Abomination of Desolation you can go back and listen to it somewhere on the youtube channel or Facebook page but the abomination of desolation pointed to when the Roman army would come and stand on pon the hill mount Mariah and look over Jerusalem and also point to a future time where there would be a power a political power that would take place and stand upon something holy and sacred then we would know it's time to run so there are some verses in Matthew 24 that have dual application but a predator rest thinking when they read Matthew 24 they think this is fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem full stop. That's it so the prophecies we see not only in Matthew $24.00 but also in Daniel and even in Revelation are all fulfilled up until just a bit after the introduction of the early Christian church so let's just say about after 180 the predator's thinking thinks we are all these prophecies have been fulfilled already past Ok future yet to come Futurism pressure isn't it in the past all fulfilled that little horn is antichrist to phonies So if he's already fulfilled it is not us it's not me it's not who you think it is it's already in the past you see that so basically all the prophecies have an application to the Jewish nation and not a transference to the early Church established by Jesus and of course spiritual worldwide. So with this thought predators I'm claiming that the prophecies especially dealing with any Christ were fulfilled before the papacy ever ruled Rome then the prophecies could not apply so the synopsis of predator ism since the prophecies of the any Christ have already been fulfilled it could not be pointing to the Roman Catholic Church the papacy Ok so since a prophecy of the only Christ of already been fulfilled it could not be pointing to us and so that's why Futurism and pride of resume were introduced in the late 15 hundreds as a counter to the Reformation and what was taking place with the reformers standing up. Ok so those are the 2 schools of thought that are in correct or right this is not what we subscribe to as Protestants as I said most Protestants I can't speak really for other denominations but I know at least for us as evidence should we believe in the his storeroom says I'm view of prophetic interpretation so now let's have a look at this. Historicism taken from Leroy Froome he is one of our writers in the church taken from prophetic Faith of Our Fathers Volume one page 23 this is what he says historicity school of prophetic interpretation results in a progressive and continuous fulfillment of prophecy this continuous fulfillment starts in Daniel's time Daniel Chapter 2 right around 600 b.c. continues through John the Revelator time which is around 100 a.d. on to the 2nd coming of Jesus it's progressive and come to New us fulfillment of prophecy so what do I mean by that look basically prophecy has been fulfilled is still being fulfilled and will be fulfilled in the future it's continuous There is not just focusing on one time back in the past but it's something that is still in fulfillment even as we speak and listen and eat and breathe today so when John wrote in Revelation to the 7 churches which are in Asia there in John Revelation Chapter One some of that maybe was roll relevance of those that lived back then. But even then today we know that the 7 churches as we studied it is a timeline from the early church all the way up until close of probation or 2nd coming it's a continuous progress of fulfillment let's also look at something else regarding historicism shall we you see there have been since the early days even until to the present that people have that have subscribed or ascribed to this prophetic interpretation nothing is new Daniel of course when you study Daniel Chapter 2 and 7 and then we see John the Revelator White Cliff Luther John Knox all these men that lived during the Dark Ages Newton and even the Wesley brothers the wall dense eons. Calvin's wing Lema Langton all these lived during the Dark Ages and they believe in the prophetic interpretation that we see here historicism Ok historicism So this is not something that is particular to the 7th Day Adventist Church unless other churches have moved away from this interpretation Ok but many people in Dark Ages they believe just like Martin Luther the Little Horn is the Roman Catholic Church it is the anti christ of Bible prophecy and Luther was not the only one that believed in such thinking and the way that he arrived at that conclusion yes he study the Book of Daniel but isn't perpetration was not putting into the future he didn't put it back into the past he looked at it and saw that was a chronology of kingdoms starting with Babylon then me to Pusha then grief so when you look at Daniel to the outline of the Kingdoms right. What you must note about this is very important because you know we don't come in with the mindset I'm believing in historicism so I'm going to interpret Daniel to this way you know when you look at Daniel's who don't don't go Ok I'm a predator ist so I'm going to put in the past I have to put in the past or on the future is I must put into the future what I ask you to do is when you come to study the Book of Daniel Chapter 2 read that chapter for itself look at how it didn't itself and see the logical reasonable flow that you see there in Daniel Chapter 2 I don't want you to say unless of the minister we believe in historicism So this is how we're going to interpret it no I think that is what you call x. a Jesus I suggest as part of me not exodus as you're reading into it your own thoughts but you've got to look at Daniel 2 in a very simple way and understand the flow of it before I ever heard of these words Futurism predator ism historicism maybe you're hearing these words for the 1st time today but before I ever heard of such a words before I understood its terms when I read Daniel 2 I knew who the head of gold was it was Babylon you see that so we also see that with you know me to Persia and Greece the same with Daniel 7 so look it has to make sense when you read it when you look at the prophecies of Daniel Chapter 2 The head of gold is very clear. Daniel is speaking to never can as or any says you are this head of gold we don't need to go to any other text we see the clear interpretation of the gold head in Daniel chapter 2 that chapter itself and even within that same passage we know that is not just numbers another because when you go back and read Daniel 2 the very thing that is mentioned after that is after you shall arise another kingdom so it's not just. The king of Babylon but it represented his kingdom so we know that the chest and arms of silver are another kingdom and we don't even go out outside of the Book of Daniel to understand who conquered Babylon it is found in Daniel 5 the Medes and the Persians and then it says after you another kingdom of Brus And so we know this is a succession of kingdoms that follows a logical thought and a logical flow and we also know that in Daniel 8 who conquers Mido Persia it is the kingdom of Greece so when you look into Daniel 2 it has to make logical sense I'm not asking you this morning you have to be historicism view you go and read the prophecies of Daniel 2 and you will understand that historicism view is the one that fits perfectly into how you interpret Daniel 2 Daniel 7 Daniel 8 Revelation 13 the 7 churches the 7 trumpets the 7 seals you will see all of this very very clearly not because you are but as you read it and study it you will see the only logical sense is to ascribe to historicism the son of bottles Revelation Chapter 12 Revelation Chapter 12 if you believe in Predator ism and futurism. The Book of Revelation gets very confusing and maybe many people are confused today and I put it down to the fact that simply they're not reading their Bibles if you are reading and studying you will believe in historicism view the reason why this person Futurism of view could be brought up is because the Dark Ages there were still many that were not able to read the Bible they were not able to understand what the piple said you see over so that's why it was so important to get the Bible into a common language at that time today that's not our challenge today we have the Bible available to us but many of us are not reading it right Revelation Chapter 12 and verse 14 Revelation 1214 and so the woman was given 2 wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness into her place where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time from the face of the serpent there is a time prophecy given there and then you go back to verse 6 the woman fled into the wilderness where she had the place prepared of God that they should feed her there a 1200 and threescore days we have quite a number of time prophecies found in the Book of Revelation and when you try to put pressure ism view or hew to resume view into this it gets absolutely confusing because sure enough if you want to put anti christ on to somebody else then you have a problem with who is the remnant in Revelation 1217 Let's go to another tax in the 7 trumpets Revelation Chapter 9 and verse 15 Let's go there Revelation Chapter 9 and verse 15. And the 4 angels were loose which were prepared for an hour a day a month a year for to slay the 3rd part of men we have here once again another time prophecy that if you believe in a Futurism view then where does this come in what are we looking for when Jesus asks us to watch for the signs or us in the past how is this fulfilled and if you can't put that to something in the past around the time of antichrist epiphany or even during the time shortly after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ you have a very difficult time trying to interpret this you see that and so then the Bible it begins to have holes in it or is just easier to stay away from this section that we study because it will just blow out our own theological understanding out of the water you see that because it will then begin to see whole in our theology so friends this is why we're going to take the whole Bible were to take everything from Genesis all the way to Revelation and look Matthew 24 tells us that we got to preach the gospel for the end comes that still are marching orders today I want you to consider a quote from Leroy Froome same book that I quoted earlier to you from about historicism. This is taken from prophetic Faith of Our Fathers Volume one page 89 the predator ist finds only the contemporary meaning at the time of the writer of The Revelation as a political to the early church so John wrote it around $180.00 so the predecessors hate revelation is only a political to around $180.00 and the Futurist sees the prophecy as projected into a remote age to come so it hasn't happened yet it's going to come but it hasn't happened yet but the historic sees that the revelation had its function 1st in counseling and encouraging the early Christians in the vicissitudes through which they were passing so it was relevant to those that were living during John's day and then it says one arm where I'm like What did I stop while at the same time extending its prophetic pictures beyond their range of vision to the final victory otherwise this portrayal of the 2nd Advent the judgment and the Kingdom of God have no meaning for our day you see not only do the other school 2 schools of thought take off the heat from the Catholic Church and them being the anti christ of Bible prophecy but what it also does it destroys our understanding of judgment 844 it destroys our understanding of a century message and what Jesus has been doing since that time because if there's no bearing upon the Christian church then Jesus has just been up and haven't taken a holiday you see that it really destroys a lot about what we believe in the 2300 a prophecy the prophecies of Daniel the prophecies of Revelation which have brought us all the way up until 840 in the 7 trumpets and even beyond is to what the remnant should be doing today you see and it's not just 2nd coming and 1000 Year judgment in the future but a present day it changes our thoughts on judgment. It's very difficult to see really the far reaching results of what will happen but it knocks out a lot of things and it really destroys our foundation and even the important pillars in our churches in our church so look what we're seeing here is these 3 schools of thought but if there's anything you've got to remember it's historicism this is what we believe yes it was fulfilled in the history and sequential successive events throughout history bringing us all the way even up to our time the books of the new revelation were all relevant for them back then but it's even relevant for us today and this is really important. But the question that I have today is a question that I've taken from the Sabbath school lesson it's something that was brought up at the very end of a Sabbath school lesson and as of this How well do you understand the 2300 day prophecy do you even know what I'm talking about when I talk about the 2300 day prophecy do you know that is taken from Daniel Chapter 8 and verse 14 if you don't understand it that well you must take the time to study it out you've got this prophecy is very very very important this is the prophecy that sets our church apart from all the other denominations out there. Ok there are some that believe in the Sabbath not to the extent that we do but they say they believe in the Sabbath there are people that believe not in the secret rapture of the 2nd Coming but they believe that there's a 2nd coming and it's of the future there are many people that believe in the judgment that's happening today there are many things that people believe in that a very similar to the evidence showed of course they don't have the complete package I believe like we do but this is the verse Daniel $814.00 that sets our church aside from the rest of the Christian churches that are out there and it's because of what we call the investigative judgments and really it's the cleansing of the heavenly century if you don't understand what I'm talking about friends it means you don't understand Daniel 8 and Daniel 9 and I want to encourage you go back and study it up maybe in your salad school lesson you've got to stop and just say look we've got a study of us up this is a really really really important topic and find someone to teach it to or maybe you take turns in your Sabbath school lesson teaching to each other or split into pairs and organize in your church and say everybody's got to understand this Ok. It's giving me thoughts of my own church and what I need to do as well but this is really really important let me show you why. Great controversy for 09 paragraph one this is what a White writes the scripture which above all others had been both the foundation and the central pillar of the. Faith was the declaration on the $2300.00 days then shall the Century be cleansed it is this verse found in Daniel $84.00 team that was not only the foundation but also the central pillar of the Advent faith this is what will Miller was preaching all about this is what brought us up to that point in 1844 that brought us to the great disappointment that would later form the foundation of the pioneers that would set up the some of the evidence church it's all found in that one verse Daniel $814.00 Satan he's attacked this verse he's attacked this understanding and he's put some of it to the future with other understanding he's put it back in the past you got to understand very clearly and you will see that as you study Daniel 8 and Daniel 9 there are very very clear details that are brought out in the here that you cannot mistake but that this is historicism through and through then you'll find that we cannot subscribe ascribe to to Futurism or predator ism putting things into the future in the past you'll see the prophecies are unfolded in our recent history and there are yet things yet to come and you'll see very clearly a lot of friends how we need to get ready for the 2nd coming of Jesus and how you need to really dig down it and go back and study this out friends you got to take the time. And if you can't you want to do it today and you can wait till your pastor can come and teach you or you can do it in Sabbath school go to my youtube channel I've loaded up a few years ago already because many people were asking about the series from me all the time I just decided load it up for free I used to sell the series when I was in the us to support myself but it's loaded up on the channel there just look for studies on The Book of Daniel Ok it's a verse by verse study and you'll see the chapter 8 and Chapter 9 there as well and even the topic cleansing of the century that is there to friends these are really important topics that concern our faith today but especially the way that we interpret prophecy as well so encourage you go back and study that today and you know we've got to be Bible Students say you've got to be good students of the Word of God So I hope that this has been informative but I hope that is going to encourage you also to go back and dig deep into the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation we got to understand for us very clearly today what it's all about I didn't do it when I went to theology school friends I did it because I wanted to know and I didn't do it in class as I told you last night I studied about myself well with the aid of audio someone preaching but I wrote it all down to make sure I understood it and you know when I 1st got to a theology school I arrived there in January and there was a group that was planning a mission trip. And they asked me to join them and they asked me to teach Daniel I told them Do you know I've not studied Daniel yet I studied some part of it before when I was in Australia before I went over to us but I never studied the book of Daniel before in class the center just get ready. I had to listen through all the Oreos just to get ready and even then my teaching was not perfect it wasn't the best there were I'm glad there was a pastor that followed us onto that mission trip because he did a lot of corrections for me while I was there but when I came back and the opportunity to teach. That information I just been ingrained in my head and friends you got to get into this point where you have these opportunities because teaching becomes the best way to remember the things that you learn pray for a Bible student someone that you can teach Daniel to and you will see that what you're studying in the Book of Daniel becomes even more relevant it becomes even clearer but today let's be students of the Word of God Hey let's continue to dig deep to understand investigate make sure that we look at it from a critical perspective make sure that the Word of God comes alive to us let's go ahead forward pressure we. Father in heaven law to want to thank you for this past hour that we've been able to study together Thank you Lord for the time an opportunity to share and I pray Lord that you would please help us to understand very clearly how to interpret the Bible properly before the before before that help us just to be willing to have a searching heart to be a student of the Word of God that we would set aside time not just to read but to study and so far the police procedure of our hearts on a conscience help us to see that we can dig deeper today and give us the right understanding help us to see your truth clearly as I know Lord that the devil is trying to destroy men a woman's life today. Set a hedge about all of us that as we open the scripture and seek you with all our hearts that you will reveal yourself to us in a very special way we pray in Jesus' name. Amen. 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