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01 The Faith of Abel

Benjamin Ng
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  • June 5, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for the time thank you Lord that we can come and study your work together Thank you Lord for seeing us safely through another week thank you for your Sabbath thank you for giving us this rest that we can put aside our burdens Lord and we can come and focus upon you that we can deepen our relationship with you and so long as we've come seeking for a blessing this evening Lord we cannot be blessed with out your Holy Spirit who will grant us all blessings spiritual blessings even and so a lot of the seeming we're asking for wisdom as we open you word guide us lead us or Lord is our earnest plea in prayer for you pray in Jesus name Amen So let's turn our Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 and we're going to start in verse 4 Hebrews 11 verse 4 Ok Hebrews 11 verse 4 is the 1st character that we come across and so that's why we're starting there I know there are a few verses earlier and maybe we could go back and study just generally what faith is about but as we go through the the character studies we're going to study more into faith itself Ok but Hebrews 11 verse 4 the Bible says by faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain by which he obtained witness that he was righteous God testifying of his gifts and by it he being dead yet speak of. And so what do we see here it is the faith of Abel which is our lesson titled in such a way this evening the faith of Abel but it says here that he offered a more excellent sacrifice than Cain and not only that because of this he showed that he was righteous look the reason that Abel offered him more excellent sacrifice was because of faith so before we dive into the story of Cain and Abel Let's turn our Bibles to one of my favorite text you hear me mention a lot Romans chapter and verse 17 Romans Chapter 10 and verse 17 this is what the Bible says so then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God So Abel's willing sacrifice the reason why he sacrificed a more excellent sacrifice than Cain yes it was because of faith but faith comes by hearing what the Word of God he was willing to listen to God's word about his feelings keep that in mind as we now turn our Bibles to Genesis Chapter 4 let's turn to Bibles there Genesis chapter 4 and we're going to start in verse one Genesis Chapter 4 verse one the faith of Abel. Genesis 4 Verse one the Bible says and Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived and bare Cain and said I have gotten a man from the Lord and she again bear his brother Abel and Abel was a keeper of sheep but Cain was a tiller of the ground so Cain was the older brother he's the one that had in a sense the birthright you know in all the times before the Levites became the priests the priesthood the spiritual blessings the birthright all fell on the eldest and so came he was the old as he was that in error of the birthright in a sense and so he was the oldest and the Bible tells us what what was his occupation he was the Bible says 8 pillar of the ground Abel was a keeper of sheep so Cain was a farmer Abel a shepherd Ok keep this in mind as we continue verse 3 and in process of time it came to pass that Cain brought of the 1st of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord and Abel he also brought of the 1st wings of his flock and of the fact there of and the Lord had respect and to Abel and his offering verse 5 but into Canaan to his offering he had not respect and Cain was very wrath and his countenance fell so in the process of time as they're older both of them bring different sacrifices one brings the fruit and vegetables the other one brings a sheep Ok and God has respect to Abel's offering He is the one that brought what the 1st wings of the flock the sheep so look. Why was it that God had recess packed and Abel's offering and not Keynes Let's turn our Bibles to Leviticus Chapter 17 and verse 11 Leviticus Chapter 17 and verse 11 why is it that God excepted Abel sacrifice but he didn't accept Cain's one he accepted Abel's offering but he didn't accept Cain's offering Let's go to Leviticus 17 verse 11 the Bible says this for the life of the flesh is in the blood and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls for it is the blood that maker and atonement for the Souls because of sin sin demanded the life of the sinner sin the minded life and so in order for us to be atoned to be cleansed from our sins what it was required was blood and fruits and vegetables do not have blood you might argue they believe but no they don't have blood Ok when you eat a vegetable you can eat a raw but meat no you have to cook it right it does have blood the fruit and the vegetables it doesn't so look in order for sin to be paid for life needed what blue blood was needed to be shared life need to be given right so came he brought the wrong sacrifice he brought the wrong offering he was this obeying what God asked him to bring and so as a result God could not accept his offering now it's obvious why Cain is angry because. Not only did God not accept his he had visible evidence of God accepting his brothers his younger brother in fact so of course there was jealousy coming up right did they came have a right to be angry though I mean maybe he didn't know what sort of offering he had to bring Or maybe they were just bringing the best of what they had and Cain just happened to be a farmer and Abel just happened to be a shepherd so they were bringing their best right why was it that God seemed to be so picky Why was it that Cain still brought this did he know well look he must have known I'm going to give you 2 reasons why 1st look you tell me that Adam and Eve then educate them properly then you know when Adam and Eve sinned right the 1st sacrifice was made in the Garden of Eden by God Did you know that Adam and Eve knew they would have known that in order for sin to be cleansed the way they should have known that sacrifice needed to be made how do you know this let's talk about was the genesis chapter 3 and verse 21 Genesis Chapter 3 and verse 21 at the beginning of Genesis 3 this is where Adam and Eve sinned now at the end God what does he do Genesis 321 and answer Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins and clothe them What did Adam and Eve make of the very beginning when they found out they were naked they saw themselves fig leaves right but God was the 1st one to make the sacrifice he had to kill his own creation. He had to slay the 1st lamb because obviously they were not clothed with their own skins God made coats of skin on your sleeve from an animal so God was the 1st one that demonstrated look at him Eve because you sin because you disobeyed me and ate the fruit I told you not to eat Huey had to go and kill an animal and cover them with the skin of this animal in essence teaching us all about righteousness you see that so what Adam and Eve Eve would Adam and Eve have known about sacrifice the need to kill an animal when you send absolutely So look Adam and Eve they would have been making those sacrifices since they were the Garden of Eden Cain and Abel would have grown up seeing what their parents did so Cain would have no excuse but secondly look if Cain didn't know then Abel probably would not have known either do you see that so Abel was younger brother remember Cain's the older brother so if Cain did not know that he needed to bring animal sacrifice and not food and vegetables then most likely able would not have known as well and would Cain have had a reason to be angry Yes but you know God would have just said Hey you bring this and him would have brought it right so it seems like he had no excuse because surely friends we don't do good by accident do you understand that and we don't become wicked by accident like the Bible says this to him that know what to do good James Chapter 417 the definition of sin to him that no is to do good and do it not. To him in a sense you got to know what is good so God before he had accepted Abel's and rejected Keynes you were to come and talk to them both now children look I see what you brought there came but is not the right offering he would have explained the whole thing to him before he would have accepted either of them they would have been educated that's my point you see Cain he had no reason to be angry he yes he brought the best he probably brought the 1st fruits the one that became right 1st the sweetest the nicest the juiciest fruits and vegetables that he were given to God but God says it's not good enough and friends before we continue new you know there's a very very important lesson that we've got to learn from this situation here sometimes our best is not good enough what I mean by the us look God he's not just saying just give me your best and that's a no I have certain requirements let's take for example the Sabbath friends God doesn't want us to give him the best of our time he wants to give us He wants us to give him the 7th day the whole 24 hour period you understand that so we might say well God God God look Saturday is my busiest day I'm going to give you a different day Ok God says no no no no no no 7th day you've got to keep it holy is got specific absolutely hears when he told Adam and Eve Don't eat of the tree he was specific about the tree that he did not want Adam and Eat Eat from he was specific. And so he's like all God Look come on the streets they're all different from that or we don't know what they look like but they could have reasoned it out right but yes God says don't eat this one is got a specific god absolutely he is and so when we come here to Cain and Abel was God specific about what sacrifice to bring absolutely bring of the 1st slings of the flock bring a lamb it has to have blood without the shedding of blood there is no remission and so friends sometimes just sometimes I'm not saying that you should never do your best we should always do our best but we've got to make sure that our best lines up with God's requirements because God a specific he is and so what happens next Cain gets angry right but let's continue Genesis Chapter 4 let's go back there Genesis chapter 4 and now verse 6 Genesis 4 verse 6 and the Lord said and to Cain why are the wrath and why is like countenance fall and if thou do is to well shalt thou not be accepted and if the do is not well sin Liath at the door and into the shall be his desire and that hour shall rule over him so God actually comes to reason with Cain So look if Cain was ignorant before he has no excuses left deceiver Maybe Cain didn't know before but now God Himself is coming personally to talk to Kay Cain why are you angry why is a countenance fallen and he says one if you do well you'll be accepted. Kain of you would Gerson to get a lamb and satisfy that one requirement that I'm making I'll accept that I'm not playing paid favorites you know he wasn't choosing Abel over Cain because Abel had certain qualities that he liked no able brought the force of the flock and if Cain had brought the 1st thing of the flock God would have accepted it and so he says look if you do well if you bring the animal that I'm asking for I'll accept it but then he says Well and if you don't do well sin lies at the door it's right there Cain you got to be careful in these little specific. God is particular friends what sacrifice to bring that wasn't part of the 10 Commandments too often we define sin as just the breaking of the 10 Commandments but it's not I quoted to you from James type of for over 17 to him that knows to do good and doesn't do it to him it's certain sin goes beyond just the breaking of the 10 Commandments fronts it's the good that you know that we should do and yet we don't do it that's why Romans 323 The Bible says everybody use and why because every one of us we've gone through situations in our life no matter what religion you're from Ok you're on it might even be atheist and you can still sin why because all of us have a certain moral code and all of us have gone against that certain moral code whether it is really literally morally correct or not. You know it's then that so maybe your morality your ethics might be different than mine but we're all in ourselves have a sense of morality and the Bible is saying every single one of us have violated our conscience every single one of us have gone against what we know to believe is good and we've not done it and so in this case God says look you don't bring the right sacrifice it's in it's sin and he warns Cain God has a face to face heart to heart conversation with Cain he is with out excuse and then he says this In verse 7 genesis for the 7 at the very end and unto v shall be his desire and thou shalt rule over him what does that mean well let's just simply go to another translation Ok let's read from the New International Version it says this it sin desires to have you but you must rule over it of course the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour so sin was trying to gain mastery over him but God says it desires to rule over you but you know it desires to have you but you must rule over it you know what God is doing he's trying to encourage k. k. if you can do this don't let sin conquer you can you imagine God's trying to be the cheerleader for Cain of all people we never see God come to Abel do you see Abel complaining no but he came to the worst of them and he tried to reason with you try to talk to him he tried to encourage him he was warning and yet what happened in the process of time Cain. Would kill his brother Genesis to the father say so he was still angry with his brother even though God came to reason with him even though God came to talk with even though God try to encourage him help from this situation that he himself had put himself in there look it sounds like most of the stories about Cain he really don't see that much about Abel but by comparison we can see where Abel stands if we go back to Hebrews chapter 11 let's read that again we read at the very beginning Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 4 look at what the Bible says hubris Chapter 11 and verse 4 it says here by faith Abel offered under God a more excellent sacrifice than claim by which he obtained witness that he was what righteous God testifying of his gifts or the god testifying of his his offering his sacrifice and by it he being dead yet speak of friends look how was it that Abel obtained a witness that he was right choice Look the answer is very simple after studying the story all we can see is that Abel he simply followed God in the instruction that he gave him to do which was what bring a lamb don't bring something with out blood he had to bring a lad simple obedience right simple instruction. But what was it that strengthened him friends we when we talk about righteousness you got to remember sometimes we border on what righteousness by works the reason why Abel was enabled I'm sorry it sounds funny able was able to. Able was enabled he had the strength to do right and God testifying that he was right as was because of his faith he totally believed God if you totally believe somebody you do what they say kids do I can tell kids my kids anything I don't but I could and I could to see them saying all this is bad this is bad and they might never eat such foods and you know they've been vegetarian all their lives because we are and we tell them that you know eating the blood in the fat is not good and so they touch it or stay away from it no and they tell my. My my wife's parents my in-laws they tell their grandparents it's not good and they're praying all please might my parent my grandparents help them to stop eating chicken and fish and you know their prayers such per Quest it's easy to tell tell kids these sorts of things why because they believe me they believe my wife to believe us as parents faith is the very thing that will and able us and give us the strength to do it it's not that able had any hereditary advantage all the advantages of life really was given to Cain he was the oldest I'm the youngest in the family and I believe that my brother was one that got the best genes got the best health got the best of everything and my sister took what was left over and I got nothing I'm not I'm not really meaning that but you know to me that the strength you should go to the 1st kid and so really the person that had the advantages was came. He had all the advantages in life yet he was not willing to exercise his faith friends what does this word righteous mean it just simply means right doing he didn't have the strength in and of himself to do it the strength was borrowed from God Why Faith comes by hearing hearing by the Word of God It is faith that gives us the victory 1st John $54.00 in it is the power of God to salvation so when you now go back to Hebrews 11 right do you know what was talked about in the previous verses it was creation by faith God created the worlds he's the one that created the world and where was the power it was in the Word of God itself and so when God told them to bring a lamb Abel's Faith took hold of God's word and that was what gave him the strength to do it Cain he didn't want to listen why maybe because he was a tiller of the ground maybe he thought he knew better and you know sometimes friends we get to this point in our life in our experience we think we know better isn't it like God I'm giving you my best why is my best not good enough and from the human perception perspective you know why would somebody not accept the best like if my kid they got 60 percent 50 percent on their exam but I know they tried their best they study their very hardest you know they didn't do a lot of activities just so they could study study study I would accept that right we would accept that we would think that's good. And sometimes it just sounds really bad that God than not except Keynes best he was a farmer he gave the very best but that's not what God's instruction was and this evening friends as we look at the story of Cain and Abel Cain we learn from him that friends it's not about your thoughts your feelings your time if God is our God if he's the one that we worship if he's the one that we put 1st last and best there let's not reason with him especially the God that we know in the Bible who created us who knows what's best for us and he gives us all these instructions to protect us if we would keep the 10 Commandments how the more reality of society would be so different today right the 10 commands are not there as a barrier to stop us from enjoying life he came that he might give us life and give it more abundantly God wants to give you that good life today we got to trust him but too many times we think in our limited experience of 50 years of 60 years of 70 years we think we know better than God All of a sudden isn't it. Friends you know Cain was giving the blood sweat and tears of his own hands but wasn't good enough friends he needed God needed the sacrifice of an animal you know we got to learn to trust God in every particular of his word and I believe that a really big down many of us when we struggle with certain points of the Bible yes from Genesis always revelation some of us struggle with the Sabbath others struggle with a line tongue others struggle with our diet. Things beyond the 10 commandments Yes they are just as important but beyond the struggles what I want you to see and to focus on today is the God behind it who gave the instruction that the reason why many of we struggle with the Word of God is because we see the word and we don't see the god that's behind it we see the word but we don't realize that God loves us and what he's telling us there is for our very best we see the word and we despise it or it goes against our sinful natures and we forget that God loves us and that's why he gave it we see the word and we think God is testing us to see how bad we will really want heaven so we've got to sacrifice we've got to suffer we've got to deny ourselves because that's what's needed to get into heaven and that's how we look at it sometimes we see the word and we don't like it and why it's because we've fallen out of a relationship with God and all we see is words that we need to do in order to get to heaven and so the people that are actually able to do it because they have faith are called people that do righteousness by works you understand that the person that looks at the word in thinking that I have to do this in order to appease our angry God in order to get to heaven they look at those that are actually living by faith thinking that their righteousness by works instead does that make sense you can understand friends the only way that you can keep the Sabbath holy is by faith do you know that the only way that you can stop lying is by faith the only way that you can be faithful to your husband or your wife the only way that you can Are your parents is by faith. Why the Word of God told us to and it is that word that gives us the very power to be able to do it so the fact that you are able to keep the Sabbath holy this evening you're living by faith but then of course you've got to do it every week then you got to be faithful to your husband wife every day God on your parents every day Faith is a moment by moment hour by hour day by day experience and so to the depth that we have this relationship with Jesus Christ is to the death that he will give us the strength to do it the motivation the power everything I want to share with you more text with you let's turn to Romans Chapter 12 and verse 3 you know no matter what we go through we got to learn to hold on to God's word Romans Chapter 12 and verse 3 for I say through the grace given unto me to every man that is among you to all those that are listening out there this evening to everybody that opens a Bible to every living being not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but to think soberly according as God has dealt to every man however many Every man the measure of faith friends every single one of us have been dealt a measure of faith an ability to trust God and to believe in every one of us what he's saying he has given us the key to have victory he's given us the key. To know how to be righteous He's program that in somehow I don't know how but the Bible says that every one of us are given a measure of faith by which we can lay hold on Grace and be saved by which we can lay hold on righteousness because God is faithful who will do it in us able he was able to grasp God's Word and the word that he heard was very much different to ours he didn't even have a written book or God I didn't get there let me go back and read it again read it again and make sure you understand it no you don't have anything written God had to come and tell him and he had to believe it just like that his faith was probably in a sense deeper than ours but his faith was able to grasp the Word of God and accept it and believe Cain on the other hand not only get the God Tom probably before this instance in Genesis 4 but he came again after it and even then Cain was so blinded by his jealousy for his brother that he let go Faith it wasn't about God anymore he was about the person that was standing in front of him and to all the intents and purposes Abel was wrong Cain was right friends to altars they probably looked the same they were coming with the same intentions to worship the same God They probably read the same Bible raised up in the same household taught the same good habits and good instruction from God but yet they were as wide there was a wide gulf between these 2 boys you know friends we might worship in the same church you might go to the same church as me. I'm speaking personally to the 2 churches that I pastor and. We might worship at the same church but the gulf between us might be bigger than just the chair that sits between us you understand that it's not just about going to church Cain and Abel they worship at the same altar but what they won was not willing to follow God all the way even though God told them very clearly he was not willing to follow God every step of the way and they were was not being particular he was not being fair a say a goal he was not trying to implement righteousness by works he was trying to show to God how much he trusted him because he loved them and so when God told Abel evil this is what I require He wondered why not because he was trying to work his way to heaven but because he loved and trusted God Mark Chapter 9 verse 24 In closing this needs to be our prayer this evening Mark Chapter 9 and verse 24 there was a man that brought the sun to Jesus and and Jesus saw right through him this man did not believe until Jesus would heal a son and Jesus said You have no faith there and this man he cried out Mark Chapter 9 in verse 24 and straightway the father of the child cried out and said with tears Lord I believe help vile wine unbelief you know friends tonight maybe our faith is weak paid leave you reflect on this past week this past month whatever it is a look back in the past few days you realize that your faith is not where it should be. Maybe our transgression has been as fresh as this evening when the Sabbath came upon us and you've not kept the Sabbath holy It's not a matter of oh you better keep the Sabbath but it's a cry to God God help my unbelief help me Lord strengthen what my faith because when God can deal with our faith he can deal with the rest of our actions we don't need to worry about that the 1st step is faith is not righteousness it's faith and where does faith come from faith comes by hearing so friends this evening if your heart has been touched make sure you go back and on this evening spend more time in the Word of God stop focusing on the actions try to make it all right from your marriage to your schoolwork to to your professional work to the physical things that you're seeing here stop focusing on those things focus on that which is not seen it's found in the word it's God and if we have faith in Him He will guide us through the thick and thin so the fruits show us where we stand but then got us you can do it you can overcome sin even though it desires to have my street over you you can have victory today France let's find it in the Word of God. The Bible let's pray Father in Heaven Lord I want to thank you for giving us your word Thank you Lord for giving us this words of instruction Thank you Lord for giving us words of encouragement and help us Lord if we are unaccustomed to open the Bible I just pray that you prick our hearts help us to see you Lord that we got to sweep aside all those excuses no matter what the version no matter whether we tell ourselves every time we read the Bible we fall asleep Lord no matter what it's excuses that we've been giving for so many days weeks months and years Lord this evening help us to scum back to your word Help us Lord to see that without faith everything that we do as a Christian is in vain Well we can live a good ethical life but law that's not important it's not good enough until we can live one that guides that is guided by you so Lord please implant your Holy Spirit into our heart this evening to give us a desire for your word and from this point onward Lord help us to spend more time in your words speak to us guide us lead us strengthen us Lord and help our believe. We pray of Jesus Christ our loving. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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