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04 The Faith of Abraham Part 1

Benjamin Ng
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  • December 26, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time that we have thank you for keeping us safe and watching over us this past week thank you Lord for your watch care and as we now come to study your work together this evening we ask for a special blessing of your Holy Spirit to guide us and to lead us into all truth we are slow that you would police grace us with our presence that we might understand a deeper understanding of faith and how you want to believe people today so lead us a lot as we look at the story of Abraham open not years open our eyes open our minds of understanding to help us to see these truths that you have hidden in the world for us if we pray in Jesus name Amen. So this is the 1st. I think this is a fertile 4th lesson we've had in our new series in our Friday night studies together and we've been going through Hebrews 11 for those that don't know and we are now up to the character Abraham So last week we started about no one now I want to invite you to turn your Bibles with me to Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews chapter 11 we're going to start in verse 8 this evening and there are 2 parts if you haven't seen the title or the title of the video it's part one so there is a part 2 next week I do want to encourage you to join us but let's turn to Hebrews chapter 11 starting in verse 8 this is what the Bible says by faith Abraham when he was called to go out into a place which he should after received for in heritance obeyed and he went out not knowing whither he went. By faith use of journey in the land of promise as in a strange country welling in Tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob the heirs with him of the same promise for he looked for a city which has foundations whose builder and maker is God So look in order to help us understand these few verses about Abraham and the beginning of his faith journey we've got to go back to Genesis Chapter 12 where it all began and then we'll come back here and into later understanding with the things that we're reading here in Hebrew 11 about Abraham but let's turn our Bibles back to the very beginning their Genesis Chapter 12 Genesis Chapter 12 starting in verse one this is the time when God 1st comes to Abraham and talks to him and we will read it Genesis Chapter 12 us one now the Lord had said and said Abraham get the out of that country and from like kindred and from Die father's house unto a land that I will show the and I will make of the a great nation and I will bless thee and make the name great and I shall be a blessing and I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curse of the and in the shell all families of the earth be blessed so Abraham departed as a Lord had spoken on to him and a lot went with him and Abraham was 70 and 5 years old when he departed out of Iran so look when God 1st comes to Abraham. He's named Abraham and it's not apparent all clear where Abraham should go yet. However we know that at least God pushed him into a certain direction because God says just simply said in verse one go out from the father's house on a land that I will what show that So look Abraham Qana had a general direction of where God wanted him to go and when to come back to these verses but 1st let's keep reading verse 5. And Abraham took Sarah his wife and Lot his brother's son and all their substance that they had gathered and the souls that they had gotten in Herat and went forth to go into the land of Canaan and into the land of Canaan they came and a pos through the land into the place of should see come unto the place of more red and the Canaanite was then in the land so today as you read this we know that the land of Canaan is the land and was the land of promise that would be given to Abraham and his children eventually but when Abraham went there and he arrives there the Bible doesn't give us any indication that God had revealed this to him yet he just said go in that general direction so Abraham he went there and then we read this in verse 7. And the Lord appeared on Abraham and said unto the seed will I give this land and they're build it he an altar unto the Lord who appeared to him so at the very beginning God comes. I want you to go and he pushes him in a general direction he doesn't just go go wherever you want he does push him in a general direction and we know because he arrives here at Canaan and the surrounding area and it is only right there in verse 7 that the Bible says that God said Abraham I'm going to give you this land you see that so before he didn't know that at least the bible seems to indicate that he didn't know this and we see this in Hebrews 11 it says that he went out not knowing where he was going so you got to understand this. When God 1st comes that Abraham is just like the dialogue that God would have with nowhere that we studied last week so you comes a Roman He says Abraham I want you to leave a country I want you to leave your place of comfort I want to leave your home and Iran says Ok so he starts packing and by and by his friends come and ask Abraham What are you doing are you spring cleaning. Of course he wasn't he was packing he was leaving Ok. To leave why where why why what well God told me he said he's going to give me a whole land not just this little house that I have but he's going to give me a land and he's going to blasphemy Ok ram Where are you going what would be Abraham's. What would his response to be to his friends that would come and ask Him Abraham So God told you to go or I know you're a man of God and surely God showed you where right no I don't know where I'm going. At this point in time when Abraham answers that question you're probably doubting whether it was really God that asked him Do you see that Abraham left not knowing where he was going but he knew that God was the one that told him to go you see that. So at this time you're probably thinking Abraham Are you sure it's God Have you lost your mind you know you don't know where but you sure that was God You see friends sometimes just like we saw in no was day 2 sometimes following God seems a little extreme doesn't it why because God doesn't give you always that and plan and we're going to see even more that he didn't do this with Abraham but his faith brought him and helped him to see the end result but God was pretty clear with 3 things that we read in the beginning of Genesis Chapter 12 but remember it was God That said this remember faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God So God comes to him and says Abraham I want you to leave the command was clear but there were 3 things you see the 1st was the command leave your country your family your father's house not not like his wife or you know but leave behind all the things that are familiar the command was very clear 2nd what God gave was a promise I will make of you a great nation and make your name great and that was a promise. And thirdly when you read Genesis Chapter 12 says one through 4 you will see there that God also gave a blessing I will bless you and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed he gave a command he gave a promise and he gave a blessing he didn't just give the command in other words he was saying Abraham in order for me to bless you. You've got to leave you've got to leave your country your home your land that you're familiar with that you grew up with your friends in order for me to bless you that's it he doesn't say why he doesn't say or of the Kellys where you're staying is very wicked and I can bless you that he just said leave just leave you see that and why would God Ask Him to do this you see friends. Was an ancient site of Babylon it was a well advanced city already it was definitely not something like where he was going to where he would do well in Tabernacles which is tense you know can you imagine living in a tent. I remember in Australia for for a few few weeks I think we lived in a caravan when we were transitioning from an old house to a new house that we bought in another area of of Melbourne there but it was not fun he was going from a settled place where he had grown up all his life so now roaming around in tents and it just seemed like he's going from a good situations or something worse it's like God is calling him to be a missionary do you see that. And yes God does call people to do that sometimes in fact many times there are many people even today that I know that left the comforts of their homes that have gone the lived in 3rd world countries and what they're all their lives and they're great men and women of faith and God calls into that and this was the call that came to Abraham to live a missionary life Hebrews 119 says he would 12 in Tabernacles intense his life was seemingly worse off can you imagine in the day and age that we live in where we're surrounded by technology the fact that you can listen to this proves that we are living in a very advanced age isn't it and God has called you to live a worse life but yet God says it was only then that he would blossom you see that friends sometimes the only way that God can bless us is if we leave a familiar place our familiar surroundings and you know I grew up in Australia for 10 years is not all my life I've jumped around I was born in Singapore then we moved to Malaysia for 2 years and went to England for 5 years came back to Malaysia for 6 years then we moved to Australia which is where I can remember where all my memories are where all the friends that I began to gather that were that I grew up with that's my place of familiarity Melbourne Australia and I never thought for a minute that would be back here in Malaysia you know and I've never gone back not because I don't want to apart from that part of me I don't want to go back because I always got a fever when I was in Melbourne sneezer vote for 32 to 3 months and it was horrible so I don't I don't enjoy the cold anymore but I know for a fact that I had to leave Australia in order for God to bless me to be with me. And I know that now I didn't I didn't know that back then when I made that decision nearly 20 years ago but I know that as a look back in my life that I had to leave my familiar surroundings why there was too many temptations there too many things that brought me back to my old life and I'm not saying that Abraham was being drawn back to his old life but we know that in order for God to bless him he had to leave. And maybe some of you you got to leave your countries your familiar surroundings you know I speak especially to the saba Huns if you're Malaysia they just loved all these Someone Sarawakian they just can't wait to go back to their home but you know friends maybe going back home sometimes is a mistake I'm not saying that you should visit your parents Ok but sometimes in order for God to bless us and to be with us and help us to be a blessing we have to leave. And on top of that how old was Abraham How old was he in verse 4 of Genesis 12 it says that he was 75 years old I mean if you're a young person it's pretty easy at worst you just get homesick look people get homesick to Ok but you'll be would have been easier if he was like 20 years old 30 years old but now he's 75 we don't know how long he's been married for Sarah but he was an all matter at this point he was mature half way through his life at the very least if not more and so he was although it would have been difficult it would have taken a lot of faith for him to pack up and leave not knowing where he was going you see that. And so friends look. Remember this sometimes you got to leave in order for God to bless you bless continue Abraham he leaves his country he loses familiar surroundings he fulfills the command of God and what happens next was still in Genesis Chapter 12 Ok but you wouldn't you would think that now God can bless me now God can make of me a great nation right because that's what he said at the beginning in chapter 12 versus one through 4 but look at verse 8 and he removed from fence unto a mountain on the east of Bethel and pitched his tent having Bethel on the West and high on the east and there he build an altar unto the Lord and called upon the name of the Lord just a small lesson for us to remember here look Abraham he loved the Lord and he always built an altar where every He went and wherever he stopped and lived that was the place he would build and also his relationship with God was already well developed it was something that you know had been walking with God already some people like Noah and people like enough these men had walked with God Abraham was walking with God already before God said I want you to leave D'Souza So look I don't think that Genesis 12 is the beginning of how God builds his face he's walking with God already but then what happens next year as a Canaan verse 9 and a brand journeyed going on still toward the south. And there was a famine in the land and Abraham went down into Egypt to sow Journ there for the famine was grievous in the land now look anything short of faith would have brought us to this point of starting to complain. Abraham Why did you bring us all the way out here you show God the one that brought you look you said he's going to make you inherit this land and now this famine there's no food for us to eat why do you go to Egypt he should have gone back to Earth. But God was the one that told him to leave he would have gone anywhere but back to the colleagues do you see that it would have been tempting for him to go back even when the trial came the promise had not even been fulfilled jet and he had to leave he sees. What a temptation and what sort of to help one of the reason his heart and mind because of this you see and so friends when we follow God we've got to make sure that we go with him all the way that even when circumstances arrive we're going to make sure that God led us to this point and we've got to learn to make the best of the situation and God had a reason to bring him down into Egypt yes it seems like he's a man of faith he's following God he arrives at Canaan God says Abraham you can inherit this land now this family comes and he has to leave and go down to Egypt what happens. Verse 11 Genesis Chapter 12 us 11 and it came to pass when he was come near to enter into Egypt they descend to Sarah his wife behold now in order that a fair woman to look upon therefore it shall come to pass when the Egyptians shells see the that they shall say this is his wife and they will kill me but they will save the life say I pray the my sister that it may be well with me for thy sake and my soul shall live because of the so he asked Sarah to lie and you know Abraham was not yet ready to be the inheritor of God's promises it was God that brought Abraham out of or of the cow these and it was God that led him all the way into Canaan for a reason why to show him that there was areas in the in his life that he still had to grow so there was a test coming and Abraham and Sarah both agreed to lie already friends we've got to be careful. About these small little lies because a lot of these things you're going to see the impact of this and sometimes you know people point to Abraham story here but you're really going to see the detriments to his lie Ok. But we many times I'm telling you when you continue reading many of us we look at it in the wrong way we can to give justification that this is Ok but it's not verse 14 and it came to pass that when Abraham was come into Egypt the Egyptians beheld the woman that she was very fair the princes also Farrah saw her and commended her before Pharaoh and the woman was taken into pharaohs house and he intreated Abraham well for his sake and he had sheep and oxen and he says and men servants and maid servants and she asses and camels and the Lord played Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai Abraham's wife and Pharaoh called Abraham and said What is this that thou has done to me why does not tell me that she was the wife why I said that Al she is my sister so I might have taken her to me to wife now Therefore behold I wife take her and go the way and Pharaoh commanded his men concerning him and they sent him away and his wife and all that he had because of Abraham's lie Pharaoh took Sarah into his house and he was ready to make her his wife. Except the Lord intervene and plagued Pharaoh Ok And because of this Pharaoh found out that that was really a ram's wife or he had lied and look some of us we point to this and say Hey why did God still bless a bran even though he lied my point is this friends when you look at this closely right. God did not God did not didn't he did not bless a brand we point to him or why did God still make him rich even though he lied it must be Ok to make these small little white lies here and there right wrong look what happened when Abraham lived God plagued Pharaoh Now what's so wrong about that well what was the promise that God gave to Abraham at the very beginning in Genesis 12 he says I want to bless you this was a blessing but he didn't just stop there he didn't the point of following God and friends you got to remember this the point of following God is not about the blessing Abraham was plenty blessed in or of the Kal these you understand that Abraham was plenty bless you don't need to leave Earth the Kaldis to be blessed and friends this is a thing it's not just about you leaving your family in order to be blessed in order to earn your millions or your billions or whatever it's not that it's so that you can be a blessing God said I want you to leave Earth or kill these or can bless you not just to make you rich but so that you can be a blessing so the whole wall of all nations of the world will be the last question was Egypt blessed because of Abraham. Did you catch up let me ask this question again was Egypt and Pharaoh blessed because of a ram's presence no they were cursed the understand that look you just take a step back and look at this whole picture. Who cursed. Who played Pharaoh it was God why. Because Abraham wasn't willing to be honest and up front with Pharaoh God wanted to bless Abraham so that he could be a blessing to all these heathen nations that did not know about God but the only thing that these here the nations of this Egyptian nation knew about God at this point was his God is powerful and he plagues people they didn't have any more of a desire to follow God with a brand their. Friends so many times we focus on the riches cattle sheep men servants maid servants. That blessing was not from God that blessing was from the devil friends do you understand that God did not send a Brehm down to Egypt to make him rich God sent the famine in Canaan and he went into Egypt so that Abraham could be a blessing a witness but when he arrives there because he was not faithful to God He became a curse instead and look what happened at the very end verse 20 and Pharaoh commanded his men concerning him and they sent him away and his wife and all that he had a get out of my place you are bad luck that's what Vera was thinking many of us were many of us all of God's children are called to be a blessing not a curse and yet Hyo we turned the blessing into a curse Yeah Abraham he came up with great riches. But that was not the purpose of God see friends Christians can actually become a curse to the world when we are unfaithful and disobeying and distrust God in these little areas of life God was one that led a room down there but yet he didn't trust God enough that God would protect him he trusted him enough to come out of the land of the counties but then he faltered in this area and friends this is what happens when God's people are unfaithful we become a curse to the world and we make God look worse we put people off with our Christianity did you ever think that your lie doesn't hurt you but hurts others you are not justified in lying just because you got away with it and God seems to bless you you're not justified in it when when you break the Sabbath for one exam just for that you can help more people to become a doctor so you can pass his exam no you become a great a curse while well well you might not see it is just that we have the curtain drawn back here we actually see what's happening to this nation because of one man's unfaithfulness when a blessing becomes a curse whole friends God was testing Abraham and needless to say he had much to grow in the area of his faith he left his country which was a great step in faith the ready but he showed Abraham that there was still more room to growing guess what he could not do that back in the cow the seed enough to tell you no to lies or anybody back in or everybody knew that that was his wife do you see that. God brought him out to be a blessing but before he could be a blessing God to show him you know to trust me with all your heart and you know friends this story here the section here it just highlights the grace of God that even though he he had this momentary lapse in his faith God still did not cast him off he came out rich man and you know there's not a single perfect person here on this earth and when you commit you like to Christ you're not going to be perfect for ever but sometimes God all castrates those events and helps us to see our great need and yet even though we fall it doesn't cost us off entirely you know and so you know many of us we strive to be rich like Abraham but didn't do it God's way at least not in this 1st sense you know and so look it was God that sent the famine it was probably God that got Abraham to go down to Egypt and then God stood back to see what Abraham would do. But there's something that we can learn from this as we conclude this section and this story here this evening Genesis 13 versus one for Genesis 13 versus one to 4 this is what the Bible says and Abraham went up out of Egypt he and his wife and all that he had unlocked with him into the south and Abraham was very rich in cattle in silver and in gold and he went on his journeys from the south even to Bethel even under the place where his tent had been at the beginning between Bethel and high unto the place of the altar which he had made there at the 1st and there Abraham called on the name of the Lord friends in spite of what had happened even then when he was cast out of Egypt asked to leave and he went back to Cain and there the 1st thing that he did was call upon God even when he failed he came heck running to God even though he had faults of he didn't let the riches get in the way that would have been verse 3 or 2 and then but yet it came to verse 4 and the 1st thing that Abraham did was set up that altar and worship God and probably the 1st thing he did was confess the sin as renew his commitment back to God you know just to make sure that God was with him. And it was a reminder of what he left behind and why he was here in the land of Canaan you know. When we look at Abraham's faith and we consider him the father of faith we know about his lie but we forget the big picture as to why God called each and every one of us God does want to bless you. He doesn't want you to go hungry he'll give you your bread and your water he provide for you when you seek Him All these things will be added unto you you know we like these promises of God take care of me God watch over me God look out for me God bless me but we forget the reason why he blesses us in a stand that we forget the reason why he gives us these blessings so that we can be a blessing you know our house here is not a very big house it's 33 rooms and we just got this where our recording is actually a store room and it was converted into my office and my wife was gracious enough for to give me the office of the store in civilian office and we've tried to figure out where to put all our other things in this house God has blessed me wonderfully with this house and. My wife she constantly reminds me you know and I have to be reminded all the time as well that these blessings are not given so that I can have a more comfortable life these blessings are given so that people can stay. You know and so on constant reminder about this when we buy our couch we're going to make sure that it's a washable couch because we know that we're going to have lots of people over and we're going to have people eat there and say we'll get spilled it's Ok we just go wash it we think about these things we don't think about what's the most comfortable couch that I can buy with my budget you see your thinking is different when you realize that God blesses you so that you can be a blessing you think about how you can be the greatest blessing so that you don't you don't look at people sitting on your couch and you get worried that they're going to dirty your couch and so next time we don't have so many people over next time we've got to make show me how the house rules that they can eat there next time you know we don't make such rules because we're so worried about people damaging our things. Of course we should take care of our items or not just throw it around or not care about it but you've got to remember that whatever God has given to you use it as a blessing not just the earn money and that's it but look at the possessions that God has given to you and ask God how can with what I have been blessed with from you to be a blessing better the world so that you don't get so caught up in self and so get caught up in these things that when something happens to your house or your couch or your table or or whatever it is that you have that you get so upset and you tell yourself on never having people over ever again do you understand that the blessings that God has given to you bless others. And you have a car sure it's new whatever it is but don't don't get so upset that you know it you know that you're so scared of people making your car smell i.b.o. that you can have sweaty people in your car you honestly want to me to go wash it off to clean it after that when you realize that what God has given to you is to be a blessing it gives you a different mindset lying then is not even an option to see that friends God wants to bless you so that you can be a blessing to others and it's possible friends it's possible to turn that blessing into a great curse has God led you here to k.l.. Has God led you to the place where he wants you to be you know in spite of whatever you're going through put aside your stresses put aside all the trials put aside all the bad things that happens you since you got there go back to the very beginning when you 1st arrived was it clear that God led you there. And if he did. Make sure you're faithful even in the little things because if you're not you become a great curse to your family to others but especially to God God did not throw Abraham off and say I can't believe you did that with all that are done for you you can't be my representative anymore no. I believe that Abraham repented and he had still ways to grow as we all do but we've got to remember faithfulness in these little things. Matter much we've got to learn to depend upon the Word of God with all that we have and not think that we have to take circumstances into our own hands because of God If God brought you there if you're faithful. Not only will he bless you but he'll bless everyone around you yes the heathen the Egyptians your non Adventist non-Christian believing parents you see that you bless your neighbors who bless those that don't know about God That's the reason why he wants to bless you so badly not to make you have a comfortable life not to make you so that you not to have a care of the worry about in the world and we shouldn't have because all these things will be added to us. But he wants a bless you today in order for us to receive that blessing we got to learn to live by faith even in the little areas of life friends where has God brought you to today and more than that have you been faithful to him. If you're not you've been shortchanging God's blessings not just on everyone else but on you as well. Riches can become a curse and not a blessing for us and so let's not look at it from the worldly perspective this evening let's ask God to guide us again let's build our altar and come back and say God I've left you forgive me a forgotten the reason why you brought me here but tonight I want to recommit my life to you again. And look at how not only you going to bless me but how I can be a blessing to everybody else. Let's pray Father in Heaven Lord you desire to bless your children so much you desire to show the whole world that you are a real god but too often we as your children we don't act like you children at all please forgive us Lord and help us to be faithful to you help us Lord that we might rise up and be counted and stand counted as your children today so that we can be a blessing to the whole world because so many people are looking for answers and they have no hope Lord help us to be that messenger of hope tonight only as we are faithful to you though so Lord please guide us and help us in the areas that we're struggling in areas that we thought were not essential in areas where thought that was just a white lie it was just a small lie God wasn't big help us father to follow you all the way and not to take the situation into our own hands and so Lord please fill us with your word fill us with faith to trust you in the very situation that we're going through right now and even in our own foolishness if we got ourselves into that difficult situation Lord by your grace lead us out of it as well. I know that you won't forsake us if we turn our eyes back to the oh Lord and so we recommit our lives to you tonight please Lord take our hearts we cannot give it keep it pure for us if we cannot keep it pure for the and save us in spite of our weak and Christ like self-love Please help us to do. Is up earnestly in prayer and. We pray in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons pleading visit w w w audio verse or.


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