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05 The Faith of Sarah

Benjamin Ng
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  • July 3, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time that we have to come study together Thank you Lord for your word thank you for this opportunity that we have to build to congregate together even though we're online Lord I know that your spirit is with us because there's more than 2 or 3 gathered here this evening so we're asking for your presence a lot we're asking for a blessing of the Holy Spirit to come and teach us and to lead us and guide us as we study about faith again if we pray in Jesus' name amen. I'd like to invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to hubris Chapter 11 for those that don't know we're going through Hebrews chapter 11 the faith chapter and we are looking at the faith of Sarah so please grab your Bibles Let's turn to Hebrews chapter 11 and I'm reading from verse 11 and 12 Hebrews 11 verses 11 and 12 the Bible says this through faith also Sarah herself received strength to conceive seed and was delivered of a child when she was passed age because she judged him faithful who had promised there for spring there even of one and him as good as dead so many as the stars of the sky in multitude and as the sand which is by the sea shore in numerable So look there is this in the middle of Abraham's faith story it does seem to take a cut and look at Sarah because it says through faith also Sarah herself receive strength to conceive seed So look let's go back to the original story in the Old Testament to understand about Sarah's faith let's turn to violence to Genesis Chapter 15 Ok Genesis Chapter 15 and we looked at this previously but we're going to look at it again Genesis Chapter 15 was starting in verse one Genesis 15 verse one after these things the word of the Lord came on to Abraham in a vision saying Fear not Abraham I am the shield and the exceeding great reward and Abrams said Lord God what wilt thou give me seeing I go childless and the steward of my house is this liaison of Damascus and Abrams said Behold to me that has given me no seed and lo one born in my house is mine air and behold the word of the Lord came to him. Saying this shall not be the line air but he that shall come forth out of the owned Baal's shall be the one air and he brought forth brought him forth abroad and said Look now toward heaven and hell the stars if thou be able to number them and the sentence of him so shall the I seed be you know Abraham he comes to God one day and any Ask God God look how can you make of me a great nation when I don't have a child God in order for me to be a great nation I need a child and so you know he's not strong arming God in that sense so he says God Look I'm going to recommend recommend my servant. He's a faithful man and he can be my heir he's willing to adopt a liaison as his son even though it's not from his own body is not literally his own son but he wants God's promise to be fulfilled so he says God Look I am willing to just adopt and you please bless him and let your promise be fulfilled through him and so obviously look. Abraham and Sarah have probably been trying for a kid for a while and it seems hopeless that Sarah and Abraham are able to have a kid and so he comes up with this idea but in his conversation right there and then as as Abraham talks to God God reply straight away and says Abraham look this is not going to be the inheritor of the promise I gave you in Genesis 12 it's not going to be a liaison. It's going to be a son that would come from your own bowels ill be a biological son you see that so God he makes his promise very clear he tells Abraham it's not going to be someone that you adopt it's going to be from your own body and not only that you're going to have so many children that you would not be able to number them and what is Abraham's response Genesis 15 verse 6 and he believed in the Lord and he counted it to him for righteousness look Abraham had faith he believed God's word what had God done he hadn't done anything he just said Abraham this is what's going to happen Abraham believed and God says as a result your righteous you see that look you got to understand that we can do nothing to be righteous in Isaiah 64 and verse 6 let's turn our Bibles there Isaiah 64 and verse 6 look at what the Bible says about our righteousness Isaiah $64.00 and verse 6 the Bible says but we are all as an unclean thing and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags and we all do fade as a leaf in our new goodies like the wind have taken us away all our righteousness is like filthy rags there is nothing good that we can do to be righteous nothing the Bible says Our Righteousness is like filthy rags So look all we need to do though. Is believe why because our righteousness is not dependent upon what we do but on the ability that God has and what he will do and the thing is this friends when God says it he'll do it yes then that that's why creation a song Paul and because God said it it happened that's all he did that's why God created the world by speaking and all we need to do is to belief this is why faith is so important this is why righteousness by faith is not just righteousness that we need to get to heaven it's righteousness by faith not in something that we can do but in something that God is able to do what is our part it's faith it's to believe let's on a Bible still Luke Chapter 7 and verse 50 why is face so important let me show this to you Luke Chapter 7 and verse 50 Ok Luke 7 verse 50 why is faith so important the Bible says this and he said to the woman that I faith have had to save the Go in peace Friends faith and faith alone saves with out faith we can never be saved do you know that let's go to Fiji and chapter 2 and verse 8 this is a famous text about Grace and look maybe many of you can quote it but let me show you what associate Feagin chapter 2 and verse 8 look at what the Bible says Feagin chapter 2 verse 8 For by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God we are saved by what grace through faith. Look faith is the arm that grabs hold of grace and brings the blessing down to us brings salvation down to us grace saves us that part Grace is God's part it's the gift. But in order to grab the gift we need faith that's why it's righteousness that's God's part by faith that's our part but God has given us all an elements of faith to believe do you know that we just got to exercise it we're going to exercise it we've got to believe we've got to hold on to the Word of God and Abraham he had this tight relationship with God He knew him he spoke to him face to face and so when God spoke it it was easy for Abraham to believe but not only that let's go back to Genesis Chapter 15 God ratifies his covenant he read of Pfizer's promise he he confirms his promise do you know that Genesis 151-8221 less than a Genesis 151-8221. In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abraham saying unto the i.c. have I given this land from the River of Egypt unto the great river the river Euphrates the Ken ites and the Ken as ites and the Catman knights and the Hittites and the parasites and the rough aims and the Amorites and the Canaanites and the good shots and the German sites he basically says that he's going to give Abraham the whole land and that do you know that something that he a promise of the very beginning when we 1st encounter the story of Abraham. And you know just hold on a minute I know that the title of our group is a fake the Sarah we're going to get to that Ok but we're building on a story or right but God he's given this promise to Abraham again but he gave it before let me show you Genesis Chapter 12 let's turn our Bibles back 3 chapters Genesis Chapter 12 and verse 7 Look what the Bible says and the Lord appeared on to Abraham and said unto the I seed will I give this land and there he build it an altar unto the Lord who appeared to him so we can sense that probably God knows that Abraham is probably getting anxious about the fulfillment of this promise God in order for me to inherit this land and to be a great nation I need more than just me so he gets a liaison God says no no no you can have a son is going to be through your own balls and I'm going to give you this whole land he ratifies this promise and Abraham God can probably sense that he's probably getting a bit anxious he's still living in a tent sure he's a rich man by now you know Egypt they gave him all these riches right but yet the promise unfulfilled but God says Look Abraham I've not forgotten so he repeats the promise as if to say Abraham don't worry what I've promised I will do it. So what happens next God promises to Abraham you can have a son and you know he probably runs back so overjoyed right ready to tell his wife what conversation he just had with God Let's now go to Genesis 16 and start in verse one. Genesis 16 and verse one now Sara I Abraham's Abraham's wife bear him no children and she had on hand made an Egyptian whose name was Hagar and Sarah I sent a brown behold now the Lord hath restrained me from bearing I pray thee go in unto my maid It may be that I may obtain children by her and Abraham harkened to the voice of Sarah so Sarah at this point she has no faith in what God said a ram god mother told you but he never told me you know they obviously must have been trying to have a child for a long time until the point of what Sarah I Sarah she gave up hope and so even though God has calmed spoke speaking to Abraham and the ram runs back with Joy saying 8 God's promise that we're going have a son and Sarah says one in verse 2 the Lord has restrained me from Barry. And not only that she goes one step further well since God promised you go take this woman my maid go sleep with her and you can have your son you know at this point Sara absolutely has no faith friends the biggest challenge to faith is what we see with our own eyes and what we think our experience is sufficient wisdom to guide us we got to be really careful with this you know the challenge was Sarah is she had this experience of we don't know how many years of trying and no child no child and then Abraham his challenge was what. God's word. Versus his wife's work and this is a challenge that many of us face God's word versus man's word and you see friends today. Man says the 10 commandments are not relevant but God says you got to keep it who you listen to. Today man says it's Ok to lie for a good cause God says Thou shall not lie today a man says. You got to try before you buy God says don't commit adultery or your fornication you know it's faith versus doubt it's it's man's word versus God's word and you know what are we going to listen to and obviously you know when we read in a book it's Sometimes it's challenging because the person that stands before us they have experience of years they say it's Ok and look at me and they'll say I've I've turned out Ok you understand that and sometimes it's our own experiences that gets in the way of believing and trusting God for example do you believe that you can have true joy even though you follow God's 10 Commandments do you believe that God gave those 10 quotes to you so that you can be happy because he loves you well I experience my experiences I want to go out with my friends and I want to the Sabbath I don't want to not lie you know these things get me in trouble in a sense. And so it's really bad as word and really our experiences versus God's word and what he has said in the Bible. Remember Romans Chapter 10 verse of unseen the text I always refer to every lesson So then faith cometh by we're hearing and hearing by the Word of God You know we got so believe God to the extent that we expect and we depend upon his word to do what it says because God's word has self-fulfilling power do you know that when God speaks it will happen. But when it is in reference to us it's according to how much we believe you see that. So look. We don't know how long Abraham and Sarah have been trying for but long enough to give up hope and Abraham 1st to say hey God choose a liaison my servant and for Sarah to say what Abraham go sleep with my hand made Hagar and you'll have your son. That's what happens when we let go of the world friends that's what happens when we get desperate and we take matters into our own hands and it even seems to make us unreadable I mean how could a wife tell her husband to go sleep with another woman especially someone that's in fear it's. A made when we step out of the boundaries of faith it makes us an reasonable yes the world looks at us when used begin to exercise faith you know who looks at us and says we're unreasonable How can you believe in creation when the whole world believes in evolution and it we say it's so clear what it really isn't or how can you take one day off when the whole world works on that day you see that. But really when you look at it from the god standpoint it really makes us unreasonable and you know some would say that God is being unreasonable but when God speaks he's never a reasonable because his word is the very thing that fulfills his promise that's what it is His word in it is found the power to accomplish what he says so. Abraham goes into Hagar has a son Ishmael and look at this point how old is Abraham So we're in beginning of Genesis Chapter 16 Ok where Abraham ran to Sarah and she said go into to my handmade and have a son and so he has a son Ishmael comes out how old is he at this time let's go to the end of Genesis Chapter 16 the Bible says here Genesis 16 verse $15.16 and Hagar bear Abraham a son and Abraham called his son's name which Hagar bear Ishmael and Abraham was 4 score and 6 years old when Hagar bear Ishmael Abraham Abraham was what 86 years old Ok now we're going to move from the end of Genesis 16 there so the very next chapter the 1st verse Genesis 17 verse one look at this and when Abraham was 90 years old and I am the Lord appeared to Abraham said I am the Almighty God walk before me and be the perfect friends. How old was Abraham at the end of Genesis 16 he was 86 years old and then the very next verse is the next chapter Yes but isn't that verse he's 99 years old now at this time you know we just go from one verse another 13 years have passed at this point Ishmael is 13 years old keep this in mind as we continue to look at what's about to happen here in Genesis Chapter 17 verse 2 so God already comes Abraham he says I'm almighty God walk before me verse 2 and all make my covenant between me and thee and will multiply the exceedingly sounds like a promise he's already made and a brown fell in his face and God told with him saying as for me behold my covenant is with the and that will be a father of many nations something Abraham already knows neither shall the name any more be called Abraham but the name shall be Abraham for a father of many nations have made the so his name itself has been changed to this meaning and God is saying look you're going to be Father many nations this is one change your name it's a reminder this promise is certain. Verse 6 and all make the exceeding fruitful and all make nations of the end kings shall come out of the and I will establish my covenant between me and thee and I seed after the in their generations for an everlasting covenant to be a God and to the and to the I seed after the and I will give unto the ends of the seed after the the land where in a stranger all the land of Canaan for everlasting possession and I will be their God nothing new that God is saying this is the 3rd time God is coming and is repeating his promise that he gave to Abraham all the way back in Genesis 12 and now Abraham is able to visualize this promise a bit better now that God is coming to him why because he's got a son Ishmael when he says I'm going to make you fruitful I'm going to make you a father many nations and you this land is like yes Ishmael Ishmael Ishmael right. This is exactly what Abraham is thinking. And you know. When when God comes you're Abraham you're thinking Ok God thank you now you're about to establish my son right. Let's continue verse 15. And God Sen Abraham s. were saying right the wife Thou shalt not call her name Sarah but Sarah for her name for Shall her name be and I will bless her and give the a son also offer yea I will bless her and she shall be a mother of nations kings of people shall be of her then Abraham fell on his face look at this and luffed and said in his heart who fell in his face it was Abraham and he laughed in his heart saying what shall a child be born in to him that is a 100 years old and Sarah that is 90 years old bear and Abraham servants of God Oh that Ishmael might live before the you see that So God says not only to Abraham but now he focuses on Sarah Their 10 years apart. Her name is changed as well just as much as Abraham's thing is changed as well these 2 are for ever linked in regards to his covenant. Do you see that. But Abraham Laughs He's like Ok Ok God God Yes yes Sarah is my wife. Ishmael do you see her all his fault is in this chapter when God comes to him you know I don't know maybe God has been silent for 13 years and I don't know why God waited this long 13 years passes by 13 years Abraham has been looking at Ishmael 13 years as a promised one look my daughter is not even 10 years old yet and that's a mighty long time. Think about this where were you 13 years ago what were you doing I can tell you where I was I was back in u.s.. I just I'm one year removed graduated from theology school 13 years I'm not even married yet I've not even met my wife yet 13 years Abraham has been looking at Ishmael like he's the promised one and so you can imagine there in verse 18 Abraham says to God God Oh that Ishmael might live before the God Don't forget my son look. Why would it have been a big problem I mean why why did Abraham laugh. Abraham's 100 years old Sarah is 90 years old the 10 years apart a-K. I mean why would this have been a big problem you know Abraham's like God Ishmael if you can think of any other option he just laughs like how can Sarah have a kid number one she had obviously not been able to have kids and it wasn't Abraham's fault because when he slept with Hagar she had kids. But when you go to Romans Chapter 4 let's turn our Bibles there Romans Chapter 4 Why does Abraham laugh look at this verse 19 Romans chapter 4 and verse 19 less than the Bible's there Romans fall verse 19 the Bible says this and being not weak in faith he considered not his own body now dead whose body Abraham. When he was about 100 years old not yet the deadness of what Sarah's womb you know when God comes to Abraham in Genesis 17 and he's saying God over that Ishmael might live before you right at this point in time not only had Sarah's womb died. Abraham's body had died as well he was not able to have any more kids so both both sides of the equation had a problem so that's why you can imagine Abraham's laughing and says Look. Impossible maybe it didn't take much faith 13 years earlier because you know he was still I guess healthy in his body Abraham but Sarah's womb probably at the age of 76 because Abraham was 86 and the 10 years apart at the age of 76 maybe her womb had already died so for 2323 Of what for 13 years her womb didn't get any better in fact Abraham's body got worse right so look this is the why Abraham is all huffing and he's saying Look God it's impossible Ishmael Ishmael. But what happens let's go back to Genesis 17. Genesis 17 and Abraham he's recommended Ishmael and what happens verse 19 Genesis 17 verse 19 and God said Sarah by wife shall bear the a son in deed and valor shall call his name Isaak and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant and with his seed after him do you see that God's direction is very clear he even gives the name of the son of Sarah and Abraham. He doesn't even leave it to the hands of a ram and Sarah to name their own child his name is going to be Isaac and I am going to establish my covenant with him for ever and his seed and as for Ishmael I've heard the Behold I have blessed him and will make him fruitful and multiply him exceedingly 12 princes shall he beget and or make him a great nation but my covenant will live stablish with Isaak which Sarah shall bear unto the at this time in the next year friends God makes it very clear. He makes a very clear look how would you have felt if you were Abraham God why don't you tell me 13 years earlier when you see the thing is this God did tell but the problem with Abraham and the reason why Ishmael came out was because he lacked faith do you understand that because Abraham listened to his wife over God's word 13 years earlier or 14 years earlier and conceived and then r.k. Michele a year later this is why they were in that predicament sort of speak it wasn't God's fault God's command was clear. It would be through Abraham Yes but he never asked Abraham to go and sleep with Hagar. 13 years earlier if Abraham had said to Sarah Sarah I hear what you say But come let's not be foolish let's just try if they just had tried one time. In Genesis x 16 of the very beginning of that chapter if if they had just tried one time Isaac would have come up. But they didn't even try. And that was the problem friends you know when it comes to God's word. Sometimes we see things in His Word that are just so unbelievable that we don't even try to believe it. We don't even try to keep it when even try to do it and we have so many roadblocks in our mind that we don't even try and 13 years earlier 14 years earlier Abraham didn't even try he'd just listened to his wife and today look it seems like. You know why why does God bless him when he lies and then when he commits fornication or adultery look those are the custom of those times this is not what God approves today do you know that in Genesis Chapter 4 Lesko that Genesis Chapter 4 who was the 1st one to have more than one wife Genesis 4 verse 17 look at this and Cain knew his wife and she conceived and bare in Ark and he build a city and called the name of the city after the name of the Son Iraq and it's you know it was born Irad an era bigot. Jail him who jail be get me through Salem or through syllabi got Lamech and verse 19 and Lemonick took him 2 wives the name of the one was in the name of the other was Zillah you know where did this idea of polygamy come from and 2 wives it was not from the descendants of God it was from the descendants of Cain the wicked one and even after God cleanse the flood cleanse a world by a flood and no was a family was left the seed of sin and its root was still there even though the whole world in a sense was cleansed and this understanding of to hives is from the world and why does it seem like God blessed he didn't bless Abraham Abraham's body was not dead yet do you understand that God did not bless in that sense Abraham he went ahead of God and did something that God never asked him to do and I just want to pause a moment here and you know we can always point to the Old Testament for our sins. You know that's that's when people become whole hearted old testament believe us when we want to find something to justify our sinful ways of you know Ray have lied so it's Ok for us to lie and you're you know Abraham a 2 wives is Ok for us to have 2 wives or you know commit adultery here and there no friends they were living in a time where the light was limited God had not revealed everything in the very beginning God only created Adam and Eve one man one woman and that's how he has always intended for it to be and when you look at the life of Abraham and marrying Sarah and then having another wife and Hagar it just cause him lots of family issues we've got to be careful when we follow the Old Testament and we think that their sins are excusable in our day but they were living in a time of limited light God had not revealed everything friends but today thousands of years later the truth is shining brightly as the noonday sun upon us all we can find the truth if we search for it with all our hearts but anyways look let's come back to Genesis 17 God says Abraham Ishmael's not the one is going to be Sarah. Let's now go to Genesis Chapter 18 and this is when the 3 visitors come to visit Abraham and he feeds them and talks to them and constrains them to stay and eat with them you know and Genesis 18 verse 9 look at this. And they said answer him Abraham Where is Sarah the wife and he said Behold in the tent and he said I will certainly return to the according to the time of life and lo Sarah the wife shall have a son and Sarah heard it in the tent door which was behind him and now Abraham and Sarah what old and well stricken in age and it ceased to be was Sarah after the manner of woman therefore Sarah laughed within herself saying after I am old shall I shall I have pleasure my lord being old also God returns and tells Abraham and Sarah this time and now this time it's Sarah's turns a laugh same reaction that Abraham had it was unbelievable Did she have faith didn't seem like it. That's reason why she laughed we can still see here that she is still doubting God's word. What does God do he doesn't stop there verse 13 and the last sentence Abraham wherefore did Sarah laugh saying Shall I Of a surety bear a child which I'm old is anything too hard for the Lord at the time appointed I will return into the According to the time of life and Sarah shall have a son then Sarah tonight saying what I left not for she was afraid and he said Nay but it's a laugh you know God puts Sarah in her place talks directly to her she has a conversation with God Himself as well and he gives this greatest of promises that we like to quote here is anything too hard for the Lord a rhetorical question friends really is anything too hard for the Lot Of course not. Of course not the God that spanned the heavens and put the skies in their place just by the breath of his mouth he can create a sign there is nothing too hard for the Lord when God says that he will do it because in his word there is found the self fulfilling power what do we need to do we just got to believe and friends why is belief so important you see in Genesis 16 lack of belief cause them not to try when Abraham says we're going to son Sarah says go to Hagar they don't even try but faith even though you might have a little bit of doubt if you have faith like a mustard seed and you willing to give it a try God will open the Red Sea before you he will do a miracle before your very eyes that it will be so clear that God He reigns in heaven above friends have you experience God's word in your life have you experience experience the miracles and how God says I will be with you and I'll never leave you not forsake you came here to bless you and not to curse you God wants to give the very best of his children we got to believe in the area of diet do you believe that what God gives and councils in the world do you believe that that's the very best that God wants to give us. Do you think that you know better or your experiences tell you that it's better to eat a certain way friends go to the world 1st don't go to science don't go to experience none of these 2 have anything to do with faith nothing our belief must be built upon the Word of God. You know God is so gracious he gives us room to grow he's giving Sarah room to grow in her faith he's like Is anything too hard for me what do you think Sarah remember that don't forget Genesis 21 verse one look at this Genesis 21 verse one and the Lord visited Sarah as he had said and the Lord did answer Sarah as he had spoken for Sarah conceived and Abraham a son in his old age at the set time of which God spoke had spoken to him and Abraham called the name of a son that was born to him whom Sarabande to him Isaac the promise is finally fulfilled Sarah gives birth to Isaac who is the promised one you know in the verses that we read here it doesn't seem like Sarah has much faith it seems like she's struggling with her faith throughout the whole thing doesn't it it seems like she's doubting at every corner but yet we read in Hebrews 11 that Sarah definitely did have a part to play she must have repented after God spoke to her directly and said Sarah is anything too hard for me you forget who I am she must have had faith if we go back to Hebrews chapter 11 in verse 11 let me remind you what the Bible says that we read at the very beginning of this study through faith also through what through faith also Sarah herself received the strength to conceive seed. And was delivered of a child when she was passed age because she judged him faithful who had promised Sara had faith eventually Connor speak to all those that are out there in relationships of day to spouses you know it's so important to find one who is equally yoked. And look you might go to church but you might not have the same faith the understand that. Not everyone is called to be a pastor's wife and you know my wife she didn't know that what she was getting into Neither did I when we got married but I tell you because my wife is a praying woman she is able to adapt and change and accept God's leading in my life and it's not because she just blindly follows is not because she just has no thoughts over own and you know I'm the stronger character in the family and she just follows like that no friends I'm blessed with a godly wife and my dear friends you got to pray for a good woman or a good man so that when times are tough. She'll pray for you as well this just highlights the importance of good Godly spouses husbands and wives so this is the reason why God says don't be an equally yoked together because when you fall your wife will probably or your husband will just mark you see you're no better than the rest of the world instead of going oh I need to pray for my husband he's in trouble he's struggling there are many times friends that I've thought to leave the ministry there are many times I want to go back to the world when why why why of us not only pray but she told me no God called you it's so important to have good and godly 6 boxes and yes look. It's not that she believe that the very beginning right but yet she has an honorable mention in the Hall of Fame there in Hebrews 11. By faith also received strength to conceive she eventually came around. And so for those I think oh you know I don't have Abraham you got to be look at Abraham you got to pray for your wife you got to prove your husband that they would have the same faith as you not not if they are not of the same faith you know they don't go to the same the nomination of the same church or the same they don't have the same religion as you pray for them yes but even those that are Christian as well you go to pray for your wife husband that they would have the wisdom of heaven that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit that they would be guided by God and have faith not not built upon you but their own experience with Jesus Christ friends is anything too hard for the Lord when God gives you his word and ask you to perform it he gives you the very tools to do it as well. Who is the most important voice in your life today that's the greatest challenge to many of our own faith you know is it our parents is it our friends is it our boss or our lecture or is it our spouse maybe or maybe even our kids. I pray that we would learn this lesson of faith that God is trying to teach us that you to help us to put God's word above every part of man's word yes sometimes it requires a cross but I've only Abraham had stood up to his wife in Genesis 16 it would have saved him all that heart ache and sorrow in Genesis 17 so friends God. He wants you to learn to put him 1st today his word in your heart so that as we learn to walk with him. As we learn to step out in faith. Especially to the men up there that you can lead your family in the way of the Lord and as you look back you'll see that Abrahamic Covenant was not just for Abraham himself but God desires to bless you today as well so that you can be a blessing may God give us the faith of Abraham and the faith of Sarah as well today let's bow our heads shall we let's pray Father in heaven thank you so much for this word to encourage us again help us all a lot to hold on to you in spite of what we see in spite of what we hear help us law to put you for us help us to trust your word help us to spend time and have a deep relationship and an interaction with Jesus Christ our Savior is there when he comes with these words and some of them seeming commands we know that what you give us is for our best you desire the best for all of us and so Lord police help us to step out in faith that way will you please strengthen our faith and help us to remember always Nothing is too hard for you or not and so in spite of circumstances that are thrown away that cause us to forget sometimes help us to hold on to the word and never forget that not only do you love us and care for us but you are more than able. To do in our circumstances to help us in our circumstances even though sometimes we ourselves cannot see and so help us to hold on to by faith to you today oh Lord guide us through our trials sorrows our problems help us to see Jesus and his never failing word and promises to us we pray in Jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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