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The Liar and the Lion: Tyranny and Postmodernism

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • December 12, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Let's pray Lord where would we be if we didn't have the light of your presence to guide our way you came here to establish a relationship with humanity in relationship with each human being and pray May none of us squander the privilege of knowing you and I'm asking now Lord that as we've gathered collectively for your presence here to be teacher comforter convict or Guy thank you for the blessings of this service thus far and we ask now that what happens here would be indeed a true divine appointment in the word in Jesus name I pray Amen Good morning I'm tired of my message this morning the liar and the liar and tyranny imposed modernism and I'm going to work my way backwards in the title 7 years ago there was a film produced called Amazing Grace it was the story of one William Wilberforce he was the statesman born in England in the late 18th century the late 17th hundreds along the way he wrestled with whether or not he was called to the ministry eventually his friend William Pitt who had become the youngest prime minister of Britain convinced him that he could fill fill God's role operating inside the parliamentary procedure of Great Britain he began a war was slavery it was a war that in the beginning if if the videography the rendition of history produced by the filmmakers is that all accurate that upon the 1st vote in this house of parliament for the extinguishing of of slavery in all parts of the Dominions that there were almost 300 against and very few for. It chronicles the story of a long view inside the culture of Great Britain where many cities beans that it was an empire state were based on trade and that trade prospered on the backs of slaves in the West Indies the one point in the video pit and Wilberforce is friendship is cast into the most pit comes to tell Wilberforce that he needs to give up on this idea and quit talking about it he tells him he's been hanging out with the wrong friends and he's even seen a letter on his desk from Thomas Jefferson of course Wilberforce is incensed that someone including his best friend is virtually spying on him and pick goes on to tell him that there's about to be a war Wilberforce's with who and Pitt uses a negative and derogatory comment about the the box of rocks in his head and he walks off and he tells Wilberforce that he's got to go do the dirty work while some people keep their conscience intact later in that video there's a scene in which one of the preachers that has been a part of this journey sitting in the upper mezzanine of the parliamentary rooms and he stands up to preach it's during the same time that Pitt and Wilberforce have seen their relationship divided and as the preacher gets up to preach he begins to announce his subject matter and his subject matter relates to something that most Great Britain have grown weary of and that is the narrative of breaking the slave trade hold on the economy of Great Britain and the story as it's told is one in which you watch the parishioners file out of the pews later when Pitt is dying prematurely Wilberforce comes to his bedside. The victory over slavery is almost formalized it is Pitt is laying there in his large bedstead Wilberforce comes in he refers to him as will he will be and he talks about being afraid in Wilberforce says of what he said I wish I had your faith at this moment touching moment history tells us you can go to Westminster Abbey and you can see that Wilberforce and Pitt are buried next to each other. For decades Wilberforce fought the fight for the abolition of the slave trade and finally the minds of society and the laws of the land were changed there are moments in that journey when Wilberforce runs squarely into a resistance that appears to be more than he has emotional momentum to overcome but one man galvanizes the collective conscience of an entire nation and fear over economic loss and fear of all other things associated with doing the right triumphs in the day and the experience is somewhat replicated only at the rate of tearing a nation apart across the pond in America some 30 years later. I start to smarting with this illustration because all Americans all citizens of the globe ought to know who Jesus is and they ought to have that friend that drives away fear and opens the heart. To a decision that changes the life for time and for eternity this great nation United States of America has been the catalyst that has been the structure has been the framework upon which other lands have determined that citizens could participate in governance no actually own the process of governance and that those that serve actually serve the people instead of how it's been for most of our 6 millennia where the people serve those who govern what hangs in the balance in this moment in human history is that very element of a liberal democratic republic and the elements of culture are setting the stage for the destruction of societal governance as we've known strong statement. But the very element of cultural change unchecked and held unaccountable by moms and dads and preachers and teachers and other leaders of society finds itself in a most delicate and deal a tear Yes or detrimental position today because the very essence of postmodernism which is a move beyond the modern a move beyond that which says The world will get better there is absolute truth and we can trust in our own ability to deliver ourselves with good science that mindset largely is been evaporating for what we now call postmodernism. One definer says the fundamental difference between modernism and post-modernism is that modern thinking or modernist thinking was about the search for abstract truth as this as if it existed my interjection truth of life what postmodernist believe there is no universal truth abstract or otherwise and one other definer says Postmodernism is post because it denies the existence of any ultimate principles and lacks the optimism of there being a scientific philosophical or religious truth which will explain everything to everybody why does it matter because once you abandon ultimate principles once you abandon absolute truth now honesty is no longer something that holds us accountable but information in its management is a way to develop narratives that make people accountable to the masses we do not have a raw democracy here we have a democratic republic which protects the minority voice and experience and this morning I think you need to understand that when you're there when the ship of civility cuts ties with the anchor of absolute truth it drifts out into the arena where the currents of culture can take it wherever it wants to go and the elements of my making right creates a huge problem for those who have convictions that don't negatively affect the larger larger body populace but actually shape the individual in a distinct way of holding in my hands a Pew Research poll says most Americans think that social media sites censor political viewpoints well just by the title you can know that most which includes more than 50 percent means that we had to cross the burial political divide. In other words whether you're a Democrat or Republican now Republicans believe it more than Democrats do but there's enough people on both sides of the political line divide that believes this social media is actually censoring information labeling I didn't know until this week I'm not on Facebook but I didn't know you could get thrown in jail on Facebook or the variation of I mean I can understand obviously you can't yell fire in a crowded theater but beyond that and I'm not beyond that but in that ilk and of that that John Ross of communication beyond that genre Americans have believed through the years that a free flowing discussion of facts not narratives is what keeps us the land of the free and the brave I'd like you to take your boat and if you would and I want to look at the quote in the bullets in this morning very important testimonies Volume 4 the Lord frequently places us in difficult positions to stimulate us to greater exertion and other words we have a tendency to become kind of flabby spiritually and his providence special annoyances sometimes occur to test our patience and faith God gives us lessons of trust he would teach us where to look for help and strength thus we obtain practical knowledge of His Divine Will So let's parse it right there. In a discovering of Divine Will God actually allows us to come into problem situations that are bigger than us the book of Isaiah says it will hear a voice behind a saying This is the way walk in it it will be impossible to hear that voice if we're not listening to that voice in a daily connection with God I had someone tell me just this week actually yesterday don't complain about being able to go and see your mother because of covert laws if you don't bother to pick up the phone and call or once a day I don't know mothers in the congregation today let's be principled people it's one thing to define ourselves by party it's another thing to be principled in all aspects of our lives precept m. principle guiding where we go ob caning practical knowledge of His Divine Will comes from being in difficult positions she goes on thus we have team practical knowledge of His Divine Will which we so much need in our life experience and I'm going to say friends of ever we needed it before we sure do need it now and one last sentence faith grows strong in earnest conflict with what doubt and fear so we've got pretty good at removing doubt and fear in some respects from our living but God Himself is the architect of our day isn't going to remove it all as a matter of fact Ernest complex where doubt and fear is the journey forward postmodernism has set us up to distrust media and of course some of it is very distrust worthy of course you say Pastor that depends on which side of the spectrum Iran if there's one thing I want to do this morning I want to challenge you to move out of the silo or the sound chamber of where you live and somebody challenge me recently the fact of the matter is truth stands on its own and has its own defense. But when we come to a place where we can no longer be challenged we are not in a very truthful position take your Bibles this morning open them up to the Book of Proverbs right after the book of Psalms will begin today and probably Chapter 24 almost all of my scripture will come from this book of wisdom today probably Chapter 24 beginning with Verse 3 it says by wisdom a house is built and by understanding it is established and by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches on the father of 4 and through the years it's been my privilege to nurture along with my dear wife these 3 boys and this daughter of mine and help them find their way to a happy successful life my role is so similar to that of my wives and yet so different beings that a wide gulf separates male from female and while those are bonded deeply in the matrimony as a state of marriage there is a uniqueness that a father and a mother bring to a situation which makes it doubly difficult when a mother finds herself doing it all but the part that a dad does not in contradistinction but in some measure of distinction from the mother is that a dad actually becomes a larger part typically of that journey of confidence to face off with all those giants that are out there in the land some of them are part of the development from adolescent to adult some of them are just the fears that grew out of the background of our being those different moments when the challenge and the requirement is presented that yes we will or you will do this no matter how difficult it is it is often the father that puts the stiffness in the back it's not just it should be both. But if there is a benefit to a less emotionally derived network of relationships which is often that of Father it is the father's job to be able to proceed into the radiance of the difficult the fearful and help arrange for a conflict that comes out victorious on the other side where there's more self confidence in a Christian's journey confidence in a Living God in the abilities that he's given us it takes wisdom to build a home it takes wisdom and understanding the goal is through this knowledge as well to establish a home where fear does not rain where joy is there and confidence is a result turned over the book of problems verse 20 Chapter $26.00 which leads me to this morning's topic Proverbs Chapter $26.00 looking at verse 17 like one who takes a dog by the ears is one who passes by metals with strife belonging to him this verse is included in this message today because at some level I've taken the dog by the years I've had many dogs currently have a very large dog I've never grabbed a dog by the years for fear that the more canine reflex would engage itself to remind me I've made a poor choice the truth of the matter is is that our whole society is divided and involved in a conflict at some level as a shepherd of a flock and as a teacher of the word I myself cannot run from that and leave the the flock to the wolves it appears to me that people would take advantage of a some both sides. And this morning it is important for all of us to understand that while we should not look to enter into a conflict that has nothing to do with us there are complex that have something to do with us and we should be in them that righteous people resist evil just as evil people resist the righteous chapter $29.00 of Proverbs looking at verse 9. Chapter $29.00 verse 9 when a wise man has a controversy with a foolish man the foolish man either rages or laughs and there is no rest it appears to me that much of our society has devolved into the dynamics of foolishness because nobody can talk to anybody yesterday I had a nice long conversation with someone that does not really look at this covert experience exactly the same way I do with a very good conversation between 2 people that respect each other and in the dialogues of respect each of us I trust and a measure of balance seen and understanding that came away from the dialogue but never in the midst of that hour plus long visit was anybody raging or scoffing or scorning the understand friends when you're a sincere seeker of truth you don't have to have an emotional response of anger because identity has been touched or of scorning pride because you know so much more fragile arguments cannot stand up against scrutiny fragile people cannot either when a person is truly seeking truth they can endure the iron sharpening iron that the Bible describes in problems Chapter 27 but when you have to rage or scoff you're on the wrong side of right it doesn't matter what the topic is. Well I'm not suggesting there are moments when indignation finds a proper application but when it's a discussion of ideas when it's a discussion of being and doing most things do not raise themselves to the category of rage certainly some gross injustices do but when rage or scorning laughter is a part of your dialogue is suggests that your arguments are weak and your person may not be far behind society is in a very fragile position at this moment because politics in implementation of political strategy is no longer just idea it's idiology to the very essence of bean and so an attack on the idea is an attack on the person it's ontological It's about being I would like to suggest you that we have an existential threat in America right now that without the ability to pursue truth or the interest in it due to postmodernism that your truth versus your truth is sufficient enough to tear all true down and make a society suspicious and certain how to behave and what to do that's where we're at at the moment the problem is is that people are just kind of flowing through this experience without being serious about what's going on and I'd like to suggest you before I'm all done today there are 3 narratives that you need to be paying attention to but I'm not quite there yet Proverbs Chapter 26 go back if you would verse 5 so why am I bringing this message this morning because the Bible says answer a fool as his folly deserves that he may not be wise in his own eyes if there's one thing that I don't want to happen is I don't want to miss a chance to call cadence at the highest levels of credibility. Which means that if I need to change a perspective that I have in humility I desire to do so but in tell someone shows me in a dialogue of respect not rage or scorn not mass bowing I'm going to stay true to what I believe because it's the truth about my walk with God and it's a belief about my citizenship in this country the 2 are not far apart in this role and if you don't care enough to have those kind of convictions you're probably on the wrong side of salvation and assurance for the future we go through before we get to the future without end I want you to think about what I'm saying we're not living in a casual time and it's not a great day to be the consumer at the top of the heap enjoying the temporary blessings that are going to ebb away in this society while we have a fiduciary a a responsibility to a lost world the Solomon has more to say if the turn over to chapter $22.00 of the Book of Proverbs he warned us being one who wandered outside the lines Solomon warned us what would happen when we deviated from the landmarks of previous generations Proverbs Chapter 22 verse chapter 22 Verse 28 do not move the ancient boundary which your fathers have said all this nation was founded on compassion and goodness and a commitment to the true it cannot exist in an arena where truth does not exist except for the person that arena is liable to be manipulated by pragmatism or practical maneuvering for somebody who thinks they know better than the masses no a free republic cannot operate in an environment where truth is not insure I find. And over in chapter 30 verse 7 to 8 Solomon's prayer as he closes out the book Proverbs Chapter 30 verses 7 to 82 things I ask of you do not refuse me before I die keep deception and lies far from me give me neither poverty nor riches feed me with food that is my portion I fear that 2 of Solomon's desired requests to be saved from have come upon us we are living in a rich society who know which no longer embraces the truth and we might find ourselves in a society we never imagined could be of our own making that could implode with such rapidity turn back to Proverbs Chapter 6 and problems Chapter 6 Solomon outlines 6 things that we should hope never to encounter Proverbs Chapter 6 verses 16 and onward Proverbs 6 verses 16 and onward there are 6 things which the Lord hates you a 7 which are an abomination to Him hearty eyes a line tongue hands that shed innocent blood a heart that derives wicked plans feet that run rapidly to evil a false witness who utters lies and one who spreads among the brothers did you notice anything about the list for as much as he says there 6 No there are 7 it remains only 6 Notice in verse 16 there are 6 things which the Lord hates us 7 are an abomination verse 17. Pride everybody thinks they've got it figured out the problem with Americans is they think what is is what will always be they look down their nose on the rest of the world at times. Forsaking the simple truce of millennial taught societal laws of honor and honesty and hard work a line Tom that's the one that makes it on to the less 2 times we're down to verse 19 a false witness who utters lies honesty is so elemental to a relationship of trust and respect the to lose honesty in person or to lose it in society and a civic manner is the demise both not only of the relationship be it marriage or parenting or friendship but it is demise of a relationship of respect and trust in society as well that's where we're at post-modernism has allowed the elements of pragmatism or practical ism to allow people to shape narratives that they think work best for everybody whether or not they're telling everybody the full truth America is indeed the best society on the face of the planet in regards to freedom of information and yet once Freedom of Information is no longer part and parcel of the average daily fare of news telling and political maneuvering we find ourselves in terrible trouble on Chapter 25 years 26 so what does it mean for you and me. It means that we have the dis advantageous responsibility of trying to figure things out in a world where only part of the story is being told. Like a tramp of the spring verse 26 of chapter 25 and a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked last week I reference to an article out of the century old John Hopkins student newspaper I heard from different ones of you some of which felt it to be poor science some of which were deeply appreciated. You might have noticed that that article was retracted by the student newspaper but you need to know it was not retracted by the author I decided to personally email the author and ask her for some explanations I preach it when people write to me whether they agree with what I said or whether they didn't I'm not the last word on anything but I do believe that as a serious seeker after truth you and I must be willing to adapt our understanding based on a spirit led prayer dependent accessibility to the God of all truth to help us understand I was edified that the author of the original Webern are actually responded to me and I'll be waiting for her response to the things I shared but it doesn't do much good to have ad hominem attacks on individuals what is ad hominum a Latin phrase meaning against the person just because you don't like a person or you suspect that they are limited in capability be it very important that we stick to the facts and this person that did the Web in our was a Ph d. the assistant professor of applied economics at no mean institution and not unfamiliar with statistics so someone emailed me in this community and I have facts said listen I've heard all this before why don't you get a hold of the author of the study and see if they can either further credit or discredit themselves this is indeed what a truth true seeker will do whether or not the individual does it or not I know not but I do know this it's not the role of Facebook or Twitter or media outlets left or right to fail to tell me anough of the story to make a good decision and it's not for 7 they haven't is to align themselves with party affiliation that wins their credibility and keeps them from being true seekers. And it's not Ok for us to be in our own sound chambers or silos for we could never change our mind on anything of course what's behind much of our current dialogue in this society is how to relate to issues of public health. And that very same dialogue with one of my friends I said Well people have said that we're lucky What am I referring to I'm referring to the fact that for almost 7 months now 9 nights of can't maybe multiple prayer meetings we come together we practice all forms of public health except the absolute enforcement of a mask no church in this community of 7 evidence has spent more money trying to create safe places than this one the only one thing we have not followed in the broad panoply of public health directives is that you must absolutely put your mask on when you come in here so I've had people tell us we're lucky I had someone tell us we're blessed I want to know which one it is I want to respect all people I want people not to be like a trampled well or a polluted spring or believe what you believe me and don't look down on somebody who believes something different or show respect to all people and then have enough spiritual backbone to be the person you're supposed to be until you find out you need to be somebody else when it comes to the elements of dealing with a society which is run amok in polarizing political talk the easiest way to write somebody off is to say they're political will listen if I had the time in the energy to explain where I stand on many things you'd find out that there's quite a smorgasbord of beliefs it's not where you stand on anyone believe the element at hand is do you have a belief to stand on. Or are you just have been in flowing your way through a society which is rapidly about to change we found out the final movements could be rapid once in February and March if we think those were the final movements we better think again so what's the point of this message the point of this message is really caught up in the last few verses So let's look at them Proverbs Chapter 22 verse 13 the lion and the liar Proverbs Chapter $22.00 verse 13 will start here the lion in the liar the sluggard says there's a lion outside I'll be killed in the streets this isn't the only reference to this sluggard turned over to Chapter 26 chapter 26 verse 13 they both are in verse 13 of their respective chapters. The sluggard says there's a lion in the road there's a lion in the open square now is the proverb writers suggesting there are no lions. Is the author of this wisdom literature suggesting there are no formidable foes as in nothing out there that snarls and growls in his mighty I mean I've been I've been to Tanzania or 10 Xantia as they say and I've seen a lion with a fresh kill a zebra of mature stature Now I want to tell you I've heard the lion roar at the Brookfield Zoo about closing time is the anticipation supper and I can see why these missionaries could write of the paralyzing power of the auditory No it's coming out of the the chambers of this king of beast and I've watched that line drag a zebra even carry it up into a tree when we got all done I could hear him huffing and puffing in the tree in. Is there a lion in the streets is a question everybody ought to ask I would suggest to you this morning there is the question is what to do it's interesting that the same scriptures with the same author if you go to Chapters $28.00 verse one suggest there's an alternative approach now to hunker down and hide out from the one that's become lacks a day's recall in all things referring to character and courage but in Proverbs Chapter 28 verse one it says the wicked flee when no one is pursuing but the righteous are as bold as a lion what resonates in your heart spirit of prophecy will tell us that fear is a function of course there is legitimate fear and I'm not suggesting there's no place for it but they're often fear is a function of guilt and sin how is it that men of women of all ages even children have been able to declare Christ to the very end staring straight into the jaws of that lion that's going about looking for somebody to devour because they have looked and stood by the lion of the tribe of Judah who is the victorious in the conflict between good and evil what is it about self-indulgence and laziness that unfits the society for its lion ask moments what is it about consumer thinking that seeks only comfort and shouts out somebody ought to do something about that lion in the street it is the presence of the Living Christ who gives the boldness with the good discretion of one who says in effect I'll deal with the line problems 2410 and 11 says if you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small on the liver those who are drawn to death and hold back those stumbling to slaughter that's the reason for this message. There are at least 3 narratives you should expect to hear in the future the 1st narrative you're already hearing it's the narrative of the public good there is a very reasonable component to public good the question is when the public good begins trampling on those inalienable rights is there anyone to say Now wait just a 2nd do we have the full story or the common good is the current message suggesting as such that certain liberties and privileges and freedoms ought to be sacrificed if the full story be told we could make a good decision about the common good the 2nd line of common good it's coming you don't even need to be a prophet or a seer to talk about it is that not far behind this challenge is the challenge of the common good of the planet I was walking through airports and different places this past week and I'm walking by one big banner that says the earth needs a good lawyer and shining down through the Red Ridge trees in the sunshine it's not the only place you're seeing this messaging and the fraternity of the human race pulling together to save the planet is the next common good that's on its way you don't even have to wonder. And there's a common good that follows it and that common good will be for the existence of humanity and it will be a call back to God for the common good came across a very interesting article it's an article about postmodernism cames comes from the Times Literary Supplement in the u.k. So from one of their newspapers recommending good books and the title that I'm looking at right here says it's a question is postmodernism did not something most of us have thought about recently but maybe something we should of course I haven't told you the rest of the article is postmodernism dead that's the 1st part. The next question in regards to the title of this book is what comes next. Many of you grew up in modernism you don't know what to do with the postmodern world anybody on the street could discipline you if you grew up in a little town you got trouble at school you got in trouble at home the teacher wasn't a bad guy and neither was the policeman and mind you there's plenty of dedicated people in both of those professions but of course they both have their own bad apples bad is bad nobody gets a free pass if you grew up in modernism you met your wondering what happened to your world but the very fact that people are questioning whether or not postmodernism is a has about run its course should have every single one of us thinking because what comes next is the last chapter the deadly wound will be healed liberty of conscience will be more than threatened and we'll find out how many polluted wells and trampled Springs exist God forbid that anybody listening today should not have the ability to take advantage of this moment to learn to trust God more let him step in our spy endure those earnest conflicts with doubt and fear now so that as we come to greater ones we can look and say with Jesus in this vessel I've been through storms like that one and I can smile at this one. Where we at friends some of you have forgotten just take your Bible for a moment which is just hold it in your hands you have your bible just hold it in your hands which you do there in 1536 on October 6th a man who had gone to great lengths to make sure you could do this was about to be executed his great crime is that he had taken the Bible from different manuscripts in Greek and Latin and Hebrew and he had translated it into English and the king felt this was a threat. And so the king basically says anybody found with a Bible in England in $1535.00 is to be burned at the stake now we haven't gone through the chapters of history lately have we eventually Tyndale was betrayed extradited to England and there on October 6th he was strangled to death. And burned 4 years later of course is supposed to drain at the end as God open the eyes of the King certainly that prayer was answered if it was uttered because 4 years later the king was endorsing this book but it was dangerous for ordinary people to have this data God forbid what does it mean to you knowledge is power Abraham Lincoln said I want you to know a few things before I sit down here I want you to know that as of this morning 38463 medical practitioners in another 12785 medical and public health scientists have signed a document called The Great parenting Berrington declaration is basically a belief in herd immunity it's more along the lines of the Swedish experiment which looked like it went terribly bad in the beginning but nobody's talking about Sweden today but it appears that a lot better than everybody thought in the moment the great question is do we need father government or mother government directing too many of our steps that's what's in play at the moment you can have your opinion I can have mine but this is America we believe in facts we believe in liberty we believe in free expression we believe in respect we believe that an idea can be sharpened iron against iron I want you to understand as well today that USA Today wrote an article saying the Great Barrington declaration when arrogance leads to recklessness. Not everybody thinks the Barrington declaration is the way to go but you should understand since you don't hear it from anybody else that almost 40000 medical practitioners believe that we ought to go about the seller way why is it that people have to send me information like the The View I watched the other day from the Pennsylvania state house of a doctor basically begging people to think about the efficacy of a different prophylactic which is which is dollars per dose Why are these things going on in a free society maybe information is not as free in this moment as it used to be may be scorning and raging has to be the result maybe it's mass cyber bullying whatever it might be you have to decide in your own heart whether or not you're sincerely going to see can understand and follow truth or simply move with the masses I'm holding in my hands another interesting paper a book I read recently ordered power worshippers inside the dangerous rise of religious nationalism do I think it's happening yes do I think it's dangerous Yes I'm telling you I don't know who to be more afraid of the liberal left which would totally a row the fabric of a civil society by the destruction of truth and immorality or the radical conservative right that would seek to enforce its agenda of morality on people in a way that we've never ever considered before that time is not quite yet but it is coming prophecy is true I'm also holding in my hand a document just from this week religious private schools to Michigan health official over coven restrictions most of you don't know this but there's an organization called the Michigan Association of non public schools I talk him I've spoken directly with its director before several months ago. It turns out that different ones of this consortium of private schools which is not simply Protestant not simply Catholic has decided that the government goes too far when it tells its high schoolers they cannot go to their religious school or you have to decide at some level but probably a Supreme Court judge somewhere will have to decide to what Liberty does a family have in a privately coveted communion to place their children and manage the risk for themselves these kinds of things ought to be able to be freely debated but if you have to rage or scorn you're not a true seeker discuss the ideas and let's pursue truth so here we are where we going yet to be determined what is next when postmodernism implodes in a tragedy too big for science and politics to solve where are we going next and I saw a deadly wound but there wound is not one to death friends tyranny will come it is possible that some measure is here I am a subject of due process of law and I am a man who desires to be a noble and good citizen of this country I do believe there is a lion in the streets I do believe we are being divided I do believe we should not be and I do believe free flowing honest dialogue and information is necessary for that unity to remain and I'm walking through the airport reading the books that they are peddling. 10 Reasons 10 ways to bring us back into unity truth unifies it also polarizes at some level I'm appealing to you today. Be people of extreme discretion with a cooperative spirit be people of nobility of person that shows respect to all ideas avoid party allegiance especially party identification and I'm appealing to you to seek truth and pursue it hear the voice and walk in it the voice of scripture the voice of the Holy Spirit postmodernism has a shelf life I'm here to tell you today it's not nearly as long as the modernism that most of you grew up in and when it's gone. It's going to be a dark moment it's protected by civil discourse with several people with the spirit of Christ and a commitment to truth when we find ourselves praying for the people in leadership and loving civil society and the America we know are now to go out and face the lions and if on the way we're turned around and sent a different direction because we're shadow boxing turning go a different direction but the righteous are as bold as a lion not braggadocios not abrupt and disrespectful not confrontations. But unwilling to watch truth stumble in the streets while the lion is roaring remember what Peter wrote Be on your guard because your adversary the devil goes about like a lion seeking somebody to devour the next verse says you have to check me out but the next verse says resist him. Understand your responsibility to Home Society and job. And live in. The grace and power of Jesus Christ. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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