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Stop Worrying Today with Jesus' Secrets for Lasting Peace

Mark Finley
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Do you constantly worry? Do you lack peace in your life? In the Bible Jesus gives us three secrets for lasting peace. These three secrets will help you to stop stressing and worrying today. Watch and listen as Pastor Mark Finley speaks and teaches from the word of God.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 12, 2020
    10:00 AM
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Recently Americans were surveyed and they were asked this question What do you need to get through your day in other words what can't you live without what do you need to get through your day are you ready for America's priority they were given a list of things and they had to check what they needed to get through the day 37 percent said we need a cup of coffee to get through the day without it we're done 28 percent said we need sweets to get through the day 19 percent said we can't get through the day without social media and 16 percent said well we need the Bible to get through the day I was rather fascinated with that survey because more than twice as many people said they need coffee to get through the day as said that they need to read the Bible to get through the day and I wondered could the neglect of God's word by the average american be one of the reasons there is so much lack of lasting peace than inner contentment and in personal joy in our society could it be that thousands are looking for peace where peace cannot be found Could it be that they're looking in all the wrong places to calm their troubled spirits could it be that there is actually something better than a cup of coffee to get us through the day no it's rather interesting the World Health Organization said that 20 percent of the world's population is depressed antidepressants are selling at about $6000000000.00 a year about $6000000000.00 for anti depressants. 270000000 prescriptions of antidepressants were issued by physicians across this world last year and I want to pause on that to let that really sink in to you 270000000 suppressed scription zur antidepressants there are a 100 in 40000000 alcohol related disorders in our world and in the last 45 years suicide is up 65 percent you know there's a really a general angsty in our society there is this inner sense that something is not right there is a fear about the future there is a hopelessness in the hearts and minds of scores of people you know when we lose hope in anything in life when you lose hope a dark despair dark clouds of despair hanging over your head and the future appears gloomy everything about tomorrow appears uncertain but hope leads us from what is to what can be hope paints tomorrow in a range of bright colors it lifts our spirit from the from the mud below to the heavens above you know Anna Jake up a writer put it beautifully when she wrote this The Wings of hope soaring high above. Carry Us and drive us on the wings of life on the winds of life the wings of hope drive us on the winds of life Shakespeare said this the medicine the miserable have no other medicine except the medicine of hope you see hope is not some vague wishy washy you all knowing for a Better Future Hope is not some baseless desire Unser uncertain expectation with no real certainty or assurance in the ancient scriptures hope is a strong confident expectation based on the unchangeable promises of God with the certainty that the thing you hope for is going to be accomplished now in his final major discourse to his disciples in John the 14th chapter Jesus gives to us 3 amazing secrets of lasting peace the smarting your heart may be troubled the smarting your heart may be anxious the smarting there may be some worry in your heart over something when we discover Jesus' 3 eternal secrets of lasting peace new peace floods into our souls New Hope boys up our spirits it gives us a new encouraged John the 14th chapter and that's where looking there in John Chapter 14 I should give you a background of the 14th chapter of the book of John in John Chapter 13 Jesus says just celebrated the last supper with his disciples and he said to those disciples in the Last Supper one of you will forsake me and betrayed me. He's also said to Peter you shall deny me before the rooster crows of the cockroaches 3 times Jesus also said that he was going to go away and so it's a very sober moment Jesus is traversing the cobblestone streets of Jerusalem he's going to the crucifixion and before he appears there before a pilot's judgment halt before he appears before the lash of the Roman whip and the nails in the crown of thorns before that he has something incredibly important to say to his disciples it's a sober moment the disciples are troubled one of them is going to be trade him the disciples are troubled Peter one of their leaders is going to deny him the disciples are troubled Jesus is going away and they don't know where he's going they see the look of sorrow on his face they say the look of agony in his eyes they are trouble and Jesus begins with that background in John the 14th chapter and we're good king here at 1st one Jesus says Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you but I'm going to prepare a place for you and if I'm going to prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself that where there I am there you may be also these verses contain the 1st secret of lasting peace let's look at them carefully verse one Let not your heart be troubled the Let not is in the imperative it's in the form of a command if I were translating it into modern English I would say this stop being stressed out stop being stressed out Stop being so anxious stop being so worried that's a literal modern translation of let not your heart be troubled It's like Jesus is saying to them why you guys so stressed out I've got this thing under control why is worrying so much I've got this don't worry about it let not your heart be troubled why not you believe in God you have confidence in God He sits upon his through that he's got this world that is and believe also in me then Jesus goes on to explain to them why they can stop worrying Jesus goes on to explain to them why they can stop being stressed out Jesus goes on to explain to them the 1st secret of lasting peace in my Father's house are many mansions now that's an interesting expression this many mansions better translated It's many of those many residences What was Jesus saying year he was saying to Peter who would deny him he was saying to the disciples who would for a snake him at the cross look. No matter what the past of your life I am going to heaven to prepare a place for you and there's plenty of room there for you never think that in Heaven is only for a select few never think that Heaven is only for a few people who have some kind of Sapir your holiness that they're going to make it and you are not Jesus is saying to his disciples these failing flawed disciples there's room in heaven for you so stop worrying now there are those people that have the idea and I heard it this week on a tape that may be of possible one in a 100 I'm going to be say maybe a possible just God is going to just take in one or 2 people I've got better news for you than that grace is greater than sin that in Heaven there is many mansions now somebody said but what about the time of trouble only a few people are going to get through let me abuse that myth for you from the Bible take your Bible please and turn to Revelation Chapter 7 revelation the 7th chapter and we're the King there at Revelation 7 and we're beginning with Verse 9 Jesus says Let not your heart be troubled Let not your heart be what everybody troubled why not why shouldn't your heart be troubled because in heaven there are a lot how many mansions and many as many because if many weren't many it would be few and few is not many and many is not Few right how many mansions in heaven many is there one for you is God preparing a place for you now notice Revelation Chapter 7 verse 9 after these things I looked and behold a great multitude What is the number every body a great multitude How many is in that great multitude which nobody could number. So here is a great multitude that is so large that nobody can number it why because there are many places in heaven because Grace is greater than sin and he's playing to save you no notice this after these things I look to behold a great multitude which nobody could number of all nations tribes peoples and tongues standing before the throne before the lamb clothed with white robes and palm branches in their hands and they cry out Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne to the Lamb the grace of Christ is sufficient the mercy of Christ is sufficient the cross of Christ is sufficient the atonement of Christ is sufficient to save you now notice verse 12 they say amen blessing in Korean wisdom in Thanksgiving in honor in power and might to be our God forever and ever now the elder asks the question and this is what I don't want you to miss verse 13 then one of the elders and asked saying to me Who are these away arrayed in white robes where they come from who are who is this great multitude that nobody could number and where did they come from verse 14 and I said to him Sir you know so he said to me these are the ones who come out of great tribulation and of washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb So who is the great multitude according to the Bible who is that way did they come from where they come from the Great Tribulation What's another name for the great tribulation the time of trouble so who comes out of the time of trouble a great number that no man can can a great multitude that no man can number so here the Lord Jesus Christ is saying to you do not worry. Jesus is saying I've got you in my hand do not worry Grace is greater than sin stop stressing out about this Jesus is saying I am preparing a place for you in heaven Gras the promise by thing a except the promise by faith who live in the joy of the salvation of the living Christ and go out and change the world that's what she is this is a let's go back to Revelation John Chapter 143 secrets and we're looking only at the 1st 3 secrets of inner peace the 1st secret of inner peace is this that Jesus Christ is in heaven right now preparing a place for you there that there is plenty of room for you to be there in all the provisions necessary to enable you to be there Christ is made but we go on Jesus as I go to prepare a place for you and I wonder what that means is Jesus a construction foreman directing the angels who are pounding with hammers and nails your mansion what does this mean when it says Jesus is preparing a place for you imagine with me for a moment this. Jesus stands on the Mount of ascension and his disciples are there with him and as he holds out his hands to bless them he begins ascending higher and still higher and as they see him ascending into heaven they strain their necks to see the last view and get the last glimpse of their ascending Lord and soon he's out of sight of earth and inside of heaven in the golden gates of heaven open. An angels can through those gates beginning to sing the glory and praise to his name and his Jesus interests in through those golden gates the angels are seeking and Sheriff him and Serafin are singing worthy worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive glory and honor and power in the Father approaches him to place the crown upon his head and to put the scepter in his hand and Jesus raises its nail scarred hands and the angels hushed their singing in Sheriff him in Serafin do not sing a higher note in the father stands before the Son and Jesus will not accept the honor in the praise in the glory of heaven until he has the assurance that his sacrifice has been accepted and you will be there with him and the father says Son I accept the sacrifice your death and the Cross provides salvation full and free for all humanity and all of heaven begins to sing again what does it mean that Jesus is preparing a place for it's us in heaven this is what it means that Jesus is there in heaven the your dying lamb is your living priest the one that was crucified on the cross for you is doing everything possible for yourself ation right now he sends His Holy Spirit to encourage your heart. He sends angels to guides you and beat back the forces of you know he stands before all the accusing demons in a hallow and he says this man this woman is one of mine in the final judgment when the destinies of the world are settled and 10000 times 10000 Iain jewels gather around that throws and with your name comes up in judgment the Bible says In Daniel the 7th chapter and I like you to take your Bible and turn to Daniel Chapter 7 see the whole purpose of the judgment is not to weigh your good deeds against your bad Deans though see the Bible says the hour of God's judgment has come so God is on trial before the whole universe on whether he has administered the universe correctly God is on trial before the universe of whether he is a vindictive judge in a wrathful tyrant or whether his love is sufficient to save all humanity and here in Daniel Chapter 7. In 1st hand a 1000 times thousands ministered to him 10000 times 10000 stood before him the court was seated the books were open and then you have the judgment seeing where in 1st 13 I was watching in the night visions the slime like the Son of Man comes the engine a days this has to do with the final judgment of humanity this has to do with the pre Advent judgment just before the coming of Jesus somebody says I'm not sure whether I'll pass that judgment I've got good news for you look at verse 21 and 22 verse 21 and 22 the Scripture says I was watching in the same horn was making war with the Saints and prevailing against them verse 22 until the Ancient of Days cave and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the most I and the time came for the Saints to possess the kingdom What is the Bible saying it saying judgment is passed in favor of the saints Jesus is not up there to condemn you he is up there to stand for you coming to Christ he is the Savior isn't die for us he is the prince that lives for us he is the one that's going to represent us before the throne of God and judgment is going to be passed in favor of the saints of God so we can receive the kingdom of God back to John Chapter 40 Why is it that our hearts should not be troubled 1st why does Jesus say stop being stressed out Stop worrying about this so much because he says you believe in God believe also in me he says My Father's House Government have many mansions this plenty of room for you in heaven I don't think it's for a select few don't get so discouraged by your failures and your faults that you cannot make it Jesus as cling to me a pardon you out she. Ange your life I'll make you fit for heaven I'm the author in finisher of your faith Jesus says I'm preparing a place for you I'll stand before the throne of God and represent you Jesus says to you there is nothing that I will not do to say that could be done to save you to keep you from not being saved I'll do everything I can to save you then Jesus says to his disciples verse 3 I'm going to prepare that place I'm not going to be with you but be assured that there is a place guaranteed for you in heaven for those of us who cannot see him this morning Christ is saying to us there is a place prepared for you in heaven but then Jesus says to his disciples Why should you stop worrying why should you stop being stressed out verse 3 and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again to receive you unto myself think of the deaths of the disciples you know it's believed that every one of the disciples suffered a martyr's death except John James was beheaded by Herod Peter was crucified upside down likely in 86 the 6 by nearest forces John was burned in a cauldron of oil as an old man in his ninety's and exiled on the Isle of Patmos the Apostle Paul spent years in a dark damp Roman dungeon martyred again about the same time as Peter and 66. Each of the disciples except here John died a martyr's death while i could they be faithful to God in spite of the cruel deaths that they died. Because they clung to Christ's promise I will come again they had discovered the secret of the inner peace and the 1st secret of inner peace is this in your life when you're stressed out in your life when you're worried in your life when your stomach is in knots and your mind is whirling take the long view take the long view life on this earth is short life on this earth will soon be over every challenge you face every difficulty you experience every trial you meet will soon be over cling to the promise of Jesus soon return and let your heart saw are and peace will flood your soul the secret of the 1st secret of lasting peace is this it is the recognition that the christ that walked the dusty streets of Galilee the Christ that walked the cobblestone streets of Jerusalem the Christ that lived for us once and died for us is living in heaven again for us that he's preparing a place for us that there is room in heaven for us and that for us he is coming again when we grasp that eternal promise our hearts are filled with peace but there is a 2nd secret of eternal peace here in John Chapter 14 in that 2nd secret of eternal peace is found in John 14 verse 12 for 40. And Jesus is saying to his disciples in these 3 passages never lose hope I am available every moment of the day for you to give you guidance and direction through prayer Jesus says to his disciples you may not be able to see me but I promise that I'll listen to your petitions I'll grant your requests to the glory of my name John Chapter 14 verse 12 to 14 Jesus says Most assuredly I say to you he believes in Me the works I will do he will do also in greater works than these he will do because I go to My Father In other words Jesus was limited to one time in one place but the greater works would be through the church that would be internationally around the world verse 13 and whatever you ask in my name I will do that the father may be glorified in the Son If you ask anything in my name I will do it the 1st secret of lasting peace is this knowing that Christ is coming again and that life is short clinging to that eternal promise looking at the long view of life the 2nd secret of eternal peace is this knowing that you're never alone knowing that Christ is available to every single one of us every day in prayer Jesus gave in assurance to his disciples in its remarkable ovo he was returning to the father he gave them the absolute assurance that they had access to him in his comfort in guidance every day through prayer he is never too busy to hear our prayers there's never a moment when he says Hey hold it there for a moment folk I got something else I got to deal with in another part of the universe there's never a moment. He gives us this unwavering promise there is never never a moment that he's too busy he gives us his unwavering promise whatever we ask for the glory of His father is going to hear he will do it we can come confidently when we're troubled we can ask for peace when we're anxious we can ask for calm when we're worried we can ask for His through the soothing presence one of the most one of the favorite quotations that I have on prayer is in a book called steps to Christ sold over 100000000 copies of course it's on page 100 Listen to this now let your heart grass this be encouraged this morning the author writes Keep your wants your joys your sorrows York Ayers and your fears before God you cannot burden him you cannot weary him he will numbers the hairs of your head is not indifferent to the wants of his children his heart of love is touched by our sorrows and even by our utterances of the of them now listen to this Cheik to him everything that perplexes the mind is there is something perplexing your mind the take to him everything that perplexes the mind nothing is too great for him to bear for he upholds the worlds he rules over all the affairs of the universe nothing in any way that concerns our peace is too small for him to notice there is no chapter in our experience too dark for him to read there is no perplexity too difficult for him to unravel there is no calamity that can befall the least of his children no anxiety harass the soul no joy cheer no sincere prayer it's gape the lives of which our heavenly Father is unobservant or which he takes no immediate notice here is incredible good news for you. Here is the secret of lasting peace you and I can come they can come before His throne he says Come unto me all you that a burden heavy laden and I will give you rest Jesus invites those disciples and he invites you maybe to find in him in his presence peace you know there was a song that the voice of prophecy quartet used to sing at the end of Age Amis Richard seniors voice of prophecy radio broadcasts it's an interesting song it's called near to the heart of God it was written by clearly and boy Mecca feet he was an Anglican he was a Presbyterian corage a man and he had 2 of his nieces die of depth theory of and he wrote that marvelous song that really is an invitation it says there is a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God a place where a sin cannot mold lest near to the heart of God Oh Jesus blessed Redeemer sent from the heart of God who does who wait before me near to the heart of God There is a place of comfort sweet near to the heart of God a place where we are Savior meet near to the heart of God Oh Jesus blessed Redeemer sent from the heart of God hold us who wait before the nearer to the heart of God could it possibly be that one of the reasons why we get stressed out so much so often is because we are bearing our burdens alone could it be that one of the reasons we worry so much is because we have not lingered in his presence. And listen to him whisper in our ears let not your heart be troubled Could it be that one of the reasons we're so anxious and worried and tense at times is that we try to carry our own birds rather than drawing nearer to the heart of God Jesus was going to leave his disciples they were troubled they were worried they noticed the look of anxiety upon his face they notice the sober reflection in his eyes as they notice the tinge of sorrow in his words he had to give them assurance this is one of the last discourses the last messages that Christ gave to troubled worried harried anxious disciples he said to them discover the 1st secret of lasting peace take the long view of life I'm in heaven I'm preparing a mansion for you I'm coming again for you this plenty of room up there for you hang on and never give up Secondly he said to them remember although you can't see me personally I am there for you come to my presence let me surround you with my joy find those quiet moments in prayer and let your heart rejoice in peace then Jesus said to them I have a 3rd secret of of a lasting peace. Although I'm going away I'm not going to leave you are friends I'm going to send my spirit to you and I want you to grasp the reality of that because if you grasp the reality of the living 3rd Person of the Godhead who is constantly with you ministering to your soul you will be at peace Jesus said I'm going away yes I will come back yes you can have access to me through prayer but I'm going to say into you my personal representative in the Holy Spirit John Chapter 14 verse 15 to 17 John 14 through 15 to 17 Jesus says they are Verse 15 if you love me keep my commandments then he says I will pray the Father and He will give you another Helper that he may have bide with you for ever even the Spirit of Truth see the devil is going to tell you why the devil is going to say to you you're not good enough the devil is going to say to you you cannot make it the devil is going to say to you that Heaven is only for a few and the Spirit of Truth is going to come into your heart and say the grace of Christ the sufficient to save you the spirit truth is going to come into your heart the devil is going to say you can never overcome that see it you've tried again and again and again and you've kept failing in the spiritual things going to come into your heart and say grace is greater than say in the Holy Spirit's power is greater than the grist than the grasping grip of Satan by the power of God You can be victorious The Spirit of truth don't listen to the spirit alive the spirit lies that say you're weak the spirit of lies that say you're powerless the spirit allies that say you can never be saved that's not the spirit of Jesus that's a spirit alive. Jesus has given you today the spirit of truth you can make it through Jesus you can live in that heavenly mansion through Jesus you can be victorious through Jesus even the Spirit of truth for a 70 whom the world cannot receive because it need the sees him or knows him but you know him he dwells with you and shall be in You Jesus I'm going away but I'm going to give to you the Holy Spirit is going to live in your life and live in your heart verse 25 Jesus says these things I have spoken to you while being present with you but the helper whom the Father will send in my name he will teach you all things will bring you remembrance of all things that I said to you Peace I leave with you by peace I give to you not as the world gives Do I give to you let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid Jesus starts the passage with Let not your heart be troubled and Jesus hands the passage with Let not your heart be troubled but he saying Let not your up be troubled why because of this Holy Spirit and we need to spend time on that John 14 verse 26 notice what the Scripture says and Jesus says verse 26 but the helper the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name now you see the word helper there it's an interesting Greek word its characters and you say that with me para cleped toes now what other word do you know for our character lead to para what's another word that uses para para para what parallel how many of you have ever watched the shim this perform in the Olympics if you haven't seen the gymnast perform some of Yep and there's something called parallel bars. And these parallel bars are bars that are side by side the word Parikh Leto's para is side please tell us is call in the Greek language Clete ost to call so Parikh Leto's that's translated helper and incidentally helper was 1st introduced here by John White Cliff when you translate the English Bible but it's not the best word the word Carrick Leto's is a very very hard word to translate in Greek Herrick Leto's means one who is called a side called to come a side of you so what is the parakeet hosts What is the Holy Spirit He is the one that's called by your side he's called by your side as an encourager he lifts our spirits when we are down he's cold aside as a strengthener he strengthen us when we are weak he's called to our side as a teacher he guides us when we're perplexed and do not know the way he is cold to our side as a defender he defends us when we're wrongly accused and mis understood he's called us to our side as a comforter he applies the healing balm to our soul when we are hurt in sorrowful he is called to our side as a convict or he convicts us when we go astray he's the still small voice prompting us to duty convincing us to wrong leading us or right he reveals the things of God to us and accomplishes in our heart a change of life he is called to our side as a supporter he holds you up when you're about ready to follow you know sometime ago because of my excessive athletic opportunities and my athletic participation when I was young and didn't know any better. I played a lot of basketball Ana on very concrete playgrounds in the city. And so you know somebody said to me the other day Oh Mark you're living this is kind of a city here I thought to myself You haven't seen the city I lived in I mean you know I was brought up in going off to cities My dad was brought up in New York City and so I often went to New York in the battery and Hell's Kitchen and so forth so I never feel today uncomfortable in cities because I've been in cities all my life that's right for each that's where I live but you know because I played so much basketball and then I was out teaching for it is written television one day we're in Israel and I'll never forget us coming oh it's rocks man I hurt my knee then I went to Africa and I was coming back at night we were building churches it was by the sea m.b. the river it was wet and I slipped and fell and I ruined my knee totally So I went to the physician took some and it was all swollen up and he said Mark you need knee replacement surgery knee replacement surgery is not the funnest thing you do I mean it's not a great joy you don't come out saying Praise the Lord how Louis you come out saying Praise the lord it's over you know what you say when you have the replacement surgery but Africa my surgery I could hardly walk if you can't walk so what you need you need one of these little what you call a sling so supporters you know what it would go yeah you need one of those walkers you know they have wheels on them you walk like this is how I was walking all the time support I said to myself that's just like the Holy Spirit for me you know what I'm broken spiritually I need a supporter I need somebody to hold me up when I can't walk the way I need somebody to hold me up that's the work of the Holy Spirit He is your comforter he is your strength and or he is your convict or he is your defender he is your sympathizer he is your supporter to hold you up Jesus said I will send you the spirit of grass that promise the presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer is one of the 3 secrets. Of lasting peace God promises to send us of the Spirit notice what God says verse 26 but the helper the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name he will teach you all things has God sent His Holy Spirit to his church has he done that did he promise to do it do you believe the promises of God will God do what he says has he sent the Holy Spirit to your heart will you grasp it by thing you say Oh Pastor I don't feel it will bless your soul you don't have to feel just believe it just believe it just accept that Jesus has given the promise of the Holy Spirit to you and you graphs that by faith you believe that the Spirit of God is living within you not because you feel it but because you promised that you read a story about g. Campbell Morgan she Campbell Moore was a great preacher 21 day he was studying the Bible with these 2 elderly ladies I mean they were really old you know and I will not quote their age but they were old older than me I'm 73 so he reads this Bible passage Matthew 2820 Lo I'm with you always even to the end of the world and gee Campbell Morgan was a very young preacher in his twenty's he's studying the Bible with these 2 a women 2 old ladies kids and so he says well I'm with you always even to the end of the world since Isn't that a wonderful promise and one of the old ladies should back young man that's not a promise it's a fact I love it don't you young man that's not a promise it's a fact oh of God's promises are facts now here are 3 great facts to give you a lasting peace grasp onto them hold on to them this week you're going to need them here's 3 great crop promises and John 14 they're going to give you a lasting peace number one. Jesus is coming again there is hope on the horizon the Prince of Peace will soon descend and take us so whatever challenges you face this week what are whatever trials you face this week when you're worried this week grasp the promise that there is many mansions there and Christ is coming to take you home secret number 2 Jesus is instantly available to each one of us every moment of the day he is our refugees our security he's our peace giver He's our shelter in time of store when you're feeling stressed out find some quiet time with him Thirdly Jesus was ever present with us through the gift of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is our friend he is our helper He's our trusted companion he is the one who is our Walker he holds us up when we can't hold ourselves of grass these promises sing in your soul wonderful peace coming down from the Father above sweep over my spirit forever I pray that I'm less billows of love you know I like that old hymn there's something about these old hymns that speak to your heart that lift your spirit that encourage your mind far away in the depths of my spirit tonight Rosa melodies sweeter than song and so less chill strains it unceasingly falls or my soul like an infinite calm he says he's wonderful peace coming down from the father of both sweep Oh for my spirit forever I pray in fathomless billows of the world looks for peace in all the wrong places but in the promise of Christ that he's coming again there is peace. In the provision of Christ to enter his presence every day there is peace and in the presence of the Spirit. Sustaining. Comforting strength. And courage. There is. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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