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Buy the Truth

Phil Mills Sr.
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How do you buy something that is not to be sold?


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • December 3, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven. We want to hear your voice speaking to our hearts we want you to be here as you were many many years ago and met with your disciples met with the in the synagogues and met in the open air speaking to the people. Healing their diseases we need that here today we need the Holy Spirit in that we just are grateful that you planned to be here it's in your schedule you've spent youth center Holy Spirit he's here among us in you are going to bless this thank you again in Christ's name Amen. Proverbs 2323 by the truth and sell it not do not sell it also wisdom and instruction and understanding I was interviewing an individual who was applying to work at our home for a few weeks doing long care while we were away with our children in Michigan and then in Spokane and when you're away you don't want the grass to grow up and it to be obvious that you're away and so we wanted somebody to be taken care and in the long yard and I asked him about whether he could fix lawn sprinklers and he told me he didn't touch sprinklers because you had to dig and digging was too much work. Now not wanting to work very hard is not a good line for someone applying for work. But I think we would all agree with that digging is hard work and God's Word requires digging the Bibles brightest jams and greatest beauties are not strong and carelessly across the surface. Of verse to be seen and picked up and understood at a glance and that's why a brief read of of a scripture in the morning is only of minimal benefit to you if we want the goal of God's Word we must dig for it and enjoy the digging of it and find it helpful to memorize a verse or even a portion of the verse so that I can think about that verse while I'm working or doing something else and I can think about it through the day or maybe through the week or in the case of our scripture today through several weeks of just thinking about it meditating it a couple of weeks ago my wife found a very perfect picture for the entrance of our of our home the colors all matched it was the right size everything was ideal. So we brought it home we measured it we measured the wall we decided how high it should be put in and we made sure it was centered in levels we put in the nails and then we hung the picture it was perfect and I want the Scripture to be perfect all. Decorating the halls like a picture the halls of my memory to do that you measure the version measure the wall you see where it fits into your life and how it applies in a good way to pick a verse is to pick the memory verse of the Sabbath school lesson this morning we're going to dig I want to be begin by looking at just 8 words of this Scripture verse it's just a part of the verse I think everyone here this morning can memorize these 38 these 8 words Proverbs 2323. Buy the truth and sell it not Proverbs 2323 Buy the truth sell it not say it with me truth and sell it not Proverbs 2323 text messaging was not invented by the cell phone the Smart Phone God has been text messaging people for millennia and when a text of Scripture comes to your mind through the day think of it as a text message from your heavenly Father by the truth and do not sell it God's text message to me for several waves now if these 8 words seem too long to memorize memorize it from the King James just 7 words by the truth and sell it not. God's word is designed to strengthen our minds and make us able to think only those willing to study God's word to dig to apply these words practically in their lives are going to gain the real value from God's word. Is digging and I have a friend that has a very large room in his basement and it's filled with exercise equipment that could rival any fitness center in the city of Chattanooga when he wants to run he has sophisticated treadmills to run on when he wants to pump iron he has any kind of weight he would like to choose. He has machines for aerobics indoor and he has equipment for stretching enlarging strengthening his muscles his exercise room has it all the strange thing is he doesn't use it much because the one thing he doesn't have is time. It takes time and the Bible is a net total fitness center. The Bible builds character by stretching and strengthening it activates and stimulates every aspect of the mind it gives us puzzles and mysteries. That to solve makes a rube cube or. Saluki child's play but lots of people with this nettle exercise jamma right in their possession and they don't use it because it takes time it takes effort and like the man applying for the job they don't like to dig this morning we're going to dig together let's look again at the 1st part of this verse by the truth and do not sell it there is a lot of information packed into those few words these few words give us a priority and an urgency in life this verse tells us it's possible to acquire truth and it's possible to dispose of it one command in this verse it gives 2 commands one command is positive and the other is negative the positive command gives the something we must do and then negative command gives us something we must of avoid what are we to do by the truth what was the avoid. Don't sell the truth yesterday was what day Black Friday and in 2 days there will be Cyber Monday this week probably most of us received urgent messages some with maybe countdowns 23 hours 22 hours for this particular sale and the opportunity to purchase this items at this cost was going to be time limited and urgency. It was in the offers and there is an urgency in this verse and we must buy the truth now without delay while it's still available 2nd chrono Corinthians $62.00 Paul says in an acceptable time I have heard you and in the day of salvation I have helped you behold now is the excepted dime behold now is the day of salvation the scripture reading this morning gives a fuller context for our passage its a father speaking to his son in the passage the father gives his son some warnings and some advice the father tells the son about the dangers of alcohol and in the other dangers in life and then the father tells the son by the truth. And do not sell it the father speaking to this child is our heavenly Father speaking to us it is your heavenly Father speaking to you and it's an urgent message Isaiah 3818 in 1000 for the grave cannot praise the death cannot celebrate the they that go down into the pit cannot hope for the i truth we can't buy it then the living the living he shall praise the as I do this day the father to the children shall make no night truth we must accept the offer to purchase truth now it will not be available after we die why does our kind Heavenly Father tell us to buy the truth anyway 1st truth phrases from slavery Jesus says you shall know the truth and. The truth will set you free slavery has a long history. In this country as civil war was raged waged over it and in fact there are still scars that blot our nation's history but sadly the Civil War did not abolish slavery because it didn't abolish sin and Jesus says Most assuredly I say to you John 834 whoever commits sin is a. Sleigh of of sin there's not a person present this morning that has not sinned this means there is not an individual present that has not been a slave a sin we've all been slaves to the cruel master we've all been controlled by evil thoughts actions and habits that hurt us and hurt others may bring us things Id worry doubt guilt and fear. And these thoughts and hearts these slave thoughts in our hearts write their message on our face they seize control of our voice and we say harsh impatient and hurtful words but God has provided a way of escape an escape from this bondage truth is the ticket that gives us passage on God's underground railroad to freedom from the slavery of sins deception. By the truth it will set you free do not sell it it will set you free from the bondage see sin brings but truth not only frees us from sins slavery number 2 Truth sanctifies is truth changes us it makes us holy notice what Jesus said about truth. Sanctify them by your truth John 1717 sin doesn't simply take us take away our sin and then leave a void. Truth fills the void by re placing sand with the right just missed it sanctifies us by the truth we do not sell it because love of the truth frees us love of the truth sanctifies us but love of the truth also saves us in Paul's wonderful exposition of Daniel 7 found in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 Paul gives details of the anti-Christ he gives details of who will be deceived by the anti-Christ message and it also gives details of who will escape the anti-Christ delusions 2nd testimony as to 9 and can the coming of the lawless one is according to the working of St sane with all power signs and lying wonders and with all on right just deception among those who perish because they did not receive Say it with me the love of the truth that they might be saved and for this reason God will send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness Now last week Dr Nelson looked at this verse in his sermon on lying and this Bible verse tells that the those who are saved receive the love of the truth. God wants to give a love for the truth to everyone but not many are willing to receive his gift his offer to give us a love of the truth in this world the vast majority cultivate. And cherish a love for the lie but when we reject the truth. God brings us were rejecting our own salvation and the Book of Revelation describes those without the city as those who love and live lives Revelation 2215 No wonder the wise man said by the truth and do not selling it frees us it heals us and it saves us now we have shown that God's appeal to chill to his children to buy the truth is urgent. But it is also a command that must set priorities when my wife is baking in the kitchen. And asks me to go to the store and buy her some items I know that it's urgent and it's a priority and when God commands us to buy the truth it's urgent it's a priority when you buy something you own it you possess it to possess truth to own truth must become the priority of our lives but how and where do you purchase truth does Amazon carry it get it on the internet can you save money by getting it used. Can you get a better deal for truth by getting it secondhand or on e Bay can you purchase that refurbished Is it away is there a way to get an educational or minister will discount. I think that because I grew up in a minister's home should we wait till next year's Black Friday to purchase it much more cheaply. When you find a source of truth how do you purchase it what does it cost. Do you need to buy it in the u.s. dollars or could you use bitcoin. What is the true cost benefit ratio and how can you buy something that you must not sell is it only available on the black market by the truth to buy something requires an exchange you can't buy something of value without parting with something of value and this tells us that the truth is not free the text says there's a cost to obtain truth because you must purchase it to purchase that you must part with something of value to you that stands in the way of your purchase of truth now I'm fortunate to have a very frugal wife she compares prices she limits or once she's continually asking me the question. Can I do without this can we do without this do we really need that can we do with less of it. Can we get it used Can we wait until it's on sale. Where can we save so we can give more to the Lord's work but are we on a budget when it comes to buying truth does this verse give us a maximum cost to pay for truth by truth if it's if you can find it. At this price the text doesn't say that the tech says to buy the truth whatever the cost when my wife sends me to the store to buy an item to me for for me to buy an item for her I know that she didn't give me a budget so I feel free liberated I just buy it and truth brings freedom from sin it brings sanctification it bring salvation these are so valued valuable that cost is irrelevant. Truth is so necessary truth is so crucial in our lives that we shouldn't even look at the price tag we must never even consider the cost. We cannot afford to be frugal when it comes to buying the truth our Heavenly Father says by the truth by the truth no price is too high don't ask what you must part with when you find truth by it it's a bargain at any cost Well where do you find truth to buy to understand how and where we buy the truth we must understand what truth is when pilot asked the question what is truth he asks one of the most important questions that anyone could ever ask but the Bible gives us an important detail after pilot asked this question he didn't wait for an answer when he said this it goes on to say John 1838 he went out again to the Jews and said to them I find no fault in him at all he asked Jesus a question and then he goes out and speaks without the answer foolish pilot he asked the most important question he'd ever ask in his life and he asked the right question to the right person. But he failed to wait for the answer that would have brought him freedom sanctification and salvation. Would you be willing to wait for the answer what is true. That Jesus gives us the answer in his word Psalm 101900 42 your law is the truth. God spoke the 10 Commandments since it's impossible for God to lie Hebrews $618.00 God's law is truth but God not only spoke the 10 commandments he wrote his rules down with his own finger. He wrote them on stone not battle you can break them but you can't bend them. And these 10 precepts are truth for ever Psalm 101989 forever oh lord your word is settled in heaven some 8934 tells us that God does not alter the word that comes from his lips Malikai 36364 I am the Lord I do not change there is a verse in the Gospel that is word for word the same in all 3 of the synoptic gospels Matthew Mark Luke same word for word identical in a very many verses like that Matthew 2435 Listen carefully heaven and earth will pass away but my words will by no means pass away now somebody had read through Matthew and they missed that verse they had read it again in Mark Mark 1331 heaven and earth will pass away but my words will by no means pass away and if they missed it after they read Matthew and Mark when they got to Luke it was so important that God put it in whole word for word again Luke 2133 heaven and earth will pass away but my words by no means but my words will by no means pass away though heaven and earth pass away what won't paste pass away. My words what is God's law. God's words God wrote his law in stone because it's enduring truth he doesn't change his lot to fit our convenience he doesn't say Thou shalt not kill unless it's inconvenient to have a baby then it's Ok to have an abortion kill that baby God doesn't say the shalt not bear false witness unless it's just a little white lie then it's Ok And God doesn't say Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy unless the world forgets it then it's Ok for you to join them and forget it to. Those who receive the love of the truth will receive a love for the law of God because God's law is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth Psalm 19070 how low I love your law its my meditation all the day some 4840 verse 8 I delight to do that I will own my god yes a high law is within my heart. Says by the truth and God's law is truth that we are to buy. Where to buy it possess it it's become a part of us inseparable from us but truth doesn't stand all alone pharmaceutical companies are always trying to get the secrets of natural plant based foods so they try to purify some ingredient in the apple that seems to prolong people's lives and keep them away from doctors and so then they can market this ingredient from the apple and then they can sell it. When you test the separate components However in this now very isolated component it doesn't have the effectiveness of simply eating the apple to keep the doctor away. The package is more important than the individual parts. You don't just get a bottle of truth alone truth comes packaged with wisdom instruction and understanding someone an intellectual truth if it's if as if it was divorced from practical life separated from our life but intellectual truth alone is useless it's not the truth desire of Ages 309 I love this. Comment on the Sermon on the Mount the greatest deception of the human mind in Christ day was that a mere assent to the truth constitutes righteousness in all human experience theoretical knowledge of the truth has been proved to be insufficient for the saving of the soul it does not bring forth the fruits of righteousness you see its not buying the truth. A jealous regard for what is termed theological truth often accompanies a hatred of genuine truth as made manifest in the life the darkest chapters of history are burdened with the record of crimes committed by bigoted religion is the Pharisees claim to be children of Abraham and boasted of their possession of the oracles of God Yet these advantages did not preserve them from selfishness malignity that's hatred greed for again and the basis to pocker see they thought themselves the greatest religionists of the world but their so-called orthodoxy led them to crucify the Lord of Glory genuine truth comes in an inseparable a bundle that in fact that affects the entire life by the truth and do not sell it also wisdom and instruction and understanding Proverbs 23 verse. 23 when we buy and truly possess truth we gain wisdom instruction and understanding and the person who does not have wisdom has not received instruction has not gained understanding that person has not bought the truth wisdom is knowing where and how to apply the truth I'm I have the ingredients to bake bread. But I don't know how and when to mix and add the ingredients so in my home we have the ingredients for bread in the kitchen but it's my wife that puts them together she has wisdom I have ingredients. God's law also is not apart from God's Spirit the Gospels teach us that the finger of God is the Holy Spirit of God 3 times Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth the same finger of God the Holy Spirit that could indelibly a right God's law on hard granite stone or whatever the stone was. Can write God's Law His truth indelibly in our hearts to aid us in understanding the grand truth of his law God gave us His Word the Bible Gaber refute refers to the Bible as the scripture of truth the Bible refers to itself as the word of truth and in the great pair prayer of Jesus that has been preserved for our study and meditation Jesus said Your word is truth. We have purchased truth when truth is implanted in this James $121.00 the implanted word which is able to save your souls when we buy the truth when we possess it it grows in us like leaven or like seed or like a transplant which is implanted in a same part of us and we want every seed in the catalog of God's word Jesus said Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God That's truth and just as the Spirit of God wrote the 10 Commandments this Spirit of God The Spirit of Truth inspired holy men of God to write the scriptures 2nd Peter 121 since Scripture is the truth those who have received the love of the truth will love the Scriptures and you can be certain that those scientist who proudly proclaim their pursuit of truth but rejected the Bible do not love the truth and are not really committed to seeking truth but to further help us love God's law to further help us understand God's word Jesus the Word of God came to him this earth as we study his life we see what truth looks like when it's lived out in the human when we live out God's life. In us we see what it means to obey God's law and follow every bit of instruction in God's Word and those who order their lives in harmony with God's law and God's Word are following Jesus. To follow Jesus' example is to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God and Jesus says I am the way. The truth and the life we see what truth is it is God's law God's law is the truth it is God's word God's Word is the truth and it is God's son. He is the truth and the Holy Spirit of Truth wrote the law inspired God's word and filled God's Son It is the spirit that frees us from the bondage of sin by bringing the truth of the law of God the Word of God in the Perth the perfect life of Jesus to convict is a sin it's the spirit that sanctifies through the agency of the law of God the Word of God and the good news of the gift of God Jesus the Son and those who respond to the spirit and don't resist the convicting voice of truth through God's law through God's Word or through God's son receive the love of the truth and those who have received the love of the truth will love Jesus for He is the truth and those who have received the love of the truth will love the gospel message for the Bible tells us it is the truth those who have received the love of the truth love God's word for it is the truth and those who have received the love of truth gov love God's law for it is the truth the Word of God is truth the Word of God is the law the Word of God is scripture the Word of God is Jesus and His Gospel to buy the truth means to believe the Bible by following its directions that's what it means my dad was an administering and we didn't have much money we didn't have certainly enough money to buy a stereo system. Now 60 years ago the highest quality of music. Was a LP stereo system and the equipment to play the L's piece stereo records were expensive and on a minister's salary our home could not afford a stereo system I was 11 years old and an evangelist told me how to obtain various stereo components inexpensively. And then assemble them into a very nice sounding stereo system so I told my parents and we all. Saved up by work during the summer and we purchased a number of inexpensive bare Ida's. We we had the bare speakers. Each different kind bigger smaller. Furs and medium and tweeters and but all very inexpensive and placed them in 2 large wooden cabinets we built and stained ourselves with special design in the right dimensions I remember purchasing the special coffee cloth covers from a fabric store so it all looked very professional and nice and when we hooked it up to some friends stereo it sounded great high fidelity then we built a cabinet for a stereo turntable that we were also able to pick up rather inexpensively from the last item was an amplifier Now Apple fires were more expensive but you could get a cheaper one as a kit to build a Heathkit. And I got one from that company it seemed an impossible task when I 1st and packed the kit with hundreds of tiny parts but there was step by step instructions which were carefully followed and I would check off each step as it was completed tested it took a couple of weeks and a few missteps. A lot of wiring careful soldering but it was so exciting when I finally finished put the metal cover on and tighten the last screw look so good I put the amplifier in the cabinet below the turntable plugged in the audio wires to the speakers attached the wires from the turntable and finally plugged the unit into the power out light let and then held my breath. Smell for smoke watch no fire. And my fear slowly went down and instead out came Gloria this sounds on a meager budget. It only happened by for carefully following the directions to buy the truth is to believe God's word and follow its directions carefully regardless of the consequences. God. Is 1st in the life of the person who buys truth no other priority but his Make no mistake about it though there is a cost to following the truth and buying it we all have. Preachers speakers that we really like and they particularly speak to us and there was one speaker that I really like I enjoy. And I listen to him a few years ago and he was speaking about buying the truth and he said finally when he got to the end how you buy the truth is you pay attention. That it was clever but it's not the only cost of truth. That's simply the down payment in a sale attention is only the 1st step. After truth gains your attention you must make a decision to buy it and the cost of truth is everything you have we had somebody that came into our house a couple 23 weeks ago and and was going to sell us a or wanted to sell us we weren't interested but he wanted to sell us a whole. House water filter and he went on for about 45 minutes extolling all the virtues of having a whole house water filter but then it came down to the Punchline it was only $9000.00 but he would have a special deal give us a 10 percent off and it would only be $8000.00 and of course that was funny we didn't laugh to him because that would been impolite but you look at the cost to wait and I knew it was going to be expensive then he tried to tell us all the things that we're throwing in and for this $8000.00 we'd really get $14000.00 worth of everything well and the truth of the matter is. A purchase of truth is a lot more expensive than what that man was trying to sell. This disinterested home owner. Because the cost of truth I repeat is everything we have. The cost of truth for some is to be disowned and cast out of their homes written out of the will. Do you know Doug Bassler told me. That he got not one cent in his father's will hundreds of millions dollars His father was worth not a penny in his will why that was a cost of truth. Some lose their friends some lose spouses others lose children Christians in this country are mocked and marginalized in Russia during communism Christians were exiled to Siberia put into mental institutions exile the killed in non-Christian countries today some are beheaded in some countries to keep the Sabbath means to be kicked out of school and unable to complete an education. There were medical schools that I couldn't go to as a Sabbath keeper why that required Sabbath breaking. But those students understand that the only real education is to learn truth and follow it and they happily. Lose out on their education Hebrews 1135 others were tortured not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection still others had trial of walking's and scourging Yesin of change than imprisonment they were stoned they were sawn into were tempted were slain with the sword they wandered about in sheep skins and goatskins being destitute afflicted tormented they wandered in deserts and mountains and dens and caves of the earth but fellow Christians this is not a high cost these wise individuals understood the value of truth. And they saw that they paid a low price to obtain it they got a bargain when they bought the truth some here in this congregation this morning. I have lost jobs because of the truth some of lost jobs because their boss demanded that they work on Sabbath in truth demanded that they keep the Sabbath holy my mother lost her job when she accepted the Sabbath but she valued truth more than she valued money with suffering job she could say Job 2312 listen closely I have not departed from the commandment of his lips I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my necessary food job it bought the truth Paul brought the truth. Philippians 38 yet indeed I also can't all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish. Then I may gain Christ notice that those who are buying the truth have a joy in the buying of it Matthew 1344 Jesus told the parable again the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field which a man found in his head and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field the man parted with everything that he owned his friends his reputation his possessions his life he did it happily willingly excitedly joyfully the secret of happiness is to buy the truth but if you want to be sorrowful don't buy the truth a very rich man came to Jesus and ask what he should do to have eternal life and Jesus told him Luke 1822 sell all that you have and distribute to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven and come follow me verse 23 but when he heard this he became very what's the next word. Sorrowful why. He was very rich. What a foolish man he thought his riches were more valuable than truth he thought truth cost too much he didn't know how to evaluate the value of truth he couldn't this distinguish between gold and Fool's Gold his decision didn't bring him happiness it couldn't bring him happiness and it didn't bring him security what he did when he died he left it all now what Matthew 134546 again the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls but when he had found one pearl of a girl rate price went and sold all that he had and bought it he didn't do this because now he could sell it for a greater price he did it because all that he had was not what he wanted and the pearl of of Great Price I have found him who my soul love with his parable tells us that possessing truth is worth more than anything it might cost us when you find truth by it is a bargain at any price. We've considered the 1st 3 words of the verse we need to look at the next 5 and do not sell us do not sell it this verse warns us that after you acquire it you will be given opportunities to sell it others will try to buy it from you that is they will try to get you to exchange truth for something else to value something else more than truth you can truth share truth with others but never ever exchange it for something else can be a poor deal a bad bargain you can part with it only a great loss by the truth. And do not sell it and this tells us that the only value of truth comes to those who buy it possess it and value truth enough to keep it Jesus is the truth Judas exchange Jesus for 30 pieces of silver he sold the truth when ever we disobey God we sell the truth when we reject instruction from God's Word we sell the truth prostitution is selling parting with truth about purity for dollars working on the Sabbath he is selling the truth for a few dollars for a job studying on Sabbath is selling the truth for a grade how cheap My mother was engaged to be married to a wealthy young bachelor before her was a life of security happiness in popularity but this young man did not know God love God or follow Jesus. And my mother decided she must follow a truth and broke her engagement and broke up with the man seemed like a difficult decision her friends and family thought it was foolish but it brought her peace and with peace happiness and if you would have asked her about this decision to turn from marrying a wealthy banker to later marrying a poverty stricken Adventist Minister do you think she would have expressed regret that she had rejected the former and accepted the latter. Jim My dad brought hundreds of Souls to Jesus in the church truth change them both it bless them both in the truth they purchased blessed me and I hope the truth they purchased blesses some of you as well might be somebody here. That has never bought the truth if never come to the point of saying I want truth regardless of what happens to my future life because I know that my future life depends on buying truth. And if that's your decision in the quietness of your heart today we're not going to have hands or anything else but Jesus will know this is an opportunity for you to take truth and say I want truth more than all besides whatever it cost me it doesn't matter when I know truth I'm going to follow it when I hear truth and can show that it is truth from God's Law God's Word the life of Jesus the Gospel of Jesus those are the sources of truth through the power of the Holy Spirit I will follow it if that's your decision and you want to also deepen it will you just tell God in the quietness of your mind yes Lord give me truth give me a love for truth and may have the faithful to truth help me to understand the truth of your word Help me to understand the truth of your law help me to understand the truth of the life of Jesus and give me the Holy Spirit that can change and wonderfully change me dear lord. We pray. That you will. Give us all the courage. The 1st the wisdom to recognize the church truth 2nd a willingness to accept it and love it. And then transform us with your truth. Thank you for hearing answering this prayer for making us different because Jesus is making us different in Christ name we pray to him in. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermons please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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